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  1. He was making a movie. I think we discussed it previously and I shared an article. However I will have to double check and try to find it. Here it is. An ABC tv movie called Hollow Point
  2. I only know how to do this in VLC. Go to Audio, then audio track and the english is track 2. I assume it must be something similar in other players
  3. True, also we have to accept that many people who were old enough to have a VCR in the 70's and who would have taped a soap might have passed away and their family simply junked the tapes or sold them for re-use to someone who had no interest in soaps. I bet there is someone out there. Like the guy in NYC who filmed all the broadway shows from the 50's onwards and has so much rare footage in his personal collection that even archives don't have.
  4. Y&R was hitting #1 sporadically throughout 1979. It was a race between AMC and Y&R to second place for the 79-80 season (GH was always going to be first overall) only once the show went to an hour did the ratings drop and AMC took over, I think Y&R dropped to 5th by Feb 80. I say this as it make me think someone out there was taping the show in 79. Y&R would have had an overall rating in the 9's had it not slipped in the last few months of that season, meaning it had a big audience. Whether those tapes still exist, not sure. Also there are Peer to Peer sites where you can literally find the entire primetime line up of original broadcasts for all three major networks starting in the 70's and countless hours of 80's MTV exists. Some people are tv archivists and I am certain soaps, which were hitting their zenith in popularity in the late 70's and early 80's must have been preserved by someone out there.
  5. I believe he is collecting old broadcast tapes from local tv stations that are dumping them, not from personal home collections. Some soaps end up in that lot, but seem to be rare. I think there is someone with a bunch somewhere, but if they haven't digitized them or are not storing them properly, chances are they are deteriorating. I do believe the vault clips from 82 - 88 were full episodes that were edited down. In other words I do no think someone was watching and pressing pause and not recording the full shows as there were scenes out of order, so they were copies made from full episodes. If we could figure out the original source, maybe they still have them.
  6. It was a bit of a theme. After Derek and Douglas came Cash, another paid companion and Rex, though Jill paid for him, haha
  7. True and I think all the talk of Kay being possessive and controlling helped reinforce that Jill was one of Kay's "victims" as well. Jill was somewhat the put upon heroine to a certain degree, but she also had a vindictive streak in her too, even back then.
  8. Haha, I look forward to them. Yes I tried to go through the SOD synopsis as well for Y&R and it is so bad. I thought by 1979 when they mag went tri-weekly and again when it went bi-weekly around 80 or 81 that it would be better, but somehow it is worse, lol.
  9. Thanks for that, I will read through them for sure. I noticed you did write ups/review style posts on the Days thread. So I might read through the synopsis and then read through your posts on the Days thread.
  10. Oh right. I thought it was a little bit more involved than that, but then I have never read the full story, just the opinions about it. Thanks for the info. I really do need to read up more on Days post Bell and PFS. Sounds like a mess, especially Ann Marcus. I heard that Bill Bell still had to give some sort of story projections in 77-78 and Marcus ignored what he had supplied and did her own thing. The story, as short as it is, reminds of that horrid movie Windows from 1980 with Elizabeth Ashley and Talia Shire
  11. Yeah I think Bell probably didn't want to wrap Jill up in story so she would be free for the Derek Thurston 'Shampoo' style story that he wanted to tell. Which makes me think the Joann/Kay lesbian story was never going to go anywhere even if audiences were accepting of it. Bell did say if he had a gay character on the show it would more likely be a woman as he felt audiences would be more accepting of that. Though the 70's wasn't the time it seems. I have heard more about the DOOL gay story and the backlash but little is written about Joann and Kay
  12. Reading through the Y&R scripts and comparing with SOD Synopsis and Daytime Serial Newsletter. It is clear Bryna did the better job. It is a shame as I think Soap Opera Digest killed them off. @FrenchFan I found an article which mentions a FOURTH synopsis newsletter Daily TV Newsletter from New York. I think they all died between 76 - 78
  13. She was also supposed to appear another time but couldn't and Gwen Verdon stepped in. Not sure when that was, maybe 1983? I am going off sketchy memory though so I could be wrong or have it confused
  14. The Derek Thurston story was supposed to take off in the summer of 76 but backstage drama shelved it for a year. Jeanne was given a story but Brenda remaind supporting during this time. Bell did introduce David Mallory, but I have found few references to him, it seems the character was barely on screen much. Not sure what happened with Derek. I believe David proposes to Jill and she isn't sure about accepting. Snapper tells her not to rush into things and go see Derek about getting her old job back (I think this is what happens) So maybe Jill quit??? Unfortunately only 4 more from May 77
  15. Here is an article on Carol from March 1977
  16. Thank you so much for the new synopsis. Love it. Here are the six Y&R scripts from Mar 77 EPISODE - #998 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Thursday February 24, 1977 AIR DATE – Friday March 4, 1977 CAST – Chris, Peg, Stuart, Dr. Atwater, Jack, Joann, Jen SETS – Jack and Peg’s Apartment, Dr. Atwater’s Office, Chancellor Living Room – Foyer / Exterior, Brooks Living Room SYNOPSIS Chris & Peggy – Chris and Peg have a heart to heart about her marriage. Peg tells Chris that Jack was angry about a dissertation and took it out on her and stormed out and now she isn’t sure he is ever coming back. Chris correctly guesses they are still fighting over their sex life. Peg still can’t bring herself to let Jack touch her. Chris tells her she needs to deal with her issues, she isn’t being fair to her husband by holding him at arm’s length. She tells her sister physical love is important in a relationship and without it; what they have isn’t really a marriage. Stuart & Dr. Atwater – Stuart meets with Bob Atwater and tells him he found medication that Jen has been taking. He wants to know what is going on, if it has anything to do with the irregular heartbeat Bob picked up on in the cardiogram in January. Bob talks around the issue and Stu soon realises that Jen has sworn him to secrecy. All he tells Stuart