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  1. Lol, it felt like one of those Buffy or True Blood episodes where everybody drinks a magic potion and starts acting completely different/shagging someone they shouldn't. On the upside: fights were resolved. This was the nicest Shannon has ever been. Everyone was hanging out. I didn't even mind seeing Megan, and god knows I never could stand her self-righteous ass. That Gina-Emily tiff was way too stupid and childish. The image of them making up while Tamra and Braunwyn tongued each other in a desperate bid for relevancy is burned on my brain. ITA with Vicki about Brown Wind -- she was acting way too thirsty and OTT. Tamra too of course, because she badly needs a deflection.
  2. Don't forget 15 hours of footage of the women getting glam squaded to look like clowns at a circus, followed by 20 memes of Dorit with a million hair clips in her hair. Serving us 'lewks'. Taylor would be outing those law suits with a quickness while also trying to scam free lip fillers from Dr Nassif!
  3. I think we can, though. Much of the Middle East is deeply invested in keeping ISIS away. The Kurds, definitely. The Shiites, too. Even the Russians dont want ISIS on their doorstep. It was utterly possible to manage the ISIS situation in the Middle East. Their local support had fallen away as news of their viciousness and war crimes spread (unlike the Viet Cong in South Vietnam who were ultimately seen as unifiers of that war-torn country). This resurgence is entirely down to one person's tweet. With devastating consequences.A part of me wishes that the US military would have refused to follow orders in this instance (even though that sets a terrible precedent and I know they cannot defy the Commander in Chief) because what has happened is such a dangerous, foolish, corrupt decision. It is pure folly.
  4. The likelihood is the latter, since BH HWs have the media on speed-dial, as we know from last season. So how many dud seasons will that be now? 4 in a row? If that is the case, well, imo the chemistry of this cast has bombed since seasons 6-7. I'm excited for Garcelle, but girl can't do everything by herself. The real problem is that the cast won't show anything genuine; every "drama' and reaction shot is scripted down to the tiniest tear rolling down one pumped-up cheek. I know these shows are scripted to an extent, but BH self-produce to a ridiculous, Trumpian degree, to deflect and for damage-control. Dorit, Teddi and Erika give us nothing that is in any way authentic and should be fired immediately. I keep forgetting Denise is actually on this show so she should go, too. I said a few days ago that Faye Resnick, Kathy Hilton and Taylor have the gift of the shady put-down (in the case of the first two) and the steely thirstiness (TayShanna) to put the cat amongst the pigeons. And the BH audience is familiar with them. Brandi also cannot stand Vyle or Rinna, so bring her on for a pop. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures! I would love to see Rinna and Kyle get a little karma their way.
  5. 1,000% agree. The convo with the Ukrainian president? I expect no less of the orange asswipe. But what he has done to the Kurds -- without a backward glance, out of sight, out of mind -- is truly evil, truly treasonous, the true crime here. Innocent people are now dead, and much worse is to come in the next few days. It is ethnic cleansing in all but name. Moreover, the rumour is Trump is doing this because he renovated a Trump Tower in Istanbul and wants to protect his business interest. If true, our allies were thrown to the wolves to protect a shitty, gaudy piece of concrete in Turkey. It is so gross, it makes me want to throw up.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/oct/10/power-silicon-valley-climate-crisis-big-tech-profitable This opinion piece I have linked to makes the point that Silicon Valley have become so big, rich and powerful that their only priority is consolidating their position, squeezing more $$$ out of us and protecting their massive wealth. Speaking of Big Tech, I saw that Google removed an app in Hong Kong which helped protesters track and share the movements of police forces coming at them. This was at the 'request' of the Chinese government. Given that China is using hardcore face-recognition and other technology to control people and strip them of their rights, it makes no sense to deprive unarmed protesters in HK of the one app that was helping them assemble while the authorities are allowed to use all the tech weaponry against them. Google totally folded in the face of China, because money. And I don't know if this has already been discussed upthread, but the way DT has thrown our allies the Kurds to their almost certain annihilation is so completely, mendaciously, selfishly, stupidly evil. He is so enamoured of these tyrants like Erdogan; everybody else -- our friends -- are totally expendable. This move is so dangerous. It risks resuscitating ISIS from the grave and opening up another ISIS front in the Middle East and into Europe. It also shows that nobody can ever trust the US's word ever again. I know this is happening in a country far away and all that, but I am shaking with anger about it. I cannot imagine what the Kurds (who fought on the frontline against ISIS, with a military made up 40% of women to boot) are going through at this moment. And for that [!@#$%^&*] to justify it by saying well, the Kurds weren't with us on the beaches of Normandy in WW2..... my disgust has reached new depths. /rant
  7. Finally watched final episode of Potomac reunion. Thrilling fron start to finish! Especially the forensic questioning of Michael, and his attempt to gaslight everybody and claim they could not have possibly seen what they saw because drunk/where they were standing. I love how everyone stayed their ground, even after he tried to intimidate White Chris, and Gizelle, standing over her as he was being de-miced. That exchange between him and Ashley about Ashley going to 'talk' to Tobyn but she was mic'ed so she didn't want production to pick up her words was eye-opening, and had a definite threatening feel. Up until then, I was actually feeling for Ashley and her situation, but after seeing that, I knew Ash was in total cahoots with Michaek, and as nasty, blackmailing and gaslighting as he is. A truly great season. I have such a fondness for all these women, I hope the cast comes back unchanged next year (and Katie!). You can't find chemistry like that. And Karen is a goddam QUEEN. She talked so much sense and with such humor. Karen is my favourite HW of all the Real Housewives franchises. Dallas: Finally caught up. The Mexico episodes were really good, and it's unusual for a RH show to get right into the drama so early in the season. Leeanne is having a bad edit so far this season. As a qualified fan of Leeanne who can only take her in small doses, I am ok with Leeanne being called out. It's healthy for her as the star of this franchise. IMO the standouts (and my faves) have been Kameron and Stephanie. God, I love Kam slurping that spaghetti while everyone was fighting around her. I am sad S and K are on the outs, but I really enjoy watching them. I am also, shockingly, not annoyed by Brandi?! I can't believe I just wrote that because I usually hate her ass. Standout scene of yesterday's episode was Travis advising D'Andra about her company. Some people might find that business talk boring, but I find it fascinating. It felt 100% genuine as well, and not at all scripted. I understand D'Andra regarding firing people -- I would be sick and destroyed about it. Travis is fast-becoming one of the best husbands on the RH with his common sense and supportiveness towards Stephanie.
