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  1. Daytime Firsts

    Other than special stunts and "lost tapes" (Search for Tomorrow), I think the last soap to air live was The Edge of Night. Yes?
  2. Best Soap Opera Opening

    One last Perry King mention: For the two other people in this world that remember, he was in a short-lived sitcom in 1993 on NBC called "Almost Home." It was actually a revamped version of The Torkildsens (remember that one?) where the mom and her 3 kids (2 of them from the original mysteriously disappeared) moved in with a single dad and his two kids (one of them being Brittany Murphy, RIP). On one episode I used to have on tape, Dorothy-Jane tutors and nearly falls for the school jock, played by Ben Affleck. Bringing this back to Titans: I would've rather had Perry King last the first year than what actually happened - they brought on Jack Wagner, fresh from Melrose, to help boost interest. To me, I was already tired of him, and this was long before his Nick Marone/B&B days.
  3. Best Soap Opera Opening

    The same. The set-up and potential was there, and they had an all-star (i.e. SOAP STARS) cast, but the execution was lukewarm. They had one decent main story but all the "B" storylines were half-baked fluff. That was MODELS INC's problem too, though I admit I actually loved the show at the time. For TITANS, it was also a matter of poor timing and wrong network. It was 2000, the FOX primetime soaps were done (90210 had just ended), and the concept had grown tired. Plus, it was on NBC. Just too many things working against this show to make it a success. Oops, should've finished reading the whole thread. Agreed. P.S. Why does Perry King always get offed too early? They should've kept him on Melrose Place for at least a good year.
  4. A few years ago when I resurrected Celebrating the Soaps (which I've since ended and someone completely different picked up the domain and is using it... bizarre), I posted all these from Soap Opera Digest from the time they started doing so, around April of 1992. Before then, SOD would just list them from top to bottom. I've personally been a numbers nerd ever since I remember reading Bradley Bell at B&B's 10th anniversary saying that when B&B started in 1987, they were "in the low 5's which were at the time, very bad." Yet, I flip the page over to the ratings for March 1997 and they're in the low 5's... but #3, behind Y&R and DAYS. I was shocked that a low 5 was considered bad, so I started doing my soap research.... So it's interesting to see the slow erosion of daytime numbers. But before the steep decline across the board (save for Y&R) around 1998, there was definite ebb and flow. In particular, a lot of soaps were posting higher numbers in 1993 and early 1994 (pre-OJ) than they were in '91 and '92. That's why I'm one to agree that the endless OJ coverage indeed knocked the wind out of their sails.
  5. Daytime Firsts

    Was Valerie/Vincent also the first to get impregnanted by her own father and give birth to their lovechild? I just hope it came through her vagina and not his urethra. Passions was f#cked up...
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Will sloppy Charrisse attack her usual victim Karen or go after someone else? Perhaps make a mountain of a molehill when Candiace came for her. Karen said something about Gizelle which to me was telling when she remarked, "you've been up Bravo's ass for the past 3 years." I think Karen & Gizelle (like ATL's Kim/Nene/Sheree) were good friends before the fame and notoriety of reality TV came around and all the two-facedness and side digs and rehearsed one-liners came in and chipped away at a genuine friendship. Anyhow, I loved the reunion. I knew Bravo was faking us again with Karen's breakdown. They wanted us to think it was about finances/where she lives/her and Ray's marriage, when it was really all about her parents. Poor thing. This 3rd year of Potomac has been their breakout year and I love it. Like others have mentioned, one goofy thing about it is using "Potomac" as the title when over half of them live in other towns/states. I've never been to the area so I guess it's hard to pinpoint one set area when so many large affluent towns and cities are in close proximity. I would suggest "Real Housewives of Maryland" but some are in Virginia.
  7. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Agreed with both assessments. I actually like the first. Built up sexual tension that's so mid-90's at height of Melrose mania Yeah, it would've made more sense to drop the "Starring in alphabetical order" indication at the beginning and listed Heather at the end as "and Heather Locklear as Amanda." There were no egos that would've been salty over it. But in the end, it's a funny little note in the history of primetime sudsers. P.S. Models Inc gave the same credit for Emma Samms, as their cast was listed alphabetically, too. ALTHOUGH, Linda Gray was given top billing at the beginning. With Emma Samms included: The original:
  8. Oh, that was a technique? Ha. I mean, with DAYS churning out like 20 episodes per week to be 5 years ahead of airtime, I'm not surprised the actors would trip up over their lines. He's alright. I'm used to him. I hope they don't recast. Let the character be "rested" awhile.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    +1 for both. Their teasing with Camille's "friend of" appearances last year were not enough. It is too bad that Faye felt the wrath of fans and it scared her off, because she's a great blend of trash-turned-class, successful, bitchy, not afraid to tell the truth pot stirrer this show so desperately needs right now.
  10. When real life gets in the way

