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  1. ^^^ If it was NBC asking them to close the gap, then that is definitely not a good sign. It sounds like they have plans and as has been mentioned, it would be easier to replace Days if they don't have several months of episodes waiting to be aired.
  2. Was the whole point of filming so far in advance soley to save money? Is there any other reason people can think of as to why they would be closing the gap, besides cancellation? Only thing I can think of, and it is a long shot is NBC/Sony still want the show and closing the gap was done simply because taping in advance didn't lead to any real cost cutting/savings and filming in advance was too chaotic from a creative/production stand point and not worth it. Then again, this would seemingly work in favour of cancellation. I honestly can't see why else they would do this now.
  3. @YRfan23 I did a bit of research. CBS broadcast the NFC Wildcard Playoff between the Rams and Vikings on Dec 26, 1988. On the West Coast the game started at 11:30am, on the East Coast it started at 2:30pm but CBS aired the tv movie "Quaterback Princess" at 12:30pm until the game started. This now places episode #442 as Jan 3rd 1989. And pushes back Sally Spectra/Darlene Conley's first appearance to Jan 17, 1989. The entire soap line up was pre-empted so this is also a pre-emption for Y&R as well.
  4. That AW list was fabulous!

  5. Yeah it could be that because Loving started right near the end of June that they didn't make the cut in time. I assume they are covered in the next months issue
  6. The newspaper synopsis mentions the ciggarette near Angela (episode #451) during the Jan 16 - 20 week. #451 should be Jan 16, 1989. Unless the newspaper synopsis is wrong too and that episode did air Jan 13, 1989.
  7. Yeah those dates seem spot on, at least that is what I have too. ETA: Actually sorry @YRfan23 I do have something different. I think B&B was pre-emtped on Jan 2nd 1989. So #442 is Jan 3rd 1989. Episode #451 when Stephanie and Ridge find the cigarette near Angela's bed was mentioned in the weekly newspaper synopsis for Jan 16 - 20. Which pushes Sally's first date to Jan 17 and Darla and Saul to Jan 19. However I could be wrong
  8. With episode #454 we have Darla and Saul's first appearances. The Spectra Fashions family is filling out.
  9. @YRfan23 Thanks for this, up to the point where Ryan is arrested is November 12, 1992. I can't quite find what the date is for the rest, but probs within a week.
  10. Thanks for that great info. Yeah it is odd, newspaper listings have both shows in 1983, People Now with Bill Tush or Mike Douglas' People Now. almost changes daily. A big fan of the late Jan Hooks from her SNL days. Sad to hear of how she passed. Love it when other characters give Victor a good serving and he just has to cop it. As much as Bell and Alden loved Victor, they would allow others to dominate when it made sense. Hope was never under his spell, I also have to hand it to Signy, hard to drop the mic like that and have a great exit when you are playing a blind character that still has to slowly feel her way out of the room.
  11. Thank you for the Eileen Davidson interview. She does seem a bit reserved, but also as if she is a little overwhelmed by the new fame. The host looks like Bill Tush and he did host a show called People Now on CNN which I think was actually Mike Douglas' show, but maybe Bill hosted on occassion or filled in for Mike. Not 100% sure. The set is the same at any rate.
  12. True, thanks for the clarification and again for all the hard work you have put into posting all these magazines. Even for soaps I was never into, it is interesting to see the soap landscape and what was going on. I also find the 70's is the one decade where I can find something to like in most of the soaps, roughly 68 - 83 I am interested in all soaps in some way, even if just smaller periods of time. So these articles are greatly appreciated.
  13. That's what I had always heard, the stress caused the termination. The wording makes it sound like she had an abortion, I get what they mean now
  14. On Page 3 of this thread. The post you have of Daily TV Serials Anniversary Issues that did a recap of Y&R. It states Chris discovered the truth about Chuckie's paternity when he was sick with pneumonia and shortly after discovered she was pregnant. The line about her abortion is below. It is on the page that has Story Highlights of the Year at the top of it, which is the second page scanned under the photo you provided. "But Chris tortured with thoughts of Sally and Snapper, aborted. Realizing she had to find her way into the real world" Yeah it does feel like sometimes they just assumed certain things to fill in gaps, so maybe this isn't correct.
  15. @vetsoapfan This is all so amazing. Thank you very much for sharing. Reading the synopsis from Y&R 1974, Chris Brooks had an abortion? I had always been under the impression she had a miscarriage.
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