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  1. Thanks for that insider information! See? If we'd gotten a talking head with her discussing her tumultuous love & real estate history, that would have been pretty fascinating! Amd damn that photo! Her comment is perfect -- looky but no touchy! Suddenly I'm thinking Bravo (and I) may have been mistaken about Elyse. How dare you imply that Feeling Jovani didn't storm the charts?! 😄 (I actually really enjoy Lu's musical œuvre. Most of her songs are very catchy).
  2. Villa Blanca takes me back to BH S1-2 in an instant. Always liked that airy space with the windows flung open for al fresco dining. But after the ruling on the sexual harassment lawsuit, the Todds have been keen to offload the space. The associations with the restaurant are now linked to that. I suspect that the Vanderpump-Todds are relieved that the lease could not be renewed and can now focus on their existing establishments in current pandemic times. If VPR gets officially cancelled, they may consider getting out of the restaurant biz for a while and embrace a semi-retirement/Vanderpump Dogs kid of life. I always believed a Vanderpump Dogs show was in the cards, hence production's insistence on puppygate during S9 as a way into the show. Vindictive and obsessed. She won't rest til she feels LVP is somehow punished and completely destroyed. Same with Kim Richards. Doesn't this kind of energy eventually backfire on you, karma-styles?
  3. Definitely 1980s Lu during her modeling days. I recall in one of the very early seasons, Luann talking about her pre-Countess model years and that very shot was one of a few which popped up on screen. The fact that she has positioned it just so makes me love this hoe all the more. Sage Lu dispensing wise advice to her GFs... and then we get 'I'm Fabulous, bitches!' self-involvement. Both of which were also neatly showcased on Thursday's episode. The latter... although the drunkenness did not really appear until the last 2 minutes of the episode. Most of the episode felt like a cosy slumber party in this big, beautiful house, and even the sight of Lu and others storming off was softened by the fact that everybody was storming off in fuzzy slippers. I enjoyed the episode: everybody got a little character study. Blue Stone Manor looks almost identical to pre-flooding BSM, but nevertheless, love a glimpse of the rooms and furnishings. Personally prefer seeing the houses more than the glam-squad stuff -- homes feel like a purer expression of their true personalities. Back to your point about day-to-day lives, it would enrich the show to see a little more of that. It would definitely enrich Elyse vis a vis the audience. She announced this episode that she has a husband? Wait, what?! Color me shocked. I never even realised. I would love to see some footage of her + hubby (+ Ramona flirting with him, let''s be real) in their UES apartment. I think it would help establish her on the show, even if it's just as a FOH. Similarly, Luann has been dating her talent manager for like 2 years, and she's about to sell the upstate NY house and get back to the Hamptons. Would love to see more of that and maybe a glimpse of him. Dorinda going Drunk Warrior and trying to turn Sonja against Lu revealed Dorinda's cruel pot-stirring side again. And all because Lu was trying to gently tell Dorinda about toning down the meanness when she gets drunk. Just when I was warming to D this week. Heather in the previews! 🥰A welcome sight for sore eyes. Having Heather return to the show would perhaps be a better fit than Jill Zarin. Maybe a combo of Heather and Carole, or Heather and Kristen.
  4. That's what I thought! Basically it's The Coven cackling about Denise? Minus Rinna and plus Sutton (who I really like. And her store -- unlike Kyle's -- looks legitimately high-end luxurious). Speaking of Rinna. I know I shouldn't be laughing, but when Rinna ran back into Kyle's house whispering "effing Twilight Zone." It felt like the old Lisa Rinna. Nevertheless, this episode made clear that Rinna is Good Cop to Vyle/Erika/Teddi's Bad Cop. She will get Denise to open up one-on-one and then run back to the others with damaging information. That much is evident. Erika really HATES Aaron, and by extension Denise. That hate is very intense. She must have been so pissed at Mikey for not piping sassy retorts through her earpiece to Aaron! Nevermind Erika. You can learn those scripted lines for Reunion. UM, so people think Denise is a prude for not talking threesomes with her underage kids. But these women are disappearing into a tent to pole-hump and making sure the children don't see. Is anyone else seeing the double standard? Teddi chiming in at Sutton's event and Denise looking at her like, 'Who are you again?' I kept going back and forth on Aaron. On the one hand, I find him very controlling and not-nice. The way he snapped under his breath about Denise crushing his hand? IA with Garcelle, he should have kept out of this argument. I also did not understand the steak-and-strip-bar thing. It was like he was handing The Coven ammunition. Oh, and I'm also not clear on his 'curing cancer' credentials. On the other hand, he came across well teaching Sami to drive. I also liked the way both Denise and Aaron treated their chauffeur, kindly and like a human being. Vyle embracing Brandi warmly in the previews. Oh yes. We can see from where this Bring Denise Down set-up originates! Poor Camille appearing on 'Let's Give Teddi A SL.' Oh! So great to see Kim. The self-deprecating, who-cares Kim. It felt like an episode from S1-3 and she brought something warm and sweet to the show.
