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  1. I don't recall Erica winning every argument. Brooke more than once got the best of Erica. The same with Maria and Natalie.
  2. Love her! Erica is fire and her portrayer, Susan Lucci is QUEEN!
  3. I was hoping the baby switch story would last a few years. Have Miranda be raised by the Chandlers and AJ by the Buchanans. From the audience POV, we see them grow up knowing that they are with the wrong families -- put the story completely on the backburner. Then, revist 5 years later when it's simmered long enough. Unfortunately, this type of long term story planning would require consistency and stability in the writer's room.
  4. Wow. I have a few copies at home.
  5. Time flies. Jacob has fond memories of his time on All My Children.
  6. I remember watching this when it aired. It was must see TV!
  7. Have we ever talked about Jacob's podcast? He's had some former co-stars on his podcast including Eva LaRue. Here's that episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eva-larue/id1540196914?i=1000504515399
  8. "You leave my nose out of this!"
  9. When Edmund and Maria took off as a couple and joined Dimitri and Erica as part of the Wildwind “crew” it left Brooke and Julia Barr as an outsider. Unfortunately, the stories the writers came up for Brooke were mediocre at best.
  10. I posted this in the other thread. Did he actually die on a horse? Or is that a metaphor?
  11. First, condolences to his family. I'm confused. Did he actually die on a horse? Or is that a metaphor?
  12. Cameron is a likeable guy, has great relationships with everyone he works with, and he knows how to network. Kudos to him.
  13. Anyone attending this Zoom reunion? It's in honor of the late John Callahan. https://soaphub.com/general-hospital/all-my-children-actors-reunite-to-honor-the-late-john-callahan/ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/all-my-children-zoom-reunion-sunday-august-1st-tickets-158018909813
  14. YES! That's what annoyed me!
  15. I could not stand the character of Homeless Laura. (I call her that to distinguish her from the Laura who was killed by the drunk driver.) First, why d'f'k did the writers have to confuse the audience by giving her the same name? I think it would have been enough for the Homeless Laura to be the same age as Laura for Brooke to feel that nostalgia and loss. No need to give Homeless Girl the name Laura! Second, I could not stand Lauren Roman. Girl never cracked a smile. She always seemed angry. Plus, as I have written on these boards previously, I get PTSD every time I see an EXTREMELY-curly girl on TV, including Irene from the Real World, Julianna Margulies on ER -- she straightens her hair now, but once a curly girl, always a curly girl, and of course Alicia Minshew! Third, I also could not stand Laura Allen's take on Homeless Girl Laura. How many personalities did this Laura have? I was getting whiplash week to week. I also got uncomfortable watching Laura Allen. It was something in the way she pursed her lips ever time she recited her lines. To top it all off, there was some obsession with the show and all the Lau-girls. Laura, Homeless Laura played by Lauren, Laura Allen's Laura. I'm exhausted!
  16. This interview made me laugh because it reinforced why I was so frustrated by Esta / Gillian. First, I thought Ryan & Gillian were a great couple and it was Cameron's best on-screen pairing. However, I remember Esta having so many problem getting her lines out of her mouth. It was so frustrating to watch. And now, watching this interview, she's the same way! Maybe it's because English is her second language. I'd like to see the word count in this interview because it seemed Cameron did all the talking.
  17. Smart move. If successful, I think other soaps (past and present) will follow this model.
  18. Alan isn't an ABC soaps fan, admittedly, so he would not be able to extract that type of conversation out of them. I wanted La Lucci to talk about how she officiated her gay godson's wedding. She posted a pic on IG, but it would be great for her to share that story, especially given how she was a part of a historic and groundbreaking LGBTQ+ storyline.
  19. The Snake Charmer needs to make an appearance on Pine Valley.
  20. Thanks! So Verla was her 3rd character on All My Children!
  21. I did not know that Carol Burnett played another role on All My Children before Verla Grubbs.
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