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  1. Omg that upside-down Nene shot. ๐Ÿ˜„ Wait, Nene and KZB are cool again? After what went down at Reunion? I would watch the hell out of this messy ass reunion. You know Kenya and Marlo will be dressed and bewigged to the nines, with professional lighting and camerawork. Kandi's camerawork will be courtesy of Ace and Todd will be directing. Nene will be in inch-thick contouring and struggling with the tech. Cynthia will have a great wig but pick a badly lit corner, just like that pic above! Eva will be cut off after one too many food and ice-chio interruptions. Maybe by the time we get to other reunions, we might have a better idea of who has virus immunity and can be on a studio set with Andy. I'm really hoping they will have figured out some anti-viral therapies by then! In the meantime, RH get Zoom.
  2. RIP Nonno. That family has been through so much the past few years that I hope his passing was peaceful. I can only concur with everyone's thoughts about RHONY, especially @Elsa. The show gave me S2 vibes especially the scene with Ramona and her Upper East Side cohorts. I hear she is currently quarantining with Avery and MARIO in Boca Raton. Hmmm. Glad they gave us the coda with Bethenny at the beginning.it needed to be addressed. I didn't miss her, and she is doing impressive work at the moment with getting masks and test kits to hospitals, so.... she's where she needs to be. Not tearing down the other HWs over their every character flaw. Luann looks INCREDIBLE and is literally the hottest beyotch in Manhattan. Loved her dancing with the drag queen to Feeling Jovani. That was a nice gift Dorinda did for her. Also cool to see Ramona get down and lip sync to the song. Luke from Ladies of London! Yes, Dorinda was awful to Tinsley and Tinsley stood up for herself but... where is the lie? Wasn't Tinsley a dependent of Scott's for 2 years in that hotel?? Why is Tinsley not clarifying the situation? Pleasantly surprised by Leah, a true- blue Chelsea chick. I think she's going to be a unique addition to the show. Glad NY is back during these scary times. Sad that its longtime editor passed away from COVID-19. He is probably the one who edited those shots of Sonja's dog energetically trying to hump Coco. RIP ๐Ÿ˜ช
  3. OMG this is incredible. Best RH dance song since Chic C'est La Bie and The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing.
  4. Terry Lester was iconic in the role of Jack. I know that word is overused but it's true in this case. He inhabited that character body and soul and in a multi-dimensional way. His voice was hypnotizing without being overly hammy. And interestingly on a dialogue-heavy show like Y&R, TL did not let that dialogue express the emotion for him. Some of his strongest moments were his silence but where you could almost read Jack's thoughts flit across his face and in his eyes. You cared even though you might not want to because he was such a rake. Lester was a significant talent who would have had no trouble holding his own on Primetime or in film.
  5. @Gray Bunny @Antoyne I put down Ramona's reluctance to share much of her life last season to some kind of silent protest at the way Bethenny dominated. Like 'You love her so much, why don't you just stay filming her, and I'll continue to live my life over here." I am def looking forward to seeing more of the core 4. Seems like they know that so they tried to step it up.
  6. @Gray Bunny Great article. I'm glad they are breaking the fourth wall in the opening episode and talking about Bethenny's sudden departure. I also couldn't agree more with the Countess that Bethenny took up a lot of the oxygen in the room. This is making me look forward to the new season even more! ETA: woah I have posted way too much today
  7. Yep! That's the tea here, and it's tea I believe. Saw PK in early January outside Selfridges department store with one of his long-time buddies. Somebody in the property business (PK made and lost all his money in real estate) spilled to me that Dorit was the one who wanted to separate, and then mentioned that PK has a GF now and they are living in his London home. Camille may not know about Dorit and PK per se, but best believe she knows where KYLE and Rinna have buried all the bodies! Lol Kyle and Rinna will probably do ok on the makeup front as they had practice as young actresses doing their own for TV or film. Teddi, on the other hand.... uh oh. ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. @Chris B Thanks for the explanation. I notice that as a season progresses, the Talking Heads change looks, and it makes sense that they film reactions later, as the show is airing. Re: filming the THs, I wonder if this might still be possible to do. 1 or 2 masked-and-gloved crew members set up a few fixed cameras and lighting in someone's living room. They retreat out of there. The HW could then enter, sit down and respond to producer questions and prompts remotely. The whole thing would be filmed. The only thing missing would be minions with Starbucks on hand and glam squads. Well, Erika probably lives with Mikey now, but everyone else would have to apply their own makeup! Sorry to hear that about Camille. She was spilling the tea on Twitter last season (especially about Kyle's power behind the scenes) and I guess we can't have that on BH! Interesting to me was seeing PK in the trailer, because Dorit and PK have quietly separated and he appears to be living in London since New Year with a new GF. I guess this is something else we're not supposed to talk about. Brandi has perhaps already filmed a TH with (I imagine) an I-Dream-of-Genie hairpiece and some new lips. Did someone already mention on here that now that Andy is recovered, the ATL reunion may actually go ahead on a remote basis? I think it could work! Remember when Kim called in via telephone 'from the Bahamas' to Nene on WWHL? "Close your legs to married men, trashbox."
