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  1. Apparently Monica Potter debuted in June 1994, not March 1994. So how long was her duration as Sharon? What about Heidi Mark? http://www.feuxdelamour.com/guide.pdf
  2. What where Beth’s airfares as Traci between 1987 and 1996? Apparently she left and came back in 87 before leaving again in 93? I wonder why the show never had Traci be as prominent after that?
  3. It’s interesting because every other website I see says that she appeared in 2003–2005 but they didn’t provide any dates or any proof
  4. It’s weird considering Colleen was on the canvas
  5. Did Beth Maitland appear on Y&R from 2003–2005??
  6. Sucks that we don’t know the exact date these regime changes happened
  7. I really wanted Ravi’s character expanded and had his family brought in. I thought Mal Young was going to do that since that’s what did with the Masoods on EastEnders
  8. What was Bill Bell’s last airdate as HW and EP?
  9. Hope in the future they do one with Josh/Reva’s children
  10. I’m surprised to see MTS’s first episode be listed as February 20 and not the 27th. I don’t see any debut airfare for Beth Maitland
  11. I’m surprised she was never hired to do another soap
  12. That woman is a psycho. I've heard some of her podcasts and she can't separate fiction from reality
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