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  1. Why do they merely hint at a white woman for Abe? First Kayla, now Kate. Abraham needs some loving since they foolishly dropped Vanessa Williams.
  2. Exactly. The tried-and-true remark about there being 19 soaps in 1970 holds no weight. Hell, GL was only 15 minutes until 1968! From 1975 through 1980, starting with AW, then DAYS, then ATWT.... all the way up to Y&R's expansion in February 1980 at the expense of fellow half-hour sudser Love of Life, was when all the long-running shows expanded. For a time there (1989-1991), we had 10.5 hours, with each network providing three hour-long shows and one half-hour.
  3. Hooray to all the returns (well, I can do without Claire, but) but especially to BD as Lucas, JKJ as Philip, and Louise back as Viv.
  4. Oh Christ. With Belle's aging, Claire's aging, and now this.... I guess Sami Brady was a 45-year-old highschooler when she kidnapped baby Belle in 1993.
  5. Ditto. She's been one of my all-time favorites forever... +1 on the B.S. against Shangela, who is probably my overall favorite. Have y'all seen We're Here on HBO with Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen, and Eureka? Finale - *So* glad Jaida won. It felt right. I'm not even going to critique the finale performances because Jaida was the one to beat all season long. Well done.
  6. Agreed, LOL. I'd never want her back either. Her craziness could at least be contained to some degree. I desperately wanted Leah to just go and stay gone. P.S. Newport, Rhode Island looks lovely.
  7. Oh yes they did indeed hit No. 5 for a few weeks in the summer of '98 ATWT & AMC were in the 3's, while GL held onto their low 4's with the Reva Clone
  8. Y'all know The Real Housewives of New York is my jam, but dang, last night I finally felt fatigued from the "groundhog day" effect of yet another drunken calamity. First of all, Leah was WAY too much. It's no wonder her mother wasn't speaking to her once she learned Leah was drinking again. She legit becomes another person and it's dark, reckless, and dangerous. She could give a possessed Dr. Marlena Evans a run for her money! It was not at all entertaining, and I'm just glad that other people (notably, Dorinda & Tinsley, with LuAnn observing) were able to have a civilized and worthwhile conversation while the ape was running loose in the zoo. The back 'n forth of inviting and dis-inviting Leah's sister was a little messy, but Leah's reactions were just obnoxious. If Ramona was "black out" drunk, it certainly didn't seem that way as she tried to diffuse Leah. Sonja, though I love a sloppy Sonja, became a +1 to all the craziness Leah was serving, so it all became irritating. Meanwhile, look who finally has a personality! Quiet lil Elyse finally had something to say and gave us cute mimics of some of the other wives. And once again, here goes Leah off the deep end when Elyse makes her comments. Christ, I think I'd take back Kelly Bensimon at this point. Leah girl, alcohol is not your friend.
  9. GL actually became No. 7 in 1997, overtaking OLTL. Looking at the numbers from the beginning of the year to the end, GL was the only soap to make gains and keep them. Granted, a 4.0 average vs. 3.7 ('96) isn't a HUGE victory, but everyone else was dropping. Yes, you had DAYS' tremendous highs (6.9 during Kristen's downfall in June; if Y&R hadn't had a healthy 7.2 that week it would've hit No. 1 that week), but they came crashing down at the end of the year. ATWT had a great showing in early '97, hitting No. 4, but fell back to the middle of the pack. GL's low of 3.3 in September 1996, with Another World overtaking the No. 8 spot for multiple weeks, is what caused a raucous behind the scenes to get the numbers up or else face cancellation in favor of another Bell soap. The Reva vs. Annie trial brought GL up to a 4.6 in June, and the show had continuous upticks into the 4's and stayed there until the beginning of the clone story in March of '98 blew the wind out of their sails.
  10. Agree 100% That a was fu-king weird ass episode last night. That whole dinner was a buildup to try and tear down Denise (all the talk about her filmed three-way on Wild Things and Rinna & Dorit's faux concern about how uncomfortable it must've been to film it). I gotta say, Denise fu-cking Richards took it all in stride. In fact, she barely raised her voice the entire time. Well done Denise! But yes, the way they're acting like Denise is a prude for wanting to prevent her children (and children's friends! Just think the potential backlash from those parents!) from being exposed to adult talk is ridiculous. Their comments and talking heads were tacky and stupid. Yes. Trash. I too am ready for Garcelle to interact more and to call a spade a spade and for Denise to give no effs and show 'em how it's done. I love our resident "ragamuffin."
  11. That joke was the highlight of the whole reunion.
  12. Thanks for those HH vs. total viewer comparisons. Comparing Nielsen ratings by decade is like comparing the cost of living over the years without factoring in inflation.
  13. It was bad. LOL. I feel like anyone can make these nowadays with their iPhone. Maybe their step up from iPhone quality was using a boom mic and a homemade lighting kit? Seriously though, when I watch something of this quality (or lack thereof), it actually gets my creative juices going because clearly ANYONE can put something online. The difference here is actual star power (out of work soap actors). I'd actually continue watching it, in a trainwreck fashion. But one thing they desperately need to do is give us establishing shots! It was nothing but up close or tight shots of the rooms they were in. The understanding of the space of the club was very disjointed, showing a tight shot of the bar, a tight shot of the stage, a tight shot of a sitting area. It wasn't until Morgan Fairchild first showed up you got a sense of what the room looked like overall. Tight shots of their kitchens/offices, etc. also needed establishing shots. Director of Photography 101.
  14. Thanks for posting! This, along with Jason47's info seems to show DAYS' highest rating with an 8.1.... Though not their highest Nielsen number (they got 9's in the 70's), but the overall total viewers may be significantly higher? What a continuing mystery, all these claims of high ratings and being No. 1 for so many soaps
  15. You got it Hmm.. I respectfully disagree on that. To me, she was the best Dinah.
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