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  1. Apologies -- don't mean to invoke her name! The show has never gotten over her disastrous tenure, and her fingerprints are still all over the joint -- and now we have Stitch popping back in. Am cringing at the thought of scenes between him and the Abbybot.
  2. omg those Soap Opera Spirit awards Let's give everyone a medal for participating! Ron Carlivati wins Best HW 5 years in a row!
  3. Is JFP returning also? He is the embodiment of her godforsaken era at Y&R. She loves a bland, generic-looking leading man.
  4. In Erika news (apologies, I feel like I'm always the one mentioning Erika around here, please tell me if it's too much) -- After showing up at the gas station yesterday for a totally unstaged, unplanned, spontaneous pap shoot, Erika decided to jump on Twitter and toy with viewers. Erika = the human embodiment of Melania's I REALLY DON'T CARE DO U? jacket. She's trying so hard to deflect. But, hey, let's play. Who do you think is the snake? LVP? Mikey Minden? Justice Tricia Bigelow? Danielle Staub? Terri DiMarco?
  5. That's random. You think they needed a break to retool/re-edit?
  6. Vinny threw himself in front of Liam's car because he was in love with Thomas? Or because he wanted Thomas & Hope together? IDGI. Please tell me this isn't what Brad calls his 'gay SL' ?
  7. Cynthia really opened her life to the cameras -- and that included the stuff she probably wished was private. The loss of her funds which she put into Peter's restaurant; the fact that her mom and sister tried to obstruct the wedding; the other women criticizing Peter being in 'women's business.' Rumors of Peter's infidelity! She really showed the good with the bad, and the fact that others put conditions on what can and cannot be shown (Porsha), and then in the next breath fans are like "uhhh Cynthia is boring" ? Like I said before, we need balance and complementary personalities. Cynthia is
  8. No offense to KKL who is still a fine-looking lady, but Naomi Matsuda looks so beautiful, elegant and glowy in the press shot! I would love if B&B actually wrote for an Asian-American character like an actual, you know, human being, but Brad doesn't even do that for his existing cast, so that may be too much to ask. As for Ted King, he has always exuded a very sexy and cerebral presence. Honestly, he was too good for the second-fiddle role they gave him on GH, so I'm not sure if I want to see his character play second fiddle to Bill and Ridge (which he will inevitably do).
  9. I applaud CLB and others for coming out, because even in this day and age, that takes courage. It's not like we didn't 'know,' of course, and it makes me sad that CLB doesn't hold his husband's hand in public. I am confident that CLB's general popularity among Y&R fans will mean he will get a lot of support on his social media. As for Susan Flannery, it is entirely up to her whether she decides to come out publicly or not. She's got to do what's comfortable for her. She seems a private person generally.
  10. Gizelle's 'villainess' role reminds me a little of Kenya on RHOA. Interestingly, fans aren't calling for her to leave the show, even if they might hate what she's doing or are Team Monique (fans being more savvy than Bravo gives them credit). This is in contrast to HWs like Erika Girardi on BH or Leah McSweeney on NY, where the calls to get rid of them are deafening. I have to agree with you. I've always had a soft spot for the nice ones, lol. We've been with Cynthia since before her first marriage (what a great season that was -- early season Cynthia was very watchable a
  11. Only D'Andra and Tiffany should return, IMO, though I would entertain Cary Deuber coming back and even -- sigh -- LeeAnne. As for production companies, as @Liberty City said, I think some of RHOD's troubles in building up a fanbase has been because of its production team. Would love if Carlos King and an experienced team would take the show over. I say Carlos King because he ran another southern franchise, ATL, back in the day. He also did New Jersey's first season, which was epic. He understands personalities that have spark, capturing the essence of a place and weaving interestin
  12. DListed used to refer to Kourtney as The Slow One, a name that lives rent-free in my mind! You hit the nail on the head regarding TSO. For someone who claims to be a clean-living, children-first, wellness aficionado, her lack of emotional growth over 15 years is astounding. I would say she has regressed. When she had the Dash store, Kourtney seemed to be level-headed and invested, but when life became easy and boring and lounging around those big, empty mansions, Kourtney's reason for living became Snapchat and harping on the ultra-petty. Even having her kids didn't give her additi
  13. Oh she thinks she's Lady Gaga. You know who her 'real voice' reminded me of? Mikey Minden. I watched her TED Talk for some context -- the subject is embracing personas and the 'real' you. Which is ironic, because TEDTalkErika was meant to be the 'real Erika' talking about her stage persona Erika Jayne / wife persona Erika Girardi, but TEDTalkErika felt like a stage persona as well. IMO Erika harbors a lot of self-loathing which she covers up with bragging. She'd rather play a one-dimensional showgirl archetype than herself. No wonder the Erika we've known on BH alway
  14. I remember this from back in the day. NB dined out on this story for a long time -- he made people try and guess who it was for days. Not sure what set DD off in the end (if indeed he did assault Branco), but there was some implication that DD interpreted NB asking if CLB should have won the Best Supporting Actor Emmy instead of him. This was back when the Baldwin Fishers were the big thing on Y&R and CLB was popular and somewhat pushed by TPTB.
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