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  1. I think this channel is showing Icelandic episodes, if I am correct about the subtitles.. lol So far I don't mind Jesse and Michelle. But Annie is my favorite so far.
  2. I started watching Fall 1997 episodes of Guiding Light. It is really fun. Annie Dutton is falling apart, Cassie just showed up and is dating Billy, Jenna/Buzz/Nola thing is going on, Rick/Abby/Jesse/Michelle stuff is interesting.. Soaps really were better before. I don't have this interest today while watching any soap.
  3. So I also saw Thursday's episode.. it had more music, which was good. I liked the continuation of Billy/Phyllis reveal. I was surprised that Nikki was so nice to Phyllis. What's up with that? Also, I just can't escape the feeling that we are supposed to be feel bad for Phyllis, like she's some goody goody who made a mistake. I got the same feeling from Phyllis' conversation with Jill in the previous episode. My favorite scene was Ashley/Billy scene. I'll take that back right away from my previous post and say that I don't actually mind Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott. I like the chemistry between Eileen and Jason. Now, Jack and Phyllis scene I would totally adore if it was Stafford in the role. Gina is okay, but she's not Phyllis to me (not yet at least.. maybe after some time). The fall down the stairs got my interest. I did not care about Devon and his wife (?) and Lily. Devon was always so boring to me back when I watched. I see nothing's changed in that area.
  4. So I am watching Y&R for the first time since MAB's era, when I stopped watching.. Here are some random things I noticed while watching.. And it's different.. from just a technical point of view.. there is outdoor scenes (Jill and some hot shirtless guy (Travis?) jogging and talking in the park), camera is more shaky, there is no music?! Is this because of the British guy? I know British soaps do outdoors and no music.. Anyway, regarding the story.. I am watching the episode 21SEP2016... it seems like Billy and Phyllis' affair is out. I don't know how I feel about Gina Tognoni as Phyllis. I loved Gina on Guiding Light. I think she's great. But I don't know how I feel about her as Phyllis. She's different. Same goes for Jason Thompson as Billy and Amelia Heinle as Victoria. Heinle was there when I stopped watching, but I never liked her in the role. I still don't like her. Also, the fact that Vicky Newman has children with two out of three Glow by Jabot kids (JT and Billy)... wow... makes me wonder how that happened.. and makes me wonder when Raul will come back to give Victoria her last missing Glow by Jabot kid's baby. Also, Billy and Phyllis getting together is yucky. Same as Billy and Victoria. Yuck! When I think about back to 90s when Billy was a kid and both Phyllis and Vicky were basically grown up and now he's having sex with both of them.. I don't like it. Aah, there is music after all! While Phyllis was giving a statement to the reporters. But such scarce usage of music.. so unusual for US soaps. I see that cast per episode is much smaller now. Y&R used to be special in a way that the episode would start with certain set of characters, but then during the episodes random other characters would pop up and there would be so many characters per episode. Now, it seems there is a certain set of characters and not a lot of them. I like to see Ashley supporting Jack through this. Phyllis and Ashley are squaring off now. I officially miss music. I don't miss it in British soaps, they have a different look and feel... but it's so strange to not hear a dramatic cue here. I do love how Ashley has trashed both Phyllis and Billy. Aaah, music finally in this Jack and Phyllis scene. Good scene with Jack firing Phyllis and then just casually walking into the board meeting. Interesting to see Neil work for Jabot. For as I can remember, he was working at Newman. Also, I see Neil hired all his kids into the business. Although they keep mentioning a Foundation. So Neil and Winters kids are not working for Jabot? It's something else? Also, Kristoff St John looks better than ever! Is Cane still Jill's son? I think I read somewhere that they reversed Cane's paternity story and changed it.. I like Jill's 90s hairdo.. Makes me remember the porn opening, when Jill would pose, while throwing back her long hair.
  5. Welcome back. Thanks! Good to be back! I am thinking of watching last week's of Y&R today and see how I feel about it.. I have been reading through this thread and it's interesting to see everything that I missed during the years..
  6. It's been long time since I posted here. But I've been mostly away from soaps.. with a here and there return (like for DAYS' 50th last year, however I didn't stick around long).. However, with the news of Kay Alden returning, I am really tempted to return. I LOVED her tenure at Y&R. I know she's only a consultant now, but SSM is also a good writer, so Sally and Kay together might be really good. Although, current state of Y&R from what I have seen seems terrible. I hate the recasts (Victoria, Phyllis, Billy... even though I think all three actors are great, I just don't see them as their YR characters)... but I am thinking of giving it a go.. Do we know when Sally and Kay's tenure begins?
  7. is at work, but is chillin at SON.. :)

  8. Hmmm.. I remember that 4 guys were together in an orphanage (Derek Griffin, Stephen Slade, Craig Hunt and Ethan Asher)... and now they've met again in Santa Barbara. And they thought that their friend from the orphanage Cassie Benedict was dead, I believe.. but then she turned up alive... Did they believe that they killed Cassie? I don't remember... I did watch during that time, but that part faded in my mind.. lol
  9. I watched it religiously for years... but I stopped watching during the last season. I will never forgive myself that I never saw the final episode. And even though I was a kid, I still remember some scenes very clearly... like Kelly pushing that guy through the window, Elena being killed, Elena pushing Eden off the cliff into the snow, Mason and Julia in the forrest having sex (I believe it was their first time..)..... And here is one unpopular opinion: I hated Cruz and Eden.. LOL Everyone in Croatia loved them, I hated them. They were SO annoying. I was a Mason and Julia fan. And a Kelly fan. I loooved Robin Wright in the role. Kelly #2 was bad, but then Carrington Garland was awesome too. Eileen was such a miscast. I didn't know at the time who Eileen was. I hated her too.. LOL
  10. Miss talking to you tons....We will need to catch up..Luv ya:)

  11. Hey Manny!

    Congratulations on your new job!! Is this really your first job?? WOW! I'm jealous! I've been working since I was 15. Anyways, best of luck!!

  12. Nothing much, Na'Vell! :D Trying to find some house online to rent for New Year's vacation! Wattup with you?

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