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  1. This is an incredible interview. Thank you for posting it! I love that we not only have behind-the-scenes technical talk, but also talk about acting and the creative process -- not to mention Larry Auerbach was doing this since 1951! A couple of things stood out for me. First was Auerbach mentioning the shift in creative control from director to producer (I assume he means EP). I agree, and think it has brought down the quality of actibg in soaps. EPs may have a particular global vision, but directors work face-to-face with the actors and the script, and that gets lost in translation when you are an EP calling the shots from the control room and barking commands over a PA system. This was great: ROSE: For both of you ... was acting always your priority as a director? AUERBACH: It always was and always should be. PRESSMAN: What's missing now is that you really should be able to do a show with only two or three very good performers, a good script, and just black velour for the backdrop. Yes please! Watching old soaps on YT, I really love how drawn in I am into the emotion and the dialogue and drama when there is absolutely NOTHING to distract in the scene but two actors.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    +1. They sold their own family out for fame. And production was only too happy to facilitate that for 5 years. I couldn't even watch the twins season.
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Plus Mexico got whacked with two earthquakes! *prayer circle for Morocco* In answer to your last question, I think this is make or break season for NJ. If ProstitutionWhore! can't make the drama work on that show, no-one can.
  4. September GH Thread

    Carly lol sorry. LW called herself that in interview once because of a snaggletooth on her lower teeth. I can't unsee it now whenever she has an 'angry' scene.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Yeah, I appreciate them filming together and going out to dinner and the trips. Hello, Boutique! I appreciate that social aspect because it captures the Manhattan whirl very well. I just don't like it when Bethenny is braying at everybody about what they can drink, when they should eat, you f*ck everybody!, do this, do that, lol. I don't think it will become Nene's RHoA because I don't think the producers want it to become the Nene Show! They don't want to be constantly dealing with her diva demands. Also Kandi will have something to say about that, and so will Kenya. Given that the EP does Don't Be Tardy and is allegedly boning the Zolciak Mini-Me, I'd be worried about Kenya getting a bad edit this season when it comes to Kim vs Kenya. Porsha is, in the words of Drucilla on Y&R, "lint." I miss NY Heather too. She did try to slut-shame the Countess in Turks & Caicos (I just realised that so many RHoNY vacation locations have been destroyed by recent hurricanes -- St Barts also) but she was strong, positive, smart, had an interesting life and career, real stuff going on, and the fact that she and Bethenny didn't quite fit made for an interesting dynamic that season. Lydia is basically doing what the OC producers tell her in order to stir the pot. She and Doug must really need the money imo.
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Bethenny Frankel's RHONYC. Starring Bethenny Frankel. And some other people. Produced and directed by Bethenny Frankel. Sponsored by Bethenny Frankel... and Skinnygirl. Yeah, it bugs me that this is no longer a true ensemble. Plus all the other women have to kiss up to Bethenny in order to keep their job.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    While we are on the subject, Sheree should be parked on the side too. She was gone even longer! I have a feeling they arranged the lineup according to dress color/length combinations, with perhaps only Nene contractually insisting on that center spot. I know she's been away a couple of seasons and doesn't really deserve it, but Bethenny on NYC was away too and, if I recall correctly, immediately got center space in a lot of the cast lineups when she came back.
  8. So... I wonder if Tamara Braun will play Nelle's mother? The actress who plays Nelle has moments when she looks like a young TB/Sarah Brown.
  9. September GH Thread

    lol Ben Stiller was out-blue-steeled by Burton on Tuesday's episode. Not that I mind some of the campy elements in GH. I'm just surprised they didn't continue with Burton on Wednesday. Instead, it was Snaggletoof barking at her son and Professor Bridget Forrester talking about Jane Austen...? It's been a while since I watched GH continuously, so I wasn't expecting zero mention of the events of the day before! Is Valentin the new Sonny? All the female characters seem to be bending over backwards talking about what a fine upstanding human he is. She was decent! I mean, I'm always happy to see people like JT and FH share the same set space.
  10. Goop has just launched $30 'Psychic Vampire Repellent' on her site. Made from “sonically tuned water” (wtf), this 3.4oz “protection mist” is intended to “banish bad vibes” and “shield you from the people who may be causing them.” 

    Can GP just go away already? She and her brand are laughingstocks at this point. 

    1. DaytimeFan


      Ingredients: Sonically tuned water, rosewater, grain alcohol, sea salt, therapeutic grade oils of: rosemary, juniper and lavender; a unique and complex blend of gem elixirs, including but not limited to: black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, ruby, labradorite, bloodstone, aqua aura, black onyx, garnet, pyrite and nuummite; reiki, sound waves, moonlight, love, reiki charged crystals


      What a load of sh*t. Paltrow needs to DO ONE as they'd say in England. 


