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  1. Dark Horse is so unnecessary in my opinion. Nick needs to back at Newman, along with Victoria, Adam etc... Have Abby get back to Jabot! And give each companies actual business storylines that actually our fun and make sense for the most part.
  2. Wesley Eure (Ex Mike Horton) tweeted a photo and caption of him, John Clarke and Macdonald Carey when Mike was in the hospital when a wagon injured him in which he came to find out that Mickey was really his uncle and Bill was his father. Man I wish Sony would release 60/70's episodes on the NBC website one day. Or if someone can get their hands on them the better. In this scene on DAYS OF OUR LIVES I was crushed by a wagon falling on me! I discovered my father wasn't my father. My uncle was my father because my uncle raped my mother years before at the hospital Oh, soap operas! LOL #thosewerethedays #DaysOfOurLives #soapawards #DaytimeTV
  3. If 90210 ever returned as a Primetime Soap. How would you all have it set up in terms of plot, characters etc...?
  4. Yep that was my idea!!! I mean if this show can build new sets for everyone else and their mother. Then please construct a GCU set for the woman who won the show's first ever Emmy. Have Traci initially butt heads with the new president of the university somehow they begin to fall for one another. Perhaps one of his children also attends GCU who bonds with Traci and vice versa who "lost" her mother at an early age. Meanwhile, Traci sees this girl as a reminder of her beloved Colleen. She and the University President starts dating each other whilst his other daughter comes to town who could work at any of the five hundred companies on the show dislikes Traci for taking away her "Daddy."
  5. Oops!!! Yeah I don't want Traci with Cane either.
  6. Scott Bakula is doing NCIS: New Orleans
  7. I don't want to see Cane & Traci in any romantic light at all!!! It seems they're trying to find ways to keep on the Canvas. Personally, I would've written him out. Have Traci get a job teaching at English Literature at GCU and perhaps she falls for the new president of the university who has two grown children. Eventually Traci and he gets engaged however her suitor has lied to the children that his wife died. But in reality she left him and he never got over it until some time ago. The wife hears about the wedding and decides to come to GC ready to claim her family back.
  8. So many great storylines could be played with this quartet if Josh and Co. just use their imagination. Elena can decide to finish out her residency at GC Memorial. And at first she clashes with her mentor Nate Hastings Jr. over different techniques of care. Then overtime they can bond over the loss of a parent with her mother and he with his father Nathan Jr. Meanwhile, Devon and Elena starts falling for each other whilst Ana warns the pair of them to not hurt one another.
  9. Why was Annie smiling when herm other was accusing her of being up the duff like she was asking have you heard any good jokes lately?
  10. Andrea Evans ( Ex Tina Lord Roberts, Patty Williams, Tawny Moore, Rebecca Hotchkiss) and Carrie Mitchum ( OG Donna Logan) were on one of the AfterBuzz shows promoting Andrea's documentary "Rocking The Couch"
  11. Is it just me or is Y&R isn't bad or isn't good at the moment, but kind of in the middle of those two categories. Why is Abby Newman standing around playing hostess in the restaurant she owns everyday? I doubt Heiress Paris Hilton sits around her stores or other businesses she has overseas on a daily/nightly basis. I would've preferred if somehow Abby became CEO of Jabot instead of Jack this time. She could've had people thinking "The Naked Heiress" couldn't run a company, let alone tie her own shoes. Nonetheless, it turns out she does better than what Jack, Billy, and Kyle can do. I'm not a fan of most rich young characters working/running restaurants/nightclubs.
  12. Am I the only one with the opinion that Brash and Cwikly were underrated at Days?
  13. I love Traci Abbott too much to watch her get sucked in by the Aussie Con Artist. Perhaps either Jett or maybe if they have Traci become a literature professor at GCU she can become romantically linked to the father one of her promising students or the President of the University.
  14. Schuyler and Rachel - OLTL Scott Clifton and Daphnee Duplaix had tons of natural chemistry that made them one of my friendships on the latter run on the show. They too had some romantic chemistry that might've been explored if they were all fired in 2010.
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