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  1. Tonight's episode has been hilarious so far. Shannen was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle and I'm loving them trying to figure out who the stalker is.
  2. Guza and Phelps put together a much more sleek and interesting show. Acting, production, dialogue etc were all consistently better. It was like three days into Frank and Ron's run and you had lighting fixtures accidentally being left in frame, the instant decline was sad to see.
  3. Ever since Chloe came back and shot Adam when JH was exiting she's been a nice adrenaline shot for the show at least for me. I haven't watched in a while but I scrolled through some of this weeks episodes just to see her (even been willing to suffer through Kevin's annoying ass).
  4. I don't know, seems like the usual lack luster trash Griffith typically spews out to me. I hope Angelica McD is somewhere seething and panicking over this flop ass wedding. No one cares about any of the Rosales and Kyle and Lola has been a bust since she revealed she was a virgin.
  5. At first I didn't catch any shots but then I reread the go be an actor part 💀🤣 I have no use for teeth grinder or Howarth as anything other than Todd Manning
  6. Griffith is a master at writing stories so boring you don't even care enough to complain about. You just stop watching.
  7. Yikes at the ratings drop, I think they probably should have released all of the episodes at once so people could binge. I see someone leaked their salaries to The Hollywood Reporter too . Only way I see this getting more episodes is if it sells well internationally off name recognition like all the other CBS produced brand reboots. Ian did an interview saying they wanted 13 episodes and for the last one to be the actual 90210 reboot episode they spend all season making but the network only ordered six. Hopefully the finale is still that. I did like the second episode and the soapiness of the potential stalker, setting Christine Elise up as the villain, Jason's wife pregnant by the head writer, and the Jason Jennie angst. Hopefully Shannen is in more of the epsiodes because we don't get nearly enough and I find the take on her character to be the most interesting next to Gabrielle (which has shocked the hell out of me because I only ever liked Andrea in season 1, Clare >>>>>>). I get Tori came up with the concept but she has way too much airtime for me. Her face comedy is only tolerable in small doses. As for the CW reboot discussion, I actually liked the 90210 one best once they got rid of the OGs. They were never utilized properly and once they realized Naomi and Adrianna were the real stars, threw Shenae Grimes to the bushes and got a solid group dynamic I think the show found its footing nicely. I stopped paying attention when they went to college though. Melrose Place was a fail from the start, I don't know why they let those idiots from Smallville get their hands on it but they were horrible writers who admitted they never got the original. Katie Cassidy literally carried that whole thing on her back I'm sad she got forever stuck on The CW. They should have fired the writers when they initially wanted too instead of letting them try to reboot during the last half of the season 1 order, probably would have gotten the five seasons they wanted.
  8. I kind of enjoyed it but I still agree this is such a waste of a great opportunity. Like @Chris B said shows like Big Little Lies are huge right now, people like seeing adult, sharp written soaps this could have been an easy win for everyone. They could have done all the things they're attempting to do here with an actual reboot. Tackle aging in Beverly Hills, bad finances, mid life crisis, death of friends, etc and people would have ate it the hell up. CBS just has never understood how to properly utilize this franchise. I expect the show will have this one season and be done. I want Heather Locklear to get herself together and for Darren Star and the peak Melrose Place cast to give us the 90s reboot we deserve because I know they'd all actually be down to do it the right way.
  9. This is epic to see, glad they used the best version of the theme song too and not the cheap version they've been playing in the ads
  10. JT is clearly on his way out, they're not even being subtle by making Billy unhinged like they did GT's Phyllis just before the recast.
  11. I'm really going to enjoy he and Tony's impending firings.
  12. Josh has never written much for black characters so I'm not surprised Mattie & Charlie were done away with and Devon & Co pop up every two weeks to burn through most of their stories offscreen. I hope if/when Mishael gets back they get more material but if she's playing a doppleganger expect the same ole same ole. Mal's reign was the only time she was ever given the highlighting as a leading lady that she deserved, I doubt the good ole boy regime is going to want to showcase a black actress like that again regardless of popularity, probably the main reason she wouldn't be back as Hilary.
  13. He probably realizes this is headed with him holding a pink slip and Miller back in the role playing the reformed and recovered fallout story.
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