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  1. Where is Emma? Carly and Robin's daughters on canvas together practically writes itself
  2. I like them but they've failed at positioning these two as the young leads due to clunky boring writing. The Lola triangle was a fail and so is this Tara Ashland nonsense.
  3. I'd be here for this just for the fact we could have 5 black women on the show at once
  4. This bullying story only worked because of Alyvia so I'm sorry to see her go but she's much too good an actress to stick around for this show.
  5. I missed most of the beginning of her run but I really love her and Xander together so I'm sad. They'll probably swap her out for another round of Melanie if the actress ain't busy
  6. Mishael Morgan lowered her stock value not wanting to come back as Hilary. I haven't cared about anything going on with Amanda long enough to sit through more than a few weeks before tuning out again
  7. What does she do besides sit behind the hotel counter attempting to be snarky or making cringe worthy sex innuendo with Morrow? The Stafford talent egg is scrambled and not in a nice fluffy yellow way. The writers aren't giving her much and she isn't playing anything interesting with it either I don't care what her episode counts look like.
  8. Part of her is definitely only there for the check but I also think she is dried up acting wise. Its obvious this production regime has realized this as well which is why she isn't being written for as a lead anymore like she was when she first returned. Should've kept Tognoni but
  9. Yeah out of all of JG's 2013 pets Jessica Collins is the only one I wanted back. As far as Dylan goes I think they've pretty much rectoned him out of existence but I loved him and Sharon together. I'd accept a recast with a Jason Faunt type actor
  10. They have wasted her in such a boring role, happy she got a big gig
  11. They are super antiquated and frankly racist when it comes to not only ad sponsors but media coverage as well. Never made any sense to me how during the height of Hevon with the rabbit fan base they managed to grab they never thought to seek out coverage in black online media outlets.
  12. Yeah I associate Peter with the downfall of the show. A completely unlikable scoundrel and he and Frank South's rise BTS is when the show becomes less grounded and more like one long Skinemax series minus the nudity where nothing meaningful happens outside of the characters being trainwrecks and screwing each other literally and figuratively. There is no heart outside of what the cast brought and once the OGs started leaving that was lost completely.
  13. Tyler, the cop played by Diego from GH, the other cop played by Joey from OLTL, Austin, Stitch, the scammer who worked at Newman, Scott, Arturo and now Chance. I feel like I'm missing somebody too lol, I think she was still with Carmine when she first started and they teased Abby and Devon for a second til the height difference shut that down I liked when she was feuding with Victoria over Newman and I think she did good work at the end of the marriage with Stitch. Always thought she was too old and not dynamic enough to be Ashley and Victor's daughter tho. The character was set for failure the moment MAB recast the little girl who played her for years and they turned her into Paris Hilton 7 years too late to be interesting
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