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    Thirteen Ghosts 1960 Charles Herbert, Jo Morrow, Martin Milner Director: William Castle MoviesHorror TV14, Captioned 7:00 PMCT/ 8 PMET A poor family moves into an old house inhabited by a dozen ghosts, who need just one more member to be freed and, to their luck, the most likely candidates just moved in.
  2. Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand Event 9.19.19 Thursday NBC Specials TVPG, New, HD, Captioned 7:00 PMCT/ 8:00 PMET (60 mins) The cast of Downton Abbey will join Derek Hough in the historic Highclere Castle in England to speak about the ground-breaking series leading up to the world premiere of ‘The Downton Abbey’ film to hit theaters.
  3. DAMfan


    4-D Man 1959 Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, Guy Raymond Director: Irvin Shortness Yeaworth Jr MoviesSci-Fi TVPG, Captioned 7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET(120 mins) A scientist passes through solid matter unharmed, but the side effects of the experiment require him to constantly replace his own life force by killing others.
  4. DAMfan


    The Werewolf 1956 Steven Ritch, Don McGowan, Kim Charney Director: Fred Sears MoviesHorror TVPG, Captioned 7:00 PM/CT 8 PM/ET (120 mins) A normally caring husband and father turns into a snarling lupine monster after taking an experimental serum designed to cure radiation poisoning.
  5. DAMfan


    Tune in Sunday, September 8, from 5PM | 4C to 8PM | 7C as MeTV highlights the talent and charm of Valerie Harper in her role as Rhoda Morgenstern.
  6. https://www.infoplease.com/arts-entertainment/movies-and-videos/top-100-movie-quotes
  7. DAMfan


    MeTV (@MeTV) tweeted at 6:26 PM on Fri, Aug 30, 2019: We are heartbroken to report that Valerie Harper has passed away. She was 80 years old. We will air a tribute on Sunday, Sept 8. #RIPValerieHarper https://t.co/p6NKeUdcLl (https://twitter.com/MeTV/status/1167579360481751040?s=09)
  8. DAMfan


    The Giant Claw 1956 Jeff Morrow, Mara Corday, Morgan Jones Director: Fred F. Sears MoviesHorror TVPG, Captioned 7:00 PMCT/8:00 PMET (120 mins) An enormous bird from outer space, the eponymous Claw, grabs planes from the sky, devours passengers and crew, and then descends on New York, destroying the United Nations building along the way. It is surrounded by a mysterious force field.
  9. DAMfan


    COZI TV (@COZITV) tweeted at 6:07 PM on Mon, Aug 26, 2019: Time to start braisin' the osso buco - #TheOffice in #SMELLaVISION starts in 3 hours!https://t.co/owTEe9mUZT (https://twitter.com/COZITV/status/1166125152217817090?s=09)
  10. The Beatles Bible (@beatlesbible) tweeted at 10:15 AM on Mon, Aug 26, 2019: 26 August 1968: The Beatles' smash hit single Hey Jude/Revolution is released in the USA. It tops the US Billboard chart for nine consecutive weeks, from 28 September to 23 November 1968. Read all about the songs here: https://t.co/UIo8jYOj0r https://t.co/qkEpMw2egt https://t.co/9uV9grv8lF (https://twitter.com/beatlesbible/status/1166006212384608256?s=09)
  11. DAMfan


    Strait-Jacket 1964 Joan Crawford, Diane Baker, Leif Erickson Director: William Castle MoviesHorror TVPG, Captioned 8 PM ET/7:00 PMCT (120 mins) When a woman kills her husband and his lover in a jealous rage, she is committed to an insane asylum for twenty years after which a series of axe murders occur.
  12. Peter Fonda has died he was 79.
  13. DAMfan


    😵 Village of the Damned SATURDAYS 8PM | 7C on MeTV.
  14. DAMfan


    😧 'House of Wax' at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, August 10, on MeTV.
  15. leah (@ttawbeatles) tweeted at 6:24 AM on Thu, Aug 08, 2019: happy 50th birthday to this work of art everyone better be streaming abbey road https://t.co/Aa4kyX7PZi (https://twitter.com/ttawbeatles/status/1159425204751339525?s=09)
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