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  1. I haven't seen RHOBH but am so glad to hear the awesomeness of Camille Donatacci Grammer shining through. @alwaysAMC I thought the same thing re: Aviva being cut in specific S6 episodes, but I think Bravo is keeping LVP in because they know viewers are hoping for a glimpse of her, be it new footage at her own fabulous home or in flashbacks. Even in Bravo's bumper promos promoting all their hits, they show LVP's face (for both BH and VR reasons). She's got the star power and viewer interest and they're gonna ride it as long as they can. Yesterday, they re-aired some episodes from Season 5 (LVP, Kyle, Kim, Rinna, Eileen, Yolanda, Brandi), and boy that was one of their last great seasons. Before we got Doritos and Sourpuss Jayne. It's sad to see how chummy the Lisa's were. They looked genuinely amused complimenting one another, ripping on one another playfully... if things had played out different, I could've seen them remaining this way if Rinna wasn't so determined to be top dog and top one-linerer. It was also interesting/sad to see LVP's genuine affection and concern over Yolanda's health. These shows really tear apart solid friendships. At least Rinna and Eileen never had a falling out. Re: RHOP. I echo what others have said about Chris being the perfect househusband to Monique. Those two make such an awesome family.
  2. LOL Remember when Darla suddenly became the patron saint of Los Angeles right before Taylor mowed her down on PCH?
  3. Roughly the same time and same age. September of 1995. Mom purchased it for me. I had recently started watching DAYS in the summer and went back to 7th grade in the fall. After a week without, I had to start taping it every day. And still the 24-year habit continues... The Hope/Bo/Billie storyline was my favorite, and here comes news (to us) that Billie was leaving!
  4. Emma/Nia’s facial contortions are so bizarre I don’t know if she’s upset or if she’s trying to eat some tough meat.
  5. "This week on Soap Opera Network of Our Lives: A past villain resurfaces under a new moniker to stir up trouble. But who is hiding under the mask? Stay tuned. Miss a day, miss a lot! Soap Opera Network of Our Lives..."
  6. She has Juan... and you know Andy (and Mr. Darby!) likes that. I agree she offers very little, but she's a decent supporting housewife who has long ties to the Potomac OG's from years before the show began.
  7. Correct. Ambitions had a half-million more viewers than Pose, and a 0.3 in demos vs. Pose's 0.2.
  8. Add this to the list of popular actors whose characters gets killed off, so they return in a new role. At least with Drucilla, a body was never recovered...
  9. Yeah, cuz that's exactly what I wrote...
  10. Agreed. Ever since 2003, Lumi were endgame for me. They fit so well together, and even a few years ago during one of Ali's brief visits, they shared a moment together recollecting their past history which ultimately just seem to pan out for them. And I loved that acknowledgement.
  11. Well there's always Dance Moms for Nia Sioux! That trainwreck of a show is back... (although she was always the weakest dancer, but a check's a check)
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