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  1. This is why I loved the show so much then. You had real consistent long term history and character motivation playing out. Mainly because of the writers room which we lost that when Guza exited.
  2. Jonathan Jackson, especially in his return run. Allison Sweeney owns the worst list. Never a tear in sight
  3. Katie always felt like a forced character for me because of her botched and non-existent backstory with her legacy parents. She would have been a stronger character with that
  4. Nancy St Alban was the worst Michelle, blech. Love seeing Paul and Laura together I went through a GL YouTube binge and I forgot Lucy Cooper was ever a thing.
  5. MAB era was such trash, my goodness. I remember all the soaps being so at this point but I couldn't even stomach her stuff. In hindsight I get that she was going for the 80s slight psycho thriller feel but everything about her execution was putrid. She filled the show with bad stunt casting and wrecked so many long term roles with bad stories. For me this era is the worst of the worst. Daisy 🤢 Destruction of Jana 🤢 Sharon stuck to pervert Adam like a battered woman 🤢 Badly SORASed legacy characters 🤢 I do miss the production value of the sets though. JFP is the one who hacked that down.
  6. I feel like this group of characters always come back together and then get plopped off a few months later. I'll tune in though nothing better to watch
  7. Nick and Sharon were completely played out by the early 00s, that's why they felt the need to kill Cassie when they did and why whenever they get paired back up now its never long term. JM and SC have amazing chemistry but the writing has always made it hard to root for them IMO
  8. That era with Gwen, Will and them as the young set was my favorite. I loved it all so this reunion was nice to see. I loved Jennifer Ferrin too one of the few genuinely great young leads from that time
  9. Did Days get a production upgrade? Noticed the lighting looks much better

  10. I was finally home to catch a classic and its a MAB era 😬 No other writer drove me away like her tenure
  11. I didn't detect any real shade from the Kim Zimmer mention, Laura and Kim got along well and she has openly admired and admitted to borrowing a lot of her acting style.
  12. I'm still confused on how an actress like Rylan ever got cast as Lulu, someone like Jen Landon after JMB would have been a much better fit
  13. ALW had been wanting to quit from the time TB left lol...Frons and JFP were dead set on recasting (Erin Torpey, Lauren Woodland, and Erin Hershey tested) but Guza sold the idea of Courtney dying during the Monkey Virus pandemic. I wanted the recast but we ended up with CarJax so I didn't mind.
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