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  1. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    i wonder if 2017 Blake will kill 2017 ted like 1981 Blake did to 1981 Ted? Yes and P;ease recast Cristal
  2. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/transparent-jeffrey-tambor-season-5-sexual-harassment-1202617618/
  3. Rebel Wilson Reveals https://twitter.com/i/moments/929484843313975296
  4. i get that she wants his memory back but to unleash Ben on Will, that crosses a few lines
  5. I dunno if Susan is Kristen but she is there as is Susan's sister Sami has Ben confront Will in Ben's apartment where he murdered Will. So thats where we get the FB. Im sure thats what unlocks all the memories Ben may be right Will may NEVER forgive Sami
  6. https://www.facebook.com/daysofourlives/videos/10155988953799309/
  7. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Recasting Cristal and maybe even Blake would help a lot. More Cristal then Blake though. Grant Show could grow into Blake. However the actress playing Cristal is horrid
  8. Marlena Gets thru to Will Sami & Susan Battle over Will John gets roger to admit Susan lied to Will Sonny defends Paul but tells him all is not forgiven Susan sees a Familiar Face Nov 22 Will is reunited with Gabi and Arianna Days is Pre-empted Nov 23 and 24
  9. Hilary B Smith Returns as Nora Buchanan November 13th in scenes with Alexis
  10. DAYS: Week of Nov 13

    Maybe that is whom Greg Rikkart will be playing in early 2018???
  11. DAYS: Week of Nov 13

  12. There should be no statue of limitations. These people could be doing this to others as I type, LAPD makes no sense