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  1. I don't think Jeff Webber would care since he hasn't seen his daughter in 23 years.
  2. Because Finn recently brought up his stepmother again and he doesn’t really have any other story going on.
  3. I agree, watching a few clips she just seemed like a jealous shrew who couldn’t get over Robert.
  4. I think there’s a good chance she’s still Chase’s mother since Jackie hasn’t been on the show since 1984 and they have never said his mother’s name.
  5. Demi Moore looked down on her soap past right?
  6. I wasn’t alive to see her on AMC, but I liked her on Army Wives. Spoilers for the show as her character was killed off during the second to last season. I wonder if she was fired because of her alcohol problems.
  7. I would think she’s short-term. If she’s Chase’s mother and Finn’s step-mother she’ll probably be on for Finn’s wedding to Anna.
  8. I agree with those saying she will be Chase's mother who probably seduced her step-son Finn.
  9. Currently only watch GH. Watched Y&R, AMC, and OLTL. Always preferred the ABC soaps. I’ve seen clips on YouTube of ATWT, GL, Days, and B&B.
  10. I think he's just back for Holly's memorial, but I always loved the character, especially with Kristina. I would kill for a scene between them.
  11. Skye and Ric were teased for 5 minutes on GH because they didn't know what to do with either character.
  12. I guess they're not currently rivals but Elizabeth and Sam have had multiple periods where they were feuding, pretty much always over Jason, since 2006.
  13. I agree that B&B is the worst out of all the soaps, probably because of its small cast.
  14. How many soap characters have had kids by two people who are related? Alexis and Sam both have kids by brothers on GH Reva Shayne had kids by brothers Josh and Billy on Guiding Light. What are some other examples?
  15. I’ve noticed that it seems soap fans of today are much more resistant to recasts and bringing on new families. They want everything to stay the same, though soaps have always been recast heavy. Despite the dreaded newbie label, most of the popular characters of today were once newbies. The families that led Y&R and GH in the beginning are nonexistent now, having been replaced with families like the Newmans and the Corinthos. Am I wrong in feeling like soap fans weren’t always this reluctant to accept change? I
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