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  1. Girl. Stick to the topic. It was just a random point of reference.
  2. I seem to recall whisperings that the Trump team feared Kamala could be the next Obama... Lord knows she would wipe. the. floor. with him in debates. And he'd have a long, hard time coming up with a "catchy" nickname for her that wasn't racially sensitive. I'm still holding out hope for Kamala down the line. Whatever happens in the months ahead, I hope one of the underdogs, be it Kamala or Mayor Pete or even Klobachar (what is everyone's thoughts on Andrew Yang, BTW? DAYS' Martha Madison seems to love him on Twitter), turn out to run alongside as Vice President.
  3. Yeah, I'm ready for some ATL and Jersey girls. Good grief, Tamra and Braunwyn were too much. The people in that restaurant who agreed to be on camera surely had themselves a good time watching a trainwreck filmed in front of their eyes. Gina's stubbornness over not believing Emily is just dumb and reeks of producer interference ("We need conflict! Amp it up!"). Kelly was her usual slop mess. Vicki's sudden matronly pearl-clutching had me giggling because she's the queen of whooping it up, but it'd make more sense to whoop it up like that in a bar or private party versus a restaurant. Why the hell was Meagan there? As usual, she provided absolutely nothing even when trying to console Emily. If true, I'm glad to hear RHOBH is having a hard time filming something worthwhile. There's only so much patting of each other's pus that can be done.
  4. I have no problem wishing death upon someone (yikes, my karma's rotten ) and I've been hoping another triple monikered man would follow in the footsteps of John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald for the past three years. @Khan Coinciding with your analysis, the best thing for this country right now would be for anything (healthwise or otherwise) to wipe out Trump and Sanders, and may the best woman (or man, I guess) win against Prissypants Pence.
  5. Can someone refresh my aging memory and remind me when did Loving and Ryan's Hope switch timeslots? Shall be interesting to see the numbers going forward after the switch...
  6. I'm confused. Let's talk about gay sex again. If Mike Horton (Wesley Eure) was indeed a homosexual back in the 70's, would he have been a catcher?
  7. Truth!!! As someone who was literally in Flo's shoes several years ago, it takes at least 3 weeks before you're even able to walk upright with no discomfort, while the recipient has a new lease on life and is hoppin' & movin' within a week.
  8. I wish she got more coverage. I'm still Team Kamala but realistically I see Elizabeth Warren as the woman going forward (not that I have any problem with that, just not my 1st choice)
  9. Compression pants / shorts were the best thing ever invented.
  10. If nothing else, I'd like to see Kelly's mama back onscreen because I love how she always looks like she just woke up from a super good nap. Hair disheveled in the back, looking happily bewildered... Damn, I miss afternoon naps. The audio quality was top notch. Did they use an older iPhone? I wonder whose bathroom they filmed that in? Impressive.
  11. Hmm... NBC wanting DAYS to not film so far in advance is kind of like CBS allowing Guiding Light episodes to be broadcast same-day across the country, whether it aired at 3/2pm ET or 10/9am. They're getting things in sync to wrap things up nicely and cohesively... On one hand, the show definitely needs to stop with this super advanced taping schedule, but on the other hand, I'm skeptical of NBC's intentions...
  12. Back to topic, we *need* a memoir from this daytime gem: In her case, it may just be a pamphlet.
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