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  1. Major Y&R actress out!

    I don't this is Mal because he's the first showrunner in ages to position Ashley as a leading lady, he loved Mishael Morgan too. Sony's just being cheap and that interview MM's manager gave might have opened some floodgates.
  2. Y&R actress out

    I dropped the show a few years after VR left and I'll probably be doing the same once MM does. Sony is really underestimating her impact, this new budget Blake from GL interpretation of Summer is not going to carry the show the way Hilary/MM has these last few years.
  3. Y&R actress out

    I knew when she got the Emmy nod they were going to try and play her in contract negotiations. If she walks its their loss And I'm with @Vee when it comes to Bryton. He's nothing without MM and even with her he still lacks a leading male presence, its why they still rely on Kristoff so much.
  4. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Mishael Morgan and Bryton did a really great interview with the SOD podcast https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/yrs-mishael-morgan-and-bryton-james-guest-on-digests-podcast/ They both weren't happy about Hevon breaking up over Mariah's trip and are hoping they get more time as a couple this go round. Loved MM's answer about being one of the few black couples on Daytime. Also not surprised by CK's initial mean girl antics toward MM , glad they're friends now though.
  5. Actress returns to Y&R

    As one of the few fans of hers here I'm glad she's back
  6. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Great episode today Poor Tracy I don't care about Jack and his angst, sorry I hate that Lily is stuck mothering Cane's bastard child. Hillary going over to say hi to the kid and her talking about her mom with Devon was good though Sharon and Nikki She brings heart to the family/whole show.
  7. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Those Kyle vs Nikki scenes were good. I'm loving the formatting of today's episode too
  8. Days Actress Quits

    I like her better than Mansi too @dragonflies Not surprised she quit. I think she's a good actress, too good to waste all her good years on DOOL.
  9. Y&R Actresses back for extended run

    She's actually been decent in the role.
  10. I glad she got another daytime gig, she'll always be one of my favs because of AMC and I liked her on Y&R at times
  11. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Phyllis having Hilary's back
  12. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah these last few pages have been a bit confusing for me because I remember the majority of this board disliking Reed and his singing. I always thought he was decent young actor and never expected him to stick around for long (I remember MTS saying the same thing when he first started) so I'm not surprised he dipped. And Kyle has NEVER been a well defined character so these cries about the current portrayal being inconsistent are also very I like the current guy, he has an actual personality and motive. Its good to have a younger male character again who's actually ambitious and stirring pots.
  13. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I like having Thad Luckinbell back. He's a smart guy and is playing the same game Justin Hartley did. This abuse story has been pretty well done and I gotta commend Amelia Heinle, she's doing great work. I buy it being sold as JT having gone through loss and life failures turning him into the man he is now. Its being very tastefully done for daytime so kudos to Mal Young who has made the show infinitely more watchable IMO. I liked having Brittany, Raul, and a Mac back as well. One of Daytime's biggest mistakes was running that generation of soap characters off their shows because of bad recasts and tired ran through stories (Days with the Last Blast crew, GH with the Liz/Lucky/Emily/Nikolas group). Would have been nice to have Ash Bash but I enjoyed Kelly Krueger. She was more than serviceable and I wouldn't seeing her in the role again consistently. If it had been Rachel Kimsey (who I didn't mind then but she was so blah, to think she almost got to play Victoria) or Cybill Shepard's kid I would have been like for every scene. Mishael Morgan is a certified star and Mal clearly recognizes her worth. I know some of you have issues with how she's used but I'm just appreciative to have a black actress who's good on her own and not just attached to a white man or because of her ambiguity, being utilized so much. Her scenes with Kyle and Simone (I'm ing her addition as well, maybe ditch the singing but she's more tolerable than Reed or Wednesday Addams) were great. Speaking of Kyle, I like this version. He's got actual personality and presence unlike the last three (only one I liked before was the Leno Chin one and JFP dumped him right when he got interesting). I buy his vendetta against Jack who's always been a distant father (they don't even pretend he knows who Keemo is ). I love that he fired Gloria and Ashley didn't care This Jack in prison story definitely doesn't have the highlight it would for an Eric Braeden BTW, but that old mans sitting in a coma so who's really winning currently? Melody Thomas Scott at least is getting the Arturo cheating and fighting with Jess Walton though, their scenes today were great. I'm loving Sharon/Nick/Phyllis being involved again and the maintaining of Phyllis and Jack. Lily and Cane are useless. Melissa Ordway was missed while on maternity leave and she's fit back seamlessly. Glad we're finally rid of that horrid Scott recast too. Overall I like the place the show is in currently. I don't really feel like commenting on it much though because its more entertaining for me that way.
  14. Y&R: Actor Out

    Never understood the hype over this guy. He was a horrible FOJ who tanked every pairing and story they tried to give him. Hopefully they recast so Noah can become the legacy lead he's meant to be because it was never happening with him in the role.
  15. Y&R Actress out?

    Well I'm sad. My AMC buddies know she's been a favorite of mine since the blonde RyAnnie days. Unfortunately the only time Chelsea ever truly fit on the show for me was with JH's Adam. Before that she always felt like a shoehorned ABC poach and then when he left and they stupidly attached her to Josh Morrow's hip I knew it was only a matter of time before she'd be gone. I hope MCE can make it on a primetime or Netflix show. She's a damn good actress.