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  1. @alwaysAMC @Gray Bunny Its a question of status. LVP has a big fanbase and a popular other show on Bravo. I do think it is interesting how much she appears in the preview for next week's finale. BH is floundering, and this weird, disjointed nothingburger of an episode this week did not help. 21 episodes of filler this season! If Bravo was invested in a transition, they really shouldn't have padded out the season. Cut it to 14 and keep it tight. Camille was doing God's work in bringing up Dorit's legal problems but lord everyone was making it extra hard for her to actually squeeze some true scandal out of the show. Rinna is such a pot stirrer and yet wanted Csmille to shut it down? What? After she mentioned LVP's legal issues 20 billion times? IA about S5. It was a great season, and we were really invested in these women's lives. The different friendships felt real. Now I have trouble even feeling the Rinna-Erika relationship as anything other than a practical alliance.
  2. Anybody watch this? I used to hate-watch the show back on the day. I never liked Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavilari so I'm not bummed they won't be on the reboot. Audrina seems to have grown a few brain cells in the last decade, hopefully. I think Brandom Lee and especially Mischa Barton are good additions to the show. Brody Jenner is still an epic, gaslighting douche, so he hasn't changed one iota since the original Hills. Justin-Bobby is still fine as f*ck though.
  3. Catching up on Potomac... It's amazing how quietly good RHOP is shaping up to be this season. The way the show tackled slavery and race a few episodes back was surprisingly well done for a Bravo show. Miscarriages could have been a HUGE downer of an episode, but I liked the way they covered Monique's event, reconciling with her MIL and even Ashley's speech was thoughtful and real. I dont remember who said that Chris Samuel's was the best husband on the RH, but it is so true! The sun rises and sets with Monique and his kids, and they are the priority in his life. I love how unthirsty he is in front of camera, as well as how he handles his mom in support of Monique while maintaining a relationship with both. I am loving Monique these days. Pregnancy has softened her, in a good way, without losing her strength. Loved Karen and Ashley in the salt room bonding. They both came from an understanding place with each other, and Karen's empathy surprised me. Karen can really be lovely when the chips are down. Candiace was working so hard for that Bravo cheque... until she stepped over the line. Monique was an ally and she threw her under the bus... for what? To impress Gizelle? People need to stop making it easy for Gizelle to bring them down! Candiace is going to get roasted at Reunion which is a shame because she is contributing a lot this season.
  4. Cat

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    Unpopular opinion, but I'm not crazy about Laura Dern this season. I thought she was better last year; here she comes across OTT. At the same time, that scene with her kid and husband in the hospital was so great, I was cringing throughout at the way she had no clue how her reaction may be affecting Amabella. And the way she tore that smug principal apart was hilarious. Hmmm. I guess I like Dern/Renata a little more than I thought! After last week's big reveals, though, I was worried the show may have blown its wad too early, because this episode kept things in a holding pattern. Nice to see Merrin Dungey again -- I remember her from Alias primarily.
  5. Cat

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    Lord. Celeste. I thought the therapist came off kind of aggressive and unprofessional with Madeline and her husband. Maybe she is over these rich people problems!
  6. And there's a weird kind of love there. They have all shared a unique reality show experience for so many years which literally transformed their lives. This experience has bonded them for the better part of a decade (or more). The way they communicate, understand, fight and forgive each other -- it is a little like sisters/siblings. They are also women who have LIVED and let live! IA, I just adore them and think they are close to a perfect mix. I'd go even further and say RHONY deserves an Emmy nod because it is quite often the funniest show on TV. I truly hope if Bravo refreshes, it does so with a careful hand. This cast has a magic chemistry.
  7. Condolences to Lisa. It is such a tough blow, losing both your brother and then your mother within a year. Just when you think you are getting past the grief of one passing, then another comes out of the blue. Lisa is such a family person too. I'm sure Ken and her children are sticking close to her right now.
  8. Cat

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    After a slow opener which made me doubt the wisdom of giving this a second series, this episode was SO GOOD. All these ugly little secrets from last year exposed! I will be intrigued to see where it goes from here. The actor who plays Madeline's hubby was especially good. I remember last year he shone, too. Madeline's kids are awful (especially the up-her-own-ass Abigail) but kudos on the casting for all the kids. Ziggy is a stand out, and those twins are Alexander Skarsgard's mini-mes. I love how un-Streepy Meryl Streep is. She is playing Mary Louise with simplicity but without losing her mystery. I am still not sure what her ulterior motive might be regarding Celeste. Oh! I forgot to mention Zoe Kravitz! I love how her character is being fleshed out finally, torn up with guilt (and possibly this might not be the first time she acted on her anger -- hence the yoga). She is unapologetically seething at the people around her, and that is only building.
