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    Id be ok with SE Cupp in Chair 5 if Ana doesnt want this full-time Been listening to the podcast behindthe Table The latest one with Candace, Raven & Sara. Im sorry but I call BS on Candace & Raven. Raven feels catfished by The View because the direction changed with the election cycle and Candce couldnt stop crying friom having to talk poltics. ThenRaven was like and i had to do homework on topics i could care less about Im glad they were both gone fast & I dont buy they quit. Yes they didnt want to be there but they had multi year deals. ABC tossed them
  2. https://deadline.com/2021/10/details-of-new-iatse-contract-that-averted-strike-1234857132
  3. Deal Reached Strike Averted https://deadline.com/2021/10/hollywood-strike-averted-iatse-amptp-reach-agreement-on-new-film-tv-contract-1234850563/
  4. And Dylan Arnold (Cameron of Halloween & Halloween Kills) Wishful Casting Amber Tamblyn as GH's Rebecca Shaw
  5. Saw Halloween Kills when dropped on Peacock There are a few things that I wish they did but didnt and some of the dialogue is over done (Evil Dies tonight) BUT Kills was great. In fact I consider this a proper sequel to Halloween 1978 than Halloween 2018 The ending is abrupt but its sets up Halloween Ends cant wait for that
  6. Well Hopefully AMPTP gets their heads out of their butts. IATSE aint playing
  7. Flu shot Done today. Pfizer booster Nov 4 didnt want them same day in case I had a reaction but glad to be getting them done
  8. When Deidre was on Kelly Clarkston she made it sound like filming the repossesion is over Also IF IATSE strikes Monday, Days will be in Good shape will episodes filmed thru Feb 2022
  9. Production of Soaps, Prime time & Film projects could be halted come Monday, October 18, 2021 if no agreement on a new 3-year deal is reached Statement from IATSE Below
  10. Maybe GH still considers them regulars even though they are no longer on contract Yeah Cam will learn after he loses his Virginity to Esme
  11. Still pissed at Mary Alice Dwyer Dobbin about that
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