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  1. I loved Lexi and Michael at the end. They could have been a great couple for S8 to go against Peter and Amanda. Didn't Lisa Rinna say she was ready to return if there had been a S8 (after having her baby)? Of course, it is Lisa Rinna who probably says anything. haha. Throwing Taylor in the mix with Peter/Amanda, Michael/Lexi, and Kyle/Jane could have been fun! I thought the show was starting to come back around when S7 ended. If I had done S8, I would have tried hard for those seven characters, let go Megan and Ryan (Boring!!!), brought on one new character that was a half-brother to Peter, and "rested" Eve until the last couple of episodes leading up to a big revenge type cliffhanger in the style of Kimberly blowing up the apt. complex.
  2. I can't believe that Tuesday makes 20 years since ANOTHER WORLD left the air. I miss this show dearly at times and especially my fave, Cecile! I invested so much in this show when I was growing up and always wished I could live in Bay City with Cecile, Cass, Felicia, Wally, et al.
  3. AW: Reginald Love, Mary McKinnon, and Jason Frame ate up the show when they were on then gone. Only Mary made a couple more appearances. I don't think Reg or Jason were ever referred to in later years.
  4. I thought Y&R would get bigger gains too. I wonder how many watched later (after work/on the weekend) that isn't reflected in the Live number. DAYS needs a complete overhaul starting with a five month "dark period" to end this stupid taping schedule where they can't change things that aren't working until it's too late. Take the five months to come up with an actual PLAN/STRATEGY moving forward instead of what seems to be throwing things at the ceiling to see what sticks (and finding that out six months later!) I'd start with trimming the cast and refocusing on "core families". I'm bored with the Kiriakis and DiMera families. I'd refocus on the Brady/Johnson and Horton clans. I'd also take the time to do a good search for the right actors to pair with Hope and Kate and give each a true romance instead of giving them the latest guy to turn bad.
  5. Was Stephen Schnetzer (AW) ever nominated? I know Cass was often goofy in a way but some of his work during the manic depressive storyline and Frankie's death was great.
  6. I always found the character of Joe to be boring and Judi playing Paulina softened the character in the end. Paulina should have been more active in Cory Publishing and Cali Timmins would have been a better match against Carmen's Iris. I loved their rivalry.
  7. Who thinks Ron will push for Gina to join Days with Kassie (and Robin's short-stint)? I can easily see this. Sony show to Sony show.
  8. That does nothing to get me to want to watch. Horrible.
  9. I'd love to have Anna Stuart back onscreen, even if a temp role. They all look great. Can't believe we are coming up on 20 years since AW's last ep!
  10. Jensen Buchanan Ellen Wheeler Anna Stuart Stephen Schnetzer Sandra Ferguson Dorothy Lyman Catherine Hickland Jack Wagner Sydney Penny
  11. This kills (?) me! And ya know, I'd do that just out of spite at NBC. Make whole episodes of someone lingering behind the fake hedge while people come and go to talk at the bench. Then suddenly one gets killed. Do the same thing for five DAYS straight. Have the same people walk back and forth and sit back down repeatedly in the same ep like Groundhog's Day. No budget. No set changes. Shut the lights out for night time. They could hold flashlights. LOL
  12. These set of scenes is when I became hooked on OLTL after religiously watching AW my whole life.
  13. Kimberly on Melrose Place. She bombed the complex and then she kept showing up around everyone...especially Peter! Really? If someone tried to blow me up, you can be assured they would not be around me ever again.
  14. If people want to watch someone trying to get the "big break" in the music business, they would watch The Voice or Idol. WTF? Does anyone care about this kind of story?
  15. The chamber door with "E.D." on it made me think that it is just a patient suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and some weird plot of Kristen's to "fix him" in return for impregnating her. I mean, this is Ron.....
  16. i tuned in today and farah's face scared me! i didn't realize it was Halloween already.
  17. I just watched all 7 installments this weekend. Yes, I was bored. I will say that it was campy as all get out but I found myself more interested in this than any ep of DAYS that Ken Corday has been putting out in years. If you're looking for something fun to check out with some of your favorite actors, I recommend checking it out. If you are going into it thinking that it is some kind of dramatic cinema, then you'll be disappointed. I would watch another short "serial" like this if Ken's production company put one out. It makes me wonder what daytime could do if they could focus on one good story at a time without having to "fill-in" characters just to meet contractual episode guarantees. One story could lead into the other and writers could just write without all the outside interference.
  18. I may have to check back in too. Haven't watched for months. Sami, Belle, Shawn, and Jack's initial return, I'm in for.
  19. i understand the shows needing to make cuts because budgets overall are being slashed. However, if your employer came to you and said they'll only keep you if you agree to do the same amount of work for 30% less, otherwise they'll let you go....what would your reaction be?? It's just a sad situation all around. It definitely isn't the 80's for soaps anymore.
  20. I wish they'd do more 'in-depth- articles instead of 2 or 3 page fluff pieces on an actor just to splash him or her on the cover. How about interview someone on the directing team? Ask them how they got into directing and why he or she likes it. Other work they've done before daytime. What their job entails at the soap. What their "vision" or "style" is that they are trying to bring to the show. I would be as interested about some of those behind the scenes as I am those on the screen....and considering who we are talking about on the screen, I may not care about them at all. Interview a staff writer. Interview a prop manager. Anything other than the same ol' same ol'.
  21. I miss the days of Friday cliffhangers that had you talking/thinking about the show all weekend in anticipation for Monday's episode. Now I just look forward to it being Friday so I have two days coming that I DON'T have to watch.
  22. Renee DiMera's death on Days at her engagement party. I was 10 and had no idea it was coming! I loved Renee. Shortly after, the reveal Tony was being held in the cell while an impostor (Andre) had taken his place. Surprised!
  23. My hand could only hold 2 things. (Earplugs and a night mask for her scenes).
  24. I'm glad I've stopped watching and lost interest lately. I HATED her on OLTL! Wonder if it means Bonnie will make another appearance?
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