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  1. Cool! You are welcome. Btw, I saw now that in July 1987, you should double check Andy's numbers.
  2. Glad to help Whatever is best for you. I personally do it per actor all of my stats, but one day I may switch per character as well. But for now, for me it is okay the way you did it 1987.
  3. @will81 Thank you so much for providing us the 1987 statistics!! Love them! If I may, I noticed just some possibly incorrect totals.. maybe just have a look, as I am not sure if the total/sum is off or the total is fine, but then the there is an extra appearance for the following in March 1987: - David Kimble - you have total 3, but it appears he was on 4 different episodes - Esther - same as above - Jack Abbott (Terry Lester) - you have total 7, but it appears he was on 8 different episodes Thanks once again!!
  4. Well UK has this model for their soaps. I believe Eastenders airs 4 days a week, Corrie 3 days a week (although with 5 episodes) and Emmerdale 5 days a week (with 6 episodes). So possibilities are endless Also I always thought that networks should have cut down the soaps in US (GL, AMC, OLTL etc) to half an hour before completely cancelling them. That might have worked.
  5. Oh yes! That too! I actually enjoyed that whole storyline quite a lot because I adored the performances of Sabyn Genet and Rick Hearst as Tricia and Matt.
  6. Matt Clark did it to frame Nick on Y&R by unplugging his breathing cord and putting it in Nick's hand to make it seem that Nick did it. I loved that scene. I was spoilerfree and it was so shocking to me back then.
  7. Oh wow, amazing! Thank you so much!! Fyi, do you know the US date for the first episode available from 1982?
  8. OMG, thank you so much @will81!!
  9. Oh awesome! Thanks @will81 I love collecting soap aircounts, so this is fun! Thanks!!
  10. Ok, thank you both! I know AW has been there since the beginning, that is why I was surprised to hear he might be killed off.
  11. Interesting. I am surprised that YR never grabbed Germany attention while BB did. I understand why 2005/2006 episodes didnt catch anyone, but the 80/90s stuff was good. I guess since BB aired from the 1st episode, people got into it more easily..
  12. Oh cool! Thanks @will81 ! I had no idea it aired in Germany.
  13. Oh there is a German Y&R site? I never knew YR was in Germany. I know B&B (Reich und Schon) was huge in Germany and that GL (Springfield Story) at one point was popular..
  14. Chicago Fire (season 4), Chicago PD (season 3), Superstore (season 3), Black-ish (season 2), Umbrella Academy (season 2), The Boys (season 2). Just finished season 1 of Greenleaf and season 1 of Ozark. I just dropped Big Brother All Stars from my list. Could not anymore....
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