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  1. Wow... You really like to stoop low don't you.
  2. So June 11, 1982 is Eileen's first airdate and roughly around June 14-18, 1982 is Beth's?
  3. Hope we find some for Beth Maitland and Eileen Davidson
  4. Who are your favorite soap opera mothers?
  5. About two times they referenced him. It's implied that he's dead though
  6. There's still a lot of the Q branch to explore
  7. Either Laura or a similar character archetype
  8. I think Mal Young would've been a better fit for Days or ATWT and GL because they were based (supposedly) in small cities/towns like how EastEnders and Emmerdale are. How was JHC on Port Charles? Wasn't Paul Rauch trying to bring GL back when he died?
  9. I'd trade Val Jean and Mulcahey for most of GH's current writing team
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