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  1. Actor returns to GH

    I was actually planning on tuning back in full time for his return but I guess I will just stick to skimming through Carly edits on YouTube.
  2. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    +100000000000 I don't get the "oh my gosh the show is so bad now" outcries. This is the same boring drivel we were getting when this regime first started. You get 3 or so weeks of decent character interactions and mini arcs that end up leading nowhere truly interesting. Rinse lather repeat. I agree that Tessa is the worst of all the newbies. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to care about this girl or for her forced angst when she's been given nothing but a red carpet roll out from all of Genoa City's elites. I honestly can't wait for them to chicken out on this lesbehonest story (you know its going to happen) and write her off. She sucks and can take bland Zack the pimp with her. Juliet and Hilary could have been a great pair, but for whatever reason they laced every interaction with Hillary attacking and threatening her out of nowhere. I could never buy them as genuine friends now which sucks because Hilary needs a female companion (I guess the stuff with Phyllis works but meh) and so does Juliet if she's going to make it on the show past this pregnancy.
  3. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Hillary and Cane teaming up is the only interesting thing going right now. Jordan unfortunately is the weak link there. 0 chemistry with MM or CK. They're smart to sell Hilary's motivation as being more about him leaving her for Lilly than about actually wanting him because I'd never truly buy it. Faith should have been SORASed. I'm sick of this ten year old brat being the shows leading ingenue I still hate Tessa and her bad bangs. Making her bi and adding a useless prostitute sibling has done nothing to change that. The character has been handed a perfect life way too easily. She lives on the Newman ranch, has a record deal, a new boyfriend with a rich family that readily accepts her all in less than a year. I hate her character. I'm so sick of Victoria being on every gotdamn day and this little medical mystery story she's got going is some of the dumbest garbage I've seen in a while. I do like her scenes with Neil though and the feud with Jack. They'd be smart to play that material up more instead of trying to make fetch happen with this Phyllis/Billy/Vicki triangle. Jack and Nikki works on paper but onscreen its like two old bittys reconnecting. MTS brings the Bruce Jenner esque mannerisms out of PB. Its awkward to watch Ravi and Ashley are also boring. Those love scenes at the cabin were gross, not because of age but because there is 0 sexual chemistry between the actors. I don't buy Ash being interested in him and he needs to be with the younger characters Everything with Dina has been a nonstarter for me. I don't care about any of it. Alice being back and behind the human traffic ring? YAWN I hope Mal can turn this show around but I doubt. I'm only going to give him 2 months and if its the same crap I'm tuning out for good.
  4. Y&R: Sally Sussman Speaks!!!

    When I came into Y&R last September, I had one day's notice to start the job. I had been traveling in France with my feature documentary [Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey], and hadn't been watching the show for several years. So, I had nothing prepared and never have started a job like that before.' Thinking about future stories for Y&R was the furthest thing from my mind, so I just made up a bunch of stuff because I hadn't gotten the chance to write a long-term yet. At that point, I honestly didn't think I could make six months in the job. Well at least she's honest. All of this was blatantly obvious about her tenure 3 weeks in but its nice to get confirmation. I can't believe some of you are still in here deflecting blame or excusing her failures. That Bell association goes a long way, I tell you.... I don't know why she of all people was even offered the gig in the first place, no one was clamoring for the woman who came up with Shelia's poisoned necklace to come back. Its too bad she's taken Kay Alden down with her because if anyone deserved this chance it was Kay. I'm willing to give Mal a chance but he cast all of these bland newbies and continues to showcase these horrible charisma less actors and chemistry free couples so..I'm not holding my breath.
  5. Y&R: Sally Sussman and Kay Alden OUT, Mal Young IN

