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  1. Here is another one. I could not find anything about Heidi Marks other than this, but Monica Potter was on from around the week of June 27, 1994 and Sharon Case from probably early Aug, it would seem neither Potter or Marks were on for very long. I will check my 1994 SOD issues and see if they had anything in more detail. This article is from Aug 26, 1994
  2. Have seen this a few times and had no idea Stephanie was in this, just amazing, there is also footage from the Today show from 1980 as well. Thanks for sharing I thought Monica was there very briefly, like a few weeks or less, they apparently wanted her back but there was some sort of miscommunication that occured. Here is the first mention I could find of her from July 10, 1994
  3. True. I think Y&R cast so well for the longest time. Even if Conboy was focused on beautiful people, he still managed to find some great actors and ones that fit the roles well. This seemed to be the case through the Bell years and even through Alden's initial solo run. When the writing was weak you still had dynamic actors who knew their characters so well, you could follow them through anything. As much as I dislike late 94 to late 97 I can still watch those episodes because of the actors.
  4. Traci left town around May/Jun 87 for about six months. The character went to Stamford. Jack went to visit her around thanksgiving to pursuade her to return for Christmas. Traci left again with Tim Sullivan in Dec 89 and returned solo in Sep 90, just as Ashley was about say yes or no to Brad's proposal Traci left with Colleen in Aug 92 for NYC, but I think she was on recurring or still on contract and appeared sporadically before returning in Jan 1993. I can't remember when she left, but she was there in early 1994 for the whole Brad's heart attack story and left shortly after that around summer 94 (I think June 94 but not sure). She returned around Feb/Mar 1995 when John had his heart attack but left within a month or so and returned again in Spring 96 when Dina returned, but again it was a short return.
  5. They were on and off dating between 90 - 93 until they re-married. They just sort of reconnected. John felt Jill had changed and Jill was doing everything in her power to show she had changed. There really wasn't any other explanation. Jack was opposed to the union, but felt okay about it as John had originally decided on having a pre-nuptial agreement, but when Jack gave Jill a hard time about the pre-nup, John impulsively married Jill without one in Jan 93. They had problems all along. Jill wanted to have a baby, John didn't. Jill got pregnant anyway, John told her to get an abortion. She pretended to, but didn't. John was livid, but once Billy was born in July 1993, John accepted him and everything was fine until John became impotent. Instead of working through it, he pushed Jill away. Jill eventually had a pretty hot affair with Jed Sanders and intended to divorce John in 1994. She wanted custody, so did he. So they went to court, Jill got temporary custody, but John demanded both Jill and Billy stay in the Abbott home, Jill agreed for Billy. The court case continued and Jill was losing, then John out of nowhere decided he was in love with Maimie, kissed her and they made secret plans to go away together, but John had a heart attack and forgot everything. Mamie told everyone, but only Dru and Olivia believed her. Jill used the opportunity to tell John they were having issues but were trying to work through them. They halted the divorce. Eventually Jill paid off Maime, who left town. John regained his memory and the divorce was back on. Maime returned to town but gave up on John (can't really remember the full details) and left town again. Jill and John's divorce continued, Dina returned, Jill saw her as a threat and ran her out of town. John and Jill were at each others throats. Victor stepped in and Jill threatened him. Victor was shot and Jill was the main suspect, but as we all know it was Mari Jo. At some point they decided it was best for Billy if Jill stayed living at the Abbott's for Billy's sake, but John demanded neither of them were to date other people. Pretty sure the divorce was finally wrapped up in 1996 I am pretty sure John got custody of Billy and left town for NYC at some point somewhere between 96 - 97 or so. Jill moved on with Keith Dennison until Kay messed that up and Jill ended up living with Kay and the whole Chancellor estate story took off. I may have left some stuff out, but that was mostly it. I really didn't like the story, especially how they threw Maime away like nothing. It was rather humiliating and out of nowhere. Jill was also being written badly through this time as well. John was particularly vindictive, so was Maime. The whole things was a mess, but I hated all the stories given to the Abbotts back then. Jack's being a Vietnam vet, Ashley and the evil twin story. Late 1994 to Late 1997 was not a great period for the show.
