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  1. I think this is a good way to clear some dead weight and get the production schedule closer to air time. If you're going to have a show that looks so cheap the writing at least needs to be more satisfying to what the audience wants to see.
  2. Their tears fill me with joy. Absolute loons the whole lot of em. It's too bad Lily is gone from the canvas now I'd like to see her single mingling it up.
  3. He PLAYED himself. The little I saw of the pairing with Traci was horridly bland but a smart actor would have worked it for everything he could and slotted himself comfortably into the Abbott canvas. The best story SSM did was turning him back into a failing con man with ho tendencies and his dumbass went and riled the Lane stans up so he could go back to undressing CK in that ugly Ashby living room. He has been given chance after chance for no reason other than certain viewers fetish for interracial pairings. Lily spent her entire 20s on the show chained to this clown and forced to mother teenagers at 30. The Winters clan had to deal with this bozo taking up all the air in their storylines until they were all finally run off the show and KSJ died. I will never forgive him, the Lame stans and TPTB for forcing this dingo on us all these years. I hope this firing sticks and they kill him off for good.
  4. She did herself a disservice not wanting to play Hillary. This role is generic soap black female #39823445666. Waste of her talent and leading ability.
  5. There used to be a YouTube clip called Charity Rahmer and Drake Hogestyn School of Acting that used to have me dying laughing. 😂 She really was one of the worst recasts ever. Its too bad Corday let his bitterness at Kristen Storms leaving stop them from bringing her back when the Aaron Spelling baseball show got canceled and she offered to return.
  6. Yup yup yup. These shows have 5 episodes a week to really squeeze juice out of drama yet they run through all of the good stuff or don't even touch it, its baffling.
  7. Granted I'm only seeing the resolution but this Victor fake death story seems super uneventful. They should have stretched this for a couple of months, Victoria should have gone to trial, Summer and Adam should have completely spiraled, etc. This is just lame like everything JG comes up with. Stafford is like a bad parody, just horrible to watch stink up the joint with her one note parlor tricks. Now back to the only reason I tuned in, I hope they aren't going to keep that loopsided wig on top of Mishael's head. Cane getting all the money makes no sense unless he's the one behind the whole scheme but I doubt they'll even go there. I hope they've cast somebody decent for Chance because we're missing a huge piece of the puzzle without him on the canvas to fill out this story.
  8. I went ahead and watched Mondays episode (well the Amanda scenes anyway).
  9. 😕 The interview didn't give me much confidence. I don't see this role working out the way Hilary did and while I respect her for wanting to try something new this just sounds so....blah.
  10. Tonight's episode has been hilarious so far. Shannen was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle and I'm loving them trying to figure out who the stalker is.
  11. Guza and Phelps put together a much more sleek and interesting show. Acting, production, dialogue etc were all consistently better. It was like three days into Frank and Ron's run and you had lighting fixtures accidentally being left in frame, the instant decline was sad to see.
  12. Ever since Chloe came back and shot Adam when JH was exiting she's been a nice adrenaline shot for the show at least for me. I haven't watched in a while but I scrolled through some of this weeks episodes just to see her (even been willing to suffer through Kevin's annoying ass).
  13. I don't know, seems like the usual lack luster trash Griffith typically spews out to me. I hope Angelica McD is somewhere seething and panicking over this flop ass wedding. No one cares about any of the Rosales and Kyle and Lola has been a bust since she revealed she was a virgin.
  14. At first I didn't catch any shots but then I reread the go be an actor part 💀🤣 I have no use for teeth grinder or Howarth as anything other than Todd Manning
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