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  1. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Loved the Hilary and Devon scenes today MM did great with the break down at Crimson Lights. Hilary has deserved some payback for awhile but Jordan was wrong for sharing the nudes, I'm glad the writers made it clear how violating it was and had Devon and even Sharon give her sympathy. The scenes with Devon and Charlie were great too The Abby vs Victoria feud is gold as well, I'm loving everything with those two and all the Newman drama. I'm glad Abby pretty much told the Vic's to kiss her ass with that press conference. Scott on the other hand continues to be a coward and vortex of suckage which is too bad because on paper he and Abby are amazing together. I enjoyed Nikki going in on Tessa for stealing her gun, you can tell MTS enjoys playing this more than that nicey nice piano propping garbage SSM was churning out. I really hope Tessa is a goner soon. Nick and Chelsea Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, but the hint of that foursome with Phyllis and Billy was definitely interesting, I hope Mal circles back to that (BTW I thought the Thanksgiving episode was great and I loved the GC AC scenes with Phyllis/Hilary/Ravi) I HATE watching elderly illness stories. I hope it comes out that Graham has just been drugging Dina because she's too much fun as the meddling older matriarch I hope the Lane stans are happy. Because they were so hell bent on their couple not having any intrusion those two are back to the boring backburner. Oh frickin well. The Bug having a vendetta against Victor and the Newman's makes sense after he got away with the Tia Jack switch, Nikki killing her baby, and all the other Newman mess over the years. I hope they make this a real story and give LLB some juice to play. I do agree that they have Doug Davidson playing nothing but the generic dumb soap police chief role, but considering Sally gave him zilch I see why he's happy.
  2. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed the GC Buzz drama. Loved Mariah defending Hilary to Jordan (he's such a goner lol) and I'm glad Chelsea got exposed. Never made any sense for a con woman to be running a major fashion brand and not one of her victims recognize or call her out. The Phyllis and Billy comedy was funny too but I'm pulling for a Phack reunion now. Ice cold bitch Victoria is I haven't liked AH in the role this much since the Brad and Sharon reveal. She's being awful about Abby (and I loved Ashley going in on her) but I'm loving it all. The Dina material is laughably entertaining. I hope they reel in the crazy old kook play and give her a little bit more dignity. Abby and Scott are a snooze. I say this every time but he needs to be recast immediately if they are serious about making this pairing work.
  3. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I've enjoyed this whole week. I'm not surprised the ratings are up because the show actually gives you material that makes you curious enough to tune in the next day as opposed to boring dinner parties where nothing happens or angst from a 10 year old ingenue Hilary getting the one up on Jordan and Phyllis helping her do it was hilarious. He's definitely not long for the show though. I'm glad the Victoria vs Abby feud is back in play, SSM really wasted the potential there so I'm glad Mal circled back. Agree with @StepBack that Melissa O did good work on Friday's show. Victoria was such a bitch in there confrontation and I loved it Personally I like Neil working in proximity at Newman but under his own terms. Only problem is we already know he's not going to actually get his own story in this setup The Dina wackiness is oddball but I love how MA is playing it and her take downs of Gloria and Nikki (literal in Nikki's case) were fantastic I'm glad Crystal is back and loved the way she delivered the death knell to Zack/Newman. I liked the Cane and Billy scenes this week as well (except for the drunk whining on door steps, my God DG continues to be horrid) but them killing off Juliet is so weak. I hate when soaps drop these straggler bastard babies off on established characters. I wanted Lily and Cane to be over, now she's going to end up stuck mothering his non factor child
  4. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm always so confused when people here rave about him. They've tried giving him several meaty stories and love interests and he's flopped with every one, at this point its obvious he is the problem. He looks the same age as JM and has 0 charisma or ability to carry any storylines by himself. I wish they would recast before the character officially can't be played as a 20 something anymore because there is still potential, just not with him playing the part.
  5. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I wasn't expecting Victoria to slap and fire Billy That and Billy running to Phyllis instead of her were the best parts of this desperado sweeps stunt/emmy bait episode. I like that Brash and Sassy is back under Newman and Billy and Jack have finally moved on from the feud because its high time for new shifts, I hope he ends up back at Jabot.
  6. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Those Mariah and Sharon scenes were fantastic, wow. That dialogue about being a comic relief joke and always seeing herself from the outside was great, give CG another Emmy. Unfortunately the scenes with Tess fell flat for me. They've got to get rid of this chick, absolutely nothing compelling writing or acting wise. I'd have rather kept Crystal honestly. Those Jordan and Hilary scenes were good too, he's flipped into an absolutely shameless dog and I like it but it doesn't bode well for his longevity. Glad Hilary is finally done pining for him and went off I didn't care about any of the fire stuff I'm just glad that set is gone
  7. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    They got my with those Jason and Carly reunion scenes, great work from Burton and my baby love L Dubya. I'm tempted to put this back on rotation but I'm not interested in any of the other characters so I think I'll just stick to edits. I was kind of hoping teeth grinder would end up being a still alive AJ
  8. Y&R: Scared to Death Promo

    We're finally getting rid of that dingy ass Underground set???
