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  1. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    As of episode #3000, AWZ has had 75 performers in contract roles. Here are all of them, ranked by their duration on contract... (* denotes original cast member | † denotes deceased character) The Top 10 – AWZ's most iconic performers Tatjana Clasing as Simone von Altenburg Steinkamp [2006-present | 3000 eps] * Silvan-Pierre Leirich as Richard Steinkamp [2006-present | 3000 eps] * André Dietz as Ingo Zadek [2006-present; recurring previously | 2949 eps] Sam Eisenstein as Marian Öztürk [2006-present; recurring previously | 2929 eps] Igor Dolgatschew as Deniz Öztürk [2007-present | 2769 eps] Juliette Greco as Lena Bergmann von Altenburg Öztürk #1/#3 [2007-2013; 2013-2018 | 2650 eps] Jörg Rohde as Ben Roschinski Steinkamp #2 [2009-present | 2198 eps] Julia Augustin as Dr. Vanessa Steinkamp Lukowski [2006-2009; 2010-2012; 2013; 2014-present | 2054 eps] * Ania Niedieck as Isabelle Reichenbach Steinkamp von Altenburg Pachlhuber [2010-2016; 2017-present | 1851 eps] Francisco Medina as Maximilian Santiago de Castillo von Altenburg [2007-2013; 2014-2015; 2017; 2018 | 1746 eps] Northern Jenny Ah, Axel, Annette and Roman.. those were the golden days. Katja – not so much. Bea, Oliver and Mike sucked big time. Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen as Jenny Steinkamp Herzog Schwarz Hartmann Schulte Öztürk #3 [2011-present | 1674 eps] Daniel Aichinger as Dr. Axel Schwarz [2006-2012; recurring otherwise | 1453 eps] * Ulrike Röseberg as Annette Bergmann Zadek [2006-2012 | 1452 eps] † Tanja Szewczenko as Diana Sommer [2006-2009; 2016-present | 1443 eps] * Anna Katharina Samsel as Katja Bergmann [2009-2015 | 1387 eps] Dennis Grabosch as Roman Wild [2006-2011 | 1299 eps] * † Lars Korten as Christoph Lukowski [2015-present | 894 eps] Caroline Frier as Beatrice Meyer Steinkamp Zadek [2012-2016 | 874 eps] Norman Kalle as Dr. Oliver Sommer [2007-2010; recurring previously | 843 eps] Stephen Dürr as Mike Hartwig [2006-2009 | 812 eps] * † Nina Can Melanie Nathalie Thiede as Nina Sommer [2006-2009 | 793 eps] * Christina Klein as Iva Lukowski [2014-2017 | 754 eps] Franziska Benz as Michelle Bauer [2016-present | 628 eps] Volkan Isbert as Can Öztürk [2012-2015 | 626 eps] Heike Warmuth as Carmen Bauer [2016-present | 625 eps] Michael N. Kuehl as Florian Wild [2010-2012 | 618 eps] Daniel Brockhaus as Dr. Thomas Brück [2015-2017 | 597 eps] Anna Katharina Fecher as Melanie Wendt [2011-2012; 2013-2014 | 569 eps] Nina Bott as Celine Laffort [2008-2010 | 542 eps] Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt #2 [2016-present | 532 eps] Ugh, Austrian Jenny... she was nothing compared to the real prissy Jenny Sweet Julia Letizia was such a wasted opportunity – as was Vincent. Silvia Maleen as Jenny Steinkamp Herzog Schwarz Hartmann Schulte Öztürk #2 [2008-2010 | 522 eps] Julia Engelmann as Franziska Steinkamp [2010-2012 | 520 eps] Salvatore Greco