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  1. DAILY CAST CHART: Review each day's cast list from February 2021 at http://www.jason47.com/days/castcharts2021.html 2021 Episode Rankings. Here's how many episodes each actor has appeared in this year (1/1/21-2/28/21), out of a total of 40 episodes. http://www.jason47.com Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes 1. Isabel Durant (Claire Brady) 20 2. Mike Manning (Charlie Dale) 19 *. Marci Miller (Abigail DiMera) 19 4. Emily O'Brien (Gwen Rizczech) 17 5. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) 16 6. Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) 15 *. Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston) 15 8. Lamo
  2. That's how Ali ended up having so many episodes that year, since she did the Sami voiceovers, or her episode count that year would have been much lower.
  3. Yes, her character was named Bliss for that storyline. Yes, it's always fun to spot Jacee in the background, sort of like Where's Waldo. I think I most recently saw her at Eric and Nicole's wedding at the pub as one of the wedding guests. Her real name is Joyette, so that's how they list her on today's "Judge Judy."
  4. Thanks for that find. I had made a couple of screengrabs in case Dan deleted things, which he has now done. In this enlarged photo, which is not seen in the main photo you posted, "Stan" can be seen on the wardrobe's shoebox.
  5. "Days" related... If you missed the original airing, long-time "Days" actress Jacee Jule, who played Patty the Salem Place waitress, as well as being Frances Reid's on-set assistant, appears as the plaintiff on a repeat of "Judge Judy" airing in syndication on Wed. 2/24. For areas which get a double-run (two episodes) of "Judge Judy", it is the second episode of the day.
  6. I took it as she auditioned for movies knowing she was leaving Days, and probably knowing the start dates for the movies would be after her Days contract ended, so I don't think the Convicted movie had anything to do with her Days contract, just that she booked it as she was exiting Days.
  7. Just looked it up. Here you go!
  8. Here's a contract of Susan Seaforth's for an appearance on GH in 1964:
  9. Glad you enjoyed! The slashes in each column represent the actors who are there to rehearse the next day's episode. The X's (which I still use in my monthly cast charts) are the actors who actually tape and appear in that day's episode.
  10. Here's the end of a 13-week cycle (the episodes airing from 9/27/71-12/24/71): At this point, Denise was guaranteed just 20 episodes over this 13 week cycle. But she worked 28. Bill Bell would famously overwork people, regardless of their guarantees. In this cycle, for instance, Ed Mallory was only guaranteed 20 episodes as well, but he worked 41 episodes, more than twice his average guarantee! Mac had the best agent. His guarantee of 40 episodes over 13 weeks was double anyone else in the cast. The rest of the cast was guaranteed 20 episodes over this 13-week cycle, except
  12. I've been told different amounts by different people in the industry. I think something as simple as "Happy Birthday" (up until recently not in the public domain) was around $25.000 for one use. Most other songs could be around $50.000. I think it was around that for Bill & Susan Hayes to be able to sing "Always" (Tom & Alice's song) at the Horton Town Square dedication ceremony in 2011. Now, those are the prices for a first-time airing. I don't know how much it decreases to be able to use it again in a second (repeat or online) airing.
  13. Based on aired cast lists/production paperwork, Robert Alda got a special end credit for his brief time on Days as well.
  14. I never heard background music cues as being the problem. I've only heard it was the popular music being the problem. Bill Hayes, Kaye Stevens, etc... sang many popular songs on Days at Doug's Place in the 1970's, and then Days started using tons of popular music in the 1980's, songs that would cost too much to use for a second time today.
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