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  1. B&B: Actor taken off contract

    Ron I liked your other signature photo better lol
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Finally caught up on Beverly Hills. Wow, what a lackluster season finale. Kyle is a victim again, wash-rinse-repeat. A fight that stems last year's flimsy "pantygate" storyline. Oy. Ladies and producers, y'all gotta pull this show back together before it comes a non-factor like New Jersey. I know they've got it in them. They've got the star power and recognition. They just need to stop worrying about fan reaction and thinking of the newest gif-worthy moment in their talking heads.
  3. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    Wow, I have never heard of "It's A Living." I gotta get me to Wikipedia and do my TV history research! It's funny to read up on the syndicated series of the 80's, including those who started on networks but ended up living a longer life through first-run syndication. Crazy to think there was a 3 year gap between It's A Living's original run versus their new life in syndication. Charles In Charge is another one, where 80% of the cast changes once it switches. Speaking of LOGO reruns and sitcom reruns in general, I hate how nowadays, for at least a decade or so, the sitcom reruns are SO heavily chopped up and edited for more commercials. I can remember back when reruns would usually have just one small scene cut or edited, but now they're so choppy and uneven and will sometimes just cut to another scene without a decent ending, or quickly go to commercial break and come back in the middle of another scene. I'm sure they do this with most reruns, but I especially notice it during reruns of Roseanne and The Golden Girls.
  4. "Roseanne" revival

    Ah heck yeah! Can't wait
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    POTOMAC: Meanwhile, I can't fault Ashley for stirring the pot (for the sake of the show) without being a nasty friend (Gizelle and sidekick). The new dynamic revealed about her mother is interesting and organic. Now that we know the whole deal, Ashley needs to serve her mother a strong ultimatum: the dead-beat man leaves or you're cut off from your son-in-law's money. Robyn is indeed the most foolish housewife around. Right up there with Jesus Jugs. Monique can do no wrong in my eyes. She married well, has a fun, positive energy, and gorgeous. No wonder the elder castmembers gotta hate. I wonder if we'll learn more about Monique's hubby's relationship with his mom. It's good to see that his father showed up for the birthday event, even with the crusty mother staying at home. NYC: Absolute beauty. I loved last night's show in the Hamptons. Again, love the dynamic of these 7 women who have genuine relationships with one another. Love seeing Luann and Bethenny on each other's side again. Love seeing a common ground between Luann and Ramona as they see Sonja going off the rails again. It's sad but completely understandable to know the "Ramonja" friendship has taken a backseat in recent years, but who can blame Ramona? Even she is more level-headed and grounded than sloppy Sonja. Just when I thought Sonja had found clarity, we see she's more delusional and rambles on nonsensically worse than ever before. Dorinda is gonna go IN on Sonja next week and I cannot wait. Sonja is really making an ass of herself. Oh, and the switching dynamics of Bethenny/Carole as Carole migrates towards Tinsley will be juicy. I liked the open honesty of how Bethenny explained that no matter what Luann says or does, Carole will automatically discredit Luann simply because it's Luann. Just as Bethenny will always question Ramona's "sincerity" when she shows kindness or Rapologizes. I'm actually finding myself liking Tinsley a lot more this season. It really helps that she's developed actual friendships with other castmembers, versus other younger castmembers who were just kinda there (Jules, Kristen). I hope we get to see more Dale. P.S. Whatever makeup/hair magic Ramona's glam team is working, keep on doing it. Well done!
  6. B&B April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I just think it's funny that B&B bothered to be so "secretive" about Hunter Tylo's return. Who's really clamoring to find out what's going to happen next? Would knowing of her impending return beforehand spoil the Taylor-Shot-Bill reveal? C'mon, this ain't 2002 (Sheila) or even 2005 (Taylor). There's only like 8,000 people in the target demographic who watch; the rest are the 55+ age range who watch out of loyalty and habit.
  7. B&B actress returns!!

    Did she already leave onscreen?
  8. "Roseanne" revival

    Currently, I'm not looking at the "politics" of it; I'm looking at the characterization. But, as others have pointed out, people can change over the years in real life, and therefore fictional characters can change over time as well. Most people probably aren't dissecting the nuances of the characters, but being here on SON where we dissect our soap characters, I'm dissecting the "Roseanne" characters, as I'm one you could consider a die-hard fan of the series.
  9. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    +2 I don't know why, but I imagine that as well.
  10. "Roseanne" revival

    Exactly. P.S. It's potpourri, dear
  11. "Roseanne" revival

    I agree about it going against Roseanne's character. There's a few characteristics they're forgetting from the original. As you said, Roseanne was against spanking because her own father used physical violence against her (something they didn't introduce until the 4th season, but it still remained throughout the series). Also, in the first episode of this reboot, the family prayed. The Conners were never a religious family. See the Season 6 episode titled "I Pray The Lord My Stove to Keep." DJ discovers religion and asks what religion they are and Dan spouts off all the different denominations of their families. DJ: So what are we? Roseanne: Uh... we believe in being good. So basically we're good people. Dan: Yeah, but we're not practicing. The only time I recall them praying was after they won the lottery, which didn't happen after all. One other tidbit I'm not fond of is dumbing down the characters because they're from small-town, USA. Roseanne, Jackie etc. were always aware enough to know how to pronounce something like "fabergé egg."
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    That WWHL was a total shi* show and I loved every moment. It's the one time I wish WWHL was an hour so he could actually ask a few questions for each Housewife, past and present. Here's my take on Rinna vs. Vanderpump... I think they both actually like riffing on one another. Rinna's can sometimes come off as mean-spirited, and granted I have not checked out any her social media stuff where she bashes LVP, but I think they actually like the banter, especially LVP. I think they actually really had a fun time during Rinna's first season and the start of her second (remember when they took that trip together to check out that busted up pony?). I just love the delicious side eye Vanderpump gives Rinna when she's in the room. If Rinna *is* truly mean-spirited towards LVP and still has a geniune ax to grind (or just bubbling jealousy), it certainly doesn't phase LVP in the least at this point.
  13. DOOL: Casting Megan

    I don't know why my first thought was "Hathaway"
  14. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Tonight’s WWHL in LA has Dorinda and “a night of 31 doorbells” so it sounds like a Housewives extravaganza coming through the door!
  15. I'm looking on more of the "Victoria-was-choked-and-therefore-justified" reasoning. Granted, I'm a week behind in episodes so perhaps I'm behind on what JT has done, but nothing I've seen her endure thus far is grounds for killing.