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  1. He probably realizes this is headed with him holding a pink slip and Miller back in the role playing the reformed and recovered fallout story.
  2. The current YR opening would be so much better if they just panned the actor shots back and forth like the 90s opening

  3. I wonder if they will put Knots Landing up.
  4. The fact that he's manged to survive this many regimes and even outlast Khalil is insane. Now that she's gone he's not going to be able to keep using the nutso Lane base as blackmail so he should tread a little more carefully. I agree @Chris B Lily should absolutely be recast. I'd call Davetta Sherwood, get Michael Graziadei back on a recurring basis and try Lily and Daniel again. The twins should also still be on the canvas. Didn't care for Mattie but Charlie was growing into a decent young lead so them vanishing like they have right after Neil's funeral is ridiculous.
  5. I'm watching Monday's episode, they are showing way too many flashbacks for her not to be returning soon.
  6. I'm pretty sure you've been here long enough to know that the main thing we do around these parts is bitch. If you're tired of reading it pivot the discussion to something you do like about the show and I'm sure other people will chime in, but posts like your last two do nothing but keep the cycle going (I say this as a poster who's been in a similar boat through more than a few unpopular regimes).
  7. The whole canvas has been reverted back to 2013 so I'd say yes. I'm interested in seeing if the ratings jump back up at all.
  8. I knew it was only a matter of time before JG brought her back, she was one of the leading ladies his last run. I LOVE JC and JFP was stupid to get rid of her in favor of Condiment. She's probably the only pairing JM's had in recent years outside of Shick and Phick that was actually tolerable but they were still pretty damn lackluster.
  9. Watched Monday and Tuesday's Phyllis scenes...biggest thing I miss about Gina is her unpredictability. You never could tell how she was going to play a scene so it always made her fun to watch (I know some people found her to be OTT with this but I loved it) With MS you can predict every tic laden choice. You know when she's going to give you the fake gasp for air, the smirk, the awkward slimy walk up, etc. Its just all so run of the mill. So far she's not bringing anything to the table that makes this cast change worth it IMO. I agree that her scene with Summer was awkward but HK and Gina didn't really develop any chemistry till HK's last run so I'll give her a pass on that but yeah I wish Gina was still here.
  10. I think it'd be stupid to do the new role thing. There's a lot of drama to be mined out of Hilary being alive. They should have had Devon use her eggs to make another child and had Elena be the surrogate so we could have had an extra layer of drama by the time she got back.
  11. Say Phyllis and Nate stashed her away at the same clinic Phyllis was in her coma at. Boom. They really need her though. Its honestly the only way I can see myself being willing to watch full time again.
  12. I expect Morina to last at least two more headwriter regimes but Griffith will definitely be gone quick I understand their reasoning but I don't see this doing anything but causing a headache when Stafford gets big for her britches again. Gina was great in the role and made it her own in a way few recasts are able to accomplish with roles like this, I'm gonna miss her a lot.
  13. People will tune in for the first episode and leave once they realize its not an actual reboot. Since they're losing writers and the first script still hasn't even been finished yet I would just retool it into a proper revival before its too late. Open it with Dylan dying and the gang getting back together for the funeral. This thing literally writes itself so I'm not sure why they are even wasting time with this lame concept.
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