  9. Yeah, I think the women on NY know that showing all aspects of themselves is the show's strength. You cannot make yourself universally loved by the audience all of the time, and that's ok. The interesting thing is that in some ways, Bethenny and Luann react similarly. When they are on a personal/professional high, they become quite narcissistic and arrogant, lording it over the others. When they hit a low, it humbles them, and they become more reflective, clear-eyed and empathetic. Without giving anything away, it is these highs and lows you will see over the course of S9-11 as their relationships evolve and maybe even come full circle.
  10. Glad you enjoyed S8! Can't wait till you work your way through to S10 which was INSANE. I too hate the nee theme music. They changed it again for S9 and it's even more obnoxious IMO. Jules was timid at first and in a tough place emotionally. I would have liked to see her come back in S9, to see how she had grown and changed. But it was not to be. I had a different reaction to the Luann/Bethenny fallout. Yes, Luann is a narcissist who was ridiculously tied up in Tom. I was disappointed that she reunited with his trifling ass at the end, after he humiliated her publicly. Luann was desperate not to lose this chance at marriage, and was willing to overlook every warning sign to do it. However, I found Bethenny AWFUL that season. The way she and Carole bullied and thin-shamed Jules was horrific (and said a lot about their own twisted relationship with food). The way Bethenny slut-shamed Luann as Carole cheered her on, tried to isolate Lu and Sonja from the group, and did everything in her power to dig up dirt on Tom... None of this came from a good place. It came from a spiteful, controlling place. Bethenny felt she was star of the show and treated the other women like her employees. As a result of S8, I have never quite come back to fully liking Bethenny or Carole. But I get that it's different strokes for different folks.
  11. I'm surprised Meghan and Jimmy lasted this long TBH. For sure I thought he was out of there after baby #1. I hope this doesn't mean she crawls back to RHOC. I'm sorry she is going through tough marital times but I find her insufferable to watch.
  12. @Antoyne Thank you for reminding me to get on the latest episode of NYC. I don't even know why I hesitated! Yes, Bethenny was a [!@#$%^&*] drama queen with her Oscar-bait 'panic attack', but you could see the histrionics were coming from a genuine place of hurt and anger. This is why I love RHONY so much: these women are all STARS. They are multi-dimensional, fully formed personalities (heck, even Tinsley was on point this episode) who expose their good and bad sides in equal measure. Luann is a prime example. She is insufferable, but it is also understandable why she has put a wall up between her and the women, and why she is clinging to cabaret like a life-raft. It IS hard being sober when you rely on partying to pick you up. Sonja having a tearful meltdown at the pool was also completely relatable. She encapsulated in a few sentences the fear of loneliness of going it alone as a 50-something vibrant female. We don't ever see a woman like that on TV anymore. These kinds of women are fascinating! Sonja truly is my favorite. I love that we are on this vacation, close up, with the women and it feels like we aren't missing a second! And the humor is so on point that it allows the show to touch on dark, even toxic issues without belittling the truth of those situations. RHONY and this group of women really are magic in a bottle.
  13. It says something that the initial news of her 'firing' barely registered. Tinsley's ok, I guess (love Daaaaayyyle, the US's answer to Carole Middleton), and Bravo tried hard to make her happen, but she never really took off. I personally thought Jules was a better fit, although somebody whose name rhymes with 'Fethenny Brankel' obviously felt differently! Clearly Erika is the target next week, but it seemed like this episode, Rinna was the intended target. I assumed for a long time that Kyle's inability to stand up for Kim to Rinna meant that she valued Rinna's friendship over her sister. However, this episode it strikes me that Kyle might not care for Rinna at all. Part of it is the constant Kim bashing (Rinna's recurring SL the part 5 years). Part of it is Rinna calling Kyle an enabler. Part of it is Rinna bossing everybody around like she runs the show. Kyle would be more than happy for Rinna to be perceived as ringleader of the LVP takedown (which she probably is) and take the fall with the audience. Anyhoo, I thought it was pretty interesting that Kyle let TheVanillaFayeResnick go after Rinna/Erika while she sat back and watched. Same old Kyle.
  14. I have not yet but I plan to very soon! Though I'm a little apprehensive about seeing Bethenny go off on Luann and make everything all about her.
  15. I know Erika is not universally adored here, but I felt truly sorry for her having to sit through that meal with the dumb-dumbs and their combined IQ of 12. She is clearly way smarter than all of them. WHAT was that nothingburger fight? Rinna can only confront Kim as Pat the Puss? No wonder Erika's brain cells lost the will to live. Teddi should be fired for whateverthefuck she was trying to stir up/'understand.' Truly shocked that Rinna has been on the show second longest after Kyle. She still feels like a bit of an interloper to me. Has she ever even thrown a BH party or event? Or does she just show up at everybody else's looking for a fight? Re: the relationships, I have been missing Eileen for that very reason. I found her intense dislike of LVP offputting back in the day, but she was also a loyal, genuine person who was smart, self-deprecating, and truly cared for her closest friends in the cast. I miss her warmth. The show feels icy cold now.
