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  1. It's James E Reilly meets American Horror Story with the homoerotic kink mixed with torture. I'm surprised he's not wearing a jockstrap and ballgag.
  2. Other than the Sharon story, I have zero interest in anything current. I love the reruns! With everything going on in the endless world of Coronaland, I wonder if they'll wrap up her cancer story more quickly so as to not focus on something so morbid.
  3. Exactly. Put him with the HBIC, whether it be the OG (Brooke) or the new generation (Steffy). If they're really committed to writing for him, they'll pair him with an A-list character, not a C-list one who could easily be written off tomorrow. We've seen B&B do this crap time and time again.
  4. Agreed. Season 7 was the perfect reset for the show (a perfect transition of cast members from the messy 5&6 seasons era as we moved on in season 8 and forward) and the Carole/Dorinda trip and bonding was poignant. Never thought eight cast members would work but it was perfection.
  5. So THIS is the type of kinky [!@#$%^&*] Carlivati is into. How many times did he already ejaculate to these scenes?
  6. You spelled Turd wrong a couple times in your post, but I'll forgive ya 😂 Love that moment with Sutton (and Denise's reaction, basically saying "Thank you for being a voice of reason here!") Kyle and Terri DeMarco are the absolute worst and Kyle is guilty of doing exactly what she has accused LVP of doing so many times in the past... setting it up for a secret to be revealed to a specific small group, so that the other person in the room goes and spills all and Kyle can act all surprised and shocked they went there (See: Kyle's faux exasperated reaction in the car). Meanwhile, POTOMAC is coming! Can't wait to dish with y'all... NYC: Wow, their place in Cancun is GORGEOUS. I would just stay there the entire time during my trip. They have it all and are right on the beach, too. Jealous! Is this when we finally learn what is up with Sonja? I think she hinted a while back that we'll learn what's going on during a trip. She's got to be on some medication that is NOT to be taken with any alcohol whatsoever. Side Note: We're on page 2001 of this thread! Crazy fun here
  7. Agreed. B&B has a bad habit of telling a storyline with non-Forrester/Spencer/Logans that last 2-3 months at best. Oh, but, he can continue taking his shirt off periodically
  8. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/07/30/lawrence-saint-victor-back-on-contract-at-bold-and-beautiful?fbclid=IwAR21nNiMdw4PTzqb57OTSN7fKGSPM0hTFDvK1JCqP197AbHgg1DzmLcwPRc Finally! I hope this means an actual long-term storyline is in the works for Carter (and not some crappy 2 month blip about texting while driving... Hi Marcus!)
  9. This was a wonderful post and sums up all my thoughts perfectly. +1 to all of it. C'mon Lips, c'mon Terri, c'mon Erotika, c'mon Splits, c'mon Dorito ---
  10. In my lil opinion, I think the strong majority of longtime soap actors stopped giving an eff about the integrity of the writing a good decade ago. It's work. It's a paycheck. It's a familiar family of co-workers putting on a once-great show on a dime-store budget. Longtime characters have their established history which is treasured, and newer characters aren't given a strong base in the first place. I'd be interested in knowing Drake Hogestyn's feelings on the stuff rewritten for John's history yet again in 2016 with the guy from the Saw movies as his dad, as Drake was always very passionate about John's history, timeline, etc. But who knows? Maybe at this point, it's just a shrug and an "okay, sure." I think the only person I recall in recent years being upset over a story decision was when Alison Sweeney was deeply disappointed they killed off Will (which of course has been reversed -- thanks Dr. Rolf!)
  11. I can't even with Brandi. Like, I kind of want to waste my time reading it, but really she's just a clown who says and does anything for another second of fame that already ran out. NYC: At first, I started having flashbacks of The Countess talking to kids about how her family brought over the Statue of Liberty while they all side-eyed her, but Luann actually came off as quite genuine and the support group seemed to embrace her. As someone whose hubby works in the mental health/substance abuse field and deals with women starting over, it's amazing what a trip to a spa can do you for your spirit and self-esteem. Good for Lu for offering that to those women (and a few men, too!) Ramona's party was one for the Housewives Hall Of Fame. Though I do think Sonja and Leah were over the top, Sonja's antics were just too damn funny. And I'm sure Ramona's "MAGA crowd" (as Leah rightfully phrased) knows what they're in for when attending a Singer party with the Bravo cameras rolling. +1 on the Sonja/Dorinda moment. These two need healing and use alcohol as a crutch but the booze affects them differently. As a viewer, the weekly sloshfests are getting tiresome, so I hope this is a sign of some self-reflection to come.
  12. Aww, she's a sweet lady in real life
  13. Yes! That is exactly when I started watching. And Stefano was amnesiac in a wheelchair after MarDevil chucked him off her balcony good times indeed. And I also happened to start watching right when Peter Reckell returned so I never saw RKK.
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