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  1. Tonya Pinkins was on the premiere episode of CW's KATY KEENE.
  2. Patrika Darbo (DAYS - Nancy) was on this week's episode of FOX's new bonkers show 911 Lone Star.
  3. It's maybe waaaay to early, but any news on RHOD castings?
  4. RHOD I think both Kary and Cameron are out next season. I just hope they stick with Stephanie. She's the loveliest housewife on air. Doubt they'll get rid off De'Andra.
  5. Didn't Denise say that she hanged with Brandi once or twice? I don't think she is her CLOSE friend.
  6. Erika probably exploded because she gets upset about everything and goes from 1 to a 100 in a split second. My money is on her exploding to... Denise? Sutton?
  7. I think he's playing a cult leader at this point.
  8. Pierson Fodé (ex Thomas - B&B) started his recurring stint on DYNASTY last night.
  9. Austin Peck (DAYS) played a new firefighter on Chicago Fire's s8 premiere.
  10. Loved All Rise, mixed feeling on both Bob Hearts Abishola and Prodigal Son, haaaaaated Bluff City Law.

  11. I think the show was a complete mess, yet I loved almost every single Emmy winner sans GOT.

    1. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      Agreed. I don't think Dinklage or the show should have won, but I do wish Gwendoline Christie could have taken it. But her being nominated in the first place was a triumph all its own anyway.

  12. For a split second, I thought Billy Miller was on the new season of American Horror Story. Turns out it's Gus Kenworthy.

    1. YRfan23


      They look a like, LOL

  13. James Hyde (Sam Bennett - Passions) is a series regular on Netflix's Monarca.
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