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  1. Watched the July 5th episode and I must say this show could've had the potential to rehab itself. Someone was needed to stir this show around with a cohesive vision. This show suffered too many changeovers in its run. I wonder how someone like Pamela Long would've done long-term in the 90's? I miss characters in soaps like Ava who aspired to have more than their humble upbringing and will do anything to get it. I loved her scene with Kate. I would like to see more of Stacey/Jack/Rick story play out. Hopefully, someone will uncover more episodes of that era soon. BTW Lauren-Marie Taylor is on Instagram.
  2. Just got done watching with 7/14/95. This one not much happened. It is the aftermath of Nick and Matt getting into their big fight over Sharon. Deep down Hope knows she and Victor Jr. is in the way of Victor's life. She even accepted Cliff's offer to drive from Kansas to Genoa City to get her and the baby. At first Douglas came off as nosy by asking her if that was Victor on the phone? However, he did redeem himself by coming close to telling her about Victor dealing with Nick. Victor & Hope did seem to resolve their issues... for now. It's obvious Matt is going to do something sinister due to his anger. Amy defends both Nick and Sharon to him. Poor Olivia! She gets in her lingerie for Nathan 3.0. He is like I'm not in the mood. So she goes to confide her suspicion to the same male doctor from before. Then she goes to see Paul whom just had an encounter with Mary and Christine about take out food and her infamous sauerkraut and spare ribs. Liv wants Paul to investigate Nathan. But he knows Nathan is interested in another woman . He ends up telling her about it being a conflict of interest. Liv tells her she will get to the bottom of it, before leaving the office. We also get a cameo of Lil Nate's Nanny. Nikki comes over to the apartment to tell Sharon to stay away from Nick. Also blaming her for him getting hurt. Stating she shouldn't have gave off the persona of being virginal. Sharon admitted she should've told Nick about losing her virginity and having a baby. Before Nikki departs, Sharon tells her to tell Nick she is sorry.
  3. Thanks for providing these episodes @YRfan23 Thoughts on the 6/26/95 episode From what I read and I suspect that these are Brenda Epperson last days as Ashley. She and EB had chemistry. It's odd to see Victor be vulnerable. It is also quite clear Hope and he want two different things out of life and neither were going to budge. I had to do a double take when Victor told Ash he was learning not to be a controlling father. 😂 90's Phyllis would slap the present day one and show her she doesn't need anyone to help her scheme. I didn't know Sasha came onto the canvas this early. Only on television when someone would confide to their co-worker about their sex life. I take it this is gearing up the Nathan/Keesha storyline. And I agree with @DRW50about the teen quad make you care about the storyline. Now we don't have teens on YR because the 40 something's have their stories.
  4. Charley Webb (Debbie, Emmerdale) is the younger sister of Jamie Lomas (Warren, Hollyoaks) and the ex sister-in-law of Kym Marsh (Michelle, Corrie) Camryn Grimes (Cassie/Mariah) is the niece of Scott Grimes.
  5. Another British One : Jake Roche (Ex Isaac Nutall Emmerdale and lead singer of the band Rixton ) is the son of EastEnders star Shane Richie (Alfie Moon) and Loose Women Co-host and Nolan Sisters singer Coleen Nolan.
  6. Lindsay Frost (Ex Betsy - ATWT) is the daughter of actor Warren Frost.
  7. Amber Tamblyn : (Ex Emily Quartermaine GH) daughter of actor Russ Tamblyn Alyvia Alyn Lind : (Faith Newman YR) daughter of actress Barbara Alyn Lind best known for Deb on One Tree Hill.
  8. From the Santa Barbara Blog Via Facebook The Santa Barbara Cruise
  9. Came across this episode of Y&R from 1994 on YT
  10. That too!!! Nick and Sharon keep getting storylines tailored to their twenty-something children instead of storylines of someone who is forty. I mean you can still have strong story, but they shouldn't be in endless love triangles at almost 50 years old. If I was in charge I would put those together again with no room for the constant breaking up.. (Yeah I know some people don't want it) and let their children have the splashy hook-ups. Whilst, the two of them move onto the next phases of their lives.
  11. @DRW50 How would you fix the current state of the show if you could? I'm curious to read your thoughts.
  12. Let's not forget when they had Daisy younger than Lizzie. SMH!
  13. Why is Phyllis begging for Adam's help like she is like a child about to have a tantrum?
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