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  1. GH : Lucky (Jeff Branson would be my top choice) Serena : ( I know Carly Schroeder is in the army however it seems she is on leave now according to IG.) (But if she couldn't do it I wouldn't mind Kim Matula or Brooke Newton in the role.) (Tommy Hardy Robert Ri'chard would do) Jared Breeze who played Max was so good and was better than half the cast at that time too TBH. I wish they would've chickened out by having him having a brain tumor. The story should've been he didn't like Abby because in his mind she was trying to take his mother's place.
  2. From Facebook Emmy-award winning writers Jim Brown, Jill Lorie Hurst, David Kreizman, Courtney Simon and Millee Taggart will join me live on Wednesday, July 1st at 3PM EST. Do you have questions for these incredible writers? Please share your questions below. https://www.facebook.com/TheLocherRoom/
  3. First Daytime Emmys Telecast Since 2015 Draws 3 Million Viewers https://tvline.com/2020/06/27/tv-ratings-daytime-emmys-on-cbs-virtual-ceremony/
  4. Another OLTL via Alan Locher The Buchanan Kids, from One Life to Live, will join me live on Thursday, July 9th at 2PM EST. Please join Melissa Archer (Natalie), Kirk Geiger (Kevin), Chris McKenna (Joey) and Erin Torpey (Jessica) as they revisit their Llanview roots in The Locher Room.
  5. It's back to the 1990s for Distinct Nostalgia soap fans as MIM's Ashley Byrne re-unites two of EastEnders most popular characters from the decade. Mark Homer who played Tony joins Andrew Lynford who was Simon to discuss joining and leaving the square, being part of TV's first regular bisexual storyline and working with some of the show's most iconic stars. Could Tony and Simon make a return one day? https://www.distinctnostalgia.com/posts/e7zcjr0bejxdnjbdl8kh8bqzjvq8g3
  6. The British Podcast - Distinct Nostalgia did a recent interview with Lisa Williamson who played one of the show's first seven premier characters Dawn Cunningham from 1995-1997. https://www.distinctnostalgia.com/posts/hollyoaks-at-25-original-star-lisa-williamson-on-playing-dawn-cunningham
  7. You're welcome!!! And I figured you would want to hear it too.
  8. @DRW50 @BetterForgotten @victoria foxton https://t.co/q6o7vVyRd2?amp=1
  9. Nancy Curlee is on Facebook and I'm sure Alan knows someone who knows someone who can put him in touch with Pam Long. But I'm not surprised by the selection. And at least it seems the majority want to see Courtney Simon and Millee Taggert.
  10. Guiding Light Writers Reunion From SOD Alan Locher will welcome Daytime Emmy-winning former GUIDING LIGHT writers Jim Brown, Dave Kreizman, Jill Lorie Hurst, Courtney Simon and Millee Taggert as guests on his YouTube channel, The Locher Report. They will share inside stories about the characters and stories throughout the years. The interview will take place on Wednesday July 1, at 3 p.m. ET https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/new-guiding-light-reunion-scheduled-3/
  11. I didn't mind when they were off the campus for that year or so when they were gone. They bring nothing to the show and that is sad since Chloe is Esther's daughter and Katherine' Chancellor's goddaughter. Elizabeth and Greg our good actors but the characters and the damage they have suffered over the years make me care about them anymore. Olivia - GH At a time she had a purpose as Dante's mother and a character, but I was hoping during Ryan's Murders 2.0 she was going to be a casualty. It just seems like she is now only there to fuss at Lulu for moving on without Dante and being the new modern matriarch of the Q's and remind us she and Ned our married. Dev - GH
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