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  1. Yep you are right, we dragged Lena Dunham a couple of pages back. I had hoped her career as the human foghorn would now be over, but clearly her close personal friend AND exec producing partner Judd Apatow thinks she deserves another chance! Follow the money, folks! That's the only reason Apatow is piping up. I can only echo what you are saying about black women. It feels like even with some of these stories coming out, some black women are being muffled or shushed for speaking out. Dunham saying Aurora Perrineau going to the LAPD was the 3% of false rape cases reported for libel was so shocking and egregious a statement, I don't think I can ever really forgive it. She should be sued for slander. I admit to enjoying Anchorman, Bridesmaids and 40-Year Old Virgin, but I don't think Judd Apatow has ever been a friend to the feminist movement. The sad thing is, he and Dunham probably think they have been. Neither realise how coddled and hopelessly out of touch they are. Mario Batali, huh. It was only a matter of time before this touched the restaurant business.
  2. Unbelieveable! https://jezebel.com/bryan-singer-on-whether-hed-work-with-kevin-spacey-agai-1821118897
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Wow, really? Guess I haven't been keeping up on WW in recent weeks (apart from when she collapsed on air in her statue of liberty costume). Kenya played the game super well yesterday, but an evil part of me wishes Wendy would have gotten messy just so Kenya could snap back about mistresses living in apartments 20 minutes from the family home. Just the other day Tamara Tattles was saying that Porsha's position on the show was locked-in because of the alleged Bravo exec she is blowing she is big on social media and brings in the highly-desirable youth demographic! I hope this is totally unfounded! *deep breath* NY (along with BH) is my fave, but I just. Cannot. Get. Past. Her. I am rewatching last season's NY, and getting a better appreciation of Tinsley, who I like now. Obvs Bethenny is moderately better than she was in S8. But I can't get over how awful she and Carole were to Luann and Jules! She is awful to all these women, threatening them to stay in line and lording her power over them. It makes me seethe how Screech dominates everything. I want to watch Dorinda, not Beth in her cold, soulless show apartment with that SkinnyGirl bar! The only reason I want Jill Zarin back is to see Bethenny lose it, lol. /rant
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    That and vow renewals! The Judges are about to do up a home they probably cannot fully afford (it's all for the show, I imagine) and that's when the Bravo axe drops! I also remember Aviva buying a duplex to film in because the housing association at her actual apartment didn't want Bravo filming there. We saw it during S6 of NYC. Then she got canned. Your last statement about Siggy is how I feel about Bethenny! But yeah Siggy is a PITA with her unhinged Tweeting. Her hate for Margaret is reaching ridiculous levels now. She looks like a loon and a bully.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Remember when Phaedra bought that second house? A mere few months before getting fired from RHoA? I don't know why that popped into my mind when I saw this news item about Tamra.
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I thought it was a great interview from Kenya. She was totally on the ball and wasn't going to let Wendy get away with anything. And still trying to get mediaplay on the pregnancy rumors I see! This is the Kenya I want to see on Atlanta tbh. I feel like she's been muted somewhat this year. I am frankly surprised she agreed to go on WW after what Wendy said about her a year ago. I seriously tuned out of WW for a good 8-10 months as a result of her remarks during one of the Hot Topics. "Nobody loves you, Kenya! Certainly not your mother who never wanted you" or words to that effect. I was so shocked by the vitriol, it sounded like something Phaedra would have fed to Wendy tbh. It is also the cruellest thing you could ever say about somebody who has been abandoned by a parent. Yep, she totally had Porsha cornered. I really hope this is Toyota's last year! I don't know, her scenes with Will don't ring true to me. It sounds like they are reading from a script. He seems like a great guy and game but I'm not sensing their connection. lol Kroy has always been dumb as a box of rocks! His brain disappeared with his bubble butt!
