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  1. I hope so. Mess with her psychologically until she’s ripe for possession
  2. I hope if they bring back Beyond Salem, it features new characters and a new storyline
  3. It’s funny considering he had an affair with another married woman while he was married too
  4. Cynthia has been carrying those scenes since Juilliard popped back up like an unwanted abscess
  5. Do we know the child’s name of Bruce’s last name?
  6. That would be great. Has the show mentioned if Ryan’s killing sprees in 1992, 1995 and 2018–2019 were the subject of any true crime podcast or movie?
  7. Didn’t Frank ALREADY do that as soon as he showed on GH?? Hasn’t mostly every soap fan been wanting new blood for YEARS?
  8. Guess that’s for the people who are wishing for that to be true
  9. If Esme was Emma, then Laura, Cameron and Josslyn would’ve recognized her. If they were to connect Esme, then use her last name Prince
  10. Maybe after Esme leaves, they can bring back Emma or Lila Rae
  11. Anyway…. There’s still a lot of Tripp’s backstory we know NOTHING about
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CS4dpDfrQvB/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. I have a theory that there could be a relation between them
  14. Remember how Spencer on his second day back in town tried to get Trina to go skinny dipping with him and then later at the pool he wanted some “alone time” with her at Wyndemere; before she turned it into the “rager” and all this time he already was with Esme.
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