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  1. The second installment of my MILLIKEN MILLS novel series is now out. If interested, info here: https://bruceafleming.wixsite.com/bruceafleming?fbclid=IwAR2hpfUIUg3CfG7wpCYJAKQbnHtwRVwQWEleHshYviJoOJCZoHNHZWVIEEk
  2.  Happy New Year everyone. 

    Good things coming in 2021, like the second novel in my soapy Milliken Mills series. 

    Follow up to Pressing Matters.


    1. DRW50


      Happy New Year.

  3. Bitchy Bangs...haha. The only time I liked Adriana. I remember heavily disliking the AW triangle of Lisa/Jamie/Vicky. Seemed like it went on forever and I found Lisa so damn dull. I could never figure out why Jamie was interested in her to begin with. Of course, I'm probably biased to Vicky because Anne Heche just rocked that role and is one of my all-time faves of the show.
  4. The character of Mary was brought in with a big story (as the not-so-dead) matriarch of the McKinnon family. Once Mary was back in Bay City and "settled" with Vince, she became boring. I also think that DA didn't draw in viewers to the show like NBC was hoping and was probably pushed to the side somewhat. Has anyone mentioned Kimberlin Brown's run on OLTL as Paige? I remember being excited that she was going to be on the show but she seemed to be on so briefly. Was she offered her job back at Y&R/B&B and that's why she left? Or was she unhappy with OLTL?
  5. At the end of AW's run, Marley was ruined as the crazy psycho that locked up Vicky. Seemed like it came out of nowhere. Marley had always been the sweet, innocent one. I get that Jake's rape of Marley could make the character an angry person after such violation....but all that time later? Why then?
  6. okay I'll play... Since AW is my fave show, I'd bring AW back (tho Proctor and Gamble would never let it happen!) I would do it as a "next generation" type reboot though. The characters I'd bring back as grown-ups: Ali Fowler (daughter of Amanda Cory and Sam Fowler) Steven Frame (son of Jamie Frame and Vicky McKinnon) Kirkland Harrison (Grant Harrison and Vicky' McKinnon) Bridgett and Michelle McKinnon (twins of Jake McKinnon and Vicky.) Dante Carlino (son of Joe Carlino and Paulina Cory Carlino) Jasmine Cory (daughter of Matthew Cory and Lila Wi
  7. Keep in mind I'm old...so here goes... I've watched most soaps at one point or another except AMC, LOV, and ATWT. DAYS: I remember when I was 10 being hooked on DAYS and then p*ssed when they killed off Renee Dimera!! David/Renee/Tony/Anna was a fave quad of mine and it was early Dimera. This was also early Roman/Marlena and had Liz (Gloria Loring) on. I was so mad about Renee's death that I stopped watching for years. Ha. Though I've occasionally tuned in during different times since and occasionally watch some eps now just to see what the show is doing.
  8. Okay...i'm going to be shameless and plug my novel... Chick Lit Cafe says, "Pressing Matters, by Bruce A. Fleming, is an exciting whodunit that will keep you guessing to the last pages." Pressing Matters is the first in my series set in the fictional Milliken Mills, Maine. It follows the powerful Nolan family and their newspaper publishing empire. They battle the changing times and each other. I started writing this around 2001 because I missed Melrose Place. I created it with MP and Dallas in mind. I often refer to the series as "my Dallas in a book." I ini
  9. I enjoyed that reunion. Have always liked Anna, Alicia, and Alice. Was surprised to see Christine there because I don't remember her being on for very long. Alicia reciting Charles Keating's advice to her about acting was hilarious! Made even better by the fact that she basically owned it. Haha. She was fire on AW and greatly missed after she left. It was interesting to hear her say that she recites the names of her AW co-workers sometimes at night when trying to relax. Sad and comforting at the same time. I'm curious too what would have happened story wise if Doug Wa
  10. Yes, I believe she has also stated she loved the initial concept of Brittany where the character was deaf. She was able to do a story that centered on a deaf person that used sign language and she found that interesting to play. I think the writers changed (as they often did on AW) and then she suddenly had her hearing back and went into that abusive marriage story that she hated.
  11. Yes, thank you! My mind was going blank.
  12. I wish he would/could do one with Alice Barrett, Stephen Schnetzer, and Julie Osburn. I loved the Frankie/Cass/Kathleen story. I'd like to hear what they thought. I know there aren't a lot of Jensen fans on here, but i'd like to see a Jensen Buchanan, Tom Eplin, and Judi Evans one too. That could definitely have some tea spilled about Jensen's contract demands. I wonder what Judi thought of storylines like Paulina's pill addiction, running into Spencer (was that Vicky's kid's name...i'm spacing out), her long-lost kid story, etc...
  13. that's the first promo in a long time that i've liked and actually makes me want to watch.
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