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  1. Incantesimo aired every summer season in Croatia, Monday to Friday. There's actually a recurring joke in Croatia that "summer doesn't start till you hear the opening melody from Incantesimo".
  2. Does Lisa Rinna have any genuine friends at all? I mean, the way she trashes both Denise and Sutton on this week's episode has me wondering. To me, who the hell would want to be her friend?
  3. What has she done with her face? Oh my. I'm talking about McKenzie, of course. Although Taylor Anne Mountz was the only Kay Bennett in my book, I also loved Deanna Wright.
  4. I made some RHOBH gifs because I can't seem to find them on other sites as usual (if you have them, send me the links, please).
  5. Me during the entire Aaron's "cancer is your friend" speech: The face of a "mastermind":
  6. Tonya Pinkins was on the premiere episode of CW's KATY KEENE.
  7. Patrika Darbo (DAYS - Nancy) was on this week's episode of FOX's new bonkers show 911 Lone Star.
  8. It's maybe waaaay to early, but any news on RHOD castings?
  9. RHOD I think both Kary and Cameron are out next season. I just hope they stick with Stephanie. She's the loveliest housewife on air. Doubt they'll get rid off De'Andra.
  10. Didn't Denise say that she hanged with Brandi once or twice? I don't think she is her CLOSE friend.
  11. Erika probably exploded because she gets upset about everything and goes from 1 to a 100 in a split second. My money is on her exploding to... Denise? Sutton?
  12. I think he's playing a cult leader at this point.
  13. Pierson Fodé (ex Thomas - B&B) started his recurring stint on DYNASTY last night.
  14. Austin Peck (DAYS) played a new firefighter on Chicago Fire's s8 premiere.
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