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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOC: Tamra mentioned on WWHL that she and Heather Dubrow are still friends and text regularly. I know Andy C hates Heather and (especially) Terry Dubrow, but... I think it's time Heather came back. She brought something different to the show, and she's not afraid to tangle with the others. Plus I'm sure she still resents Kelly. RHOD: @NothinButAttitude RHOD is not as good as last season, right? It's not bad, but there is no progression in the drama. Every week we have LeeAnne and D'Andra bitching about each other, then at an event they attempt to talk it out. But they never resolve anything. I'm ready for the cast trip to Copenhagen. I can't even pinpoint why the D'Andra/LeeAnne fallout is happening (D's jealousy?). Why is D'Andra doing sh*t that makes her look so evil? Even Queen Dee is like "You better stop that mess and concentrate on work, girlie!" LeeAnne is overdoing her indignation, tho. She should take some cues from Grande Dame Karen Huger on how to handle bitches coming for you. Brandi is seriously stalker-obsessed with Stephanie, like you-are-my-soulmate obsessed. Loving the two blondes Stephanie and Kameron bonding. Kameron doing SparkleDog business with her hubby Court was Why, yes, growing a business means working "like a CEO, at a desk 12 hours a day" ! Kameron clearly has no concept of what the word 'job' actually means. Still love that crazy alien, tho!
  2. Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    End of an era. She really helped to invest Daytime with feeling and intelligence, thanks to her authentic acting.
  3. With your bolded statement in mind, I would like to post an interview Tarana Burke has given to Jezebel.com. https://jezebel.com/tarana-burke-on-me-too-12-years-and-1-year-later-keep-1829587201 It seems as good a time as any to hear the founder of Me Too for once, instead of the politicians, starlets, old white dudes attempt to co-opt, re-classify and mansplain what Me Too is all about. She is definitely mindful of some of the worries you have, I think, even if she refers to it as 'the media.' I like how her focus is on the survivors and helping them get to a better place, instead of the media's fascination with the perpetrators, as if they were an entertaining and grotesque character study of 'flawed humanity.' As far as the right and far-right (and maybe this belongs in the Politics Thread)
  4. I think I read that Ashley lives either in Tennessee or Kentucky most of the time now. She was basically iced out of Hollywood because of rumors of her 'poor or difficult attitude.' I don't think she is a warm and fuzzy personality, but I think we all now know why her career, which was so promising in the early-to-mid-90s, disappeared without a trace. As for the Me Too movement, because the Weinstein story blew WAY up and dominated the media space for many months, Hollywood actresses became associated with the movement, and the media focused on their stories with a vengeance, leaving Tarana Burke (purposely?) drowned out. Many actresses (and actors, let us not forget the boys and men also harassed and molested) have very authentic and viable claims against the powerful tormentors who made their lives a misery. However, I got uncomfortable when Hollywood A-listers started organising parties to 'raise awareness' and it was all highly mediatised and 'look at me!' Especially when that loud-mouth dingbat Lena Dunham showed up to be photographed and mingle with A-listers co-opt the credibility of the movement. As far as Rose McGowan is concerned, it is now clear that she has major narcissism issues and loves the cult-like worship this movement initially offered her. She and Argento are more than happy to be the self-proclaimed faces of this movement, largely for the adulation. I don't think they will bring down MeToo because the movement always was and has moved beyond Hollywood. I just hope they go live quiet lives now because I am beyond tired of their intoning self-importantly about themselves.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Lol "THEY'RE JUST HAAAAAANDS." LeeAnne has been completely lovely, a loyal, empathetic friend to D'Andra and doesn't deserve to be treated like this. She shouldn't have gossiped to Cary about D'Andra's finances, though. And I cant hate D'Andra completely, so I will defend her because no-one else will. I still see last year's D'Andra in there. She is in an angry and desperate place right now, lashing out at the one person who cares about her. Plus this SL is the most intense on RHOD at the moment. If Darth D'Andra wasn't around to burn friendships to the ground, we'd have to sit through extra footage of Brandi and her two little terrors! (Having said that, I love that the kids on Dallas are the most natural, normal and unrehearsed of any of the franchises -- no Portia Umanskys here).
