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  1. Ciara reading a fake newspaper article saying Ben is dead. They literally did the same thing (John "dead") when Marlena was stuck in Stefano's golden cage in Paris. Virtual Reality Goggles are next!
  2. This fella has also modeled for a lot of different jock straps... I'm just sayin'
  3. ITA with the "auto pilot" remark. The remaining 4 had a bump around 2012-2014 with the loss of four long-time shows, but now it's a slow decline yet still steady enough to sustain for some years ahead. None of the four remaining shows will try anything innovative and groundbreaking at this point. It's just wash, rinse, repeat. Keep it simple; keep it budget-friendly. Keep it alive; keep everyone employed. Did ANY of us think in 2011 that both Days of Our Lives and General Hospital would be around in 2021? We even thought Y&R and B&B would be gone by 2020. Meanwhile, you
  4. Oh Lawd.... So Clayton Norcross is the one holdout. Good for him I like the delicate way you and @Chatty Cakes described knowing the difference between person to person, lol. I remember the soap press (okay, Carolyn Hinsey) commented on that during the Jack/Patty/Emily storyline ("wouldn't he notice different nipples?" etc.). It's funny how we soap fans went along for the ride in the 80's and 90's, but finally took issue with how unrealistic a doppelganger story is. I mean, do we really think DAYS' Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks would be so similar that John Black c
  5. Did Eli & Lani's apartment magically change from a studio to a one-bedroom? I see the bed is gone and they expanded the kitchen and added a couch. I hate when soaps (GL did it first, now DAYS) change up a set and there's no mention of it; it's just how it is now and anything from the past doesn't matter. Very George Orwell 1984. Remember how Horton Town Square used to be twice as big with a brick staircase (recycled from their old park set) on the right side?
  6. Thank you! I was wondering the same thing. Jackie's analogy cut to the core because Teresa's unfounded rumors cut to Jackie's core. Teresa is too uneducated and dumb to understand an analogy. Instead she flies off the handle and complains "she's tawwkin' about my daugherter!" It is NOT Jackie's fault that Teresa is dumber than a box of rocks. This is just like when Eileen Davidson made a stink about Vanderpump asking how she and her hubby got together (ED had an affair, right? I can't remember). Eileen made a big stink of it and and it aired over multiple episodes, when she eas
  7. Dang, how quickly that show fell from being the network's ratings darling of the 70's.
  8. Sweetie, I'd bet good money you said something super snarky and bitchy and tagged her, and so she responded accordingly. Amiright?
  9. And what pray tell did you say that made her react...?
  10. He, along with other daytime actors like Joshua Morrow, Ricky Paull Goldin, etc. can really transform from stud to sloppy dud depending on their haircut and facial hair. P.S. I've never been a huge fan of TK, but knowing the two Ridge's real life political affiliations, I am more than happy to keep TK in the role...
  11. Gasp! For me, in terms of the long-running shows, it was General Hospital. It just never drew me in, at least never in their mobster era which has been the majority of its last 25+ years. Other notable mentions of my time: Passions and Sunset Beach. They were never anything I could see myself really caring about and watching long-term. Admittedly, I found myself more interested in Port Charles when they started the Tainted Love vampire story arc, as some of their couplings became more intriguing, but again, their momentum (if they had any) would've burned themselves
  12. This is the first time I've heard of any Housewives All-Stars! Fun concept, but sadly the roster is not surprising. These are all the Andy Cohen kiss-ups (well, I wouldn't include Cynthia so much, but) that will stay on these shows until they sink. And it's dumb not to include women from some of the less popular/less known series for exposure. Also, no one from OC? Clearly they're still strategizing and figuring out who will be around next season... SLC: The ending was nice. Nothing bombastic (other than Jen's walk-off), but nice. I'm still not ready to give u
  13. Started Bridgerton on Monday... I will continue on this week
  14. I think it was the handiwork of one of Andre DiMera's goons. Or someone. Something. I dunno, haha. It wasn't her doing though. I remember the scene when Sami transformed into Stan with prosthetics and a wig, and we ended the scene with Dan Wells in the role lip-syncing pre-recorded audio of Alison talking.
  15. I would love for DAYS' catalog of music from the mid-90's to be released somewhere, if only on YouTube.
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