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  1. This clip is from episode 76 (28 October 1968)....you can see the full episode at Paley Center.....
  2. thank you for the video!!!
  3. Welcome !!! And thanks for the videos...I am a YR fan and I also love "Liebe,Lüge,Leidenschaft" and searching fans with German episodes!
  4. Genie Francis' first tape day was 28 December 1976 and her first episode was 3512....on 4 January 1977! Where can these episodes be seen? They are 2 GH episodes from 1968.....are they in colour? The last I have seen in colour is from a portion from 1971
  5. I know that Edge of Night ("Entre Lusco e Fusco")was aired only in a region of Spain (Galicia) in the 80s and Guiding light (Camino de Luz) was aired in 1990 in the whole country...
  6. Does anyone have these 3 pics with good quality? Thanks
  7. Does anyone know where I can find this promo with Tim and Jenny in OLTL (02 December 1975)?
  8. @vetsoapfan, this is the article where I saw my date....I know that a lot of things happened in October....but also in November....the summaries from Frenchfan are very accurated month by month... NOVEMBER 1975 One Life To Live Written by: Gordon Russell Produced by: Doris Quinlan Jenny Wolek attended a convocation of her Order intending to tell her Superior of her intention to leave the Sisterhood to marry Tim Seigel. Tim was to follow by evening to bring her home. However, when she arrived at the Mother House, she was unable to see
  9. The summary I have is from Frenchfan who published it here...and I think I have a magazine with an interview with J Courtney that says the date of October....This is the summary from French fan: OCTOBER 1975 One Life To Live Written by: Gordon Russell Produced by: Doris Quinlan Tony Harris and Cathy Craig who had found each other's company tempestuous at best, but fascinating, agreed to attend a concert together. While dining afterward at a quiet bistro, Tony accepted a call from Cathy's father, Dr. Jim Craig, which would alter the course of Cathy'
  10. Are you sure? I have in my notes, that Pat Kendall first appeared on 15 October 1975... This is from a summary from October 1975: "Steve offered the unemployed Patricia Kendall the opportunity for a job interview reminding her that the newspaper business, except for daily deadlines, was not that unlike her former magazine editing job. Pat accepted the offer for the interview and planned to come to Llanview."
  11. Yes, I know but there are only 149 episodes, I hope that person can upload more in a near future, they are so fabulous....and thanks again for the 1987 YR.....they are awesome!!
  12. Thank you for the German episodes....I would love to see more episodes in German of GH and OLTL too!
  13. Thank you!!!! I remember Lane Davies was also Ridge....but I think it was in 1991....and there was another Donna ....and another Beth (Marla Adams) ...just before Eric and Brooke's wedding...it would be great to see these actors
  14. Which episode is S. Wolter's first episode? Thank you
  15. Welcome and enjoy the episodes! It is a place with wonderful people!
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