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  1. On Fri Feb 12, Canada aired EB 40th from Feb 2020. original airdate Feb. 19, 2020.
  2. Thanks @Dylan Found it. Peter Bergman's 30th anniv. Nov. 25, 2019 http://tvmegasite.net/updates/yr/2019/yr-11-25-19.shtml
  3. Right. I was just wondering which rerun Canada is airing today.
  4. What is on the Canadian today? I heard it was a rerun but I wonder which one?
  5. -------------------------------------
  6. Here is all the footage (over 13 minutes) (what was posted above in tweets parts one and two) In a single youtube on the cspan channel
  7. Oh. that makes sense. You never know what B&B or Y&R are going to do. So just set to record at the usual time. If there are any changes, each show posts to twitter and facebook an announcement -- a couple hours after the time of day that the episode would normally have aired. Such as "it will be shown on local channels in the middle of the night" or "it's preempted and shifted to the next airdate", etc.
  8. Update: the Orthodox attorney on Trump's team said he withdraws his request to adjourn for the Saturday Sabbath. He said he thinks the trial should continue on Saturday, and that another/others in the defense team can take his place on Saturday. That would mean that that trial would meet Saturday, and maybe take Sunday off? To be determined, subject to change, etc. Also FYI, the reason they wanted the trial to convene daily at noon... was so that the Senate could do regular Senate business in the mornings -- such as working on legislation, confirming cabine
  9. Impeachment Trial schedule The impeachment trial begins Tues. Feb. 9th - starting daily at 12 noon Eastern. (Some sites say that it starts at 1:00pm Eastern on Tues. Feb. 9th, and then it starts at noon Eastern daily thereafter.) They will adjourn Friday Feb 12 before sunset, due to the religious obligations of an Orthodox Jewish attorney on the case. They will reconvene Sunday Feb 14 at noon. -- update ... Update: the Orthodox attorney on Trump's team said he withdraws his request to adjourn for the Saturday Sabbath. He said
  10. Announcement from CBS The impeachment trial will air starting Tues Feb 9th beginning at 12 noon Eastern "on all CBS broadcast stations" https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-second-senate-impeachment-trial-how-to-watch/ (Another site says the trial starts at 1:00pm Eastern Tuesday, and noon daily thereafter) This might not affect Y&R but it will probably affect B&B.
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