  16. 100% believe it. I said a few months back on this thread that the LLAJ story was a set-up to trap LVP, before Bethenny confirmed it on WWHL. These twits are dumb AF. Not only do they believe the audience is dumber than they are, but they had to shut down a popular restaurant and make a public event out of it? These rich b*tches couldnt have hosted everybody at home? Mikey could have served the canapes! And Teddi brought a +1? We all know that was Edwin with his stencil eyebrows and ponytail! See, this is why I am disappointed LVP did not confront these women at reunion. It's like she ran away tail between her legs, and that just validates their hollow triumph. After this season, though, how can we ever trust the SLs on BH again? It's clear the women and production storyboard fake stuff to deflect from the real issues going on in their lives. I know storylining happens elsewhere in the RH universe, but more often than not the drama stems from true events and relationships -- that's why Potomac and NYC are working so well at the moment. IMO the BH HWs are 80% on their way to killing their own franchise.
  17. Favorite LVP moment: Moments -- fleeting glimpses! -- when she was truly happy with her friends. The S2 Hawaii trip when she started to bond with Brandi, as well as support Kyle while she was going through her problems with Kim, was a high point. Obviously her walk-in closet, her hosting and decoration skills. I truly thought she was the third Collins sister for a while (after Joan and Jackie). Least Favorite LVP moment: S6. The tide turned; thereafter it was hard for me to see LVP with rose-coloured glasses. Though I don't think she is quite the evil Bond villain with mind-control powers that the rest of the cast paint her to be. LVP has been unable to fully open herself up and trust any woman on the show since S2 reunion, certainly not since S4. This has unfortunately steered the show into Kill or Be Killed territory and weighed on my enjoyment of BH. I think Bravo have already checked out replacements. One of Andy Cohen's BFFs, Bruce Bozzi, posted this yesterday, and the timing is no coincidence: Yep, it's Kathy Hilton -- somebody I wanted to join the show this season. I have since wondered if Kathy would bring it. Because what Kathy Hilton hates more than anything is airing her dirty linen in front of the world. Like Big Kathy before her, Little Kathy prefers the family's dirty little secrets on lock-down. I would love for Nicollette Sheridan to join the cast -- except that I actually kind of like Nicollette (she seems pretty true to herself, marching to the beat of her own drummer) and would not like to see her get mauled by the rottweiler Rinna. Speaking of Rinna -- that family lunch was all kinds of uncomfortable. Does it seem like she and Harry Hamlin live essentially two separate lives now? That may explain her relative lack of joy this season. The two snot-nosed daughters do not seem either very bright or very nice. The way they treated their father was horrible. The dark-haired one (sorry, I can't be arsed to learn her name -- Amelia Belle? Delilah Boo?) clearly was panicking at the very thought of eating solids and couldn't handle her father cooking a meal for her.
  18. If true, that's a crying shame. I'll wait till Bravo or LVP confirms but I wonder if Bravo will tweet the reunion seating plan. LVP is a big draw. If true, I wonder if she intended to go but this latest lawsuit made her rethink her plan. She seemed to be implying that this season was an anomaly in terms of her participation. I feel a bit sad, it's an end of an era for BH. I doubt Barbara has been upgraded to HW. The show didn't seem interested in showcasing her any more than necessary.
  19. I can sort of see the need for new blood. At the same time, I'm not sure I want it! I love this crazy, march-to-the-beat-of-my-own-drum group. Ramona is acting like she's practically FOH these days, but Luann will be devastated. I'm not sure why Tinsley is safe, or indeed the miserable B. New blood is fine, but if they're anything like Teddi or Dorit... no thanks.
