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  1. Some casting and general news from the past few weeks: RTL has now officially cancelled its 4th daily soap "Freundinnen". The last new episode was shown on April 12th, 2019, and the last re-run was shown on June 28th, 2019. This fall, probably in September, a new daily soap called "Herz über Kopf" will debut at 5 pm. Until then, a reality format called "Meine Geschichte – Mein Leben" (My Story – My Life) airs in this difficult timeslot. The cancellation of "Freundinnen" has definitely helped UU's ratings: For months, the veteran show had been in a ratings slump due to its weak lead-in. On July 2nd, UU eventually reached its highest ratings of the year so far with a market share of 16.2% among the target audience. On the same day, AWZ also reached its highest ratings of the year with a market share of 17% among the target audience. On GZSZ, actor Patrick Heinrich returned to the show on May 2nd, 2019 in the role of bad boy Erik Fritsche – this time as a contract role. In 2018, Erik was introduced as Shirin's (Gamze Senol) husband who was just released from prison. Shirin hadn't told anybody about her husband's existence, not even her business partner John (Felix von Jascheroff) who was slowly falling in love with Shirin. When John and Shirin went to Mallorca to celebrate the birthday of John's siblings, the jealous Erik followed them and nearly killed John. He was sent to prison again. Now Erik is back in town and tries to prove that he's changed. Of course everybody avoids him, especially Shirin and John. Erik's working undercover for the police to bust another drug dealer – his own half brother – but the only person who knows this is cop Toni Ahrens (Olivia Marei). Of course Toni falls in love with Erik and tries to defend his actions. In turn, Maximilian Braun departed the show at the end of June 2019. Braun had played teenager Luis Ahrens for roughly two years. Even though he was a contract role, Luis only had one major storyline in 2018 when he was blackmailed with a video showing him masturbating, but for the most part he was just a supporting role and a sidekick for his mother Nina (Maria Wedig) and his best friend Jonas (Felix van Deventer). On UU, actress Josephine Becker joined the show in late April 2019 in the contract role of Leni Schäfer. Leni is a teenage girl who arrived at Schillerallee to find her biological father. Two men are put on her shortlist: Paco Weigel (Milos Vukovic) or Easy Winter (Lars Steinhöfel). The latter came out as gay in 2017 and has been in a relationship with Ringo Beckmann (Timothy Boldt) for a while now. Leni announced that Easy was her father, which strained Easy and Ringo's relationship. However, this month it is revealed that Leni was lying and that she knew all along that Paco is her true father. Paternity issues also play a role on AWZ where the history of the Steinkamp family is rewritten: Vanessa (Julia Augustin) finds out that Richard (Silvan-Pierre Leirich) is not her biological father! Her mother Simone (Tatjana Clasing) had an affair with Niclas Nadolny (Ron Holzschuh), and Niclas is Vanessa's real father. At the beginning of the show (in 2006), Vanessa fell in love with her best friend Ben, not knowing that Ben was the secret child of Richard and Nadja Roschinski. When the truth came out a while later, Vanessa wanted to commit suicide. The paternity reveal means that Vanessa and Ben aren't half-siblings after all. Hopefully, the show won't go down that route and pair up Vanessa and Ben after all these years. Also on AWZ, former UU actress Amrei Haardt joined the contract cast at the end of May 2019 as Nathalie Reichenbach, Isabelle's (Ania Niedieck) poor cousin. In turn, Ania Niedieck will be going on maternity leave later this summer. The blonde actress previously took an extended hiatus from the show after giving birth to her first child in 2016. Niedieck has been part of the contract cast since 2010. Original cast member Madlen Kaniuth departed the show on May 24th, 2019. The ginger-haired actress had played the recurring role of nosy secretary Brigitte Schnell since the very first episode in September 2006. Even though she never had a major storyline of her own, Brigitte was always involved in the lives of the Steinkamp family and had one night stands with several leading men.
