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  1. Hey everyone, sorry for the long absence. Easter break vacation and assignments got me busy. I will be updating the blog from tomorrow.
  2. I've said before I thought Brad's blindness was a weak motivation for the character to leave Leslie, making it all too contrived. I don't believe after everything Brad went through with Barbara and releasing all that and working through it, he would repeat the same cycle by throwing everything away. Especially since he seems to be doing mostly fine handling his blindness. Brad knew better than to assume he would be nothing but a burden if he were permanently vision impaired and the show could have used this opportunity to show how people deal with and maintain independance when losing sight.
  3. Ashley wanted the baby but found out Nikki was dying and decided to have an abortion as she also didn't want to raise the baby alone or marry Matt (he offered) just for the sake of raising the baby with a father (she also didn't want a repeat of her child finding out their father was someone else like she did with Brent) Matt eventually told Victor and he tried to stop her but she ended up getting an earlier appointment and it was done. Victor raged at her for not telling him and never wanted to see her again. After that Ashley seemed mostly okay but slowly fell into a depression and began hea
  4. Thank you. Hopefully we get Ashley giving it to Victor about the whole balloon payment fiasco. I have been waiting to see that again for ages.
  5. Yes the Chris/Snapper/Greg triangle and their story was mostly re-done for the first year of B&B. Except Bell didn't marry Ridge and Caroline. Ridge always seemed a little like a combo of Jack Abbott and Snapper. Thorne, before Jeff Trachta, did seem like Greg. I always saw Brooke more like Jill 2.0 with a bit of Sally Maguire thrown in. All three had the same names. Ruth, Wanda and Julie. Leslie mistaking the orderly for Brad same as Ashley mistaking the orderly for Victor and both being attacked. Pretty much the whole story was repeated. I knew Bell used similar elements in other
  6. Yeah true, I think if this show had been more diverse back then, such as characters that came later like Amy, Dru, Olivia, Neil etc.... this would not have seemed so bad, but when your only Black/POC character is a scary mental patient it is disappointing. Even in the 70's Bell and co could have been doing better.
  7. Yes I always thought Ashley was a Lorie/Leslie hybrid. He seemed to love her (character) in the same way he did Lorie and Leslie too.
  8. Hi all Just a quick update. I have had a busy and intense week at university, so didn't have much time to update the blog. Will be adding Nov 84 - Jan 85 tonight though.
  9. How odd. Janice was in the musical Applause prior to Y&R and did other musical theatre. I have spoken to her about this on the FB group. She also sings briefly in the first episode "The Look of Love". She has stated she performed a song almost once a week in the first couple of years, but I guess it was instrumental. Maybe she felt a bit rusty by Feb 75 and wanted to brush up. One of the reasons I dislike Y&R once John F. Smith returned and began taking over. I think this was also the time that Ashley was cancer ridden and Olivia and Brad were having an affair. Wit
  10. Nice, yeah she seems like a nice person and someone who would be great to sit and have a chat with. I am amazed she can keep all the details of all the shows in her head and respond so effortlessly to questions, even if they were possibly given to her ahead of time.
  11. @amybrickwallace Thanks for that video. Lynda is great, but I am shocked she was still watching all the shows pretty much by herself. I have never been able to figure out if her recaps are straight Mon - Fri. Pretty sure up to 1984 they were not, which is why I gave two different possible dates for her soap recaps on the blog. I also tried contacting her to see if she had any daily soap notes and synopsis in her archives that she would be willing to share, but never heard back. Not that I expected a response
  12. It is interesting to read JMR in Daily TV Serials. He does seem to be one of the first to really take the medium seriously, but yes, as you say with a bit of bite. Though I feel his scarcasm developed more over the course of the column and wasn't as present in the magazine. His attitude is part journalist, part fan. Lynda is pretty similar to her Soap Bubble Magazine days (the few issues I have read). I also wish Bryna Laub had started a syndicated column when DSN folded in 1978. It is amazing how many soap mags popped up in the 70's and how many collapsed by the end of the decade.
  13. He was credited right up to late May 1986 and Nancy M. Reichardt took over the next week.
  14. Lynda hirsch's column from Jan 84 also lists Arlen Dean Snyder as starting in the role soon.
  15. @j swift Thanks for the heads up. Not sure what happened there, but I have broken up the long column into parts and it is clear now. Same with the Days in New Orleans column
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