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  1. Kay Alden says this in her emmy legends interview. She said Melody wasn't the right type, but they liked her. She also said the actress they had didn't turn up for work because she was too much like her character
  2. Yeah he was the character with the least development. Greg also never drove much story until Hauser was in the role. Jim Houghton had the Gwen Sherman story which I don't think was a major one at the time, or if it was, it was the only one he had and when Houghton left after three years, I don't know that Greg was that important for the show, I mean there was a six month gap before Brian Kerwin came on, so was Greg really all that missed? Brian, who was barely there and played out only the Euthenasia story which he was supporting in probably didn't make much impact. Then the chara
  3. I always thought the same of David as Snapper and if anything David should have been Greg. I think Wings had more the attitude of Snapper. Just watching that clip you see it, Hauser looks like the older brother, is dark and gloomy more like Espy's Snapper and David is just a relaxed happy go lucky guy. And maybe that influenced things. They lost the darker moodier Foster boy when Espy left. Maybe Bell and Conboy just decided to try to switch them. That seems to be what viewers essentially got during Hauser's time on the show. In terms of his looks, it is interesting, as Conboy was
  4. Me either, I thought he just said he took him to the audition because they are friends ETA: Maybe that's all it was, they were friends and he was just in that one scene. Seems to be late 1979 or early 1980
  5. @YRfan23 Thanks so much for sharing this. I have followed that channel for a while and was hoping something from Y&R would pop up. Hopefully they have more.
  6. January to Aug 1986 in German can be found here https://5c8781a5aaab4.site123.me It aired episodes to 1988 I think. I saw the 1987 eps online many years ago, but haven't been able to find them since
  7. Yeah it is quite long and involved, I have not really read much of it either, thanks for letting me know it worked. Hope you get something out of it : )
  8. Thank you, will do So I have settled on uploading to mega. Here is the link, it is only 9MB and is a pdf. I did some screenshots for those who want to try before you buy see below. Let me know if there are any issues with the link https://mega.nz/file/4M8SGKCS#OXwtNNhY8zWkuGksd4qB2ikpvStWr-pm-CcXna2wFYU The whole thing is around 200 pages long, so enjoy. Hopefully it was worth reading
  9. No issues,everything was fine and I even tested it by downloading it myself. Not entirely sure what the issue was.
  10. While skimming through some research material, I decided to use my university access to various databases for something useful. Soap Operas, haha I came across this and think it might be worth reading. It is a long dissertation done on As the World Turns which covers the years 1956 - 1978. I have only skimmed through, but it discusses the creation of the show, the various actors, stories, production and has interviews with producers and cast members. The woman who wrote this seemed to have unprecendented access to various materials and people from the show. It is a ver
  11. Yeah JMR passed in May 86 and Nancy took over until recently Lynda was part of the magazine Soap Bubble (which also did recaps) it folded in summer 76 and she began her syndicated column in October 76. Both also did editorial/info/Q&A columns too. Lynda did one and JMR two every week. I will post a couple here if you don't mind
  12. Thanks @FrenchFan For adding more synopsis. Great to see June up as it is the first month Jon-Michael Reed began his weekly columns. For those following along, I am sure we all know about the tumblr site that has collected JMR's weekly recaps. I actually found the first recap which was a week earlier and covered June 7 - 11 1976, and I found a slightly longer version of the second weeks recap, with an extra line of synopsis for most of the soaps covered.
  13. Yeah I had so many Daytime TV magazines and others like SOD that got ruined some time ago. That is why I am being more protective and trying to get them scanned, as insurance, haha. Daily TV Serials is great too as Jon-Michael Reed really loves soaps and takes them seriously enough as well.
  14. Bell and Alden were writing the show when that happened. It was just before he left.
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