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  1. Currently watching them; planning on doing the same with the 2020 episodes?
  2. It’s a giant pain when they do that especially when you’re busy with work and can’t catch up
  3. So was November 26, 1973 Jeanne Cooper’s debut as Katherine?
  4. I’m surprised OLTL didn’t hire Rachel
  5. During the OLTL reunion, Erin Torpey talked about how Rachel was up for the role of Jessica when she was auditioning
  6. Yeah this past episode; the credits were back to normal
  7. It’s the narration that had me tune out.
  8. I tried to listen to it. Couldn’t finish it
  9. Amanda L. Beall is placed under Josh Griffith’s name in the credits on the August 10, 2020 episode, possibly making her a co-HW
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