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  1. Also in the Interview and Documentaries category in the Discuss The Soaps. I posted this documentary from 2004 about the past and present child characters/actors in the show's history.
  2. Happening to look for some Old School Corrie to watch and this documentary from 2004 came in the feed. Talking about the child actors from the show's history.
  3. Forever8

    A Different World

    I always wanted to see the episode of Unsung profiling A Different World. I want to know does anyone know where possibly where I might be able watch it online?
  4. Danica Stewart (Ex Jessica Bennett ) got married to Ben Hogestyn (Drake Hogestyn's son and ex Lucas Jones - GH) Congrats to the newly married couple!!! https://t.co/aPqG83Z42J
  5. So you mean to tell me that a young legacy character who has years of story played by a talented and charismatic Black Actress makes you creatively bankrupt? Victoria Rowell was right when she said this show got a problem not only in front of the camera but the back of the camera as well too. Ana had so much potential to be a breakout character. However, everytime they put her in a story she was the supportive player. I won't be surprised by the next week or so we'll get an announcement that Mishael Morgan is back. So Angelica, Tony and Josh can come off as "Heroes" by stating "We might've gotten rid of one black woman but hey we got Hilary back Y'all."
  6. Tammy Blanchard (Ex Drew Jacobs GL) is set to star in the Off-Broadway Revival of Little Shop Of Horrors!!! https://t.co/fl2aj7GmOi
  7. Wasn't implied that Troy hit it from the back with Lindsay during OLTL in 2003?
  8. Bob Hope - Emmerdale Dawn Woods (nee Hope) - RIP and Jamie Hope with his first wife Jean Josh and Carly Hope - From his second wife Barbara Roxy Lockhart - From his fourth marriage to Vonda Heath and Cathy Hope - From his second marriage to Viv (Twins) Stepchildren he had over the years. Kelly Windsor Scott Windsor Donna Windsor-Dingle (RIP) Gennie Walker (RIP) Funny enough he has only one living grandchild: T.J. Woods who was Dawn's son with Bob's best friend Terry who too died along with Viv. According to Wikipedia he is living with his grandmother Jean in Morocco.
  9. Another Documentary on a Irish Soap Fair City 1989 - It was a series covering the show's 20th Anniversary. This is the only part they have online that I was able to find.
  10. A Documentary of Rural Irish Soap Opera Glenore 1983 -2001 that aired on RTE
  11. Rey isn't Lola's father is he?
  12. People are going to complain regardless if it is about spoilers of casting and or storyline they don't like. However, as fans we shouldn't be expected to always eat shi* politely just because we should be grateful the show is still on either. It does some like Josh is trying to take this show to when he was writing it last and didn't that wind him to get fired then too? And I do think Adam is on too much though. I mean he has been on screen consistently for about two months now whilst others aren't get much screen time. I wouldn't mind Fen and Noah to come back and be actually given actual thoughtful story as characters and the next generation of this show. It doesn't help that Nick is giving storylines that should belong to Noah or Kyle not being ambitious and a loveable womanizer like his father caught between two women who are written to be so passive. Summer should be getting revenge by coming in between Lola and he. I mean I can't name a one time or scene that Lola nor Summer get into a heated argument about how things went down.
  13. Really? Oops my bad!!! So Emma could be Steve's kid after all?
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