  5. Because something-something Fashion ? Usually it means they don't want to be called out for any shady sh*t they may have done, nor do they want to apologise for it. So let's get past this and move on, m'kay? Haven't watched the episode yet so I'll get back to you if that definition has now changed.
  6. Let's cut to the chase. Every year, the both of them take US war veterans to Normandy (where they have a house!) to visit the D-Day landing sites. Could have been cool to have a Normandy trip in S7 (tho I'm sure Erika would have sniffed about how boring it is). But no, by all means, let's watch Dorit and Erika get clowned up and compliment each other for 4 seasons straight. After Kathryn left, she was asked on Twitter which BH women she felt treated her badly and which she liked and kept in touch. Kathryn said there were two women who didn't like her and screwed her over. Some people surmised that Erika was one (correctly as it turned out) and said "Ooooo the other one must be Kyle!" Kathryn shut down the Kyle rumors and said Kyle treated her well, the Faye stuff aside, and that they were still in touch. LVP too. I'm actually trying to find the Twitter thread and post it but... frankly, I am wading through a TON of stories from 2016 (when Kathryn was on the show) totally slamming Kathryn and trying to get her fired! Her Twitter threads at that time were fully of haters and Erika stans. RadarOnline (hmmm) said she was a terrible diva behind-the-scenes (something I had never heard before). Brandi Glanville was also piping up and urging Andy Cohen to fire her. Between February and April 2016, it was CRAZY the amount of media shitting on Kathryn. Makes you wonder WHO had a vested interest in briefing against her. LVP? Doubt it. Kathryn defended her. Brandi is always going after newbies in a bid to get re-hired, so I expect nothing less from that trashpot. The hate was so strong in these blog articles, and it's all so strange because out of all the HWs that season, I think Kathryn probably deserved that the least.
  7. Kathryn formed her own opinion about people and wasn't swayed necessarily by others. That's why she had to go! Erika, Eileen, Rinna and Kyle all excoriated her for not falling in line with how THEY wanted her to act. Also the confrontation with Faye: obviously a production / Kyle set up. By the time they got around to it, Kathryn seemed like she was ready to let it go and put it in the past. It had been 20 years already. Classy, rich, an open book (don't forget how she let it slip that Rinna doesn't eat -- I'm pretty sure that played a part in her being blackballed), and also incredibly empathetic and kind. She barely knew Kim but her support and understanding of her came from an authentic place of having lost her dad to addiction. She seems to be genuinely nice human being. Interesting that they brought Eden on the following season to talk all things addiction, but it flopped big-time. Even after firing Kathryn, I felt production was trying to recreate what she had brought to the show. Bravo doesn't realise that S6 was a marker of decline for BH. It was never the same after that season. Kathryn would have been a great, wealthy, connected addition, but instead they went with glam squads, PeeKay, and pantygate/glassgate/puppygate.
  8. I must say, that is shocking. I thought KA would be there until the end, but it must have got to the point where it was just not worth it anymore. Obviously, being forced to operate in such restrictive budgetary conditions has been an issue for Days for a long time. I cannot foresee a time when the budget will be allowed to increase meaningfully tbh.
  9. It reflects well on Carole at having maintained some strong and long-time friendships, I guess. Maybe she and Heather are due a return now that Bethenny is no longer calling the shots at RHONY. I do know that with them around (not to mention Aviva!), the drinking will likely tone down (or go deep underground, with the exception of Sonja). Because those 2 + Kristen were the lowkey hipster version of GoT's bell-ringing Shame Nun. Which created its own interesting dynamic.
