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  1. Hey everyone. For any of those that are interested, I have been added as a contributing writer for the upcoming S4 of Restless Shores. Scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness 15 mins at a time! This is an audio podcast that releases a 15 min ep every Friday (Thurs at midnight) and is on S3. It's got clones, twins, blackmail, electric shock therapy, and lots more. If you're just looking for something that's pure fun, check it out. www.restless-shores.com
  2. Never been a fan. He can take years off if he'd like.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was not Philece's choice to leave. I still remember (when I was 10) how furious I was that Renee was found upstairs with a literal knife in her back!!! It made me hate DAYS for years and i refused to watch. Since AW was my daytime show, I was thrilled when she joined. She may not have been a great fit (especially with stupid writing that involved Donna and John, a very weak Donna) but I was so happy she was there, Always wanted her to join another show, but it never happened.
  4. Those lists are always subjective and the fact that Rachel is in the top two couples, as well as Jake in 3 and 4, make no sense. Either Mac and Rachel were the best Rachel pairing or Carl and Rachel. Personally, I can't accept both being a best couple. Same for Jake. I will never get behind Carl and Rachel. He terrorized and tried to kill Rachel and Mac several times. How can Rachel ever (suddenly) forgive him? I don't buy it. Jake and Marley were amazing in the beginning until they married and TE and EW left together as a couple. They were ruined after that. Once Marley was raped just to have EW later return with mental instability because of it, in my opinion, can never make Jake and Marley a "best couple". Jake and Vicky were a fave of mine. I do find it tough to believe she'd forgive him totally for Marley's rape but they were best friends as kids and knew each other for years. It would make sense that they had a sense of trust in each other. Vicky's best pairing though? No. That was Ryan and Vicky, imo. I'd put them above Jake and Vicky. But like others said: No Steve and Alice? Sally and Catlin? Sandy and Blaine? Gary and Josie?
  5. It's too bad she won't have a scene with Grant Show. I find it funny that I haven't seen anywhere a mention of the fact her and Grant dated once (before her marriage to Doug Savant). Always says former co-stars.
  6. Others might recognize Laura more recently for Pretty Little Liars. I wish more Melrosers would pop up as guest stints. Josie Bissett could be fun. I do agree with others that something needs to be done with Steven. He should be an integral part of the show. Fallon and Steven were always so close in the original and made a great sounding board for each other. It's missing.
  7. As Laura Leighton is my fave Melroser, I can't wait to check out how she's brought into this show. I'm secretly hoping that the ratings hit a high point and she becomes at least a semi-regular "guest star" ala Heather Locklear did for Melrose. I know. I'm dreaming.... I do find that the show overall has been much better. I'm definitely watching more.
  8. Although I don't put any stock in the Emmys like I used to, I have to say the show was decent. It was nice to watch an awards show that wasn't full of politics and grandstanding. Showing as many clips as they did was nice. I do wish some of the "milestones" had been memorable moments of storylines instead...but that's a personal opinion. I was even able to tolerate Sheryl and I can't stand her or anyone from The Talk.
  9. Since AW was/is my show, I watched this interview with skepticism. She likes to quickly say that she had nothing to do with Frankie Frame's death on the show, but if you are the EP you could step into story. Frankie may still have been attacked because story was plotted out in advance, but it could have been altered. Frankie could have not been so brutally attacked and then possibly "hid" out after the incident because she was afraid the killer would come back for her since she saw his face. Frankie could have lived. But there's no excuse for killing Ryan and Bridget. I know Michael Paul Valley left of his own accord, (wasn't there a tiff with the show in regards to his then girlfriend, Christine Tucci being let go?) but he didn't have to be killed. He could possibly have been persuaded back. Killing him ruined arguably one of the most popular couples on the show, Ryan and Vicky--after you just ruined Cass and Frankie. There's "mixing things up" and there's causing a train wreck. I'm not sure she knows the difference. I hated the pairing of John/Felicia on AW too. Maybe others liked it. I just didn't think it was written well! Felicia was made into a vial "other woman" instead of someone that organically got closer to a long-time friend while his wife was away. Yes, it gave Anna Holbrook and Linda Dano great scenes together but I found them hard to watch. I never agreed that Felicia would have ever done anything like that to Charlene after all Felicia had watched her go through with Sharly. Plus, it ruined John and Sharlene, another of the show's long-time couples, that seemed popular with most viewers. She's a big fan of Steven Bochco? It shows! She produces her shows like they're one hour shock episodes for ratings instead of a long-term, family stories. Just IMO.
  10. The second installment of my MILLIKEN MILLS novel series is now out. If interested, info here: https://bruceafleming.wixsite.com/bruceafleming?fbclid=IwAR2hpfUIUg3CfG7wpCYJAKQbnHtwRVwQWEleHshYviJoOJCZoHNHZWVIEEk
  11.  Happy New Year everyone. 

    Good things coming in 2021, like the second novel in my soapy Milliken Mills series. 

    Follow up to Pressing Matters.


    1. DRW50


      Happy New Year.

  12. Bitchy Bangs...haha. The only time I liked Adriana. I remember heavily disliking the AW triangle of Lisa/Jamie/Vicky. Seemed like it went on forever and I found Lisa so damn dull. I could never figure out why Jamie was interested in her to begin with. Of course, I'm probably biased to Vicky because Anne Heche just rocked that role and is one of my all-time faves of the show.
  13. The character of Mary was brought in with a big story (as the not-so-dead) matriarch of the McKinnon family. Once Mary was back in Bay City and "settled" with Vince, she became boring. I also think that DA didn't draw in viewers to the show like NBC was hoping and was probably pushed to the side somewhat. Has anyone mentioned Kimberlin Brown's run on OLTL as Paige? I remember being excited that she was going to be on the show but she seemed to be on so briefly. Was she offered her job back at Y&R/B&B and that's why she left? Or was she unhappy with OLTL?
  14. At the end of AW's run, Marley was ruined as the crazy psycho that locked up Vicky. Seemed like it came out of nowhere. Marley had always been the sweet, innocent one. I get that Jake's rape of Marley could make the character an angry person after such violation....but all that time later? Why then?
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