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  1. Thanks, yeah I wasn't sure, but I definitely will keep pushing the issue.
  2. My mother is over 60 and has diabetes, on top of that she works for Child Protection Services and has to do home visits. I am very paranoid about her coming into contact with children, since they can carry the virus but not necessarily show symptoms. I have asked her to stop home visits and ask her boss to give those to someone else. I try not to worry, but she is too high risk. On top of that my father just went into remission for luekemia a few months ago and is also 60+, though retired and stays home mostly, but I know if either of them got the virus the chances would be against them. My mother doesn't want to worry too much and wants to take the advice of her boss, I want her to be extra cautious and tell him to go f&*k himself. I do feel guilty as I feel like I am scaring her into doing what I want. So I can understand some fear, but I think many just go overboard, they care only about themselves and very little about others. As for hoarding, I was, and still am, following general advice. Just add a few extra items each time you shop. That is getting harder to do when the shelves are empty almost every day I go. Yes there have been idiots here in Australia too, being awful to almost anyone Asian. I was in class with one guy from Vietnam and he was literally afraid to cough around people. Even though Vietnam has had an extremely low rate of infection, though most bigots just assume all Asian people are from China and deliberately spread the virus.
  3. So far Australia has put a stop to gatherings of people over 500 and finally put in some tighter travel restrictions/protocols. I mean 70% of our initial cases came from overseas travellers, so I am not sure why it took so long. Also the issue in Australia isn't just poor leadership, but also Rupert Murdoch's media (he owns way too much here) Sky News Australia is like FOX News, they are literally acting like it is end times. No wonder people are panic buying. I went to the store the other day. No toilet paper, no hand soaps/sanitisers, no flour, no olive oil (what the Fu&* you gonna do with olive oil????) No bread. I tired doing an online order, takes 5 days. The supermarkets here are struggling and having to basically put rationing in place to deal with it. Now people who were not panic buying are starting to worry, simply because of the morons who keep taking everything. My University just cancelled almost all my classes this week. I have one still on....for now. I might as well be in lockdown for this week anyway. So even with the Government protocols, some schools are just doing what they feel is best. My University does/did have a lot of international students who have quit their course and gone home as well. Even if we don't go into lockdown I have a feeling many of the Universities here will pretty much start to close or restrict classes. I will say our Government has two multi billion dollar packages in place. One to stimulate the economy in case of lockdown. The other to aid health care. So they are doing something at least.
  4. I was going to post this same thing. Your hypocrisy is annoying. You gave some grief to that other poster who kept butting into threads and posting useless information no one cared about, now you are doing the same. If you have dish, share it with people who give a toss, it seems no one on this thread cares.
  5. True. I guess that period from the late 70's to the early 80's, roughly 79 - 81 or there abouts really resulted in this change happening. It does seem that was also the point at which NBC soaps sunk and never really recovered in terms of ratings, Days had some strong spots here and there, but TD was cancelled, SFT never really caught on, AW according to posts I have read recovered but the audience never really returned, SB was hailed by critics but audiences mostly ignored it. None of their new soaps ever really caught on, Texas must have been a big disappointment. 78 - 82 was also a somewhat rough period for CBS as well I guess. Y&R dropped in the ratings between 80 - 82 and went through a big change, ATWT lost its dominance for the first time in 20 years though it seemed to still hold in the top 5 generally, Love of Life was cancelled, SFT was cancelled from CBS at least. Guiding Light was the only show on CBS to hold pretty steady during that time.
  6. Had completely forgotten about that. Was this roughly the time the show was morphing more into General Hospital? I guess that was when the show started losing its identity and the beginning of it being whatever it needed to be to grab ratings. Dont get me wrong, given the chance I would re-watch a lot of those years for fun. Whatever the show became in the 80's and 90's, I could still enjoy it, though I think if I had been watching from 1965, it would have been difficult for me to move much past the early 80's.
