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  1. https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/2012/120213.php#tue Not interested in the Lane wedding itself, but I'm always glad to see Olivia. I like that this episode celebrates Delia's birthday. The show spent so much time over the years with Billy and Chloe being psychologically disturbed because of her death. I like the idea of an episode that features Delia alive and happy.
  2. I was looking at this again. Thurs June 11, 2020, #9557, December 30, 2010 Surprised they are airing *that* Adam. I hoped to never see that face again. That person on screen, plus pairings of Kevin/Chloe and Daniel/Abby? And the disasters known as Daisy and Jana. It's like they came up with a formula for something I would be guaranteed not to watch.
  3. I guess I will let go of my prior theories. I see now that all of these couples have "romantic moments" in these episodes -- some have big moments and some have small little moments. Mon June 8 (July 18, 1986) Ashley and Victor - the couple featured in this epi. Nikki and Matt - other couple. Tue June 9 (June 7, 2001) Sharon and Nick - the couple featured in this epi. Mac and Billy - other couple. Wed June 10 (May 16, 2005) Lauren and Michael - the couple featured in this epi. Mac and J.T. - other couple. (Lily and Daniel are a couple but they are scared he'll be imprisoned, so no romantic moments today). Thurs June 11 (Dec. 30, 2010) Chloe and Kevin - the couple featured in this epi. Abby and Daniel - other couple.
  4. ---------- Monday June 8, 2020: #3396 from July 18, 1986 Victor sends a car for Ashley to bring her to meet him at the *private* dining room at the Colonnade Room. He is wearing a tuxedo and she is wearing a beautiful golden gown. He speaks very passionately to her and says she is the woman of his dreams, the only woman in the world for him. They have dinner and dance. She opens a present he gives her, and it's a model boat -- an exact model of a real yacht he is naming "Forever Ashley". He says he can't wait for his divorce so he can marry her. They pledge their love and nothing will ever separate them. [other things happen with other characters] ---------- Tuesday June 9, 2020: #7150 from June 7, 2001 Nick had convinced Sharon to ride horses with him on the ranch and they had arrived at a tent-like structure somewhere on the Newman ranch property. In this episode, they enter the tent and it is richly furnished, as if from a far-off land. She wonders where it came from and who put it on the ranch. Nick had prepared the whole thing. He has arranged for some exotic costumes to be there for them to change into. After they change clothes, they enjoy a gourmet feast. Sharon says it's like a fairy tale. She thanks Nick for preparing such a romantic evening. He says they had considered going on a second honeymoon; but since that didn't happen, he is offering this special evening. They profess their love for each other and kiss. Nick tells her that he has arranged for someone to take the horses home, and there is someone watching Cassie and Noah. Special transportation will arrive to take them home later when they are ready. They have the evening free to be together. Nick claps and musicians begin to play, and Nick and Sharon dance. [other things happen with other characters] ---------- Wednesday June 10, 2020: #8134 from May 16, 2005 Lauren puts on a gorgeous gown that Michael had given her. Michael is in a tuxedo. He is taking her to a mystery location: Michael had arranged for the Colonnade Room to be set up as a special casino just for them. They enjoy wonderful food and drink, and then dance a sensuous tango, staring into each other’s eyes, ending with a kiss. At the gaming table, the dealer flips two cards up which say "Marry Me!" Michael takes a huge diamond ring out of a box. Lauren is stunned. [other things happen with other characters, especially Cassie.] ---------- Thurs June 11, 2020: #9557 from December 30, 2010 Kevin is at Jimmy's bar with Alison whom he has dated a few times. Chloe is home in her pajamas. Chloe decides she wants to be more than just friends with Kevin. It is New Year's Eve, so Chloe dashes off to the bar to see Kevin. She arrives wearing pajamas, a sweater, and slippers. Kevin and Chloe admit their feelings to one another, and kiss outside the bar at midnight. [other things happen with other characters] ---------- If if you compare the romance scenes, the Thursday episode is so different. Mon, Tues, and Wed are couples who are deeply in love and committed. And their dates are epic with glamorous garb and totally planned out. Thursday is a couple just beginning and it's spontaneous, and she's wearing pajamas and slippers. I don't care so much about their attire. If this was Bo and Hope on DAYS and they reconnected after a long physical separation, it would be powerful and epic no matter what they were wearing. I just don't see Kevin and Chloe as an epic couple.
  5. Thurs June 11, 2020 The first episode of the week of June 8th is from 1986. Back then, Victoria was a little girl, and Nicholas hadn't been born yet.
  6. This image has been circulating on twitter:
  7. Yeah it was about the music, but I thought she was talking about background music and not musical numbers. Maybe I misunderstood. Speaking of "collections", I remember they posted online for a limited period in early 2019, a sixteen-episode set called "best of nurses ball 2014-2018". So I think that's what they are drawing from for airdates May 25 - June 12. Already packaged, easy to put on air now. I think I saw some recently released clips with the logo "best of the nurses ball". You mentioned they had a Sonny/Carly collection a while back. I bet they'll just draw from that for these episodes. No extra work for the GH staff.
  8. First of all, barf to the entire week. Second of all ... I had heard that GH supposedly could not do any repeats before 2013. But now they are making an exception for this horrid couple? Barf again.
  9. Why did CBS let the police use the CBS studios lot? Someone on that twitter thread said the police used the lot as a place to stage the transport of protesters?
  10. yeah, in the replies to that ABC tweet, a lot of people chimed in about Gabrielle Union. EDIT: I quoted the wrong tweet. The references to Gabrielle Union were in replies to NBC's tweet.
