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  1. Another Documentary on a Irish Soap Fair City 1989 - It was a series covering the show's 20th Anniversary. This is the only part they have online that I was able to find.
  2. A Documentary of Rural Irish Soap Opera Glenore 1983 -2001 that aired on RTE
  3. Rey isn't Lola's father is he?
  4. People are going to complain regardless if it is about spoilers of casting and or storyline they don't like. However, as fans we shouldn't be expected to always eat shi* politely just because we should be grateful the show is still on either. It does some like Josh is trying to take this show to when he was writing it last and didn't that wind him to get fired then too? And I do think Adam is on too much though. I mean he has been on screen consistently for about two months now whilst others aren't get much screen time. I wouldn't mind Fen and Noah to come back and be actually given actual thoughtful story as characters and the next generation of this show. It doesn't help that Nick is giving storylines that should belong to Noah or Kyle not being ambitious and a loveable womanizer like his father caught between two women who are written to be so passive. Summer should be getting revenge by coming in between Lola and he. I mean I can't name a one time or scene that Lola nor Summer get into a heated argument about how things went down.
  5. Really? Oops my bad!!! So Emma could be Steve's kid after all?
  6. I love Passions. Not for just the outlandish storylines but for seeing diverse families and friendships which were missing from the rest of the soaps at the time. As I get older I wish they would've had given Theresa more dreams other than trying to scheme to get Ethan. She should've been written more in the vein of Carly Tenney Snyder. I remember Theresa had a passion (ha) for sketching and designing. I wish they would've had her develop her own fashion line. Some of the investors could've been Ethan and Julian who the latter in exchange of giving her money would want more time with Little Ethan. Maybe Rebecca and Gwen could've used their pull to do something to cause problems the clothes in the stores on the specific date. I don't think Theresa dream was to run Crane either. Even though I did like her and Jared together. ( A Missed Opportunity) Or take Kay for instance. I get that she was a single mother who cared more about Miguel/Fox and learning to become a witch from Tabitha. However, I would've loved for her to go to a student nurse program at Harmony Hospital with a few other recurring characters. I know she was working at the cannery but I wish she would've declared she didn't need a man like she used to. Why couldn't Whitney decide to pursue becoming a model? I can see her going back and forth from NYC and worldwide with Chad feeling like he isn't spending anytime with her will could've caused organic conflict. Simone could've became a counselor helping run away youth and twenty-somethings. I'm sorry I know this soap was written for the target audience to be 12-17 I was in that age category then. However, I want more for characters especially female ones to have purpose outside their love lives and story orbits and careers usually can open some many possibilities in my opinion.
  7. I do think Angela Griffin is coming back. However, it doesn't make sense for Emma to be her daughter with Steve. Why couldn't it been her daughter with anyone else. I don't think her and Steve were even in the same orbit either by the time she left from what I read it was like she was mostly in the orbit of Jim and or Alex McKenna and her son Morgan. From the Classic episodes I've watched of Corrie. Angela does more of the heavy lifting with the character of Fiona than what the role is called for her. I mean to be fair she along with Kelly Crabtree were only a few black women to at least have memorable characters when you think about it.
  8. Harriet Crampton - Ex Producer Of NZ Hospital Based Soap Shortland Street Sri Rao Thom Racina Susan Bedsow Horgan
  9. Screw the Black Budget!!! Why can't we have Hilary, Elena, and Ana on screen together? I mean we get Victoria/Phyllis/Sharon on screen constantly. However, we only get the POC characters if only once or twice a week which isn't beyond unfair. I mean with Hilary you can have this bold and brash yet vulnerable woman. Ana can be a young woman coming into her own who wants to become a successful Music exec whilst dealing with her relationship issues and familial drama too. I do think Elena needs more writing to carve her out a more defined personality. She should be pursuing her residency at Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Have her clash with Nate over medical procedures and treatments to patients as well as feel like in the beginning she has to back out of the relationship if Hilary is alive. Then perhaps she gains enough confidence to decide not to back down from Hilary and keeping Devon for herself too.
  10. I'm sorry, but it feels like at this point that TPTB our just trying to avoid the inevitable of Cane's time coming to an end on this show. Especially with this nonsensical plot of having Traci being attracted to him. And it's not because of the age gap or anything physically wrong with the actors. The character of Traci, imo deserves so much better than to be paired with Cane "Con Man" Ashby of all people doesn't make sense at all.
  11. Succession and Pose Do tell!!! About four or so years ago I did a binge of FNL. I really enjoyed it so much. Before I had only seen the last two seasons when it was on NBC. My favorite seasons from memory 1 - Best 3 - Getting back to basics 5 4 2 - Yeah between the writer's strike and other subpar stories ( hello murder) I didn't mind Santiago, but it was like here today gone tomorrow with him.
  12. I know what you mean @DramatistDreamer Since Last Summer I've been on a GL binge of my own too. I had stopped for awhile but decided to pick it back up partly because it was time to do so again and your comments inspired me to do so too. I'm on October 1991 Part 13: I mean imagine a soap these days playing half of an entire Bonnie Raitt song (which made me dance and sing along.) It was during Harley and Sam talking about going out as girls on the town that night. I mean it seems none of the younger characters on soaps go out anymore and if they do it is just to dance to bad dance music and display a terribly written romance. Meanwhile, you feel the good rapport between Kat and Bridget. Kat is becoming jealous of Bridget "befriending" Julie and is getting tired of being used by her. Whilst, Bridget at first is making no big deal, however you can tell she really appreciate her friendship. I mean what was the last modern day teenage friendship you enjoyed on a soap like this? Melissa Hayden went from comedy to sadness when Dylan was brought into the hospital after an explosion. This is my first time watching these episode since I was only 1 year old when they were premiered. Chemistry alone, Mindy and Mallett should've been the couple instead of Harley/Mallett and Nick/Mindy. Mark Derwin and Kimberley Simms had chemistry together as friends and potential lovers too. Let the Guiding Light Binge Continue!!!
  13. Amanda Stepto (Christine "Spike" Nelson) uploaded a recent photo of the cast of DJH/DH/DTNG reuniting on Facebook.
  14. Amanda Stepto (Christine "Spike" Nelson) upload this recent photo onto her Facebook Page of the cast of Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High/Degrassi The Next Generation.
  15. Let's not forget EJ DiMera, Boy was sucking on a pacifier when Will was in preschool. Years later EJ is a thirty something racecar driver whilst, Will was going through puberty. I don't mind SORAsing on soaps, but I think it does have to make logical sense and to have at least a purpose and story for a teenage character. I mean look at Charlie, Reed and Maddie on YR, they age them and are play arguably by decent actors with little to no purpose at all. They had painful dialogue sounding like a bad 80's Teen B Movie made by MGM or Miramax.
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