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  1. Yasss! Okay God, you’re setting this up nicely but I‘ma need you to kick it into high gear now. Meanwhile, I could totally see a stroke or another heart attack for Bernie and an aneurism for Biden. Before you know it, it’ll be the Openly Gay vs the Closeted Gay going to head to head. I’m kidding. I’d rather it be Elizabeth against Closet Case.
  2. Agreed. I like Nadia. Always have. She's been saddled with so many clunkers in the last 10 years. If they're bringing back the entire Last Blast crowd, I'm all for it as long as someone doesn't get pregnant. This clan doesn't do kids very well. Wait. Jacob Young to DAYS? Now, you know Ron's gonna make him cut his hair and get his body tight and right again, like when he was on B&B. His current long-haired Idaho cowboy schtick ain't gonna work unless they're doing Brokeback Mountain: The Salem Park Bench Edition.
  3. Is Kyle Jones Marianne's son? BIG news huh. This will for sure tip the scales and her huge flock of followers will start to feel the Bern. is Deval still running? I forgot Marianne stopped.
  4. I'm glad. I'm also not surprised. Let's get it right, DAYS. No prostitution, no weird relationships with a man her father's age, no carrying another person's baby. And no psycho intentions towards Jennifer Horton.
  5. That guy is the very definition of a pencil dick. I'm sure as a kid (and probably now) he got off on torturing small dogs and cats.
  6. Oh yes, definitely. In fact, a lot of soaps were hitting 6's as late as 1993. Looking at the numbers, a lot of shows (save for the P&G ones) were on an upswing around '93 and the first half of '94 until OJ.....
  7. I haven't seen last night's NJ but whoa, that changes things up quite a bit, showing Teresa encouraging the hair pull? This should make for an interesting reunion. That's the thing. Teresa is one of the Housewives OG's I just can't see Bravo trying to cut ties with. This franchise has been through a lot of ups and downs, good years and bad years, with her as the one constant. Despite her deplorable behavior and general "IDGAF" attitude, her daugherters are her saving grace.
  8. Agreed and agreed. This is the make or break moment for them. I'm glad Elizabeth came swinging hard. I'd hate to see her bow out before the likes of someone like Klobuchar. Their battle scars will heal and they'll all join forces to beat Donald when the time is right. I'm glad Pete called out Bernie's troll army. They're the only ones who refuse to join together for the greater good. Someone calculated it out, and it was Amy and Elizabeth - the ladies, whoohoo! - who had the most speaking time last night.
  9. hmm... something to ponder.
  10. It's been widely speculated by us fans that by the time they killed off Alice, there was already plans in the works to reverse course and have them all be alive.
  11. I think I remember reading a quote in Digest around the time of Melrose's cancellation from a Fox exec saying they could pay for producing 7 pilots with Locklear's salary alone.
  12. Yes indeed! Plus, we cannot forget yet another free coffee spot: RIGHT OUTSIDE Company! They were losing business by giving free coffee away right outside their own front steps - literally! LOL
  13. I definitely consider those last 6 episodes a part of the 6th season. The first real episode of season 7 is an immediate reset of the show. I remember that's what their plan was. They knew they had veered off course and wanted to get back to the basics like how it started - with 9 main characters interacting with one another.
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