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  1. What's sweet is that their two daughters got really close in the off season too.
  2. Jackie is going for Dolores because she can't go after Teresa. T shut her down with that fangirl photo from Jackie's dark past as a Tre Hugger (lmaaaaaaao). Plus Melissa can't badmouth Teresa on camera with her new bestie like we know she is doing in private. So that convo isn't happening. I'm just surprised Jackie isn't going after Jennifuh.
  3. @NothinButAttitude Rinna sounds pissed that she might actually have to work for her paycheck, instead of merely sitting back and throwing digs from her VTs as she has been doing the last two seasons. She might even --gasp-- have to host her own fancy event! Instead of piggy-backing on others' and making a scene because Kim was invited! It is a really different Rinna from earlier seasons. She always had a gameplan (and by gameplan, I mean targeting someone for relevancy). But she had a sense of humor too. Now she is all about the wigs and costumes, and there is a lot of bitterness/meanness underpinning her interviews. She has basically morphed into the humorless Erika (Rinna closely copying both her friends and her enemies is a post for another time -- there is not much originality left in her game). THAT is why the show is a bore, folks. And they say LVP holds a grudge? It's been about 5 years and Rinna still nurtures her beef with Kim and LVP! It's like she cannot rest until they are publicly obliterated. I guarantee both women will be mentioned multiple times by her during S10.
  4. I'M NOT A CAHN WOMAN! I WAS CAHNNED! Seriously Vicki is the gift that keeps on giving this trip. And Kelly keeps saying "You know what happens to liars? They get sued!" What about people who threaten violence?
  5. Plus Bravo juxtaposed it with this classic.
  6. In our current economic landscape, one 'asset' I have noticed among a few unscrupulous multi-millionaires is not so much their ability to sniff out a good deal (clearly not in Mo's case --that property was built on a precipice!), but rather their ability to 'mitigate costs.' And by that I mean work the system so that somebody else covers the loss. That is where 'filing for bankruptcy' comes in. He could pay $5mn for this, but doesn't want to. Spare a thought for poor Gigi and Bella this Christmas, tho!
  7. Yep, if I were Nene, I would be worried right about know. She is costing Bravo over $1 million per episode, and refuses to film with all but a 1 or 2 people who won't contradict her. Contrast that with Cynthia's BBQ and a roomful of 12 women -- HWs and FOHs -- who were shading each other while also laughing and commiserating together. Probably the best bit was everybody owning up to some of their truest insecurities -- something I could never see the current incarnation of Nene doing on camera.
  8. Don't get me wrong, Leeanne is legitimately mad at Kary for trying to humiliate her. But I think she is unsure whether Kary formulated this plan or if D'Andra did and Kary was the enthusiastic cheerleader. She has already basically cut D'Andra out of her life, otherwise she would have invited her to the wedding. TBH, if Dallas comes back next season (which it should IMO), I wonder if D'Andra will even be asked back. Kary definitely won't. She is not popular among viewers at all. I would be sorry to see D'Andra go, for the simple reason that her story with Mama Dee is compelling, not to mention she is a hot mess! She is like a teenager emotionally in her inability to get up for work. Her reliance on mommy's money. Her sense of entitlement. Her irrational jealousy of the queen bee. The way she simultaneously rejects and yearns for Leeanne's friendship. That is some toxic high school ish right there. Re: Marlo, ITA she lost her fashion touch in S9-11. She get mired in some sexy/trashy theme dressing, and it made her look cheap/all about logos (i.e.: Erika Jayne/Dorit style dressing). Also, it didn't help that we learned nothing about Marlo the person. She was only there to stir the pot and say awful things about Kenya. It made her look bad, and I for one am pleased to see a different side to her because she actually sounds like she her a wise head on her shoulders. Having her interact with Kandi and Cynthia has helped. And she is back to dressing flatteringly for herself. Shiva left Mohamed??? I never knew that. Shocked but not shocked. She saw the writing on the wall. Yolanda also got a new man this summer, a 'wealthy businessman,' so she does not have to rely on Mo's handouts for a little while. Oh, definitely declaring bankruptcy of his real estate company was a financial decision -- he did not want to shoulder the full write-off of tearing that ridiculous house down, so that's why he filed. And I suspect Mohamed won't be moving out of his own mansion anytime soon to pay for this.