as Jan Marco Schöler [2011-2013 | 501 eps] Jenny Bach as Julia Meyer [2013-2015 | 468 eps] † Christiane Klimt as Jenny Steinkamp Herzog Schwarz Hartmann Schulte Öztürk #1 [2006-2008 | 450 eps] * Jennifer Dessin-Brasching as Letizia Kaldenhoff von Altenburg [2013-2014 | 419 eps] † Tobias Licht as Lars Berger [2008-2010; recurring previously | 388 eps] Bela Klentze as Ronny Bergmann [2017-present; recurring previously | 387 eps] Daniel Buder as Vincent Thalbach [2016-2018 | 359 eps] Maria Wedig as Juli von Altenburg [2008-2009 | 356 eps] The real Nadja Tobi Everyone else here sucked big time. Well, David was ok. But he kidnapped Jenny's baby! Regine Seidler as Nadja Roschinski #1 [2006-2008 | 355 eps] * Julian Bayer as Leo Brück [2015-2017 | 349 eps] Christina Siemoneit as Sarah Wendt [2011-2013 | 344 eps] Christoph Humnig as Tom Reichenbach [2010-2011 | 341 eps] Nadine Rennack as Stella Coretti [2008-2010 | 336 eps] Yara Hassan as Raquel Santana [2013-2015 | 327 eps] † André Emanuel Kaminski as Tim Herzog [2006-2007 | 323 eps] * Michael Jassin as Tobi Märtz [2015-2016; recurring previously | 317 eps] Paul T. Grasshoff as Julian Herzog [2006-2007 | 313 eps] * † Andreas Hofer as David M. Degen [2013-2014 | 301 eps] Another bunch of nobodies. Mrs. Trinker was so wasted in this thankless role. Pia with her smug face... That awful Nadja recast... Heike Trinker as Claudia Bergmann [2010-2011; recurring otherwise | 292 eps] Armin Dallapiccola as Dieter Sommer [2006-2007 | 291 eps] * Marc Schöttner as Lukas Levin [2013-2014 | 268 eps] Carsten Clemens as Veit Hartmann [2015-2016 | 264 eps] Andreas Seyferth as Grandpa Lutz Hoffmann [2006-2007 | 263 eps] * Isabell Horn as Pia Koch [2015-2016 | 250 eps] (Horn played the same character on GZSZ from 2009-2014 and again in 2015) Julia Albrecht as Flo Brück [2015-2016 | 248 eps] Barbara Sotelsek as Sonja Brück [2015-2016 | 248 eps] Carlo Degen as Joscha Degen [2013-2014 | 236 eps] Birgit Würz as Nadja Roschinski #2 [2008 | 216 eps] The worst of the bunch with the exceptions of Rüdiger Kai. Pauline and Damian are still relatively new so they still have the chance to make a lasting impression. Poor Toni... we were all very sad when you broke your neck... not. Jan Niklas Berg as Ben Roschinski Steinkamp #1 [2006-2007 | 214 eps] * Maike Johanna Reuter as Pauline Reusch [2017-present | 207 eps] Ulrich Drewes as Rüdiger Steinkamp #2 [2012-2013 | 201 eps] (this character was played by a different actor in 2010 in a recurring capacity) Katharina Woschek as Zoé Laffort #2 [2012-2013 | 199 eps] (this character was played by a different actress between 2008 and 2010 in a recurring capacity) Susanne Schlenzig as Jutta Sommer [2006-2007; 192 eps] * Judith Neumann as Marie Schmidt #1 [2015-2016 | 188 eps] Christian Feist as Damian Steinkamp [2017-present | 179 eps] Alexander Wüst as Erik Schulte [2014-2015 | 177 eps] † Maria Kempken as Lena Bergmann von Altenburg Öztürk #2 [158 eps] Robert Maaser as Tim Hayer [2017 | 122 eps] Alexander Gier as Dr. Kai Seebach [2013-2014 | 119 eps] Rosetta Pedone as Viktoria König [2012 | 97 eps] Hannes Sell as Felix Landeck [2014 | 92 eps] Naima Fehrenbacher as Larissa Schuhmann [2014-2015 | 68 eps] Michèle Fichtner as Toni Fuchs [2014-2015 | 66 eps] †
