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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. BH My esteem for Camille went down a couple of notches when she made fun of LVP's 'bad teeth and breath'. Camille is not really that close with LVP. Despite S1, Camille and Kyle are now pretty close friends. Also, Camille supported Adrienne in S3, and did that whole "No, you dont own Sur" thing that failed. I appreciate that Camille has always formed her own opinion about people, however, which is why the mean girl behaviour this episode surprised me. Maybe Camille wanted to fit in with the group, distract them from what she probably senses is Rinna's growing animosity towards her. Rinna, knowing that Puppygate has not panned out as planned, is looking for a new target. And currently that is Camille and her dislike of Dorit. (What is it with everybody this season defending poor, lying Dorit??). Of course Camille plays into Rinna's hands next week with her defence if Kavanaugh. A stupid move, and you know her BFF Kyle won't lift a finger to help.
  2. For somebody who prides herself on having brains, Bethenny looked a damn fool opening her big mouth and spilling the beans on her BFFs Kyle and Rinna. She exposed them knowing BH is the one show where everybody pretends to be the innocent victim! Her wannabe-Sopranos language about LVP ("if they're trying to put her in the ground, and there is one finger moving, you better make sure she's dead, and she ain't") was ugly, violent and misogynistic. She wanted to sound boss but looked ridiculous It's a TV reality show for heaven's sake, not a mob shootout. This really highlights how much Bethenny, Kyle and Rinna despise LVP. They think she is blocking them from being the most beloved HWs in the history of RH and needs to be erased. Girls, it's not LVP -- she seems ready to quit BH anyway -- the problem is YOU ! ETA: I wonder if Bethenny blurted all this out because she wanted to kill the LVP-Kyle friendship and any chance of their reuniting once and for all.
  3. Your hard work is appreciated Errol! Thank you for keeping this place ticking along. It is a home away from home!
  4. @Vee it's not just you. I hope it gets fixed soon. I am having SON withdrawal symptoms. 

