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  1. From the Santa Barbara Blog Via Facebook The Santa Barbara Cruise
  2. Came across this episode of Y&R from 1994 on YT
  3. That too!!! Nick and Sharon keep getting storylines tailored to their twenty-something children instead of storylines of someone who is forty. I mean you can still have strong story, but they shouldn't be in endless love triangles at almost 50 years old. If I was in charge I would put those together again with no room for the constant breaking up.. (Yeah I know some people don't want it) and let their children have the splashy hook-ups. Whilst, the two of them move onto the next phases of their lives.
  4. @DRW50 How would you fix the current state of the show if you could? I'm curious to read your thoughts.
  5. Let's not forget when they had Daisy younger than Lizzie. SMH!
  6. Why is Phyllis begging for Adam's help like she is like a child about to have a tantrum?
  7. Agree with this statement 100%
  8. I wanted Theresa to do something for herself that doesn't involve Ethan her destiny for a change. Perhaps, start her own fashion label. I remember her working on sketches and thought it would be great to have Theresa stand on her two feet by becoming successful.
  9. I wish they hadn't given up on Kyle versus Noah.
  10. I also heard Rachel G. Fox was cast as Christina too.
  11. Question If you could've written a storyline for Passions what would it be?
  12. Figured a lot was made up about the Baldwin/Collins daughters. Supposedly, Christina was the person whom Kevin kept rushing to go back and forth from Port Charles to Seattle. When Valentin Cassadine was set to premiere in 2009. I think I saw online he was going to have a daughter named Mischa who was going to be into Michael.
  13. For years, all of us as fans of this soap genre have either heard or read rumors involving the soaps regarding casting, stories, and even Behind the Scenes antics. So I want to know what are some of the rumors you remember over the years. In 2012/2013 I remember reading Carly Schroeder aka Serena Baldwin was slated to return to General Hospital when Lynn Herring and Kin Shriner had first came back. However, it didn't come to fruition for some reason. In addition, I heard Ron had written in Serena and had cast someone as Christina Baldwin (Lucy and Scotty's daughter from Port Charles) several times too. I also remember Christina was going to come onto the show with her boyfriend and was going to lie saying Scotty was harassing her. Don't know if it was true or false. To be fair I read this on a GH blog and social media so it was probably the latter.
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