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  1. I've been watching bits and pieces again the last few weeks, mainly just the stuff with Julie and Gabi which has been real fun. Ron definitely is a better fit at DOOL than he was at GH. I wanna see Jack and Jennifer but I don't want to get invested only for them to either kill Jack off again in 6 months or rush them both off the show in the same time frame.
  2. I thought Hilary and Ashley's exits were fantastic but man is this show not the same without em. 😥 I'm still holding out hope Hilary whisked herself off somewhere for a last minute experimental treatment and returns after Mishael Morgan recovers from the new baby. 🤞🏾 Kerry reminds me of Victor's first MAB regime wife Sabrina 💀 Whenever they try to sell an Auntie Jack pairing by having him romance a new late 30s-40s lady with poetry, play or wine expertise all I can do is laugh. PB is nobodies playboy, give him the Bruce Jenner story he clearly craves. Arturo looks like a ferret and has 0 charisma. How Mal Young cast this guy and then thought "Oh I need to build a new family around him" I will never understand. 😕 Lola is the best of the bunch (love her and Kyle) with Mia second (they need to cut her hair and tighten the clothes though). I hate Rey. I hate JV in the role. I hate the dumb JT investigation. I hate the creepy pairing with Sharon, and his marriage with Mia is already sullied with the Arturo history. He reminds me of Tad from AMC. Annoyingly smug and sanctimonious for no good reason. HATE 🤬 I like the idea of a Phick reunion and them running the town but Josh Morrow just doesn't have it. He's not believable as a business tycoon and he looks scared of Gina T in every scene. He doesn't deserve any of these new sets either (what a hilarious but disrepectful [!@#$%^&*] you to Braeden 🤣). They should have done this Dark Horse stuff with Victoria or recast Noah or Adam again and had them team up with Nick. GT is selling the Phyllis running Jabot story though and thank God to whoever made her dye her hair back red. That was a HUGE pet peeve I was never going to get over. Billy screwing Summer was a new low. I wish her lines were written with more bite instead of just generic spoiled blonde mean girl. Tessa sucks but at least she's finally being written like the no good grifter she always should have been. I still look forward to someone murking her off my screen for good. The dumping of the Winters clan vets is straight up disgusting. Lily gets sent off to prison and KSJ a throwaway line about moving, I mean seriously???? They were tired but they were our brand of tired and deserved better exits. If they had shipped Cane off along with them I most definitely would have nothing to say though 🤐 Bringing Ana back with a full melanin actress is a start at lessening the obvious minority swap being done in favor of the Rosales but Olivia needs to return ASAP if they have any hope of anchoring Nate and lessening the blow back.
  3. They cast a non biracial looking black girl who wouldn't pass the paper bag test?????????? 😲
  4. I'm not surprised. Its pretty obvious Mal is cleaning house and trying to transition the show to the next generation of characters. KSJ is probably next with Peter B and Eric Braeden right behind(thats why Nate is the new magical negro, Ray is a cop, they've given Billy control of Jabot & Nick Dark Horse). I don't think any of this is going to work long term though.
  5. This is some straight up bullshit and its going to blow up in their face tremendously. This show has consistently spat in the face of AA viewers the last two decades but just wiping out the remaining black family legacy on the show to swap them out for another minority group is a new level. I will turn this sh!t off for good and I don't even rock with CK, KSJ or BJ like that. Arturo (who has 0 charisma and looks like a ferret) and his forced siblings will end up with the same fate Marisa, Luca, Adrianna, Alex, etc had (the sister even looks like all of Noah's past flop latina girlfriends and casting go to soap Latino #2 Jordi V only solidifies where this will head eventually). Mal and Ang are idiots if they think this will work.
  6. I don't this is Mal because he's the first showrunner in ages to position Ashley as a leading lady, he loved Mishael Morgan too. Sony's just being cheap and that interview MM's manager gave might have opened some floodgates.
  7. I dropped the show a few years after VR left and I'll probably be doing the same once MM does. Sony is really underestimating her impact, this new budget Blake from GL interpretation of Summer is not going to carry the show the way Hilary/MM has these last few years.
  8. I knew when she got the Emmy nod they were going to try and play her in contract negotiations. If she walks its their loss And I'm with @Vee when it comes to Bryton. He's nothing without MM and even with her he still lacks a leading male presence, its why they still rely on Kristoff so much.
  9. Mishael Morgan and Bryton did a really great interview with the SOD podcast https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/yrs-mishael-morgan-and-bryton-james-guest-on-digests-podcast/ They both weren't happy about Hevon breaking up over Mariah's trip and are hoping they get more time as a couple this go round. Loved MM's answer about being one of the few black couples on Daytime. Also not surprised by CK's initial mean girl antics toward MM , glad they're friends now though.
  10. As one of the few fans of hers here I'm glad she's back
  11. Great episode today Poor Tracy I don't care about Jack and his angst, sorry I hate that Lily is stuck mothering Cane's bastard child. Hillary going over to say hi to the kid and her talking about her mom with Devon was good though Sharon and Nikki She brings heart to the family/whole show.
  12. Those Kyle vs Nikki scenes were good. I'm loving the formatting of today's episode too
  13. I like her better than Mansi too @dragonflies Not surprised she quit. I think she's a good actress, too good to waste all her good years on DOOL.
  14. I glad she got another daytime gig, she'll always be one of my favs because of AMC and I liked her on Y&R at times
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