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  1. There is a lot to unpack here. Damn, I cant wait until reunion airs! One thing though: Gizelle must be strapped for cash if she is back with her cheating, extorting ex-husband! Was not expecting that news. No word on whether she got called out by the cast for pot-stirring and back-stabbing,, huh. Dinner Party from Hell, Scary Island, and now this. Potomac is starting to resemble the best of the best. Karen's looks were amazing this episode. Her side-eye towards Ashley at dinner, lol. I am glad at the end, after Ashley told Katie she was too weak for this group, that Karen jumped in and said to Katie that she had just as much right to be part of this group as Ashley.
  2. I can only echo what you guys said here about Ashley. I dont have an ounce of sympathy for her. Shes a typical bully targeting the person she perceives to be the weakest in the group. Last year she did it to Monique and Karen. Good for Katie, as fucked up as she is, to put Ashley in her place with economic lucidity. I hate that Ashley runs her off the island next week and that Katie wont be at reunion to call her out. Also hate that the monstrous Gizelle won't get called out either. Ashley isn't scared of her, exactly, but she needs an ally, as lousy as Giz is. Oh and the "sexy' outfit Ashley wore for Michael? YAWN. Stop trying to convince us of your fiery-hot heteronormative chemistry. You're both trying too hard.
  3. Rinna won't be direct about it, though. She learned from the S6 Yolanda-LVP debacle: send your minions to fight it out while you pretend you had nothing to do with it. Rinna did the same this past season, even though she was clearly one of the chief instigators in getting LVP off the show. So it will be lots of denial and petty ass nonsense between Teddi and Dorit, probably. Frustrating and boring. None of these twits ever want to bring their mutual loathing out into the open and fight it out in a non-cowardly way. I mean, I really cannot stand Kyle, but at least she showed her true colours last season when she went after LVP ("GOODBYE, KYLE!!") and later Erika. Rinna and Erika are so inauthentic and have literally self-produced the show into a coma. BTW was there no Potomac on last night? I was really looking forward to the episode. 😪
  4. Holy [!@#$%^&*]! Why do the Potomac HWs always get the cheapest reunion clothes? Even lower-rated Dallas reunions look better than this polyester mess! Which $2 bargain bin did the stylist find these? I thought Giz's lace see-through onesie (with shoulder pads!) was pretty bad -- until I scrolled down and caught sight of Ashley. She looks like she got into a fight with my grandma's net curtains -- and the net curtains won. Is that an attempt at a superman cape?? That clip -- finally Gizelle is getting schooled. Giz usually keeps her cool, but you can tell Karen got under her skin because she lost it. BTW Katie seems like she is almost tweaking at one point in that clip. I dont recall her being like this in S1. I dont know if she is on drugs, but my gut says yes. I hope she has good people around her.
  5. @chrisml S2 and S3 New York are two of the best RH seasons ever produced IMO. Bethenny was very different, and it struck me that in S10 she kind of turned into a self-producing Jill Zarin in a lot of ways. Full circle! I also enjoyed S4 even though it was toxic. Cindy is awful, but in a watchable way, because she is so ridiculously humourless. And her having to deal with Sonja and Ramona is hilarious because those two have a sense of humour. Morocco was a great trip, and best of all, a few people who were absolutely horrid finally get their just desserts! (Plus one who did not deserve to). I'd watch it because S4 marks the end of an era. In BH news, guess who is using her sister's addiction to stay relevant? Yep, Kyle is at it again. She's got 'concerns' about Kim and wants everybody to know about it. So instead of calling Kim or the family, her publicist called the tabloids. Of course! That's the best way to deal with someone whom you imply might be messing with drugs again! *side-eye* https://www.realitytea.com/2019/08/15/report-kyle-richards-is-concerned-about-kim-richards-sobriety-mental-health/
  6. IA. Candiace was just settling in last year, but she quickly saw that Ashley was no friend and held her own at Reunion. BTW I kind of liked that she and Robyn had a little undercover friendship going on, even though she knows Robyn will stay loyal to Gizelle. (FYI I don't buy Robyn's 'annoyance' at Gizelle using her open house to go after Monique, she was laughing along with Giz at Monique and Candiace's expense, so... yeah. Robyn is just trying to secure her spot next season). Candiace has succeeded in pissing off most of the women, but I can understand some of her deep anger issues (except why she turned on Monique). I hope she stays calling people out, but she is getting a TON of FLACK online from fans. I didn't realise there were so many 'Gizelle fans' out there, but apparently they do exist. I wouldn't mind another person or a FOH. I wasn't crazy about Charrisse or Sherman's Ex, and I think Katie needs to work through some big issues first but, failing that... I wouldn't mind Candiace's feisty sister, Crystal? Even though she is very young for RH (early 20s). #RIPMiami ! Karent was such a good addition and was badly missed in S3. (RHOM did the right thing getting rid of the Lost Kardashian Sister that Kris Jenner never wanted to claim, not to mention the other, basic one).
  7. Exactly. I have no idea why Ashley isn't placed with her shifty allies who throw her under the bus constantly. And why Candiace isn't sitting next to Andy by Karen, her only friend left on the show and the only one who can talk sense to her. I fear this will be Candiace's last reunion which is too bad as she gave us A LOT of watchably messy moments this season. OC The show no longer needs Vicki?? Then why are all those hens running around clucking about her the entire episode, culminating in a big soapy build-up to her arrival? Kelly protests too much but was loving Vicki following her around the party and making her relevant and the centre of attention. This show is still all about Vicki and the demotion is therefore a farce. Unpopular opinion, but I liked Emily a lot this episode. She is showing us her family life, real stuff like Shane essentially checked out, her Valentine's Day bit was sadly hilarious, she has a private chef who looks like Jim Bellino (!), she still has issues with Shannon, and she clearly can't stand Ryan either.
