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  1. Ladies of the Lake

    I just watched all 7 installments this weekend. Yes, I was bored. I will say that it was campy as all get out but I found myself more interested in this than any ep of DAYS that Ken Corday has been putting out in years. If you're looking for something fun to check out with some of your favorite actors, I recommend checking it out. If you are going into it thinking that it is some kind of dramatic cinema, then you'll be disappointed. I would watch another short "serial" like this if Ken's production company put one out. It makes me wonder what daytime could do if they could focus on one good story at a time without having to "fill-in" characters just to meet contractual episode guarantees. One story could lead into the other and writers could just write without all the outside interference.
  2. Days 8/20 Promo:

    I may have to check back in too. Haven't watched for months. Sami, Belle, Shawn, and Jack's initial return, I'm in for.
  3. Days actor exit!

    i understand the shows needing to make cuts because budgets overall are being slashed. However, if your employer came to you and said they'll only keep you if you agree to do the same amount of work for 30% less, otherwise they'll let you go....what would your reaction be?? It's just a sad situation all around. It definitely isn't the 80's for soaps anymore.
  4. Latest SOD

    I wish they'd do more 'in-depth- articles instead of 2 or 3 page fluff pieces on an actor just to splash him or her on the cover. How about interview someone on the directing team? Ask them how they got into directing and why he or she likes it. Other work they've done before daytime. What their job entails at the soap. What their "vision" or "style" is that they are trying to bring to the show. I would be as interested about some of those behind the scenes as I am those on the screen....and considering who we are talking about on the screen, I may not care about them at all. Interview a staff writer. Interview a prop manager. Anything other than the same ol' same ol'.
  5. LATEST RATINGS: June 11-15, 2018

    I miss the days of Friday cliffhangers that had you talking/thinking about the show all weekend in anticipation for Monday's episode. Now I just look forward to it being Friday so I have two days coming that I DON'T have to watch.
  6. GH: Former OLTL actor joins the show

    I guess ABC is obsessed with the younger demo.
  7. Shocking Deaths and Surprises

    Renee DiMera's death on Days at her engagement party. I was 10 and had no idea it was coming! I loved Renee. Shortly after, the reveal Tony was being held in the cell while an impostor (Andre) had taken his place. Surprised!
  8. DAYS: Actress Back?

    My hand could only hold 2 things. (Earplugs and a night mask for her scenes).
  9. DAYS: Actress Back?

    I'm glad I've stopped watching and lost interest lately. I HATED her on OLTL! Wonder if it means Bonnie will make another appearance?
  10. Another World

    I LOVED Sam and Amanda in the very beginning. They were my fave daytime couple until the writers ruined it by having Amanda be pregnant so early on. It had been such a great Romeo & Juliet type story being Rachel's daughter and Mitch's brother with Mac looking on. They should have played them up more before saddling them with a baby...to then only have Olivia thrown in with a baby of her own. Sandi Ferguson was Amanda to me although I did like Laura Moss. I remember being disappointed when Laura had been let go because I thought she was just getting into it. Matt Crane was definitely Matthew and I never liked Brian Krause or Jeff Phillips in the role. Jeff and Lisa Peluso I thought worked well together but he just wasn't Matthew. I preferred Larry Lau as Jamie over Russell Todd. (I don't really remember the others before that.) Maybe because I was a big fan of Jamie/VIcky (Anne Heche) then. I wish they had brought him back after Russell Todd. Cecile!!!!! My fave character of all-time on AW. She should have at the very least been brought on the last couple of episodes to interrupt Cass and Lila's wedding instead of the stupid Gorilla story. I think it would have been much more drama to have Cecile show up just as the wedding starts and profess her love to Cass one more time, only to be let down. While others in the audience (Rachel, Felicia, etc could make snide comments about her and show flashbacks.) My biggest gripe about the finale was how little they showed flashback history. Yes, I know, it was thrown together last minute and they had all that they could do just to end it but still......
  11. DAYS: Actor Back

    He's probably a twin or look-a-like. Ron's specialty.
  12. B&B: Actor taken off contract

    Would GH even write for Lucky if Luke isn't around and they wouldn't write for Laura? Nikolas isn't even on anymore. I guess it would be purely for Frank wanting to watch JY onscreen.
  13. B&B: Actor taken off contract

    Jeremy Horton?? (DAYS)..... Actually with JY promoting his music lately, he may not even want to be on contract anyway.
  14. B&B Actress Out

    Admittedly, I'm not a regular viewer of B&B but when I've tuned in I have found CH to be engaging and keep my interest even when the story seemed lame. I hope she gets another gig. Is she too young to be Sarah on Days? Or maybe a different relative of Maggie's? I'd like to see her kick Abby/Gabi's ass. Haha
  15. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    I'm not a regular GH viewer and after trying to tune in for some of today's ep I can understand. I'm sorry but if you don't have a big budget (as neither soap does these days) stop trying to do these "big events". I'm finding this to be a comedy episode. Especially, the set being used for Jason and Sam. Instead of the scenes giving off drama, I'm finding it B movie comedy. Most of these events never have any lasting impact and are completely forgotten about a month later. Another reason they don't work. This isn't really a knock specifically against GH, but against soaps in general. This doesn't bring new viewers in when it's done so badly.