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  1. Oh yeah, LOL, a face transplant. Which was silly because it was when Jay Kenneth Johnson returned to the role, not the other way around.
  2. Oh Dorit... WHY? RHOP is on fire and continues to deliver. I echo everyone's statements on Sunday's episode and that beautiful bombshell Karen gave the audience, and Ashley unbothered by Candiace's response. Team Karen/Ashley/Monique all the way. Love the mutual respect & understanding between "lil miss Ashley" and the "Grande Dame of Potomac." They're great at fighting each other but even better when they're on the same side. Looking forward to next Sunday's show with the entrance of Monique back into the fold. The reunion is going to be EPIC!
  3. Hope's "house" looks like a clearance bin at Joann Fabrics exploded. So many mismatched prints all over the place. Just ick. Is it asking too much to bring the actual Bo/Hope house(formerly Jack/Jen/Peter's) set back?
  4. @Taoboi Great write-up; I agree with all. Now that I'm getting a better sense of these women individually, I do think Jen is doing too much and trying to be too much. I'm sure she studied the other Housewives franchises long and hard before coming up with what type of "character" she was going to portray herself to be. Meanwhile, Mary's explanation and apology was enough, and then Jen continued using the same incorrect dialogue "you said I smell like hospital!" "No, I said it smells like hospital." At least it got squashed. Knowing Housewives though, I'm sure it'll be the catalyst
  5. On DAYS, how about the return of the original Horton legacy characters? It baffles me that decade after decade, they have not taken the opportunity to bring someone like Maree Cheatham back as Marie Horton - she was on the frickin' 1965 pilot episode! The actress has been active in the industry ever since, and seems she would gladly make return appearances. Why not have one of the actual Horton children living in the Horton home dispensing sage advise, much like Alice did? Especially after Frances Reid's passing and Cheatham's appearance at the funeral, that would've been the perfect opportuni
  6. So, I'm 3 weeks behind, but wasn't Jack gone a second time, sometime around 1998-2000 when Jack & Jenn were living in Ireland? They had originally left for Africa but when Missy's Jenn popped back up in the fall of 2000, she was in Ireland and Jack was off god-knows-where while Jenn had gotten a little close to Dr. Colin Murphy. However, it sounds like they're just focusing on the 1993-1994 absence.
  7. Dang, they're doing it. They're gonna make the OG's stick old like sore thumbs as the musty old broads of the series. LuAnn can make friends with anyone, but I'll be interested in seeing how Ramona really gets along with the younger newbies, as the feelings of being iced off her own show will surely creep in. ... and no Heather?
  8. @Taoboi @ChitHappens I ended up really liking Watchmen! I had no clue about the story prior to watching, so the first episode was weird and random. Hubby peaced out after the first episode but I stuck through it and loved it. It was about half-way through the series that I finally pieced it together how it all connected. Regina King was boss as always, and on a shallow note, you get to see quite an eyeful of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II I recommend! I'm really loving The Handmaid's Tale too. If the thing that currently occupies the White House had been re-elected, I'd probably feel a
  9. Nah girl, I loved it. No Potomac fatigue here. I agree with your write-up though. Ashley has shown growth and I don't have a problem calling out Candiace for the way she doubted Ashley's sincerity about starting a family last year. Yes, Ashley needs to own her messy pot-stirring ways of yore, but I feel she had a point about Candiace. And Candiace's reactions and replies are always stank and emotionless. She thinks way too highly of herself and her position on this show. The prank was hilarious and I loved their breaking the 4th wall and watching the producer cam footage.
  10. That was painful to watch. The actress who plays Zoe is lucky to be on the show when she is, because they needed "black presence" on this show. Otherwise, her ass would've been written off a long time ago. I missed the episode(s) explaining Zende's break-up with Nicole, but he's basically a blank slate new character with no ties to the past.
  11. Ooh. Cannot wait. So onto the newbie, SLC.... I loved Jen, but my hubby thought she was too much fakery for the cameras. God, the real estate and the views on this show are spectacular. As soon as COVID is over, we're booking a flight to SLC to visit my brother and new wife in Ogden. The one set-back? Mormons think black people have no souls. And some say gingers have no souls. So we'd be a gay interracial soulless couple... not sure how welcoming the city would be, LOL. Is it Meredith who has the gay son? I liked that. I liked that they didn't
  12. I miss Renee Jones too. Last we heard, she was content living on a farm in Georgia. Sounds like she's done with television. Agreed, they should've expanded her romantic pairings beyond Abe; given some legs to her and Jonah at some point in time, whether it be in the 90's or bring him back in the 00's. And whatever happened to Tek? Yum...
  13. Days of Our Lives "star" Cody Longo, who appeared on a handful of episodes. Guess he didn't do much else with his career?
  14. Yeah, he's rocking a solid bod at his age. He must make some young pup happy
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