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  1. First novel in my soapy, family saga series is out. Get PRESSING MATTERS here: www.maineauthorspublishing.com/pressing-matters

  2. I remember as a kid watching that storyline and loving it. Okay, except for the part where Brette was inside the cave somewhere, wading through a pond to retrieve a "treasure" from a podium in the middle of it, and when she grabbed the treasure it released snakes from above covering her and the pond. Scared me sh*tless...haha.
  3. I keep trying to get back into DAYS because I do enjoy many of the actors on the show, but the writing just kills me. Ron needs to stop this double character crap: Hattie/Bonnie/Gina (Hope), and "Stefano" (Steve). It's annoying. If you can't find a story worthy enough of these vets other than campy sh*t then you're doing something wrong. Not one of the couples on this show are worth rooting for anymore. Not even his "beloved" Ciara and Ben. As others have said, couples are on to someone else two weeks later, back-and-forth, so how can you invest in anyone? Xander and Gabi running multi-million (multi-billion?) dollar companies is ludicrous. I'm so tired of Dimera and Kiriakis battles over their perspective companies. There is no build up for anything. An underhanded takeover could be great if they didn't switch CEOs every other week as it is. Everyone watching knows that the newest person in charge won't last long...so who cares?
  4. Cecile is my fave character of all-time. I hated her last stint on the show because it didn't seem right (trying to pass Maggie off as Cass's ) even for her. Agreed that it was written very poorly. I too think Cecile would've had to grow up substantially before marrying Cass at the end. How to redeem her? She could have returned to her "true love" Cass and announce to him that she had cancer. He could have stepped in to "protect" her and stay by her side as she battled it. Felicia, Rachel, Donna, etc could have suspected it was just, yet again, some kind of scam to get Cass back and not believe she was truly sick until it was too late and they see the physical signs. She could have shown vulnerability with Cass and her feisty side with her skeptics. With AW going off the air when it did, Cass could have married Cecile in that last episode in order to be by her side without the audience having to actually watch her death onscreen. (Of course, if AW hadn't ended, they could have gone either way. Have Cecile pass away from illness or have (temporary) remission.)
  5. Just listened to that podcast and found it prophetic that even in 1979 Harding Lemay could recognize that network interference was going to be a problem for daytime. I agree, they should give writers the opportunity to write. Then make a change if the stories don't work. Don't hire them to write the show and then tell them what to write. Backwards to me.
  6. I miss this show so much. Laura Leighton's Sydney is a top-five character of mine of all-time. For the longest time I wanted her to cougar me and then I realized that she wasn't older enough to be a technical "cougar". I was so disappointed. LMAO. She's still hot to this day. It's too bad that Thomas wasn't there or Heather either. Those two are a big part of the series.
  7. As much as I like both Kristian and Stephen, I don't see this storyline bringing in viewers. It's almost cartoonish and is what soaps tend to be made fun of for. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but I miss drama and conflict born out of relationships. Not cartoonish, borderline sci-fi stuff. If I wanted to watch that, I'd tune into the Syfy network. (And, I do watch that network occasionally. I'm not saying it's bad...just not what I want on a soap.) I guess we can all thank GH for its Ice Princess story back in the day for starting all this crap.
  8. I don't remember SB ever beating AW. Damn....that disappoints me.
  9. So, Ben was given the death penalty? How does this not scream out Todd/Victor on OLTL. ReRon will probably have Ben tied down and being executed for Jordan's death as Ciara cries out her love for him across a window. Then...wham...the phone rings and he's pardoned so they can live happily ever after. I think Casey Moss is doing well with this story of JJ being an addict again. When he and Brady were in the park, I loved how he kept looking like he was going to nod off to sleep while standing up. He did great with his almost suicide story. I'm looking forward to how he does with this. The rest of the TJ stories for me have been meh....
  10. Oh, I do remember that and I loved Cecile! I guess I just wasn't thinking. For some reason I thought the departures were earlier.
  11. Great to see AW have a couple of 6's. I wonder what was going on the week of 7/11/86 to cause a 6.3? Isn't '86 when Tom Eplin, Ellen Wheeler, Stephen Schnetzer, Julie Osburn, Anna Stuart, and Sharon Gabet all left. I remember being devastated at the time. I loved Cass and Kathleen!
  12. I enjoyed the original Dynasty (tho i never watched a lot of the original run) and shows like Dallas and Melrose Place, but to put this show in that category is ridiculous. I've tried to get into this show. I just can't. The whole time I'm watching it through a filter as though it is a bad SNL sketch making fun of the original. In that sense, it's kind of a funny show. As a "drama" about a rich family, not so much.
  13. I often stream old episodes or storylines on youtube instead of watching current shows, daytime or primetime. I would also watch "old soaps" if they were online more. CBS could probably make a lot of money if they put up old ATWT and GL eps for a small fee per month. I'd even love to watch Capitol from start to finish since I was always watching AW back in the day. Networks keep claiming they need revenue...I agree with others, this could definitely be a way.
  14. I'm disappointed that the ratings for DAYS weren't better for that week. The week was pretty good with the weddings/non-wedding and Jennifer's fall. I know the time jump wasn't really until the last scene on Friday, but I thought more people would watch. Hopefully, there will be a bit of an increase in the next week's ratings because I found it a pretty good week.
  15. I agree. Keep 'em coming! It amazes me how much shows vary from week to week and month to month back then. I know I used to follow ratings back then, but it must have been such a norm that I never really noticed. Man, I wish there were that many shows and that much competition still today! The quality would have to improve for sure. Now networks just don't care.
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