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I should clarify that I am talking about Villa Blanca which is LVP's Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was shown a lot the first two seasons. Then LVP opened SUR and later PUMP and the focus shifted to those two establishments. Villa Blanca was site of the lawsuit made against LVP and Ken. They have apparently been trying to sell that restaurant off ever since. Villa ROSA is LVP's house tucked between North and South Beverly Park. I too think it is a beautiful lot. I love the lush entrance and glass doors myself (letting in lots of light) -- it must be the height of luxury to have amazing security so that you CAN have glass doors and leave them unlocked! Love THAT CLOSET (which Kyle has tried and failed to imitate ever since) and her pool. IA about the animal menagerie, it all got a bit too much the last few seasons. But as LVP said, these animals give her love & affection that she craves. I'm sure she wishes her relationships with the HWs was this easy and unconditional. But maybe that has been LVP's problem in the past: thinking of people like pets and dominating the relationship. Sometimes the pet (Brandi) bites you hard. If LVP and Ken ever sold Villa ROSA (their home), either they are in financial trouble, or they are going back to Europe. I can't see them selling this place unless they absolutely have to. To my knowledge, Villa Rosa is NOT on the market currently!
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Hmmm... methinks The Eyepatch doth protest too much! I still like D'Andra, and here's why: She and her mother are the most compelling character studies. As somebody who has worked in a family business, D'Andra reminds me of where I was 10 years ago. She wants to break free and control her own career, but she can't. Because her self-confidence is totally shot. Dee has her thinking that without her family's money/support/name, D'Andra will fail at everything in life. Her career, her marriage. Dee is not ready to cut the umbilical cord and has now offered up "100%" of the company to keep D'Andra close. Unfortunately, this is not going to help D'Andra's self-esteem issues. She has to prove to herself that she IS strong enough to go it alone and face failure and learn from it. As a result of all this, D'Andra is projecting her self-hatred on her twin sister/mirror image -- LeeAnne. It's hard to see this friendship break up in real time because this was a true sisterhood. But right now, D'Andra cannot deal with LeeAnne finding happiness in her own life while she wallows in self-doubt. And she is desperately afraid that LeeAnne has exposed to the world that without her mother's money, D'Andra is penniless. So she is attacking LeeAnne's happiness (Rich). For some reason, D'Andra was also deeply hurt by LeeAnne saying she wasn't crazy about children at Kameron's painting party. It may be the first issue on which these two women have totally opposing views. D'Andra deeply regrets never having had a child of her own. Changing the subject, I heard somewhere Kameron described as an alien who has come to earth and is trying to learn the customs of us earthlings. Now I cannot unsee it whenever I see her onscreen. I do love Kameron so much this season. She is becoming one of my faves.
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Agreed. LVP, Kyle and Rinna absolutely should have owned it openly and without shame. After Yo got her leaky implants removed and a lump-sum divorce deal on the table with David, that 'chronic Lyme' cleared up mighty quickly. She was holding out for more money. As she had done with Mohammed (couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow, apparently he was cheating on her with every escort girl in LA). And that is probably why LVP didn't believe Yo one bit -- she'd seen it first-hand the first time around. LVP, Rinna and Kyle second-guessed audience reaction and guessed wrongly. As it turned out, the audience already had their doubts and are VERY well-informed on chronic illnesses, some of them having suffered themselves. Yolanda's story did not ring true to them. But LVP, Rinna and Kyle are deathly afraid of audience backlash. LVP's sweet spot is being BH's beloved heroine. She desperately wants to be admired and loved by her employees as Lady Bountiful, by her friends, and by the viewers, and she is deeply hurt by rejection. It is her Achilles heel. For whatever reason to do with her childhood, this unquestioning love and admiration makes her feel safe. Anyway, she couldn't bear to lose even a few fans over this, so she backtracked and covered up and... the cover-up was so much worse. They are all trying to control the narrative and grab that beloved-heroine status. As I've said before, it is killing the show. Rinna especially has made it her mission to target a weak link every season. You best believe that won't stop once LVP is gone. Kyle is definitely next in her sights, and so is Dorit. I wish LVP would walk out mid-season with a dramatic hair toss and pay those bitches dust. I'd like to think that after the loss of her brother, she has come to a realisation that all that glitters is not gold, and taken stock of the things that truly matter in her life. She does not need these women's love/approval/dubious loyalty for her life to be happy. My worry is that after the lawsuit and the Todds' inability to sell Villa Blanca, LVP needs the Bravo cheque to cover damages and litigation.