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  1. I would cut love scenes until there are working Viral treatments and/or Vaccines . 100%
  2. I get it if they can do production safely with all precautions and rapid testing, GREAT BUT returning or not should be the actors choice its sounds like the casts of B&B & YR want to work asap Havent heard many GH & DAYS starts talk about their williness to start filming
  3. If they follow precautions and tests all come back negative ok but Id say If an actor doesnt want to return they shouldnt be forced
  4. Havent seen B&B in Years. Is Zende's HIV undetectable
  5. Joel Higgins could make a good Jeff Webber on GH I wonder what happened to Mark BrettSchneider???
  6. HBS wanted Gregg Marx as the Sam recast in 2001 but he wasnt interested. I did like Larry Lau as Sam
  7. I think he was the actor that HBS alluded to that she & Mark Derwin didnt get a long with
  8. Im good with all but Kale Browne Id love to see Scott Evans (Fish), Brett Claywell (Kyle), Ilene Kristen (Roxy), David Fumero (Christian) & Tika Sumpter (Layla)
  9. OLTL: According to Erin Torpey: In 1990 Rachel Miner whose Dad, Peter was a director at OLTL, auditioned to be Jessica Buchanan. Erin got the role According to Kirk Geiger: in 1992 Ryan O'Neal's son Patrick was on the short list to replace Joey Thrower as Kevin Buchanan. Kirk was cast instead. Chris Mckenna's screentest to play a young Adam Chandler on AMC, got him the role of Joey on OLTL According to Melissa Archer on Natalie at OLTL: Natalie was originally gonna be Ben's (Mark Derwin) daughter with Gina (Lisa Peluso)
  10. Eggar droped out of SB because of the amount of work I wonder what changed at AMC. In 2000 filming was faster than in 1987
  11. The only thing I remember Larry Casey from is the 1970 Roger Corman Produced The Student Nurses
  12. IF VK out is true, Id write Ben out too Although if they Keep Ben hook him up with Will who returns a few months down the line
  13. RSW filled in because Greg Vaughn wasnt on set that day Unless
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