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  1. I guess I wouldn't put it past Bravo to bring Leeanne back to RHOD for drama. We'd get a few episodes of the new season cast hobnobbing around Dallas. And then, right at the end of ep. 5 (at some dog event, probably): a door opens. The camera follows somebody's beheeled feet into the room... the camera pans slowly up a black, witchy pantsuit... cut to Brandi's face transforming slo-mo from a smile into a silent scream... Stephanie's look of shock... D'Andra looking like Mama Dee having a stroke... Kameron busting out a grin... and then panning to Leeanne's face for a close-up. "Ah'm baaaack. Did y'all MI-ISS ME?" In reality, though, I could see Brandi, D'Andra and Stephanie outright refusing to film with her.
  2. Coming for Cary Deuber?? Wtf did she ever do to them? The fact is, Cary has always known what ALL the women are capable of. She was wary of Leeanne S2 for a reason. She certainly does not trust Brandi after S2. Shame Stephanie jumped on the bandwagon. But I guess when your show is in danger of cancellation, you do what you can to create some buzz. Leeanne is wisely keeping a low profile, but if I were her PR adviser, I would book her on a TV show for a full apology. Maybe it would be a local Texas morning show; maybe something on Televisa/Univision, maybe something national. Wendy Williams might be too messy, and I don't trust WW to ask the right questions or just let Leeanne talk! And LA would have to unreservedly apologise for everything that transpired this season. No excuses about being drunk and badly edited. Sure, she can say that she and Kary were oil & water, that she was hurt and lashed out unthinkingly, ignorantly. That she let the TV hype go to her head; she thought she could call all the shots, and it turned her into a monster. For Leeanne, at this point, it is not so much about saving her position on RHOD because I think that is GONE. It is about saving her reputation as a human being, if she wants to build a life for herself after Bravo. You must have missed Frankie FaceTiming his mom last episode, which he very sportingly did shirtless. He really is a fine-looking man. I thank him for his service to the Bravo audience. And My Dolores continues speaking truth to power (Marge, Teresa) and generally anchoring this show. I ❤️ her. Teresa really... improved this episode. I too love seeing her with family -- they are the biggest reason I enjoy NJ. But I must admit: Tree showed up at the Hamptons and came straight out with her grievance against Marge. She explained herself well when she said the exclusion from the Mother's Day brunch hurt because she also lost her mother. She sat down with Marge to tell her she appreciated the friendship they had formed from Day One, and when she felt herself getting angry, she withdrew from the situation. I honestly cannot fault her for the way she handled herself this episode.
  3. It's clear Tamra and Vicki may have lasted long past their sell-by dates. But I am reminded of this year's cast trip. While Kelly, Emily and Brown Wind bemoaned the Tres Amigas, the TAs were busy getting wasted, skinny dipping in the resort pool, and running away when the police were called, prompting Vicki to turn her ankle in those wedge heels. No question which was more fun to watch! I hope we won't be regretting Tamra's departure when Brown Wind is doing another deep dive on her awful mom/threesomes/37 children. ETA: Sorry, that was perhaps unnecessarily pessimistic. I can see the need to evolve the OC, and get a new dynamic in place. For a while there, RHOC was like the Survivor of the RH shows, with somebody getting picked off every season as Tamra and Vicki (and Shannon) manoeuvred and strategized. Kelly and Vicki have basically alternated as walking targets since S10.
  4. The Tamra comeuppance is a long time coming. I felt for a long while that Tamra was necessary to the OC -- the evil one, the pot-stirrer who had no problems getting her hands dirty. And she had an incredible ability to duck all accountability and deflect the blame onto someone else. This season, though, there was desperation in her game. It was as if she guessed that the audience had stopped being outraged by her and were just over her. I am still not 100% sure the OC won't suffer without the terrible twosome. Sorry, I don't find Kelly to be the 'new Queen' of the franchise, and her home life is not all that interesting. And Shannon can quickly swing from compelling and relatable to insufferable and playing to the cameras. Omg yes now THERE is a revamp I can get behind. I still say Kathy Hilton was a missed opportunity this year.
