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  1. I seriously laughed when Ben, the person who killed Heather, was defending Bobby, the person who killed Abbi and was like "WTF Lola people change". :///
  2. For the life of me, I will never understand why is Erika still on this show. She looks moody and miserable in every scene.
  3. Also, apparently not showing up to film the reunion stuff is Camille. What's the point of the reunion then? Blah, can't wait for the season to finish so I can drop it.
  4. Rebecca Budig (AMC) and David Fumero (OLTL) are heavily recurring on Spectrum's new show 'L.A.'s Finest' starring Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union.
  5. Erika barely appears on RHOBH, how was she not downgraded to a friend this season?
  6. David Fumero (ex-OLTL) guest-starred on 'Chicago Fire' last night.
  7. Heck, I even enjoyed Teddy last night. Erika on the other hand.... she barely appeared and even then I rolled my eyes over.
  8. RHOBH: Lois during that Camille's bullshit "Poor Kavanaugh" tirade = me.
  9. Did anybody watch the WWHL episode with Lisa last night? Andy is in full Kyle-defense mode, he needs Lisa to forgive her like yesterday. It was kinda pathetic watching him, honestly.
  10. Yep, saw the #GoodbyeKyle "challenge" Instagram stories of Kyle (however, she personally didn't do it, she's even chicken to do that, she let her friend and an Uber driver do it for her), Dorito, Lisa Rinna (+Harry Hamlin + her mom), Erika and her gays and Teddi. I hope LVP eviscerates them at the reunion and then quits the show.
  11. https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/04/04/dorit-kemsley-teddi-mellencamp-relieved-puppygate-truth-rhobh-lisa-vanderpump/ Seriously, what are they smoking?
  12. Has anyone realized Erika and Rinna basically have nothing to offer to the show this season? Especially Erika, at least Rinna had a garden photoshoot. I know people loved "Goodbye Kyle" moment, but this was my personal favourite one:
  13. Are they de-aging Adam? He is like 10 years younger than both Hartley and Muhney.
  14. Rinna calling Camille Grammer a flip flopper is... something.
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