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  1. The EBU will produce a replacement show for Eurovision 2020 called "Europe Shine a Light": https://eurovision.tv/story/eurovision-europe-shine-a-light-will-bring-audiences-together-on-16-may Some countries will create their own Eurovision specials, among them Austria, Spain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Germany's broadcaster Pro7 has announced a "Free European Song Contest" that will also air on May 16th.
  2. Since the episode of Lauren's rescue from 1986 dubbed in German has been posted in the other topic, there are ~ 80 episodes from 1996/1997 and ~ 80 episodes from 2005/2006 on youtube as well. The episodes from 2005/2006 are split in half because they aired as 20 minutes segments here. (Side note: The 1996/1997 were dubbed by a different studio than the 2005/2006 episodes, so the characters have different voices.) These episodes are all not officially listed, though. Some examples from 1996 (the first episode has a brief recap of storylines / characters at the beginning): 2005:
  3. Apparently GZSZ and UU will resume filming earlier than planned. AWZ on the other hand remains shut down since an extra has tested positive for coronavirus after filming several scenes. Yesterday, the weekly soap Lindenstraße aired its final episode after being on the air for almost 35 years and running for 1758 episodes. The show's cancelation was announced in November 2018 (see here: https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/topic/27994-german-soaps-gzsz-uu-awz/page/45/?tab=comments#comment-1593274) Final cast: https://www1.wdr.de/daserste/lindenstrasse/personen/aktive/index.html The final episode was called "Auf Wiedersehen" (Goodbye). 4 million people tuned in to say goodbye to Mutter Beimer & Co. The show ended with Helga Beimer (Marie-Luise Marjan) entering the Akropolis restaurant to celebrate her 80th birthday with all of her neighbors. As she closed the door, the camera zoomed out and the words "Liebe Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer, Team und Ensemble bedanken sich von Herzen für die vielen Jahre Ihrer Treue!" (Dear viewers, team and ensemble sincerely thank you for so many years of loyalty!") appeared. The closing credits played out for the last time.
  4. Excuse me, what? Didn't know that such stereotypes still exist... You know, people have running water and electricity in Europe these days... Lombardia, the most affected region, is Italy's economic center. The people there are wealthy (it is the wealthiest non-capital city in the European Union) and living there is expensive, especially in Milan, the country's fashion capital.
  5. Yes, currently there's no LGBT character on GZSZ. Like in the US and in the UK, most tv productions have come to a halt in Germany due to coronavirus. All three RTL soaps are affected and they have stopped filming for a while (for how long exactly is still unknown). According to a spokesperson, the break will be used to "adapt scripts to the new circumstances". All three soaps should have filmed enough episodes to air at least until the beginning of May. The 7000th episode of GZSZ is supposed to air as a primetime special on April 29th, 2020. ARD's telenovelas "Rote Rosen" and "Sturm der Liebe" have also stopped filming for at least 2 weeks. Like the RTL soaps, they film episodes 8 to 9 weeks in advance.
  6. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been put under quarantine: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/22/world/angela-merkel-coronavirus-quarantine/index.html The average age of infected people in Germany is 45, the average age of coronavirus victims in Germany is 82. At least 2800 people have recovered from the virus so far. Help across borders: Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany have offered France to take in coronavirus patients: https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-germany-france/update-1-german-swiss-hospitals-to-treat-coronavirus-patients-from-eastern-france-idUSL8N2BF0J8
  7. So finally Germany has woken up: Yesterday, Bavaria and Saarland were the first states to impose a complete lockdown for at least 2 weeks. In most other states, you are only allowed to meet in small groups (between 2 and 10 people, depending on the state). Everything except grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations and pharmacies is closed. Deutsche Bahn has reduced train connections by half. People have apparently understood the necessity to stay home and the streets are empty. All tv stations work together to support the #WirBleibenZuhause (#WeStayHome) movement. The number of infections is rising fast – we're closing in on Spain's numbers –, but the death rate is still really low. As CNN reports:
  8. I agree that this would have been a good option... but well, it wasn't meant to be. The EBU also announced that the songs chosen for 2020 cannot compete in 2021. However, several broadcasters have already decided to send their chosen singers again next year – with a different song. Apparently, the EBU is planning a different pan-European event for May to showcase this year's entries. The official album is also still to be released in April. Slovenia released their revamped version of "Voda"... I would have loved to see this being performed on the big stage *sigh*
  9. Well, it's because of our political history (of course WW2 and also the supression of the people in the Former German Democratic Republic). The government doesn't want to act like a dictatorship, and banning people from going outside clashes with the nation's mantra "Unity and Justice and Freedom". People are very sensitive when it comes to personal rights. However, like in the US, each of the federal states – and on a smaller scale, local authorities – can make their own decisions regarding shutdowns etc. That's why Berlin (the largest city and also a federal state on its own) and Cologne (4th largest city) were among the first ones to go into emergency mode. Last night, Angela Merkel held a televised state of the union address for the first time during her period of government to remind everyone to minimize social contacts and stay at home. The states North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria have the most infections. On Tuesday, the first municipality in Bavaria announced that one city has become a "red zone" until April 2nd. Residents there are no longer allowed to leave their houses except for work and for grocery shopping. The area has already been extended to several other towns. An hour ago, the city of Freiburg in the state of Baden-Württemberg announced a complete lockdown, starting on Saturday. I guess more states and counties – or even the whole country – will follow soon. The president of Bavaria already threatened to impose a lockdown on the entire state of Bavaria, while several virologists warned of the outcome of such drastic measures.
