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  1. And from reading synopsis, it was Vanessa who made sure Lorie saw her sister coming out of the shower. There were clips shared on the fourm of the aftermath when Lorie confronts Leslie about carrying Lance's baby.
  2. Yes I remember this was the case too and that it happened before she left and was the reason she took time out. However I looked up some old newspaper articles and it was stated in Nov 96 that she had planned to leave to start a family. When her last episodes aired in Jan 97, Aaron Spelling only stated that Josie left for personal reasons.
  3. @BoldRestless Thankyou so much for sharing. I think the episodes are actually from late September, I have only watched one, but the first episode posted is definitely from Sep 27, 1988, it has a promo for Mayflower Madam. Mayflower Madam (which originally aired in 1987) was rebroadcast that night. From watching more eps, it seems to jump to October, so I think the other dates are correct.
  4. Yeah I noticed Y&R's ascent to #1 had a lot more to do with it maintaining its audience as opposed to gaining a whole lot, while other shows dropped. I think there was an increase in the early 90's (about 90-93) that got stifled by the OJ Simpson trial. Yeah agreed. Just watching the episodes from 87-89 that are around, it starts to feel like B&B once Sally arrives on the scene.
  5. I went looking for some clues about AMC. I wasn't aware Agnes returned to the show briefly to get things sorted due to the shows drop in ratings. Seems she was there at least for the summer.
  6. Just read a Jon-Michael Reed column about Judith Light. He stated she had been made a script writer on the show, which I had never known, he doesn't mention when that occured or give more detail but was in reference to OLTL trying to keep her around. So I wonder if she had stayed she might have been dictating her own story or if Rauch would have put an end to that. He also mentions her last air date was Friday Jan 07, 1983. For anyone interested in that info.
  7. Wow May and June 87 are interesting. In May AMC is gaining which I guess wreaked havoc for Y&R, especially with a stronger OLTL. What was happening on AMC to get it to a shared #1 at the end of May only for it drop again in June? Y&R is then suddenly #1 for most of June. The ratings were a lot more interesting back then. This seems to back up Brenda Dickson's claim that Y&R was #1 when she left
  8. Couldn't they have just had Bobby in a coma the whole time. The dream season could still have happened as the events would be based on other characters visiting him in the hospital and telling him what was going on, so it would still be a dream. To explain why everyone mourned his death, well that part of his brain believed he was dead. Not every little thing in the dream season would have to be accurate, but they could have salvaged 99% of it and kept the continuity going. Seems odd they wouldn't have thought of this, might have still made the audience groan, but I think it would have been easier to recover from this.
  9. Yeah I remember Jaime Lynn Bauer saying she was doing a blocking rehearsal with Melissa Reeves one time when she did a brief return visit and when they finished she was told they taped it and they were done, lol. It must be a nightmare for an actor.
  10. Y&R really stepped it up in 1986 which is no surprise considering what was going on that year on the show. The resolution of the Jill/John/Jack story which had been playing out since 1983, the Ashley/Victor/Nikki triangle, Lauren and psycho Shawn, Who shot Jill. It was a really solid year.
  11. Sorry @Paul Raven I hope I am not crashing your thread. Sorry if I am, not intended
  12. Oct 5 - 11, 1981 was listed as Week 1 or premiere week for the 81-82 television season. Despite this many new shows and returning shows were still not back at this point. The schedule for the three networks would be a bit of a mess this season I also have a round up of the week from Broadcasting magazine that gives some good detail and HH shares for some shows. Let me know if I am adding too much stuff to each post and I will try to split it up more
  13. I have some 80's ratings starting with 1981 from the Los Angeles Times. Unfortunately sometimes the scans are so poor they are not legible, but I will post what I can. ETA: There was a 13 week writers strike that delayed the 81-82 season, the NY Times stated the strike ended Jul 12, 1981 at 2am. So many of these shows were still in reruns. These also include a shorter list for the Los Angeles area
  14. But Bell was asked to do a soap back before Capitol was put together and initially said no, he started working on B&B in 1986 and moved to California so he could oversee it, it was a done deal. So CBS needed to make room somewhere. Though it may have gotten ATWT timeslot, Capitol still needed to go in order for B&B to have room on the schedule. Do you think if Capitol had gotten stronger ratings CBS would have kept it and just expanded their daytime line up to include B&B or cancelled another daytime show? There was no way B&B wouldn't have made it on the air.
  15. I was always under the impression that once Bell got B&B off the ground Capitol was out the door regardless of its ratings.
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