    2. Cat


      "reiki, sound waves, moonlight, love" -- um do these things actually exist in solid/liquid form???


      She is a total fraud, fronting as some kind of feminist wellness goddess asking questions of Western medical science. In reality, she is preying upon (mostly women's) insecurities about their bodies, while projecting her own unhealthy relationship with food on her target consumers. Perhaps we need to use the psychic vampire repellent on her!

  11. September GH Thread

    No posts about Stone Cold's return?? Did no one see Steve Burton's amazing acting hands tap out "save me" in morse code? I kid, I'm actually looking forward to his return. I also like Maura West and her Pyrex mask, even though the idea of Ava confiding in a dangerous masked guy she just met in Russia is effing ridiculous. Other than that... Anna is still fabulous, and Cassie Winslow's lion mane continues to out-growl everybody off the screen. Nina must be the most dickmatized woman on the show. "Oh Valentin, you are so strong! So brave! So kind!" We get it, you want to hop on the Cassadine love stick. Michelle Stafford must be wondering if Y&R is any better than this dialogue. Sweetie, it isn't.
  12. My Tamara Braun is coming back?? The last time I liked Carly was under her watch -- she had chemistry with everybody. Too bad this is stunt casting upon which Frank Valentini has built his entire Daytime career. Stunt casting to distract us from the fact that the EP and HW should probably be stunt-casted right off the show.
  13. Married to Medicine

    Count me in as one of the people who feels that Mariah has got majorly shafted since S2. She CARRIED this show on her back the first two seasons and was the reason I tuned in! I don't know which producer told Quad she was fabulous enough to carry the show, but that person needs to be fired for false advertising! Quad will always be a Melissa Gorga to me -- a jealous second-tier wannabe who threw her close friend under the bus in the misbegotten belief that the audience are actually interested in her. I also can't stand her fakery and "OOO Miss Simone honey chile" stuff which is indicative of someone who adooooores the sound of her own voice. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone do bring it in their rational, careful way, and I find their RL drama the most emotionally real. But you need a real drama queen to balance that rationality out. Neither Heavenly nor Quad are that drama queen imo... but Mariah Huq is.
  14. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    IA they could and should have done better with a location. Like a gorgeous, wisteria-laden white porch in Buckhead, for example. So that we know we are in Atlanta, in the south! This shot could have been taken at the Pittsburgh Crate & Barrel for all we know. I can only assume that if Kenya is not center next to Nene, either Nene complained and insisted Cynthia come over, or the color scheme of the dresses necessitated it. Or Cynthia really does have a full SL this season and deserves a front-and-center spot! And I say this as someone who liked her SL last season and her path to independence. TBH I thought Sheree was Kim Z after one too many facelifts. I am so ready for Plastic Face to be taken down about four notches...
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    First of all, Bryant Gumbel is fine as hell and could still get it as far as I'm concerned. Secondly... IMO it's hard to classify Andy as an out-and-out misogynist the same way someone like Trump -- obsessed with Megyn Kelly 'bleeding from everywhere' or grabbing women by their boosays -- is a misogynist. My personal view is that Andy just doesn't understand women. He loves them on a surface level, loves the Erica Kanes and the hair-tossing and the way they dominate an episode of Dynasty. And I get that, because that's a big part of why I post on SON! He is a pop culture aficionado, consumer of glamorous gossip, proudly superficial and that's fine, especially in this day and age... But his feeling towards women is always going to be surface only, and consequently his empathy for women will only be surface, too. I wouldn't say he is disdainful of all women, he just likes some more than others. But he is fascinated by female emotionality and 'weakness' -- weakness for men, weakness for love, weakness for booze or drugs. I took his 'cokehead' statement of Jessica Savitch not to be about any kind of hatred, just that he doesn't know or care about all the other stuff, like her work at NBC or being the first female anchor of NBC Nightly News. Her addictions and sudden, awful death overshadow all that. Kind of like Kim Richards is basically known for the sum of her addictions, and no longer for Return to Witch Mountain. I'm pretty sure she and Tamra felt that if they refused to film with Vicki, they could edge her off the OC like Danielle Staub was edged out of NJ. However, this can backfire -- witness Jill on NY trying to edge Bethenny out or Andrea on Melbourne trying to isolate Gina. It backfires because there is always That Moment where you can see the plot clear as day, exposing the perpetrator for who (s)he is. I think we just saw that moment with this week's episode and Shannon. Tamra really is like Teflon, though, she came out of this week's episode relatively unscathed!