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  1. Anyone remember this campy primetime soap. Morgan Fairchild, Mark Harmon, Stella Stevens(My Favorite) and David Selby as voodoo king Michael Tyronne . Would love to see the whole series over again!
  2. Here is another Episode of Somerset Episode 39 Announcer: This is Somerset We see a shot of The Somerset Inn We see Victoria getting ready for her date Victoria: It will be good to see Tom again Victoria puts on her necklace, then she picks up a picture of Julian Victoria: We will find your killer Julian I promise! We see a shot of Zoe sitting at a computer Zoe: I wonder how you use these things Zoe types on the keyboard then the computer makes a beeping sound Zoe: They say you can find out anything on these things, I wonder if I can find out some things about Victoria Paisley Zoe
  3. Here is another episode of Somerset! Episode 32 Announcer: This is Somerset We see a shot of Ellen's house We see Ellen and India standing in Ellen's living room Ellen: Well, Well, Well, I never thought I would be in this situation again! India: Well, you are Ellen: I knew you would marry again India, but Robert, Robert Delaney, India?! India: Don't Start Ellen! Ellen: Your damn right I am going to start India, you marry that, that, Manwhore India: Ellen! Don't ever say that again, Manwhore! Ellen: He is India! And you married him again? India: I am not listening to this! Ellen:
  4. Episode 25 Announcer: This is Somerset We see a shot of Somerset Hospital Molly: What is wrong with Sarah? Doctor: Nothing, she is fine Bill: Oh thank god David: Yes! Molly: How bad are her injuries? Doctor: Oh she was fine,when we she got to the hospital, we got the bullet Bill: That's great Doctor: But she went into shock at the Diner, and almost died Molly: Oh god Doctor: But this man saved her life The doctor points at David Molly smiles We see a shot of Victoria in Dallas She is on the phone Victoria: Yes One ticket, Yes. Thank you, Bye Victoria hangs up April comes to
  5. I am posting another episode!! I hope you like it Episode 19 Announcer: This is Somerset We see a shot of Somerset Hospital Ginger is hugging the body bag Ginger: No Tony no! You can't be dead! Terry: What is going on here? The nurse who wheeled the body out looks at Terry Nurse: This woman just grabbed the body bag when i said her name Terry: Who is this? Nurse: This is Mrs. Greene Ginger: What, this is not Tony? Nurse: No. Mr. Cooper is still in surgery Kane: Thank god Ginger: Oh, I am sorry Terry grabs Ginger, and they walk away, the nurse wheels the body away Ginger: I a
  6. I posted Episode 16 and 17 of my Somerset Fanfic!! The episodes that follow the big shooting at The Somerset Inn!! Here is the link! http://this-is-somerset.blogspot.com/ Check out the casting News, My favourite character Psycho Zoe is returning in Episode 30 !! You can also expect another former character to return after Zoe !!!
  7. I thought I would post one Episode of my fanfic here just for fun!!! Here it is!!!! Episode 15 Announcer: This is Somerset We see a shot of the Somerset Inn. We see Ellen, Jill, Kane, Ginger, Tony and Mary sitting at one big table!! Mary: I wonder when Stan and Terry will get here Jill: Maybe they are held up in traffic Ellen: Traffic! In Somerset, what happened did a milk truck get a flat tire! Everyone laughs except Jill Ellen: So Ginger dear, how has life been treating you? Ginger: Oh pretty well Ellen. Ellen: Good Ginger looks at Tony Ginger: It was going good till I saw Kane
  8. cody_1990


    hello my name is cody and welcome to my new blog.I created this blog to remember the nbc soap somerset which ran on that network from 1970 to 1976 this is my all time favorite soap.The meaning of this blog is for me and others to talk and share info on this great soap.I hope you injoy my blog
  9. here is some info on somerset preimered march 30 1970 ended december 31 1976 created by robert cenedella network nbc timetable mon-fri 4pm-4:30pm
  10. here is some production credits from somerset head writers robert cenedella(1970) henry slesar(1970-1973) roy winsor(1974-1975) winifrid woolfe(1975) russell kubec(1975) aj russell(1975-1976) robert j shaw(1976) executive producer lyle b shaw directors joe choymn ira cirker bruce minnix joe scanlon jack coffey annoucer bill woolf production company procter and gamble filmed at jc studios in brooklyn new york city new york usa
  11. For the people who have no idea what somerset is here is some great info somerset came about when the people at nbc wanted to expand there enormously popular soap another world from 30 minutes to 1 hour but back then the idea of a 1 hour soap was just that an idea,the people in the soap world thought no one would sit and watch one soap for 1 hour.So after much talk nbc and p&g(procter and gamble) decided to create a new series closely identified with the high rated another world.The result was another world-somerset.The show was created and written by robert cenedella.Another world-some
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