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  1. Dorit is so slippery, I can see Rinna doing one victory lap too many and tripping up spectacularly right before the finish line.
  2. Damn, Lisa! Well, she really knows how to argue her case with a strong turn of phrase. She pretty much hit every point of her argument there. Talking about how Lucy is doing now and how the VPD staff rear and look after the dogs really brought her argument home. I think she's done with all of them. She won't even mention Rinna by name.
  3. Nobody came out of this episode covered in glory. It's obvious LVP wanted to expose Dorit for dumping the dog at a kill shelter (and I say let her. Dorit oozes insincerity out of every pore! What she did to that dog was horrendous). It's obvious Erika and Rinna are doing the most to destroy LVP by any means necessary. Rinna is one of the most deeply unlikable people I have ever seen on a RH show -- and that's saying something, because she has fierce competition. Like @Cheap21, I can't believe Doggate is going to be the SL for this entire season. My god, we're only at episode 4! BH isn't going to have a nice, compact 3/4 season like NJ -- we have 14 more episodes of this. And then Reunion -- another 3-to-4 episodes! I can't, I can't, I CAN'T! [(c) Ramona] Teddi exposed by those texts. When I saw Ken whip out those print-outs, I nearly screamed. Teddi was totally exposed by Ken and Dog-Ken sitting on his lap! Interestingly, no footage of Dorit being chased round the pool in the Bahamas by an angry Beverly Beach creditor! The footage is on social media for all to see. Hmmm. Agreed. I really like Denise, a breath of fresh air and normalcy amid all the contrived scripted BS. I hope she stays this way, because it's like she's an audience member who just happened to get roped in with this cast. I think it's really significant how much the other HWs seem to really like her and are not trying to pick a fight with her. I have NEVER seen Erika so funny and warm to somebody on this show before, but she seems genuinely under Denise's charm.
  4. She looked softer. Glowing. Younger. Happier. With some of these costumes it's like she is trying to escape something. Escape herself. Btw other breaking news: Peter Thomas got arrested coming back from Jamaica into Miami International Airport. There was an outstanding warrant from Louisiana for trying to pass/cash fake cheques. Sigh. Overall I liked Peter on ATL but... I'm so glad Cynthia is no longer with him. (Yes, I want Leon and Cynthia to find their way back together again. Even though I think Cynthia is essentially happiest single and with her own space).
  5. Checkmate, bitches!! Word on the street is that LVP got another spin-off -- centering on VPD! The coven is hopping mad! They went out to Craig's for dinner last night to commiserate. Apparently they feel 'used' by production and LVP, and are angry she is being 'rewarded' for not filming with them. I dont even know why they are pissed -- this likely means LVP will no longer film RHOBH. But LOL she left on her terms, not theirs. Rinna must be FURIOUS! She wanted to destroy her so badly. Re: the Erika fashion talk: Erika succeeds IMO when she goes Old Hollywood like the white 30s pant suit or even the latex outfit in Berlin (cliché as that was). However, it is getting costume-party territory, and even her non-costumey looks are derivative of the Kardashians or Gwen Stefani. Remember her first season how soft and pretty she looked hanging with Tom? The fashion one-upping has become so competitive now, that's why I don't enjoy it anymore. It's not for entertainment purposes, it is to outdo the others and show off how much money you pretend to have. It's for Erika to lord it over the others and keep them at arms length, bowing to her 'superior' style.
  6. Lol yeah I thought Jennifer came across well in this week's episode (part 2 of the reunion). She softened a bit and sounded more relatable. I find her very entertaining (mainly because I know people like her IRL) -- in contrast with Kathy. I did think Kathy acquitted herself well in her forced send-off two seasons ago. She ended up carrying the can for the Gorgas/Wakiles, and it is kind of sad the way the Gorgas dumped Rosie, Kathy etc so quickly. I love the husbands in NJ! I like that everybody family-related gets in the mix, and I enjoyed the drama this season. Pacey and not too toxic. Danielle's ex-husband looked like a fool, though. Especially now that we know the Two Joes were right and just looking out for him. Danielle is already engaged to a new guy! I've been lax about keeping up with ATL this season. I found it hard to get into after Kenya's departure and couldn't warm to Eva. Maybe I should catch up on more episodes.
