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  1. Yeah I'd say Terry/Eileen. They just seemed like real brother and sister. You can see the genuine moments between them. Those little moments were lost when they recast.
  2. So we have Quinn Redeker's first airdate, this article is from Wed Jul 1, 1987. So his first airdate was Jul 2, 1987. Interesting they only intended for him to be on for a couple weeks.
  3. Lol it gets worse. They call Traci a Chubette and apparently the producers had her put weight back on and off and on for storyline purposes. Beth apparently taped her last show May 20, 1987. This article is from May 23, 1987
  4. Traci is first mentioned in synopsis for Jun 14 - 18, 1982 John’s other daughter, Traci, fretted about her battle with the bulge. So Traci came on the week after Ashley. I am guessing Mamie was also introduced around this time as well
  5. Here are a couple of articles on Eileen's arrival and departure. No concrete first air date, that article comes from Jun 27, 1982. The second article lists her last day as Fri Dec 2, 1988 with Brenda taking over Mon Dec 5, 1988 Also notice Marguerite Ray was added in June 1982, probably around the same time as Eileen
  6. I think Lester hadn't been happy for a while. That's why he left in 1985 to do a tv movie. I think it was a movie of the week that had the potential to be turned into a series called Blade in Hong Kong. He was off Y&R for about six months, he definitely wasn't starved for story back then. I am guessing it was a multitude of things, but I feel Lester would have quit regardless of if he had story, I think he was just over it.
  7. More cast info, this time for Terry Lester. First article is from Thursday Jul 24, 1980. States Lester started as Jack on Tue, so his start date was Jul 22, 1980 The second states his end date as Sep 1, 1989, and Lester's start on SB as Sep 25, 1989
  8. Yes in late July 1981 Victor asked Eve to help him, but Eve pretty much disappeared 2 months after that and didn't return until Oct 1982 in Paris with Julia Newman. Actually Victor recommended Eve to Stuart in 1980, he knew her already, it wasn't until after Eve got her job with Stuart that she demanded Victor pay child support. So Bell had set up the Victor story early, I assume the Stuart/Liz thing was only ever supposed to be temporary.
  9. Here we go Jun 29 - Jul 3, 1981 Victor cast a bedroom eye on Peggy. Eve and Peggy became chums So she did interact with Peggy, but it seems not about Stuart
  10. Eve was Jill's housemate, I think they bonded because they both had sons. Eve was in the Stuart/Liz story, but Bell established her fling with Victor pretty quickly, I think within a few months she had shifted to Victor's story. Eve was only on for a year (80-81), then returned about a year later (1982) I guess after that she was really more a guest star. Chris was pretty much not appearing by June 1980, apart from Lynn giving birth to twins, David Hassellhoff wanted off the show to pursue primetime, instead he agreed to a new contract, but one where he would only appear sporadically and very rarely. Lynn Topping refused to sign that contract, so she was dismissed and the original plan was to recast. Snapper and Chris didn't appear again until Mar 1981 and Lynn Topping returned with David, who had no luck in the primetime game. JLB was pregnant that year and wasn't really appearing much either and had a temp recast when she went on maternity leave (around the time Eve first showed up) Leslie still had amnesia, sort of. Peggy was around, but was fighting with her father over Steve Williams. Logistically it seems the Brooks sisters were kinda scattered or not really around as much during the time Eve was going after Stuart.
  11. Eve and Rick Daros were shown around summer 84 meeting up in a sanatarium, they end up escaping together but that's where it ends and Eve doesn't return until the 90's
  12. Here is some stuff for Patty. First is the announcement that Lilibet Stern signed a 5 year contract with Y&R from Nov 6, 1980. Patty was absent from any synopsis from Jul - Dec. So maybe Tammy Taylor left in Jul and Lilibet first aired in Dec. Next is the announcement that Lilibet was leaving and Andrea Evans was taking over, from May 22, 1983 Last is a few questions from soap fans who don't seem too happy with the recast
  13. So I found this from Jon-Michael Reed's column from an Oct 8, 1983 newspaper. Robert Colbert was officially let go by that point, the last mention I could find of Stuart is from Memorial Day 1983.
  14. They left September 1988. Eric decided to stay with Stephanie due to "Angela" and Beth and Stephen moved to Paris.
  15. I think so. JLB when she returned said she did a rehearsal with Melissa Reeves and then was told it was a take and that's what aired. They may not be doing it all the time, maybe just when they think a dress rehearsal is good enough.
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