  10. Yes, it's official now. The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has been cancelled.
  11. At least the people in France, Italy and Spain are for the most part intelligent enough to follow the ban on going out. Belgium also entered a nation-wide shutdown a few hours ago. In Austria, the rules are not as strict as in the others countries, but it seems to work as well and people follow the instructions. In Germany, schools and most public institutions are closed but people still meet in large groups outside and spend their time drinking coffee, eating ice cream, run to the few stores that are still open, or just chill in the park with their families and friends. They think it's an extended holiday. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed infections doubles every day and we have more active cases than South Korea now. It's not just young people, but also a lot of elderly people – the ones who should be protected first and foremost – that can be seen on the streets. Probably they will only change their minds when they or their close relatives are affected. So far the death rate is quite low here (26 confirmed deaths), but that could change quickly. In Belgium, there are now several critical cases of younger people (30 to 50 years old) with no pre-existing illnesses.
  12. Hoarding has now also become reality in my city (Cologne, Germany, 1 million citizens). So far we've had ~ confirmed 250 cases of Coronavirus here. Our mayor is now also quarantined because she had contact to an infected person, but she's reportedly feeling well (I really hope so – she was stabbed in the throat by a psycho in 2015 one day before the election and was a in coma when she won the election). A few days ago, everything was still available but since Friday, people have apparently become crazy. There's no toilet paper, no paper towels, no tissues, no bread, no fresh meat, no milk, no nuts, no bottled paper at the grocery stores and drugstores except expensive brands. I've even heard people on the streets saying that refugees and Angela Merkel are responsible for the crisis *sigh* People are such idiots.
  13. I don't really get the malaria comparison. Malaria is an illness that has existed for centuries and there has been vast research on it. Even though there's no vacchine, people know the risks and symptoms. In the past, there were outbreaks in Europe as well – from the Middle Ages until the 1960s. However, since malaria doesn't spread from human to human (except via blood transfers), smaller outbreaks can be contained quickly, and thus there has never been any need to shut down public life. Coronavirus is a new disease with little research and it's highly contagious. You don't know how your body will react once you catch it. In Berlin, most infections have been reported in the age group 25 to 39, so it doesn't affect "older people only". 16 people caught the virus in one nightclub in one night. Of course there's no need for panicking, but I don't understand people who insist on their "right to go out partying" in times like these. ETA: Austria is now also on lockdown. All public gatherings are forbidden and restaurants are closed.
  14. France is the next country to shut down: Everything except grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations will close at midnight. Romania has declared a state of emergency. Latvia is shutting down all transport connections to other countries. In Germany, Cologne is following Berlin's measures: The city council has decided to close all bars, clubs, cinemas, etc. The zoo has been partly shut down, public transportation will be thinned out, and Cologne Cathedral is closed except for some prayer services.
  15. Denmark and Poland have now also closed their borders. In Germany, all 16 federal states have decided to close schools and nurseries until the end of the Easter holidays. Restaurants, bars and clubs in Berlin will shut down on Tuesday. New infections in Cologne have doubled since yesterday. The city council has closed all public institutions. People are advised to stay at home.
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