  5. I came on here to post something else, but wow. I am shocked at the Vicki news. I assumed she would basically do this show for [email protected] I agree that if she hadn't showed out at reunion and just patiently sat back, she would have been asked back next season with an orange. I too am sad the last memory we have of her is her losing her [!@#$%^&*] behind the scenes and wasting her venom on BrownWind (of all people) in a homophobic rant. She was more than just those final minutes. She really WAS the OC for 15 years. No matter how much Tamra schemes, she will never be associated with this franchise in the same way. Kenya and her Brooklyn
  6. I was listening to the podcast at that time but I don't recall that horrid SL getting the thumbs up from all the DC participants (actually I can barely remember who was championing this story and who wasn't. Having said that, I could see the faux-gothic element of that SL appealing to Jamey and Luke in particular). I also did not agree with their view of MM. They thought he was the second coming. I much preferred his predecessor and thought MM was all flash and no depth, a braggard with zero warmth to him. So yeah, I have not agreed with all things the DC peeps put out there. And perhaps this experience is good for Jamey in terms of the shoe being on the other foot now. He know now how difficult it is to write and run a show Having said that, I cannot fault his passion for the genre and for writing soaps. He had some interesting ideas about current soaps in his latter time on the podcast, and I don't think Ambitions was a total unmitigated disaster eithrt. I hope he gets other chances to hone his craft. More TV experience and opportunities to work with different producers, cast and crew will help in that respect.
  7. Same. I know Jamey riles people, especially given his views towards the PP reboots back in the day. But the reason people are associating his name with Y&R is because a few years back he was asked by CBS (McDaniel, I believe) to pitch some ideas about Y&R. This was at a point when Y&R really was not doing well and the 'writing' (what there was of it) was even more underwhelming than it usually is. He talked about the ideas he pitched and I thought a lot of them sounded fresh and were a break from the usual soap stories we get force-fed. It helps that he has watched Y&R for decades, so he is not just pitching the usual soap archetypes but is very familiar with character history. Unfortunately, Sony/CBS put the kabosh on all that and settled for the same-old same-old. I for one would be happy to give him the chance at Y&R. I mean, it is so dull some days. I think he would benefit from a good team around him, including Y&R writers from past and present. I think Michele Val Jean has definitely earned her spurs at Daytime and would be an invaluable co-writer. The problem, of course, is with the constant pitching of SLs to CBS and Sony who have final say on everything. They DGAF and just want things to putter along, with the same 2-3 HWs in their Rolodex, until Y&R quietly expires.
  8. @Chris B @Taoboi There is also speculation on TT that "I quit" actually referred to her marriage with Greg. The gossip there (UNCONFIRMED) is that Greg may have knocked up his side-chick a year or two ago. And that was the main reason why Nene wasn't always so sympathetic to Greg when he went through his cancer treatment. I don't know if that is true, but I really hope that it isn't Nene's sources throwing Greg under the bus in the hopes of winning sympathy with the RHOA audience. What seems increasingly apparent is that the Leakes marriage is coming to an end, for real. I am watching the rest of this ATL season to see how Nene comes back into the game. If she is simply going through the motions, then let her go. If she really wants to return, then I don't think Bravo should be so hasty to cut ties. First of all, she is costing them millions, might as well work her. Secondly, if Vicki can get second chance after second chance to stay on RHOC even after homophobic rant/Brooks, then I think Nene deserves another second chance to remain on RHOA. If production are not utilising her, even after paying her $2.85 mil for this season, do you think it's because they want to lowball her for next season? In exchange for showing her more often?
