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  1. Why did they chose the name Jabot? Is there a story behind that apart from the resemblance to Abbott? When I was a kid I thought every married couple was supposed to divorce - much like everyone would do on B&B. So I asked my Catholic mother once "So when are you and dad getting a divorce?". LOL
  2. Oh God. I'd love to know ๐Ÿ˜…
  3. I absolutely agree with you. I couldn't believe my own eyes. It's insulting. I'm disgusted too.
  4. Thank you. I don't think there was much thought put into the Carmen character. However I'll say that the "Of course you don't understand, you can't hear me" was a subtle way to show how condescending and ignorant she was. For all of Latham's fault, I think we were supposed to be on Dru's side.
  5. When MK joined that Locher room episode a few weeks ago, there was mention of a story where "Vanessa was temporarily played by another actress". It felt weird that MK would not mention AS. I am sure she is not someone to throw shade at a fellow actress, she's always kept it very classy. Still, it's not like Vanessa was played by multiple temp recasts over the years - it was pretty easy to remember AS.
  6. I appreciate the cast taking sides. I'm missing the (cultural?) reference though. Why did they post GIFs with someone reading or making a list?
  7. Looking forward to hearing what these people have been up to during quarantine...
  8. I loved the first three seasons of Incantesimo ๐Ÿ˜† The opening credits were so intriguing.
  9. You have a point and I appreciate your take. I do agree with you. I just assumed that BB knows that sex scenes or affection scenes wonโ€™t be as many as before, he is just not ruling them out.
  10. I'm sorry, I see what's amusing about Bradley's plan but I think many people are taking it too far. How were the shows supposed to make a comeback? At least Bradley is thinking outside the box, which is something I appreciate and stand up for. Who knows, maybe more shows than you think will follow suit. What else was Bradley supposed to do? Refuse to work? Have the characters mention COVID-19? Maybe, but then again Ridge and Brooke as spouses would be supposed to have contact. Also - they say TV shows are life without the dull parts. Well, quarantine and social distancing are very dull parts right now.
  11. He got beaten up in jail and since then it's been boo-oooh poor Kevin.
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