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  1. I Think he always has been. Plus I could see him being a DOD member
  2. This show needs Fen, Noah, Reed,Charlie & Mattie. We need Teens & 20 somethings
  3. Is there a link about Documentary?
  4. Most of the problem is Corday. he needs to retire
  5. I didnt mind her in that role. But it was totally not Laura which may have turned some away. Plus the writing sucked.
  6. Well he recently signed a new contract with Days
  7. genie wanted to take a short vacation to London as her hubby was directing Thunderbirds. JFP said she could have the vacation but had to give 120 days notice. Genie said that wasnt Tony's deal and she didnt wanna seperate her family. JFP asked her what was more important her Family or GH. So JFP did push buttons to make Genie walk Brian had just started in 2002 and Angela was already at Freeform so Im guessing that call was all JFP JFP back would remove all the Good FV and Ron did taht first year. No vets would be seen. Bye Laura, Bobbie, Mac, Robert, Anna, Felecia, Lucy Etc
  8. I think some of that may be attributed to her Cerebral Palsy
  9. https://medium.com/@BrianneAmira/maysoon-zayid-joins-cast-of-general-hospital-e7117421603c Maysoon Zayid Joins Cast of ‘General Hospital’ The actress/comedian calls being part of the hit ABC soap a “lifelong dream.” Brianne Amira Jun 21
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