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  1. Until 1913, children in the United States could legally be sent by mail!
  2. The Beatles have spent 132 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart – by far, the most of any artist. Garth Brooks occupied the top spot for 52 weeks, the second most.
  3. Set your hour ahead before you go bed tonight
  4. George Harrison MBE (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001) was an English musician, singer, songwriter, and music and film producer
  5. @thebeatles' 'Abbey Road' has now spent 400 weeks on the Billboard 200.
  6. "Documentary - the 1961 U.S. Figure Skating Team & the Sabena Flight 548 air disaster" on YouTube https://youtu.be/x0cYfPXxcco
  7. "The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/9/64" on YouTube https://youtu.be/jenWdylTtzs
  8. DAMfan

    Doctor Who

    "Doctor Who - Return of the Cybermen (excerpt)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/vYvkAJrD5s8
  9. DAMfan


    Beloved television star Dawn Wells passed away last week at the age of 82. MeTV will pay special tribute to her with six great Mary Ann episodes of Gilligan's Island this Sunday, January 10, starting at 2PM | 1C.
  10. DAMfan

    Doctor Who

    I did like 13 coat and wanted it along with 4 scarf
  11. Dawn Wells, the girl-next-door actress and former beauty queen who played the sweet Mary Ann Summers on the iconic CBS sitcom Gilligan's Island, died Tuesday. She was 82. Wells died in Los Angeles of causes related to COVID-19, her publicist announced. Tina Louis (Ginger) is now the only surviving GL cast member
  12. A two-hour special commemorating the 100th anniversary of U.S. Figure Skating airs on NBC on Sunday at 2 p.m. ET.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone may 2021 be better
  14. DAMfan

    Doctor Who

    December 21 is International Dalek Remembrance Day
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