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  1. I had no idea what you were talking about. I watched the promo but didn't see that. Someone just told me that there is more promo *after* the Days logo at the end, so I watched again and saw what you described.
  2. fyi, in Trinidad slang "bacchanal" usually means "drama".
  3. Just want to say I appreciate this thread. Sometimes I read something in the news and think WTF did did that "reporter" just say? Or how could that "reputable" newspaper be printing something so obviously untrue? And then I come here and see that I'm not the only one thinking that.
  4. Thanks for posting @Errol What/where is the set in that picture? Remember Nikki and Victor were going to see Leslie's piano concert when they were visiting Italy during a recent month. (I don't know if they saw her or not, but that was the plan.). That established that Leslie was in Italy at that time. I don't remember if they said Leslie was touring the world, or living in Italy? At any rate, that established that Leslie had been in Italy (and might still be there?) If Victoria and Ashland go through with their planned wedding in Tuscany, then maybe Leslie plays at the reception?
  5. NBC gave out the following press release statement, which EW and Deadline quoted in their articles: "The original story began in 1994 when the wicked Stefano DiMera began hypnotizing Marlena (Deidre Hall) his 'Queen of the Night.' The hypnosis meant to make her fall in love with him left her open to demonic possession and ultimately led to Marlena becoming possessed by the devil. Later that year (on Christmas eve) in one of the most memorable moments in American pop culture history, Marlena levitated. The story continued through 1995 and concluded that summer when John Black, her now-husband who was thought to be a priest at the time, had to perform an emergency exorcism. When Days of Our Lives revisits the storyline this fall, fans can look forward to twists and turns you'd never suspect as well as familiar faces returning to save the day (or not).... this time around, the devil knows no bounds and no one in Salem is safe!"
  6. This interview was done to promote Beyond Salem but Deidre also talks about the regular show. Here are two interesting clips from that full interview:
  7. Bill and Susan Hayes tweeted that Doug and Julie are in a storyline this fall with John and Marlena. Susan said in SOD interview that they are working a plotline that is going forward. (instead of the usual storyline for elderly people where they simply talk about the past). She said "It’s been really good plotting by the head writer, Ron Carlivati. We’ve had more work than we’ve had in a long time, which has only been enlivening." >link< The Hayes just joined instagram and promoted the possession trailer there. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTxMM-UJmA8/
  8. Millicent Martin as Ms. Lili Faversham ^ Krista Allen is playing Billie Reed in this clip. Billie and Roman are working as ISA agents, but working undercover as fake personas. Hope and John are pretending to be Gina and John, so as to learn more info about Hope's past from Ms. Faversham. Edit to add: fyi, during the time that Stefano had programmed Hope to be Gina the art thief, Stefano had also caused John to work with Gina on stealing the art. Just another part of John's convoluted history - which he had been unaware of until Hope investigated her past.
  9. The last name is Faversham. Miles Faversham is a new character. He is the grandson of a former character Lili Faversham who was on canvas from July 1998 to February 2001. Ms. Lili Faversham was an eccentric elderly wealthy woman who lived in Lugano Switzerland. She owned a bank, and collected art. The show wrote that her backstory was that before she became elderly, she had held grand society balls and had hosted art auctions. The backstory also was that, during that active society time in the past, Ms. Faversham had befriended Princess Gina (or Hope-brainwashed-to-be-Gina). In the late 1990s, Hope was researching what had happened to her during her missing years. (The missing years when Hope was presumed dead, while Kristian Alfonso was on Falcon Crest and Melrose Place). The trail eventually led to Ms. Faversham who told Hope she was a princess, which Hope did not know. This was part of Hope learning that Stefano had programmed Hope into being an art thief who pretended to be Princess Gina. So Hope learned during this 1998 investigation that she had been this art thief during her missing years. The Faversham history ties into "Beyond Salem" because the same "Hope/Gina-the-art-thief" was the person who originally stole the Alamainian peacock back in 1991 and pawned the 6 jewels. So in Beyond Salem, we have the new character Miles Faversham who is Lili Faversham's grandson... and Miles' wife Sophie. Like Lili, they host exclusive parties. But instead of high society balls in Switzerland, they give sex parties in New Orleans. Their family history would have told them about Gina/Hope's art thievery history. Instead of respecting art as Lili did, they stole the amethyst.
  10. ---- Episode 3 clarification: ---- Episode 5 clarification:
  11. The writers are credited with different titles for Beyond Salem, than how the writers are credited for regular Days. But it feels sort of parallel. Jason47 added numbers to indicate episode #. Instead of regular NBC daytime DAYS Headwriter as "written by Ron Carlivati" We have peacock BeyondSalem "Developed by Ron Carlivati". Ryan Quan is in the same place for both regular NBC days and peacock beyondsalem. Peacock Beyond Salem credits "Story by: Jeanne Marie Ford (1), Katherine Schock (2), Dave Ryan (3). Not sure if "story by" means breakdown writer? or is that a temporary headwriter, or ? ? ? With regular NBC daytime Days, they list the writing team with scriptwriter as final name on list. For peacock Beyond Salem, the seem to be crediting the scriptwriter on a separate line as "teleplay by" Teleplay by: Joanna Cohen (1), Richard Culliton (2), Carolyn Culliton (3)... And they list the writing staff after. __ I am curious how they will list Beyond Salem episode 5, because Jamey Giddens says he's credited for that, and I think he's breakdown writer.
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