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  1. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    People shpuld not be attacked because of their weight regardless of gender. So the thought that since actresses get called out, Freddie should too is CRAP. We shoould be telling people to jusge on acting and nothing else Not all gay men have a RSW type of Body. A great number are average to Chubby and they have great relationships, friendships and sex lives. Being gay doesnt give you a pass to be catty Nothing on the show says that the reason Will & Paul were with Sonny was just apperance based. Both characters have never been shown to be that shallow.
  2. Another World

    Was Carmen Duncan (Iris) fired or did she quit. Her exit in September 1994 seemed so aburpt
  3. https://michaelfairmantv.com/executive-producer-frank-valentini-talks-returns-exits-and-previews-the-drama-this-fall-on-general-hospital/2018/08/14/
  4. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Meet Kirby Anders https://tvline.com/2018/08/14/dynasty-season-2-cast-maddison-brown-kirby-spoilers/
  5. OLTL Tribute Thread

    the 2nd Laudene was one Kim's Bridesmaids when she married Clint in March 2010
  6. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Im not sure when that original photo posted that calls him huge was taken but FS is not fat & If he was who cares. Most people look more like Freddie than they do Robert Scott Wilson for example
  7. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Freddie YESTERDAY in Denver On July 23 Freddie looks healthy to me
  8. Why are soap fans so averse to online streaming?

    He said something about doing a voice inTMNT reached more people then his entire run on Port Charles Maybe he had some bad vibes since GH didnt hire him in 2004 and 2009 to be Steven Lars Webber
  9. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    Maybe that is Ryan in Ferncliff It sure looked like old school Ryan Circa 1995
  10. GH Recasts Jordan

    Right that helps but Vanessa Antione looks more like a sister to TJ than heismom anyone know what Briana's age is?
  11. GH Recasts Jordan

    Im gonna have to see her on screen with TJ to see if its believable I mean Valerie on Days should be in her late 60s now but Vanessa Williams is 55 years old and I buy her as Valerie
  12. GH Recasts Jordan

    Vanessa is 35/36 correct Y&R was looking to cast 19-21 when they cast Esmerelda on YR in 2013 but Briana could be older
  13. GH Recasts Jordan

    Here is the photo DC ran in 2013 when Briana joined Y&R