is that Jen must not be stressed, though he knows that isn’t easy. Stu agrees, which prompts Bob to ask if everything is okay with the two of them, but Stu doesn’t respond. Jen & Stu – Jen is alone in the Brooks home, unaware that her husband is with her doctor. She is stressed, she knows she and her husband need to talk tonight, she can’t keep it all bottled up any longer. Later, after Stu is home, the pair discuss Peggy. Stu realises he needs to step out of her life and just support her. He talks about thinking of himself as the girl’s father for so long and now they don’t need him so much anymore. They talk about it being just the two of them, though the irony of Jen’s illness isn’t lost on Stu. Jen worries Stu may not be so happy with the idea of being alone with her, that his emotions towards her are just borne out of kindness and that he doesn’t look at her the way he used to. She sometimes feels she is talking to a stranger. Stu tells her she is wrong; she knows how he feels about her. Jen tells him she knows how he used to feel about her. She tells him he doesn’t touch her anymore, and wonders if it is the mastectomy or her age or another woman. Stu is emphatic that it is none of those things. He is older and that is just how things are. They reaffirm their love for each other, and she tells him she couldn’t bear to lose him, he assures her that will never happen. Joann & Jack – Jack arrives at the Chancellor estate. He can’t get over where she lives and how she looks. He asks to meet Mrs. Chancellor, Joann tells him that she is in bed fighting a cold. They talk about the past, the places they lived. Joann then reminds him things have changed. Soon Johnny will have his doctorate and he and Peg will be moving away. Jack also talks about setbacks with his dissertation, Joann is understanding about his situation and encouraging. She tells him they better get started on their work so he can get back to Peg. Later, Jack compliments Joann on her paper and Joann thanks him for taking time out of his life to help her. She is glad they can be friends, no hard feelings or regrets. He tells her he has never had more respect for her than he does now. Jack prepares to leave; Joann turns off the lights ready to go upstairs. Only the fireplace burns. Jack sees Joann in the silhouette of the fire, he sees the woman he married. He compares the size she once was, with the size she is now and touches her waist. Their eyes meet and he kisses her, she breaks this kiss but doesn’t move. He kisses her again, more passionately and Joann gives in as they melt to the floor while the fire rages. EPISODE - #999 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Friday February 25, 1977 AIR DATE – Monday March 7, 1977 CAST – Chris, Liz, Greg, Snapper, Jack, Joann, Dr. Sachs, Peg, Kay SETS – Foster Living Room, Doctor’s Lounge at Hospital, Chancellor Living Room and Foyer, Brooks Living Room, Jack and Peg’s Apartment SYNOPSIS Chris & Liz – Liz is having trouble with her hand which Chris notices. Liz is about to tell her what Snapper explained to her about her hand but stops. They were both avoiding the subject, but Liz can’t any longer and rants about him being arrested, Chris reminds her he is out on bail. Liz then goes on about what she thinks he did to Bill. Chris, knowing the truth now, tries to be patient with Mom Foster and asks her to trust Snapper, but Liz is weary and asks Chris to leave. Snapper, Greg & Dr. Sachs – Snapper and Greg argue about having him testify. Greg doesn’t see the value in it when he can’t justify what happened to their father. Snapper gets annoyed and wants to be assured that Greg actually has some sort of defence strategy. Greg asks who was in charge of the autopsy. Snapper tells him it was Dr. Sachs. Greg wants him to ask Sachs if he can pinpoint the time of their father’s death. He tells Snapper that the State can’t convict him of murder unless they can prove that their father was still alive when the respirator plug was pulled. Snapper meets with Dr. Sachs, who tells him they could only pinpoint Bill’s time of death between four forty-five pm and twelve fifteen am. Snapper asks for cause of death. Sachs tells him it was strangulation, due to his emphysema and having one lung. What Snapper wants to know is if Sachs could prove if the strangulation occurred as a result of the respirator being turned off. Sachs knows what he is getting at and is wondering if he is maybe giving Snapper a way out of the trouble he is in, but tells him that no, they cannot. Sachs tells him the respirator was only helping him to breathe not breathing for him, once his lung deteriorated past a certain point the respirator was useless. He also confirms that they can’t be sure if Bill’s lung gave out before or after the respirator was turned off. Jack, Joann & Kay – Johnny stands at the fireplace as Joann sits on the couch. Though they have been physically intimate, there is distance between them. He tells her how much being with her means to him. As they talk Kay listens from the foyer, disturbed and upset. She retreats upstairs. Joann, however, isn’t particularly happy with what happened. She accuses Johnny of having interest in her and being so passionate because of her weight loss and because they are no longer married. She remembers all the times he found it so easy to ignore her when they were married and is disappointed in herself for giving in to him so easily, for being so eager to please him. Johnny apologises, but Joann doesn’t want to hear it. She becomes more and more angry as she yells at him for what he has done to her and to Peggy. She was over him; she was moving on and he comes here and messes it all up. He tells her he didn’t feel he was taking advantage of her. She wonders what he was doing, maybe he was doing her a favour? A farewell gesture to his washed-out ex-wife. Johnny tells her that isn’t the way it was, she tells him she feels cheap. She wants him to get out, she wants nothing more to do with him. She feels she hasn’t changed at all; she is still the same weak spineless creature that came crawling back to him. She hates herself for it. Johnny wants them to talk and wants her to understand but Joann wants him out of her life. Knowing there is nothing more he can do, Johnny walks out. Jack & Peg – Jack returns home and Peg breaks down in tears and apologises for how she has been treating him, that she understands what she has been putting him through. Jack begins to wonder if that means she is ready for more, but Peg can’t. It still sickens her. She knows and understands his needs, but she can’t do anything about them. He wants to help her and to hold her, but Peg can’t let him touch her. She cries that she is sorry, and Jack tells her he is sorry too (A nuance to Joann) She can’t begin to know how sorry he really is. EPISODE - #1000!!! (The exclamation points were on the script) WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Monday February 28, 1977 AIR DATE – Tuesday March 8, 1977 CAST – Snapper, Chris, Kay, Joann, Dr. Sachs, Dr. Atwater, Karen (U/5) SETS – Chris and Snapper’s Apartment, Chancellor Living Room and Foyer, Doctor’s Lounge at Hospital SYNOPSIS Chris, Snapper & Karen – Karen is getting ready for nursery and is surprised to see Snapper. Chris is delighted and hugs him; he kisses her wildly. She is surprised by his mood. He tells her he tried to call her. She says she was at Peg’s and then his mother’s. Snapper asks how she is, and Chris tells her she is still upset, Snapper realises her anger is about him. Chris wants to know what has changed his mood, he changes the subject to Karen, who is waiting to get the bus. As Chris is about to leave, she looks back at Snapper, he realises the question is still up in the air and tells her they will talk when she gets back. When Chris returns, Snapper goes through what he learned from Dr. Sachs and Greg’s defence strategy. The State has no case against him. Chris is overjoyed. Dr. Sachs & Dr. Atwater – Paul meets with Bob to discuss the Bill Foster mercy killing case. Sachs tells Bob about the conversation with Dr. Foster, how it disturbed him how relieved Dr. Foster was at the response he gave him about his father’s time and cause of death. He feels he was almost giving him a way out, getting him off the hook. They both agree Dr. Foster is a great doctor, but Sachs feels they can’t just let go of the idea that one of their physicians may have been involved in a euthanasia case. Sachs feels that regardless of what might happen with the preliminary hearing, the Hospital board needs to look into the matter. Bob thanks him for bringing him this information and tells him he needs time to think all of it through before he decides what to do. Joann & Kay – Kay is rather cold to Joann, but civil. They dance around what they both know about last night, but Kay admits to hearing a man’s voice. Joann admits it was Johnny, he was helping her with a paper. Kay supposes she should take back all the bad things she said about him, Joann tells her they were pretty accurate “Still he’s – he must be a very attractive man” “I don’t think so, not anymore” “And when did you change your mind about him?” “I, I don’t know” “It wasn’t by any chance while he was making love to you last night, was it?” Joann is stunned and embarrassed that Kay knows. She is apologetic. Kay thinks she ought to be, since she was using her house as a brothel. Joann is disgusted with herself. Kay says at least Jill Foster had the good taste to go to the stables – where she belongs. Joann tells her she will leave her house right now if that’s what she wants. Confronted with this Kay softens, she tells Joann she is like all of us, human and weak. She admits that just like her drinking hurts Joann, Joann’s tryst with Johnny hurt her, because she doesn’t want to see Joann go through this. Joann is so grateful for all Mrs. Chancellor has done and so ashamed for what she (Joann), has done. She promises to never let it happen again; Mrs. Chancellor means too much to her. They gaze affectionately at each other as Kay tenderly touches Joann’s cheek. (Jo is calling Kay Mrs. Chancellor again) EPISODE - #1003 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell, Kay Alden & Elizabeth Harrower TAPE DATE – Thursday March 3, 1977 AIR DATE – Friday March 11, 1977 CAST – Peg, Brad, Jack, Joann, Kay, Liz SETS – Brad and Leslie’s Apartment, Chancellor Living Room, Peg and Jack’s Apartment, Limbo Area – Campus Coffee Shop SYNOPSIS Peggy & Brad - Peg has a therapy session with Brad. They go through her life with Jack and Brad tries to get to the heart of her issues. Peg tells Brad that part of the reason she agreed to marry Jack was because Brock took her out and kissed her, which made her feel like she had recovered from the trauma of her rape. Brad points out that Brock’s actions were not threatening, that he didn’t expect anything from her. He then pushes her to see that somewhere along the way Jack made her feel unsafe. Things changed after the marriage, he was no longer patient and understanding, he forced himself on her, literally raping her again. Peggy tries to diminish what happened, but Brad explains that has to be the reason why she is so afraid of the man she loves. Peg refutes this, Jack isn’t what Brad is implying. He asks her to tell him what happened that night. She says she was brushing her hair; he came up behind and kissed her, she should have told him to stop but didn’t, then he kept going. She breaks down. Brad asks if he has tried this again. Peggy says he hasn’t, and he swore he wouldn’t without her consent. Brad asks if she really believes that. If she doesn’t, she has reason to be afraid, but if she does, then she needs to give him a chance, tell him about her fears and feelings and she needs to be honest enough with herself about how she feels about him. Jack & Joann – Jack is trying to explain his side of things about the night they had sex. Joann doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her he knows she feels used and taken advantage of, but he never meant for that to happen. Joann doesn’t want to hear it. She reminds him he has only been married a month or so, and how quickly the joy of nuptial bliss seemed to wear off. How the last time they made love as man and wife he was drunk and said Peggy’s name. How she has lost her self-respect and has contempt for her actions. She tells him that even sitting here letting him try to explain himself is degrading, she doesn’t want excuses and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. Kay, Liz & Joann – Liz arrives for work, surprising Kay who was about to mail her pay check and tells her to stay home. Liz refuses, she needs to be busy and get on with life. The subject of Snapper comes up and Kay tells her to forgive him for what he did to Bill. She remembers how Bill suffered so much and says that if she were to suffer as much, she would want Brock to do the same thing. She would be proud of Snapper for doing something so tough. The man, a doctor trained to save lives. She goes on to talk about the hell he must have gone through, and what an act of love it was. She asks that if Liz can’t condone what he did, to at least try to understand and forgive him. Liz says she has tried but it is eating her up inside. Kay asks if Bill would want her to feel this way. She also says that if Liz believes in God’s will, then isn’t it possible that what Snapper did was an instrument of God’s will? Later Joann returns home and is still in a funk about Johnny. Kay senses this and suggests they get away from it all and go to Hawaii. Though initially reluctant, Joann agrees to get away for a week. Peggy & Jack – Peggy is back at the apartment, but she panics, she can’t be there. As she goes to leave Jack returns home. Peg puts on a