  8. This season Karen has been on the periphery as far as all the juicy stuff that's going on. But all is forgiven with that sneak peek of next week! Gazelle (typo, and it stays) is all "I'm gonna be the Caribbean Queen," and Karen: --SIDE-EYE-- "Mmmmm hmmmmm." 😂 God, I've been waiting for this Karen to appear all season! I dont like that clip of Ashley tearing Katie apart for sport. It reminded me a little of that 'GO TO SLEEP!!' moment on RHONY with Kelly Bensimon.
  9. Yeah, for the first year or so, I thought that behaviour was a random anomaly. The following year, I liked how Dorinda strongly defended Luann and Jules against a truly feral Bethenny and Carole. It wasnt until seasons 9 and 10, when Dorinda targeted Sonja (whom she considered a weak link) that the pattern started manifesting itself. And... I wanted to keep liking Dorinda because she had been such a great addition to RHONY, insightful and accepting of a lot of the women's little foibles. In more recent years, she seems to have become meaner and more bitter. Like, the way she treats John Mahdessian, saying she is only with him for the free dry- cleaning. She seems ashamed of him in every way, especially vis a vis Bethenny. That is shocking to me. John has lived a fascinating life, growing up in Queens of Armenian descent, and building up the family's Upper East Side business into a fashion world institution which employs some highly talented craftspeople. He mixes with highbrow celebs and the boys from the old neighborhood. I think he'd be fascinating to talk to! If I were John, I would feel like I could do better. Heck, you know Ramona, Luann and Sonja are going to run out of balding, boring Manhattan dudes and jump on that peen eventually. Yeah, the sudden takedown of Tinsley in the final episode was so random and out of the blue! It was clearly a BTS manoeuvre by most of the women to edge her off the show. I assume Ramona did it because she felt she would be shown the door next and this is a good deflection. Bethenny hates anyone younger or prettier than her so... Sonja has a true love-hate relationship with Tinsley. What was Dorinda's reason for going rabid-dog on her, though? That I cannot figure out.
  10. Potomac WHEN will Gizelle be called out on her hatred of Monique? It is so ugly, and so telling. She is deeply jealous of everything Monique has in her life, including a kind, supportive husband. I really like Monique this season and find it increasingly beyond the pale how Gizelle is trying to 'bring down' a heavily pregnant woman. Not here for Ashley giving Giz a free pass either! Ashley really has no friends on this show, but she cannot even admit it. And just when I feel sorry for her, she and the Cryptkeeper pull some fake sexy talk out of their asses. HORK. I believe Katie would definitely be included in this year's reunion if something significant wasnt going on behind the scenes. It's clear something is off. RHONY I already miss this show. 😪 It ended on a bittersweet note though. I have been a huge Dorinda fan since day one, but the bloom is coming off the rose. Calling Barbara a fat little turnip was outright mean. I personally thought Barbara was kind and funny and dont understand the animosity towards her. I know Luann was a self-involved PITA this season, but watching Dorinda go after her every episode wasn't edifying either. Dorinda explicitly target the weak links, as evidenced by her attacks on Sonja in seasons past and on Tinsley most recently. Not a great look.
  11. Reading all your comments about Season 2 thus far.... makes me sigh with frustration. Ryan Murphy always starts off with a promising concept. And Pose was so redolent of late 80s nostalgia and promise. I loved how real and larger than life the characters are, and how every episode gave most of them space to breathe. There was pathos but also laughter and quirk. So of course he had to fix what isn't broke and change it all up and... no. Just let these stories be. No need to over-egg the pudding.
  12. You took the words right out of my mouth! Vicki is a tentpole HW and her longstanding relationships with Tamra, Shannon and Kelly power the show. Without her there, what TF is the point of Kelly? She was being a giant a-hole grump, bitching and moaning about a HW who is no longer being featured. Basically, without Vicki, Kelly Dodd (who I am not the biggest fan of either) has no reason to breathe. Because unless Kelly is violently threatening somebody, she offers little to the franchise. It makes me laugh reading @Chris B's account of the Kelly-Tamra Twitter fight, and Kelly thinking her word could get Tanra fired. AS IF! Sit DOWN, Kelly Dodd. Bravo did not demote Vicki Gunvalson to appease your sorry ass -- they demoted her because they are trying to cut OG salaries. (Also, Kelly needs to stop with the nose jobs which are chiselling her nose away to nothingness). Ryan, a MAGA? We been knew. He's always struck me as someone painfully eager to blame others for his shortcomings. And that's what Trump legitimises and encourages on a daily basis. You're a shitty person? Must be some immigrant's fault! The role of Gina Kirchen Smurfin is now being played by Mamie van Doren:
  13. It is literally incredible to me how quickly Brad Bell burns through SLs while, at the same time, dragging them out to infinity and beyond. That's talent! Of a kind. In other news, Hunter Tylo has no f***s to give on Twitter, and I am here for it.
  14. Hey @Taoboi I'm one of the season 1 bingers and I have no problems with season 2 viewers talking about what you are currently viewing. It is broadcast in real time and it makes sense you would talk about it! If I pick up a spoiler here and there, oh well, it's not the end of the world. I am always behind on my viewing anyway. I appreciate you couching your words and not giving too much away but at some point you are going to want to talk about what you just saw. I'm ok with it. If you feel guilty about it, just say 'SPOILERS AHEAD', drop down a few lines and start writing.
  15. That was a lot of fun, and very catchy! Melissa, Porsha and Sonja are an unexpected threesome but I dig it! Loved Sonja being in her element and yes @DaytimeFan she is totally Elyse from First Wives Club! Hope the song becomes a sleeper hit. It's catchy.
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