  7. DAYS - Only in hindsight would I give this one to 1986 and the arrival of The Pawn. I know JER gets grief for dumbing down Salem and getting into some crazy and over the top stuff, but The Pawn was where the precedent was set and Days would never be the same. Roman's return in 1991 just cemented this. Anything JER did after that couldn't be considered crossing the line, it had already been done. I know Marlena was considered rather stupid during JER's run, but I can't say I had much faith in her mental capabilities when she decided some stranger with a completely different physical structure was her husband with some facial surgery. When Wayne Northrup returned as Roman, it seemed everyone simply blamed Stefano. In fact the only person who had issue with the whole thing was Roman and he was treated like a lunatic.
  8. Not overly familiar with ATWT, but I totally get what you are saying. I do know Lucinda Walsh somewhat and I totally see what you are saying. Women like that certainly don't seem to exist anymore. I think it has a lot to do with soaps being more about plot only and little about character. They avoid defining characters too much because it will stop them shifting them into whatever story they want to tell.
  9. I'd say so, they have no idea how to write complexity anymore. I have been watching 70's eps of OLTL, GL and AW. Karen Wolek, Rita Bauer, Rachel Cory, just to mention a few. These women were endlessly fascinating.You wanted to know everything about them. They were multi dimensional and complicated and so interesting. These women just don't exist on soaps anymore. Ashley is not an easy character to write and I think even Kay Alden didn't understand her the way Bell did. Her breakdown in 2003 or 2004 after her miscarriage was not a favourite story of mine at all, hated it in fact. Also just want to add this quote found on wiki about the Adam Newman abortion/miscarriage, because it makes me sad if Eileen is right "I think the character really suffered after she stole Victor’s sperm from Diane [...] After that, the viewers lost a lot of respect for Ashley. People wanted Ashley to pay for it. My opinion? Although last summer’s gaslighting storyline was used to propel a lot of other stories, it was also about making Ashley pay. Now we can close that entire chapter because Ashley paid. It was Ashley’s redemption". Sorry but this just solidifies my arguement that the sperm caper story was the beginning of the end of Ashley and Y&R.
  10. And I think I was always unfair to Brenda's portrayal, seeing her as weak, when she had a stoic strength, not so obvious, but there. I liked that she played the field with Blade and Brad and the way she stood up for herself with Traci when they were fighting in the 90's. I also liked that Ashley never betrayed Victoria when it came to Ryan, even though she knew lying to Victor wasn't right, that is the complicated part of her Bell knew so well. She went against her respect for Victor, but only to protect Victoria, in fact I don't think she ever confessed she knew about Victoria and Ryan. Eileen seems to have an intense personality, I think she seems so lovely but intimidating because she is so strong minded and straight forward. I honestly think this is why Eileen and Eric were paired. They were such a good match, neither of them could own a scene over the other. I also think Eileen was able to bring Terry's Jack down a peg or two as well, which I loved. But I guess we should move this conversation to the Y&R thread, haha.
  11. Nope. Even the Ashley/Cole/Victoria story wasn't quite right. Eileen I think had brought back a bit of Kristen with her in 1999, she seemed different, angrier. The scene in Embers when she slaps (and I mean really slaps) Victoria and rips into her and pretty much threatens her was also out of character. Think about how she handled Nikki and Victor in 1992. She just wanted to move on, she made her feelings known to both and didn't hold back, but saw the writing on the wall. She couldn't stay with a man that she felt was in love with someone else. In 1986 she tried hard to avoid a confrontation with Nikki, feeling that fighting over Victor was beneath them both. Casey was the one to convince her to see Nikki in the hopes of simply trying to sort the whole mess out. Yeah things got heated and Ashley when pushed was a fighter, but the way Eileen played her back then, you could feel she was almost trembling. Eileen had this mix of anger and fear mixed in her voice, because she really didn't want to be fighting with Nikki and as soon as Victoria came down and told her she was the witch that was stealing her father, Ashley took off in tears and broke it off with Victor. She may have made some mistakes, but she always tried to be a good person. Bell wrote her as a heroine but a complicated one who wasn't perfect. This part of her was lost when Bell left. The character is a difficult one to write and play. On the surface of things you might think there isn't much there to explore, but when you really delve into it, there is so much richness in the character. You just have to know which angles to explore. If Ashley has been great the last 20 years, it has probably been mostly because of Eileen and not the writing. In 1984 Bell had Ashley and Lorie Brooks meet at Nikki and Victor's wedding. Why? Just for fun? Maybe. My opinion, it was a passing of the torch. I think he had the same affection for both characters and I think both represented Y&R. As you said elegance, restraint and I would add intelligence. In terms of other writers post Bell - Almost as soon as Alden was gone, so too was Ashley, which pretty much tells you what LML felt about the character. MAB didn't know how to write anyone in my opinion and I have never watched any of Josh Griffiths Y&R.
