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  1. People will tune in for the first episode and leave once they realize its not an actual reboot. Since they're losing writers and the first script still hasn't even been finished yet I would just retool it into a proper revival before its too late. Open it with Dylan dying and the gang getting back together for the funeral. This thing literally writes itself so I'm not sure why they are even wasting time with this lame concept.
  2. I hate that they always use that cheap sounding version of the theme song now. Again this is a waste. They could do the actual show and pull some viewers in. I'm not trying to watch the real life comedy bits unless it was an actual messy real life behind the scenes look. Based on all the press they still don't have a full script ready, fingers crossed for a last minute change
  3. Funny since people kept making up false stories about Hunter and Gina not getting along and someone in the writers room/Sony was clearly using Summer as a mouthpiece on screen to pitch bringing Stafford back during that whole Phyllis/Billy/Summer mess. They had her trot out that "I want the old Phyllis back" line way too many times for it to be coincidental.
  4. New Adam looks the right age IMO Crazy to see yet another recast but I'm willing to give this a shot because Nick and Victoria will never be able to carry the Newman legacy onscreen by themselves.
  5. Love that promo but this is such a waste of a potentially rectifying reboot. Why can't CBS just call Darren Star and Charles Rosin and give us the revival we actually want to see?
  6. Are we not allowed to critique Y&R's horrendous treatment and undervaluing of its black characters and the audience they bring because other shows did their's worse???? I'm not understanding what you're trying to accomplish here.
  7. Griffith will be gone before the year is over, I have 0 doubts about that. I just want him to somehow anchor Hilary back on the show, that's the only kind of benefit you get from one of his tenure's. He's doing the same playbook he used when he came back last time with JFP. Adam and Chelsea, Summer, MS Phyllis, Eileen Davidson making guest spots, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Jessica Collin's ends up back on the show too.
  8. They need to keep her a straight up schemer like she was her last few months. That was the only time she actually worked as a character without Adam to anchor her. No more popping out legacy babies though please, for the love of God.
  9. Matt Ashford will probably be gone soon then lol? They're never on the show at the same time for long
  10. I hope we can get AMCOLTL episodes ending up on Disney +

  11. I saw a bit of the scene with Phyllis and the broken mirror, damn I'm gonna miss GT. She better snag another Emmy for this exit. I have 0 faith in JG as headwriter and so far he's making the exact same mistakes he did the last go round.
  12. I'm still rummaging through December. IDK if I'll even keep trying to catch up or just skip straight to Neil's funeral.
  13. It'd be very easy to play off Hilary's death like it never happened. Just bring her back damn it.
  14. They deserve whatever they get with Stafford behind the scenes. I'm sure she'll be back to acting a plum ass petulant fool in no time, especially if they pair her back up with PB instead of Morrow. I do wonder how Sharon Case is feeling right about now. Since Morina and JG are going this far can we PLEASE get Mishael Morgan back with the contract she deserves?!!!!
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