  2. Since there's not much going on with the daily soaps right now, I finally got around to watch a primetime series that first aired in 2016. "Ku'damm '56" is a mini-series consisting of 3 parts that takes place in Berlin in 1956. "Ku'damm" is the local name of "Kurfürstendamm", one of the most famous streets in Berlin. During the separation of Berlin, Kurfürstendamm was the main shopping area of West Berlin. The series chronicles the lives of Caterina Schöllack (Claudia Michelsen) and her three daughters Helga (Maria Ehrich), Eva (Emilia Schüle) and Monika (Sonja Gerhardt). Caterina owns a dance school, takes great pride in keeping a strict discipline and wants to marry her daughters off to wealthy men. However, nothing goes as planned. Her husband Gerd (Robert Schupp) has gone missing in WW2 and for years, Caterina has had a secret affair with Fritz Assmann (Uwe Ochsenknecht), a long-time friend of the family. Helga gets married to West Prussian Wolfgang von Boost (August Wittgenstein) who's about to become a district attorney. However, he is secretly gay and meets other men at night time. Helga doesn't understand why Wolfgang doesn't want to get intimate with her. Wolfgang visits Dr. Jürgen Fassbender (Heino Ferch) who tries to "cure" Wolfgang of his homosexuality. Because of the pressure, Wolfgang resorts to violence and hits Helga. In turn, Helga gets the chance to become a TV star when she is booked for TV commercial where she has to play the perfect 50s housewife. When Monika sees Wolfgang at a cruising park receiving oral sex from another guy, she and Eva tell Helga about her husband's secret desire, but Helga refuses to believe them. Eva works as a nurse at a mental hospital and Dr. Fassbender is her boss. Encouraged by her mother, she is determined to marry the much older doctor. However, Eva soon falls for Rudi Hauer (Steven Windolf), the husband of one her patients and a professional soccer player. Rudi wants to leave his wife Christa (Anne Werner) for Eva and tells her that he strives for a divorce. Christa commits suicide by jumping from a window. Eva is devastated, but then accepts Fassbender's proposal, to Rudi's horror. Monika is the black sheep of the family. At the beginning, she returns home after she had been thrown out of a housekeeping school because of indecent behavior (she was caught dancing in the rain only in her underwear). Caterina loses no opportunity to tell Monika how much she loathes her. Monika has little self-esteem. Caterina eventually tries to set her up with Joachim Franck (Sabin Tambrea), the son of a weathly business man. Joachim, however, is up to no good. He gets drunk and rapes Monika on their first "date". Afterwards, Caterina tells Monika to pull herself together. Caterina tries to blackmail the Francks so that Joachim will marry Monika, but the Francks twist the facts and declare that Monika seduced Joachim. Monika tries to commit suicide by drowning herself in a lake. She is rescued by her sisters at the last minute. Afterwards, she is given a job teaching at the dance school. Monika meets Freddy Donath (Trystan Pütter), a member of the dance school's resident band. When he takes her dancing, Monika discovers her love for rock'n'roll music – which her mother hates because she thinks it's vulgar and tasteless. Monika and Freddy take part in dancing contests and also start a secret affair. However, Joachim still pops up in her life. Joachim, who has narcissistic tendencies, is indifferent to life. He gets drunk and has a terrible car crash which leaves him with a broken knee. After recovering, he breaks with his father and wants to start a new life by becoming a novel author. Caterina is shocked when she learns that Gerd has been back in Berlin for years without telling her. He now lives in East Berlin and has started a new family. Monika and her sisters discover that her parents "stole" the dance school from a Jewish family that were sent to a death camp in WW2. When he came back to Berlin after the war, Gerd was full of shame and couldn't return to his former life. In the meantime, Monika finds out that she's pregnant – with Freddy's child. Urged by both Freddy and her mother, she thinks about having an abortion. During a subway ride, Caterina tells Monika that her real father is Fritz Assmann and not Gerd Schöllack. In the end, Monika decides to keep the child. The series ends with Monika leaving Berlin with Freddy. The series was so successful that a sequel was filmed: "Ku'damm '59" takes place in 1959 and also consists of 3 parts. Another sequel, "Ku'damm '62" will premiere in 2020. in 2017, Sonja Gerhardt was nominated for an "International Emmy" as "Best Actress" for her portrayal of Monika Schöllack. The sequel:
