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  1. Charlotte was talking about GH re: Y&R: Josh Griffith said in SOD that prior to the COVID break, they "had about a month's worth of material already written. We knew once we came back, we'd have to adjust production to meet new COVID-19 guidelines. There were a lot of adjustments made, taking out physical contact, adjusting scenes so they could be blocked with social distancing in place."
  2. Alan Locher's "Locher Room" youtube show, August 7, 2020. This is a reunion of writers who wrote for As the World Turns. The first hour is entirely about ATWT. I didn't watch that part because I never saw that soap. After that first hour, the host Alan asks the writers what they are doing now. Susan Dansby starts talking about Y&R. Susan Dansby announced that as of the day before (August 6), it was firmed up that she is returning to Y&R. She said she will be a "story_____" Part of what she said was not able to be heard. Not clear if this is temp or ongoing, because someone talked over her. This was already posted on the Directors and Writers thread. Posting here on this racial representation thread because Susan Dansby said that when she originally joined Y&R (in 2011), she was the first black writer on Y&R. The quote is first in 47 years but what was intended was this: When she originally joined Y&R in 2011, she was the first black person on the writing team in the history of the show. And as of 2020, Y&R has been on the air for 47 years. She said she was shocked when she first joined (in 2011) to learn she was the first, because ATWT had had 4 black writers. In her current return to Y&R, she joins black writer Lynn Martin who has been at Y&R since 2018. She goes on to talk about racism and hiring practices. Susan starts talking at about 1:05:00 into the video.
  3. In some cases, it seems like hurried research with no verification checking. In other cases, it seems like someone reads poorly and transcribes correct info into incorrect info. And sometimes it's both. Whoever writes these things up should not get a job doing data entry in an accounting firm or doing genealogy reports.
  4. The CBS press release said Dec 4, 1996, so many of the soap websites, and all of the cable guides and tv guides had that wrong date -- wrong DECADE.
  5. ^ Y&R just released this old photo. Larger version here: https://i.imgur.com/jKtdvOg.png
  6. promo https://www.viacomcbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/shows/the-young-and-the-restless/releases/view?id=55725 same promo on insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CDbqca2HPKe/ At least they socially-distanced when making this promo (except for Bryton and Bryni who are in a relationship and live together).
  7. They've got 6 days left to promote it in US ... but only 4 days for Canadians who watch on Global.
  8. Thanks. I really didn't want it to be true.
  9. However, when I go to "ontvtonight.com/ca/guide" , I do see the notation "new". https://www.ontvtonight.com/ca/guide/listings/tvshow?cid=69023963&pid=3983003614&tm=2020-08-06+20%3A30%3A00 Is that what you're referring to?
  10. When I look up what Global is showing, this is what I do: I just go to Global's website. I'm in the US and can't watch their videos; but I can read their page. I go here: https://www.globaltv.com/shows/the-young-and-the-restless/ I don't click on "schedule". Instead, I scroll down almost to the bottom of the page, and I see this: That's how it usually looks on a Sunday night, and then each night at 9:45pm Pacific or 12:45am Eastern, it updates and adds another date. And then at some point during the week the dates-without-episode-numbers.... update .... and show episode numbers. That's what I've been doing since the pandemic classics began airing. I don't see any notation saying "new" but ... I honestly don't know what the schedule looked like months ago when it was only new episodes.
  11. If I'm on the main "discuss the soaps" menu, is there a way to click on a thread so that I come to the last post I've not read? (the last unread post for me*)? Some messageboards have that feature. Does this one? Right now, if I'm on the menu, if I click on a thread title, it brings me to the first post of the thread. So therefore I now click on the last post of the thread, and then scroll backwards to find where I left off reading. But I was wondering if there was a way to go directly to the last unread post.
  12. edit. I posted this in wrong place. ignore
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