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  1. I never understood Mitch and Felicia. I think he would have been better served in a romance with Rachel. I'm sure the writers did it to stir up conflict between Rachel and Felicia, but it just never worked. The class conflict could have been done at a couple of different times. With the Loves/McKinnons when they first started taking over the show (especially during Reginald and Mary's returns) and around the time Sharlene and Josie first arrived. I think they started it with the latter. Josie and Matt on the phone connections line and there was conflict between Sharlene and Rachel. It's too bad that it didn't continue further. Rachel and Sharlene should have been rivals of sorts for years instead of friendly. With Rachel's history against the Frames (Janice's death, destroying Steve and Alice's happiness), Sharlene would have had reason.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I thought the dresses Sally and Phyllis had on had more flair than the wedding dress. Victoria's didn't look bad. It didn't live up to the hype of the story...I suppose it matches the wedding in general. Just flat.
  3. At least the show seems to be getting their money's worth out of the Villa sets. This will be a squandered opportunity though unless two things happen: 1. There's some kind of catfight in a fountain between Summer and Sally. 2. Jessie Gaines ends up dead on the property and everyone's a suspect.
  4. Storm is inside Katie...literally. Be kind of hard to explain...even for a soap.
  5. Deacon was my first thought too. How did he last leave? I know Quinn pushed him off a cliff at one point. Back for revenge? Does he have a connection to Sheila?
  6. I found Ridge the other day to be written so overbearing and obnoxious trying to dictate to his father what Eric does or doesn't do within his own home. What right does he have? I've never liked TK as Ridge and this kind of writing does him no favors. Quinn has done horrible things, for sure. Ridge has every reason to not like her, but when Eric is opening up to him about something so personal Ridge just kept shouting right over him. I didn't mind today's episode. It actually had people working...in the office...and interacting. LOL. It did seem like they were testing Paris and Thomas. Weren't they just testing Paris and Finn? Why can't Zende and Paris just be a couple? I'd rather Thomas have someone new come into the picture and stir things up. Let Zende and Paris have some happiness. Hell, let any couple on this show have some happiness. I'm surprised they haven't had Brooke in the middle of Sheila's story. It would make perfect sense to have Brooke be nosing into what Sheila is doing and where she is. After everything Sheila has done in the past, would they really just let her roam around LA without keeping tabs on her? Brooke should secretly hire some young, good-looking private investigator to go get close to Sheila and report back. Ridge could suspect an affair because Brooke is being secretive and running off to meet this guy. Sheila could eventually catch on to the guy and turn the tables on Brooke.
  7. I also thought that Stark had something to do with Frankie/Anne and then was dropped. That story was all over the place. At that point, AW didn't have much to lose. I would have gone all out and had Stark turn random people into characters that had been killed off. Bring back Frankie, Ryan, Michael, hell even Steve if George Reinhold was interested. If Days could do their serial killer story with Marlena and then haha...just kidding, AW should have gone crazy!! I suppose NBC would have had to care and be invested in saving the show to add cast money.
  8. I struggled through watching this. Maybe I just had high hopes. As others have said, the writing was all over the place!! Too many characters. I had trouble keeping track of who/how each were supposed to tie in. The episode definitely should have featured Angela arriving and filling in her history with flashbacks. The 2nd ep could have introduced the family she's trying to infiltrate and feature them. Ep 3 should have been the nominating party tying them together. Just my thoughts...shows aren't given the time to develop anymore. Everything tries too hard to be guns blazing from jump.
  9. I wish Doug would have been possessed for a bit longer than he was. It's been fun. The audience could have wondered about his Alzheimer's as he talks inappropriately to Kate in front of Roman, say something about Eli being Julie's grandson, etc.. I did think for a second that maybe the Devil transferred from Doug to Tripp. This could have worked too if it tied in Chanel, Ali, and Johnny. The Devil could have stirred up a few things among them and let them experience the situation first hand at the same time.
  10. I loved NF's run in '86 when Cecile was Queen and kidnapped Cass. Her runs after that continually went down in quality. I'm not sure all the writing changes helped or if they really knew Cecile. She was never really moved out of Cass's orbit and that's a shame. What about Senator Grant? Or bringing Peter Love back? She could have been woven into so many stories in a fun, manipulative way that social-climber Cecile was known as.
  11. I think Kin and Nancy Frangione playing off of each other could have been fun. Would have strengthened an already talented cast. Doubt his arrival would have done much for the ratings at that point tho.
  12. Nathan Nolan in my Milliken Mills novel series is absolutely written with JR in mind. (With his wife, Jackie, written as Alexis.) Pressing Matters (book one) and Last Will and Punishment (book two) available now. Finishing touches on book three being done now. https://maineauthorspublishing.com/pressing-matters/
  13. This has been said before but I'd love a conversation with Julie Osborn, Stephen Schnetzer, and Nancy Frangione. Maybe even throw in Linda Dano to all talk about their times together. Talk about Crystal Lake and Wallingford. Having the Cory kids would be great. Matt Crane, Sandi Ferguson, Judi Evans, Russell Todd. I'd be just as happy if Larry Lau and/or Cali Timmins came on. Where's Tom Eplin? Jake and any of his women. Any of the Marleys, Vickys, Paulinas, and Anna Stuart's Donna. He always seemed to have chemistry with any of the actresses. I'd love to hear what they thought of working with him.
  14. The way this Mariah story ended made the whole thing even worse. I was hoping all along that there was a red herring and the culprit would be revealed in the last seconds of the show (Friday cliffhanger). Too much to hope for evidently. This story may have seemed fine initially on paper, tying in all of these characters across the canvas, but the execution sucked bad.
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