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  1. GH: Was Oscar's Mom Supposed to be Brenda but VM wouldnt retturn so they created Kim GH: Wasnt Rebecca Herbst originally to be Alexis Daughter leading to a Cassadine/Sppencer love story but they made Becky, Sarah's sister, Elizabeth
  2. Leos Back https://soaps.sheknows.com/days-of-our-lives/comings-and-goings/561534/greg-rikaart-returns-days-of-our-lives-leo-stark/
  3. And the residents who do not wanna wait can apply & recieve absentee ballotts
  4. Will was Friends with Ben before he "Killed" Will & I guess jail time together mellowed trhings and If Sonny didnt say shyte when Willl was worried about Ben's execution, then he missed his chance to say something and has no room imho now
  5. That site is just clickbait
  6. Soaps.com can confirm that actress Alyshia Ochse will join the cast of Days of our Lives as a character named Zoey for a multi-episode arc. Ochse appeared on the NBC soap opera back in 2009 as clinic nurse, Sara, and played the role of Cassandra/The Woman in White on General Hospital from 2011 – 2012. She has had numerous television roles on series such as True Detective and Hart of Dixie, and appeared in the Cameron Diaz film, The Other Woman. Watch for Ochse to debut as Zoey in April. https://soaps.sheknows.com/days-of-our-lives/comings-and-goings/561542/alyshia-ochse-returns-days-new-character-zoey/
  7. Did he quit AMC or was he fired
  8. Days already that week off planned into the schedule
  9. Rafe never cared about Paige. Yes Ben being forgiven is weird but I will say Im happy Ben still remembers that he killed people If Eve didnt that would not be Eve. Well at least KD's verison
  10. Ok I never knew that, Thanks I just found it tacky to slip that caption in at the end after notice of his passing
  11. The documentary finally streamed on-line Feldman didnt name anyone I already didnt know of but hearing it in contexts broke my heart for Him & Haim Ricky Garcia was amazing as well discussing how his manager molested him Kristoff St John whom worked with Feldman at CBS for Bad News Bears was featured KSJ talking about how a parent needs to do all to protect their children also broke me The one thing that pissed me off, they freeze frame on Kristoff St John & mention his passing then mention that he told producers off camera he was molested as a teen but dint name his abuser. Why put that in there? KSJ isnt around to speak his truth
  12. Corey Feldman's Documentarty , MY Truth was supposed to lIVE Stream last night but was "Hacked" & the company doesnt do refunds so lots of people are screwed out of 20.00 Feldman is an ass
  13. John

    Soap Vet Dies

    They talked about him being Bi-Polar for a sentence or two. That is not telling all. How someone spends the last minutes of life doesnt sum up their entire life i do remember his Jim Thomason role on AMC and how Roscoe walked off and ABC sued. Im glad that all got worked out. I hope he found peace in his acting & music when he needed it most
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