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  1. Dorit was always so pretty. Now she's looking like a bootleg Kardashian. I will never understand this trend in surgery/fillers to look both fake and basic at the same time. All these peeps in Hollywood walking around looking completely interchangeable and unable to flex their new plastic lips.
  2. Oh it is? Shoot, I need glasses to read Twitter now.
  3. Bravo keeps trying to make Gizelle happen, ugh I would have had Wendy Robyn Gizelle Candiace ANDY Karen Ashley Monique. Why the hell is Karen islanded with Candiace and Wendy??
  4. Wow. You responded quickly! How could I forget Ashley? The age list should read like this: Karen - 57 Gizelle - 50 Robyn - 41 Monique - 37 Wendy - 36 Candiace - 33 Ashley - 32 I always get lowkey surprised at these age lists; I don't think they really matter. Like, Wendy looks older than 36. Also, despite the age difference (or maybe because of), the Karen-Ashley antagonist chemistry is still the best and has been since Day One. These two will never be friends -- too much water under the bridge. But they both went through a season of reckon
  5. Wow, thanks, Taoboi. The truth is, I come on here to read the rest of you all's opinions about Potomac! Potomac brings out a lot of great posts. I should warn you that my eyes were ~blinded~ by Gizelle's highway hooker look (the invitation said 'dominatrix', but clearly Gizelle didn't get that memo). So I may have missed some things. In any case, my feelings are unchanged. Karen and Ashley don't give a single f*ck what any of the women think of them, and they are not here for Gizelle, Robyn, Candiace, Wendy's agenda-driven camera-work. Like Kyle Richards, Candiace has
  6. I've long felt this, and possibly have mentioned it here, but it is literally like watching Jim Jones and his cult followers at Jonestown. Only on a much larger scale. And that is really, really worrying.
  7. Nobody can dress for sh!t on this cast! And i love every minute of it! Where to start? Wendy's Project Runway reject gown is literally 3 different outfits in one. Ashley sewed her eazy-wipe kitchen tablecloth onto her swimsuit. Karen had to disentangle herself from a giant spider's web. Candiace is somebody's birthday present.
  8. Glad you like it. I found Ep 2 and Ep 3 better than Ep 1 because now everything she thought she knew is in question!
  9. Hugh Grant steals every scene he is in. I am enjoying the whodunnit aspect, definitely.
  10. SLC Wooooooooooooooo. TT has an article transcribing a Reddit post about Mary's Faith Temple shenanigans and IT IS A DOO ZY! Seeing all these churches wielding so much power, especially on the political stage, religion really is a conman's game to rake in $$$$$$$. I have a psychologist friend and if she watched RHOP, I know what she would say. Candiace has mama issues. My friend would be like: 'Candiace is punishing/rejecting the mother figure in her life because she feels powerless to do that with her own mother.' @Gray Bunny C
  11. Book of Mormon is fab. Written by the creators of South Park and Team Anetica World Police, and I love their wacked-out sense of humor. It is more heart-warming than South Park, though. When I saw it, the audience gave it a standing ovation. My Mormon friend saw it too, and really enjoyed it also, even though she felt guilty laughing, she said. Said they got a lot of details right about Mormon culture. Good songs, too.
  12. https://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/rhop-season-5-reunion-andy-cohen-teases-spoilers
  13. Largely in agreement with @Chris B and @Gray Bunny's hubby about Jen Shah. She was being touted for weeks before this premiere leaked as the 'star'. Obviously the show is centred around her, and I am ok with that. It draws you into the story. Jen is pointedly fabulous. But being touted as the queen of the franchise before SLC even gets off the ground? I worry that might backfire. On her, on the show. Having been to SLC -- to attend my friend's Big Mormon Wedding! Which was incredible and filled with lots of gossip -- this show really captures the vibe of the place. The landscape is
  14. Me to Wendy: Some people delude themselves into thinking they are experts at changing the narrative. Wendy is one of those people. Sweetie, Karen isn't questioning the provenance of your FOUR DEGREES. She was pointing out how you keep bashing everybody over the head with them. Because you are deeply insecure. Wendy claiming she put a 'button' on the subject -- I LOLed at the way Delusional patted herself on the back. The next day she is all "FOUR DEGREES! FOUR DEGREES!" and Karen calmly intones: "I thought we put a button on that." And Wendy sta
  15. Oh man, you said it! I also spent a sizeable portion of my weekend laughing my ass off at this mess:
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