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  1. I like the idea that during the Watergate era. Nixon people in the White House were like "That cad Phil Brewer!!!". I have a bad feeling that if Ron saw this article he would bring Phil back from the dead and turn him into like a super villian.
  2. Most of Y&R for the last few months has been boring but the climax of the Billy/Adam storyline has been pretty good. It makes me sad that I don’t think Cartilini GH could do something like this even for a week.

    1. ER Tosh

      ER Tosh

      . It would be like Billy: TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT HOW YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER!!!! Adam first I want a BLT!!! * Dr. Obrecht pops up from behind and sticks Billy with a syringe that knocks him out Obrecht : You thought this would be so easy herr Abbott? Adam: I still want a BLT!!!!

  3. So the Jamey was complaining that the Roy/Haley story made many US websites when "characters on US Soaps try to kill themselves all the time". I know most people here have mixed feelings about today's Corrie and all but you can't really compare a storyline that went on for months and ended with Haley taking her own life with Maxie being suicidal for one episode of GH.
  4. So Y&R will be around at least until 2017. Unless the cast all kills each other. :)

  5. It seems Jannie may be on again before she leaves the show permanently . I kind of hope she has a breakdown in jail where she admits to some of her wrong doings over the past 12 years and seeks psychiatric help (even if it is in jail). And maybe in a few years she can come back to the show and try to be a better person.
  6. Say what you want about the Christmas ratings but I loved the episode. David and Janine work so well together. (and David Witts’s return to the show has really worked for me and I think with Janine gone he may be my new my favorite character). I love the way that David started off just blackmailing Janine for pure greedy reasons and then when he found out about Carol's issue he was trying to convince himself that he was doing this for Carol. But eventually (Before Carol called the cops anyway) Janine convinced David to give her time to leave the country with her baby before calling the police. (keep in mind that this is a few hours after Janine tried to run down David with her car).. Current Eastenders is by no means perfect at all (and to be frank most of the year kind of sucked). But you don’t find the kind of dialogue that David and Janine had on a Cartilini show.
  7. I have always wondered what some of the middle-age Eastenders characters would look like if they were on USA soaps. I guess Phil would look like Sonny, Sharon would look like Sharon on Y&R and Ian would look like.... Peter Bergman from around ten years ago? Btw I have only been watching Eastenders for about two years and when I first started watching the show I had similar thoughts..
  8. RIP Lou Reed. I bet AJ Chandler and Heather are sad.

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    2. DRW50


      RIP. I wonder if he's the only artist to have an album entirely about heroin addiction.

    3. DRW50


      CH, he also had a hit called Perfect Day.

      He was the same age (nearly) as Marcia Wallace. Eerie.

    4. MontyB


      RIP Lou Reed!! I think you're in heaven. That's got to be on the "Wild Side"!!!

  9. It is interesting how JR on AMC and AJ on GH are pretty much the same character now.

    1. dragonflies


      Now? they always have been. I swear BW's AJ was written to be like JR on AMC

    2. Cheap21


      I would say the other way around as AJ was the drunken whipping boy outkast before JR was even SORASed and took on that role.

    3. QueenOfHearts
  10. I read that David Kreizman gave his notice as head WWE writer.

  11. My mom said "Roger Thorpe is playing Franco now?"

  12. I find it hard to watch any of the four TV soaps now after PP.

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    2. Cat


      JMO but I wouldn't go that far... I'm psyched that loyal AMC and OLTL fans have their show back -- and better than ever, it sounds like -- but I am happier this year with my network soaps than I have been in a long time. :)

    3. ChitHappens


      Espcially after only 2 eppies.

    4. Eric83


      GH and DAYS are horrible to me right now so it made it all the more easier to drop them. (I havent watched regularly since February so I already had one foot out the door)

  13. Had a dream that I was watching the new OLTL. Anyone want spoilers? lol

    1. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      Weird! We both had soap dreams last night. I had a dream I was alive in the mid 80s and was watching 80s GH live! :D What happened on OLTL in your dream?

    2. ER Tosh

      ER Tosh

      Natalie was in a diner (new set maybe?) and a 40ish business woman came in and started arguing with her over a contract that B.E and this woman’s company were fighting over. They had a Dynasty- style cat fight and suddenly Alison Perkins came into the diner and everybody was shocked.

  14. Sharon and Ian have talked many times since she returned to the show (well mostly in her first few weeks) people may be talking about the other day when Ian went to the Vic for his birthday with his kids and Dot. Sharon should of likely been with them.
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