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  1. DEIDRE HALL'S 45TH ANNIVERSARY AS MARLENA... In celebration of Deidre Hall's 45th anniversary as Marlena, fans will get to read complete details of her first few weeks of episodes for the first time! Each episode will post on the 45th anniversary of its airing. Next up: Marlena's second episode: June 23, 1976, which will be posted on June 23, 2021.
  2. She left in October 1984 and returned in August 1985. Here's her monthly stats up until the wedding month of Feb. 1986. So she was only in around 30 episodes between her return and the double wedding. 10/84: 1 8/85: 3 9/85: 2 10/85: 4 11/85: 4 12/85: 7 1/86: 8 2/86: 9 Maggie last aired 10/1/84, so she was around for Elaine Princi's first 17 episodes in August-September 1984 and her final two episodes in September & November 1985 (checking the cast charts, Maggie appeared in those final 2 episodes of Linda's).
  3. I couldn't find the post, but someone at another reliable board said Carson said on his Insta that mid-August will be his first airdate, which would line-up more with just after the Olympics break.
  4. HEY...THAT'S MOM TO YOU!! Just found this funny mistake in a script (# 2506), where they have Tommy (Alice's son) incorrectly calling her Alice instead of Mom. On the next page, he's back to calling her Mom.
  5. Not sure if this counts as a spoiler, since it's available on Peacock 4 days early by mistake, but here's the scene log for the Monday 6/14 episode: TEASER ACT: Chloe's Hospital Room (Chloe, Brady, Philip) DiMera Mansion (Chad, Gabi) Kate's Hospital Room (Kate, Jake) Marlena's Townhouse & Corridor (Sami, Lucas, EJ) ACT ONE: Kate's Hospital Room (Kate, Jake) Marlena's Townhouse & Corridor (Sami, Lucas, EJ) ACT TWO: Basic Black Office (Xander, Nicole) Chloe's Hospital Room (Chloe, Brady, Philip) Marlena's Townhouse (Sami, Lucas, EJ) DiMera Mans
  6. Here's the estimated weekly production schedule since 2014: http://www.jason47.com/days/productionschedule.html This week they were taping a majority of these episodes: Week of 6/7/21-6/11/21 # 14197-14204 (airing 10/11/21-10/20/21)
  7. Seems like 6 was about the average for the remainder of the month. The following day had 8 sets. 2667...6/21/76: Cast: Tom, Mickey, Bill, Greg, Amanda, Brooke, Trish, Marlena, Jeri, Hank, Rosie, Nathan, Stanhope, Ginny, Dr. Powell, Jennifer Rose. Sets: Amanda's Hospital Room & Waiting Area Outside, Laura's Den/Hallway/Front Door, Phoenix Bank, Sanitarium Dayroom, Phoenix Coffee Shop, Brooke's Apartment, Tom's Hospital Office, Dr. Powell's Sanitarium Office, Hospital Coffee Shop. 2668...6/22/76: Cast: Alice, Bob, Phyllis, Mike, Neil, David, Brooke, T
  9. Found this article recently from June 1973: [/img]
  11. FROM THE VAULT: 45 YEARS AGO: JUNE 4, 1976: JULIE LEARNS THAT DOUG IS BRENT DOUGLAS! Episode # 2656: Robert is a bit uptight with Doug when a messenger brings a special delivery letter to Doug's Place for Brent Douglas. Julie, of course, does not react, not yet knowing that Doug himself is the Brent Douglas from whom Kim is seeking a divorce. Kim walks into the scene and is a bit shaken, but covers when she sees Julie's flashy diamond engagement ring. Don is delighted to bring Doug the news that he and Kim have inherited a Polynesian island from Kim's mother. Knowing J
  12. FROM THE VAULT: 45 YEARS AGO: JUNE 3, 1976: DOUG BUYS A DIAMOND RING FOR JULIE JUST AS SOME SALEMITES BEGIN TO FIND OUT HE IS BRENT DOUGLAS... Episode # 2655: Doug goes to a chic jewelry shop to buy Julie a diamond ring. Meanwhile, Julie questions Don about Kim's legal papers she just put in the filing cabinet. She's surprised to learn that Kim is married and filing for divorce from a man named Brent Douglas who is a friend of Doug's. Doug returns home and happily shows Robert the ring he bought for Julie. Linda arrives with divorce papers for Brent Douglas. Kim told Don
  13. You're welcome! Glad you are enjoying them!!
  14. FROM THE VAULT: 45 YEARS AGO: JUNE 2, 1976: HOPE ASKS DOUG IF KIM CAN BE HER NEW MOMMY, BUT JULIE HAS OTHER PLANS... Episode # 2654. New Day. Julie enters Don's office, late, having been to see Amanda. It's a moment tinged with sadness, but primarily a happy one for Julie as she tells Don about her marriage proposal from Doug and that she in
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