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  1. Kimberly could be Serena but she most likely wont be. She may be Cyrus' Daughter
  2. Plus in 2011 when he canned AMC & OLTL and brought in The Chew & The Revolution, ABC had ordered 15 potential pilots for their afternoon slots. Frons didnt care about AMC/OLTL and even GH
  3. Margo said Nikki was on assignment in a foreign country. Yes they did. That is what brought Adam back (First Matthew Morrison, Then Matt Cavenaugh)
  4. Frons didnt care but neither Pratt who told Cast that their characters may be doing things they never would and just to deal with it. Maybe he would have been out if she had. I remember when Erika Slezak on her newsletter how then HW, Dena Higley didnt tell story just plot, Higley was out. Slezak never spoke out before. At AMC maybe the zctors were worried they would lose their jobs if they spoke up
  5. Maybe this is why FX wanted POSE to end with S3
  6. Maybe ABC/Disney werent to happy with his Off Screen Image
  7. AM Arrived in July 87 on GL. Brad Pitt was on the 1987-88 Dallas Season. So he must of booked it after the GL audition
  8. Ellen Left in January 1993. Glynnis came on in February 1993 and left a year later. Ellen returned in June 1994
  9. According to Carl T. Evans when he auditioned for Alan Michael on GL in 1987, one of the other actors testing for AM was Brad Pitt
  10. https://news.yahoo.com/josh-duggar-tlc-show-19-211420953.html
  11. Could Jack Wagner be the surprise Apperance?
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