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    The site won't let me access it, because I am in foreign lands and therefore not to be trusted. But if this is anything like yesterday's TT post http://tamaratattles.com/2018/10/04/what-is-wrong-with-these-pictures/ ...then I think I know what this is about. (Don't know what the Kyle-Ken screaming match is about tho). LVP is being iced out, or she has chosen to ice herself out. RHOBH is a Jenner-Kardashian wannabe hybrid, and The Lost Collins Sister doesn't fit that template anymore. LVP is better off doing VPR and having her own mini-show tbh. The mini-show could follow Lisa & Ken on their travels to London and the South of France. Back in the early days of BH, they went to the SoF to visit Ken's son (her stepson) and his wife. There was some contention about the relationship because the wife had been LVP's peer age-wise and Ken's son was much younger. LVP laid the dynamics out there. It made for an interesting, rather moving, trip (as well as a glamorous one). This is LVP's natural stomping ground. There is something wonderfully 80s about Lisa, from her looks (Lost Collins Sister meets Scarlett O'Hara) to her Alexis Colbyesque aura, to her connection with the go-go 80s London nightclub world. Sir Alan Sugar, Dame Joan Collins! -- there are lot of big names that could show up if the Todds wanted to tug on their UK connections. I would rather see her dip a toe in that Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous world than attempt another SoulCycle class. As for the rest of these BH HWs -- let them ape the rapidly-declining KUWTK in their bid for relevancy. I am willing to enjoy this new grouping for what it is -- ex-actresses in a second tier reality show which E! churns out and then cancels with alacrity. BH won't be the way it was in the first few seasons. Rinna and Erika have seen to that. The show has evolved and LVP is not part of that evolution. If Bravo really wants to give the franchise heft, they would hire Naomi Campbell (who has a place in LA) to be Queen Bitch of BH. She would be SUPERB.
  10. Sigh... does this guy know anything about Y&R? Its history, its characters, its DNA? For that matter, does Mal? The UK soaps Daran Little wrote for obviously have great characters and stories which are embedded in his consciousness from growing up here. But I doubt he has that connection with Y&R. These shows keep hiring failures from other shows or complete strangers, like they are automated writer-bots that will churn something out according to a pre-programmed template. It is this generic writing-by-numbers which has killed the Daytime genre in the US.
  11. Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    Right? CBS's Friday line-up and NBC's Saturday schedule were literally appointment TV. I remember my parents ordering pizza instead of cooking on Saturdays so they could relax and enjoy the Golden Girls at al. In the early 90s, NBC put Sisters on Saturday nights at 10pm, and that was a surprise breakout show for the network in that timeslot. Thank you @Paul Raven for starting this topic. It really takes me back to some happy memories in my childhood. I never realised this but another show I adored, Murder, She Wrote, was the #1 show on CBS at the time. Starring a 60-something female, no less!
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Ahh got it. Sorry, I misread what you were saying. Seriously, this season would be so good seeing preggers Kenya and Porsha bonding, giving each other advice, talking about the hopes they have for their babies, etc. I would watch that. I don't know why she isn't a HW either. Danielle brings it. Why does Bravo feel it must absolutely edit out most of the marriage stuff? This is drama, and organic drama at that. And it is very Danielle. I'd rather watch that than the Gorga family restaurant. Sad that the burgeoning Danielle-Margaret friendship did not work out. Sounds like Margaret talked about Danielle's marriage. So once again I have to ask: why is Danielle not a HW?? ETA: She is right about Jaqueline.
  13. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Oh wow this is news to me. I thought Kenya and Kandi have been tight for years, especially when Kandi started to pull away from Phaedra. But yeah I totally agree. More than any other season, Kenya needs to be there. Her story has come full circle and fits perfectly with Porsha, Eva and Shamea's pregnancies, too. I really like that Kenya has kept in contact with the other HWs, and I'm especially happily shocked by the pic with Porsha. I honestly never thought I would see that, not after all these years of animosity.
  14. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Hey @Mr. Vixen ! Glad to have you back! Missed reading your posts tbh. About Potomac, I don't think Ashley is delusional. She has always been very clear headed. I do think she is an opportunist and her reaction is pure Trumpian spin. She's basically putting fake news out there to confuse and diffuse the issue. I hope Bravo put out every scrap of relevant footage out there! She's always claimed to put it all out there.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I liked OC too @DaytimeFan . Shannon was sweetly terrified at QVC, but it was great that this story anchored the episode. We saw them prepare the QVC segment from start to finish (that stuff is fascinating to me). The best part? All the ladies were so supportive of Shannon's gig, either going with her for moral support or hosting a viewing party back in California. Kelly looked especially happy for Shannon. She really came across well this episode. Vicki and Kelly prank-calling QVC and getting hung up on -- twice -- was funny too. Budget Jeana and Stevie Nicks still not doing much for me, but I can live with it. The relationships of the core four are where it's at, and I think the trip will deliver. Shannon's blue jacket was a gorgeous color on her. She needed a better blouse/top, though.