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  1. Id Like Rick back but then they would have to give Molly story and for some dumb reason they refuse to do so
  2. Jason47's Days Website 4 mins · HARPER & SYDNEE UDELL TO DEPART "DAYS"... Harper and Sydnee Udell, who have played Arianna Horton since the character's birth in 2013, are wrapping up their six-year run. Their last episode will air later this year. The role will be recast. Good luck to Harper and Sydnee, who started on "Days" as babies and leave as first graders!
  3. Ron cant even write for GLBT characters properly and he is part of that community. So his inability to write for Persons of Color does not surprise one bit
  4. And what is MEK doing as Martin. I get he is supposed to be creepy but I dunno there is something that i cant explain yet. So i guess MEK said he knew of talk that Martin & Laura could be related given her bio Dads last name and MEK would like to work with Genie again I could see FV going this route to extend MEK's stay I think Valentin will be here as long as JPS wants the gig
  5. Actually Cynthia & Scarlett (Charolette) were the only actors that i honestly bought their reactions to this mess. I like her better than MS and yes Nina may not be needed but Im looking forward to the reveal that So why is Peter setting up Sam? What does that accomplish. Shouldnt he just be glad Shiloh's dead & move on???
  6. Willi when she was the lead on Stage with Driving Miss Daisy Willi on Stage On Golden Pond
  7. It's a GO!!!! https://tvline.com/2019/10/10/drew-barrymore-talk-show-series-order-daytime-syndicated/
  8. https://www.broadwayworld.com/little-rock/article/Broadways-Matt-Cavenaugh-Jenny-Powers-Launch-The-Link-Theatre-Company-20191007
  9. https://www.broadwayworld.com/little-rock/article/Broadways-Matt-Cavenaugh-Jenny-Powers-Launch-The-Link-Theatre-Company-20191007
  10. https://www.broadwayworld.com/little-rock/article/Broadways-Matt-Cavenaugh-Jenny-Powers-Launch-The-Link-Theatre-Company-20191007 Matt was on OLTL & ATWT
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