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  1. I like Julie Pinson as an actress. But I didn't appreciate the last six months of World Turns being about Janet. I mean it wasn't the time to introduce her extended Italian family in Chicago who all hated her because she got pregnant as a teenager. The focus should've been on the Hughes, Lowell/Stewart Walsh/Snyder/Montgomery families until the finale. I wouldn't have minded a fast-forward for the final week.
  2. Distinct Nostalgia did an podcast interview with Jo Joyner (Tanya) to commemorate EastEnders 35th anniversary. http://distinctnostalgia.buzzsprout.com/650596/6035398-eastenders-at-35-tanya-s-back-jo-joyner-on-her-turbulent-time-in-albert-square
  3. Sharon Newman - The Young and The Restless Victoria Newman - The Young and The Restless Neil Winters - The Young and The Restless JT Helstrom - The Young and The Restless
  4. I hope either he or Lily mention how Nathan/Keesha's affair and the affect it had on their family is similar to the Elena/Nate one-night stand. But then again no one probably remembers or know about it on the writing staff.
  5. Maybe one of Quinn's necklaces has the magic to make the mannequin come alive and Annika Noelle can play 2 versions of Hope!!!
  6. Thanks for the info on the clip! @DRW50 I hope they do something with Victoria running her own farm like you said but I don't hold my breath sadly.
  7. I wanted so much for them to delve into Sasha's background with having a mother who suffered from mental instability. I wishful cast her as Telma Hopkins, Jackee Harry or Robin Givens for the role. However, I can't tell you the last time they've mentioned Sasha.
  8. I would have loved to see Sarah tackling Cassie. I think she would've had chemistry with Kim Zimmer and probably might've been written with Cassie's street smarts she retained from her life prior coming to Springfield. I also imagine she and Crystal Chappell would've been great together as friends/business partners.
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