  2. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    The cast of UU at the 15th annual Fan Event In attendance were: Sharon Berlinghoff (Vivien Köhler), Petra Blossey (Irene Weigel-Küpper), Timothy Boldt (Ringo Beckmann), Andrea Brix (Roswitha Küpper-Pütz), Jens Hajek (Benedikt Huber), Isabell Hertel (Ute Kiefer), Tabea Heynig (Britta Sturm), Chronis Karakassidis (Nikos Karadimas), Lena Klöber (Sarah Fuchs), Linda König (Larissa Huber), Sebastian Kolb (Marc Reichert), Nora Koppen (Elli Weigel), Astrid Leberti (Andrea Huber), Stefano Ligorio (Gianni Aurino), Luca Maric (Robert Küpper), Antonia Michalsky (Saskia Weigel), Alexander Milo (Jakob Huber), Patrick Müller (Tobias Lassner), Valea Scalabrino (Sina Hirschberger), Mariella Simon (Lotta Sturm), Lars Steinhöfel (Easy Winter), Milos Vukovic (Paco Weigel) Not pictured: Contract stars Claudelle Deckert (Eva Wagner), Benjamin Heinrich (Bambi Hirschberger), Ben Ruedinger (Till Weigel) --- On AWZ, Ekaterina Osimowa Steinkamp (Roni Zorina) died a horrible death: When her husband Ben was about to get shot by the devious Rottmann, Ekaterina grabbed Rottmann and touched a power line. Both were eletrocuted. Ekaterina died at the hospital. Bye bye, beautiful. ––– And the next new soap has started taping: "Alles oder Nichts" (All or Nothing) is Sat.1's latest venture. Since the 90s, the network has tried to establish a daily soap on several occasions, but all efforts ended badly. We had "So ist das Leben – Die Wagenfelds" (That's Life – The Wagenfeld Family) from 1995-1996, "Geliebte Schwestern" (Beloved Nurses) from 1997 to 1998, "Hand aufs Herz" (Cross My Heart) from 2010 to 2011, and "Mila" in 2015. In the mid/late 00s, Sat.1 had two successful telenovelas – "Verliebt in Berlin" (2005-2007) and "Anna und die Liebe" (2008-2012) – both of which however died a quick death after several behind-the-scenes changes. The new soap is described as a "glamour soap". At the beginning, business mogul Axel Brock dies in a plane crash. At the reading of Axel's will, his wife Melissa and their two children Jascha and Maria learn that Axel had three illegitimate children: Jenni, Anja and Daniel. A fight between rich and poor ensues – everyone wants their share of the family business. "We are telling a story of Top Dog vs. Underdog. The battle line runs straight through the family. Our show wants to polarize, but we will also tell emotional stories. It's a mirror of our time," says one of the showrunners. The show is produced by Berlin-based company Producers at Work. Among the cast are Anna Mennicken, Raphael Vogt (ex-GZSZ), Franziska Breite, Anne Brendler (ex-GZSZ), Mirco Reseg, Thomas Morris, Niki Finger, Marc Barthel (ex-VL), and Taynara Wolf.
