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  1. That sounds interesting, Huntress. I've tried watching Unter Uns a few times but it's never grabbed me in. I'm all caught up on GZSZ now and up to date with episodes and really enjoying it. I loved Emily's reaction to finding out about Philip and Patrizia. The actress is so good. Her face when she saw them coming out the elevator was priceless! I'm also loving the Nihat and Lily 'relationship' though I really like Lily and it always goes wrong for her (whatever she says this time about not looking for a full relationship) so I'm dreading that happening.
  2. Thanks for all the updates, Huntress. Don't seem to have had any time for watching GZSZ at all over the past few months, hopefully will catch the latest episodes over Christmas and catch up with what's going on. I wish the GZSZ team were better at keeping the openings more up to date with the current characters!
  3. Yeah , exactly, I was hoping for some tighter underwear at least ! I quite liked the lesbian girl, Anni, who left a few years ago. I wonder who they are planning to pair Moritz up with? Let's hope they don't waste the character.
  4. I've enjoyed his scenes with Nihat too. Though, not sure about the GZSZ wardrobe department - I'm not sure what young gay guy is choosing to wear 90s surferdude baggy underwear Though, perhaps gay guys in Germany have different tastes
  5. I'm all caught up on this too now - really thought it was well done. The actor who played Maren was good, but I agree Lilly was really good. I love Lilly so much, I was in bits. The actress has such a streak of sorrow that runs through her protrayal of her, it gets me every time something happens to her!
  6. Its a little thing you plug in the back of your television https://store.google.com/gb/product/chromecast You can then cast shows from apps on your phone or on your laptop to the tv screen if they support it.
  7. I'm from the UK. I don't watch any of the UK soaps any more now. I used to watch them all years ago. I don't really have the time, but they don't interest me so much anyway these days. If I had to watch one I'd watch Emmerdale as I've watched that on and off until about 2 years ago. I load GZSZ on the tvnow website tvnow.de on my laptop, then I cast it to my tv using a google chromecast. It's free on that website. You only have to pay if you want to see the upcoming episodes that haven't been on tv yet. The recent on TV eps are free too watch for a week after they've been on tv
  8. I don't remember her playing that part as I've not watched for long enough, but I do know 'Ooonagh' - I didn't realise she was originally known for being on GZSZ that's exciting that she'll be coming back! What did people think of the 7000th episode? I really enjoyed it, and managed to understand most of it! . I love the friendship between Katrin and Maren, and think Nina is great too. I'm not really very keen on Yvonne so enjoyed Katrin revealing secrets. I thought the storyline was fun, but also thought the moment where Katrin was about to walk into the sea, but heard Maren sc
  9. I've finally been able to register and post! Long time lurker here, who is using my first post to say how much I enjoy this thread. A big thank you to Huntress and any other contributors - I have read your updates for a long time and enjoy them very much and really appreciate you posting them. I'm a german learner, who uses AWZ and GZSZ to practise my listening skills and I of course really enjoy them too, especially GZSZ. Just wanted to post to say how good this thread is for information and to let you know people are reading!
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