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  1. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Got to see Mark Derwin when he appeared here at a Women Show and he was hot.
  2. RIP Richard Anderson, 91 (Oscar Goldman)

    RIP Richard I've seen him in so many shows
  3. RIP Glen Campbell

    Singer Glen Campbell has died he was 81.
  4. Antenna TV Thread

    Soap and Benson coming to Antenna TV later this year.
  5. RIP Martin Landau

    MeTV pays tribute to Martin Landau all day Saturday, July 22
  6. Emoji day 7.17

    Emoji Day July 17! ???????????????????????
  7. RIP Martin Landau

    Martin Landau, a star of the 1960s television series “Mission: Impossible” who made a late-career comeback with an Academy Award-winning performance in the 1994 film “Ed Wood,” has died he was 89..
  8. World chocolate day 7.7

    World Chocolate Day today, giving us a bigger reason to gorge on chocolate delights without having to think of calories. This day is observed globally every year on 7th July. Got mine
  9. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Hated Reva with esp and Rev Josh
  10. Beatles history began 7.6.1957

    Happy birthday Ringo July, 7.
  11. On this day in 1957 July, 6 some guy named John met some other guy named paul, the rest is history. The Beatles Aging Together 1960-2017 (Live 3D Effect) https://youtu.be/2ewWzlx_bV8
  12. INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY is celebrated twice a year, on June 28th and October 22nd.
  13. Happy Birthday and Father's day Sir Paul Mccartney June 18. The Beatles - A Day In The Life https://youtu.be/usNsCeOV4GM
  14. RIP Adam West (Batman)

    The bat signal is expected to shine in Los Angeles Thursday night in honor of Adam West
  15. RIP Adam West (Batman)

    Adam West (Batman) dead at 88.