  3. Germany's "Lindenstraße" introduced Marek Zöllig played by Martin Walde in May 2016. He was the brother of regular character Nina Zöllig and was married with a child. A while later, Marek was revealed to be transsexual and gradually changed his appearance to eventually become a woman. The character is now known as "Sunny Zöllig" and is still a regular character as of today. Sunny has been in a relationship with bisexual Tanja Schildknecht for quite a while. Here's a gallery highlighting all the important moments in Sunny's life on Lindenstraße: https://www1.wdr.de/daserste/lindenstrasse/personen/aktive/rolle-marek-zoellig-100.html Sunny has just started her hormone treatment: Sunny is fighting for unisex bathrooms at the show's main restaurant: Sunny is worried about Tanja: Sunny receives a visit from her son:
  4. Somehow, the first batch of actors portraying the Logan family members carried their worn out 80s looks into the mid 00s – and that's why the recasts were so glaringly different, because the new actors looked fresher and way more attractive. Nancy Sloan (1st Katie) is 10 years older than Heather Tom, so they definitely de-aged Katie when Tom took over in 2007. Nancy Sloan's version of Katie still looked like a frumpy wallflower when she last appeared in 2004. With Donna, it's a bit tougher because Carrie Mitchum and Jennifer Gareis are only 5 years apart. IMO, Jennifer Gareis even looked older than KKL's Brooke (and both actresses have had work done) when she first appeared in 2006. Regarding Storm, Ethan Wayne (Storm #1) is just 6 years older than William deVry (Storm #3). However, Brian Patrick Clarke who played Storm from 1990 to 1991 was way older (almost 10 years older than Wayne). They also slightly de-aged Stephen and Beth Logan when Patrick Duffy and Robin Riker took over in 2006 and 2008, respectively. But again, it was probably due to the more youthful appearance of the new actors compared to their predecessors that made the contrast seem so stark. That was also the case when Lesli Kay replaced Colleen Dion as Felicia Forrester. Both actresses are the same age, but Kay looked so much fresher and "up to date" whereas Dion was pale and looked tired in comparison.
  5. RTL has apparently decided to cancel its daily soap "Freundinnen" (Girlfriends) which debuted on August 28th, 2018. Initially, RTL only ordered 159 episodes. The last new episode was shown on April 12th, 2019 – since then, they've been repeating the show from the very beginning. "Freundinnen" had several cross-overs with "Unter uns" (both shows air back-to-back): After taking a leave from UU, Milos Vukovic appeared as his UU character Paco Weigel on "Freundinnen" for a brief run at the end of 2018. Vukovic returned to UU full-time in April 2019. In episode 116 of "Freundinnen", former UU regular Stefan Bockelmann joined the contract cast as his UU character Malte Winter. Bockelmann had been a regular on UU from 2001 to 2017. Last but not least, Kai Noll briefly appeared as his UU character Rufus Sturm on "Freundinnen" in February and March 2019. Noll has been a steady cast member on UU since 2003. Now RTL has announced that a new daily soap will take "Freundinnen's" place in the fall. The new show is called "Herz über Kopf" (a pun on the idiom "Hals über Kopf" which means "Head over Heels" – "Herz über Kopf" literally translates as "Heart over Head") and is supposed to be a mixture of a daily soap and a crime show. According to a press release, actors Mandy Neidig, Felix Maximilian, Daniel Sellier, Sarah Mangione and Tanja Tischewitsch are among the cast. Due to its weak lead-in "Freundinnen", UU's ratings have gone down the drain as well. Currently the repeats of "Freundinnen" have a market share between 3 and 4%. Ratings of the past 3 days: May 27th: Sturm der Liebe: Total viewers 1.65m | Market share: 15.0% | Market share 14-59: n/a Unter uns: Total viewers 0.98m | Market share: 7.3% | Market