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  1. Sigh... those lusciously long locks (i.e. extensions) she be rocking while chasing around the Lady in White to free John in Aremid, and later in Paris at the extravagant ball with her boobies on full display. Good times.
  2. I used to write a lot and came up with many synopses and character write-ups. Only 2 projects ever amounted to anything noteworthy. In highschool I wrote a script called "The Young and the Helpess" and ended up shooting it, using friends from highschool and my friend's camera. I edited it on my own software and basically did everything except the actual acting portion. (look it up on YouTube, haha). You could call it a parody, although everything was portrayed seriously. Main character names included Bo, Hope, and Gina. Presumed-dead evil twin returns and takes over the good twin's life. Yada
  3. Excellent OC decisions! Kelly Dud is finally OUT! Glad Heather is back.
  4. That's a funny analogy. Just like when Garcelle and Rinna were admiring the beams of the ceiling. How ridiculously hypocritical (and funny) for Crystal to burst into tears and be all verklempt over Sutton seeing her nekkid a full 24 hours prior. Quite a delayed reaction. Two basket cases with easy trigger points. What, did Crystal not like Sutton inferring that she might've walked in on her masturbating or something? Gurl bye. Ah so Terri DeMarques Houston gave Crystal pointers on how to navigate through RHOBH. Well it's no wonder she's cozied up to Kyle; gotta get in
  5. Oh I *love* this! LOL The Grande Dame right by his side. Ashley looking fabulous. Robyn looks lost, LOL. Gizelle is blurry and airbrushed in both shots. I am glad to see more love being given to POTOMAC.
  6. I'm nearly a month behind, but I know a bad actress when I see one, and Precious was... not good.
  7. Ugh classless ho. You should be at your granny's beside, heffa. She could've sacrificed one girl's trip to be at her grandmother's side. Is her fattened Bravo paycheck and thirst to be The Star blinding her judgment calls? Me thinks so.
  8. I'm glad to hear they're trying to lure back Tamra and Heather. Tamra is a necessary evil on this franchise, and the fact that she still had so many connections to last season's drama proves they were unwise to cut her loose. Heather is a delicious ice queen, similar to SLC's Lisa Barlow. I forget why Jeff Lewis hates her, but she brings good drama, whether she's in a supporting role or a lead. What's the tea on OC otherwise? I thought Braunwyn already announced her departure.
  9. Hey y'all I'm back, did you miss me? (LOL, doing my best Carolyn Hinsey from Soap Opera Digest impression). Ooh Lordy, been swamped at work, then went on vacation, then came back to more work. No time to catch up on my favorite thread I'm loving the discussions here so I'll just add my +1's to certain points in particular.... NJ Reunion: I do think Jennifer had some great and funny moments. However, at times she goes for the jugular and is just nasty to be nasty. She's trying to be this 4th wall breaker, showing us viewers what "really" happens (i.e. Melissa's fake st
  10. The show looked absolutely awful in 2016. That, coinciding with their dark turn in storyline-telling (think Hope kiliing Stefano, Ciara being raped, and all those weird stand-alone episodes focusing on one character like Rafe or Aiden), marked a wretched era for the show.
  11. Agreed that it would've been nice to have the Heather/Luann/Sonja lunch shown in real-time versus a quick flashback. I hope they don't minimize Heather's appearance. I never thought I'd be a stan for her, but she's a refreshing return of Housewives past, and I would/would've really liked to see her interact with this group without the presence of Bethenny to stifle/talk over her. And a big rolling my eyes at Leah "worried" about Heather's comments about L/S/R in the press. Girl, they already know! And they're still friends. Stop looking for tits on an ant, Witchy-poo.
  12. I mean damn. I have nothing to add. Messy and pregnant to boot?! Child.... I didn’t know there was a Latoya backstory with Sheree. That works. One thing we could count on from Sheree was to be messy, fun, and shady but never mean or ugly and vindictive.
  13. For reals. It took me a looooooong time to warm up to her, but she was my favorite these last 3 years. But damn gurl... Side Note: I see a lot of y'all are clamoring for Sheree to return. Just out of curiosity, what do you think she brings/would bring to the show? I mean, I like her, but she's been a supporting player since season 3.
  14. Aw, congrats to DAYS, and a 2-year deal at that! Now lets start crafting some long-range storylines that are both fun to watch as the journey unfolds as well as satisfactory with the payoff at the end. Dare to dream.
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