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  1. I always enjoyed Cali Timmins as Paulina. I thought her and Tom Eplin worked well off of each other. It made no sense to me that she was gone but then I thought I had read something somewhere after that she was very unhappy at AW. The show knew she was not happy there and decided to let her go. If she had issues with Tom that might explain it. Didn't Tom have issues with alcohol for many years and finally got help later ('93/'94 was it?) when everyone thought Jake "died" and he was off the show a while?
  2. I'm always here for Cecile! haha...
  3. Felicia's intervention about her drinking on AW. Classic and brilliantly written/acted.
  4. I think the Corys lost a lot of their identity when the show stopped focusing on Cory Publishing. Instead, it seemed to focus on Carl and how the family (Matt and Amanda) were against Rachel's relationship. I would rather have had the show focus on the internal battles for control of the company with maybe Carl as the outsider wanting to come in. Matt and Amanda could have competed for CEO much like Nick and VIctoria on Y&R. Cass as the company lawyer and Felicia resuming her career as a novelist could have pulled them into the middle of it all.
  5. I cringed the whole first 20 minutes and had to stop. The recent Melrose Place one was done far better than this! I enjoyed that one a lot and they actually talked about the show.
  6. I enjoyed this myself..though I found the hosts to be a bit annoying at times. Considering the limited setup to pull this off it was fun to watch. This group always seems to genuinely like each other which makes it more fun. Josie didn't look like she aged one bit. Seeing Heather participate was a great thing to see her doing better. Laura (Sydney) will always be my fave! Such a fun group. I could have watched them for hours!
  7. I watched today and found all of the Will/Sonny scenes annoying. The "flashbacks" with them all giddy and laughing through most of their scenes was bad. The wedding scenes were okay but I found the dialogue a bit cringe-worthy at time. Julie and SSH was way over the top it was laughable instead of causing drama. I do enjoy the Lani/Gabi rivalry though. It is one that could have legs if the show wanted to keep it....but then again...I once thought that about Abby/Gabi and now they act almost like besties at times.
  8. Sorry but that is a lame promo! There's no wonder that they can't get people to tune in.
  9. I haven't watched for months and don't even know who some of the younger set are anymore. My first thought when seeing that cast is wow, they need to trim down. I'm surprised they can still have that many. Yes, i'm sure there are several that are recurring and not actually on contract, but still. That's a lot of characters to follow. I'm glad for daytime that they are investing for FOUR YEARS into a show, whether I watch it or not. So much better than DAYS having to fight every year!
  10. I was just reading the MP Companion book that came out after S3 and in it one of the actors ( I forget which at the moment) stated that the producers didn't know what to do with Sandy. One minute they told her to use a thicker southern accent and then the next episode they'd tell her not to use one at all. Something like that. I know her character was always made fun of for that, but I guess it wasn't Amy Locane's fault. She was just taking direction for each ep. Marcia Cross was originally supposed to be one ep. Laura Leighton was a last minute addition as Sydney for a couple of episodes in S1 (after Jane had previously stated she was an only child). Heather Locklear was only supposed to be on for a short stint. All three ended up being written in as "regulars". Clearly, in the early days, they didn't really seem to know what they were doing and were just flying by the seat of their pants.
  11. The first part of that promo with Will and Ciara looks good but the rest is just...bleh. The promo department doesn't do the show any favors.
  12. First novel in my soapy, family saga series is out. Get PRESSING MATTERS here: www.maineauthorspublishing.com/pressing-matters

  13. I remember as a kid watching that storyline and loving it. Okay, except for the part where Brette was inside the cave somewhere, wading through a pond to retrieve a "treasure" from a podium in the middle of it, and when she grabbed the treasure it released snakes from above covering her and the pond. Scared me sh*tless...haha.
  14. I keep trying to get back into DAYS because I do enjoy many of the actors on the show, but the writing just kills me. Ron needs to stop this double character crap: Hattie/Bonnie/Gina (Hope), and "Stefano" (Steve). It's annoying. If you can't find a story worthy enough of these vets other than campy sh*t then you're doing something wrong. Not one of the couples on this show are worth rooting for anymore. Not even his "beloved" Ciara and Ben. As others have said, couples are on to someone else two weeks later, back-and-forth, so how can you invest in anyone? Xander and Gabi running multi-million (multi-billion?) dollar companies is ludicrous. I'm so tired of Dimera and Kiriakis battles over their perspective companies. There is no build up for anything. An underhanded takeover could be great if they didn't switch CEOs every other week as it is. Everyone watching knows that the newest person in charge won't last long...so who cares?
  15. Cecile is my fave character of all-time. I hated her last stint on the show because it didn't seem right (trying to pass Maggie off as Cass's ) even for her. Agreed that it was written very poorly. I too think Cecile would've had to grow up substantially before marrying Cass at the end. How to redeem her? She could have returned to her "true love" Cass and announce to him that she had cancer. He could have stepped in to "protect" her and stay by her side as she battled it. Felicia, Rachel, Donna, etc could have suspected it was just, yet again, some kind of scam to get Cass back and not believe she was truly sick until it was too late and they see the physical signs. She could have shown vulnerability with Cass and her feisty side with her skeptics. With AW going off the air when it did, Cass could have married Cecile in that last episode in order to be by her side without the audience having to actually watch her death onscreen. (Of course, if AW hadn't ended, they could have gone either way. Have Cecile pass away from illness or have (temporary) remission.)
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