  6. Thanks for sharing anyway. I like to see episodes regardless of quality, so I am glad you decided to share. Gives a good idea of who appeared and what the story focus was, even if we can't hear them. But then I watch the German episodes and can't speak German, so I guess I really love Y&R, haha
  7. All good everyone. Happy to share @FrenchFan Yes I think we are both determined to track them down, so hopefully soon we will have them all. Bryna's recap of Y&R seems to confirm Bruce and Jen were together in the summer of 73 and that Gwen and Jill had a storyline previously as well. From what I read Gwen came into the salon all fabulous and beautiful, Jill was in awe. Gwen told Jill she had a great job as an escort. Jill mistakes this as simply a woman who escorts men around town as their dates and makes plans to sign on, until she visits Gwen's workplace and realises it is a brothel. Not sure if those details are 100% correct, so if anyone knows more, would be good to find out. This happened again (sort of) in 1976. Jill takes a job at a hotel as a manicurist and is offered the chance to prostitute herself for the male clients at the hotel, but Snapper realises what Jill has gotten herself into and goes to stop her. Jill is almost ready to go through with it but Snapper gets through to her. She then took a job at the Golden Comb with Derek Thurston in the aborted Shampoo-esque story that got dumped and pushed back to 1977 when they finally cast Joe LaDue
  8. No worries, happy to share. Glad people are enjoying these. I am trying to track down more, but they aren't easy to get a hold of.
  9. The other thing I read from 1977 was that Lynde had a car accident around 1976 and due to a back issue was off the show briefly. Conboy was apparently convinced Janice was grandstanding as her contract was up. When she was out sick again, he basically pink slipped her and she was more than happy to go. I remember reading one interview where she said in the early days the schedule was such that she could be let out to do other things, but by 1976 she was working non stop and hated it.
  10. Hi All. Sorry for the delay. Technical issues occurred. Here is July 9, 1991. I am also going to be scanning the 1976 Daily TV Serials I have as well. So SOD 1991 might take a while
  11. Here is November 1973 December 1973 Here are two pages from Jan 1974. The first time Y&R appears. Sorry I don't have more The last page I have is from Feb 74. Again Y&R and a bit of other shows.
  12. Hey sorry everyone. I had some technical issues, here is Oct 1973 Sorry @FrenchFan If I am messing up your thread. For those following the 1991 SOD thread, I will be getting more up this week. Apologies again for the delay. Nov and Dec 1973 are coming in a few seconds
  13. Not feelings, at least not those romantic feelings. Jack was fun and wild and she had a lot of fun with him and they thought it could be a thing, but Jack was on a low after John fired him and kicked him out of the house for his fling with Jill, he was looking for some hope and Nikki gave that to him. Then Jill gets shot and Jack confesses to save his father (who he intially thought did it) and things with Nikki cooled off. ETA: In terms of Bergman and Lester. Lester's Jack hadn't quite grown up yet. If anything the marriage to Nikki was what should have done it and to some degree it did, but Bergman shifted Jack too quickly because he didn't know how to play Lester's Jack. Peter was definitely more serious and more a romantic lead type, I am happy that the character grew up, but again it happened too fast. Lester's Jack was still an arrogant but lovable scoundrel. The marriage to Nikki would have been great for Lester's Jack, because he could have moved Jack in a different direction, but maintained that smilin' Jack part of him too.
  14. Did Tim Sullivan get killed off? I never knew that Victor did feel some guilt about cheating on Nikki, even though he had always believed (correctly) that Jack and Nikki were involved. By 1986 Victor was ready to end things with Nikki. At first he was unsure about what he wanted, then Ashley broke up with him due to Victoria calling her a witch and begging her not to take her father away, Victor eventually realised Nikki had manipulated this response from Victoria and he was ready to end things. He felt she would be less likely to fight a divorce if she was with another man. So he openly encouraged Matt and Nikki. Nikki was more involved with Jack, but that ended when it looked like he would be going to jail for shooting Jill, she seemed to move on to Matt until the mystery illness struck her and she and Victor reconciled.
  15. This one lists Joseph Manetta as Producer in Feb 1972 for SS
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