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  1. I'm not that bothered about him not having a proper love interest yet. I think Moritz is a great character regardless, although it will be nice when they do get to that stage. I wonder if Nihat was the straight character they were going to explore that with?
  2. Thanks Huntress, I might watch that. I had to laugh when Moritz was sick from smoking a cigar. Up to this point we've been led to believe he's this quite street-wise lad, so that storyline felt a bit at odds with his character.
  3. That's good I used to really dislike Jonas but he's grown on me quite a lot. He can be quite comical. Stupid Erik for faking the break in at W&L.
  4. I haven't watched this since Christmas but Phil and Kat are having sex? The show really has got bad Nearly every pairing is awful, Max/Linda, Phil/Kat, Honey/Jay. Nothing I hear makes me want to tune in.
  5. If there's anything you missed that needs explaining I'm happy to, other than the above about why Moritz started selling stolen watches as I don't know what happened there. I've pretty much been constantly watching GZSZ to catch up. I just watched the final episode of December so January for me tomorrow! In terms of the storyline - Felix and Laura kidnapped Rosa and framed Moritz for it. They orchestrated it so that Jo would hide the 'evidence' against Moritz and used it all to blackmail Jo and Katrin into getting the business. But then Jo realised that Felix was behind the kidnap and got him
  6. I love Moritz and Nihat's relationship. I wish they were together on screen more That moment when Jo realises Felix and Laura had set the whole thing up!! Jo and Katrin are a good double act, I loved seeing them figure out the truth together.
  7. Thanks Huntress. I know no-one probably remembers (I'm watching November) but I feel like I missed something with Moritz. In the episode I just watched, he met up with someone who gave him a bag of watches to sell. What happened there? I don't remember seeing the guy before. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm watching October episodes at the moment. I love Moritz' sibling relationship with Laura.
  9. I get what you're saying. Elly and Chloe weren't necessarily a great story. Having said that, Neighbours is much better than EastEnders at the moment.
  10. Elly left in July. Yeah, I loved the dance promo. Enjoyed Des Clarke's return this week and Amy Greenwood's return has been ok. Enjoying Clive and Jane as a couple too.
  11. Max Bowden is probably a better actor, but I think Harry fitted the role of Ben better. I don't feel the role of Ben suits Max at all.
  12. They should never have replaced Harry Reid. Ben used to be one of my favourite ever soap characters, now he's one of my least favourite of all time.
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