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  1. At GH I feel Guza & when he was there, Pratt called all the shots while JFP was a figurehead . Pls Frons was probably always a vote for them. GH under Phelps/McTavish/Shapiro was more balanced and still utilized vets
  2. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/unions-studios-coronavirus-back-to-work-guidelines-1234622181/
  3. Ok i alwats heard she was Fired so if she wanted out then I cannot fault that
  4. I also remember a soap reporter saying that YR really wanted Heidi Mark as Sharon Collins in 1994 but she was doing a Hulk Hogan series then so they hired Monica Potter but when the HH show died, They hired Mark but ended up firing her for Sharon Case I like JE but CT got the shaft
  5. I like Judi Evans but why was Cali Timmins replaced. Its too bad she never graced Daytime since especially since she auditioned for OLTL's twice in 1994 (Krista Tesreau got it) & 2003 along with Cynthia Preston & Sarah Buxton (OLTL decided not to bring Tina back after all)
  6. is there any of phoebe Dorian 's Penny on The youtube?
  7. Why dont they rerun the Susan Moore Murder Or the Laurelton story How long were thse. Ive seen em on Youtube
  8. Was there ever talk of using Llyod Bridges on a recurring basis as Johnny Forbes???
  9. I understand we all need to make $$$$$ but to say she was stuck on soaps. Yes I got that feeling from her today but thats a cop out to me. Thats like Tony Geary saying he stayed as Luke cause no one saw him as anyone else its just trash
  10. Nancy McKeon would be an Excellent Lois on GH
  11. I watched GL starting in 93 on a semi regular basis til 2009 so my First mindy was Barbara Crampton I ended up liking Krista in her returns in 2002, 2009 and only saw Kim and Ann in YT vids they both werent bad what are thoughts on all the Mindys
  12. Id Love to see some of these soap reunions with either actors that were fired from their roles and/or ones that are like all The actors that played Bill Lewis the 3rd or Michelle Bauer. Stuff like that
  13. Episode 4. How many are there??? https://peopletv.com/video/ew-reunions-all-my-children-episode-4/
  14. Maybe with all the crap about the set if BULL & how he treated actress Elisa Dishku Im just over MW
  15. Basically she stated that Chris Marcantel & MW Had the same spontanety but Chris was more talented
  16. why do u say he was uncomfortable???
  17. Ep 3: https://peopletv.com/video/ew-reunions-all-my-children-episode-3/
  18. Loved the shade that Christine Tudor threw at Michael Weatherly at the reunion. Especially he turned out to be such an A hole Also according to IMDB Christine Tudor & Noelle Beck are the same age IRL
  19. https://youtu.be/9h3MnzLAm4s Ladies of LOVING Reunion
  20. And The Ladies of Loving had major sound issues at their start but was fixed and was a great reunion & very open about the feelings of the actors on LOVING Thats why Im surprised that he booked Ilene Kristen for the OLTL reunion on Wednesday. She is very blunt. You cannot censor her & I love it
  21. Why does Alan give two shytes about what these Actors say about their times on the P&G soaps. P&G hasnt carred about them since Ed Tauch left so why should the actors care if they spill Tea. Does Alan believe P& G will hire him again
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