  12. Not too sure. I know Diane bought a freezer and held onto it. I thought Ashley went under the radar for most of the story. She took off for a cruise and returned pregnant and unwilling to say who the father was (just some random guy she met on her vacation). So true. Bell was so protective of Ashley, I think he would have hated it. I do believe he was not well even by 99/00. I don't think he would have ever stepped down from Y&R unless he had no other choice. Y&R was his baby, he protected it at all costs and I think he stepped down to save the show and no other reason. That's why Alden was made head writer and not Jack Smith. He even said at one point he couldn't tell the difference between a script he wrote and one Alden had written. In his emmy legends interview, the once reserved and calm Bell (at least in interviews I had seen him do before) seemed restless and agitated at times. This is usually a good sign of that illness taking over. I think someone once said any writer or producer who doesn't know how to write/treat Ashley, doesn't know how to write Y&R and will never last. It has mostly been true.
  13. Y&R - The Sperm Caper Story (I have gone on about this a lot, lol) three great characters thrown under the bus while propping another. In fact I would say this was the true beginning of the Great Victor Newman eating up the show, one of the big issues this show has had for some time now. Alden was so smitten with Victor that she made some poor decisions as a result....... Ashley - She had an abortion in 1986 partly because she didn't want to raise her child with them not knowing who their father was, this as a result of her own paternity mishap the year before. Now she was going out of her way to get pregnant and keep the paternity a secret? Despite everything that happened between Victor and Ashley, they maintained an absolute respect for one another, this was so out of character, it actually makes my head hurt, haha. Even Eileen said prior to the reveal she was sure Ashley wasn't the one to steal Victor's sperm, it would be out of character. I wonder how Eileen felt when she found out. Diane - She spent two years trying to reclaim her dignity after Victor dumped her for Nikki. She was right, what Victor did was a matter of respect and principal. Then she decides she just has to have his baby so badly she is willing to do anything to make it happen, when she does get pregnant and Victor still rejects her, she degrades herself by clinging to him like a bad stench and manages to wittle away any self respect the character once had. Nikki - Brawling with Diane over sperm, I mean think about it. Two grown women fighting over sperm. Nikki had her trashy days but had put it all behind her, now she was going psycho over sperm. When Lorie Brooks returned a couple years after this and made a quip about Nikki's stripper days Nikki told her to move on, she had put those trashier days behind her. Really Nikki? You were fighting over some old dudes semen!!!!!! In 2000 around the time this story was playing out, Y&R's ratings dropped by a whole ratings point. This then began the endless stream of co-headwriters Kay Alden was paired with, I have absolute confidence that if this story hadn't happened Y&R's ratings would have only dropped marginally that year, like all the other soaps and Jack Smith would have never been brought on as a THIRD head writer for the show and thus the whole Jill is Kay's daughter story would never have happened. In fact Alden may have held on to the show much longer, LML and MAB would probably have never gotten their hands on the show and we might have had a very different Y&R today.
  14. That is sad news. As much as I go on about Bill, Lee was a big part of making the show I love and she was, as Melody said, a true pioneer, especially with her talk show as well. So if I could put this out there, Congratulations to Lee and the great work she did in her life, and thank you for being part of something that was/is such a big part of my life.
  15. @jam6242 Thanks so much, yes what a lovely moment. Just builds it all up so nicely. Such sweetness and innocence then the passion, then the guilt, mixed with a longing. So much going on in such a short and simple scene. That second clip is also very sweet. Thanks for sharing it as well
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