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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOA reunion tea is lit! I haven't watched in weeks but will be perched for Kim's dragging. Sounds like Kenya slayed!
  2. Married to Medicine

    Greg is trash. I'm over him and Quad the Fraud. I died at "I was out there in the heat in the month of June in the middle of Georgia" Girl gone!
  3. Married to Medicine

    I'm sorry I was cackling when Heavenly and Mariah went back and forth in the hallway. It's honestly the best rivalry on reality tv. Heavenly only did that to rile Mariah up. She needs her as an adversary so she can keep as much of HER life out of the show as possible. She uses Mariah to deflect and divert attention from her home life. I really hope Mariah gets a main placement next season. It's been long enough. She clearly has high favorability scores or they would have dismissed her years ago. What chick gets a full spot at the reunion for multiple years while being deemed as "recurring"? If the show could survive without her then they wouldn't keep having her back. I wish the SImone/Cecil divorce hadn't been spoiled ahead of time. That would have been an epic cliffhanger.
  4. Married to Medicine

    I'm glad Contessa said there was nothing different about Mariah's tone in regards to the rest of the ladies. She was saying this as an outsider with no previous allegiance to anyone else. Quad is annoying as hell, and I hope she will begin to alienate herself from the rest of the group. Notice when Mariah said what she said and was like "Baby ASK 'EM!" Why would Mariah tell Quad to ask the other ladies if that tea hadn't already been spilled to Mariah? I'm sure Simone has made mention of Quad's sensitive ass to Mariah. Married to Medicine just remains consistently entertaining. It's the only Bravo show I am still sticking with at this point.
  5. Love and Hip Hop Thread

    New York needs to end. I'm sorry but why is hurricane relief Yandy's storyline? And what Jonathan went through was traumatic, but honey what does this have to do with hip hop? It's literally just random scenes being strung together and you can see the wheels turning in their head trying to think of things to say when they're being filmed. It's garbage.
  6. Married to Medicine

    I was going to pay this season dust... but I absolutely love Miss Mariah so I just jumped in right at the New Orleans trip. Can I tell yall that I howled when Contessa said she doesn't make fun of people who have disabilities because she thought Heavenly had a speech problem? Bitch I DIED. Heavenly is an evil, nasty piece of sh-t. These other girls let her talk to them like f-cking dogs. She keeps apologizing for bringing up Mariah's mother but keeps doing it. B-tch f-ck you. And hasn't this whole "turning over a new leaf" been Heavenly's story for 3 years but she hasn't changed a bit. Quad needs to leave the show. Mariah is life and the funniest person on this show. They really wouldn't have anything to work with if she wasn't around. I wish we saw more of her and Ayden. Other than Eugene it would be nice to see a man who actually loves and respects his wife. And is it me or has Toya low key become the People's Champ? Like I mentioned before she keeps up mess, keeps a storyline, is transparent, and will call out these girls to their face whether they are friends or not. I disliked her Season 1 but love her now.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Democrats and the media need to stop kissing these people’s asses and engage black voters who may WANT to vote for the Democratic Party but have been given little reason to. The fact that we have spent a whole year hand wringing about why white People with racist views voted for Trump, we need to talk about why black voters were so dissatisfied with the Democrat Party that they stayed home in the face of Trump becoming president. This is literally white privilege.
  8. "Mad About You" revival

    Didn't this show have terrible ratings after it got moved from MUST SEE TV THURSDAYS? No one has thought about this show since it went off the air.
  9. The Politics Thread

    OMG! Doug Jones won! I truly went to bed thinking that Roy Moore's bigoted, racist, homophobic, pedophile ass was going to win. I am so happy! And to top that off, did anyone see USA Today's scathing rebuke of the President? https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/12/12/trump-lows-ever-hit-rock-bottom-editorials-debates/945947001/
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Wow Kroy really has nothing going on. It was pathetic watching him swoop Kim out of the scene with Kenya and then be posted up at Porsha’s house having a kiki session with the girls.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Right. Was he fired unfairly? Yes, but his conduct with the October 28 letter was appalling. Especially when the other major presidential candidate was under FBI Investigation as well. He is no champion of mine.
  12. The Politics Thread

    The President admitted ON TWITTER that he committed obstruction of justice. 1. He fired Flynn because he lied to Pence and FBI. 2. He knew Flynn committed a crime, did not report it, and then asked Comey to let the investigation go. 3. When Comey said no, he was then fired by Trump. Trump fired someone for refusing to drop an investigation into someone he knew was guilty! IMPEACH HIM!!!!!! The Republicans are human waste.
  13. The Politics Thread

    I am literally sick over this bill. They forced through life-changing legislation in the middle of the night with illegible hand-written edits in the margins. This should be illegal. I hate Republicans and I want the Democrats to have no mercy once they're back in control. F-ck them and their voters.
  14. The Politics Thread

    At this point, I’m so tired of fighting, writing, calling, and mailing that I’m just like f*** it... pass the damn bill. Let it all burn to the ground and make those who voted for IT feel every bit of his egotistical, heartless, self-serving wrath.
  15. The Politics Thread

    The Pocahontas "joke" was not funny and very inappropriate. However, what I found worse was how he talked to/about the code talkers as if they were aliens. He has no respect or interest for who they are or what they did, so he keeps repeating the word "special", because it's the only word he can find in the pile of mush in his skull.