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  1. Corbin Bernsen - (YR & GH) is reprising his role as Arnie Becker on the LA Law revival on ABC. https://tvline.com/2021/10/18/la-law-revival-cast-corbin-bernsen-returning-arnie-becker/?fbclid=IwAR2eaTwn8oATsaNjPvxEIAZ-BwvgEyaIR5p-AichqNH04c954zhOis1fG0Q
  2. This makes me wish even more Knots Landing was available via streaming on Hulu, HBO Max or airing on one of those over the air stations that plays classic TV shows.
  3. I kept seeing his name in the credits all weekend and I was like "Where is he?"
  4. Saw this on Instagram this morning Anna Kathryn Holbrook (ex Sharlene Frame Hudson - Another World) is playing Ashley Williams (ex Danielle Andropoulos - As The World Turns) and Kimberly Williams-Paisley's mother in a Christmas movie called Sister Swap for Hallmark on December 5.
  5. Amber Tamblyn (ex Emily Quartermaine) gave a shout out for her old stomping grounds on WHHL last night.
  6. I wish they would've had Leslie at least mention her son Brooks or her sisters. i.e. Lorie is finally writing dad's life story. Or Lorie, Peggy, Trish and I finally met our nephew Theo. Brooks is running Prentiss Industries in San Francisco. Give me something other than her playing the piano and bonding with characters with no connection to her. Though I did like her accompanying Tessa on the piano.
  7. Annika Noelle (Hope Logan) going in depth about her two miscarriages for Glamour. Annika Noelle on Losing a Child in the Limelight | Glamour
  8. Try https://www.dailymotion.com/videoking1
  9. Happen to be on Instagram when I came across these photos of Lauralee Bell's page. She along with Eileen Davidson, Peter Bergman, Beth Maitland, and Tracey Bregman were all at Jerry Douglas' birthday lunch.
  10. I'm surprised Knots Landing isn't on IMDb TV or even HBO Max. Since other Lorimar/Warner Bros shows our on those platforms.
  11. I know the title says "Canceled Soaps" but I have one for Bold and Beautiful I don't need to see Jack the child Taylor and Nick had via Brooke's egg to show up on screen again. It was such a stupid storyline to me. Jack Marone should be one of those characters we never speak of again.
  12. With Classic episodes of Emmerdale showing on ITV3 for the past few years now. I'm constantly reminded on Twitter that Malandra Burrows who played the long-running Kathy Bates Merrick Tate Glover Brookman also became a recording artist whose biggest hit "Just This Side of Love" reached # 11 on the UK Singles Chart. She even performed it on Emmerdale in this clip below. As well as played in the scene with her character in the helicopter with her new groom Chris Tate in the following year too.
  13. I expected Alex and Roger to finish off with a sword duel i.e. Peter Pan and Captain Hook.
  14. Did anyone like The Balkan story?
  15. Could anyone see Amber Tamblyn's Emily in any of the stories they eventually gave to Natalia Livingston's Emily?
  16. The podcast Distinct Nostalgia will be putting out interviews with several past stars of Coronation including, Dawn Acton - Tracy Barlow Nigel Pavaro - Terry Duckworth Sean Wilson - Martin Platt
  17. The podcast Distinct Nostalgia has posted the next set of past stars from Corrie and Emmerdale they'll be interviewing including Jane Hutcheson who played Sandie Merrick from 1980-1989. @I Am A Swede
  18. Just saw on Twitter that Alan is doing a SFT virtual reunion this time with SFT’s Cheatham And Peluso Virtual Interview - Soap Opera Digest Alan Locher will welcome SEARCH FOR TOMORROW alums Maree Cheatham (ex-Stephanie et al) and Lisa Peluso (ex-Wendy et al), to his YouTube series, The Locher Room. The soap vets will discuss their daytime careers and their long-time friendship. The interview will take place on Friday, October 15 at 3 p.m. ET
  19. Sadly Andy never appeared before for the finale. I wish they would've tried to at least get Scott DeFreitas for the last few months even on recurring. What else did they have to lose? We could've gotten a mention that Hope would be attending Oakdale University and is interested in studying Pre-Med which would excite John. I remember a scene at Memorial with Kim and John mentioning Andy in which Reid found out that John and Kim were once married with a grown son. Also, if I recall they mentioned Margo was going to surprise Bob and Kim with Andy at their anniversary party. But Hope had got sick and he stayed to care for her.
  20. Yep!!! And let's not mention the lack of thought for the next generation of the finale. I mean didn't Parker decide to become a cop? While Casey decided to go back to school in the last week too? If anyone should've left town it could've been Jack and Carly. Carly could've finally gotten her own fashion label in New York City as Jack contemplates them leaving town. However, he decides to go because it is time he puts Carly first as well as her dreams. We could've gotten a blurb that he got a job back at the FBI or a detective for the NYPD.
  21. And imagine if Lisa had been online the last month or so of the show. Connecting with some mysterious guy and have it turn out to be Grant Colman at the finale when she finally meet up with him.
  22. I think it was obvious from Holden and Lily's last scene that they would go back to each other. Though you would think Lucinda would scheme to get John to take over Memorial as Chief of Staff since Bob was retiring wasn't he?!
  23. I like Deacon and Sean Kanan. But you know Brad's attention span of a gnat will get tired of him in three weeks. I mean we haven't seen Ted King since August 30th. I was hoping it was going to be someone like Amber or Mary Warwick.
  24. I suddenly remembered Kelle Bryan (Martine Deveraux) Hollyoaks was in the popular UK pop group Eternal in the early 90's. I've been listening a lot of their songs since last year. The group even had a hit or two that reached overseas to the U.S. too.
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