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  1. If the networks truly don't care, (and I agree that they don't), then loosen the reins and let the writers and directors do their thing. I know there would still be producer interference (looking at you Corday) but I wonder how much of the network's b.s. hurts the shows. I've always wondered about contract "guarantees" with actors. How restraining is that with writing for a show? If you want to do a big story focusing on 6-8 people, it must be frustrating to have to randomly shove in "Joe" or "Jenny" somewhere just to get them a guarantee and throw off possible momentum/pace. If I were writing, I would want to write for who I want to write for...it's my story and if you don't like my stories then fire me. But can writers even do their own stories??? Seems like the answer is no.
  2. Have been watching some of the eps in '81 posted on youtube. When Ryan was ousted as the head of World Oil and Justin was named in his place. These episodes are all well done. I'm finding myself enjoying it. Did Jim Poyner (Dennis) leave on his own or was he written out? I'm finding it hard to decide if I like Dennis or hate him. I've read that there were major changes around the time Bev McKinsey quit. Did they not focus on Dennis anymore because Iris left? I'm watching the very beginning of Elliot/Paige and find it interesting. I think the triangle with Dennis could have been a great story, but didn't it get dropped?
  3. That just made me feel old. 🙄
  4. Thanks for the link! I loved the characters of Ruby and Reena as a kid. I was 8 when this originally aired. I remember the characters/actors more than any real story line.
  5. I thought David Forsyth was offered recurring at the time of Anna Holbrook's dismissal and he turned it down. Not sure if that's true. It could just be a faulty memory. haha. Even though I had never watched Sharon Gabet on EON, I was thrilled when I read she was coming to AW because I was aware of her popularity. The show was a mess her whole time there. I wish she had been a rival to Donna in some way (former boarding school roommate or something) who came to town and stirred up trouble. Maybe if she flirted with Peter to get under Donna's skin (much like Cecile and Peter back in the day) and was a peer to them instead of a weak, abused character her stint could have worked better. Just IMO.
  6. I had the first thought as others regarding the budget. The show is put together with cardboard, paperclips, and night lights as it is. WHY are they paying for this? I'd rather they put more of an effort into the actual show that's airing. Willing to bet that more than half of the regular audience will have no idea that there even is a digital series, let alone care.
  7. Yes, thank you! It seems the actors took the shows so seriously back then, almost as if they were doing theater instead of television drama. I suppose I can understand that since many of the actors early on came directly from theater, but seems so strange to me now. Could you imagine what Jacquie or George would think of Ron Carlivati's camp on DAYS right now?!! haha
  8. I could read these old articles all day! Thanks! As AW is my all-time fave, I loved the one about George Reinhold being let go. I guess I never realized he was on the show for 7 years. For some reason, I thought it was shorter than that. Seems like such a bold thing back then to fire one of your leading stars because of their attitude! I wonder if that kind of thing would still happen today if the actor had a huge following. Shows can't afford to lose any viewer any more.
  9. I loved Lexi and Michael at the end. They could have been a great couple for S8 to go against Peter and Amanda. Didn't Lisa Rinna say she was ready to return if there had been a S8 (after having her baby)? Of course, it is Lisa Rinna who probably says anything. haha. Throwing Taylor in the mix with Peter/Amanda, Michael/Lexi, and Kyle/Jane could have been fun! I thought the show was starting to come back around when S7 ended. If I had done S8, I would have tried hard for those seven characters, let go Megan and Ryan (Boring!!!), brought on one new character that was a half-brother to Peter, and "rested" Eve until the last couple of episodes leading up to a big revenge type cliffhanger in the style of Kimberly blowing up the apt. complex.
  10. I can't believe that Tuesday makes 20 years since ANOTHER WORLD left the air. I miss this show dearly at times and especially my fave, Cecile! I invested so much in this show when I was growing up and always wished I could live in Bay City with Cecile, Cass, Felicia, Wally, et al.
  11. AW: Reginald Love, Mary McKinnon, and Jason Frame ate up the show when they were on then gone. Only Mary made a couple more appearances. I don't think Reg or Jason were ever referred to in later years.
  12. I thought Y&R would get bigger gains too. I wonder how many watched later (after work/on the weekend) that isn't reflected in the Live number. DAYS needs a complete overhaul starting with a five month "dark period" to end this stupid taping schedule where they can't change things that aren't working until it's too late. Take the five months to come up with an actual PLAN/STRATEGY moving forward instead of what seems to be throwing things at the ceiling to see what sticks (and finding that out six months later!) I'd start with trimming the cast and refocusing on "core families". I'm bored with the Kiriakis and DiMera families. I'd refocus on the Brady/Johnson and Horton clans. I'd also take the time to do a good search for the right actors to pair with Hope and Kate and give each a true romance instead of giving them the latest guy to turn bad.
  13. Was Stephen Schnetzer (AW) ever nominated? I know Cass was often goofy in a way but some of his work during the manic depressive storyline and Frankie's death was great.
  14. I always found the character of Joe to be boring and Judi playing Paulina softened the character in the end. Paulina should have been more active in Cory Publishing and Cali Timmins would have been a better match against Carmen's Iris. I loved their rivalry.
  15. Who thinks Ron will push for Gina to join Days with Kassie (and Robin's short-stint)? I can easily see this. Sony show to Sony show.
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