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  1. Julie slipped when arguing with her. Also Nick was stalking Gabi and tried to rape her too
  2. Wonder what else they cut out. I remember SOD had the original scenes when doing their weekly reviews
  3. Then Chance being in Vegas happened after that father-son trip to the Himalayas
  4. Ben's been called StrangleBae. That ship has sailed
  5. Guess Dev is in the position a SORASed Spencer should be in
  6. I can totally buy his Adam being bisexual. I also felt that with Hartley too
  7. Ciara better feel extreme guilt for perpetuating Claire's breakdown. And for what? Ben? Hope Belle smacks her
  8. She's a tertiary character at best
  9. Be careful. A certain Phick stan will blow a gasket
  10. Congratulations Connor Jessup!

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