share 14-59: 9.3% Alles was zählt: Total viewers 1.75m | Market share: 7.8% | Market share 14-59: 11.0% GZSZ: Total viewers 2.7m | Market share: 10.4% | Market share 14-59: 18.1% May 28th: Sturm der Liebe: Total viewers 1.5m | Market share: 13.9% | Market share 14-59: n/a Unter uns: Total viewers 0.92m | Market share: 6.7% | Market share 14-59: 9.1% Alles was zählt: Total viewers 2.09m | Market share: 9.1% | Market share 14-59: 12.6% GZSZ: Total viewers 2.89m | Market share: 10.9% | Market share 14-59: 19.0% May 29th: Sturm der Liebe: Total viewers 1.49m | Market share: 15.7% | Market share 14-59: n/a Unter uns: Total viewers 0.77m | Market share: 6.6% | Market share 14-59: 8.0% Alles was zählt: Total viewers 1.62m | Market share: 8.4% | Market share 14-59: 12.6% GZSZ: Total viewers 2.35m | Market share: 10.7% | Market share 14-59: 19.9%
  6. Well, that's what you get for sending a duo that even in Germany nobody cared about. It was the first time in ages that our own ESC song didn't even chart on the German Top 100. It was also quite shady how they won the national pre-selection... the duo was only created for ESC and these girls didn't even know each other before the national final. The girls were nominated as a wildcard act in the last minute, performed last in the final, and then suspiciously won (mostly because one juror had been one of the girls' coach on The Voice of Germany). We had so much better choices in our NF: Of course none of our successful and established acts want to perform in ESC. However, they are always keen to appear on pre-ESC programs to promote their latest releases. There's always a huge ESC party in Hamburg, and this year for example Sarah Connor (she's one of our most successful pop stars with a career spanning now almost 20 years) performed her latest hit: Imagine her going to ESC... of course it would never happen. As for the UK: As long as the broadcast still gets them good ratings (I think BBC still has 10 million people tuning in), they won't withdraw. I can't remember any country withdrawing in recent years because of bad results... countries usually only withdraw because their broadcasters can't afford participating. BTW, the results of the ESC 2019 Final have been corrected. The jury from Belarus had been disqualified before the Grand Final because they had openly discussed their votes from the first semi-final. A substitute jury result was then read out during Saturday's final. However, these substitute results were apparently calculated in the wrong way, so they were corrected a few days later. New results of the Grand Final: 01. The Netherlands (498) 02. Italy (472) 03. Russia (370) 04. Switzerland (364) 05. Sweden (334) 06. Norway (331) 07. North Macedonia (305) 08. Azerbaijan (302) 09. Australia (284) 10. Iceland (232) --- 11. Czech Republic (157) 12. Denmark (120) 13. Cyprus (109) 14. Malta (107) 15. Slovenia (105) 16. France (105) 17. Albania (90) 18. Serbia (89) 19. San Marino (77) 20. Estonia (76) --- 21. Greece (71) 22. Spain (54) 23. Israel (35) 24. Belarus (31) 25. Germany (24) 26. United Kingdom (11)
  7. Congrats to our dear neighbors – well deserved win! Full Results: Semi Final 1 Iceland won the televote, followed by Australia and Estonia. Czech Republic won the jury vote, followed by Greece and Australia. With 100% televote, Poland would have qualified for the final instead of Belarus. With 100% jury voting, Hungary would have qualified for the final instead of San Marino. 01. Australia (261) q 02. Czech Republic (242) q 03. Iceland (221) q 04. Estonia (198) q 05. Greece (185) q 06. Slovenia (167) q 07. Serbia (156) q 08. San Marino (150) q 09. Cyprus (149) q 10. Belarus (122) q ––– 11. Poland (120) 12. Hungary (97) 13. Belgium (70) 14. Georgia (62) 15. Portugal (51) 16. Montenegro (46) 17. Finland (23) Semi Final 2 Norway won the televote, followed by the Netherlands and Switzerland. North Macedonia won the jury vote, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands. With 100% televote, Lithuania would have qualified for the final instead of Denmark. With 100% jury voting, Romania and Moldova would have qualified for the final instead of Norway and Albania. 