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  1. I'm shocked that Griffith managed to produce a boring, lifeless show. Who woulda thunk it.
  2. On B&B history is re-invented every six months so there's literally no point in trying to remember it. Also, ever since 2005ish, soaps have tried to squeeze so many "happenings" or movements of characters in every single episode (still managing to be incredibly boring) that it's impossible to keep up. It's all so pointless.
  3. Let me just tell you I love your reviews of the classic year you're watching. I'm not in the right place in my life to catch up with the old episodes but reading your reviews definitely makes up for it a little bit.
  4. So true... ROTFL I would love to see that.
  5. Where did she post that? I'm dying to thumb her up.
  6. How do these people keep having the money? It's so expensive to live in LA. He's not a frontline journalist. Yet he has money to waste on this garbage. I just can't figure it out.
  7. That is so insulting. Plus, it must be so awful working with a costar who'd rather be on another planet, rather than share a scene with you. You can tell by DG's delivery he was phoning it in (more than usual). The day DG leaves the show for good will be too late.
  8. Oh wow I should check the eppy!
  9. I’m definitely checking out GH
  10. I caught up a few scenes with NuAdam and Original Phyllis. Plus a couple of scenes with Teriah and Devon's sister (?). I was shocked at how LIFELESS the whole show felt. The scenes have no crescendo. No tension. No pace. You can't tell the actors have not even rehearsed the script, let alone do the blocking. It's just a whole lot of people sitting around talking about stuff happening off camera. All the actions is elsewhere. It's being talked about. Compare this to the scenes that are popping up on YT, with 2000's Diane Jenkins plotting her revenge against Victor and you can picture a pretty disheartening scenario.
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