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  1. Gray Bunny

    FX Pose

    Loved it! Hubby was watching it and I stumbled onto it about half-way in and immediately binge-watched the rest. Can't wait for season two which will fast-forward to 1990 right after Madonna's "Vogue" goes mainstream.
  2. Gray Bunny

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    They're probably getting him at a discount. But yes, I agree.
  3. Gray Bunny

    "My Life to Live"

    I got the book for Christmas last year... still on my to-be-read pile, but kinda disappointing to hear your reviews, as I'd be interested in learning some "juicy" stuff too, as well as more mentions of ALL her "children" (i.e. OLTL, Loving)
  4. Gray Bunny

    Gay Characters in US Soaps

    I think the first few were lesbian/bisexual women in unhappy marriages seeking solace with female friends. Y&R had Katherine Chancellor getting friendly with a woman around 1977 before her son halted their friendship as they were about to leave for a trip. DAYS had married Sharon Duvall expressing intimate feelings for Julie around the same year. Julie was "sickened" by it. (which, as I've said previously, is why I'd LOVE for them to give a nod to Julie's past in reference to today and how much she loves and supports Will, etc.) Plus we had Mike Horton (Wesley Eure) in the mid 70's questioning his own sexuality when he couldn't get it up (I think) for someone.
  5. Gray Bunny

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Same idiots who... meh, you know.
  6. The SSH/Julie tribute was beautiful classic DAYS. Ya gotta give RC credit for respecting history. Who knows, maybe Denise Alexander may finally make her way back to Salem...? It's funny, thinking of Julie's other grandson Scottie. Rick Hearst is 53; in the soap world, he could be the grandfather to a teenager, making Julie a great-great-grandmother. It's moments like these that make for a perfect reintroduction of people like Scottie, Susan Hunter, etc. (just as I had hoped for GL's Bauer clan when they did their 70th anniversary episode, but alas...). As long as they respect the ages of the characters, as opposed to Sarah's de-SORASing.
  7. Gray Bunny

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Did they already give up on Nia?
  8. Gray Bunny

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Damn, I'd be mad working opposite KKL and seeing how damn good she looks with her work done, versus the botched up mess that is my own face.
  9. Gray Bunny

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Cheap is NOT having it! I think the OC reunion was a success as well. It seems Kelly's hatred of Vicki has only worsened since the reunion was filmed. It could possibly make for good reality-TV, but if she's threatening not to return if Vicki is still there, I'm sorry gurl but that means filming will NOT resume for you in February... I don't think Gina is that bad. Both she and Emily got into the mix and created rifts that could easily spill over into a sophomore season for them. I could also see Bravo not wishing to pursue it and looking for a different angle. Considering there was no splashes made with Meghan, Peggy and to a lesser extent Lydia, I would say the odds of Gina and Emily staying are pretty good. NJ: Good Christ, Jennifer is so annoying and thirsty to look fabulous on camera it's not even funny.
  10. Gray Bunny

    Days: Preview (12/10/18)

    I'm glad to hear Christie will return for a pop-up. I dunno why, but I just love her. It's ridiculous that two regimes effed up both her returns in 2005-2006 and 2011-2012. Just how far does DAYS tape in advance nowadays? Are they up to 8 months? I swear, I thought Christopher Sean would end his run onscreen in September, yet he lasted til late-November.
  11. I'm 2+ weeks behind still... glad to see they're having a gay character act like a total queen... too bad it's the villain. Y'know what the Gladyses and Eleanors in the bible belt will be thinking: straight-acting = good; effeminite = bad One theory: I guess it's because they never wanted to establish or insinuate Will, Sonny, or Paul's positions of catcher vs. pitcher.
  12. Gray Bunny

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    LOL at Ramona... to know her is to love her... Can't wait for Season 11 of NYC! Side note: Anyone watching "Dirty John?" It's surprisingly good. It's one of those that you kinda laugh at (the ditzy-sounding daughters; some of the absurdities) but it's also good. I love Connie Britton's aloof, dizzy, naive portrayal of this woman. (P.S. Is she still doing 9-1-1 too?)
  13. Gray Bunny

    Have Reboots & Reality TV reached saturation point?

    For as strong as NBC is Monday, Tues, & Wed, it's amazing how badly they bomb on Thursday nights.
  14. Gray Bunny

    Y&R November 2018 Discussion Thread

    Sad and true. They tried a chemistry test with him and Victoria for two episodes but that led nowhere. It’d be nice to grab Tonya Lee back even if just a few episodes as Olivia. What’s she up to? I havent been keeping up with behind the scenes drama... KSJ is out?
  15. My hypothesis (and admittedly, I'm one of 'em): After decades of no LGBT representation, we finally have a gay couple/love triangle these past few years but one is played by someone who looks dumpy and bored. It's one thing to have someone "non-traditional" like plus-sized Patrika Darbo join the canvas in 1998, who was otherwise in a sea surrounded by toothpick-thin actresses. But when you have just a small handful of "the gays," you want someone who's attractive and looks like they actually want to show up to work. I think it's just a matter of "You Could Do Better," both in appearance and performance. Side note: "You Could Do Better" with your performances too, Chandler. Drink a Starbucks and show some energy. And for Christ's sake, DEMAND the wardrobe department stop dressing you up for a Werther's Originals commercial. I know the budget is tight, but you don't need to be wearing Wilford Brimley's hand-me-downs. Personally, I'm not a fan of any actor who looks like they're sleepwalking through their scenes, gay or straight. That's why I have mixed opinions when I see Eric Martsolf, Greg Vaughan, and Billy Flynn onscreen and they inspire me to take a nap. Similarly, just as some don't get the Freddie hate, I don't get the Greg Vaughan love. I know Eric Brady is distraught, but GV shows up like a walking pile of misery, complete with glassy bloodshot eyes. Back to my first paragraph, it's like when there's only a handful of black actors on the canvas, and they throw them into half-baked stories ("he's black; she's black; let's make them a couple and be done") that aren't as heavily featured as others. There's such a small representation, you can only hope they would maximize what they have. (P.S. I'm 2 weeks behind on DAYS currently, but I'm still perplexed by what I'm hearing about Vanessa Williams. It's like, why the eff would you let talent like that go to waste?? I'm ticked...)