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  1. Wish Mulcahey would go to GH, but Frank/Varni are still there unfortunately
  2. I don't get why CBS All Access deletes the episodes from the same year every September 3, but B&B still has all of theirs
  3. Wonder when Tony will bring on his wifey
  4. It's not true https://www.eonline.com/news/1062124/cara-delevingne-and-ashley-benson-are-not-married-but-did-have-a-friendship-ceremony
  5. Especially after they jumped to conclusions about a B&B actor
  6. Julie slipped when arguing with her. Also Nick was stalking Gabi and tried to rape her too
  7. Wonder what else they cut out. I remember SOD had the original scenes when doing their weekly reviews
  8. And Will/Tripp aren't biologically related
  9. Doubtful. That lysie woman has intel on Days BTS
  10. Then Chance being in Vegas happened after that father-son trip to the Himalayas
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