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  1. Lol I got mixed up we were watching eps from 2000 in 2004, haha, also I was trading tapes back then so the timeline often gets scrambled in my head.
  2. Y&R started in April 1974, but when Days began airing in prime time, the channel began airing two episodes of Y&R a day for a short period until Days returned to daytime. In 1980 Cricket began pre-empting the show each year for a couple weeks but the channel would also have a summer break as well that could last another two or three weeks. Each year we got further behind until by 2000 we were four years behind and they did the leap forward. Days was far more popular in the 70's and went into primetime, I havn't checked it out, but possibly channel nine played a bit of catch up and then fell behind again. Y&R also went an hour around 1980 in Australia, long before it would have actually been an hour show. So again I think the channel did some catch ups previously with both shows. WHAT!!!!! I was literally looking at the 1991 episode the other day and wishing we had anything from January. The only month that was missing completely. Woohoo for those new 1991 eps they have added.
  3. I would agree, it seems Bell had a habit of naming characters after people he knew. You're right, Phyllis was an old fashioned named by 1994. Actually even by the 70's when the character would have been "born". Not sure many girls were being named Phyllis even in the 70's.
  4. I thought it was the call to the FBI. Laura calls the FBI but hangs up and Luke retrieves the recording to prove to Laura the mob knows. She is still weary of him but begins to trust him, she has no choice, suddenly they are talking almost like best friends. This happens the next month Feb 1980 ETA: Check out the Feb 22, 1980 ep. This is where the "I'm trying to protect you" stuff starts and Laura begins to see him as a friend.
  5. The thing is - when I say Bell was hands off, I only mean in terms of scripting the show. In terms of story I think Alden/Sussman/Smith were all important in terms of concepts and ideas, but Bell put the story together and was responsible for the tone and charcaterisations. He may have relied on them more for ideas during certain points but I do not believe they were planning out story. They had a seat at the table and that is it. If any of them did plan any story it was under Bell's guidance and approval - and I would assume may have only happened once or twice and possibly during the creation of B&B. You are right, the show isn't the same when he leaves. In fact once he begins to get sick which mostly likely occured around 94/95, the show isn't the same. Which says to me he was the show. No creator does it alone, but he was the visionary and the master. When Alden takes over the tone is similar and story is good but characterisation is off. When Smith comes back in mid 2002 as a co-HW the show gets trashier (Paul raping Chris/Olivia & Brad's affair while Ashley has cancer/Lorie degrading herself by trying to split up Victor and Nikki/Sharon making the moves on Victor/Jill & Kay being related) All these things happened between late 02 in to mid 03. This was the beginning of the end. I am certain Bell hired Smith to push the envelope and to give him some edgier ideas, but Bell would reign them in. I think this is why Bell never gave Smith too much control and why the show goes off the rails once he pretty much takes over. By 2002 I feel Bell's illness was probably taking over and I think this and Ed Scott leaving allowed Smith to gain more power and IMO ruin the show.
  6. @Paul Raven Here are the articles on Mary. One stating she appears in 3 of the 5 shows per week and another from Sep 67 giving the episode count of the show and her episode count at that time
  7. I recently found an article that I didn't save but will try to find that mentioned Search hit 4,171 episodes and Mary hit around 3200 at the same time. So I guess that at least gives an idea of how much she appeared during the first 15 years (approx)
  8. Lol I also loved Sami during the possession. She hated Marlena because of her affair, but at least briefly Mardevil and Sami became close and Sami began confiding in her and taking her advice, which of course led to disaster, haha.
  9. The way Susan speaks makes It sound like it was something floated about before the show got on the air. Mona was probably supposed to have a drinking problem when Susan auditioned but by the time the show went to air that idea had been dropped.
  10. I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion but I don't think a single soap that was still on the air in the 90's was consistently good past 1994. Maybe they had a good year here and there, but none had long runs of good quality again.
  11. I wonder if this is why he kept characters isolated, as none of the stories were happening at the same time, haha. I know that isn't the case, but would be pretty awesome if Y&R was full of alternate and parallel timelines during the Bell era.
  12. Are you referring to the blonde bob? I don't know what happened in mid 1995 but going ultra blonde and super straight started becoming a thing that would go on through the remainder of the 90's. Even Heather Locklear and Courtney Thorne-Smith went even more blonde in season 4 than they had been previously. The one that got me was Julia Louis Dreyfuss. She went super straight around 95 after years of the curls or waves.
  13. Yeah I didn't like what they did to Vivian. She became a caricature and a joke. Also once Carrie and Mike became a thing the whole Carrie/Austin story had been going on so long without them having much time together that I simply lost interest in them ever getting back together. Even now I could care less if they are a couple or not.
  14. I think the writing was stacked against them but I also felt Diedre had changed the way she played Marlena and Wayne had not changed the way he played Roman. I agree he would not have fit into the campier OTT Days. Eileen had barely been there before the tone of the show switched so she had time to adjust and she seemed to be able to shift Kristen either way. Her performances during her return melded the more down to earth factor with a slight nod to the previous incarnation of the character, very slight, just enough for Kristen to still feel like Kristen. I remember the writing for her was better than everything else that was going on at that time. At least on her first return. Definitely the dialogue she got was better. I wonder about Isabella too. Would Kristen have even been brought on? Would JER have had Isabella fall under the Kiriakis spell the way Kristen did with the DiMera's? Or would Isabella have moved elsewhere? I can't really picture her as part of the show past the time of the affair to be honest. I can only see her leaving town once the truth came out.
  15. Speaking of Kristen/John/Roman/Marlena One of things I remember is Wayne and Diedre just didn't have the same chemistry anymore but Drake and Dee were off the charts, which honestly made whatever Wayne and Dee once had seem like a distant memory. When Eileen came on, she and Drake had strong enough chemistry, even if it wasn't as strong as Drake and Diedre. It was still good and worked well. I never ever saw Kristen as anything more than a distraction, even before she went full DiMera. If NBC or anyone from the show wanted John/Kristen, they were going to be disappointed. I never saw them together long term, granted I didn't expect the turn of events we got, but as soon as Kristen doubted John's innocence and hid that letter I think we all knew the show was gearing up for a J&M reunion.....eventually The other thing is and what doesn't get talked about very often, Eileen and Dee had quite a strong and fascinating chemistry too that was just as instrumental as John/Marlena or John/Kristen. There was always a tension between them that was great to watch and was another reason that trio worked so beautifully and the Drake/Dee/Wayne trio did not. Wayne just didn't fit well with that pair and Eileen did. Even 12 or so years later when she returned it was all still there.
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