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  1. I feel like at this point, the "core" of Atlanta is Kandi, Cynthia, Porsha, and Kenya. Yes, even Kenya. Others around them, including Nene, can come or go as long as these core four remain on the show, and RHOA will continue to coast along just fine. Re: OC, so apparently the rumor is that Tamra, Shannon, Kelly, Braunwyn, and Emily have gotten invited back. Vicki is being invited back as a Friend Of with a salary that's further reduced from last season. They're on the fence with Gina and it could go either way. However, Messy Boots Andy says it's just a rumor and that no contracts have been sent out yet. Furthermore, apparently for whatever reason Tamra was thisclose to getting the boot, but will be welcomed back. Hmm... Re: NJ. Even though it feels a tad forced for the cameras, I appreciate Jennifer bringing her family issue to light about her mother's hesitance to acknowledge her son as gay. It's an important topic to address; old-school people struggling with their longstanding beliefs versus the reality of life. However, it looks like Jennifer is back to being outlandish next week. Side note: Something about Dolores sometimes resembles Senator Kamala Harris to me (P.S. If Joe Biden gets the presidential nomination, I hope she's his VP. But that's for the Politics thread)
  2. Where is everyone? LOL Apparently there's some casting news for next season's OC.... a certain OG will not be happy, especially with a further reduced salary. Methinks Bravo is coaxing her to quit without officially doing the dirty work of letting her go.
  3. I like Billy Flynn, but the smirking thing takes you out of the scene. If that's his acting choice to make Chad smug, it doesn't work for me. It seems more like he's smirking at the material he's playing. It's similar to Y&R's Joshua Morrow, another actor I like, but whenever he has to play a scene where his character, Nick, isn't privy to whatever is being discussed by other characters and Nick is supposed to be oblivious to what's going on, you can tell Morrow knows exactly what's going on and isn't playing oblivious successfully.
  4. Ah, well that explains why Billy Flynn is always smirking when he's throwing digs towards Gabi. Catching up on Christmas episodes right now, and yeah... some things never change.
  5. Oh Christ, I thought they'd pretend that story never happened. I'd be just fine with that.
  6. Gray Bunny

    The View

    Re: GMA3... I've watched that painful dreck only a couple times and the only thing worth watching is Keke Palmer. They could ditch Strahan and Sara and just kick it with Keke (which would likely be their newly revamped title!)
  7. Okay, call me a stodgy old man for always being a champion of network television or basic cable, but I'm finally getting into content that's streamed exclusively, and yeah, this whole new era of Netflix films vs. standard theatrical releases is getting so murky with what constitutes what. When hubby and I watched A Marriage Story (super low budget, by the way, minus whatever salaries the actors likely received), I'm like, "I've never heard of this. Was it in theaters?" Turns out, it was released for less than a month in November to a very small, select group of theaters, raking in a whopping $160,000; not that it mattered to them, because it was basically an exclusive streaming deal. So weird how this works now. P.S. Laura Dern did basically nothing in the film (certainly nothing note-worthy; the role was pretty stagnant, requiring next to no range or depth at all), yet won Supporting Actress at the Globes. Dumb. Stepping off my soapbox. (P.S. I love Fleabag and Olivia Colman)
  8. What's the blind item on Miss messy boots Andy?
  9. She was entertaining at the debates, I'll give her that. And a good yodeler!
  10. I will say though, and I've always thought this, that the "Mattessa" fans online (two T's, not one, and yes they would correct you!) were vocal, rabid, and ridiculous. Nothing was good enough for them; nothing satisfied them. "Why are they making love on a couch? Why can't they have a bedroom?" From the big stuff (the late-in-life miracle baby junk) to the little stuff, they were always in a huff. But yes, the constant insults Beth was giving about Vanessa's age was tacky and reeked of a behind the scenes grudge (Rauch towards Maeve Kinkead).
  11. I *so* wish she had popped up on another soap long-term, and not just as some mayor with a hardon for Bo Buchanan. Not sure which soap I'd wish her on nowadays. For aesthetic purposes, I'd say Y&R. For selfish reasons, I'd say DAYS, but it'd be such a letdown watching her scheme and manipulate in the Blue Room or Park Bench. Sigh...
  12. Yes. It was a quick, lazy way to write off Amy Ecklund. Speaking of, recently I was watching some GL on YouTube circa '96 and I had no idea Abby was supposedly 18 years old when she first appeared in Goshen in '95!
  13. Oh, but that's so honorable! Gladys and Eleanor of the heartland will surely warm up to the dirty homosexuals if their stories show them as decent, honorable men who aren't a threat to the clean heterosexuals and their healthy lifestyles. P.S. If it weren't for the fact that DAYS' budget is so cheap, I would soon expect Gabi to become a dominatrix. She seems the type. Unfortunately, the leather straps would actually be velcro purchased out of the clearance bins at JoAnn Fabrics.
  14. I'm with Sara Gilbert that Andy shouldn't be ruled out entirely. That's incredibly generous for writers to pick 'n choose which aspects of the original show was part of Roseanne's "dreams/writings." Jackie being pregnant was one of the biggest highlights of Season 6. I did hate, though, how starting Season 7 and beyond, Jackie became a total oafish Barney Fife cartoon. I still wish when they rebooted the series, they would've reverted Jackie back to normal. Well, Laurie Metcalf was preggars in real life. When it was revealed Jackie was pregnant, Laurie was already showing! I think it worked for Jackie's character but it was pointless for Dan & Roseanne to have a later-in-life child. Especially considering she was pregnant for nearly 14 months!
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