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  1. I saw on Twitter that Judi Evans’ son apparently passed away at the age of 23. How devastating. I feel horrible for her.
  2. I thought it was nice that we got Lucas and Brook Lynn scenes today.
  3. I like her so far, but she’s only been in 3 episodes. It seems like they might be going for something between her and Julian.
  4. https://amp.tmz.com/2019/11/22/justin-hartley-files-for-divorce/?__twitter_impression=truer
  5. I’m excited for this. I really enjoyed her as Kim on OLTL
  6. I watched the scenes where Annie is in the hospital after getting a hysterectomy, and I thought it was really gross of Reva to basically gloat after Annie had lost everything, including her ability to ever have children. I know Reva was the heroine of the show, but I haven’t really liked her in the scenes I’ve seen.
  7. The Sharon and Adam sex scene looks hot, especially the part where he threw her on the bed. I think it's funny that she's wearing the same pink underwear set that she wore in Adam's sex dream.
  8. So does anyone else recall the implied BJ scene between Dorian and David or did I imagine it?
  9. That Cristian and Evangeline scene was quite sensual.
  10. I hate how Adam is being deemed the devil for wanting to be in his sons’ lives.
  11. Wasn’t there a scene on OLTL where it was implied that Dorian was giving David a BJ?
  12. Who do you think are some of the raciest love scenes on soaps? I always thought the first Lulu and Dante love scene on GH was pretty bold. They had to actually blur Julie Marie Berman's chest at points. Modern ones are usually pretty tame, but I thought the Griffin and Kiki and Willow and Chase recent love scenes showed more skin than usual.
  13. See I think the main problem people have with it is not the age gap, as there have been plenty of popular May December relationships. It's because Tracy is perceived as not attractive enough because she's not a size 2. I think that's horrible. I loved Coop and Ashlee on Guiding Light because it showed that plus size women are desirable. I wish there were more average sized women on soaps.
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