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  1. Unfortunately there have been further allegations, this time written a lot more coherently and reliably. I think we all know who the main perpetrator is (if you're a Neighbours fan). I expect they'll be fired shortly.
  2. This video is also interesting and explains in more detail.
  3. That Indigenous actress didn't report the facts accurately. She said the N word was used on set, indicating that the show was very racist. What she failed to mention was the very important context that the actor who used the N word was a person of colour (many speculating it was more specifically a black actor) reciting rap lyrics which makes the use of the word considerably less problematic. It's still highly unprofessional, but not racist. I don't trust the actress. That, however, doesn't negate the other actors who have come forward with their own experiences. I'm more inclined to believe them. However, I don't believe racism is a rampant issue on Neighbours as that actress seems to want everyone to believe. They absolutely do need to address whatever issues there may be behind the scenes though to make sure people are comfortable and things like this don't happen again.
  4. I can. It gets about 100,000 viewers daily in Australia. In the UK, last week it had a boost and was getting close to 1.7m daily. Uusally it gets about 1.4-1.6m daily in the UK.
  5. They're always bad there but it's on a digital channel there, I don't often check the Australian ratings.
  6. The ratings are up in the UK at the moment.
  7. Neighbours is an all-year round soap now.
  8. The sad thing is they have a pretty good cast in place. But as has been said, not even one single good storyline. No good couples, no good friendships. It really is awful.
  9. I'm not that bothered about him not having a proper love interest yet. I think Moritz is a great character regardless, although it will be nice when they do get to that stage. I wonder if Nihat was the straight character they were going to explore that with?
  10. Thanks Huntress, I might watch that. I had to laugh when Moritz was sick from smoking a cigar. Up to this point we've been led to believe he's this quite street-wise lad, so that storyline felt a bit at odds with his character.
  11. That's good I used to really dislike Jonas but he's grown on me quite a lot. He can be quite comical. Stupid Erik for faking the break in at W&L.
  12. I haven't watched this since Christmas but Phil and Kat are having sex? The show really has got bad Nearly every pairing is awful, Max/Linda, Phil/Kat, Honey/Jay. Nothing I hear makes me want to tune in.
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