  7. LVP got a new stylist in recent years -- they all did after Erika joined the show. I think this new stylist has been very hit or miss for LVP. I miss her old looser style tbh. It's all a little severe now. But now everyone (except Denise bless her soul) is dressing like they're going to an S&M rodeo and it's too much. Too much time spent watching these hoes get done up like it's the Oscars for a latte at the organic coffee shop. And it's taken the place of truly organic drama and interaction. In my humble opinion. Heck I even miss Kyle's Alene Too kaftans sometimes.
  8. Cheap! I've missed you on this thread! Tell us how you really feel! Yes, I'm def on the LVP love train but I have always enjoyed the different opinions from you and JackPeyton and others back in the day. I noticed the way LVP tried to say Teddi was gossiping, and the fuss with Erika was basically to piss her off. LVP tries too hard to get Erika to notice her when Erika is just not feeling her. Still, I do think losing her brother has genuinely devastated Lisa. And I am not a fan of the others trying to take her down at her low point. Also, Dorit and the dog... I can't with that half-assed negligence. I am liking Denise quite a bit, though. RHONJ: My enjoyment of Jennifer continues to grow! She better get a second season! She is hilarious, and I liked the way she talked about her relationship with her mom and defended herself against the smug one. For a while there, I thought Joe had been punched in the forehead. It took me a minute to realise he has been waxing his unibrow! That area didn't get tanned yet. So... Teresa is def over and done with Juicy Joe, isn't she? Next week: the hubbies and ProstitutionWhore!
  9. This in a nutshell. I heard one podcast commentator (who is not an LVP fan) say that she was being punished for her sins of previous seasons and that this was absolutely not the 'crime' to nail her on. They also said that Grifter's phony crocodile tears and fake story of a stranger knocking on her door and taking the dog away to a 'beautiful home' made it impossible to side with her. The takedown really showcases what morons they are. No wonder LVP can find nothing in common with them. I thought at least Erika had a spare braincell or two, but she's clearly as vapid as the rest if she co-signed this. I also can't believe these nitwits spent the off-season doing victory laps around Twitter before the season even aired. Were they so coked up during Bahamas filming that they couldn't recognize how poorly they came across then and there? FYI: still no mention of Dorit getting chased around the pool in the Bahamas by an angry creditor! It was filmed on someone's iPhone!
  10. It was SO GOOD, and imo S2 is even better. Mainly because the crux of S1's drama was off-camera and she said- she said. Wasnt Kyle vile from Day 1, though? Always trying to belittle her sister in front of the others. I truly believe Camille about the off-camera remark, too. Ironic that Kyle was so busy trying to destroy Camille that she never saw LVP's popularity with the audience coming.
  11. Are we giving bravery medals now to bimbos who callously dump their pets at random shelters? That display where Rinna and Kyle hugged the whining (yet shockingly tearless) Dorit was truly ridiculous! It's not that LVP didnt want to punish Dorit for dumping the dog. Of course she did. Dorit did something that LVP in her heart and soul would be unable to forgive. That's why Grifter did it. To prompt a reaction from Vanderpump that would allow the other women to rake her across the coals. Dorit must really resent LVP. No wonder she hated the dog(s) from VPD. If only she realised how much worse her actions make her look. Rinna is poisonous, as if her Twitter display this weekend wasn't mean-spirited enough. This is such a toxic group. They really hate LVP and can barely stand each other (with the exception of Denise who seems genuinely grounded and lovely). I saw more love between Jill and Ramona on RHONY than I've seen between these vipers. They would shank each other for an Erika hair extension or one of Kyle's dentures. Btw Nicollette Sheridan is leaving her role on Dynasty next month. If I were Andy Cohen, I'd be on that like a rash.