01. The Netherlands (280) q 02. North Macedonia (239) q 03. Sweden (238) q 04. Switzerland (232) q 05. Azerbaijan (224) q 06. Russia (217) q 07. Norway (210) q 08. Malta (157) q 09. Albania (96) q 10. Denmark (94) q ––– 11. Lithuania (93) 12. Moldova (85) 13. Romania (71) 14. Croatia (64) 15. Latvia (50) 16. Armenia (49) 17. Austria (21) 18. Ireland (16) Grand Final Norway won the televote, followed by the Netherlands and Italy. Sweden won the jury vote, followed by North Macedonia and the Netherlands. The juries killed Norway (15th place in the jury voting) and Iceland (14th place in the jury voting) while the televoters didn't like jury favorites North Macedonia (only 12th place in televote) and Czech Republic (only 24th place in the televote). Germany received 0 points in the televote. Spain received the lowest jury score with 7 points. 01. The Netherlands (492) 02. Italy (465) 03. Russia (369) 04. Switzerland (360) 05. Norway (338) 06. Sweden (332) 07. Azerbaijan (297) 08. North Macedonia (295) 09. Australia (285) 10. Iceland (234) ––– 11. Czech Republic (157) 12. Denmark (120) 13. Slovenia (105) 14. France (105) 15. Cyprus (101) 16. Malta (95) 17. Serbia (92) 18. Albania (90) 19. Estonia (86) 20. San Marino (81) ––– 21. Greece (71) 22. Spain (60) 23. Israel (47) 24. Germany (32) 25. Belarus (31) 26. United Kingdom (16) Recap of the Grand Final:
  8. The second semi-final took place last night. The following 10 countries advanced to the Grand Final on Saturday: Albania Azerbaijan Denmark North Macedonia Malta Netherlands Norway Russia Sweden Switzerland The following countries did not qualify: Armenia Austria Croatia Ireland Latvia Lithuania Moldova Romania Recap of last night's LIVE performances: Running order for the Grand Final on Saturday: Malta Albania Czech Republic Germany Russia Denmark San Marino North Macedonia Sweden Slovenia Cyprus Netherlands Greece Israel Norway United Kingdom Iceland Estonia Belarus Azerbaijan France Italy Serbia Switzerland Australia Spain
  9. B&B: Amber. From 1997 to 2004, she was front and center, was the tortured heroine, and she even had a family built around her. Then after her icky romance with Thomas (Drew Tyler Bell) had fizzled, she was quietly dropped from the canvas in early 2005 ... only to reappear several years later. During her second stint, she was written as a desperate troublemaker and was eventually dropped again. I don't even remember how she left.
  10. The first semi-final is over. The following 10 countries advanced to the Grand Final on Saturday: Australia Belarus Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Greece Iceland San Marino Serbia Slovenia The following countries did not qualify: Belgium Finland Georgia Hungary Montenegro Poland Portugal Recap of last night's LIVE performances:
  11. The whole Spectra clan on B&B never shared any lovers. Thank God the show never did a Sally/Macy/Thorne, Sally/Clarke/Macy or Clarke/CJ/Random Logan/Forrester woman triangle. (And ditto to a Massimo/Jackie/Ridge triangle back in the day 😂) On today's B&B, that would surely happen. The only exception might be Macy and Darla who were both married to Thorne, but at least Darla wasn't biologically related to Macy. Kimberly was briefly interested in Thorne, but that was more or less stalking on her side instead of a romance. Did Felicia and Kristen Forrester ever share any lover? I don't think so, and they were hardly together on screen anyway.
  12. RTL is promoting the hell out of it. Promo for GZSZ's primetime episode: "Am 30. April... gefangen im Netz der Intrigen... Laura: Ich glaube, diesmal wird alles gut... Jo: Dass ich so was noch einmal erlebe... Katrin: Mich zu unterschätzen ist ein großer Fehler... Doch wer hält am Ende alle Fäden in der Hand? Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten in Spielfilmlänge! Am 30. April!" "On April 30th... caught in a web of intrigues... Laura: I believe that everything will go well this time... Jo: Can't believe I'm going through this once again... Katrin: Underestimating me is a big mistake... But in the end, who will pull the strings? Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten in feature-length! On April 30th!" And the promo for "Nachtschwestern"... basically the plot is about two women who used to be best friends... then one of them slept with the husband of the other one... the friendship ended, and years later they unexpectedly become colleagues as night nurses. The promo is a bit boring, though.
