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  1. Jason 47 updated the production schedule on his site http://www.jason47.com/days/productionschedule.html When Days went on Haitus Nov 27th, they have filmed thru the episode that will air on August 26, 2020 Now I know the show is on break Til Jan 13 2020 and The show wont air two weeks (July 27-Aug 7) because of the Olympics But the show will still be nearly 8 months ahead when production resumes. Will this ever get better? Cant they take til April off and be like 4.5 months ahead. Something closer to air, Damn.
  2. That would be interesting or that he is Alan Harris Son and getting revenge on Sami by coming between her Son & his husband
  3. Ok was it confirmed that Will also cheated on Sonny when he went to LA with Sami in 2014? If so, Could Evan be the guy Will cheated with?
  4. Over On twitter there are talks of Parry Shen leaving his role of Brad soon
  5. Amanda as Brooklyn Marcus as Nik Have been the best thing about GH Glad the whole Alexis being poisoned by Keifer never mentioned sister is coming to an end Kristina not knowing her made no sense
  6. So wait is this Stefano with Steve's face or Steve with Stefano's memories???
  7. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-patrika-darbo-to-appear-in-dool-apps-last-blast-reunion/
  8. Supposedly this also occured a few years back when there was an 8 week break. Its just the first time it was made public by the press. Also Freddie on his podcast said the cast/Crew were told about the contracts ending back in july so they knew for 4 months
  9. The actors at Days Im sure of what being off-contract means. They dont need lessons from an actor on another show. Even if he had good intentions, his response to CLB came across as bitter and let me educate you on something. Pass AGREED If they are worried about cast defections then sign everyone to new contracts now that begin April 1st 2020. Go back to production in April & give your actors a few months to do other gigs. That in the long run may lead your actors to staying if they are able to do other projects
  10. https://tvline.com/2019/11/26/the-conners-lunch-box-reopens-season-2-video/ Love that still use Estelle Parsons as much as they do
  11. Actually it came out that he never died. He just passed out. Rolf gave him a drug that made it look he died Rolf and Susan found Will at Abby';s . He still had a pulse. They heard Ben returning, so Will was injected with something to make him appear dead and then given the antidote at the morgue
  12. Yes they would not be in the same cell IRL given Ben tried to kill Will As far as friends and Will believeing him about Jordan. I buy that especially with the Clyde interactions that Will has had lately Friendship, well I dunno I think Will would have to be he will never forget what Ben attempted but maybe he can forgive
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