  20. @NothinButAttitude I don't know... I think this is LVP's last season with BH. Even with her large fandom, the other women have boxed her into a corner. She doesn't want to film with them, they probably dont want to film with her. It is like what happened to Danielle Staub in S2 -- Danielle was hugely popular but production could not make it work between her and the others, and they refused to film with her. And that sealed her fate. At least LVP has VPR and a forthcoming new show to soften the blow. She did say recently that production cut all her scenes bar the Las Vegas opening for the rest of the season. It's really crazy how so much stuff is spilling out outside of the show. It's like Bravo has zero control over their stars. The women are so volatile and focused on revenge that they risk bringing down the whole show. Mauricio's lawsuit now touches the other HWs, production and the writers (yes, BH has writers!). If that goes to trial, we may hear a lot about how BH operates behind the scenes and comes up with storylines. It will be fascinating, but I also worry it will cause the show's demise, mainly because we will no longer believe the SLs these women are selling us. BTW Camille wrote a great blog where she basically spoke truth to the puppygate gang in her inimitable bitchily-elegant-yet-direct Camille way: https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/season-9/season-9/season-9/season-9/blogs/camille-grammer
  21. I would love her to go angry and categoric as she did with Kyle, but that's not LVP. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I think she will be like Eileen -- lawyer-like and cool in her talking points. She wont prevaricate. She won't pull out any surprise trump cards (Dorit already did that when she admitted she talked to the lady who ran the kill shelter!). But she will quietly decimate Dorit, and Teddi, probably, with her facts. I suspect everyone is right and she will only be on for half a day. I think it may be quite emotional for LVP fans, especially if they show a Best of LVP montage. I wonder if LVP will be emotional. I wonder if she will lash out at Kyle, Rinna and Erika. Those are the three that she probably feels forced her off the show behind the scenes.
  22. @Taoboi (at the risk of over-responding to this thread the last few days) -- Contractually, LVP has to show up. She is still a main cast member. Plus Adrienne set a precedent. If you don't show, you get fired. If LVP doesn't go and still keeps her job, it will mean anybody on any RH franchise can treat reunion as elective and not mandatory. As I said before, the reunion is cathartic for the HWs, and it is cathartic for us. We need LVP there now that the other women have exposed their asses. IMO she has been unfairly treated, and this is her time to call them to account. Instead of pussyfooting around, she needs to confront them once and for all. And they have grievances they want to air, too. ALL these women have been playing games with the viewers for years over what to show and not to show. At reunion, we have this one chance to catch them unguarded, to crack the facade -- IF Andy asks the right questions. It's a small price to pay for the fame and lifestyle this show affords them. If LVP skips reunion, I feel like she will be robbing her fans of that chance, and as one of those fans, I will be deeply disappointed.
  23. Agreed. Sometimes Bethenny is like a little grey raincloud that hovers into view when you've laid out to catch some rays. She arrived last and immediately tried to shoehorn herself into drama that had already gotten underway. It's like, girl, sit your ass DOWN. Dorinda, Ramona and DrunkSonja have already got this round covered. I noticed B brought a glam squad with her for the trip -- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't care about glam squads for fancy NYC events, but this is meant to be vacation! There is nothing I enjoy more than Ramona and Sonja glamming it up out of their own messy suitcases and sharing a straightening iron. The last thing I want to see is the Erika Jaynization of RHONY! I too have a good feeling about this trip. Like, St Barts/Turks & Caicos-good. Next week looks hilarious.
  24. I know you really liked Seungri -- so did a few friends of mine. He was funny, but now it turns out there was a dark side. The scandal is pretty serious. He ran a club called Burning Sun in Seoul which was a front for running hookers to the rich and powerful. There were other serious allegations of young girls having their drinks spiked at the club, passing out and then waking up hours later having been raped by god knows who. He apparently was sharing sex tapes (filmed without the women's knowledge) in a private chat room on KakaoTalk. It is really awful stuff, and it is unclear what Seungri knew or didn't know. My feeling is that, as the maknae in BB, he was always trying to impress his rich and powerful friends and the head of YGE by showing how much money he was making with all these clubs and business ventures. And he got in over his head with the hookers and it spiraled. Anyway, here is an article which explains some of the basics: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/12/k-pop-scandal-big-bang-seungri-south-korea-charged-over-illegal-prostitution-ring Blackpink was fun and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself and how nice the fans were. BP seem to be huge across the world! Don't make me cry about CL, the way YG handled her US solo career literally makes me so angry. They did her dirty. I still listen to Hello Bitches periodically, though -- it is such a banger.
  25. Thank you for the delicious tea! The fact that she and Dorinda are in a good place again leaves me thrilled. And Sonja too. I know Bethenny is considered the 'star' of NYC, but for my money, anything involving Lu, Sonja, Dorinda and Ramona is the most watchable. I am also glad she defended Barbara against the boos! That sounds like the 'old' Lu I know and love. I like Barbara -- she is genuine and true-to-herself. She is the one who reached out to Bethenny when Luann was spiralling out of control in order to stage an intervention. That is a true friend right there. While everybody else on the Miami trip gets piss-drunk on Dorinda's delicious-looking mojitos, she is probably going to be Luann's anchor. I always thought it was a shame that Luann and Jacques never worked out, he seemed to provide stability for her. When they broke up, that's when Lu went down a bit of a slippery slope. I'm shocked she didn't boosh the Pirate, but I still think they did more than flirt! Interesting that since S1, Luann and Jill have been close and never really had a beef with one another. That's nice of Ally to come see the show.
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