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    ATL: Finally the show appears to be picking up some steam, and that's not down to Kim Zolciak -- that's down to Nene. Her VTs are gloriously shady, and the way that dingbat Porsha played into her hand in SF was magical, quite frankly. Nene: What you were trying to say was that I was taking food off of your plate. Porsha: And you were! Nene: So you took food off of Phaedra's plate. Porsha: Well, I don't have nothing to do with that. Nene: Oh, you don't?? Porsha: We are all responsible for our actions! Nene: OH, WE ARRRRRRRRRRRREEEE????? However, has anybody noticed how off Nene's VT looks? I'm not talking about the Soul Train dress, I'm talking the oddly angled background pic of her supposed living room. It looks like it was taken from her ceiling. Also, in all her VTs, Nene has her arms crossed like she is seriously pissed off to be there. Oh well. Gotta pay the IRS, Nene. I don't know what to say about everybody else's stories. The fact that Cynthia has to stoop to having a fake boyfriend --- I would have thought men half her age would be swooning over her gorgeousness. Is she still with Peter? If so, she should just be honest about it. Speaking of fake boyfriends, when Sheree has to trawl the incarcerated for her SL, you know things are bleak over at Chateau SheBroke. Porsha shopping for rosemary at the vegan grocery store was so dull, it actually got cut mid-sentence. And while I feel for Kenya losing her grandmother (my grandma lived with us when I was a kid, and losing her was devastating), how many times is she going to spread old photos over her bed to let us know who she is thinking about? It's such a corny TV trope. Kenya seems totally checked out this year. Kroy looks like he literally has sawdust between his ears.
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Ugh. I KNEW as soon as I heard that Andy Cohen spent Thanksgiving with the Edmonds' in St Louis that she would be back! Plus she sprang that hasty 4-week pregnancy on them at Reunion -- a well-timed visit to the insemination clinic. It's not like she's interested in taking care of the first one! Just what will it take to get her smug, boring ass fired?? After the last few seasons, I am getting major starry-eyes for the good old days involving Gretchen, Heather, Jeanna and even Alexis! Bring back the across-the-street neighbourhood interactions! Slade pissing off Vicki and Tamra! Gretchen's drunken sad-sack friend eating the bow off Heather's cake! I miss those days.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    A madame role she should be very comfortable with. Allegedly. She also comes off as a raging bitch. The claws are uncovered! Love that BH sneak peek. The insincerity oozing out of Rinna's every pore. Not so confident now that her ride-or-die girl is gone. DRAG HA NENE! DRAG HA!
  10. Yep. And I think in one of my posts earlier I advocated for bringing Bryant Gumbel back along with Jane Pauley. I think my assumption was that TV execs seems to like one male/one female co-anchors on these early morning shows -- and maybe there are audience surveys that speak to that decision, too. Live with Kelly and Whoever is another example where, after Michael Strahan left, the hunt was on for a male-co-anchor to host with Kelly Ripa. There was no question that that co-host was going to be male. I would agree with you that Gayle and Norah could easily host CBS Morning without breaking a sweat. In any case, I like that show for Gayle.
  11. I am truly shocked that you would see my statement as supportive of the "man-only head-anchor" mindset. It was written with my tongue firmly in my cheek. I would be for an all-female hosting team. Not sure Savannah Guthrie is the person to head it, but there are plenty of good journalists who could headline the Today show, not least two women Lauer and his producers chased away: Tamron Hall and Ann Curry. I am not a Megyn Kelly fan myself but I do know that when her hiring by NBC was announced, there were grumblings at NBC News and Today about her being parachuted in. Me, me, I, I, me, me, I. This statement is by a man who has never not considered that he is the sun around which everybody orbits. His syrupy smarminess is even prevalent in that official statement. It sounds so fake.
  12. Because white manhood runs NBC and the Today show (even though their audience is largely female). And white manhood is feeling awfully needy and insecure and picked-on these days! Oh and white manhood doesn't believe that people who have to wear bras can adequately anchor a major show like Today. The hate-on for Megyn Kelly? Is likely coming as much from NBC News as it is from outside the organization.
