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  1. cassadine1991

    Days: Promo

    Apparently they told Lucas Adams not to shave his facial hair
  2. cassadine1991

    Who would you Cast???

    Didn't she already appear on the show
  3. cassadine1991

    The Doctors

    Has anyone kept up to date on when regimes changed on this show (EPs/HWs)
  4. cassadine1991

    Y&R November 2018 Discussion Thread

    Kyle has more spark with Lola and Mariah
  5. cassadine1991

    GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

    Forgot how brutal Ryan can be. I hope he drops more bodies
  6. cassadine1991


    Looks like Morrow got his wish
  7. cassadine1991

    The View

    Joy snapped at Meghan.
  8. cassadine1991

    GH: Halloween Week promo

    Her PLL show has been picked up and she can't do both shows anymore
  9. cassadine1991

    DAYS: More returns confirmed

    The mom of GR's character Leo
  10. cassadine1991

    GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    What about Marsha Cooper?
  11. cassadine1991

    Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    EJ DiMera?
  12. cassadine1991

    Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    Not if Bergman has anything to say about that
  13. cassadine1991

    GH October 2018 Discussion Thread

    Maybe 10:10 is the time Helena killed Alexis' mom
  14. cassadine1991

    Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    I think they did
  15. cassadine1991

    Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    If anything it should be Lola vs. Mariah for Kyle because Grimes and Mealor have chemistry, him and King do not