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  1. Lucky confronting Elizabeth and Nikolas about their affair.
  2. That’s some good tea from Jacob. Did Aiden mention his exit from AMC because didn’t he hate his exit story of Aiden going crazy and kidnapping Kendall? Also random, but I never got why the show spelled Aiden differently. They spelled it Aidan when the actor’s name was spelled Aiden. Why not just keep it the same.
  3. I was reminded today of how much I loved JR and Annie the wasted potential of that couple.
  4. I always thought Carly was a popular character on ATWT.
  5. I’ve seen some clips of Katie and Brad, and I think they did have chemistry and I feel like actors who are sleeping together in real life usually don’t. How did people feel about Henry being James Stenbeck’s son?
  6. Wow, Peck was fired because they had an affair? Why weren’t both fired then?
  7. Austin Peck has always come off a bit strange to me and that was reinforced by his quick appearance with Terri on the live chat.
  8. I’ve been enjoying them, and I only watched a bit of ATWT and almost no GL. I enjoyed seeing Jerry verDorn though as a fan of OLTL.
  9. I saw someone on another board say he had an affair with Amelia Heinle. I’ve never heard that before.
  10. I saw on Twitter that Judi Evans’ son apparently passed away at the age of 23. How devastating. I feel horrible for her.
  11. I thought it was nice that we got Lucas and Brook Lynn scenes today.
  12. I like her so far, but she’s only been in 3 episodes. It seems like they might be going for something between her and Julian.
  13. https://amp.tmz.com/2019/11/22/justin-hartley-files-for-divorce/?__twitter_impression=truer
  14. I’m excited for this. I really enjoyed her as Kim on OLTL
  15. I watched the scenes where Annie is in the hospital after getting a hysterectomy, and I thought it was really gross of Reva to basically gloat after Annie had lost everything, including her ability to ever have children. I know Reva was the heroine of the show, but I haven’t really liked her in the scenes I’ve seen.
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