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  1. After 145 years or so, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus is coming to an end. They say they can't make money any more especially with the elephants phased out. I find the whole thing sort of sad. There are people being born today who will never see a circus and won't really know what a circus is. As a kid I can remember seeing Gunther Gebel Williams, and then there was the Michu guy who got married every performance. I was last at a one ring version of Ringling Bros about five years or maybe ten, when they had a tent set up in Brooklyn. The elephants thing was wrong,
  2. I said it before as a joke, but seriously, if you want someone to portray Michael and look like him then outside of Joan Van Ark who else is there?
  3. The only person who could have done Michal Jackson justice would have been Joan Van Ark.
  4. There are no Benghazi allegations, and there never were. Hillary was never accused of actually doing anything and time after time a congressional committee cleared her of all wrong doing, and time after time republicans then decided to have another committee. And even if there was some moral responsibility for Benghazi, how do the four deaths rate compared to the 241 deaths Reagan is therefore responsible for when he got the marines killed in Lebanon? Or the 3000 deaths GWB caused on 9/11? Also, you might ask yourself, but probably won't, why after Reagan killed those marines
  5. I have no problerm with the son-in-law. Franklin had Eleanor, JFK had Bobby, Bill had Hillary...the guy is said to be bright. Yeah, he has business deals but he is said to be divesting. Plus he is from NY and he is Jewish. Enough with the southern christians already. Finally someone in government who won't pretend he listens to country music on his way to church on sunday with a rifle in his pick up. And he is not railing against the gays while adopting a wide stance somewhere. This guy looks better then just about every elected republican.
  6. So, isn't it time for Mariah Carey to just give it up?  She can't sing apparently.  She has the audacity to come on live TV to lip sync and when the tracks don't work she just stands there?  Isn't she the diva with the 8 octave singing talent?   Why can't she just sing, the way singers do?   She calls herself a good sport too, but the good sports were the people in Times Square who didn't boo her off the stage.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      It seemed as if she was unable to sing properly and tried to turn it into a sound issue. Blaming the crew is a good way to not get hired again.

    3. KMan101


      I see that. She should have just left it at "[!@#$%^&*] happens". SMH. Apparently she skipped rehearsal and had a body double there. Again SMH.

    4. ChitHappens


      Mariah simply did not care. She took money to perform and didn't!  Bottom line!  That's trash!  


      If Beyonce can still perform while her hair is stuck in a fan as folks try to untangle it, surely Mariah could have done a little better.  No sound check, which she's partly responsible for. How could anyone perform before a sound check?  She just wanted to walk around in a Onesie and be celebrated for that. 


      Really foul!  

  7. You are paranoid and clearly don't like white people. Once again, "these white people..." betrays your actual hate based opinion on this race topic. The fact that the queen of "I hate whitey" signs in to say she agrees with you pretty much tells me everything I need to know.
  8. Life imitated art here. Princess Leia's mother died of a broken heart too.
  9. This narrative is just too convenient for the "lets blame white people!" that this forum is wont to do. So every other election was about the economy, taxes, and whatever, but this one had nothing to do with it? Well of course it had nothing to do with if the theory is "racism now, racism always" and then we have to make sure all facts fit that convenient and fun theory where one can blame everyone else except the people they want to be blameless. I personally know women--puerto rican women--who voted for Trump because they hated Obamacare. And have you talked to white progr
  10. Singing In The Rain is one of the classics of all time, and that is what will always be her career defining accomplishment, but she also had a pleasant voice. "Tammy" isn't a great song but it is very pleasing to the ear because she sang so nicely. This whole thing is just a shame and shows you how fickle fate can be. A week ago the family had not a trouble in the world and then five days later they dead. I don't think they ever said what prompted Carrie Fisher's heart attack, but if she had any sort of regular check ups her doctor has some explaining to do.
  11. I feel so sorry for the son/brother. I don't know how this guy deals with all this. Nobody should be planning family funerals.
  12. You guys bash Eric Martsolf unfairly. The guy is handsome, he can sing, he can dance, he can do comedy. He has more talent than just about the entire cast of GH. Ok, he won't be playing Hamlet anytime soon, but he has other skills people on soaps just don't have. This scene made me a fan:
  13. This is one of my favorite Leia moments, it is just so perfect with the music. Leia was such a great character and Carrie Fisher really played her well. Such a pity she was struck down ahead of her time. People dying at 90 you expect, people dying at 60 not so much. Fifty years from now she will be just as famous as she is today. RIP.
  14. Rank Show Network # of episodes 18-49 rating 18-49 viewers (millions) 1 The Walking Dead AMC 16 8.8 11.27 2 The Big Bang Theory* CBS 24 5.5 6.99 3 Empire FOX 17 5.3 6.79 Game of Thrones HBO 10 5.3 6.73 5 The X-Files
  15. He had a lot of good songs. Faith, Father Figure, Wake Me Up, Careless Whisper...what a shame. This has been a tough year for celebrities and music in particular. In one year Bowie, Prince and now George Michael all checked out. I thought Carrie Fisher was going to be 2016's last salvo, but the hits just keep on coming.
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