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  1. Due to Briana Nicole Henry catching Covid at Thanksgiving GH had to temp recast Jordan. Actress Tiffany Daniels began her stint as Jordan on Jan 26, 2021 and will remain for a few episodes according to Henry who also shares she is pals withDaniels and that Henry has already began filming at GH again. I bet we will continue to see more temps on soaps Also Real Andrews will resume the role of Taggert on GH in February 2021
  2. Lauren B Martin would be a great Jordan
  3. https://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2021/01/erin-hershey-presley-inauguration-joe-biden-port-charles-general-hospital
  4. Could Laura still be the Mom Maybe she had DID and Gwen's mom is a personality
  5. Thats where I saw her, Sunset Beach. She made Vanessa believe she had a disease
  6. Yep there is an old Santa Barbara Promo with Bochner Yep by Toxic waste drowning
  7. These Rape flashbacks are a bad idea & Days should know better
  8. Their Original Pick, Lloyd Bochner (Dynasty) had a heart attack and Richman was a quick replacement and he didnt fit. Either Paul Burke. Charles Bateman was good but Jed Allan fit best
  9. https://tvline.com/2021/01/14/peter-mark-richman-dead-dynasty-threes-company/
  10. i do not remember that at all
  11. This YT Channel may be a great resource https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC23SN_ENt5pBdHWK8dqLpwg
  12. With many actors traveling during Holidays, I wonder which soap will have the first temp replacement of 2021. ? My guess is Gabi on Days
  13. Im glad the no fly lists happened. Hopefully that can happen with Trains and busses as well
  14. Days is supposed to be back Jan 11. Not sure about what BB & GH are doing
  15. I wonder if Lesley was the vet character that SOD podcast alluded to returning?
  16. I think most shows not just soaps are off til Jan 11 or 18th
  17. That story was bad. Mimi dating that Mob guy. Im surprised shari agreed to return. The way they wrote mimi a recast probably would have been better I remember When AMC brought Di Henry back & had Annie set her up as the kidnapper only for Di to be killed. AMC said that Kelli Giddish wanted to return but was too busy. After watching Heather Kenzie's two episode run, I bet KG refused to return & they recast
  18. I wonder if GH will also wait til Jan 18
  19. Freddie Smith (Sonny, Days) got married on 12.31.2020
  20. Season 3 starts slow but is great by the end & sets up a great jumping off point for Season 4
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