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    Classic GH Thread

    I like the idea that during the Watergate era. Nixon people in the White House were like "That cad Phil Brewer!!!". I have a bad feeling that if Ron saw this article he would bring Phil back from the dead and turn him into like a super villian.
  2. Those nuts need to be taken out in straitjackets.
  3. ER Tosh

    GH: February 2014 Discussion

    So since Steve Burton is busy boring people on Y&R, I guess Robin will be off screen forever unless They recast Jason with like.....John-Paul Lavoisier or something.
  4. ER Tosh

    GH: February 2014 Discussion

    LOL So Robin is going to leave her family for Jason's dead frozen body?
  5. ER Tosh

    GH: February 2014 Discussion

    So Robin is going to keep on getting kidnapped until the end of the show?
  6. Most of Y&R for the last few months has been boring but the climax of the Billy/Adam storyline has been pretty good. It makes me sad that I don’t think Cartilini GH could do something like this even for a week.

    1. ER Tosh

      ER Tosh

      . It would be like Billy: TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT HOW YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER!!!! Adam first I want a BLT!!! * Dr. Obrecht pops up from behind and sticks Billy with a syringe that knocks him out Obrecht : You thought this would be so easy herr Abbott? Adam: I still want a BLT!!!!

  7. BTW I loved this line from Kate to Sami after Sami insulted Jordan. "Sometimes I really like you. It's so disorienting."
  8. Knew the ending was coming but it still was great, So what will Nick do on Monday? Play it cool in front of everyone and then go on to blackmail Gabby/Sami/EJ etc?
  9. ER Tosh

    GH promo: Mob War!

    Sonny's mob= Sonny, Shawn, Duke, and the injured Max. And it seems from what Sonny has said on the show the other day he has not replaced Bernie yet (and he has been dead for over a year now) Jerome's= Julian, Ava, Carlos and Morgan. So Guess you are right
  10. ER Tosh

    Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

    So the Jamey was complaining that the Roy/Haley story made many US websites when "characters on US Soaps try to kill themselves all the time". I know most people here have mixed feelings about today's Corrie and all but you can't really compare a storyline that went on for months and ended with Haley taking her own life with Maxie being suicidal for one episode of GH.
  11. ER Tosh

    GH: Kimberly McCullough interview

    KM has always been a bit honest. Even in her first interview about coming back, if you read between the lines you can tell she would not be around forever.
  12. ER Tosh

    GH: Kimberly McCullough interview

    Yeah how will they write this mess? Robin: I know that Patrick is still in love with Sabrina (I mean she he made out with me right in front of Sabrina at their wedding and then he dumped her ass a few days later but still....) Emma I know I lost two years of watching you grow up but Grandpa has cancer again or something so I am leaving you all again see ya!
  13. Why do they feel the need to point why characters who don’t really get along with Carly would care if she were brutally murdered? They did this like three times with Dante, Scott, and Luke. I would like to think that most people would not be happy about the possibility of a person they know being murdered even if they did not get along.
  14. So Y&R will be around at least until 2017. Unless the cast all kills each other. :)