  9. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Scott is a cowardly piece of garbage, wow. I'm glad Victor snitched on him and I kind of hope Zack gets away with framing him. Victoria/Brash & Sassy racking up more L's I didn't care about anything else going on.
  10. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Never seen it, sorry.
  11. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    This episode felt very All My Children circa mid 00s, seeing Amanda Beal's name as the script writer definitely made sense. I love the faster pacing so far and the show definitely has more energy again. Still taking a wait and see approach Those Billy and Phyllis scenes were legitimately funny. I love those two together but Jack and Phyllis will always do it for me more, been loving their scenes lately as well. Its the only time I can tolerate PB's acting and GT just fits so right as his leading lady. I hope in a year they put them back together Hilary and Lily's throwing shots during the GC Buzz interview was also hilarious. Hill is in a much better position now than she was a few months back. Oh and Ck's body in that red earlier in the week?? Cane wasn't on today but I can already tell with him suddenly taking care of Juliet and easing up on Reed and Mattie that DG and the Lane stans whining has worked and he's going back to being the boring, upstanding lucky scumbag he was before SSM tried to make him interesting. Sad because he had become one of my favorites. I still don't care about Victoria's mystery illness. I hope this is getting wrapped soon. Poor MCE is never getting her previous leading lady status back. She's a great actress but the loss of Adam + regime changes rendered her irrelevant, and unlike GT her current pairing has done nothing to save her from it. Chelsea offering to be Vicki's assistant for the day again reminded me of the AMC Fusion days, but like something they would have Simone or one of the 10 irrelevant Fusion fill ins do. Missing Dina, yawn. Glad Paul seems to have found her already Zack flipping things on Scott like this was actually a nice twist. Unfortunately the guy playing Scott still sucks. I mean you wake up with a dead body next to you and thats your reaction???? He completely took me out of the show/story. Please someone recast or get rid of the character altogether.
  12. Actor returns to GH

    I was actually planning on tuning back in full time for his return but I guess I will just stick to skimming through Carly edits on YouTube.
  13. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    +100000000000 I don't get the "oh my gosh the show is so bad now" outcries. This is the same boring drivel we were getting when this regime first started. You get 3 or so weeks of decent character interactions and mini arcs that end up leading nowhere truly interesting. Rinse lather repeat. I agree that Tessa is the worst of all the newbies. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to care about this girl or for her forced angst when she's been given nothing but a red carpet roll out from all of Genoa City's elites. I honestly can't wait for them to chicken out on this lesbehonest story (you know its going to happen) and write her off. She sucks and can take bland Zack the pimp with her. Juliet and Hilary could have been a great pair, but for whatever reason they laced every interaction with Hillary attacking and threatening her out of nowhere. I could never buy them as genuine friends now which sucks because Hilary needs a female companion (I guess the stuff with Phyllis works but meh) and so does Juliet if she's going to make it on the show past this pregnancy.
  14. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Hillary and Cane teaming up is the only interesting thing going right now. Jordan unfortunately is the weak link there. 0 chemistry with MM or CK. They're smart to sell Hilary's motivation as being more about him leaving her for Lilly than about actually wanting him because I'd never truly buy it. Faith should have been SORASed. I'm sick of this ten year old brat being the shows leading ingenue I still hate Tessa and her bad bangs. Making her bi and adding a useless prostitute sibling has done nothing to change that. The character has been handed a perfect life way too easily. She lives on the Newman ranch, has a record deal, a new boyfriend with a rich family that readily accepts her all in less than a year. I hate her character. I'm so sick of Victoria being on every gotdamn day and this little medical mystery story she's got going is some of the dumbest garbage I've seen in a while. I do like her scenes with Neil though and the feud with Jack. They'd be smart to play that material up more instead of trying to make fetch happen with this Phyllis/Billy/Vicki triangle. Jack and Nikki works on paper but onscreen its like two old bittys reconnecting. MTS brings the Bruce Jenner esque mannerisms out of PB. Its awkward to watch Ravi and Ashley are also boring. Those love scenes at the cabin were gross, not because of age but because there is 0 sexual chemistry between the actors. I don't buy Ash being interested in him and he needs to be with the younger characters Everything with Dina has been a nonstarter for me. I don't care about any of it. Alice being back and behind the human traffic ring? YAWN I hope Mal can turn this show around but I doubt. I'm only going to give him 2 months and if its the same crap I'm tuning out for good.