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  1. This week on GZSZ: Episode Counts May 2021 GZSZ Total episodes: 19 01. Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming) : 18 02. Wolfgang Bahro (Dr. Jo Gerner) : 12 *** Eva Mona Rodekirchen (Maren Seefeld) : 12 04. Vildan Cirpan (Dr. Nazan Akinci) : 11 *** Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly Seefeld) : 11 *** Gisa Zach (Yvonne Bode) : 11 07. Lennart Borchert (Moritz Bode) : 10 *** Felix von Jascheroff (John Bachmann) : 10 *** Jan Kittmann (Tobias Evers) : 10 *** Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix Lehmann) : 10 *** Jörn Schl
  2. No, all of the main characters survived – at least until the cult leader escaped from prison and poisoned Andy a few weeks later. He eventually died in the hospital. No They are still on the show and are the most important and popular characters. This week on GZSZ: Here's another Best of: The 25 Most Beautiful Weddings (Most of them weren't exactly beautiful ...) #25: Marina Geppert (Natascha Pfeiffer) und Karsten Richter (Thomas Gohlke) [1992] #24: Elisabeth Meinhart (Lisa Riecken) and Clemens Ric
  3. It was my favorite song of the night and I voted for it 7 or 8 times
  4. Måneskin from Italy won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest with their song "Zitti e buoni". This was Italy's 3rd win. Winning performance: France received their best placing since 1991. Four countries received zero points in the televoting: Hosts Netherlands, plus Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom finished with no points at all. Recap: Full results: Italy (524) France (499) Switzerland (432) Iceland (378) Ukraine (364) Finland (301) Malta
  5. Yeah, Denmark is the only song that I will dearly miss in the final. Running order for Saturday: Cyprus / Elena Tsagrinou – "El Diablo" Albania / Anxhela Peristeri – "Karma" Israel / Eden Alene – "Set Me Free" Belgium / Hooverphonic – "The Wrong Place" Russia / Manizha – "Russian Woman" Malta / Destiny – "Je me casse" Portugal / The Black Mamba – "Love Is on My Side" Serbia / Hurricane – "Loco Loco" United Kingdom / James Newman – "Embers" Greece / Stefania – "Last Dance" Switzerlan
  6. Recap of the 2nd semi-final: The following countries qualified from the 2nd semi-final: Albania Bulgaria Finland Greece Iceland Moldova Portugal San Marino Serbia Switzerland The following countries did not qualify: Austria Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Georgia Latvia Poland
  7. Now Duncan Laurence, the 2019 winner, also tested positive for covid-19. He appeared in Tuesday's semi-final and was also supposed to perform in the Grand Final on Saturday. http://eurovision.tv/mediacentre/release/ebu-statement-duncan-laurence-tests-positive-for-covid-19
  8. UU is desperately trying to win back its former audience – after bringing back Chris and Corinna Weigel after 23 years and having presumed dead villain Rolf pop up for a guest visit earlier this year, it's time for another long-forgotten character to reappear: It's Jennifer "Jenny" Turner, a fan favorite during the show's early years. Back in 1994, Jenny and Corinna were best friends and roommates. In 1998, Jenny departed to Ruanda, Africa, in the dead of night, leaving her life in Cologne behind. She only said goodbye to landlord Margot Weigel, who tearfully told her: "Schillerallee 10 will a
  9. One of the Icelandic performers tested positive for Covid-19, so Iceland will not be able to perform live in tomorrow's semi-final and in the Grand Final on Saturday. However, "their song will remain in the competition and [they] will broadcast their rehearsal performance, recorded on the stage on 13 May." https://eurovision.tv/mediacentre/release/ebu-statement-regarding-icelandic-delegation-wednesday-19-may
  10. Recap of the 1st semi-final: The following countries qualified from the 1st semi-final: Azerbaijan Belgium Cyprus Israel Lithuania Malta Norway Russia Sweden Ukraine The following countries did not qualify: Australia Croatia Ireland North Macedonia Romania Slovenia I'm happy with the results although I would have switched Croatia for either Azerbaijan or Israel. IMO, Ireland and Romania were a mess on stage, and Slovenia and North Macedonia were plain b
  11. After the success of "SUNNY – Wer bist du wirklich?" which featured Sunny (played by Valentina Pahde) in her own series, GZSZ will receive another spin-off this fall: In "NIHAT – Alles auf Anfang" (NIHAT – Starting Over), Nihat Güney (played by Timur Ülker) will be the leading character. In GZSZ's current episodes, Nihat, who has been on GZSZ since 2018, finds out that he's been adopted. In the new spin-off, he will dive into his past and tries to find his real parents. Like "SUNNY", the show will be produced for RTL's streaming service TVNOW. Speaking of GZSZ, the show now has its
  12. Episode Counts April 2021 GZSZ Total episodes: 20 01. Gisa Zach (Yvonne Bode): 17 02. Vildan Cirpan (Dr. Nazan Akinci): 14 *** Eva Mona Rodekirchen (Maren Seefeld): 14 04. Daniel Fehlow (Leon Moreno): 13 *** Chryssanthi Kavazi (Laura Lehmann): 13 *** Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix Lehmann): 13 07. Thomas Drechsel (Max "Tuner" Krüger): 12 *** Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming): 12 09. Lennart Borchert (Moritz Bode): 11 *** Jan Kittmann (Tobias Evers): 11 *** Timur Ülker (Nihat Güney): 11 12. Olivia Marei (Toni Ahrens): 1
  13. Yep, 50 actors took part in those videos which were supposed to be satirical ... they had good intentions, but obviously didn't think it through and it sparked a huge controversy today. Many of these videos have already been taken down.
  14. In most parts of Europe, the situation is still tense. Germany now has a nation-wide ban on going out between 10 pm and 5 am in all cities and regions with a 7-day incidence higher than 100 (which affects 350 of 401 cities and regions). In my city, the number of covid cases has hit an all-time high today. The vaccination process took too long to get started. Roughly 20 % of the population has received one shot, and only 7 % of the population has been fully vaccinated yet. Number of cases per 100.000 citizens in all European countries: Sweden : 391 Cr
  15. Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-11437314
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