    1. dragonflies


      So glad it's back up. Serious withdrawls here lol

  5. Just leaving this here in advance of tonight's 'scintillating' BH episode. We could be talking about this RL drama, but no. Instead we will get hours of glam-squading before these hoes sit down to stare at each other's greasily-contoured faces. Dale is amazing. I love her gorgeous, Southern, velvety-glove-hiding-a-fist-of-steel speaking voice. She looks so vibrant and naughty. I think she could definitely play the game with these RHONY women. And I couldn't tell if Ramona purposely ignored her, or if she can barely make out faces in her permanent Pinot buzz. I saw on Twitter something trending about asking Andy to have Dale and Mama Dee on WWHL as guests together. I think that would be fabulous! BTW, I just finished re-watching S3 of Dallas. The first 8 episodes could have been condensed into 3, but after that it was FIRE. I really hope the cast returns intact this season, including my three faves Kameron, Cary and D'Andra (which... I know. Weird mix. The last two are highly controversial. D'Andra was a neurotic, jealous, Freudian mess last year but I can't help but find her fascinating). And yeah, Mama Dee's pot-stirring Tammy Faye Bakker ass needs to be there, too! And Sonja is LOVE this season. She has finally come into her own.
  6. Omg!! Congratulations!! You MUST report back on all the tea she spills! Money cant buy you claaaa ASS! Elegance is learned. MAH FRIEND!
  7. IA. I felt warm and happy after watching this episode (BETHENNY CROYING ). I don't think I have ever seen Sonja this down-to-earth, carefree and comfortable with herself. Next week should be an interesting counterpoint to that. I never know whether Bethenny's grief is performative or whether she can only truly express sadness by leaning into it and feeling all the feels. One thing is for sure: Bethenny is a serial dater. She cannot be without a guy in her life, even while she mourns another. I don't think I have ever known her to be fully single on RHONY. Um, is Tinsley contract-stipulated to have Dale show up at least once an episode?! Not that I mind --- Dale is so thirsty this season but I love her presence anyway! She even silently suffered through Ramona blanking her just for some camera-time! Seeing her interact with Sonja and Dorinda makes me feel she would be a better fit on this show than Tinsley herself. Having said that, Tins had a pretty decent episode by her meh-ish standards. Good to now about the jaw botox! I grind my teeth in my sleep when I'm stressed. Melinda omg Dorinda's country twin! Crazy how they sound exactly alike too. I absolutely loved her. She is definitely the real deal. I am back to loving Dorinda again after this episode. The crazy decorations. The willingness to pander to the Countess's demands. Dorinda really wants their friendship back again and it broke my heart a little to see Luann so uppity. She threw away a lot of audience goodwill this episode.
  8. Wow. What a genius move. Taylor would be perfect for the OC! She's got the neuroses but she's no pushover either. Neither Tamra nor Shannon would be able to manipulate or intimidate her. She is the original grifter, TayShanna, after all! And she has friends in high Calabasan places (Linda Thompson, for example). P.s.: OC only started filming a month ago so there is definitely time to add a new HW. What have they got to lose? Last season was slow as molasses until they hit Jamaica.
  9. I liked the chemistry between MM and GT for sure, though I wasnt sure whether I could buy their friendship, given that they were two females who gravitated towards men and seemed to distrust most women! Nevertheless, it did reveal an added layer to Phyllis nurturing this friendship. And nurturing is not a word I would usually associate with her! That's a really good observation. And that "with it," boss personality is somebody I would probably enjoy watching more. Soaps already have a surfeit of loons.
  10. This. Not every character has to be related to a clan. Ironic as it sounds, given William J Bell's penchant for semi-incestuous relationships, he was fine on Y&R with standalone characters rolling into town. Victor was a standalone character back in the day. Brad Carlton too.
  11. I'd keep Arturo over Kevin tbh.
  12. This has been an absolutely epic thread, I've been devouring it day by day like a bowl of popcorn! I dont know quite how to react to the news. Michelle Stafford was like the Maurice Benard of Y&R at one point. She ate up the show onscreen and off. I never thought Gina Tognoni was quite Phyllis (though when she started, she purposely aped some of MS's own ticks and did it credibly). I think it's because Phyllis morphed from being a character created by Bill Bell to an extension of MS's own heightened persona. So it makes sense that she's coming back. She is really the only one who can embody her. Tbh Phyllis the character could depart Genoa City tomorrow and for me it would be a case of out of sight, out of mind.
  13. WHY?? Nobody has missed his presence on the canvas, and absolutely nobody is clamouring for his return. Unlike say oh Mishael Morgan! Followed by Eileen Davidson. Are Michael and Lauren even main cast anymore? No reason to bring on another Fisher Baldwin when the family is barely existent as is.
  14. My feelings exactly. When Dorit was pretend-crying at the lunch, I literally cringed. There is not a sincere bone in that woman's body. Everything is so performative and false -- including this entire dog 'storyline.' The one question nobody is asking is, why would LVP jeopardize her longstanding friendship with PK just to make this a thing? It makes no sense. And speaking of performative, when Kyle posed her fuschia-pink Birkin on LVP's countertop -- so the cameras could get a good look at it -- all I could think was, is this one of the Birkin bags LVP gifted Kyle after the burglary? I have never seen LVP so angry on this show, not even when Brandi turned on her. Kyle was very proud of herself for confronting LVP -- she is too dumb to see how Rinna and the others pumped her up to go over to Villa Rosa and prove her worth to them. Ken's vibrating "Goodbye, Kyle" was a perfect meme for this season. The once-fabulous essence of the show has been destroyed. Most of the women clearly dont care for each other. At least we can understand the heat of anger between Dorinda and Luann on NY. It is real. These BH chicks' interactions with each other are so contrived and impersonal. I wouldn't be shocked if Rinna whispered this story to ROL, as a Plan B when the initial takedown failed. We are at episode 8. What else are these fools going to offer us for another 10 episodes? Camille's wedding, the fires, and the France trip could easily have been edited down to 5 shows. I dont know if I can bear 10 episodes of snarling about LVP or Rinna talking over her daughter with bulimia in order to deflect from her exercising 5 hours a day and not eating solids! Honestly, I would love it if LVP started hanging out with Nicollette Sheridan, Joan Collins and Naomi Campbell. The Brit Babes coming for Rinna, Erika, Kyle, Teddi and Dorit's jobs!
  15. Nene is literally self imploding all over social media. I think she sees the writing on the wall (that Bravo is lukewarm about keeping her on the show) and she is panicking. The network is sniffing around a different demo and wants to get rid of some of its OG's this year. We saw how Vicki was treated when OC filming started a few weeks back. The LVP takedown could also be production mandated. I was sad to see so little Karen in the Potomac trailer. Nene has the biggest per-episode salary of any of the OGs, apparently. Given that fans have stopped clamouring for her, Bravo might be looking to offload that particular expense. Nene's downfall is largely by her own hand, though. Verbally abusing an audience member. Let go from some TV projects for her attitude. Her irrational jealousy of anybody who she feels is stealing her spotlight. The way she has treated Greg is appalling. I wonder if she has looked in the mirror and admitted to herself that she triggered this backlash. Not Porsha, not Kenya, not Kandi nor Cynthia.
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