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  1. Downton Abbey: Discussion Thread

    Yes Downton on the big screen
  2. Beatles history began 7.6.1957

    Sir Ringo Starr Birthday July 7. "Ringo Starr-Photograph" https://youtu.be/t6CMSuT98-E
  3. Beatles history began 7.6.1957

    On this day July 6, 1957 John met Paul and the Revolution began. "The Beatles - Revolution" https://youtu.be/BGLGzRXY5Bw
  4. MeTV

    'The Medusa Against the Son of Hercules' at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, July 7, on MeTV.
  5. M*A*S*H on HULU

    M*A*S*H probably my favorite and still watch btw 1983, M*A*S*H bows out after 11 seasons, airing a special two-and-a-half hour episode watched by 77 percent of the television viewing audience. It was the largest percentage ever to watch a single TV show up to that time. I also like Small Wonder I am all over the map what I like.
  6. RIP Harlan Ellison

    For many science fiction fans, writer Harlan Ellison's name will forever be tied to arguably the greatest episode in Star Trek history: The City on the Edge of Forever, which aired in 1967. Ellison, died at age 84 on Thursday.
  7. MeTV

    'The Leech Woman' at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, June 30, on MeTV. Can't stop thinking about last week The Night Walker
  8. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    I've got something in common with John Goodman we both went to Missouri State University but not at same time.
  9. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Hope they do Halloween
  10. MeTV

    'The Night Walker' at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, June 23, on MeTV.
  11. Beatles history began 7.6.1957

    Sir James Paul McCartney born Jun 18, 1942 Paul McCartney No More Lonely Nights
  12. MeTV

    'Man Made Monster' at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, June 16, on MeTV.
  13. Jerry Maren, the last surviving little person to appear as a munchkin in 1939's "The Wizard of Oz," has died at 98.

    John Krasinski wrote, directed and stars in a new thriller movie called "A Quiet Place." He was also Jim Halpert on "The Office" for nine seasons. What happens when those worlds collide?

    A DWIGHT PLACE https://youtu.be/A1oQ_IC3pds