  12. What kind of suspicions? I was sure Harry was going to say that Rinna misspoke; still, Nicollette held her ground.
  13. I remember. He is one of my fave househusbands too. No [!@#$%^&*] to give and so grumpy, and I love all of it. I wish we didn't have to suffer through her raging lack of humor just to get a few minutes of him puncturing her ego.
  14. Rinna's argument is that LVP is unprofessional and checked out this season (and by implication should be fired for it) ... but last season wasn't she totally checked out and 'didn't engage' ? How is her shitty attitude that year much different? I mean, sheesh, HWs on other shows have been fired for not offering much and they gave more than Rinna did. This is also what bothered me about Rinna screeching at the other HWs at Andy's baby shower to get up on the table and dance because "he gave you your careers!" Who is she to order them to perform like dancing monkeys when they bring so much more to Bravo than she does?
  15. @Chris B @NothinButAttitude OMG I would die of happiness if Nicolette Sheridan joined BH! I have loved her since Knots Landing! The fact that she is calling out Rinna makes me love her all the more! Nicollette is no pushover. Are we going to have a situation where Harry Hamlin is forced to issue another press release contradicting his wife? WWHL better get on this asap. You said it! Jim Edmonds was the true star of that household! Remember when he brought out his inner Sassy Sally at Tamra's 'sex' party and was all "ZIP IT... YES I CAN. YES I CAN. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT."
  16. @DaytimeFan @Gray Bunny Agreed. Teresa donned the Fonz's leather jacket, strapped on some water-skis and jumped the shark this episode. She tried to pull a Vicki Gunvalson and it failed. I have been more Team Teresa than not over the years, in large part because I enjoy Juicy Joe, the kids, the Italian parents -- all that backstory helped outweigh the fact that Teresa is not smart. In a weird way, not being smart was Teresa's strength over the years. Now, however, with Margaret, Melissa and the one-woman entertainment machine that is Jennifer (Tre's mini-me in smarts) stealing the show, Teresa is on shaky ground. I don't believe Jackie's story that she HAPPENED to see Teresa in a bookstore with only four people in line. Teresa was in full Skinny Italian era, the peak of her popularity when Jersey came out strong for her. Jackie was definitely following RHONJ closely. But yeah, she performed well this episode. Thought it was harsh when the left couch said Dolores was Teresa's Yes Girl. Sure, Dolores has Teresa's back. They grew up together. However, more than any of Teresa's friends, Dolores yells at Teresa, defends her other friends -- Siggy, Caroline, Jacqueline -- to Teresa's face, and Teresa is ok with it. I will always like Dolores for being a steady hand and incisive observer. Margaret is just fabu. I love huh. @Gray Bunny I always wondered about the significance of your photo/avatar! He/she's a beauty!
  17. That's the rumour I heard on an LA-based podcast where they said he was now working, or looking to work, elsewhere. I was SHOCKED when I heard it, and it could still be false gossip. I thought Mikey would outlast the Girardi marriage TBH. I guess when the spending cuts came down the pipe, he Noped out of there. I sometimes wonder what happened to permanent-sunburn Brad too (which shows how long I've been watching these shows). Jill seemed increasingly annoyed and bitchy about him. I'm assuming that as she got swept up in the franchise, she became insufferable to deal with. Last sighting of Brad was in MOROCCO! Season 4! He had attached himself to some older French woman who had a house in Marrakech. He invited the HWs to a party at this house, and Jill bitched and moaned about how tacky it was. This was the same party where the Moroccan palm-reader told Ramona in French that there was another woman in Mario's life! Good times. Looking forward to catching up with RHONJ later. I'm actually looking forward to it more than BH!