  8. I've been away so am only now catching up on OC (Dallas and last episode of Potomac to follow -- honestly, I cannot wait for RHOP!). Seems like all three franchises have been firing on all cylinders. After some crappy seasons, OC finally seems to be settling into a comfortable groove. What has been great about this season is anticipating The Fall of Tamra. I appreciate what she offers to the show (without her pot-stirring, OC would be a snooze). But without Vicki to take all the blame full-time, the spotlight is now firmly on her machinations. I love how Kelly can read her like a book. I'm not a big fan of Kelly's roid-rage aggression, but I am on her side when it comes to Shannon & Tamra. Also, I was glad she and Vicki made up in a heartfelt way. I was sick of hearing Kelly blame everything on Cokegate. Shannon & Tamra are so toxic together. The way they were mean-girling Emily as she sat on the floor was horrible to watch. PLEASE let them be called out this year. Shannon's attitude is so stank regarding Emily. Team Emily, especially when it comes to the way Gina has dropped her good friend in favor of the Dos Bitcheras. Gina's priorities are all wrong. I know she is being gaslit by her awful ex, but Gina is really making rotten judgement calls when it comes to her friends and her own life. Alexis. Blink and you'll miss it. Braunwyn wants a threesome with TamBoobs? Nobody wants to see that, Bravo. --------- Also, while I was away, I watched NJ season 6 for the first time ever. I have to agree with whoever defended it on this thread -- after the first episode, it is actually not that bad. I can understand why they dumped Amber and the twins -- way too thirsty and contrived. I personally cannot stand Amber who was doing way too much. I could have handled the twin married to Rinno another season, I guess. Dina was a delight, and it is clear her friendship with Teresa is the real deal. Melissa was a non-entity. Also watching S3 RHOBH. My god, after the shittiness of the most recent 4 seasons of BH, it is a shock to watch this fast-moving season. Adrienne exposed was brilliant. Seeing Kyle scramble as she realized Adrienne was on her way out and LVP was where it's at, was fabulous. Yolanda was actually a good watch, although the manipulation of Brandi and positioning re: LVP, her Lyme disease and her husband, are plain to see, in hindsight. I even liked Marissa. Taylor was fired too soon IMO -- she was thirsty enough to start drama with anybody. But it was around this time that Bravo started prioritising aspirational living on BH (like Yolanda's fridge), as opposed to the Wealthy vs Wannabes, which was such a classic, tense dynamic. Plus, we saw drunken Dana/Pam go off on the women ("These women love themselves so much, I don't think there is enough leftover to love you") -- one of the best scenes of BH ever. The real standout was Faye Resnick. I don't know why I enjoyed her because she is such a Kyle mouthpiece but she gave as good as she got. If Brandi ever came back to the show (and being that she hasn't been asked, it kind of destroys her argument that LVP was the one keeping her off the show. More like Kyle!), Faye is really the only one who could stand up to her and fight dirty. I also wish Kathy Hilton would join the show. She clearly cannot stomach Kyle in any way, and probably isn't a fan of Rinna either.
  9. Wow. I knew her primarily from Dynasty where she blew onto the screen. She was effortlessly glamorous. People tend to dismiss that sort of thing as inconsequential or superficial, but by being so glamorous, Carroll projected self-worth and self-determination. And that is no small thing. Having seen Dame Joan in her one woman show and met her briefly once, IRL she is pretty self-deprecating, vulnerable and even a little shy. Dynasty era she was probably a diva, and she still projects a little Alexis for public appearances, for fans, and also I think to help her nerves. When I first met her, she was visiting the widow of one of her first talent agents, so it does not surprise me that she would select Dominique Devereaux scenes which showed Diahann Carroll in her best light. She is nicer and more thoughtful than she lets on.
  10. Alexis is back?? You know what, I am not upset about that. I could see her I this current group. This news will irk Tamra and Shannon so bad, and I am here for it. Also, Gretchen must be devastated that Jesus Jugs gets asked back, but not her. As for Sarah Paulson, well, now we know why Andy adores her! I can't hate on her love for RHONY, though.
  11. Trailer needs more Kenya, because she brings the Drama! It's clear from leaked reports that her story is dominating the season. I was surprised to see Cynthia have such a central role, too. Lord knows what Eva is doing there. Guess Bravo set her up as Narrator because there wasn't much else.
  12. The Umansky girls look like their paternal grandmother. I am probably alone in this, but I think she is too young to have messed with her looks. The nose is radically different (like Zolciak different) and I wish they'd gone subtle like Kyle and Kim Richards did. But hey, it's their bodies! Those babies are adorable. You can definitely tell which is Porsha's, lolol!
  13. It looked like Beth, but since the previous scene had Cassie in a prison tower, I started second-guessing myself like 'Wait, was that Cassie?' I am really procrastinating today if SC is is what I'm musing about!
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