  3. Non-romantic Supercouples

    Sally & Stephanie, B&B Sally & Darla, B&B - always bringing on the comedy (at least in the 90s)
  4. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    No, it's a really bad scripted reality show. Every episode deals with a teenager or young adult in trouble, usually focusing on money, family or school problems, sexual abuse, mobbing, etc. It's a typical RTL2 show. Their current top 10 shows are: Berlin – Tag und Nacht (Berlin – Day and Night) Köln 50667 (Cologne 50667) Love Island Die Wollnys – Eine schrecklich große Familie (The Wollnys – An Awfully Big Family) Curvy Supermodel (Like Germany's Next Top Model, but for plus size models – the "real" GNTM runs on rival network Pro7) Hilf mir! Jung, pleite und verzweifelt (Help Me! Young, Broke and Desperate) Armes Deutschland (Poor Germany) Hartz und herzlich (Hartz and Hearty – Hartz IV is the colloquial term for welfare / social aid in Germany) Echt Familie – das sind wir! (True Family – This Is Us) Autopsie (Autopsy) The whole channel is full of trash tv. BTN airs against AWZ and GZSZ and has a market share of ~ 13 percent. That's perfectly possible that Chroust created the storyline. He's been writing for soaps since the late 90s – he first wrote for VL in 1998, and went to GZSZ in the early 00s. I think he went back and forth between VL, AWZ and GZSZ for quite a while (all produced by UFA Serial Drama), and now he's writing for Sturm der Liebe (which is produced by Bavaria Film). AWZ and UU's current headwriters are Nicole Peisker and Nina Blum, respectively. I don't know who's writing GZSZ at the moment. Producers Petra Kolle and Damian Lott are usually the ones giving interviews.
  5. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    Yeah, they definitely did I'm glad that AWZ finally got a lot of press coverage because the show's debut in 2006 definitely changed the quality of the remaining soaps for the better. Back then it introcuded a new standard, and even flagship GZSZ borrowed heavily from AWZ's filming and storytelling techniques. RTL's new 4th daily soap "Freundinnen" went on the air last week, but ratings have been awful so far. They only managed to get half of UU's ratings (and these are not great at the moment, either). Yesterday's live ratings: 2:10 pm: Rote Rosen | Total viewers: 1.47m | Market share: 14.5% 3.10 pm: Sturm der Liebe | Total viewers: 1.63m | Market share: 14.1% 5.00 pm: Freundinnen | Total viewers: 0.67m | Market share: 5.5% | Viewers 14-59: 0.43m | Market share: 7.7% 5.30 pm: Unter uns | Total viewers: 1.09m | Market share: 7.9% | Viewers 14-59: 0.71m | Market share: 10.7% 7.05 pm: Alles was zählt | Total viewers: 2.1m | Market share: 9.3% | Viewers 14-59: 1.37m | Market share: 13.1% 7.40 pm: Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten | Total viewers: 2.86m | Market share: 11.2% | Viewers 14-59: 2.02m | Market share: 16.5% Yesterday's Top 10 programs on RTL's streaming platform: 01. Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (RTL - daily soap) 02. Köln 50667 (RTL2 - daily scripted reality) 03. Die Bachelorette (The Bachelorette) (RTL - weekly scripted reality) 04. Alles was zählt (RTL - daily soap) 05. Berlin - Tag und Nacht (Berlin - Day and Night) (RTL2 - daily scripted reality) 06. Shopping Queen (VOX - daily scripted reality) 07. Unter uns (RTL - daily soap) 08. Zwischen Tüll und Tränen (Between Tulle and Tears) (VOX - daily scripted reality) 09. Hilf mir! Jung, pleite und verzweifelt (Help Me! Young, Broke and Desperate) (RTL2 - daily scripted reality) 10. Alarm für Cobra 11 (RTL - weekly action series) As you can see, the soaps are competing with other "high quality programs"
  6. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    AWZ: "3000 episodes – and we still haven't had enough!" (Image Campaign) Backstage at the Anniversary Episode Screening Several cast members attended the Fan Event, including contract stars Jörg Rohde, Franziska Benz, Igor Dolgatschew, Silvan-Pierre Leirich, and recurring stars Roni Zorina, Christopher Kohn, Madlen Kaniuth, Ingeborg Brings and Tijan Njie.
