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  1. yeah he married Lila and Cass Oh but Goutman had the Carolyn the Gorilla return. Ughhh
  2. I liked Cecile's 1995 return but after like 4 months it turned t0 nothing and she was Gone June 1996. Did they not have plans for her Now did Carmen Duncan quit or was she fired AW needs an Oral History book like OLTL had
  3. So outside of Carl & Gary thats probably why no other fan faves returned
  4. How long between the announcement of cancellation and filming the last episode?
  5. Diego Serrano had been there 4 years. I thought he wanted out. I wonder why they got rod of Maggie. She could have continued to stir the pot
  6. Genie took her summer vacation. I think she will back in a month
  7. I think it will bounce around but the Devil will infect Marlena eventually
  8. I have a question about The Maggie recasts Let me know if you heard this too Robyn Griggs was fired in 1995 because she was pictured with John Wayne Bobbit Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was replaced for the following reasons 1) She booked Nash Bridges but 2) AW was thinking she was too young. She was 16 when cast but playing college aged Julie Nathanison (Blonde Maggie) Sept 1996 Filled in because Lisa D Brenner's Dad had died I do not understand writing out Maggie in NOV 1996 Did Lisa want out or was she let go?
  9. Right. Didnt the show itself die not too long after she left?
  10. Does anyone know if Rosemary Prinz stint as Sister Mary Joel on Ryan's Hope was supposed to be long-term?. Not long after she began filming, ABC cancelled the soap.
  11. Is it just to get to Marlena or does the Devil wanna be in Johnny's film Maybe the Devil gets pissed at how Johnny is re-creating the possession in the film that he possesses Johnny for a bit. Its Ron C, It Very well could happen.
  12. I hope someone has the b***s to confront CG on his treatment of Martha and Eileen in the last years of ATWT
  13. Im guessing the two Mob Guys car blows up & not Jason & Carly's
  14. Given that ending do we think the next time we see Marlena, she will be Repossessed?
  15. That is what I meant. Starts in Doug and ends up in Marlena
  16. I dont think he will be the only one. Maybe this Devil jumps around.
  17. And its sad if Freddie feels that way. Recasts on soaps happen all the time and there have been many characters where I really enjoyed multiple actors in the role and it doesnt take away what the other performers did before.
  18. I believe so and we are supposed to believe that is Wilson's kitchen. However, the Apartment on Beyond Salem would not have that Kitchen. Days should have reshot Chandler's zoom Portion in Wilson' living room set
  19. Freddie is that you? In all seriousness, I am sorry but I do not see what you saw at all. Yes his hair was Messy. It always is in interviews and he answered all questions and was respectful of co-stars. Maybe your Computer is showing you alternative reality? LOL I think Freddie screwed himself. Majority of the stuff Ive seen that want Chandler back as Will also want Zach back as Sonny. Beyond Salem rejuvinated Wilson & if DAYS were smart it would be Massey/Tinker that play this couple going forward. Well when Zach was first announced , Freddie talked about how Chandler will finally know what it was like when they recast Will & he has to work with Nu Sonny. Yeah probably thought the Wilson fandom wouldnt like Zach as much as they did
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