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  1. Was William going recurring his or GH's idea? I feel if gH's they are just waiting to find an actor to replace him
  2. John

    The View

    i could see them back in studio but mandate that audience is vaccinated. Time will tell.
  3. I agree on all of this. What was your take on Nicolette Goulet as Mary #4? She lasted the longest of all the recasts
  4. Thats a new character though and GH has done this since 2008. The fact that in story multiple people know Nik had Hayden shot and they are playing as Nik is only aware now makes no sense Unless its gonna come out that her Mom or ex husband had her shot, The one Nik put in motion never happened
  5. FS will crawl back after he sees someone else play Sonny. I bet he feels Days will never recast John Deluca and Christopher Tavani would be good as Sonny too
  6. AGREED Has there been a temp actor/actress that you liked in a role & wondered why why the soap didnt cast them when they recast a role years later
  7. Laura Stepp Filling in for Laura Wright as GL's Cassie in 2001
  8. According to Wikipedia for GL's Cassie Layne Winslow, After Laura Wright announced she was leaving the show, both GH's Cynthia Preston (Faith Roscoe) & OLTL/AW/GH Actress Jensen Buchanan were up for the role. Nicole Forrester won the role in the end.
  9. I could be wrong but maybe Maura was offered Cassie in 1997 before returning to ATWT
  10. For the longest time I thought the clicking came from a pen
  11. Dr Allie Doyle was on May 1997-Nov 1998 She was the ex GF of David Hayard and he is the reason he first came to PV. She dated Jake (Michael Lowry). Then she ended up getting Possesive and left town Im sure if LW had tken the AMC role, the character name would have been changed
  12. LW also alluded to that Jessica Collins also read for Ally on Loving before getting cast as Dinah Lee
  13. Yes its the Betsy that showed up for David Stewart's funeral
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