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  1. I caught up a few scenes with NuAdam and Original Phyllis. Plus a couple of scenes with Teriah and Devon's sister (?). I was shocked at how LIFELESS the whole show felt. The scenes have no crescendo. No tension. No pace. You can't tell the actors have not even rehearsed the script, let alone do the blocking. It's just a whole lot of people sitting around talking about stuff happening off camera. All the actions is elsewhere. It's being talked about. Compare this to the scenes that are popping up on YT, with 2000's Diane Jenkins plotting her revenge against Victor and you can picture a pretty disheartening scenario.
  2. How is MS's comeback related to KSJ's death?
  3. To be honest I would be perfectly fine with them having Dina recover overnight Colleen + Hillary come back from the dead characters forget they had multiple, needless children and much more ...with no explanation given.
  4. Wow. I loved the show back then. And the blocking + directing choices were a huge part of it. I would pay money to watch 99-01 again.
  5. As a European man who grew up in Italy, I never had the chance to watch AW - although it aired in the country for a few years but it was never big. However around 2008, P&G released a few years worth of episodes on its streaming service. I started watching and I was hooked. The way the show was written and staged, it was like the best NYC theatre you could ask for. I still watch random episodes every now and then and I'm mesmerised. The actors had it all. Sometimes I wonder how many takes they would require to nail a scene because every scene seemed perfectly flawless from every point of view. Staging, blocking, dialogue. It was top notch. My biggest mistake was taking for granted that P&G streaming service. I wish I had downloaded every single episode. Oh well. Youtube makes up for most of them anyway. I'm hoping the actors read the boards occasionally and realize their work is still being acknowledged.
  6. LOL Oh yeah it's like he's always about to explode!
  7. Honestly who cares. They might as well bring them back point blank and I wouldn't blink. I don't need any seemingly sensible explanation.
  8. This is like a hemorrhoid one can't ever seem to get rid of. Keeps coming back when you least need it.
  9. I love it when that happens! Best statement ever on the state of the show
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