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  1. I saw some clip with Patti paralized in youtube some years ago...so I suppose that episode also exists....the episode with Larry Hagman is 31 August 1960....some fans had it and some people sell it in some soap lists and circles. I hope more episodes from the 60s pop up in youtube
  2. I read this some time ago, and I guessed this Myrtle was the one from AMC: ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Week of January 22 - January 26, 1979 Karen coerced Beverly into helping find Marco’s real murderer. Samantha looked swell after her bandages were removed. Someone impersonated Niki, because Viki was with Paul Martin when landlady Myrtle reported that Niki had paid her rent money at the same time. Tony and Paul Kendall reconciled their differences at Brian’s grave. Brad lost big bucks at the racetrack with Gwen. Lynn fretted about being called as a prosecution witness.
  3. Do you remember when Myrtle from AMC appeared in OLTL? I think it was in 1979. Paul Martin appeared too....Any article about it?
  4. On of my best friends has created two SB books with an episode guide for the 2137 episodes for himself. It is wonderful to have the summaries of all the episodes with more than 700 pictures from SB press kits.... I love SB!
  5. In one of the pictures, we can see A. Ponzini (Vinnie Wolek) with Anna Wolek and in other picture, is he with the first Meredith? Any help?
  6. Does anyone know the date of this episode?
  7. I am really excited too....So episode 1195 is the first in 1992? I could see some episodes in German ( I don't understand German) 20 years ago....and I took notes....I think that in episode 1264, it is the masquarade ball, in episode 1272, we can see St Thomas for first time, 1293 is the first one with Sheila, 1294 is the first with Zack, 1296 is Taylor and Ridge wedding...interesting episodes!!!
  8. Does anyone know where I can find a pdf with the book '8 years in AW' ....I would love to read it this summer
  9. According to my notes, the wedding was on 24th and 25th July 1969, and there are several photos in the internet. Larry and Meredith were married at the end of June of 1970, but no one has a picture of this wedding!
  10. This clip is from episode 76 (28 October 1968)....you can see the full episode at Paley Center.....
  11. thank you for the video!!!
  12. Welcome !!! And thanks for the videos...I am a YR fan and I also love "Liebe,Lüge,Leidenschaft" and searching fans with German episodes!
  13. Genie Francis' first tape day was 28 December 1976 and her first episode was 3512....on 4 January 1977! Where can these episodes be seen? They are 2 GH episodes from 1968.....are they in colour? The last I have seen in colour is from a portion from 1971
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