  9. @Chris B I love how much you support that season! I feel the same way about certain other RH seasons out there (and @Antoyne I agree that every episode of OC this year was highly watchable and a fun ride -- the best of the last 4-5 seasons for me). With regards Peggy/Lydia season, I have always been a Lydia fan and felt she should not have gone the first time after S8. However, I found it hard to connect with S12. I watched The Quiet Woman (EPIC episode), Iceland, and the overall-decent reunion episodes. Peggy's cancer story (which she clearly was still raw and processing) hit a bit too close to home at the time and one reason I pulled back from the show. Another was Megan King Edmonds. Despite a good previous season, I found her to be a humorless snot this time around. I also did not like the obvious way Tamra, Shannon and others were trying to ice Vicki out by not filming with her. I get why, but Shannon's dramatics lol
  10. Agreed with @Cheap21.There was an awful lot of Eva and I'm just not invested in her. And I'm really not feeling Dennis either. Especially with the news we got about him cheating *again.* Fool me once.... That's the 'cull'? Only Gina? Don't get me wrong, I actually don't think OC was bad this season -- especially after the last four years we suffered through. But the consenss seemed to be that everyone wants sweeping change. (If you ask me, some of that may be misplaced projection away from BH onto OC). Andy bragged about great new auditioning HWs in the pipeline. Tamra seemed played out at reunion,, while Gina and Brown Wind don't quite fit, for different reasons. Now its like they're bringing everyone back including Quinn and her wigs!
  11. Taking a breather before Bravo comes back with new content, lol. Is this OC HW Vicki or Tamra. The more I think about it, the more I feel it's Vicki. ATL: Porsha needs to love herself. She is funny and gorgeous and can do better than the baby daddy. NJ: A fun, uncomplicated watch, and at least the women show all their lives, the bad as well as the good. I don't know what Teresa and Dolores are injecting into their faces, but they need to stop. Dolores is stunning and doesn't need so many fillers. Not crazy about Teresa, but I love watching her family. And while I love Margaret, she's starting to play strategies and that's not a good look on her. By not inviting Teresa to her Mother's Day bash, she looks like the bad guy and now Teresa is going to cling onto that grudge all the way to reunion. Because both ladies want the crown and are jealous the other will snatch it from them.
  12. Dallas: For once, Andy did a decent job holding someone to account. But nobody covered themselves in glory here. Sad to see Stephanie and Kameron exposed as cowardly. I cringed when Brandi stalked off in performative outrage to get the Deck Chair of Punishment. Especially given what's been leaked recently. Weirdly, D'Andra came across well in her segment regarding Mama Dee and Jeremy, and she and Leeanne almost silently bonded. Leeanne burped up weak excuse after weak excuse, which Andy quickly debunked. When she finally worked herself up into some kind of apology, it sounded empty, riddled with therapy-speak. It's something I am working on. We're all trying to become better people. I say bad things but I'm not a bad person. When the cameras followed her into her dressing room after reunion wrapped, she was like a hollow vessel instead of a human being. There was nothing left after selling her soul to reality TV. It felt sad and very final for RHOD.
  13. Apparently this happened on WWHL last night (perhaps overshadowed by British royal family drama) -- Danielle Staub revealed that she will not be returning to RHONJ ever again: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7867399/Watch-Happens-Live-Danielle-Staub-announces-shes-leaving-Real-Housewives-New-Jersey.html Andy apparently also said Meghan Markle was welcome to join RHOBH, lol.
  14. She was perhaps prodded by a panicked production to show up and do a little something on the last day of filming and justify her cheque. And coming for Denise = a nasty little posting on Twitter. Bear in mind that Denise actually never showed up to the finale, so no Rinna-Denise confrontations on camera were actually had. It is very telling that amid all the gossip out there, we have heard absolutely zero about: Kyle, Erika, Teddi, Dorit. Nothing about Sutton, and little about Garcelle, except that she is supportive of Denise (sounds like G stays true to her own instincts). Camille is absolutely right to point this out.
  15. None of the current, non-deserving, diamond holders want to get their hands dirty onscreen, so they rely on FOHs and newbies to do that for them. And that includes the last OG standing, Kyle. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this has irreparably harmed the show.
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