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  1. RHOD Dee'Andra and Tiffany are having a good season. The rest of the ladies are.... just there.
  2. Guys, did you know RHOP's Candiace was in a Christmas movie? The Christmas Lottery: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13403782/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_1
  3. Dallas trailer dropped today and it was pretty.... boring? I get Leanne became incredibly toxic over the last few seasons and was rightfully dropped after the racist comments, but they now basically don't have a villain anymore? And why was Kary brought back, she gave us nothing last season. At least we still have Momma Dee. And why are all the new housewives acting like they own the show from the start? Wendy on RHOP and it seems Tiffany on Dallas.
  4. I was so bored with her 2 minute video I stopped watching it after 30 seconds. Bye girl.
  5. Just saw the third part of RHOBH and what also irked me BEYOND belief was when Tonky tried to shade Garcelle over not supporting Erika on Broadway and Garcelle very politely said that she couldn't go because she was working and taking care of her kids even though she constantly supported Erika and was texting her about reherseals and everything AND THEN ERIKA SIDED WITH RINNA AND Teodora. Bitch, no wonder your glam squad are your only friends. Glad Tammy is gone, I hope Erika is next and then Rinna follows. Kyle needs a season where she doesn't have any friends LOL.
  6. Kyle's a smart cookie, though. She understands her plans tanked and for a brief moment she kept quiet while Lipsa and Erika mostly spewed hatred towards Denise and then when she spoke she said that she understands where Denise is coming from. She practically left both Erika, Lipsa and John Mellencamp's daughter to hang themselves. I'm still shaking my head with the info that this reunion is a bleeping THREE parter. HOW.
  7. Potomac DELIVERED in two episodes what these heffas on RHOBH didn't manage to in the whole season.
  8. Incantesimo aired every summer season in Croatia, Monday to Friday. There's actually a recurring joke in Croatia that "summer doesn't start till you hear the opening melody from Incantesimo".
  9. Does Lisa Rinna have any genuine friends at all? I mean, the way she trashes both Denise and Sutton on this week's episode has me wondering. To me, who the hell would want to be her friend?
  10. What has she done with her face? Oh my. I'm talking about McKenzie, of course. Although Taylor Anne Mountz was the only Kay Bennett in my book, I also loved Deanna Wright.
  11. I made some RHOBH gifs because I can't seem to find them on other sites as usual (if you have them, send me the links, please).
  12. Me during the entire Aaron's "cancer is your friend" speech: The face of a "mastermind":
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