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  1. I remember healthy holiday bumps all the way up through the early 2000's, with the last era around 2004 when AMC's Bianca awakened and finally got her baby back during the week between Christmas and New Years. The holiday bumps were always a good indicator of how many people out there still had a general interest in these shows, even if they didn't make the effort to watch year-round.
  2. I'd say in the past 3 years, Dems have paid more attention to the courts and can see rights slowly slipping away or being in grave danger (Roe v. Wade; LGBTQ, etc.) . With that, I wouldn't mind an ad that subtly suggests RBG may not make it another 5 years, juxtaposed with beer-loving Brett Kavanaugh breaking down under interrogation while a level-headed Christine Blasey Ford speaks the truth (not her truth; the truth). Remind Dems what's at stake in all levels of government.
  3. Exactly. And I *really* wish they'd do some ads focusing on how Trump is NOT a Christian. Go for those narrow-minded evangelicals with their heads in the sand. He's not a man of God. He doesn't worship any God other than money. He doesn't attend church. He's not a member of any congregation. He couldn't recite The Lords Prayer or John 3:16 if his life depended on it. Point this out and focus on all the unholy, sinful acts he and his family have committed. If there is a God or Heaven, Trump is on the side of the fallen angel down below.
  4. Agreed. Taking the high road has gotten us nowhere, sorry Michelle Obama. Break it down to the simpletons of the heartland and beyond. He looks like a fool. We look like fools. The world is laughing at us. Hell, at this point, do ads telling us that he and Melania sleep in separate rooms and he was boinking a porn star while she was preggars. Go for the ugly stuff because he's an ugly man, inside and out.
  5. Meanwhile, Julie could easily be a great-grandmother to whatever never-before-mentioned offspring Rick Hearst's Scotty has sired. (Or is it Rick Herbst now? Not sure why the spelling change on his last name nowadays, but I digress)
  6. The OC: What a [!@#$%^&*] storm this Key West trip is. I gotta say, other than Vicki's wipeout at the end requiring her usual medical attention, I'd rather hang with the tres amigas than the suckfest of Kelly/Braunwyn/Emily. Even Gina is more tolerable with the "old ladies." I *loved* Bravo's cheeky editing showcasing the old women whooping it up having fun while the younger women were tired, staying in their rooms looking pooped. Ugh at Kelly's continued outbursts and inability to control herself. Total gutter trash. It's no wonder she's good friends with Brandi. Side note: We were in Key West three years ago and went to that gay bar. LOL. It was such a fun hot mess, but the drag queens were pretty terrible. LOL. One of them shown last night on OC is one I saw in person. She resembles Drag Race's Thorgy Thor but ten times worse. But gosh it was fun. I hope to see more of Duval Street next week.
  7. Rest up them forearms, cuz Ben's on today... But in all shallow seriousness, well done Chandler. You got your groove back. Ugh. Add him to the list alongside Greg Vaughan of performers who induce deep sleep. I guess I should be happy DAYS finally found a villain outside the DiMera family, but this low-rent podunk white trash con man is not something we should fear. Point and laugh, yes, but not fear. The fact that Kate Roberts bumped uglies with him is horrifying. #YouCanDoBetter This 100% Reilly 1.0 was over-the-top but still rooted in strong emotions and utilized history and family units. Since then, it's been shock and awe just for the sake of shock and awe. What stinks about this tactic (including Ron's gimmicks) nowadays is that everything comes off as cheap. Not just cheap like DAYS' dime store budget, but cheap as in unpolished. Soaps in the 90's had more of a polished, finished look to its overall production. They had the budget as well as the know-how to make it look good, plus they had the time to shoot multiple takes instead of these one-and-done shooting schedules nowadays. Good question. If it's brainwashing, why not implant Stefano's memories into baby Mickey? That's his best shot at finally sucking on some Marlena tittie. After all, it's Salem and Marlena never ages so I'm sure she's still lactating.
  8. That's true. We certainly haven't seen the last of her, thankfully. @DramatistDreamer Yes. He's a turd too. And sadly, he's the only candidate I've seen commercials for.
  9. I'm very disappointed in this news too. I was hoping for a miracle in Iowa but we can't even get that far... this stinks. Meanwhile, we still have turds like Tulsi sticking around.
  10. Justin and Kayla are a total boozy prize couple. No one's coming for that.
  11. The most exciting aspect of the TJ is seeing how they'll redress their new sets. The DiMera study as the convent is quite inspired.
  12. The baby reveal was a sleeper. Not to harp on Greg Vaughan, but his scenes help cure insomnia. Re: a gay relative of Abe's... well, not by blood, but Jonah was raising Wendy's son Benjamin who could easily be brought back. But sadly we'd then have White Ben and Black Ben so that'd be weird. They could just go by Benjamin's middle name, whatever it may be.
  13. Ugh. For some reason, I can accept Hope-as-Gina since they're twinsies (sort of), but this? Why not just make Stefano a child again and implant his memories into Ariana?
  14. @NothinButAttitude Agreed on No Need 4 Nene. Granted, who knows what's going to happen down the line, but the Housewives and Friends of they had last night bring more than enough shade and reading for filth. This would've been the perfect opportunity to see ATL persevere without their usual anchor/safety net. Re: New Jersey. I was willing to give Jackie a chance, but she's such a Debbie Downer. In the words of Vile Kyle, she's looking for tits on an ant. Meanwhile, this is giving me all the feels for Dolores, who's finally out of the shadows of Soggy and is making a name for herself. I'm finally a big fan of hers. And yes, her son Frankie could make many panties out there quite moist Re: OC Sloppy Kelly continues to shovel out more slop and messy garbage. When you're rooting for Tamra to come out on top, you know you've got a problem.
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