  13. @amybrickwallace I am sorry for what you went through, and can imagine how triggering all this must be. Please do take care of yourself, and hopefully your therapist is on it! Stories like yours make me so angry; these scumbags' actions leave emotional scars for years. I hate what this person did to you, it's just so evil. May karma get his a$$ good. I would welcome Bryant back. IMO he was the best of the best along with Jane Pauley. If Jane comes back, I wouldn't mind either! Agreed with others here that Savannah is nowhere near strong enough to be carrying this show. I'm not crazy about her voice/delivery either as it makes her sound like a bimbo. The story about Lauer being able to lock the door from his desk literally makes me want to throw up. The rape office, was it? And is Lauer a budding carpenter? How did he finagle a button like this? Or, more likely, who at NBC OKed the workmen to do this?
  14. I realise they are covering their asses. I just hate the fakery. It's unfair of me to attack the hair models and news bimbos fronting the news desks. My biggest issue is with all these MALE producers and executives (at NBC, Fox, wherever) who are producing, btw, morning shows whose primary audience is largely female. They tolerated this behaviour for ages. Actually, no, scratch that. Not tolerated. Enabled. Encouraged. Probably participated in it themselves. There is no way that with all the gossip surrounding Lauer that NBC haven't been settling out-of-court for years. Meanwhile, they kept giving him salary raises of $+20bn a year! Talk about rewarding the perpetrator. Now they throw him under the bus -- and all because ratings are meh and another news source is about to scoop them. But mainly, as you say, to distract attention from the real clean-out which needs to be done -- behind the scenes and among the exec pool.
  15. Right. Buses always come in threes! How is it we are seeing the same run of anchors across networks reporting this Lauer news and saying how shocked they are. Really? I heard about Lauer years ago, and the Morales stuff AND the way Ann Curry was treated confirmed what kind of dog he is.
  16. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Took the words right out of my mouth! Btw, I love that they show Gina (or Giner as Lydia calls her) in her barrister's outfit including the 18th century wig in the intro. Why do I have a feeling this is Jackie's season to get exposed/the bitch edit?
  17. Lindsay looks younger than JMW! I say Vanessa Marcil. Anything to stick it to GH.
  18. DRW I have never seen you react so excitedly and emotionally before! ITA, it is WAS his syrupy, slimy sanctimoniousness (while trying to shtup anything in a skirt behind the scenes) which grated the most for me. Remember that fake-ass 'farewell' they made Ann Curry do so that he could look like he wasn't involved in her firing? (Operation Bambi as he and his producer nicknamed it). Backfired miserably. Today lost millions in ad revenue as audience figures went down. And he STILL kept his job! These allegations must be big for NBC to finally fire his ass (and the firing has more to do with covering their own asses than it does with punishing the perpetrator). Props to you for finagling CeCe Peniston's 90s bop into your post.
  19. The women as usual cleaning up the mess for the network... This is a shock to nobody and has been going on for decades. The guy is a lech and a a$$hole. You only have to ask what Ann Curry is doing these days as NBC News's former 'special national/international correspondent.' Her career was not just sidelined but outright extinguished by the old boys club at NBC News.
  20. Paul questioning a suspect who owns the gun that killed someone nobody cares about at Crimson Lights over a cup of joe. Watching Tessa deliver her lines like waump waump waump. She is so meh. I know they tried to jujj her up today with that hideous leopard-print scarf, but a piece of flammable fabric sadly cannot cover this gaping personality void. Scott, Lily and Hilary kind of had similar hairdos today! Scott looks like a sheepdog. Unpopular opinion, but Camryn Grimes' delivery grates. This isn't a Mal criticism, just a problem I have with her and her explanatory dialogue as written. Abby vs Victor and Victoria is fine. Victoria and Abby are finally becoming watchable characters! I mean, it only took +10 years.

