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  1. The fact they didn't try to wait for him either says alot. Gaston isn't much of an actor but the other guy has brought nothing to the table
  2. Season six is currently airing on Pluto TV's 90210 channel. I completely dropped the show when it originally aired but its much easier to digest as background noise Kyle and Peter are the WORST They ruined Amanda chaining her to these low lifes. Jake could be an abusive ass but he benefited from a nicely detailed backstory and Grant Show always had charm and good chemistry with his leading ladies so you could buy them putting up with his crap. Kyle and Peter are just gross overbearing manipulative assholes. I don't care about Kyle being a vet, he's a perpetual loser and hot head fo
  3. Yeah I think most of us were relieved to have someone better than Charity Rahmer initially. It wasn't until Shawn got out of the cage and you had Jason Cook standing next to a woman who looked old enough to be his aunt that the red flags began to show. MM had zero chemistry with him too.
  4. Laura Wright can do no wrong for me, love watching her. I loved Alexa Havin's Babe on AMC, yeah she ate the show and got propped to hell but she was beautiful and a really good actress.
  5. I'm fine with Beemer and Madison but she has always been too old and matronly for the role. It lowered both Belle and Shawn's stock as leading characters.
  6. Two types of recasts I don't like, bland dopplegangers (current Hope on B&B) and the generic catalogue type that can spit the lines out but strip the characters of all personality, that is this Claire. Can't say she's a bad actress but she brings nothing to the table.
  7. How many times have we had to watch Abby get engaged? Definitely a character that needs to be put out to pasture for a minute.
  8. 'I love everything Emily O'Brien is doing, she's great on this show It's crazy Cady McClain had to do the Hope exit letter scenes And I love that Shawn, Belle, Phillip and Jan Spears are back
  9. Watched the last two episodes I was a OG Phick fan...they got nothing now. Its just a lot of awkward attempts at flirting. Stafford is always doing too much, those scenes with Phyllis vs Victoria had 0 grit or even fun because of it This Adam stuff they're trying ain't working for me. Chelsea living at the Chancellor mansion is ??? Credit to MCE for staying comfortably perched on this show tho Please don't try Sally with Jack They should go ahead and make Summer a drug addict or something to give her wishy washy behavior more of
  10. Another JG failure that'll be long forgotten even after all the trouble made to tie him to the canvas. I think he was a good actor though and I actually liked him with Lola
  11. Well I like it lol

    1. Errol


      Glad you like it :)

  12. Lulu should be recast. See what JMB is up too or Jen Landon, someone in that vein. ER was a horrible choice.
  13. She added so much depth to the Abbot canvas when she first came back but they wasted it with the depressing Alzheimer's material
  14. JG will probably put her with boring ass Noah I liked her with Hartley as Adam and her messy period right before her exit was fun too. JG turned her back into a waste of space.
  15. I believe Sony only gives them streaming rights for the most recently aired season
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