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  1. Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal

    He has the weirdest face.
  2. Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal

    The Luna Moody of Another World, tragic death, sainted status and all. BARF.
  3. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    Lesli Kay did a LOT of softcore before going into soaps.
    1. Taoboi


      Longtime manager now confirming it...conflicting news reports be darned.

  4. RIP, Monty Hall.

    1. DRW50


      I'd forgotten he was still alive. His wife passed a few months ago per the Intrawebs so that usually means the other half won't last long. I'd also forgotten Joanna Gleason was his daughter. My family used to love that show. RIP to him.

  5. Probably when Phillip and Beth first met on GL in 1983 at Cedars.
  6. Matthew Labine passes away

    Not even. She died last November 8th.
  7. B&B Recasting Major Role

    I just found out about all of this. It's all so strange, but I'm curious to see how Ingo will work as Thorne now, so there's that.
  8. Amber isn't finished yet. http://www.teenvogue.com/story/amber-tamblyn-open-letter-james-woods

  9. Amber Tamblyn rocks. (And yes, when she was 16, she was still on GH.)


  10. The Taylor Swift Thread

    You have an effortless bitchiness and a knack for the most random pop culture references. Combined, it's a beautiful thing to see.
  11. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Stay in your lane, honey. This ain't it. The pre-choruses are fine, but the rest of it...Jesus, no. Ack.
  12. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Some of the music is good, but the title is what a lot of abusers say to their victims, and add that in with the idea that she's implying that she's a villain who thinks she's still a heroine...it's a mixed bag for me, for sure.
  13. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Her looks AWFUL, like a rat's nest. And is that a SEX SWING? I'm curious to see how the parents who have always considered her to be a good role model, and a "safer" musical option for their kids, are going to react to this, because this stuff might be a dealbreaker. I mean, she's my age (well, almost...she'll be 28 in December), so *I* don't care; she can do what she wants. But that persona was her bread and butter towards fame for YEARS.
  14. The Taylor Swift Thread

    I'm surprised by that, too--even with her putting all of her stuff back on Spotify, Big Machine is known for holding off albums by ALL of their artists for a certain period of time.