  7. What Are You Listening To?

    20 years after "Never Ever": Their biggest worldwide hit was this one:
  8. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    At the beginning of the 3000th episode, AWZ will unveil its brand new opening sequence. Again, there are two versions. The theme has not been changed (and you can see Pauline and Vanessa singing the lyrics – or in Vanessa's case, it's rather bawling). Everyone who appears in the new opening has appeared in the previous opening as well. However, three performers who were in the previous opening were not included this time: Francisco Medina (Maximilian von Altenburg), who departed the show in April; Juliette Greco (Lena Öztürk), who's on maternity leave and last aired August 6th, 2018; and Bela Klentze (Ronny Bergmann), who came by an injury while taking part in the 11th season of "Dancing with the Stars" and last aired on May 2nd, 2018. Version A Order: Tatjana Clasing as Simone Steinkamp – Sam Eisenstein as Marian Öztürk – Igor Dolgatschew as Deniz Öztürk – Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt – Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen as Jenny Steinkamp – Silvan-Pierre Leirich as Richard Steinkamp –Jörg Rohde as Ben Steinkamp – Maike Johanna Reuter as Pauline Reusch – Alles was zählt Version B Order: Julia Augustin as Vanessa Steinkamp – Lars Korten as Christoph Lukowski – Ania Niedieck as Isabelle Pachlhuber – Tanja Szewczenko as Diana Sommer – Christian Feist as Damian Steinkamp – Tatjana Clasing as Simone Steinkamp – Silvan-Pierre Leirich as Richard Steinkamp – Heike Warmuth as Carmen Bauer – André Dietz as Ingo Zadek – Franziska Benz as Michelle Bauer – Alles was zählt In addition, RTL launches a 4th daily drama on August 20th, 2018: "Freundinnen" (Girlfriends) airs weekdays at 5 pm, followed by "Unter uns" at 5.30 pm. The show is about 4 female friends and their daily struggles. Judging from the previews, it looks like a mixture of a soap and a sitcom. (I think I already hate it and I'm sure it won't last long.)
  9. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    Official promo video for AWZ's 3000th episode: And two videos of Emily and Paul's wedding on GZSZ: Teaser and Backstage.
  10. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    Wedding Madness! On AWZ, Jenny Steinkamp and Deniz Öztürk tie the knot on August 15th, 2018. This is Jenny's 5th marriage: Her ex-husbands include Julian Herzog (2006, divorced), Dr. Axel Steinkamp-Schwarz (2008, divorced), Officer Erik Schulte (2015, widowed), and Veit Hartmann (2016, divorced). Marriage #1 happened with original performer Christiane Klimt in the role, and marriage #2 with Silvia Maleen in the role. The Steinkamp Clan 2018 From left to right: Father of the Groom: Marian Öztürk (Sam Eisenstein, original cast member) Cousin of the Bride: Damian Steinkamp (Christian Feist, 2017-present) Damian's current girlfriend, Ben's and Richard's ex-wife, Jenny's nemesis: Isabelle Reichenbach Steinkamp Pachlhuber (Ania Niedieck, 2010-present) Brother-in-law of the Bride: Christoph Lukowski (Lars Korten, 2015-present) Sister of the Bride: Dr. Vanessa Steinkamp Lukowski (Julia Augustin, original cast member) The Groom: Deniz Öztürk (Igor Dolgatschew, 2007-present) The Bride: Jenny Steinkamp Herzog Schwarz Schulte Hartmann Öztürk #4 (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen, 2011-present) Mother of the Bride: Simone von Altenburg Steinkamp (Tatjana Clasing, original cast member) Father of the Bride: Richard Steinkamp (Silvan-Pierre Leirich, original cast member) Half-brother of the Bride: Ben Roschinski Steinkamp #2 (Jörg Rohde, 2009-present) Ben's wife: Ekaterina Osimowa Steinkamp (Roni Zorina, 2018-present, recurring) Housekeeper: Frau Renate Scholz (Ingeborg Brings, original cast member, recurring) Children: Annabelle Steinkamp (Jenny's daughter with David M. Degen) and Henry Steinkamp (Vanessa and Christoph's son) Family members no longer on the show were apparently not invited to the wedding On GZSZ, Emily Höfer Badak (Anne Menden) and Paul Wiedmann (Niklas Osterloh) get married on August 8th, 2018. This is Emily's second wedding: She previously married Tayfun Badak in 2014 (which ended in divorce). Tuner (Thomas Drechsel) and Sophie (Lea Marlen Woitack) are Paul and Emily's witnesses.
