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  1. Add To Leann Hunley Gilmore Girls Shira Huntzberger 2005
  2. Hunter went to Highschool with Miranda & AJ
  3. One of the Plantiffs who is asking that the mail in ballots in PA be tossed out and act 77 that expanded voting options be found unconstitutional posted this in May 2020
  4. True or they could have asked Stephen Schentzer to reprise the role
  5. lol. Maybe Pete Cortlandt LOL
  6. Sam was 16 in 2005. Maybe Hunter , LOL
  7. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/11/23/general-hospital-temporarily-recasts-taggert
  8. Cyrus is probably either his son or brother So Lulu doesnt die or end up in a coma or is that still coming?
  9. Ive seen rumors over on Twitter but no conformation
  10. I wouldnt be shocked if just replaced him but that would suck. Real was just on with SOD speaking of how much gH means to him.
  11. The Soap Hoppers Forum here & the actor's IMDB have him listed as Marcus Taggert for the 12/17/2020 episode No offense to this actor but hopeful Real will continue in the role ASANTE JONES DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Mall Security Guard 2007 PARENTHOOD Coach Meyers 2012 REVENGE Fireman 2015 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS BVI Tour Guide 2015
  12. Please delete
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