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  1. B&B Prime time Vet cast as OBGYN

    I would've casted her in a strong role.
  2. GH Visit

    Surprised to see Megan Ward again.
  3. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Is it true that the show wanted Vincent Irizarry back in 2006 or was that a rumor?
  4. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Interesting. Did any of these writers know the history of this show?
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Much better writing than today's soaps Wonder why no one brought back the Ruthledges and the Holdens
  6. GH Visit

    Bryan Craig Returns to General Hospital for Ava's Standalone Episode
  7. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Who thought it was a good idea to decimate the Bauers? Weren't they the core family of the show ever since it was still in Selby Flats? I have a question who was part of the original cast of characters?
  8. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    RSW could've been Andrew
  9. Days Spoilers

    Sonny as a heartless businessman doesn't work at all. It is laughable
  10. Y&R New Contract Role

    I think these two new roles are going to be short stints.
  11. Y&R New Contract Role

    Someone should let the people at GH know
  12. Y&R: New Young Female Role

    She could play younger. I think she has before
  13. Y&R New Contract Role

    Isn't the usual contract 13 weeks