  18. Glad for Denise! And Nene. I liked Denise in this BH episode. In fact, despite the fact that it was filler, I enjoyed this episode. It was light and pretty to look at, and did not have the looming tension of the previous episode. We even got a cameo from Charlie Sheen! Well, his voice. I especially liked the scenes with Kyle talking about her kids, and Rinna with Amelia. Much better than them all together trying to out-chess each other. Rinna talking about Amelia's anorexia in the VTs was slightly defensive, though; the way she discussed it suggests to me that she may have her own deep-rooted issues with food, but is terrified of confronting or even acknowledging them. Next week looks yikes. All the women in a swimming circle away from LVP. And of course Rinna's smirk as the takedown gets underway. Btw what is Erika's purpose on this show other than looking bored and disdainful? Girl, please. In other Erika news, I heard Mikey is no longer working for her. Hmmm. Will this season touch on that, or the fact that Tom, PK and Mauricio have lawsuits pending against them? I wonder.
  19. Kyle was already gearing up this weekend to play her favourite role, that of victim. She positively relishes it. And Dorit still acting like the maligned one for dumping her dog with strangers/the shelter? I can't with Grifter. As for Rinna...
  20. Is this where Rinna retreats to her Instagram stories and takes pot shots at certain cast members from the safety of there?
  21. The obituary as I read it was more interested in Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and how Lee Radziwill was merely an adjunct to JKO. But I promise you that the article written a few years ago, for the NYT weekend 'T' magazine -- and from which the video I posted is taken -- was so much more than that. Lee Radziwill showed the reader around her Paris apartment, with its souvenirs and photographs. She talked about her artistic interests, and how she cultivated her own taste. She talked about the people she loved (her children, Jackie's children too, whom she adored, her husbands). She talked about the friends she had and those she lost (like Truman Capote). She talked about her parents and growing up in wealth and still feeling like an outsider. It was a great article because of the people she knew, the things she has seen, and she never came across as a sad or pitiful creature as the obituary described her. Instead, she came across as a woman who has been through much but still lived a great life. So I would definitely recommend you read that and forget about this silly obituary clearly written by someone who did not care to discover Lee Radziwill the person. https://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/07/the-real-lee-radziwill/ http://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/02/17/t-magazine/17well-lee.html https://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/30/in-conversation-lee-radziwill-and-sophia-coppola-on-protecting-privacy/
  22. @DaytimeFan @DramatistDreamer The obituaries are a bit overshadowed by Jackie and the Kennedy's. A few years ago, the NYT interviewed Lee Radziwill in her Paris apartment and asked her all kinds of things about her life -- not necessarily about Jackie -- and it was a good interview because it gave a more rounded picture of Lee. Its worth reading in full, but they also filmed a few segments. A few snippets from that interview:
  23. I'm sorry to hear this. She was one of the last links to a fascinating, glamorous, tumultuous era. What a life she lived. And what mystique she had.
  24. I don't ever need to see Jacqueline on my screen again! She burned that bridge from Crazytown back in S7. I would however welcome Caroline and yes even Siggy back, and they could take Jackie's spot. Even though Siggy went certifiably nuts, I miss her dynamism. Caroline is very close IRL with Dolores, and of course is mortal enemies with Tre and Danielle. I don't think she's crazy about Melissa either. But I also don't think she would ever return to RHONJ without major family backup. This show is Teresa's patch now. Of course what they should do is give Danielle a talking head, if not an actual HW spot. All in all, though, it's a solid group at the moment with a couple of standouts. Andy was right for once when he announced that it was going to be a good season. Oh man. She saw the fan comments after the show aired and is seriously backtracking. ALL the cast were snarking at LVP on that red carpet; now we are supposed to believe Kyle wanted to use that public, crowded event to 'make amends.' Dorit must be the luckiest ho in Beverly Hills. Her negligent actions have been overshadowed by the furore over the story getting leaked. I don't understand how she consistently gets away with being such a grifting mess!
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