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  1. well Monty was only there a year the 2nd time & thats when ABC actually gave a damn
  2. Didnt Leigh McCloskey also play a doctor on GH in 1992 before coming back as Damian Smith in 1993
  3. The show gets better with each episode
  4. Kim & Drew Hooked up in January 2002. They seperated shortly after. Oscar was born in October 2002 Drew was enlisted thru 2012 when Helena had him kidnapped and Mind mapped
  5. Tori and Jennie said that they decided to play up the fact Shannen wasnt signed on at first and thats why the first two episodes are very less Shannen focused
  6. GH needs to stop the mystery role [!@#$%^&*] https://tvline.com/2019/08/20/general-hospital-michael-e-knight-cast-all-my-children/
  7. Has it been spoiled how Drew Exits? Yes RH sonds like a big D bag
  8. Henry Mackler from April-May 2007 He was a geeky kid who had the hots for Brittany (Portia Reiners) but she used him for grades and disgaurded him Henry was supposed to shoot up Llanview High but that was changed due to RL events. It was changed that he stole the drivers ed car with Starr, Brit & Cole inside. He had a heart attck from taking speed, crashed the car & died
  9. NBC wanted Allan who said they met at the xmas party and Bateman was cool with Allan
  10. AW's Felecia Gallant was created with Jane Elliot in Mind B&B's Stephanie Forrester was created with Susan Seaforth Hayes in Mind GL's Ben Warren was created with James DePavia in Mind
  11. Eva La Rue read for Gloria Marsh & Kendall Hart before being offered Maria Santos without an audition. The role of Maria was to be recurring but ABC offered Eva a contract to play Maria in 1993.
  12. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/wednesday-final-ratings-aug-14-2019/ 9 p.m. BH90210 (FOX) 1.0/5 2.52 Songland (NBC) 0.7/4 3.28 Card Sharks (ABC) – F 0.5/3 3.26 SEAL Team (CBS) – R 0.4/2 2.59 Hypnotize Me (The CW) 0.1/1 0.50
  13. Also Ryan in s1 of 90210 claimed he lived at Melrose Place. They should have moved him to the Melrose reboot in 2009 when that launched
  14. What Happened with Jessica walter. Why was she dumped 13 shows in? It was her characters home they lived at correct? Lori remained thru s 3 and wound up with Ryan, correct?
  15. If YR were smart they would promote Sara Bibel & Janice Ferri Esser
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