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  1. Totally. GH sets now far outstrip Y&R's in terms of size, variety and (as you say, Vizion) plushness. I even prefer the moody lighting to Y&R's weird grey light. I never thought I would see the day when GH had better sets and lighting, but FV really has maximised the design and set budget. I also think an issue with Y&R is not just a low rotation of small pokey sets, but its particular method of socially-distanced filming. GH has a wedding going on and I was lowkey shocked at the number of actors milling around and talking to each other, and not at a distance either. GH
  2. Oooo the Bassett Hound! I never thought of Brown Dick.... I did wonder if it was Eddie for a second. Juan is still a strong contender, and like you, I don't think it is Papa Smurf or crinkly ass Michael. IA that Michael is done being a sexually frustrated mess and has tired of the spotlight. He will be a rarely seen husband from here on in. Ashley has secured the rights to her post-nupt otherwise. RHOD: If Brandi chases Tiffany off the show with all her passive-aggressive bullsh!t, I will be so mad! We had a good episode with D'Andra and Kary sweetly reconciling, and Tiffany
  3. It would be cool. She obviously knows Y&R from a behind-the-scenes POV, having worked there and at CBS in different roles.
  4. Thanks Errol. Some of the comments suggest she may replace JG as HW or co-HW. Given her production background, I wonder if she will be eventual showrunner with some episode script-writing as well.
  5. Salt-n-pepper Fox is super foine! But the way they are talking about the character on the show, it sounds like a one-note, moustache-twirling villain is coming to town. Another Ian, as it were. I really fear he will be killed off in some two-week whodunnit, where one of the Abbotts/Newmans did it, but it was 'justified' because he was Evil. yikes Tucker So true about talking about their jobs rather than doing it. I'm assuming they are limited due to budget and social distancing, but we always see them yapping about their boring lives in the Jabot conference
  6. From a momentum POV, I found Tuesday's episode better than Monday's (Abbybot/Devon politely discussing surrogacy was like watching oatmeal congeal in a bowl). At least people are moving around those 4 tiny sets (hotel/Jabot/Crimson Lights/'penthouse')! This was probably JG's soapiest episode this week, even though the stories are pale imitations of what we would view as traditional soapiness. So we've got a vengeful Chelsea trapped in a wheelchair-bound body plotting revenge (reminds me of JFP era). We've got Sharon and Adam making heart eyes at each other at Crimson Lights. We've
  7. Thank goodness. At least the Kardashians back in their heyday offered drama and personality. Rinna keeps trying to make those two eye-rolling mouthbreathers happen. Rinna never had an original idea in her life -- she stays copying what other people (Yolanda, Kris Jenner) originated. SLC: Anyone heard the audio of Jen Shah in a long screaming rant at the designer who did her fashions? It reminded me of some of the showbiz types I worked for as a literary agency assistant back in the day. That kind of verbal excoriation (nicknamed 'the hairdryer' lol) was... not fun.
  8. I'm watching yesterday's episode and *just* made the connection. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Richard Burgi is a fine actor and I am lowkey excited about this. Mind you, I thought the same about Eric Steinberg who played Ji Min Kim on Y&R back in the day... and he was killed off in a sweeps stunt a few months later. I still wish Ji Min had established roots on Y&R. Maybe Burgi's character Ashland Locke will put down roots (that would have been William J. Bell's way, have Ashland's own family eventually coming on the show). However, I suspect he may end up being an abusive ex-lover of someone on canvas (Chelsea?) and therefore 'accidentally' killed by Nick come May sweeps.
  10. Stop. No. Nobody is asking for this. Mary is the gift that keeps on giving. We have Jen Shah, Heather and Lisa fighting for top spot, and LOL over here is Mary stealing the show from under them! She's got a little Kim Richards/Katie Rost about her, and also the church side which is a whoooole other (perhaps unsettling) dimension to her. The thing about Kim/Katie/Mary, though, is that they have this fragility which makes me worried that Bravo is going to gobble them up and spit them out. All seem to have dealt/be dealing with unspoken trauma, includ
  11. I am probably biased, but I find the relationships between a lot of the NJ women authentic? Dolores and Margaret are close outside of the show (one of the more unexpected but welcome friendships IMO, given that the show has essentially separated the cast into Team Teresa and Team Melissa). Melissa, Jackie and Margaret apparently hang off-season too. Dolores is, of course, close with Caroline Manzo and no longer close with Dina. And then we have the husbands who seem to love hanging with each other. Even David is in on some action. Jennifer is a little isolated in Paramus but nevert
  12. Shinee's back @Cheap21 ! Lol kpop has perfected thirst trapping! They want no less than fans for life!
  13. Thank you for this. While Buffy and Angel's stars largely declined to comment, this was a pretty solid article about what it must have been like behind the scenes on both shows.
  14. Weirdly, with D'Andra, I'm not doing the double-take as much? It's almost like my mind has made peace with the fact that every year D'Andra will have copious amounts of plastic surgery to look like a LeeAnne-Mama Dee hybrid. I've had so much work that when I got home yesterday, I started SLC and I wanted to finish the episode so bad! But I was beyond tired and couldn't enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed. So I've left that and NJ for the next couple of days. What picture of Whitney/Heather? You mean filming? I don't think Leah is all that bad but we will
  15. So I'm not finished with the latest NJ and SLC episodes, but is anybody finding Marge's new face a little bit unrecognizable? I'm doing a double-take because some aspect of her face has changed fundamentally and my eyes haven't adapted yet. Admittedly, this isn't as hardcore as the work Dorit had done: In RHONY news, Ramona has been named in a deposition of Don Jr, WHAT ETA: Now it looks like it is actually Jill Zarin, not Ramona, they were referring to in the deposition. Potomac just started filming for a possible Fall 2021
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