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  1. Thanks! I love to see how the actors sound in different languages. Those 2005 episodes were so bittersweet. Adrienne Leon and Davetta Sherwood... so many missed opportunities.
  2. Yes, her only symptom. I'm not up to date with her current state. I gather 'no news is good news'.
  3. Happy for you. I think on average you develop symptoms within 5 days. One of my coworkers developed symptoms on her 13th day of self-quarantine. She could not smell. The next day, she tested positive. Eerie.
  4. Didn't know about that. So sick! Glad he didn't make it to the race.
  5. I can't even imagine what certain segments of society are going through. LGBT kids trapped with homophobic parents. Young workers trapped with dangerous flatmates (1 year ago, my flatmate became my stalker... thank God I moved out but it wasn't easy). Quarantine can be a nightmare for many people, my heart goes out to them. The picture with the homeless sleeping in a parking lot was shocking. It reminded me of an article I read a couple of years ago by a person who works for a charity that gives out food and clothes to the homeless. Some of them see the streets as their home and they just won't take shelter anywhere else, because of even worse experiences and distrust (hence authorities should make more of an effort to deserve their trust). That's just another perspective.
  6. Let me tell you my experience: everyone should be provided with masks. Everyone should wear them. A couple of weeks ago, I learned my boss tested positive. I found myself at risk of having contracted the virus. I was self-quarantining before the lockdown was even in place. Then I was forced to leave my apartment. There was no other solution, I had to leave my apartment for 2 hours. I needed a mask, but I had no masks. Because every expert had said "Leave the masks to the infected and the health workers". I don't understand why it should be my fault that no one thought of amping up face masks production when they knew an epidemic/pandemic was on its way (the WHO warned the most at risk countries in January). Anyway, as soon as they produce more face masks, everyone will be/should be provided with a package of face masks.
  7. Thank you! Wow, that quality is pristine! And what an ensemble of characters. I'd love to see the episode because it looks very well balanced as a whole. And most of the characters are still here.
  8. I've always been curious as to what made this show so attractive to a male audience. Is there any particular storyline you can recommend for me to watch on Youtube? I'd love to know if there's any special Youtube channel or playlist with at least a complete storyline from the show.
  9. I think it would less confusing to run through the episodes and then switch to classics. The show will have to take a long hiatus in any case, so it might as well 'fire its last few rounds', so to speak.
  10. It's hard to tell! He's so worn out, honestly. I don't think he has any ideas left. And for some reason, it doesn't seem like he's willing to listen to any advice coming from his writing team (who I think are just happy to be employed).
  11. Thanks! Yeah, I was never a fan of Gus's so I guess I never saw the point in his parents' storyline in the first place. I'd love for that SSM interview to resurface someday! Fingers crossed.
  12. Me too! And look at Dua Lipa's videos. That's what Lady Gaga's videos should look like in 2020. Not that garbage 'Stupid Love'.
  13. I'm loving the thread! Was the B&B new family in 2003 the Marones? I didn't know they were supposed to phase out the Forresters. I don't understand what tying Gus to Rita Stapleton would have added. I would have loved to see Lisa Mansfield! Curious to where you got that info. Did they reveal it in an interview, podcast...?
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