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  1. maybe this was given so BM will renew
  2. Soaps.com is running a story that both Tamara Braun & Billy Miller will have brief story-line exits. However, the website gives zero info beyond that, so take with a grain of salt https://soaps.sheknows.com/general-hospital/comings-and-goings/542187/billy-miller-tamara-braun-temporarily-exit-general-hospital/
  3. Robert S Woods was great with the aftermath of Drews Death but that also led to Nora/Sam & her Divorce from Bo Yeah she wanted to scam money from Bo because he was a deadbeat to Drew or something
  4. Then they could have recast. just seems weird to bring back a legacy character only to kill him 4 months later
  5. Anyone know why after they cast Sam Ball as Drew in May 1998 and Killed him in Sept 1998. Was it always a short term return? There could have been story for Drew for years
  6. I wish GH would use it again
  7. I like the visuals wish they would go back to Music of the heart
  8. Ok Cool Maybe she shpuld credit SOD in the posts then, just sayin
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guiding_Light#Head_writers_and_executive_producers
  10. LOL I bet Frank would recast Drew & he'd probably be cute & hire Trevor St John
  11. Who do u think Frank will recast Drew with?
  12. Wonderful until he straps u to a bomb wait he already did that lol Whitewashing ughhh
  13. If Billy Miller quits GH, I bet YR will give him the sun & moon to reprise Billy Abbott
  14. I said that Chandra should have been Trina's Mom & Ive been saying that Claudia Phillips a character from 1978-87 should be her Grandma Well Bianca Ferguson Taylor who played Claudia on GH actually recurs On Greys as Miranda Bailey's mom, Elena
  15. I wish the twitter would have credited the mags they are from
  16. Looked at the account. I feel this is just someone taking fan fic and making BI's out of them
  17. Well Greys wont last too ,uch longer, 2 years max I bet so I bet Chandra may be open to a recurring gig
  18. I wish they would have given Chandra a role. Why cant she recur as Trina's Mother Although I love that they named her after former script writer & HW, Michele Val Jean In fact Michele has said that Sydney was her Dad's name & she thought it was cool of GH
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