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  1. Daytime Emmys Live Thread

    Is anyone with POP posting clips on youtube?
  2. Daytime Emmys Live Thread

  3. how do I watch?

    i was on that page originally and nothing happened, lol. thanks for the assist.
  4. how do I watch?

    how do I watch the Emmys? I was on the webpage with the countdown to live stream and nothing has come on? help please!
  5. Recasts

    wow, you spent some time on this...
  6. Ratings from the 80's

    I often wonder how ratings in the past were affected by antenna signals. Where I grew up, in northern Minnesota, ABC was the channel that came in the clearest with our rabbit ears, so that's what we mainly watched.
  7. With all this talk of the writers strike that Tomlin went FiCore for OLTL during, it got me thinking about what stories happened during writers strikes in the past and what changes were made to existing stories/characters. I remember hearing that Jesse Hubbard being killed on AMC was one story that happened during a writers strike. What others do you remember?
  8. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    And don't forget a couple other "pranks": -Sydney having blood smeared on one of her robes -Molly's bird being killed and sent to her on her b-day -Tess's obituary ran in the newspaper (pretty sure she was the one that was supposed to get put behind the wall instead of Jocelyn, but Jocelyn got in the way and got it instead and Tess was unharmed)
  9. OLTL Shelved

    This is very disappointing, but AMC 2.0 gave me more of a "real" soap feel, while OLTL 2.0 just didn't hook me.
  10. ATWT alum to GH

    She had better be a part of the Jerome family!
  11. GH: Relish Wars!

    As much as I really don't like the idea, I am glad that they are trying to give ABC daytime more synergy.
  12. Chrishell Stause Joined A Soap

    I'm betting she is headed to B&B to reunite with RPG.
  13. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    I believe I read somewhere that Noelle agreed to return at the end ONLY if she 1. wasn't the killer and 2. wasn't a victim
  14. Temporary Replacements

    What is the longest temp replacement? Would you consider Jen Lilly a temp? She was technically a placeholder until Kirsten could return.
  15. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    So happy those promos have been uploaded! I have them on tapes somewhere, but the quality is nowhere near as good. Thank you!