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  1. The Lucas recast aired Nov 16. Ryan Carnes' birthday Nov 21st and Jacklyn Zeman's tweet making it clear she still thinks of herself as playing momma to him ...
  2. @Errol Here is an update: Everything will be visible on the "Day of Days" website through November 24th. https://dayofdays2020.com The content was all posted Saturday Nov 21st and they aren't adding to it, but you can still view everything and take the quizzes through Nov 24th.
  3. It said only "1991" so we wondered if it was definitely the Oct 2, 1991 episode, or if it could be something else. The update: Confirmation from zap2it.com: the Nov. 27, 2020 repeat is from Oct 2, 1991. "David wears the same disguise as Danny to the Masquerade Ball; Paul and Lauren run into Scott and Sheila". Presumably they'll just use the edited version that aired April 17, 2020.
  4. I don't know if they will give nuLucas anything but hopefully ... Brad is returning! Maybe he's just in scenes with Britt but hopefully he'll have scenes with Lucas.
  5. Hmmm. That would be neat. I don't know for sure that it's Oct 2, 1991. I made the assumption based on the "Be Our Guest" label. But I could be wrong. Thurs Nov 26, 2020: B&B and Y&R will be preempted for a CBS Thanksgiving special and NFL football.
  6. On TVGuide.com, it says that for Friday November 27, 2020 (day after Thanksgiving in USA), there is a episode *NOT* marked "new". Original airdate not listed. It's called "Be Our Guest". (I had no idea what that meant.) Then I checked the Canadian guide here: https://www.ontvtonight.com/ca/guide/listings/tvshow?cid=892144823&pid=9251218863&tm=2020-11-27+19%3A00%3A00&provider=T3153330286 This says that on Friday Nov 27, 2020, CBS will air Y&R "Be Our Guest", original airdate "1991". After googling, I discovered that "Be Our Gues
  7. omg! https://duckduckgo.com/?q="Paul_Ryan"&iax=images&ia=images
  8. I was thinking about past times with recurring actors ... There was one time a few years ago when Bradford Anderson had a scheduling conflict, so GH used Blake Barris as a temp Spinelli for a short arc. And then Bradford was back the next time Spinelli had an arc. And I think it happened once several years ago, when Jon Lindstrom had a scheduling conflict, so somebody else played Kevin for one episode. And then Jon was back the next time Kevin had scenes. I saw some speculation/wondering on twitter if this was something like that ... Wondering if GH needed Lucas Jone
  9. The way Daytime Confidential worded it ... according to what they've heard .... He's not a temporary recast -- in contrast to a recent GH recasts who were only temporary recasts. For example: This isn't like Lindsay Hartley as a temp recast of Sam due to Kelly Monaco's mask issues. And it's not like Briana Lane as a temp recast of Brook Lynn while Amanda Setton was on maternity leave. So he could be "here to stay" as an occasional recurring character. Or "here to stay" on contract. But either way, he's not a temp recast.
  10. ^ Matt Trudeau from a guest appearance on Chicago Fire.
  11. ^ Lucas, Sam, and Olivia encounter Julian at the hospital. They discuss Leo. Then Lucas rants at Julian, telling him what garbage he is.
  12. I know! There's a war going on in Nagorno-Karabakh.
  13. Lyrics and vocals by Noah Lindquist of Kansas. Additional vocals by Ashley Young of Kansas.
  14. Original weekly promo (already posted as youtube earlier in this thread): New video from the actors:
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