  9. Mohammed Hadid has filed for bankruptcy: https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/29/mohamed-hadids-company-files-bankruptcy-judge-orders-mansion-demolition-11239010/
  10. @Taoboi dont apologise! Management did you wrong, rewarding this idiot for bullying behaviour and mediocrity, basically! I can see why the episode was triggering for you, and I am so glad you are moving on to bigger and better things where you can be appreciated for the work you do, full-stop. Your story reminded me of back in the day doing the groundwork on a project, shaping it into a proposal... only for it to be given to one of the good ole boys to stick his name on it! My next project was running to the pharmacy to get some bunion cream for my boss's chronic bunion problem! Because that's all women are good for, right? I was seething, but I stuck with that job for many months longer because at the time I didn't really have the confidence in my own skill set. I am looking forward to this week's Dallas epi. IA that Leeanne can be very clear and focused in explaining herself, but I think Kary and D'Andra's very obviously planned takedown pushed her over the edge. Will wait to see if she doubles down on her words or recognises what she said in the cold light of day. Also, I think it's interesting that her anger is targeted at Kary. It's almost as if her longtime ex-BFF D'Andra does not exist. Now, re ATL and Eva! No, you are not seeing Eva the Diva again (and believe me, I watched ANTM back in the day). You are seeing Eva the Cowardly Lion who cannot even confront Marlo on what she said. What kind of RH is that?? Btw, my breakout star thus far on ATL has, I hate to admit it, been Marlo. She is a voice of reason with Nene and doesn't back down when Nene tries to blowhorn her down.
  11. RHONJ seems to be ticking along nicely. Margaret coming right out and talking about her lawsuit / declaring bankruptcy basically shows all the other franchises how it's done. Be open and matter-of-fact right away. Why am i enjoying messy Jennifuh? Because she has a sense of humor about herself. I am warming to Jackie at times, but she has zero sense of humor about herself. She is fine laughing at someone else, but anything directed at her and the joke is over. A lot of this must be tied up with how tightly wound she is, as Dolores pointed out. Also she is trying to be the Dorit Fashionista of Jersey which is LOL. It is crazy how poorly Teresa comes across on the show. I just saw clips of her BravoCon events and, wow, the audience adores her. She talks directly to them. She is charming, funny, open, chatty and expresses herself so confidently.
  12. I want Tamra to get her comeuppance this season, but when she said Kelly is only as smart as the last person she spoke to... 😀 When you're right, you're right! Kelly is dumb as [!@#$%^&*]. And a thug. I hate that she is suing people to intimidate them into silence. I don't know how she can possibly stay on RHOC if she is suing Shannon and Tamra. Why isn't Bravo shutting these suits down? Vicki got the smackdown, but Candiace and now this sniffle-nosed idiot can sue their co-stars at will?
  13. This pushing-50 punk. Posting that pic from 12 fuckin years ago, complete with Bush-era frat-douche hair and $35 pleather! Dude we know you've aged a bit since then. Look at him name-check Kristoff in order to get the clicks and Winters fans support. Kristoff said a lot of meaningful things over the years, about mental heath, racism, his community and his illustrious career. DG of course gravitates to some nothingburger, bland statement that anybody could have coughed up. A statement as bland as DG's acting choices! Wanna know what Kristoff would say about somebody who refuses to film with a longtime, beloved vet they consider beneath them? He would have taken that twit aside and excoriated him for his arrogance and lack of professionalism. And now the rumor is he refused to film his final scenes? Who does he think he is, Eric Braeden? Time to start practicing "Would you like fries with that?" in front of the mirror.
  14. We have not even seen him on the show yet! Potomac cannot start soon enough! Monique's daughter Milani is totally her mini-me. I think she is adorable and quietly steals the show when she is in a scene with her family.
  15. There was a lot about MAB's tenure which was watchable. After the damage wrought by LML, MAB's first year in charge was IMO pretty solid. She brought back the background music and signature Y&R style that LML phased out. She also tried to write some exciting SLs after LML's borefest. You could tell the character of Phyllis interested her. I will always remember one scene where Phyllis found out about Sharon and Nick's affair. She broke into Sharon's hotel room, scrawled "I hate you" on Sharon's mirror, then looked at herself in the mirror and saying aloud "I hate you too." However, [!@#$%^&*] went haywire. MAB started running out of ideas, and she panicked and started looking to TV and film for ideas. Her pastiches were very obvious and not well done. She relied too heavily on shocking deaths (Diane, Colleen's HEART!!!!!!), doppelgangers and stunt Primetime casting. One of the worst messes (besides killing off Colleen to provide Victor Newman with a heart transplant) was bringing back Philip III alive -- and writing such a horrendous mess of nothingness that they hastily bundled Philip offscreen, never to be seen again. For me, a longtime viewer of Y&R, this was sacrilege. Philip III was a *HUGE* part of Y&R back in the mid-80s. Amazingly flawed, vulnerable, soft-hearted and shy, this was a male legacy character unlike any I had ever seen on soaps. The decision to kill him off impacted the canvas dramatically back in the day. To make the decision to bring him back without a really good story in place was torture to watch. People cheered when she got fired, I did too, but now I look back on her Y&R with a little nostalgia. It was rarely boring!
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