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  1. Thanks Huntress. I'm really enjoying the performance of the actress who plays Shirin in GZSZ. Very powerful.
  2. Thanks @Huntress, I think Rosa's the only one I'm familiar with.
  3. @gyroscope I'm not complaining They could have put him in some tighter underwear though @Huntress have there been many LGBT characters before?
  4. Moritz flirting with Nihat 💕Loved their little exchange. (Moritz is changing a lightbulb and Nihat mistakes him for a handyman) MORITZ: Do you get paid much? NIHAT: Is that a trick question? Do you? MORITZ: I don't do it for the money. I just like screwing.
  5. 'Stichwort: Urban edginess'. Sunny and Emily are hilarious in this handbag storyline
  6. Thanks, I'll deffo be watching then!
  7. I wasn't that impressed by the actress who plays Maren in the aftermath. I thought Lilly was brilliant though. Shirin thought she'd just go and get the tube afterwards 😂 I really liked how it was written. They had all these plans to go travelling, it was so sad 😭
  8. Alexander's death was brutal!!
  9. I'm glad Sharon bought the Vic.
  10. Thanks, I need to go and see this hottie in action! 😂
  11. Thank you - do you know about any other African soaps? Thank you List is becoming a bit more complete.
  12. I'm looking forward to this. I hope they get rid of that imposter Ben soon. Or the actor quits. He couldn't be an any less authentic Ben.
  13. Thanks Huntress. Spain Acacias 38 (2015-), Servir y proteger (Serve and protect, 2017-) South Africa 7de Laan (Seventh Avenue, 2000-), Scandal (2005-), Poland: Barwy szczęścia (Colors of Happiness, 2007-)
  14. Thanks! There must be soaps in other countries right?? Some more: India: Abhishekam (2008-), Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (What is this relationship called?, 2009-)
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