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  1. I am all aboard the Danny and Margot ship!
  2. Tracey Quartermaine is the best daytime character period. While I may love and adore many of the other characters, none of them are Tracey. So yah, she is that popular. I hope I didn't come across as harsh because I have the utmost respect for you OneLife Fan. Obviously everyone has their own preferences. This board is very pro-Tracey Q. This thread has always been the most hoppin' thread through every incarnation of the board. Nikki
  3. You're great MarlaandRulez. Thanks for the clips. Nikki
  4. I came back to two and a half pages to read after being away for a little over a week. I LOVE this. I, unfortunately, didn't have the chance to watch GH at all last week, and I'm bummed to see that I missed four Tracey days. Who woulda thunk our girl would get so many days in one week? Nice to see this post is as hoppin' as the previous incarnations had been. Nikki
  5. Yes Ms. Q. Thanks for posting the link to the clips. I had to edit this because I actually kind of know the site owners, and I don't want to step on any toes. Nikki
  6. I heard Family Feud was just great last week. I tried to tape it one day, but the show I taped wasn't of soap stars. I don't know when or even if it was shown where I live, but I'm glad everyone enjoyed Jane Elliot on the show. About these upcoming Tracey spoilers....yuck. Nikki
  7. I couldn't possibly agree more with you Ms. Quartermaine on your take of what should happen between LuLu and Tracey. That would make for so many great LuNacy moments. I'm just thankful for all the Tracey moments I get these days. Nikki
  8. I learned from almost the beginning of my General Hospital viewing days that if it ain't mob-related, we ain't gettin' it. I mean, why would we want to see someone who is over 40 and has more talent in her pinkie than at least 80% of the today's canvas of actors? Why would we want to see that when we can see gun-fire and mob wars? Why would we want to see that when we can see Sonny is God and never does any wrong? Why would we want to see that when we can see Emily whining everyday. (Does anyone here even acknowledge anymore that she is part of the Quartermaine family because I sure as hell don't. When she became the screeching, whining shrew she is today, she became deadtome.) Why would we want to see that when we can have she-who-shall-not-be-named that is shagging Sonny everyday? I can't imagine why we would want Jane Elliot/Tracey Quartermaine and the rest of the Q's for that matter, when we could have all of that stuff everyday. The only reason I tune into GH these days is to see Tracey. If I get some Tracey/Luke interaction even better. Through in Skye and Lorenzo and I'm a really happy gal. Show me real Ric and Alexis, and I think I've died and gone to heaven. But none of those characters make GH must-see TV unless it's got Tracey on. So while I'll never get my wish, I'm a glutton for punishment, and I keep hoping one day we'll see Jane Elliot on with substantial airtime and a REAL storyline. Nikki
  9. Popping back in. I've read the replies, but I haven't had the time myself to post anything in a couple of weeks. It's so wonderful to see some of the old school SON Tracey fans coming out of the woodwork. We gotta keep this post on top. I watched last week's scenes just the other day, and I lobsterloved the kiss and "take a bus" line. Why oh why can't the writers allow these two characters to slowly fall in love and fight it with EVERYTHING they've got. That's what I want. I want to see Jane Elliot front and center again. As my glittery thing in my signature say, Tracey Quatermaine is my Goddess. We should all be able to see her shine. Nikki
  10. Ms. Quartermaine is in da house. So glad this thread has brought you back to SON. This place needs this thread, and this thread needs you. Hope to see you pop in here more often. Nikki
  11. Jane Elliot was completely robbed of an Emmy nomination last year during her work at Lily's furenal. Her "I want my mommy" touched my heart more than anything I've ever seen that was fictional. She just ripped my heart out with those four simple words. Nikki
  12. Gotta love Tracey. A Kaman fan and a Jate fan found common ground. Tracey is a Goddess. This just proves it. Nikki
  13. I'd add Nancy Lee Grahn and Ric Hearst that list. If the show revolved around those six characters, I'd be watching everyday. My TV viewing life couldn't get any better than that. Long live the Tracey Quartermaine love. May she finally get a storyline. I was going to say a storyline worthy of her magnificance, but at this point, I'm looking at baby steps. So please, for the love of everything holy, give the woman something to do. Nikki
  14. I think we'll be seeing her more regularly again once Anthony Geary is back on screen. I can't wait to see how the Luke/Tracey storyline is going to pick back up. Nikki
  15. Where are all the Tracey lovers? C'mon guys, this is ALWAYS the number one post on the boards. I can't believe it wasn't the first non-administration post. Let's get the all-mighty Tracey love going here. This place just doesn't feel right without this post being here. I may not have posted much in the previous threads, but all be damned if I didn't read every post and response religiously. **Bowing down** Tracey Quartermaine, you are Queen. Nikki
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