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  1. Sending positive thoughts ❤ to Katey really do like her
  2. I need Mark next time I go shopping 🛍 for clothes
  3. John Lennon birthday October 9
  4. ILike it but wonder where Becky was ILike it but wonder where Becky was
  5. DAMfan


    1931 Dracula on tonight 8 ET/ 7 CT
  6. Why was Becky using the landermat when the Connors have a washing machine even Jackie has used it
  7. DAMfan


    The two-hour tribute will air on Sunday, September 5, at 2PM | 1C. In addition, MeTV will run Asner's 1963 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "To Kill a Butterfly" the same night.
  8. Paul McCartney has written approximately 820 songs in his career, which started around age 16, so his career has been 63 years long, that is 757 months. In conclusion: he has written more songs than had months of being a songwriter Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
  9. The first recording session! The Quarrymen recorded In Spite Of All The Danger and That'll Be The Day on 12 July 1958, live into a single microphone.
  10. Happy Birthday Ringo July 7 RINGO STARR - NO NO SONG" on YouTube https://youtu.be/x-HLhRq9Lc4
  11. Remembering John met Paul this day July 7, 1957
  12. DAMfan

    Doctor Who

    Doctor introduces themselves
  13. June 25 is a day someone may want to hold your hand and ask you to please, please be true because they love you yeah, yeah, yeah. Global Beatles Day
  14. DAMfan

    Doctor Who

    The largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia is owned by Lily Connors, who had 6,641 items as of the last count in 2016. Her dream is to own a full-sized dalek and be an extra on a future episode of the sci-fi program. https://t.co/5IgOej3Xru
  15. Happy Birthday Paul Mccartney June 18 "Yesterday (With Spoken Word Intro / Live From Studio 50, New York City / 1965)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/wXTJBr9tt8Q
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