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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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  1. What a horrible name to choose. To her nieces and nephews, she is literally "Aunt Flo." LOL
  2. Good! My guess: She'll waltz into Horton Town Square right as Abe and Sheila kiss. That, or she'll waltz into the park bench area right as Abe and Sheila kiss.
  3. At this point, I wish there was a law preventing someone over the age of 70 to run in a presidential election or [re-election].
  4. Lil stuff like that bugs me too. Right now there's just a hint of tiny buds on the trees. It won't be lush until mid-May. If it were DAYS I could almost excuse it because they taped all their stuff in 2015 so who knows when stuff will air with preemptions and all that
  5. I honestly thought this was already out there. I know Mario Lopez mentioned it somewhere months ago that he'd be hosting again.
  6. Me too, Lois, me too (no pun intended...) Camille came off unhinged in last night's episode. I get she's been a victim of terrible lies in the press, but she can't put herself in the same category as Christine Blasey Ford. In order for me to maintain my overall appreciation for Miss Donatacci Grammer, I'm going to chalk it up to pre-wedding emotions mixed with overly inebriated. Kim AND Kathy at the same restaurant as the RHOBH ladies was funny. I *guess* I'll take it as an actual coincidence and not producer set-up since neither woman was mic'ed up. I actually liked Rinna last night, in scenes with her family unit. Her goofiness and interaction with her mom is endearing. I still don't think much of her daughters, though. Enjoy those birthday parties with your friends instead of your aging grandma; I'm sure she'll last another year... LVP continues to be interesting all on her own...
  7. She was never really *that* great. She uses cheap put-downs usually about fashion, someone's looks, or slut-shaming. What was with Nene's ugly comment about thirsty Tanya never owning a peach, and having a peach in Nene's p*ssy? I forget the context, but it was weird.
  8. Not to get into a long, lengthy OJ-killed-the-soaps debate, but the majority of soaps upped the ante in the crazy department around 1995 and continued to do so well into 1999 (where the teen craze began, thanks in part to Passions). From the Procter & Gamble soaps playing musical chairs with their EP's and writers to shows exploring more supernatural elements, the hit in the ratings -- thanks to the OJ coverage -- caused many soaps to have a knee-jerk reaction and try to make headlines to entice lapsed viewers to return. The result was a lesser quality product, indeed, but I think the decline in quality was due to the panic to restore their old numbers. DAYS was the exception to the downward trend (and AW, who benefited as the only other NBC sudser). Soaps were going to decline and die out eventually, but the OJ trial and the misguided efforts to win back lost viewers definitely exacerbated their decline. Interesting note though: If you compare soap opera ratings around 1991-1992 versus 1993-1994 (before the infamous Ford Bronco car chase in June), the majority of shows were actually on an upswing at the time. Ebb and flow I guess, but before the OJ saga, soaps were flowing again
  9. In all honesty, to me, Hope's blind assumption was reminiscent of the dumbed down Salemites of the mid-90's on DAYS with Reilly as headwriter.
  10. Agreed. Team Kamala. I don't think Biden's "scandal" will continue as the months progress, cuz all one has to do is compare it to the sexual assault claims against Trumpilstiltsken and the infamous Access Hollywood tape, and then ask, "which one is pervier?" Re: Bernie. Anything that chips away at his base is fine by me. There's quite a list growing of Democratic possibilities that I'd choose any day over him.
  11. I'm over a month behind. Tyler Christopher is still Stefan in my world. These previews don't give me incentive to get caught up anytime soon...
  12. My goodness, these photos are giving me Cher vibes! Kim Zimmer's first Emmy win, 1985. Best. Hair. Ever... lol
  13. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Cynthia Watros. I would've rather she stayed on Y&R back in the day (didn't she leave for a short-term MTV role?). I'll check out GH again solely for her, but honestly I wish it was a different role on a different soap.
  14. Side note: What happened to Shemar's jaw? His teeth in general look awkward in recent years.
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