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  1. I've just found out a way to stream GZSZ on my TV and I'm so happy!! I was using my chromecast before but I couldn't download the TV Now app. I've figured out a way to do it and I'm catching up on episodes I've missed since September! So happy!
  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love this show. I would have liked a third season but that's currently looking unlikely in light of the pandemic.
  3. I think the acting is worst in Hollyoaks by far. That's one of the worst shows for acting I've ever seen. I also think Coronation St is pretty bad for acting these days. For me Neighbours and EastEnders are generally on par, I can't comment on Emmerdale. Which country are you from? I know your username is FrenchFan, so are you from France?
  4. I disagree, I think the acting on Neighbours is generally quite good. He is noticeably weaker than the other cast.
  5. Haha, he was widely hated among the fanbase though, for being a terrible actor.
  6. Why have they axed Kush? There are so many characters who should go before him. They always axe the good characters. They always wasted his character. How long before Ruby, Dotty and Bobby get axed?
  7. If the pandemic has caused Max to go, then that's a good thing. He's been stale for years. I'm not happy about Kush though.
  8. Did they have breaks from transmission and did their ratings improve once viewers realised they were back?
  9. This is EastEnders, what a surprise, not.
  10. Yes, Heiko was particularly bad, judging by the first episode. Although I did enjoy him wandering around shirtless Thanks for the info. Who would you consider to be the most popular characters on the show? Jonas is annoying. I didn't know Laura was Yvonne's daughter, she looks too young to be, but I googled and it says Yvonne had her when she was 13. Lots of the characters look too young to be the parents of their children. Maren doesn't look old enough to be Tanja and Lilly's mother, and Nina being Toni's mother is nothing short of ridiculous, I was so shocked when I h
  11. That's interesting. I think Emily is easily the best character on the show now and possibly even the central character. I watched the first episode yesterday and the acting was much weaker, but acting was weaker across the board back then. I suppose Leon's one of the only younger characters to have survived from the 90s and even he had a 2 year break. Why was Emily unpopular to begin with?
  12. I've signed up to RTL Now so I can watch old episodes. It's funny that not many of the old cast in the 90s stayed for long, but a lot of the current cast have stuck around for a long time. I just saw an episode from 2007 with Philip, John and Emily all in it.
  13. That bloke on The Locher Room really needs to improve his audio, it's appalling.
  14. Moritz is such a mess isn't he Feel sorry for Henri.
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