  10. Some Real Housewives news: Teddi's baby, Dove, is having an operation to fix something with her cranium. Though it is meant to be a relatively routine op with high success rates, obviously this must be very stressful. And going through any kind of health concern as a pandemic rages is extra-worrying. La Grande Dame has a new home in Potomac and is showing it off, likely on the first episode of the upcoming season. Sneak peek of the outside here: https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-potomac/style-living/karen-hugers-new-potomac-home-has-the-most-elegant Apparently, Ramona tried to get Leah kicked off RHONY during the trip to Newport. I guess Ramona vs Leah is going to be the big fight come reunion time. https://www.realitytea.com/2020/07/06/leah-mcsweeney-says-ramona-singer-attempted-to-get-her-kicked-off-real-housewives-of-new-york/ And Ramona continues to court Coronavirus Controversy. https://www.realitytea.com/2020/07/06/dorinda-medley-says-ramona-singer-needs-a-coronavirus-test/ Next year, they need to mix up the RHONY OGs with more newbies. I remember when Heather, Carole and Aviva joined, and it was the newbies vs the OGs (Ramona, Sonja, Luann) in S5 and S6. I loved how fresh RHONY felt. I wonder if Heather, Carole and Aviva would ever want to return, lol. Probably not. ETA: Maybe I'm wrong about that! Carole was at Dorinda's in the Berkshires this weekend, taking advantage of the free pool.
  11. "Don't chime in. This is the audience. You can't buy tickets to this kind of sh*t." Re: the G. Maxwell news and RHs connections: This story keeps on growing, and is horrifying and lesson in 'be careful who your friends are.' GM and that predator JE had so many social, financial and pimping connections to the wealthy and powerful. He made money for lots of people, and had serious leverage on lots of people. So does she. The GM connection with Carole Radziwill is unexpected, but I can see it. First of all, Carole's last name/Kennedy connection is a card she has been playing in Manhattan for years. Carole has wealth but seems to be judicious about spending it, which is why she relied on pals like Bethenny for free vacations to nice places. It could well be that she gravitated towards Maxwell, and Maxwell to her, because both of them were constantly trying to level up socially. The GM connection with Yolanda Foster Hadid, however? Ooo la la. There are unsubstantiated rumors that Yolanda helped procure 'young models' for Mohamed's yacht parties, and that she hid GM at her farm for a while. Those rumors IMO are acutely more serious.
  12. I concur with @DaytimeFan about the confessionals. My office has a ring light and microphone for work Zoom meetings and it makes a HUGE difference. No echo or ambient sound. And the ring light! Makes skin look dewy and flawless. It is so amazing and better than any phone filter. RHONY is au natural and a bit messy, and I like it like that -- like when Avery walked into Ramona's Zoom confessional. But the lack of microphone is a distraction and needs to be fixed ASAP. Also, Ramona's makeup was way harsh. I could see where she had scrawled in her eyebrows, for God's sake. Wasn't sure if I would enjoy this episode. But was pleasantly surprised at how structured it was, with direction and story. Even without seeing the Elyse-Jill Zarin interview that @Chris B posted, both women were solid additions to the episode. After watching their talk? Both women need to be on RHONY, S T A T! Jill has deep history running back years with 4 out of the 5 HWs. The fact that Dorinda didn't want Jill at the Berkshires? If I was EP, I would have driven Jill Zarin to the Berks myself, come hell or high water. Instant rivalry! Instant drama! As for Elyse, Ramona does not give a sh*t about her and is ready to drop her as a friend. I like that the Little Ghoul is standing up for herself at having been cast aside. Also Ramona brought Messy Missy to Luann's party and that was low. Dorinda is not getting the good edit, but she took up for Lu and for that I like her. This season could well be a journey to self-realisation for Dorinda, and I am good with that. Other things: Luann's sparkly disco cap was straight out of the Village People (the leather dude). Also, I love Sonja and Leah's lowkey adoration of each other.
  13. I really dislike Dorit, but she looks absolutely fantastic and makes that at-home confessional look 100% professional-level. Haven't watched RHONY yet but those screen-grabs C'mon. The NY women are good looking. There is no reason for this shoddiness. I've attended Zoom meetings which were better set up. Chills! These connections keep on multiplying. I wonder if Clooney is connected somehow to Carole and G. Max.
  14. For one, and one reason only, would I want her alive. To sing like a canary and implicate Bully Boy Barr and the orange one, not to mention hosts of others. I would love to see their coward asses in jail. Not that it is likely to happen, but a girl can dream. In answer to you second question, why: - On behalf of the orange one. We know Putin's got something on him too. - Ghislaine has got dirt on Barr himself. He's a nasty piece of work generally, not to mention his dad was headmaster of Dalton School and was the one who hired JE, mentored him, and hooked him up with NYC elite.
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