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  1. Yeah ABC made the right call This was also because GH Nightshift was a success AMC & OLTL both pitched ideas for a PT spinoff, I knew OLTL involved John but nothing else AMC's spinoff was gonna be based on the Fusion Girls
  2. Most daytime soaps do one take now, unless something falls on your head or a curse is said. If that happens. You only pick up from where it was messed up. Yu dont do the whole scene over.
  3. Andrea Pearson was decent but I remember Marissa had gotten a PT show on ABC, Miracles & thought she could do both but that was vetoed so they recast. So fans werent that nice to Andrea at first
  4. yes she did but maybe Gia is the bio Mom & not the Mkm raising her
  5. Wonder if they bring back Gia and if itll be Anrea Pearson or a recast. I believe Marissa Ramierz is still in NYC doing Blue Bloods
  6. I think there was a small rumor I am hoping he is Trina's uncle & Gia is her Mom who didnt tell Nikolas she was having his kid Gia left late 2013 so maybe she was pregnant when she left
  7. I loved Julianne's return but Frannie should have been given a few more shows. I love how Julianne loves ATWT and seemed so happy to be back
  8. Unless Shiloh had a will all his stuff should have to go thru probate as well
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathy_Craig Casting[edit] Actress Catherine Burns originated the role of Cathy Craig from 1969 until 1970. The role was then assumed by actress Amy Levitt from 1970 through May 1971, when she was replaced by actress Jane Alice Brandon. Brandon appeared on One Life to Live from May 1971 through October 1972, when series creator Agnes Nixon recast the role again to Dorrie Kavanaugh. Dorrie Kavanaugh played Cathy longer than any other actress in the role, from October 1972 until June 1976,[3] until she was fired by executive producer Doris Quinlan. In late 1975, actress Robin Strasser was offered a long-term contract with the series to take up the role but declined upon the knowledge that Kavanaugh would be fired to accommodate the recast.[4] Strasser would later go on to be the permanent replacement of Claire Mallis following a brief recast in the role of Dr. Dorian Lord. Reception[edit] The role of Cathy was created by series creator Agnes Nixon as one of the first feminists on American soap operas.[10] Amy Levitt's portrayals of an increasingly drug-addled Cathy earned national coverage by media outlets who praised the show for its realistic showcase of addiction and drug rehabilitation.[5][11][12] The last actress to play Cathy, Jennifer Harmon, earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1978, the first nomination in the category for the show.
  10. Damn I wonder why truly believes he killed Adrienne?
  11. Brett Claywell & Scott Evans had great Chemistry on OLTL Van Hansis & Eric Sheffer Stevens on ATWT Crysral Chappell & Jessica Leccia on GL Eden Riegel and most of her pairings on AMC Christopher Sean & Chandler Massey On Days Had believable chemistry in their shows. FS just lacks charmisa now a days
  12. Dixie #1 Kari Gibson Fraser in 1988 on AMC Now
  13. wrell Im just sick of Sonny seen as some prize. He is not and he is just so damn wishy washy. As soon as it proven Will did not kill Adrienne, Sonny will want his husband back I hope Will doesnt cave in & Sonny has to work for it
  14. I guess Summer is onlly on that week & its all flashbacks to May 2020
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