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  1. Maybe I read this wrong but I assume Eileen Davidson would own this topic. How many characters did she play on Days. Kristen, Susan, the Nun (Can't remember her name), there was the male character (Thomas? or something) and Penelope (I think). Quinn Redeker played Nikki's father on Y&R around 1979 and then returned as Rex in 1987 Probably doesn't count but pretty sure Katherine Kelly Lang played a minor role on Y&R at some point, Gretchen or something in 1981 then returned as her B&B character Brooke in a small cross over in 1998 Brenda Epperson did a dayplayer role on Y&R shortly before she took over as Ashley on Y&R Carolyn Conwell most famous for playing Mary Williams on Y&R also played two smaller roles. I believe she was Ron Becker's mother somewhere around 76/77 and then played a prostitute on the show as well
  2. Ryan always seemed like a little weasal. I do find it interesting that Victoria and Tricia both lost their virginity to him and both were more than underwhelmed by the sex, lol Yeah Ashley was really thrown under the bus for Victor's sperm, imagine playing a supporting role to sperm. That's what it felt like. The women weren't even really fighting over a man anymore, they were fighting over his body fluid. This has to be as close as Y&R got to the JER/Melrose style that so many soaps were trying to imitate in the mid to late 90's. One of the things that really ruined soaps for me.
  3. It may have been Katherine was the richer one intially, around 1980. Older money and all, but Newman Enterprises had a habit of swallowing up companies and either selling them on for profit or holding on to them as lucrative subsidies. So I would say by the 90's Newman was worth much more. ETA: George Packard ran Chancellor when Victor got to town, Victor wasn't there to take over, George was tasked by Katherine to show Derek the ropes. Derek was a lousy worker (He only wanted Kay's wealth, thanks to Jill), he began an affair with Judy Wilson, who I think was George's second in command or something, they began to conspire to takeover the company, George found out but had a heart attack and went into a coma (not sure if he died). Derek got more and more greedy and Kay suspected, when he asked her to go on a cruise, that he intended to do away with her. She went reluctantly and asked Victor to take care of Chancellor while she was gone (she thought for good).
  4. These must be a few months behind as I have several newspaper articles citing Y&R as the #1 soap in January 1980. So the April issue must have been January's ratings.
  5. I still can't accept that these ladies were fighting over sperm and Diane saying sperm twice and the fact it was Victor's that they were fighting over. Lol, I will never be okay with this storyline, haha
  6. This is why Traci annoyed the hell out of me during this period of time. She seemed to be so entitled about Brad, if any woman even looked at him, she was on the enemies list, which included her own sister. Traci not wanting Ashley as the Godmother was just a spiteful decision on Traci's part. Ashley did nothing wrong except date Brad after Traci had dumped him, divorced him and moved out of town. Her behaviour from her return in 1990 through the rest of Brenda's run as Ashley was ridiculous. What made even less sense was that Ashley always supported and backed Brad and Traci's relationship, while Jack actively tried to destroy it. Yet Traci had no issue with Jack. She held a grudge against Ash for years but forgave Jack almost every time.
  7. I remember here we were 4 years behind and I thought she looked so fresh compared to the mass of hair we were still getting on screen. It was very 1998 though.
  8. Speaking of the Rawlins murder, I was reading some soap press, apparently the Rawlins Murder Mystery was suppposed to wrap after 6 months, but the audience reaction was so strong they kept it going. That would explain the ups and downs in that storyline. Yeah, around the time they made Kay and Jill mother and daughter was around the time the show fell apart. I didn't mind 2003-2005 and didn't even mind the Phick story, but it wasn't the same Y&R at that point. I would say 2002 was the end and 2005 was really the point where I stopped watching.
  9. Thanks BoldRestless, these are great. I notice the WIN logo, so I assume the 1995 eps came from Australia.
  10. That's awesome, thank you so much YRfan23
  11. Hey YRfan23 any chance you could repost all your playlists. I seemed to have lost some links. If it isn't too much trouble
  12. I haven't seen much of Wings, but he does not seem like Greg at all. Greg always seemed like a soft soul, probably a lot like Clayton Norcross' Thorne on B&B. Wings seems like a brute. Angry, gritty and almost violent in a way. It must have been odd to go from him to Howard McGillin, though I have never seen Howard, he seems like he was probably more like Greg was under James Houghton.
  13. I'm not sure he had much choice. The only character he was able to intergrate into the new show was Jill. Lucas was pointless once the four L's split, and honestly once Leslie left town with amnesia and Vanessa was dead, Lucas seemed driftless. Once David/Snapper left, it made little sense for Chris to stay, though why would he have Chris sign a solid contract with Jabot at the same time Snapper was about to leave town, other than to give the character a reason to stay. He also tested Chris out with Jack, so it seems potentially he was going to try to keep her on canvas. Greg was a failed recast. Hauser, though totally wrong as Greg, made the character his own, Howard McGillin seems more like Houghton's Greg, but how do you regress a character like that. I think Bell attempted to revive the Greg/Chris dynamic when Howard first came on, but that seems to have been a bust and Greg pretty much was done. I don't even need to see Howard and Lynn together to know they probably had zero chemistry together. Leslie is the one I am most intrigued by. She stayed in town long after Laurie left and was given a storyline with the Laurence family, I am assuming it fizzeled, once that family was shipped off, Leslie followed soon after. Oddly, Brooks basically vanishes once Lance left town. He is never mentioned again. Laurie seems to skip town on her own and Leslie heads off on tour with Maestro. I am curious as to whether Bell even acknowledged the boy. I don't believe he is mentioned in 1984 when the Brooks sisters returned for the Victor/Nikki wedding. So my guess is Bell may have tried to keep certain characters on canvas, but just couldn't get them to work. Basically he followed the show's natural evolution, rather than stubbornly try to hold on to the past.
  14. Oh yeah I totally forgot my own post from previous. David had pretty much left the show in 1980. Made probably a few appearances. Lynn was definitely off the show that year. So Chris and Snapper were MIA during most of 1980. I'd say though the Brooks were pretty split by 1978-79. Peggy was mostly gone (besides the short stint by Pat Everly) Leslie and Laurie were married to the Prentiss boys and most of their story was more part of that family. Chris was off screen for a big chunk of 78 and it seems Chris and Snapper were fairly isolated by that point. Stuart was having his fling with Liz and Jill. By 1980, after they married, both Stuart and Liz were basically recurring. As a viewer it must have been very odd to deal with this transition. I also have an article from Jon-Michael Reed who didn't have kind things to say about either the cult storyline or the Edward Nikki storyline.
  15. Not sure but I think Jack Smith might have come on a bit earlier, like 78-79. I do believe Sally Sussman came on about 82-83. The interesting thing is Y&R was battling AMC for the #1 spot in late 79 into early 80. It was hitting #1 constantly. Within 6 months of the shift to an hour AMC was #1 and Y&R had dropped to #5. Considering Bell hated the move to an hour and the show he was writing was #1 and dropped to #5, he must have been pissed off about it all. Not to confuse people as I know GH hit #1 that year, I am talking about a very brief period from about Dec 79 - Feb 80. GH was a definite 3rd for this period, but I guess once Y&R faultered it was a battle between GH and AMC for the remainder of the year
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