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  1. EW says that Naomi Matsuda will play Finn's mother "Li". EW, IMDB, and several other websites are *erroneously* stating that Matsuda played Tori Narita (Paul's mother) on Days. But Matsuda never aired. Matsuda was cast as Tori, and began fiming in the role, and was in NBC spoiler pics, but she never aired. The role was recast shortly after she began filming. She never appeared on Days. Tori Narita was played by Hira Ambrosino during the entirety of the character's run on air.
  2. Despite IMDB, her website, and recent publication/website articles - Naomi Matsuda did NOT appear on Days. She was cast in the role of Tori Narita (Paul's mother) and appeared in some publicity shots, and filmed some episodes, but was replaced in the role before the character ever aired. Hira Ambrosino is the only actress who ever aired in the role of Tori Narita. I remember the confusion at the time - NBC even released some spoiler pics with Matsuda- but Matsuda never aired. I don't know why her IMDB says she aired, because she never aired.
  3. I just stumbled upon this tweet and immediately came here to post it, LOL.
  4. Correct. Precious Way's casting on "Partners in Rhyme" was announced in September 2020. https://deadline.com/2020/09/partners-in-rhyme-precious-way-mc-lyte-umc-1234568394/
  5. ^ NBC publicity photo - spoiler for Epi 14124 - Tue 6/15
  6. A Leslie Brooks mention! Fri June 4th US episode,. Victor gave Nikki tickets to see Leslie Brooks perform piano concerto #3 live in Florence, Italy! No word yet if Leslie will appear onscreen. And ... she's Theo's biological half-aunt. Theo is in Paris. Wonder if he'll visit Florence to meet his aunt Leslie? Leslie last appeared in March 2018 for the Walnut Grove reunion.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2021/may/31/were-not-the-good-guys-osaka-shows-up-problems-of-press-conferences Quoting part of that opinion column: On Monday night, after being fined and threatened with expulsion, Osaka quit the tournament altogether. Meanwhile her stance has been universally scorned by the print media, who as we know have traditionally been the best people to judge standards of behaviour. An “uppity princess”, one newspaper columnist wrote. Others have more soberly pointed out that for any athlete, facing the media is simply part of the job, an
  8. I never felt that way about EJ. I always loathed the character. I wanted him to lose and die.
  9. This is Us is so much better Season Five. Return to some hope. Returning to what I enjoy Regarding Tuesday May 18, 2021 episode, I am so glad that this happened (behind spoiler tag for those who haven't watched yet) Glad that was mentioned. It's been driving me crazy for months!
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/COyXRSUJfF3/ Lawrence Saint-Victor instagram May 12, 2021 lsaintvic Verified Dressing room selfie. Writing an episode, while waiting to be called to set to act in an episode #boldandbeautiful #setlife #actorslife #writer
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