  11. Best Soap Opera Opening

    The Italian theme was composed by Roberto Colombo and is called Tutti Beautiful. I know that there is a full 3 minute version but I can't find it anymore. My top 5 of German soap openings (#1 for nostalgic reasons, #2-#5 had the best visuals and were quite innovative when they debuted in the late 90s/early 00s).
  12. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Some GL episodes dubbed in German... #3226, #3227 and #3228 (these are the episode numbers of the German broadcast, so these episodes should actually be from the early 90s?) #3278 (the final episode to be shown here, German airdate: July 9th, 1999) Synopsis: It's Gilly and Hampton's wedding day. Jenna wants to make a big haul. Bridget tries to impress Hart. Alex mistrusts Roger and sends some of her people to Europe to spy on him. According to my researches, this episode must be from April 1992.
  13. German soaps: GZSZ, UU & AWZ

    After all the hype that GZSZ received in recent weeks, UU and AWZ are finally getting some love from RTL as well. AWZ celebrates its 3000th episode (and 12th anniversary) on August 15th, 2018. Official synopsis for #3000: While Deniz (Igor Dolgatschew) is looking forward to leading Jenny (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) to the altar, Jenny is in severe danger. Meanwhile, Ben (Jörg Rohde) is unaware of Ekaterina (Roni Zorina) being blackmailed by Rottmann (Marko Drylich). Ekaterina wants to sacrifice herself for Jenny. When Ben eventually learns of Ekaterina's plan, it may be too late. In the meantime, the preparations for the wedding run at full speed. While the guests are arriving, a catastrophe is looming... Meanwhile, UU is repeating a successful formula: Family vs. Family. The backstory: After a heated argument with her parents Benedit (Jens Hajek) and Andrea (Astrid Leberti), Larissa Huber (Linda König) speeds off in her car – and has a hit and run accident. Instead of going to the police, the Hubers contrive a scheme: In order to protect their daughter, they try to cover up the whole incident and try to sabotage police investigations. The Hubers don't even care about the fact that neighbor Ute Kiefer (Isabell Hertel), who is the first to find the victim, is blamed for the accident and is subsequently taken into police custody. When child protective servicess take charge of Ute's daughter Maja, Ute's ex-husband Till Weigel (Ben Ruedinger) tries to interfere: He wants to take the blame in order to protect Ute, the mother of two of his children. Till believes that due to confessing he will only receive a mild punishment – but he's wrong. Instead of Ute, Till goes to prison. The Hubers are watching from the outside as the patchwork family consisting of Ute, Till, Eva (Claudelle Deckert) and their children is heading for disaster...
  14. OLTL Tribute Thread

    That's because it was the 4th episode that was broadcast here Apparently, the package consisted of 357 episodes, starting with #3083 and probably ending with #3444 (if they didn't skip some episodes in-between – that did happen to other US soaps). The 1st episode was shown on January 2nd, 1989, on Pro7 (the network's logo can be seen in the video above). After 100 episodes, Pro7 cancelled the show on May 19th, 1989. The remaining episodes – that probably already had been dubbed in the late 80s – were then shown on a pay-tv station between 1997 and 2000. And then they wondered why nobody tuned in... imagine watching "brand new" episodes that were in reality almost 20 years old. They actually gave every episode a title, just like a primetime show.
  15. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Found this on youtube, some OLTL episode – albeit dubbed in German. The show ran in Germany for a brief time in the late 80s/90s. This episode probably is from 1980 or 1981.