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  1. Hi! I would love to start watching GZSZ but I desperately need German subtitles to watch it. Can you confirm that the TvNow.De website is the only website where I can find the subtitled episodes? If you have any other tips, I'd love to hear that.
  2. Haven't seen the promo yet but I can't picture them promoting Deacon's return EDIT: lmao it's Deacon
  3. Thank you! I see why people would be hooked.
  4. Could you guys please recap what that story was about? And why would it be problematic today? I've never really delved into it. I just know Kabir Bedi was involved lol.
  5. Makes me so sad! He was on the Locher Room some time last year. He was so lovely. Rest In Peace
  6. But ES was hired by BB on B&B… That must mean he was not that toxic, right?
  7. LMAO! Not sure many caught the reference. You crack me up, Mitch!
  8. Do you think there's any way for a normal person to download all of those channel's vids?
  9. I love that you can perfectly read the requester's name and number lol If it were a real Sheila return, maybe they would have kept it under wraps like they usually do?
  10. Ashland? When you have a character named Ashley? Please.
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