    It's been over a year since I've been meaning to come to this thread. CBS Drama, a cable station where I am, started showing Knots Landing from beginning to end on weekday mornings, and so I recorded the episodes and started watching them. I had never watched KL before (I am a Dynasty girl). I cannot tell you how much I love this show. Right now I am coming to the end of Season 8. It really is an epic tapestry of these people moving on up as their suburban cul-de-sac gets caught up in the go-go 80s. My favourite movie is Chinatown and if you have ever seen that movie, you cannot fail to see the parallels between that and the growth of the Valley as part of Greater Los Angeles as chronicled by Knots Landing -- especially in seasons 5-6. It also takes on the theme of wealthy people raping the land in their obsession with profit -- and mowing down people in their wake. (Ciji's sad demise in S4 being an example of how rapacious people use someone's talent and then discard them when they need help the most). The thing that has surprised me is how KL seems to have a romantic soul. Even cynical, Kennedyesque Greg Sumner is a romantic deep, deep down. It surprises me because KL's sibling show Dallas was like a fast-moving train steered by the Hooded Claw (basically JR Ewing). Here, David Jacobs teases out all the drama of the setting via the relationships between people. That focus on feelings really appeals to me. Plus I enjoy the stories for the most part. Yes, ofc there are missteps (Ben turning into a cold, robotic paranoid being the most egregious -- what a horrendous rewrite of this character. He was a warm, sexy heroic figure with a sense of humor, kind of like Ryan on AW, which soapy shows just do not do anymore). But on the whole I feel like I am turning the pages of a really good book I don't want to put down. It makes me disappointed that Lynn Marie Latham was such a lacklustre writer on Y&R when she could have brought THIS delicious storytelling to the show. What went wrong? Should Bernie Lechowick have been her co-HW? Was it the oversight of David Jacobs and Lawrence Kasha which provided Knot's Landing's best SLs and steered the ship? So I am halfway through the S8 episode where Anne overdoses (while listening to Dedicated to the One I Love, a song Michelle Phillips sang with the Mamas and the Papas)and Evil Peter is about to come onto teenage Olivia. Anne is a really good addition to the show (as was Paige this season -- wow! Breath of fresh air) and she reinvigorated the characters of Karen and Mack. While I am glad Mack held back from falling into an affair with her, I am sorry that Anne will be going away for a couple of seasons before returning. I am also feeling a little nervous about going into S9. I am worried that after eight excellent seasons, the quality will start to drop. Please tell me it won't!
  22. Y&R December Spoilers

    I guarantee that Baby Sam's health scare and Christmas miracle will begin and end in one episode. Count on it. And did I read right? Jill is returning as the bringer of lessons Christmas teaches us?? Further proof that the current regime have neither a clue nor the will to write for these characters as they actually are. No Hilary in these spoilers.
  23. I remember. Watros was the only good thing about JFP's tenure. Then she got a part in Primetime or something so they recast with Cady McCain. Watros was compelling to watch though, and you always felt that she was about to snap. If she wants to come back to Y&R in another role, I say Bring It! This is a reference to way back, but I wish Ji Min Kim (played by Eric Steinberg) hadn't been killed off. I always thought this was a sexy character with a lot of potential.
  24. @DramatistDreamer Haha spooky! I took it to mean offscreen even though you clearly wrote onscreen.
  25. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    @Chris B Bless you for keeping up the love for OC! I'm glad you found things to love this season, and I have a feeling your Final Five of Shannon, Vicki, Kelly, Tamra and Lydia could well come true. I wonder if Lydia saved herself with her performance at Reunion. On the worrying side, Meghan is now pregnant with her second child, and Andy Cohen apparently spent some of Christmas with the Edmonds, so I worry that like Carole, Meghan may be back whether we like it or not. I hope not. Totally agree with you re: the contrived SLs on Atl. Kandi's is the only one that is real, like with the Essence photoshoot. Also agree re: Kim's return. Kroy's lack of income must be hitting hard because I have NEVER seen Kim Zolciak hustle like this! The woman is so lazy, she allows Bravo to put cameras all over the house so that she never has to leave her bedroom/kitchen. Now she's out and about?? Something is up and it definitely has to do with coin.