  11. Y&R rebroadcast Traci and Brad's second wedding on Monday June 1st. A classic episode from 1991. Beth Maitland (Traci) was supposed to live-tweet on Monday June 1st But she didn't because CBS told her not to as follows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that was good but then .... she tweeted this, which totally misses the real issue:
  12. Statements from the networks and the soaps: Black Lives Matter statement tweet from CBS: ^ CBS tweeted this. ^ This was retweeted by the following Y&R and B&B twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/YandR_CBS https://twitter.com/YRInsider https://twitter.com/BandB_CBS The same image was posted to the official Y&R facebook account here: <YR FB post link> and to the official B&B facebook account here: <BB FB post link> -- -- Black Lives Matter statement tweet from ABC: ^ Retweeted by https://twitter.com/generalhospital The same image was posted to the official GH facebook account here: <GH FB post link> and to the official GH Instagram account here: <GH Instgram post link> -- Black Lives Matter statement tweet from NBC: Nothing from Days (no reposts or retweets of the NBC statement). Nothing from https://twitter.com/nbcdays Nothing from https://twitter.com/daysofourlives Nothing from https://www.instagram.com/nbcdays/ And nothing from the official Days facebook account. (Of course I realize that such press release statements don't make much difference to human beings being killed and maimed and arrested by cops).
  13. I'm not trying to pull this thread off-topic. But due to what is happing in real life, CBS tweeted a Black Lives Matter statement and then the Y&R twitter and facebook accounts retweeted/posted the CBS statement. And that is relevant to this thread because Beth Maitland was supposed to live tweet Traci's wedding yesterday and didn't because CBS told her not to because ... Beth explained via tweeting... I won't further this here, because I assume this belongs in the off-topic area and I will bring this discussion to the George Floyd thread there. Simply posting her tweet because CBS told her not to live-tweet the episode. Beth also tweeted a personal opinion and I'll post that on the George Floyd thread.
  14. The chemistry between Victor and ED's Ashley amazing in the 1986 episode. But I can't figure out if Victor seems so passionate because of the writing/words of his dialog, or if it's the acting ability of the German voice actor whose voice is dubbed in. (I suppose they could have asked EB to speak his native German in the dubbing, but I don't think that's his voice?)
  15. Thanks to @BoldRestless for posting that episode in German! Fascinating! Monday June 8, 2020: #3396 from July 18, 1986 IMDB summary: "After receiving the results of Nikki's tests, a frantic Casey tries unsuccessfully to reach her sister. Both Victor and Matt charm their respective lovers during a lush dinner. Andy tells Lauren and Paul that Farren went missing. Soon after Farren returns and announces she's ready to face her past. JoAnna encourages John to have a face-lift." Clarification: Casey tries to reach Victor about Nikki's tests. Casey isn't telling Nikki yet. The part "Both Victor and Matt charm their respective lovers during a lush dinner" is actually this: Matt takes Nikki on a date to the Colonnade Room. The auto-translate from German to English is a bit garbled but they both mention champagne a lot. I wonder what they are talking about? Victor is dressed in a tux and invites Ashley somewhere private (I think maybe at his home?) and Ashley (Eileen D) arrives in a lovely gown and he speaks very passionately to her when she arrives. They have a fancy dinner and then he gives Victor gives Ashley a boxed present - she opens it and finds a model of a fancy yacht inside and the boat is named "Forever Ashley". This is a model of the actual boat he is giving her as a for "Christmas". (Not sure of the auto-translation. Did he say early Christmas present now, or did he say it's being commissioned and will be ready by Christmas? ) He says he has never loved anyone in this way. They pledge undying love. He can't wait for his divorce to be final. Nothing could ever break us apart, etc. FYI, I think that IMDB summary had an error? From the auto-translation, it seemed like Casey was trying to call Victor, not Nikki. Casey finally reaches him at the end of the episode. Casey tells Victor to meet her tomorrow at her office and don't tell Nikki. (Casey wants to tell Victor about Nikki's test results, and she doesn't want Nikki to learn the test results yet). ------------------------- Tuesday June 9, 2020: #7150 from June 7, 2001 soapcentral recap: https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/2001/010604.php#thu Another episode recap, which includes details of Nick and Sharon's date: http://tvmegasite.net/updates/yr/2001/yr060601.htm Nick surprises Sharon with a lavish date in an Arabian-style tent structure on the Newman property. Billy and Mac are a couple. Jill is annoyed that Jack had helped them reconcile. Jill is annoyed that Brittany failed to keep Billy and Mac apart. Mamie secretly brings little Nate for a visit with Malcolm, without Olivia's knowledge. After that, Malcolm and Olivia meet and discuss their upcoming divorce and Nate's upcoming family softball game. Malcolm is in a relationship with Alex Perez. Neil is interested in Alex but tries to not show it. Malcolm asks Neil for relationship advice. Later, Alex and Olivia cross paths and argue about Malcolm wanting custody of Nate. Paul tells Isabella she will need to move out. Christine phones her husband Paul from Hong Kong, and Isabella answers the phone. Michael phones Christine and tells her of a job opportunity in Australia, and she is interested. ----------- Wednesday June 10, 2020: #8134 from May 16, 2005 Soapcentral recap is a brief summary: https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/2005/050516.php#mon Detailed recap here: http://tvmegasite.net/updates/yr/2005/yr-05-13-05.shtml Lauren puts on a gorgeous gown that Michael had given her. Michael treats her to a fabulous night of dancing and gambling at a casino, and asks her to marry him. J.T. and Katherine arrange a ruse to get Mac to go to the loft apartment. J.T. surprises Mac with a margarita and tacos party for just the two of them in the loft. Daniel meets with Lily and tells her he plans to go on the run. In the hospital, Cassie remembers that she was driving, and pulls out her IV and sneaks out of the hospital to try to find Daniel. --------------------- What is the theme of the week? Trying to figure out what these three episodes have in common. Lavish dates?
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