brave face and starts dinner acting as if the trauma of the day never happened. EPISODE - #1004 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell& Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Friday March 4, 1977 AIR DATE – Monday March 14, 1977 CAST – Chris, Jen, Brad, Lance, Kay, Joann, Maestro Fautsch, Leslie, Snapper, Karen (U/5), Stagehand (U/5) SETS – Chris and Snapper’s Apartment, Brad and Leslie’s Apartment, Chancellor Living Room, Portion of Toronto Concert Hall – Small Backstage Area – Limbo Portion of Stage with Piano SYNOPSIS Chris, Jen & Snapper - Chris and Jen discuss the good news about the charges being dropped against Snapper. Chris thanks them for the bail money (which she returns) Jen is still having trouble understanding what happened. If Snapper didn’t pull the plug, who did? Chris side steps the question as Karen comes home. Chris asks if Jen could look after Karen for the night. Karen is excited by the idea and Jen agrees, saying that Snapper and Chris need some time alone. Later, Chris returns home with groceries. Snapper is home and moody. Chris remains upbeat but notices the change in his attitude. She assumes the hospital gave him the afternoon off to celebrate but Snapper tells her they have given him more than the afternoon off. He shows her the letter detailing his suspension and a medical board review over the death of his father and how he could be censured, suspended or discharged from the hospital. They are both stunned. Brad & Lance – Brad sits thoughtfully at Leslie’s piano when Lance arrives. Lance mentions that he just realised Leslie has concerts in Toronto, Brad dryly remarks that he is surprised Lance only just realised that. Lance gets the implication and tells him he was once better at remembering those things “But now that you’re married” “Yes – now that I’m married” Lance asks if maybe Brad would like to join his wife in Toronto. Brad is reluctant, Lance says he has had his pilot file a flight plan, he just needs to get to the airport. Brad tells him he has barely left the apartment, much less gone to another city. He implies that if Lance were to go too, he might. Though Lance has a lot of work to do and doesn’t want to leave Vanessa alone, he calls Lorie and then tells Brad that Lorie has given her blessing for them to go, she will stay with Vanessa. As they are getting ready, Brad realises Leslie will be playing her matinee and has Lance call backstage so he can listen. Maestro introduces Leslie who begins to play as Brad becomes emotional, knowing he will be there soon Kay & Joann – Joann returns home and Kay wonders where she has been. Joann tells her she hasn’t seen Johnny. Kay says there are plenty of other men at school, but Joann has no interest in them. Joann tells her she bought a bathing suit for their trip. They discuss how daunting it is to wear one when you are fat or getting older. Kay tells her the beach boys in Hawaii will give her a lot of attention. Joann only cares what Mrs. Chancellor thinks. Kay wants to see it on her. Joann suddenly feels nervous. Kay tells her she needn’t be, Kay is a woman, just like her, she understands how she feels. Their eyes lock as Joann says “Yes. You’re a woman too. A wonderful woman” EPISODE - #1005 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell& Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Monday March 7, 1977 AIR DATE – Monday March 15, 1977 CAST – Liz, Jill, Greg, Kay, Joann, Ralph Olson, Snapper SETS – Foster Living Room, Chancellor Living Room and Foyer SYNOPSIS Jill, Liz, Greg & Snapper – Jill is happy about the news that the charges against Snapper have been dropped, but Liz isn’t willing to celebrate. It upsets Jill that Liz doesn’t have enough faith in Snapper. Liz asks Jill to tell her about the pain their Pa was in at the end. Jill doesn’t want to; she thinks it is morbid. Liz tells her that everyone seems to know what happened but her. They keep talking about the pain he was in and how she is being unfair to Snapper. She wants to know. So, Jill goes into detail about it, but breaks down in tears and runs upstairs. Greg comes down and asks what happened. Liz tells him she has finally figured out who really pulled the plug on Bill, it was Jill. Jill has heard the whole thing from the stairs and confirms her mother’s suspicions. Snapper, who has been listening at the door tells Jill to stop, just forget the whole thing. Liz asks her son again if he did it. Snapper tells the lady to drop it. Liz can’t believe she is living in a house of lies. Snapper changes the subject and talks to Greg and Jill about his letter and the medical board hearing. Jill pushes him to tell the truth, after all, the charges against him were dropped. Snapper refuses to implicate their mother, so Greg tells him he has only one option left. To defend what they think he has done. He needs to make a case for euthanasia. Kay, Joann & Ralph – Kay has been woken by noise. Joann apologises and says the sink was stopped up, so she called a plumber. Kay soon realises she has called Ralph; she and Joann discuss how Kay knows him. Kay plans to make a hasty retreat, but Ralph walks in. Joann leaves but lingers in the foyer a little while. Ralph tells Kay he knows what she did for Bill and Liz and feels he may have misjudged her. He asks if they could resume their friendship and maybe go to dinner, unless there is another man in her life. Kay assures him there is no other man in her life. Later Joann returns and is surprised Kay didn’t go out with Ralph. They make eye contact as Kay says “I’d much rather be here Joann” “I’d much rather be here with you”
  17. Thankyou so much for the Feb synopsis. Here are the six Feb 77 Y&R script synopsis EPISODE - #976 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Tuesday January 25, 1977 AIR DATE – Wednesday February 02, 1977 CAST – Kay, Joann, Snapper, Jill, Liz, Greg, Brock SETS – Foster Living Room, Chancellor Living Room, Greg’s Legal Aid Office SYNOPSIS Kay, Joann & Brock - Joann remembers Brock’s words of caution about his mother (he basically reiterated what Liz said earlier), Mrs. Chancellor decides Joann needs a makeover and wants to buy her a new wardrobe. Talk then turns to Phillip. How he would work so much, how it pushed Kay to drink. Joann admits Jack also spent a lot of his time at work and how infuriating it is, what men do to women, how a woman needs love and attention and how starved they both are for affection. Later, Brock comes home and is concerned that his mother is buying Joann a new wardrobe. He is also disturbed about Joann becoming her paid companion. She tries to make Brock see that she is doing all this for Joann. Brock wonders if she is doing all this to usurp and control her. To mould her life into what Duchess wants it to be. Kay throws Brock’s past advice in his face. He told her to reach out and help, that is what she is doing. Snapper, Jill, Liz & Greg - Snapper and Jill are horrified to realise that Liz has no memory of Bill’s death and desperately wants to go see him at the hospital. Liz has lost feeling in her left hand and Snapper tells Jill he thinks their mother had a stroke (Snapper uses lady a lot and Jill uses Mama) Greg in his office is suspicious of Snapper. He feels Snapper is holding back about the respirator plug. (Greg has a very lengthy flashback to EP #927 from approx. Nov 23, 1976, where the brothers argue over Bill. Greg asks how long Bill needs to be on the respirator. Snapper tells him if they take him off it, he will die, it is his life support and brings up the right to die document Bill signed, Greg doesn’t believe he was in his right mind when he asked for that. Greg believes Bill’s condition could improve. Snapper basically tells him he’s an idiot. Greg feels that Snapper is writing their father off and that Snapper already sees their father as a dead man) Greg calls the hospital and tracks Snapper down at home and heads over there. Greg is shocked when he learns from Jill that Liz has had a stroke. Jill tells Liz that Bill is dead and all three try to convince her to see a doctor. She refuses to move until one of them tells her what happened to Bill. Greg stares down Snapper as Liz continues to demand to know how her husband died. EPISODE - #979 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell, Kay Alden & Elizabeth Harrower TAPE DATE – Friday January 28, 1977 AIR DATE – Monday February 07, 1977 CAST –Snapper, Jill, Greg, Chris, Kay, Joann, Maestro Fautsch, Leslie, Phil Cooper SETS – Foster Living Room, Foster Kitchen, Chancellor Living Room, Brad and Leslie’s Apartment SYNOPSIS Joann, Kay & Phil - Joann and Kay are playing scrabble. Kay affectionately encourages Joann. They are interrupted by a phone call. It is Phil Cooper who asks Jo out on a date, and she accepts. Kay hides her possessiveness but asks who Phil is. Jo tells her he was a customer at The Allegro, they went out a few times as they had a lot in common, they are both trying to lose weight. Kay asks if Joann gave him the phone number. Joann tells her it was Brock. Kay with a slight edge states “Brock’s always – such a matchmaker” Joann senses Kay is upset about her going out with Phil. Kay tells her she might have told her about Phil, out of consideration. Joann is apologetic and plans to cancel the date. Kay wouldn’t dream of it. Joann asks if she wants her to fix her a meal before she leaves, but Kay isn’t hungry and has already poured herself a drink instead. Jo wishes she would eat; Kay ignores this and tells her to get ready for her date. Jo tells her they are just going to a movie; Kay implies that Phil will have more in mind for after the movie. Jo no longer wants to go but Kay tells her she must, it is fine, don’t worry about her, she is used to being alone. When Phil arrives, Kay is rather curt with him and as they wait for Joann, she drinks more, and implies Phil has a lustful impatience to see Joann. Joann comes down and breaks off her date with Phil and he leaves. Kay is surprised. Jo tells her it didn’t feel right to leave her, and that Phil is just a friend. Kay says he seemed quite nice – though average. Jo tells her she won’t leave her alone and Kay admits she did panic a little and that she is spoiled having her there. Jo promises this won’t happen again. They hold each other’s gaze until Jo goes to make them coffee. Snapper, Jill, Greg, Chris - Greg and Jill argue about Snapper’s decision to have Dr. Landers come to the house to check on Liz. Greg doesn’t seem to think Snapper has their mother’s best interest in mind. Jill is upset that Greg would think this and tells him he has no idea what he’s talking about. They are interrupted by Chris who came by to spend time with Mom Foster. She is surprised to see Snapper; he tells her about the stroke and sees it as a blessing since Liz has forgotten about Bill’s death, Chris doesn’t understand this at all. Greg is getting impatient; he wants their mother to see a doctor now! Snapper tells him Landers is the best neurologist on staff, Mom is resting, she will be fine. Greg wants a second opinion. Snapper tells him he will have it when Dr. Landers arrives. While Snapper and Jill are upstairs with Liz, Chris pleads with Greg to tell her what is going on between him and her husband. She has noticed the tension. They argue with Greg being cryptic in his wording. Chris is sure it has to do with how Snapper handled Bill’s death and is certain Greg no longer trusts his brother. She demands to know what is going on. They are interrupted by Snapper who tells Chris that Liz wants to see her. When Chris leaves, the brothers begin to argue. Greg tells Snapper that Chris is asking a lot of heavy questions and wants to know what he plans to tell her. Snapper tells him to stay the hell out of it. Greg refuses, knowing what he does. Snapper tells him to get it through his head, he doesn’t know a bloody thing!!! Snapper storms out of the kitchen into the living room angry and frustrated as Chris watches from the stairs worried about her husband. Leslie & Maestro - Leslie is delightfully surprised when Maestro stops by for a visit, she hadn’t expected to see him before her concerts in Madrid. Maestro tells her it has been so long since they have seen each other. He notes how radiant she is, how her concerts in Madrid will be a triumph and how happy Brad is as well. She thanks him for his intervention, and they discuss Brad’s vision problems and how different things would have been had she known. Maestro tells her he has cancelled the rest of her European tour and rescheduled it for six months’ time, so Brad and Leslie have time to rebuild their marriage. Leslie couldn’t be happier. EPISODE - #980 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Monday January 31, 1977 AIR DATE – Tuesday February 08, 1977 CAST – Jack, Peg, Chris, Snapper, Stuart, Jen, Kay, Joann, Karen SETS – Chris and Snapper’s Apartment, Brooks Living Room, Chancellor Living Room & Foyer, Peg’s Bedroom, Jack’s Bed – in limbo SYNOPSIS Jack, Peggy, Stu, Jen - Jack and Peggy spent the night together, without sex. Jack tells her it is a new beginning and that soon she will be comfortable taking the next steps to a complete marriage. Peggy isn’t comfortable with the conversation and decides she is going to see her parents and move more of her stuff over. She is worried about her family’s constant attention on her marriage and tells Jack she wants to tell them they have consummated the marriage in the hopes the questions will go away. Jack isn’t so sure but agrees to go along with her plan. At the Brooks home Stu returns having forgotten some reports and decides to work from home, making Jen nervous. They discuss Les and Maestro’s visit and her upcoming concerts in Madrid. Talk turns to Peg. Stu wonders how her night with Jack went. Jen tells