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  1. Yes, I know but there are only 149 episodes, I hope that person can upload more in a near future, they are so fabulous....and thanks again for the 1987 YR.....they are awesome!!
  2. Thank you for the German episodes....I would love to see more episodes in German of GH and OLTL too!
  3. Thank you!!!! I remember Lane Davies was also Ridge....but I think it was in 1991....and there was another Donna ....and another Beth (Marla Adams) ...just before Eric and Brooke's wedding...it would be great to see these actors
  4. Which episode is S. Wolter's first episode? Thank you
  5. Welcome and enjoy the episodes! It is a place with wonderful people!
  6. Thank you for the 1978 episode!!!
  7. I have checked it ...just now...the last Spanish episode in CBS.com is 31 May 2019....
  8. Does anyone know if BB is still broadcast in Spanish in USA?
  9. Probably it is missing and I labelled them wrongly...I transferred them from my tapes and I haven't had the time to rewatch them
  10. The 15th is 26 January 2000...and it is there....I uploaded some time ago
  11. In Italy, YR was called Febbre D'Amore... but it was cancelled
  12. I have just uploaded in my freetime at work (with high speed internet) all the Venice episodes I have (16 continuing episodes from January 2000)...enjoy them and enjoy the beautiful Venice
  13. Does anyone know where I can find episodes or clips in German? OLTL in German is called Liebe,Lüge,Leidenschaft... Are there any German fans here? Thank you for your answers!
  14. I have just uploaded the first episode of The Venice adventures ( 6th January 2000) in the vault! Enjoy it!
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