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  1. September GH Thread

    No offense but neither have you
  2. so who would make a good Thorne???
  3. Winsor D. Harmon III‏Verified account @winsorharmon Following More Just spoke with Brad Bell and at this time he's decided to RECAST THORNE. I wish the new actor and the show continued success.
  4. September GH Thread

    what else is he gonna say in PRINT
  5. Oscar's Mother??? or her AMC character, Reese Williams????
  6. when was Laura Wright's first airdate as Ally?
  7. Im thinking that may be Derrick
  8. https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/soap-legend-robin-strasser-joining-days/
  9. Fuller House

    Jeff Franklin hopes December
  10. September GH Thread

    GH needs Karen Harris & Michele Val Jean to write the show
  11. FX: American Horror Story

    Some are just doing guest gigs like Emma Roberts
  12. Fuller House

    I agree and was happy with the Return cast member in episode 9 Didnt see that coming and was so happy
  13. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Excited to see that scene later
  14. Temporary Replacements

    GH: Jen Shepard temporarily portrayed the character of Meg Baldwin from June 27 to July 19, 1967, when Patrica Breslin had her appendix out. Davey Davison played the character of Diana Taylor temporarily in February 1977