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  1. I always thought fans of the show started it online on the old newsgroups and then Bell incorporated into the show by having Phyllis say it.
  2. Yeah but the fact Cricket, the person who saved her from Rose and was her best friend told her David threatened her and she didn't believe her, was just a little too much to buy. I could get Nina being insecure and being taken for a ride by David (at least by that point) Nina had changed, but it was frustrating to see Cricket giver her word, a woman who never lied to Nina and helped her in every way she could, be totally ignored and called a liar. That was too much. It seemed even over the top for Nina to totally throw Cricket under a bus for David.
  3. Yeah I never thought of that, but it is true. Bell redeemed the character of Nina and made her more of a long suffering soap heroine. It took all the edge out of her and she lost her motivation, 86-88 Nina would have never fallen for David or Ryan. Re-watching a lot of the David Kimble story, I am amazed at how stupid Nina had to be to push the story.
  4. Oh that's right, I had totally forgotten about that. Though Bell could have recast. I guess that is why he called it one of the bigger mistakes he made.
  5. I always thought Phillip's death was rushed. He hates Nina in Jan 89, still wants to be with Cricket, by April he is married and drinking again and by end of May or start of June he is dead. I think his death might have been last week of May 89. Within a month Nina inherited everything and has moved into an apartment and is trying to hire Esther away from Kay. Almost seems like Bell just needed to get rid of Phillip and resolve everything to push other stories forward.
  6. Janice Lynde was technically fired. Although it seemed more a case of she wasn't really happy to be there and would have left anyway but got the pink slip first, so in effect it was a mutual decision. Jon-Michael Reed reported at the time that Janice had been out with a back injury about a month before her departure, and it was implied that TPTB thought she was faking it (sounds a little like Brenda's situation, which more and more I am finding out was not all her fault).
  7. I actually thought it might be abandoned, glad it is still being updated. I had almost all SOD's from 1976 - 1996, but I had a rat problem and they pretty much destroyed my collection.
  8. Has everyone seen this? https://classicsodyr.tumblr.com It has almost every issue from 1975 to 1987 of Soap Opera Digest synopsis. I am pretty sure there is a tumblr page for each show. If you want to go in chronological order, follow this link https://classicsodyr.tumblr.com/tagged/y&r/chrono
  9. Lilibet just has more complexity in her portrayal. She seems like a young girl trying to be a woman and being brought back to earth by her father. She is trying to be strong and in control, but begins to realise she isn't. I always felt Andrea was too sure of herself and a little more brittle and vampish, her Patty was quite straight forward, Lilibet seemed more nuanced. The writing was fantastic for her, I can see why Bell wanted LS to stick around, and even come back and I have to say I want to see more of her run. It is amazing between the April/May 82 episode that was floating around earlier (it was labelled Oct 82) when John is telling Patty Jack won't marry her and this later 82 episode, you can see the change in Patty, but also still see the same young woman (I think she is supposed to be 17/18) Bell and co. were doing a great job with the character, shame Lilibet left. I always heard November 1982, around Thanksgiving. I don't think she was on prior to 1982 though. Jack and John seem mostly to have been shown at Jabot through 80-81. Pretty sure the Abbott home was not even built until 1982. However, there was a scene where John caught Jack and Jill in bed together in 1981, which is partly why he left town the first time. The scene sounds like it took place in the Abbott home, however it may have also just been a corridor and room set. I wish I could see those. I do remember in the early days of yt there were heaps of 1982/1983 episodes. I remember clearly watching the Nikki/Kevin/Carolyn story more and Nikki whining to Kay all the time, lol.
  10. Yes, that must have been where I read it. Thanks.
  11. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Lucas left with Karen or at least at the same time, and Greg left just after Chris. It said something about him being heartbroken and leaving town. Maybe I made that up in my head to fill the gap, lol.