him she is a grown woman and is dealing with her issues in her own way and they need to respect that. Stu thinks the whole marriage was a mistake, Jen doesn’t want to hear it. He asks when Peg will be home. Jen tells him she is already home, but before Stu can head upstairs to see her, Jen tells him she is packing and moving out today. Stu goes to Peg; they talk about her leaving. Stu is sorry if he overreacted, he wants her marriage to work. She knows he still worries and tells him he doesn’t have to. She and Jack have a real marriage now (she never says they had sex, but Stu picks up on her meaning). Though he had reservations, he tells her if she feels her marriage is on solid footing and she wants to be with Jack, he will support her. He tells her he will miss her, and she tells him he has been the best father any girl could have. Tears fall as they hug. Snapper, Chris & Karen - As Snapper wakes, Chris is already awake and pensive. She is still upset that he won’t tell her what is going on. Why did he say Liz’s stroke was a blessing (for the record they discuss Dr. Landers visiting Liz and saying she will be okay and her left hand will heal with therapy) Snapper dismisses it as a bad choice of words, but Chris doesn’t buy this and also presses him about Greg’s attitude towards him. Snapper firmly tells her to leave it alone and to trust him. Chris is angered by Snapper’s refusal to let her in, to help him. She is his wife. They are interrupted by Karen, who is still calling Chris Mommy, but refers to Snapper by name. Snapper uses this moment to take off for a shower. Karen thinks he is upset with her, but Chris tries to reassure her that he isn’t. Kay & Joann - Kay greets Joann before she heads for school. She notices her dress is quite baggy. Jo tells her she has gone from an 18 to 14 or sometimes 12. She has taken it in a few times but will need to again. Joann leaves as the wheels turn in Kay’s mind. Later that day Joann returns from class and finds Kay with a bunch of new clothes. Kay is nervous about whether Joann will like them and is relived when she does. Kay pretends that she bought them for herself, but they are too young looking for her and is sending them back. Joann tries to talk her out of it and picks out a dress she thinks Mrs. Chancellor should keep. Kay has her hold it up and tells Joann it is hers. Joann notices the size 14 label and realises Mrs. Chancellor bought all the clothes for her. She is overwhelmed and hugs her in gratitude. Kay weeps with joy. EPISODE - #985 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Friday February 07, 1977 AIR DATE – Tuesday February 15, 1977 CAST – Jack, Peg, Kay, Joann, Lorie, Leslie, Brock, Lance SETS – Jack’s Apartment, Chancellor Living Room & Foyer, Leslie’s Hotel Suite in Madrid, Table in limbo, Campus Coffee Shop SYNOPSIS Peggy & Jack - Peggy makes breakfast as Jack wakes up. He tries to be affectionate, but she avoids him. Jack apologises for the previous night, for going back on his promise. She tells him its fine, he’s a man. He tells her he is a husband who loves his wife and that last night was difficult, but it is a beginning. The next time she won’t be so afraid, she’s a woman that needs to be loved. Peggy loses it and screams that last night wasn’t about love, it was about sex, and she has no desire for it to ever happen again. She is furious, telling him it wasn’t just that she wasn’t responding to him, she hated it, it made her sick. SHE. HATED. IT! Kay, Brock, Joann & Jack - Kay is lighting a cigarette as Jo is leaving for school. Kay notices she is wearing one of her old dresses and tells her to wear the new clothes she bought. Joann thinks they are too nice for school. Kay tells her she wants her to always be looking her loveliest. She also tells her to go put some lipstick on as well. She looks pale, blondes need to be careful of that. Joann appreciates the advice and goes upstairs to change. Later Brock stops by. Kay is already sure that he has come to lecture her. He is there to find out why Joann cancelled her date with Phil. Kay tries to make it seem like no big deal, but Brock is sure there is more to it. He needles her until she finally admits that Joann stayed with her because she knew she needed someone with her that night. Brock wonders if Duchess plans to hold Joann prisoner, to mould her life to suit her own pleasures. Kay thinks Brock is overreacting. Brock is bothered by their relationship and where it is heading. At the campus, Jack runs into Joann and is shocked to see how different she looks. They make small talk; he avoids saying too much about Peg. Joann talks about Mrs. Chancellor and how her life has no room for a man right now. Jack can’t stop complimenting her and is happy she is happy. He hopes to see her around, privately Joann is still yearning for him, and she too hopes to see him around. Les, Lorie & Lance - In Leslie’s hotel suite, Leslie plays for Lorie and asks her opinion. Lorie is too distracted. They talk about how lucky they both are. Leslie tells her sister she has told Brad about the baby. She almost brings up their past with Brad but stops herself and tells Lorie that they have come so far, and she wants to put all that behind them. Lorie hopes they will be able to do that (NOTE: in the script it implies Lorie is thinking about “In My Sisters Shadow” which Van was trying to track down around this time) Later, while Leslie is at rehearsals, Lorie and Lance flirt and tease each other, but Lorie kills the mood when she suggests Lance call Vanessa. He suggests they both talk to her, but Lorie doesn’t agree. She also suggests he buy his mother a nice gift. Lance agrees and implies he might buy his lovely wife a gift too, but first he takes her in his arms and gives her a passionate kiss. EPISODE - #990 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Monday February 14, 1977 AIR DATE – Tuesday February 22, 1977 CAST – Snapper, Joe Dillon, Chris, Brock, Jill, Kay, Joann, Greg, Liz SETS – Hospital set (Corridor with phone, Nearby Doctor’s Lounge), The Allegro, Chancellor Bedroom, Foster Living Room, Limbo Phone for Joe (same as Yesterday) SYNOPSIS Snapper, Jill, Greg, Liz & Joe - (This begins with a repeat of yesterday’s ending) Jill and Snapper had been talking at the hospital when he gets a page, he returns the call, it is Joe. As Joe tells him he has a warrant for Snapper’s arrest, Jill hears Snapper’s stunned response and hangs about watching (Snapper is unaware she is still there) Joe tells him the State’s Attorney has given him permission to allow Snapper to turn himself in and says he has until 5pm. He tells Snapper he will be processed and once he posts bail he can go. Bail is set for $20K but he only needs to post ten percent of it. Snapper doesn’t have that kind of money. Joe tells him not to be stupid and run. Snapper convinces him to let him come in the next morning and Joe caves and