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  1. I wrote continuations of The City and Port Charles
  2. Regardless of the state of the nation and preemptions, this is historic for B&B and soaps in general. Congrats to B&B for this milestone. Even if this is only a week thing, will Y&R be able to continue publicizing it’s years-long lead in ratings?
  3. I often wonder how ratings in the past were affected by antenna signals. Where I grew up, in northern Minnesota, ABC was the channel that came in the clearest with our rabbit ears, so that's what we mainly watched.
  4. And don't forget a couple other "pranks": -Sydney having blood smeared on one of her robes -Molly's bird being killed and sent to her on her b-day -Tess's obituary ran in the newspaper (pretty sure she was the one that was supposed to get put behind the wall instead of Jocelyn, but Jocelyn got in the way and got it instead and Tess was unharmed)
  5. I believe I read somewhere that Noelle agreed to return at the end ONLY if she 1. wasn't the killer and 2. wasn't a victim
  6. What is the longest temp replacement? Would you consider Jen Lilly a temp? She was technically a placeholder until Kirsten could return.
  7. So happy those promos have been uploaded! I have them on tapes somewhere, but the quality is nowhere near as good. Thank you!
  8. I met Tom Pelphrey tonight! He's in Minneapolis doing a show at my work (Guthrie Theater) about Judy Garland. He was extremely nice and spoke with me for a few minutes. Guess I'll be seeing a lot of him for the next couple months
  9. With Alex there she would have had some sort of past connection, and it would have added a lot more options for past Loving characters (Trucker for instance) to make appearances
  10. That was probably before Jane Elliot signed on to bring Tracy Q over.
  11. I think this was right before the cancellation announcement. They had been building up the problems that Alex's son was having living with Ava in Florida and he was supposed to move to NYC with Alex. Would have been interesting having Trisha on CITY. I wrote some fanfic about it once.
  12. Towards the end of CITY's run, Alex was having conversations with Ava regarding Sandy coming to live with him for a while. I always thought that they were planning on an Ava return, but the show was cancelled and that whole story was scrapped.
  13. well towards the end of CITY's run, there was a lot of talk about Sandy (alex and ava's) son moving to NYC. I always felt that Ava was going to come along and cause problems for Alex and Jocelyn since they had hit a point in their relationship where they were "happy". Then the cancellation came and no Sandy, no Ava, and Alex was left with the hooker.
  14. it was such a bad move. Ava would have fit in perfectly in NYC.
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