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  1. It's maybe waaaay to early, but any news on RHOD castings?
  2. RHOD I think both Kary and Cameron are out next season. I just hope they stick with Stephanie. She's the loveliest housewife on air. Doubt they'll get rid off De'Andra.
  3. Didn't Denise say that she hanged with Brandi once or twice? I don't think she is her CLOSE friend.
  4. Erika probably exploded because she gets upset about everything and goes from 1 to a 100 in a split second. My money is on her exploding to... Denise? Sutton?
  5. I think he's playing a cult leader at this point.
  6. Pierson Fodé (ex Thomas - B&B) started his recurring stint on DYNASTY last night.
  7. Austin Peck (DAYS) played a new firefighter on Chicago Fire's s8 premiere.
  8. Loved All Rise, mixed feeling on both Bob Hearts Abishola and Prodigal Son, haaaaaated Bluff City Law.

  9. I think the show was a complete mess, yet I loved almost every single Emmy winner sans GOT.

    1. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      Agreed. I don't think Dinklage or the show should have won, but I do wish Gwendoline Christie could have taken it. But her being nominated in the first place was a triumph all its own anyway.

  10. For a split second, I thought Billy Miller was on the new season of American Horror Story. Turns out it's Gus Kenworthy.

    1. YRfan23


      They look a like, LOL

  11. James Hyde (Sam Bennett - Passions) is a series regular on Netflix's Monarca.
  12. I am probably the only one who thought the whole Eileen Davidson gig on RHOBH was a complete disaster. I didn't like her from the start when she was STUNNED LVP didn't know she was married three times. Bitch, who do you think you are, Angelina Jolie? And then LVP asked about the affair WHICH HAPPENED. And was confirmed by Eileen multiple times. And then she wanted for LVP to apologize for asking about the affair since HER KIDS ARE WATCHING THE SHOW EVEN THOUGH THE WHOLE AFFAIR WAS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Her only contribution to the show is that now we have the YOU BEAST meme. That's about it. Bye girl.
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