agrees. Jill freaks out and Snapper tries to calm her. She wants to call Greg and is incredulous when Snapper tells her not to. They argue about him going to jail and the fact they will need to tell Mama, Greg and Chris something, he can’t just disappear. Snapper tells her until he figures things out, she is not to say a word to anyone. Jill tries to keep Snapper’s secret, but when she encounters Greg at home, and he begins to bad mouth Snapper, she explodes and rages at Greg. She tells him Snapper has been arrested and is about to confess everything when Liz interrupts and demands to know what is going on. She tells them something strange has been going on in the house since she had her stroke, and she has had enough of it. She intends to find out what is going on, right here and right now! Chris & Brock - Chris meets with Brock. He tells her Mrs. Simpson called and told him Nancy put back together the picture she tore up of Karen. Chris is worried, but Brock tells her Nancy is a long way from recovery. Chris is beside herself that both Karen and Snapper could be taken from her. Brock is puzzled about Snapper. Chris tells him Snapper is still shutting her out and she is worried he has lost interest in her. Brock tries to reassure her and Chris thanks him for being everything she has desperately needed Snapper to be. She then quickly leaves. Kay & Joann - Sitting in Kay’s bedroom, Joann and Kay sip tea and talk about how men and women judge women on how they look. They admit they judged each other. Joann mentions how she judged Kay after Brock called her “The Duchess” Kay says she turns people off on purpose, so they won’t see the loneliness and insecurity. They talk of how women should bond over being women, as the stupidest woman will understand another woman better than any man, how women live their lives with emotion and men are too afraid too, how Joann understands her when she talks about fighting the ravages of time while Brock would tell her to cultivate her inner beauty. They discuss their loneliness and Joann offers to sleep in Kay’s bedroom in the other bed, so Kay won’t wake up alone. Kay wants this but stops herself and tells her she won’t impose that on Joann. Joann asks her to promise that if the loneliness gets to be too much, she will call for her. Joann admits she needs to be needed too. Kay thinks her ex was a fool to throw her away, Joann says he didn’t know her the way Kay does. Kay agrees. (NOTE: Joanne goes to call Kay Mrs. Chancellor but corrects herself and calls her Kay. I assume recently Kay had her start calling her by her first name as all other scripts she only ever refers to her as Mrs. Chancellor) EPISODE - #993 WRITTEN BY – William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE – Thursday February 17, 1977 AIR DATE – Friday February 25, 1977 CAST – Brock, Kay, Jill, Greg, Chris, Jack, Joann, Snapper SETS – Chancellor Bedroom, Foster Living Room, Jack’s Office, Doctor’s Lounge at Hospital SYNOPSIS Brock, Joann & Kay – Mother and Son are having tea in her room. He mentions the changes in her. They discuss Jack – Kay dislikes the man, though she has never met him. She says she knows the type and assumes he’s selfish. She wishes Joann hadn’t wasted so many years with him. Brock feels Duchess is acting jealous. She disagrees and says she sees Jack as a threat to Joann’s happiness. Brock wonders if she sees Jack as more a threat to her own happiness. She admits she loves Joann, Brock wonders about the nature of that love. Duchess tells him he has great insight usually but is wrong on this one. Joann returns home excited about a scholarship she got. Brock congratulates her and they have a warm tender moment that Kay seems to resent. She sends Brock on his way. Joann tells Kay about being on the Dean’s list and how she won’t be so dependent on Kay’s money. Kay is slightly upset at the thought that Joann’s good news means her freedom from Kay, but Joann reassures her that isn’t the case. The two women hug. The hug becomes quite intimate. As they break from the embrace, Kay’s arms around Joann, they gaze at one another. Joann breaks the gaze and apologises and takes off to her room. Greg, Jill & Snapper – Greg and Jill continue to argue. She then slowly leads him through the night their father died and the things their mother said to them after she returned from the hospital. Greg is disgusted by the implication until Jill tells him Mama told her everything before she had a stroke. She pulled the plug, not Snapper. Greg runs out of the house. Greg goes to Snapper. Snapper is hostile at first, but Greg eventually reveals he knows the truth and the brothers reconcile and Greg tells him he isn’t going to be fighting this battle alone. Chris & Jack – Chris tells Jack she has been to see Peggy and knows what happened. She tells Jack Peg is falling apart. Jack regrets what happened and is adamant they will work it out, but Chris isn’t so sure. She thinks her sister is on the verge of a breakdown and she isn’t sure Peg will even want him to help her, but he better figure out something and soon, because Peg is on the edge.
  18. Yeah true. Actually when Andy was like "i'm going to be a PE teacher" even Deb's Jill was like "Okay, well I'm gonna go over here now" haha
  19. Yes I agree Deb brought her down to earth and made her more accessible. For me, that isn't Jill though, lol. The 1974 ep we have shows even from the beginning she hated being poor. Her passive aggressive attiude towards Greg and her determination to get out of the dump she lived in was evident even in that small scene in the kitchen. You can tell Brenda as Jill wants to rip Greg's face off, haha. I like Deb and still enjoy her Jill, she is fascinating and great to watch, but Brenda and Jess will always be the more definitive for the character, in terms of the psychology of the character, which was so much of what Bell's Y&R was about.
  20. I have never felt Deborah got Jill. Jill's father walked out on her giving her abandonment issues. Her first love was killed by a woman she had looked up to and almost worshiped, her second love was also taken away by the same woman and she was left to raise her son alone. Jill had sociopathic tendencies because each time she got hurt she closed her heart off more and more. By the time she went after Stuart, it was almost understandable that she would be so desperate for security that she would betray her own mother. Brenda and Jess got this and played it and Deborah, at least from what I have seen, never did. She played a sweet girl who was a little bitchy and manipulative and somewhat spoiled and entitled. I don't think she truly ever understood Jill's deeper motivations and scars. DA's Jill seemed like she would have married Andy, had more kids and lived in the Foster home happily ever after. I do believe Brenda could have played the romance with John, she did so with Phillip and Derek.
