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  1. Ryan Phillipe is featured on episode 3 of Apple TV's Visible: Out on Television where he talks his role as OLTL's gay teen, Billy Douglas
  2. Ryan Phillipe is featured on episode 3 of Apple TV's Visible: Out on Television where he talks his role as OLTL's gay teen, Billy Douglas
  3. From Victoria's Twitter Looks like there is a wedding in a few months. Notice their hands
  4. i think they exit together but the exit comes out of nowhere , Chandler shoots a scene from an earlier episode next week
  5. and they will be fired again in 6 months & they were filming before the November break
  6. Even if I do not like an actor in a role, I dont relish in someone being fired. Maybe that is just me
  7. Well Ron was HW at OLTL when they cut Kyle & Oliver (Kish) in March 2010. They had no exit. Just stopped appearing
  8. Also sounds like from Freddie's video that the exit comes out of nowhere
  9. The difference at GH is the majority of their cast is recurring
  10. I wouldnt be shocked if they cut Camila as well. This is the ass that fired Deidre, Drake, Stephen and Mary Beth
  11. Kevin Stapleton played Kevin Buchanan from 1996-1998 when Tim Gibbs took over
  12. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/02/03/constance-towers-heads-back-to-general-hospital
  13. Yep if it was two years later i believe this would have had legs
  14. Now that you say that I do seem to remember DC folks that Cartini should have been allowed to EP GH, AMC & OLTL. That would have been an epic fail, two people cant effectively produce 3 daily soaps at once
  15. I dont believe so as well I believe all of SE's scenes were mostly with Finola & Hunt Block
  16. it was summer 2000 Marj was at AMC From FEBRUARY 1999 to OCT 2002
  17. Jamey got a chance and it wasnt my cup of tea but I was happy for him. If he wants to find a new home for Ambitions, go for it As for PP & his reactions. Look He didnt like the players (PP) BTS and he was right. The shows were great but Rich & Jeff mismanaged them by spending so much coin on catering so the actors wouldnt leave campus. Then they did overwork the crew and that led to the strike. Like I said the shows were good but Jeff & Frank had no idea how to do a daily soap and DC were right to call them out
  18. God I hope not Its so played out Otherwise why bring Summer back Just to announce she was dying If they wanted the driver to be Maggie Days coulda had someone call her and say Summer is dead & her grief/Guilt causes her to drink then drive From my pal on twitter thinks this: I think it was Summer, but I think they were all in different cars. Summer prob ran Adrienne off the road, and Maggie just drove into a ditch all on her own. Yeah I could agree with that
  19. Im thinking that MagsCar caused the accident but Summer was deiving. After the accident she put drunk Mags in the drivers seat & ran off
  20. Sarah told Xander on the phone they missed an exit and had to track back. That is how But I think Summer was driving but after the accident put Mags in the drivers seat and ran off
  21. Kari was Dixie from July-October 1988
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