    Exactly. Sally is a mediocre writer who gives decent characterization but terribly boring storylines that drive away viewers. It was pretty obvious she had free reign up until right before the LA remote episodes and everything she came up with was lackluster. The Fenmore's story that went nowhere, the Hilary/Devon/Mariah "triangle" (if you can call it that) which was kicked off by of all things Hilary tripping Mariah, the boring Newman family dinner parties where Victor did nothing but play happy grandaddy, Chick, Villy, & Lane stinking up the show 24/7, Gloria returning and hijacking stories, the terrible Ravi and Ashley pairing that once again, has gone nowhere, Phyllis doing nothing but give 80s teen movie makeovers, Scott and his 50 different personalities and careers. All of it was terrible and ratings reflected it. I don't care how long she worked for Bill Bell, she didn't deliver and deserved the pink slip. You guys can sit here and blame executive meddling but sometimes a spade is just a spade.
  6. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    "And I just feel so alone in all of this. AND I JUST FEEL SO ALONE IN ALL OF THIS" Here I thought Daniel Goddard was going to have the most mediocre performance of the day but Ms Heinle definitely came to win. She is absolutely wretched Charlie is already okay with Reed and Maddie dating? 3 week Sally strikes again The scenes with Juliet were interesting though Lauren and Phyllis recaping the lackluster Fenmore's drama just makes me happier to be rid of this writer. That story had such potential and she completely botched it I'm glad Lily kicked Cane out I don't care about the human traficking story and I hate how they write every detail like its a bad educational PSA. Just tell the story and keep it suspenseful
  7. Y&R July 2017 Discussion

    "And I just feel so alone in all of this. AND I JUST FEEL SO ALONE IN ALL OF THIS" Here I thought Daniel Goddard was going to have the most mediocre performance of the day but Ms Heinle definitely came to win. She is absolutely wretched
  8. Y&R: Sally Sussman and Kay Alden OUT, Mal Young IN

    I'm surprised you're not doing more gloating , I expected you to be in here like
  9. Y&R: Sally Sussman and Kay Alden OUT, Mal Young IN

    Not surprised or sad about this. Sally's first few months were horribly boring and the ratings reflected it. it wasn't until the LA episodes which had Mal's hands all over them that the show finally got some momentum again.
  10. Y&R July 2017 Discussion

    Since Ms LeBlanc is getting so ballsy they should reboot that cancer story and make it lethal this time. Seems like they are about to use Hilary/GC Buzz to get the Newman storyline some juice. Braeden was very complimentary of Mishael Morgan during his book press tour so I'm not surprised they found a way to get her in that orbit. I don't get the way they've written the Juliet and Hilary's relationship. All of this sudden antagonism was not needed and ruined what could be a great friendship Cane is trash for trying to back out of the baby's life. Those last scenes with Lily telling him he couldn't abandon his child were probably the best acting work CK & DG have done the entire story Gina Tognoni is being so wasted but that backside was looking delectable in the bathing suit Abby is my favorite Newman child now .I loved her going in on Vicki and Nick remains an annoying bum piece of garbage
  11. Y&R July 2017 Discussion

    Kevin and Chloe are on again, wtf?!
  12. Y&R July 2017 Discussion

    This Nikki story is so bad, I can't believe the best this regime has been able to come up with for her and Victor is boring dinner parties, faux grandstanding over TGVN going too far and never being forgiven, propping TPTB's latest homely looking pet, and another MS flare up. Older characters having illnesses is something I never want to see unless their family members are about to start fighting for control of business and wealth, otherwise its a complete snooze fest. I'll be so glad when this Gala is over so we can move on (I can't wait for more Hilary and Victor scenes tomorrow though ) Is Kevin gone for good now? I mean my goodness the guy has gotten 15 exit scenes, freaking ridiculous. I won't miss him at all and they've made an excellent decision to dump his tired ass Kristoff St John has gotta be throwing a bitchfit over being sidelined like this again Its what he deserves for pushing for Hilary and Neil and not supporting you know who when she needed it DG and CK remain terrible actors who should lead absolutely nothing but I'm still enjoying the Brash and Sassy crew though and I'm glad Vicki fired Cane and Lily's still keeping her job and got to go in on him today. The B&S stuff + Hilary is really the where the money is at with this regime. Nothing else works anywhere near as well for me and where they're not on I tend to zone out.
  13. Would u take back JFP as EP of GH?

    at you actually having receipts this time I'm with @AllMyDaysatGH and @ChitHappens bring her on back. I could never finish a full episode of GH once Frank took over, mainly because of Frank's terrible production values and casting. I'd take JFP AND Guza back in a heart beat.
  14. GH Actress Returns

    Is this just a pop up visit? She should have been brought back years ago.
  15. DAYS Script Reveals Role Has Been Recast

    Hopefully they cast a decent actress this time, I don't know how that last girl wasn't immediately Charity Rahmer'd