  12. Wow these eps are awesome thanks to YRfan23 and ltm1997. I am going to do this episode by episode so there isn't a wall of writing. March 1982 (from synopsis most likely March 29 - Apr 2 1982) Lorie/Victor - JLB certainly seems the star of the show, Lorie is more in command in her scenes with Victor and without yelling, even when Eric goes there, JLB just owns him with her confident saunter and quiet strength. I would have preferred someone like Lorie around to cut Victor down from time to time. Leslie/Lance/Brooks - All the Leslie/Lance scenes I have seen from this time seem old fashioned compared to what else was going on on the show, almost as if Bell kept them in the past while updating the show. Lance and Leslie together must have been an anti-climax by this point, neither Janice Lynde nor John McCook were there and Lorie, though disappointed by losing Lance, just doesn't seem as invested. Feels like this should have happened a year or more earlier. At the very least I fail to understand why they shipped Lance off and left Leslie behind for another 6 months, only to have her leave GC alone, was Bell planning to keep Leslie around? She left around the last week of December 1982, the last of the old guard so to speak. I also find it odd that Brooks seems perfectly fine not to live with his "mother" Lorie, but is fine to be carted off to live with Leslie and Lance. I too wonder if Brooks knew Leslie was his mother, maybe after he rejected Lance, Leslie decided never to tell him. Nikki/Kay - Boy Nikki changed once she married Victor, she seems so young and niave here, like a little girl, I figured she would have grown more after Greg and the Cult. I could never quite connect the 70's Nikki with the mid 80's Nikki, but this helps quite a bit. It does seem once Nikki married Victor her friendship with Kay pretty much dissolved. Kay was back in Jill's world. I wish they had kept this going, I know they were friendly and visited here and there, but they seemed not to have much to do with each other post 1984, other than to catch up. I am almost certain Nikki had nothing to do with the Marge/Kay story, I know MTS wasn't talking to Jeanne, but I thought that was a bit later, like 91/92, Was it the 80's?. Lol at the nurse, about to tell the other patient Nikki is pregnant, what a big mouth. Lucas/Karen - Never knew Lucas still blamed Lorie for Vanessa's death, even after the trial. That was a surprise, I assume once Lorie got Prentiss back, Lucas changed his mind. Don't think Karen and Lucas have much chemistry, so I am surprised they end up heading out of GC together (or am I remembering wrong and they didn't)
  13. Thanks for the article Victoria. I knew budget constraints were tight, but to see it all laid out like that, seems rather sad. I guess set and costume wise it has gone back to the 50's, very basic. Unfortunately the writing is so weak that the low budget on shows is more glaring. In terms of location shooting. Roger Thorpe took Holly hostage in the 'jungles of Santo Damingo' in 1980 on Guiding Light. Does anyone know if they actually shot there? If not where did they shoot those scenes?
  14. Did you ever nail down Heather Tom's start date? I was on google groups and found a couple posts from Dec 14th 1990 that stated Victoria was shown all grown up on the previous days episode (on the phone from boarding school). So I think that settles her start date as Dec 13th 1990. They were even taking polls to see how much they (the show) would age her.
  15. So not sure if this is well known, but I was browsing through an old NY Times paper online and it happened to be from Sep 9th 1968. I saw the tv listings and noticed Search and Light were not 30 minutes but still 15. The NY Times even had an advertisement right next to the listings advertising the change to 30 minutes that week, so I figured it might be a mistake. I checked through listings for the entire week and neither show was listed as 30 minutes until September 12th 1968 (Thursday) Add to that I checked a few other online newspapers to verify and they were all the same. I had always read Sep 9th as the date, it seems it may have happened Sep 12th. Was this common knowledge? As online, most sources state Sep 9th 1968. Not a big deal but for historical soap accuracy I like these details. Here are the listings just for those shows as seen in several papers from different parts of the country Mon Sep 9th 1968 12:30 - 1pm Search for Tomorrow (30 minute episode, Guiding Light was pre-empted) 2:30 and 4pm Art Linklater's House Party aired Tues Sep 10th 1968 12:30 - 12:45 Search for Tomorrow 12:45 - 1pm Guiding Light 2:30 - 3pm Guiding Light (30 minute ep) Wed Sep 11th 1968 12:30 - 12:45 Search for Tomorrow 12:45 - 1pm Guiding Light 2:30 and 4pm Art Linklater's House Party Thurs Sep 12th 1968 12:30 Search 2:30 Guiding Light Both 30 Min from this point on Is it possible this was a mistake or just happened in some parts and not others? I also posted this exact post in the Guiding Light topic as well.
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