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  1. I agree. Keep 'em coming! It amazes me how much shows vary from week to week and month to month back then. I know I used to follow ratings back then, but it must have been such a norm that I never really noticed. Man, I wish there were that many shows and that much competition still today! The quality would have to improve for sure. Now networks just don't care.
  2. see...soap viewers are so knowledgeable! Far more so than the writers and producers on the show. Love that there was such a quick answer.
  3. I loved Vicky and Ryan at the beginning and thought they had amazing chemistry. Didn't AH and PMV end up not getting along?
  4. I always wanted to write for AW too! It was my show. Especially the characters of Cecile, Cass, Felicia and I loved Vicky and Jake (But Anne Heche as Vicky). Rachel, I thought, was so underused at times. I'll say if I wrote the show her and Carl would never have been a couple after the years of previous history. Nor at the end of the show would there ever have been a Jordan Stark or Lila's baby in a tree! Ridiculous... I've always felt gimmicks were never the way to go. Devil Possession (DAYS). Vampires (PC). Alternative places like Eterna (OLTL). Yes, maybe you get a few more viewers on a temp basis, but I prefer character driven stories. Just my opinion.
  5. I'm only "quoting" this one because it's smaller. LOL. I, too, while growing up always wanted to write for a soap. Never came to be, of course. Later in life, I wrote out my own story in novel form and am still working on it. I tried self-publishing through Amazon (four volumes worth) but didn't get very far. I have now decided to use a different co-op publishing company to relaunch them. I'm hoping the first novel in the series will be out the beginning of next year. If I can't write for a tv show...maybe I can make one in book form. I call it my DALLAS in a book. Ha... So don't give up. You can still have your dream of writing a "soap"...just use a different avenue.
  6. This is the first promo in a long time that makes me kinda want to watch. I probably won't...but I kinda want to. haha I like bad Gabi.
  7. I believe RKK only agreed to return if he wasn't playing Sam. Tho it would have been fun to throw Sam into the mix with Vicky and Amanda. The show toyed with the two of them as rivals for a while but I don't think it was ever developed properly.
  8. These ratings always show just how far behind in the game NBC was and it makes me sad. As AW was my show and someone that enjoyed Texas as a kid and became a fan of SFT during it's NBC run, it's clear NBC didn't have the audience. I wonder how a show like Generations would have done if it had been on CBS after Y&R, like B&B ended up. I think it's run would have been far more significant with a CBS audience behind it.
  9. RKK's initial return to AW as Bobby with Ryan's eyes was stupid. If they wanted to pair him with Vicky then do it. I just thought him having Ryan's eyes (and didn't he supposedly have some of Ryan's memories too?) was lame. I did, however, later enjoy the Lila/Shane/Vicky/Jake quad. It should have been that to begin with. Killing off Michael was stupid. Michael and Donna should have been a permanent couple on AW. Anna Stuart was so underused and written horribly after Michael left. Jordan Stark/Lumina....just...no. I will say that I did not mind Josie's recast and the addition of Cameron was nice. I enjoyed the Gary/Josie/Cameron/Amanda quad as well...with the recast Gary as the weak link. Maybe if they had done a better recast for him, this could have been a better story.
  10. i know i'll get haters for this but i didn't mind JB as Vicky. However, I could not stand her as Marley. So darn bland. At the end if JB didn't want to play both parts they should have dumped her and taken EW back as both Marley/Vicky. What would the show have had to lose? An expensive contract of JB's that caused the show to pay her AND EW? I think most fans at that point would have been okay with the recasts considering it was going back to EW.
  11. I thought the Red Swan contained the codicil inside that stated Mac had another daughter (Paulina) and that's why people were being led to find it. I don't remember all the details either though. I just thought it was a way Mac was trying to lead people to know there was another daughter out there. Was the codicil actually inside it? I don't remember. I thought it was...but maybe not.
  12. When were AW's ratings ever below Sunset Beach's??? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought SB debuted and stayed under what AW had the entire run.
  13. This makes me think that someone knows something in regards to it being canceled. Just pure speculation on my part. They probably want this "break" to rewrite upcoming episodes so when they resume it will be to wrap it up. If they keep going now and bank the eps through mid-sept and then it isn't renewed there will be no "ending" whatsoever. NBC is probably trying to avoid a backlash of leaving DAYS open ended after its 50+ years on the air. Self-serving for sure.
  14. Many of these have already been said but: Robin Strasser for sure! Especially the early AW days as AW is my fave show of all time and she was on before I was born. Plus, Robin doesn't strike me as the type that would hold back. I'm sure her takes on OL (didn't they push her out or try a couple of times) and Passions would be fun. Tony Geary and Genie Francis just to get their own perspectives on how HUGE Luke and Laura became and how it affected them and their careers. Did they feel their popularity in those specific roles hurt them when trying to branch out? Ellen Wheeler because of her AW connection. Her relationship with Tom Eplin, emmy wins with AW and AMC, opinions on the various shows (AW, AMC, B&B, ATWT, and GL.) plus going back to AW later. I wonder if she thought it was difficult moving up from actor to director to producer in the soap genre. I'd say Deidre Hall but she'd probably be too nice and boring. Eileen Davidson, Melody Thomas Scott, Maura West, Linda Dano, Katherine Kelly Lang, Susan Flannery, Susan Seaforth Hayes, the list could go on. I'd be interested in anyone that has had a long career and was forthright about their experiences. Everyone has their own opinions on things, but I'd love to know what some of these women in daytime think about the genre (co-workers, producers, writers, etc.).
  15. I loved Ellen Wheeler during her first stint of AW but not so much the second. Though that was probably more the writing where they made Marley crazy. I'm glad I never watched much of GL during the Peapack debacle. The few times I tried to watch the show I couldn't handle the way they were shooting it. As far as the building houses out in the community thing, I tune in to soaps to watch something dramatic, soapy, and escape...not watch someone pound nails and building a house. I could do that somewhere here in town!
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