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  1. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    When does the new season start? Is it next week? (Curious as new prime-time shows seems to be starting next week).
  2. with only four soap left I am kind of surprised that more actors aren't returning to shows as new characters. I'm okay with it if done in a smart way....but these writers...... American Horror Story has used many of its actors over and over again in different seasons so it wouldn't be unheard of.
  3. Days actor returns

    I've got a box of tissues by my side while I watch today's ep......but for the crying because this ep is lame. I'm liking the Lucas scenes but that is about all today.
  4. The SON Daytime Drama Video Archive Collection

    Compilation of AW's Mac/Rachel/Mitch/Janice story including Janice's death in the pool and the reveal on the stand that Matthew is Mitch's son not Mac's.
  5. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    If only she would get Gabi and Rafe placed there long-term.
  6. Unfortunately Days can barely pay for their studio lighting let alone fly cast members to Memphis (or move them somewhere in L.A. as a "stand-in") for a few scenes.
  7. I could cut them some slack on the sets if the writing were compelling enough that I was concentrating more on what's happening in the scene instead of where the scene is. That's one of the show's problems. It's been so boring you can't help but drift off and start looking for things to nitpick. haha.
  8. LATEST RATINGS: B&B Up For The Week

    I was hoping that Ron would have improved the numbers for Days more by now but I do believe the writing has been improving. The interactions between the characters has improved and the writing for certain ones (Kate, Lucas) has improved dramatically. With Joey out of the way and (hopefully) the Deimos murder non-mystery because nobody cares will be wrapped soon and he can move on to his own stories that aren't Higley leftovers. People have complained about the doppelganger story. I do find it corny but he had to find something for Morgan Fairchild to do and he probably thought featuring John/Marlena, Justin/Adrienne/Lucas this way was a great use of vets. I am at least finding it entertaining and I haven't said that about anything on Days for quite some time. By the time Sami, Will, and Kristen (if it IS Kristen) come around, Ron should be fully into his own stories by then. Hoping for a better ratings boost! Fingers crossed.
  9. DAYS: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think changing the reveal to being Nicole makes more sense than Victor going after Deimos after all of this time. He had known for months about Deimos and definitely had the means so why wait so long? I suppose with AZ announcing she was leaving it gave Ron a way out for her. I'm finding Monday's ep one of the best overall in a long time. I'm finding it entertaining and am enjoying each scene.....even Hattie and Bonnie. I think Hattie is about the only way I enjoy Deidre Hall. Sorry.
  10. DAYS: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Just finished watching Friday's episode. I liked the Roman/Marlena/John/Kate mix with Andre coming in at the end. Yes, the story is over the top but if it allows these five vets to mix it up then I'm okay with it. I find Abby and Andre's friendship interesting. I hope Ron keeps that going. It kind of goes against what I would normally expect yet it works. Do Eric and Chloe have a romantic past? I found their scenes interesting. I haven't watched most of Chloe's time with the show so she doesn't annoy me like she seems to others.
  11. DAYS: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Pacing? At least it has a pulse...i mean, pace!
  12. GH Casts Role

    I thought "Jelly" was supposed to be like the second coming of Christ but yet the ratings kept going down....down ....down...further to Hell.
  13. DAYS: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I do hope it is a setup for Abe because it makes no sense unless someone is blackmailing him for money in exchange for revealing info on where (a much alive) Lexie is. His only way of obtaining the money is to print it. haha....
  14. i think the paycheck enticed SB's return. Maybe some "steaks" each week were included.
  15. Y&R could do something similar with Chelsea as DAYS did the last time that Sami was on: get a mysterious message that makes her think Adam is still alive somewhere and take off out of town to find him. No need to bring another recast on and lets Chelsea run off to be with him. Then, of course, it is open ended to if it was him or not.