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  1. Veterans Day 11.11

    Thanks to all Veterans.
  2. Antenna TV Thread

    I watch Johnny Carson about every night.
  3. DST ends 2 am Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.
  4. For figure skating fans

    Sounds like it will be interesting and Robbie will be good.
  5. RIP Fats Domino

    RIP Fats John Lennon said there would be no Beatles if it hadn't been for Fats.
  6. Actor Robert Guillaume dies at age 89 Actor Robert Guillaume, who won Emmy Awards for his roles on Soap and Benson, died Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017.
  7. For figure skating fans

    B.ESP(HD). Nathan CHEN FS - 2017 Rostelecom Cup https://youtu.be/SwfNeIrcaBk
  8. Beatles history began 7.6.1957

    John Lennon Oct 09, 1940 - Dec 08 Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon https://youtu.be/pZCxyOcvp5A
  9. World Smile day 10.6

    Happy World Smile day Oct 6 ?
  10. Sep. 24 is National Punctuation Day. Period. Jeff Rubin birthed National Punctuation Day !!!
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Got to see Mark Derwin when he appeared here at a Women Show and he was hot.
  12. RIP Richard Anderson, 91 (Oscar Goldman)

    RIP Richard I've seen him in so many shows
  13. RIP Glen Campbell

    Singer Glen Campbell has died he was 81.
  14. Antenna TV Thread

    Soap and Benson coming to Antenna TV later this year.
  15. RIP Martin Landau

    MeTV pays tribute to Martin Landau all day Saturday, July 22