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  1. Do you think there's any way for a normal person to download all of those channel's vids?
  2. I love that you can perfectly read the requester's name and number lol If it were a real Sheila return, maybe they would have kept it under wraps like they usually do?
  3. Ashland? When you have a character named Ashley? Please.
  4. What a cool tidbit! And to think that they dropped the Classic Music because it felt too 'old'. They replaced it with an early 90s cue lol
  5. Has anyone seen this? It didn't really pick my interest but I like that they did not shy away from the "soap" definition! And I like that they are experimenting with the format. https://www.tiktok.com/@1minutegaysoap
  6. Ugh. That's why I've stopped watching these reunions. Alan just drives me mad. So many wasted opportunities for nice content. So frustrating.
  7. If only soaps could last a few more decades, I'd love to see how they'd integrate 'deep fakes' into old flashbacks (ie. placing ED's face on Ashley if they ever needed a scene from the time when Ashley was played by BE)
  8. There should be a rule that you don’t kill off elderly characters unless their portrayer passes away. It’s tasteless.
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