  21. Yes Liz said she signed a multi year contract and was shocked when they dumped the Laurence Family. Meaning Victoria Mallory was also expecting to stay too
  22. @FrenchFan Thanks so much for these. I have three Y&R scripts from Jan 1977 shared by Kay Alden, not sure if I can share those here, so here are details and synopsis. I have others I can write up later. If I can get permission to share them, I will add the scripts to the One Drive vault. EPISODE #963 WRITTEN BY - William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE - Thursday January 06, 1977 AIR DATE - Thursday January 13, 1977 CAST - Lorie, Lance, Brad, Leslie, Brock, Kay, Stuart, Jen & Peg SETS - Tahiti Set, Brad and Leslie's Apartment, Chancellor Living Room, Brooks Living Room SYNOPSIS Lance & Lorie - The newlyweds are honeymooning in Tahiti. Lance is talking business on the phone. They then talk about their marriage, what it will be like being married to each other, the future and so on. Lorie admits she loves everything about Lance and confesses she can't separate him from his wealth. She also admits she is horrible with money and he tells her that she will have an allowance, and that the jet isn't a play thing. Lorie tells him she would love to be part of every facet of his life and Lance tells her that he would love for her to get involved in the business. She asks about his business call, but he would prefer not to discuss that right now. Lorie wants to know where they are going next, but Lance wants to keep that as a surprise. Brad & Leslie (A note in the script says - Assuming this is Victoria's first appearance, let's captivate our audience with her talent for as long as possible before seeing her face and revealing the recasting of Leslie) As Leslie plays the piano, Brad wonders when Leslie is going to tell him about the baby and Leslie wonders if it is the right time to tell him. She does tell Brad that he has been doing so much better since they reconciled and that she has something to tell him. Peg, Stuart & Jen - Peg returns home and almost forgets to take off her wedding ring. Stuart and Jen press her about her future life plans, but Peggy is vague. Stu notices Peggy isn't wearing her engagement ring. Peg finds it in her pocket and puts it on, then quickly says goodnight to her parents and goes upstairs. Stu and Jen argue about his dislike of Jack. He blames Jack for Peggy's problems, then bluntly states that Peggy's real problems started with Jen's affair. Brock & Kay - Kay is lonely and is feeling sorry for herself. Brock tells her to reach out to others for help. She doesn't want to hear it, especially if he is going to tell her to help others and toss her money to the wind. Kay then turns the tables and asks what Brock plans to do with his life. Brock isn't sure, so Kay uses this as a way to dismiss his advice to her. Brock then tells her that he plans to reach out and help as many people as he can and she should do the same. EPISODE - #965 WRITTEN BY - William J. Bell & Kay Alden TAPE DATE - Monday January 10, 1977 AIR DATE - Monday January 17, 1977 CAST - Stuart, Brock, Peg, Jack, Liz, Joann, Kay SETS - Allegro (Portion - Booth), Brooks Living Room, Jack's Apartment, Chancellor Living Room SYNOPSIS Stuart & Brock - At The Allegro, Stuart impresses on Brock that Peg and Jack's relationship is going nowhere. She won't get professional help and he is worried about her. He asks Brock to spend time with her to help her move on. Peg & Jack - They have dinner at his place. He notices she isn't wearing her wedding ring and they discuss her reluctance to tell her family about their marriage. The issue of sex also comes up. Jack tells her in time she wil be a great partner. (He literally tells her that her breasts and lips were made to be kissed, possessed and loved and that she is made for love) He tries to get her to stay the night. Peg is reluctant, he tells her they can just lie in bed together. He wants to be with her as she falls asleep and there when she wakes in the morning. He asks her to trust him and she gives in and agrees to spend the night. Liz & Joann - Liz tells Joann how possessive Kay can be. How she gives with one hand and takes with the other. She also tells her about Jill working for Mrs. Chancellor. Joann & Kay - Joann tells Kay she is going to enrol in University, it is something she promised herself she would do. Kay mentions there is another reason to enrol.......her ex-husband works there, Jo tells her she is turned off all men right now (would love to see Kay's expression here). Mrs. Chancellor pretends she is worried that Joann will have no spare time for herself with working at The Allegro and studying (but is really more worried Jo won't have time for her) Kay suggests that Jo attend school and make money by becoming her paid companion. EPISODE - #971 WRITTEN BY - William J. Bell TAPE DATE - Tuesday January 18, 1977 AIR DATE - Wednesday January 26, 1977 CAST - Lance, Lorie, Greg, Snapper, Kay, Joann, Japanese Man (Middle Aged), 2 Younger Japanese Men, Nurse SETS - Allegro (Portion - Booth), Brooks Living Room, Jack's Apartment, Chancellor Living Room SYNOPSIS Lance & Lorie - We see Lance and Lorie sightseeing in Tokyo that evening (This isn't on location but a mix of the actors and film clips - I get the feeling this is similar to Lauren's San Fran car tour with Lance pointing things out and Lorie being excited) We next see them as they return from dinner. Lorie has the hiccups but wants more sake. Lance remembers her being drunk in Mexico City and tossing her clothes off the balcony. Lorie loves Tokyo but Lance tells her they are leaving in the morning. Then three Japanese men burst through the door and hold them captive, until they realise they have the wrong Prentiss and they apologise and leave. Lance wonders if they are looking for Lucas. Joann & Kay - Kay is miserable waiting for Jo to return home (it is 1am apparently) They talk about Jo's day, Kay's drinking (she hasn't cut back but hasn't been drinking more) Jo still losing weight and the insecurities that come with being a woman. Kay asks again if Jo will be her paid companion. Jo finally agrees to the job. Greg & Snapper - Greg confronts his brother at the hospital about the respirator plug being pulled. He is furious and plans to get to the bottom of it. Snapper tells him pretty much to bugger off until Greg mentions that Lt. Dillon told him about the plug and is planning to go to Liz as well.
  23. Roberta did choose to leave the show. The story started in April 1981. It was focused on Casey but Nikki was somewhat involved. Casey left town in early June 81 and immediately the stalker began harrassing Nikki (who moved into Casey's place just as she left town) So my guess would be the story was transferred.
  24. Lol, yes I think JLB went braless quite often. Braless women and tight pants with VPL for the men, haha. Thanks for the info, didn't even think the doorman would have been given a name. They should have used Lorenzo Music as her doorman, after Rhoda ended, haha. He just constantly sends people up Lorie wants nothing to do with. Actually it does seem Aaron might have sent Nikki up at least a couple times without Lorie knowing.
  25. Could Aaron be connected to Prentiss? This was around the time Victor took control and Lucas and Lorie were trying to figure out how he did it. Aaron may be a stockholder or someone else at the company that they talk to? Not sure he would have been more than a day player.
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