  9. I did not know that Naomi and LVP were friends from way back. All the more reason Bravo should have jumped on Naomi's interest and brought her on. (Perhaps Production was more invested in isolating LVP at the time?). I wish I knew BH's recruitment person because I would definitely be whispering sweet nothings in their ear about Nicollette Sheridan, Kathy Hilton and Naomi Campbell. (My hunch is that Nicollette and Kathy were probably asked last year but turned down that poisoned chalice). But hey, by all means, let's keep Teddi and Dorit.
  10. Is that first one Dorit?? She's had SO MUCH facial work done. That leather cap looks ridiculous. I'm actually shocked at how low-rent this whole look is. Usually Do-wrong loves to flash expensive brands at us peons. The second look is the usual WTF for her. Speaking of low-rent: Kyle. I am even more shocked by this because Kyle usually looks polished in her talking heads. The first look is messy and busy. The second is Shania Twain's wannabe cousin. The work Kyle has had done has taken away her freshness. Erika's first look is the same as all her talking heads from years past, no? Cruella Deville meets Queen of the Night. The second look is much better. More Chicago. Garcelle looks very sleek. Yellow is her colour for sure, and I love her Diana Ross circa 1975 hair in the second TH. Rinna is turning into an Erika clone with the wigs and costumes. She is always copying somebody else on the show. Denise: Like a still from Wild Things. Trรจs 90s. Sutton. Fine, I guess. I'm not bowled over by those Jeana Keough tops. Teddi. Insipid. Tryhard. I guess Camille didn't get a talking head? And neither did Brandi?? Lmao.
  11. I just want to see Naomi ground some of these BH triflings into dust TBH. Teddi, Dorit, I'm looking at you. Rinna, Erika and Kyle can address some of those darker rumours, but then better be prepared to duck, because Ms. Campbell, as we know, does not run away from confrontation or a fight.
  12. New producers? Is Sirens out as a production company? They are local to NJ, a mostly all-female team, and one of their EPs Lucilla Agostino is close with the women since S1. That's how we get to see so much personal stuff. Jennifer is here to stay though. She polarises viewers but most do enjoy her. She and Teresa are also close so I think Tre is likely to go to bat for her. Also Andy may not be enamored of Jennifer but he does seem to like her husband Bill and what he brings to the show. Re: BH, I'm not surprised Camille got screwed over. Production over there seems to do Kyle's bidding. She's the 'new queen,' haven't you heard?? ๐Ÿ˜„ Re: Garcelle, I am really excited to see her, and especially to see her dynamic with Erika for some reason. Erika kind of fancies herself the Tell It Like It Is person on BH, so I wonder how she will act when face to face with someone like Garcelle who *really* doesn't seem afraid to tell it like it is. Having seen Naomi Campbell in her designer hazmat suits and pandemic gear, I think RHOBH also missed a trick by not including this diva on that show. She would bring some drama! A few years ago she appeared on WWHL and said she watched all the RH shows. She indicated she wouldn't mind becoming a HW and since she has a house in LA... Andy cut her off and whined about how she'd be great on Atlanta. I was stunned at his lack of imagination. I think personality wise Naomi would be a BH fit! Anyhoo that is neither here nor there as she is not on any RH show, lol.
  13. "I will still drag you, pregnant and all!" Eva clocked in for a paycheck and that was about it. Tanya was more relevant than her this season. Nene should not be uttering the phrase "waste of money" however -- she did not appear on a handful of episodes this season and still cost Bravo money.
  14. I'm not sleeping on her. I thought she acquitted herself well in the trailer.
  15. I think you and I have very similar views on B&B which I used to watch for years but no longer can. It is almost as if Brad has ADD with the way he whips through and ends SLs abruptly. At the same time, he is unable to move beyond obsessively rewriting the same story again and again and again. Like @Chris B, it is very hard for me to imagine what Brad could do at Y&R. He has been in such a tightly enclosed bubble at B&B which has allowed him to go through the motions creatively for decades. Shock value moments designed to draw in a few more viewers are quickly forgotten weeks later and make little lasting impact. A wider canvas could either liberate him -- or petrify him. He does love longtime characters, and he writes for all age groups. His females are the motor of the show. However, Y&R is not a 15-minute websoap in all but name. It is not an independent little fiefdom where he can write what he wants, untroubled by excessive network interference. And you cannot stretch out one conversational scene over 5 consecutive episodes. He will have to juggle at least 3 or 4 different SLs per episode, and I don't know if he has the imagination and focus for that. His father, by contrast, had focus -- and loads of patience. Interesting. I never made the connection at the time, but you are so right! Especially the Kay-Jill rewrite. (In fact, when Susan Flannery decided to retire from acting, I was waiting for it to be revealed that Brooke was the daughter Stephanie gave up at adoption/thought had died at birth, or something. I felt like Brad would want to tie that decades-long Brooke-Stephanie SL in that kind of bow).
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