    I imagine Hunter Tylo's version of Taylor McBride would've been as exciting as Brooke Langton as Sam.
  11. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Definitely. It looked too staged and Michael isn't a convincing actor. Potomac and NYC have served me everything I've needed from a Housewives show this past year. Kinda sad but appropriate that they're both wrapping up now. I still don't hate Ashley but I'm not stanning for her. At least she doesn't come off as an ugly hater like Gizelle, Robyn, and Charrisse. I finally warmed to Candiace on the season finale episode, ironically. She can stay another season for consistency, now that she built up a little bit of a camaraderie with the vets. Karen's dismissive behavior towards Ashley at the rooftop party (in October! They wrapped filming quite awhile ago in comparison to NYC!) had me rolling. Karen's front she puts up is just funny and entertaining. We can laugh with her instead of at her, unlike Sheree Whitfield. There's creating an illusion, and then there's delusion. Karen is the former; Sheree the latter. OC definitely feels like a chore to watch in comparison. I feel like they're already stuck in a story rut, so something needs to jolt things up and switch it around. Kelly Dodd, I feel like she's made it three seasons by default because the other newbies were dull as dishwater and made no lasting mark. She can be funny and mildly entertaining, but overall she's very sloppy and messy and blurts out horrible remarks without ever thinking first.
  12. How old was Sarah Horton when she last left Salem? She may've been old enough to have given birth to Brady, Rex, Belle, Phillip, Will, Abby etc.
  13. When real life gets in the way

    Hunter Tylo being fired from Melrose Place certainly changed up whatever Bold & Beautiful was planning to do without her. She left in June 1996, and B&B was starting up the Ridge/Brooke/Grant story. Once Tylo got the Melrose boot, she jumped right back in to B&B, Ridge proposed to Taylor as she wore the bride's dress at the fashion show, and the rest is history. What an icky coincidence - same thing happened to Billie Reed in '96 when a pregnant Krista Allen meant Billie was stuck in bed getting pumped heroin for months. Speaking of Marj Dusay as GL's Alex, late in 1998 she returned to the show (along with Mary Kay Adams as India) but left by February '99 because she accepted the contract role of AMC's Vanessa (GL only brought her back recurring). I wonder if they had any concrete plans for Alex or if she would've just been window dressing as India became.
  14. B&B: Actress returns

    They wasted him. B&B has a terrible ironic habit of stunt casting just before they become mainstream talk again (Mario Lopez right before DWTS; Patrick Duffy right before the Dallas reboot; Betty White right before the big 2010 Facebook campaign to get her to host SNL, etc.) Agreed though, Ashley Jones' Bridget was too old to be Rick's younger sister and her romantic pairings were awful. I've pretty much blocked out anything Nick Marone related, save for that hilarious blip where he was being haunted by Brooke, the sea siren
  15. Days: Returns Confirmed

    How will they pay for them you ask? We're losing Christopher Sean and BOTH of his nipples! Huge loss to the show.