  13. On April 30th, 2019, GZSZ is going to have another 90-minutes primetime episode. This year, the special will focus on the Gerner clan (Katrin & Jo vs. Laura) and Emily's stalker Karla. The primetime episode is followed by the premiere of the new primetime soap "Nachtschwestern" (Night Nurses) and a "GZSZ – Behind the Scenes" special. "Nachtschwestern" stars former soap actors Ines Quermann (née Kurenbach, ex-UU), Mimi Fiedler (ex-UU), Sila Sahin (ex-GZSZ), Oliver Franck (ex-GZSZ) and Nassim Avat (ex-AWZ). GZSZ also updated its opening two weeks ago. This was the first update since fall 2017. Eric Stehfest (Chris Lehmann), Lea Marlen Woitack (Sophie Lindh), Luise von Finckh (Jule Vogt) and Linda Marlen Runge (Anni Brehme) were removed. Valentina Pahde (Sunny Richter), Daniel Fehlow (Leon Moreno), Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly Seefeld) and Chryssanthi Kavazi (Laura Weber) reveived new footage. Thomas Drechsel's (Max "Tuner" Krüger) scene is a recycled shot from 2017. The previous opening showed him together with Linda Marlen Runge (Anni Brehme). This is the first opening to feature Olivia Marei (Toni Ahrens), Maximilian Braun (Luis Ahrens), Gamze Senol (Shirin Akinci) and Timur Ülker (Nihat Güney). Contract stars Gisa Zach (Yvonne Bode), who debuted in January, and Nils Schulz (Robert Klee), who debuts this week, were not added. Here are the 3 versions: Version 1: Valentine Pahde (Sunny Richter) – Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming) – Wolfgang Bahro (Jo Gerner) – Berlin Alexanderplatz – Jörn Schlönvoigt (Dr. Philip Höfer) & Felix von Jascheroff (John Bachmann) – Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix Lehmann) – Brandenburg Gate – Olivia Marei (Toni Ahrens) & Maximilian Braun (Luis Ahrens) – Maria Wedig (Nina Ahrens) – Berlin Subway – GZSZ Version 2: Anne Menden (Emily Wiedmann) – Clemens Löhr (Alexander Cöster) – Eva Mona Rodekirchen (Maren Seefeld) – Berlin Alexanderplatz – Felix van Deventer (Jonas Seefeld) & Niklas Osterloh (Paul Wiedmann) – Valentina Pahde (Sunny Richter) – Brandenburg Gate – Daniel Fehlow (Leon Moreno) – Gamze Senol (Shirin Akinci) – Berlin Subway – GZSZ Version 3: Wolfgang Bahro (Jo Gerner) – Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming) – Berlin Alexanderplatz – Valentine Pahde (Sunny Richter), Gamze Senol (Shirin Akinci) & Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly Seefeld) – Thomas Drechsel (Max "Tuner" Krüger) – Brandenburg Gate – Timur Ülker (Nihat Güney) – Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly Seefeld) – Chryssanthi Kavazi (Laura Weber) – Berlin Subway – GZSZ AWZ last updated its opening in January 2019. Tanja Szewczenko (Diana Sommer), Christian Feist (Damian Steinkamp) and Heike Warmuth (Carmen Bauer) were removed. This is the first opening to feature Tijan Njie (Moritz Brunner), Christopher Kohn (Dr. Finn Albrecht) and Madeleine Krakor (Steffi König). Bela Klentze (Ronny Bergmann) was eventually re-added to the opening, as was returning cast member Francisco Medina (Maximilian von Altenburg). In addition, the order was slightly changed. Contract star Birte Glang (as a recast Lena Öztürk), who debuted only three weeks later, was not added. These are the two current versions: Version 1: Tatjana Clasing (Simone Steinkamp) – Sam Eisenstein (Marian Öztürk) – Silvan-Pierre Leirich (Richard Steinkamp) –Cheyenne Pahde (Marie Schmidt) – Igor Dolgatschew (Deniz Öztürk) – Tijan Njie (Moritz Brunner) – Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen (Jenny Steinkamp-Öztürk) – Francisco Medina (Maximilian von Altenburg) – Jörg Rohde (Ben Steinkamp) – Maike Johanna Reuter (Pauline Reusch) – Alles was zählt Version 2: Julia Augustin (Vanessa Steinkamp-Lukowski) – Lars Korten (Christoph Lukowski) – Ania Niedieck (Isabelle Pachlhuber) – Christopher Kohn (Dr. Finn Albrecht) – Tatjana Clasing (Simone Steinkamp) – Silvan-Pierre Leirich (Richard Steinkamp) – Madeleine Krakor (Steffi König) – André Dietz (Ingo Zadek) – Bela Klentze (Ronny Bergmann) – Franziska Benz (Michelle Bauer) – Alles was zählt
  14. This year's field is now complete. Current betting odds for the winner: Netherlands Russia Sweden Switzerland Cyprus Italy Iceland Greece Norway Portugal Let's see how this will change until May... Armenia 2019: Srbuk / "Walking Out" Language: English Belarus 2019: ZENA / "Like It" Language: English Greece 2019: Katerine Duska / "Better Love" Language: English Israel 2019: Kobi Marimi / "Coming Home" Language: English Ireland 2019: Sarah McTernan / "22" Language: English Malta 2019: Michela / "Chameleon" Language: English Russia 2019: Sergey Lazarev / "Scream" Language: English Sergey Lazarev previously represented Russia in 2016 with the song "You Are the Only One" which finished in 2nd place. Sweden 2019: John Lundvik / "Too Late for Love" Language: English
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