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  1. Hopefully this means that down the line her and Susan Dansby inch closer to taking Josh Griffith’s job
  2. Can you imagine Sherry, Krista or Kimberley Simms and Bev in those scenes
  3. Marj Dusay’s facial reactions have me https://youtu.be/ceun40-lkd0
  4. Paul Leyden could play Jax on GH
  5. I’m surprised the show never brought on any more Quartermaine cousins; same with other Cassadine distant relatives
  6. That sounds better than what’s currently happening on both soaps
  7. Didn’t he cheat on his former wife with Kristen Alderson?
  8. Wasn’t Eve planning on using medication to mimick Laura’s mental illness to make Jennifer crazy before Higley/Griffith took over?
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