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  1. Nice to see Britney in there. Astonishing to see someone like Rihanna so high.
  2. Really enjoyed Leitita Dean's performance in last night's episode. And Sharon talking about Dennis being the love of her life and how Phil took him and Denny away from her.
  3. Oh sorry, blonde moment! Well I just hope one day she gets out of that damn ridiculous conservatorship. What do you think about the #FreeBritney thing? Surely there must be reasons for the conservatorship to be in place though still? Unless the courts have it in for her too...
  4. I'd have thought the opposite. Surely if she has no control over her money why would she bother putting the effort in?
  5. Yes, Kinda Crazy and A sweeter Place are good too! I hope she tours when all this COVID stuff is over with. I'd love to see her live.
  6. Agreed. ESP the bit in bold. I don't really care where Britney gets to in the chart now. The only reason I'd like her to do well in the charts is so she continues to make music. I'd love her to record some trance music. I loved it when she was influenced by dubstep and started trying out new things during the Blackout era.
  7. The media and public have always condemned Madonna. But Madonna didn't let that stop her. She's easily without doubt the best female artist the music scene has ever produced.
  8. I suppose in terms of her dancing and stage presence, that was her peak, but I think the peak of her artistic expression really lies in both In the Zone and Blackout. In the Zone isn't personally one of my favourites but that's more down to my personal taste in that I prefer electronic music so Blackout to Britney Jean was bound to appeal more to me, but I can see why ITZ would have so much appeal. I wouldn't say Glory was a flop. Britney Jean probably was, which I think is a shame as i love that album. But her contract with the residency prevented her from promoting it much. I think it was the promotional strategy rather than the material that was the problem. I like BJ more than Glory, I think that's because Glory lacks the club/dance tracks I like from Britney. Not many people do in pop though, really. Especially as present culture is much more ageist than when say Madonna was around. I think Britney's had a good run though. I think her conservatorship stifles any passion she has for music. Yeah, I can't think of any Beyonce tracks since Drunk in Love which were that big. But I'm not a fan, I don't follow her. Her Lion King album flopped though. THIS. I feel like P!nk is so damn boring. She had so much life and energy in her early albums. It like she got scared of getting old and decided to conform to age norms just releasing bland ballads in order to stay relevant. Her material is so cringeworthy.
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