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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOA: Kim got a verbal lashing, and it was long overdue. However, all the women on Atlanta are just a step better then Kim. I find there is no one to root for on this show except maybe Cynthia (she's beautiful and actually seems like a nice person outside of the group). With that said, I'll never understand how Phaedra got fired.. but not Porsha? Porsha was the one to blurt out the Kandi rumor on camera.. so she should have been sacked as well. I just don't get what Porsha has on Bravo/Andy that she is allowed to keep being employed. She is vacant, unmarried, no kids, and really has nothing to bring to the table except for the inability to fight with words. RHONY: I'll say this again and I'll be preparing to duck.... I don't get the Dorinda love. She has issues with alcohol, an abusive streak that comes out when drunk, and is harsh in her manner of speaking. Also, I think she could darken the hair because the almost white/platinum hair makes her look older and washed out. A darker color of blonde would warm her and soften her hard edge looks. Again.. why is Tinsley on the show?
  2. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Lujack died on screen.. and it didn't make sense to bring him back alive again. At the time, GL was more about realism then fantasy. With that said, I did like Nick and KS' Mindy together... even grew to tolerate Eve/Nick together... but when the two recast Mindy's came on... the show should have wisely had Mindy/Nick go their separate ways instead of trying to keep them together just because of contrived conflict between Mindy/Alex (both recasts without the history). I did like Susan.. and thought she and Nick were good together.. but by the mid 90s.. the show was changing and they didn't seem to fit anymore.
  3. B&B actress returns!!

    If she's back and is basically background/support... then it is possible that hack Bell only bought her back due to fan demand.... but if she's back to be another woman fighting for Liam.. then hack Bell thinks having three women fighting over a guy is something new for him to try.
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    That's what Marland wrote when he took over in late 1985... but before he took over.. it wasn't shown for sure what caused his suicide.. and Lucinda assumed it to be Whit's fault.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think BH is a lost cause. The reason the first season worked was because they were themselves and weren't acting.. per se. The second season was pretty good, but the other women were trying to upstage LVP.. the breakout housewife from the first season.. and Camille was muted due to PR/shock of going through a divorce. I am intrigued to see how OC will fare in season 14... it seems like Tamra/Shannon are still buddy buddy (Tamra even got some Bass Lake comments on her instagram for hanging with Shannon in Philadelphia right after Eddie got his 4th heart surgery procedure... you know the show will flash back to season 4 with her saying that if her spouse was in the hospital.. she would be at his side no matter what LOL).
  6. The Doctors

    I'm dreading the Marland era especially if it's true he alters the DNA of the show by focusing on the Aldrichs, Dancys, and Powers.. instead of the actual hospital. I prefer the hospital element and the majority of character being doctors, nurses, or work at the hospital. On the other hand, The Doctors is his first head-writing stint so maybe he realizes after this show that he can't alter the DNA of the show.. or write off a lot of the characters (his stint involved writing off a lot of the characters on now.. and introducing a slew of characters that had nothing to do with the hospital). Time will tell. I'm also not a big fan of Marland's writing anyway so I'll make sure not to look at the credits by mid 1976
  7. "Roseanne" revival

    I was bummed that Roseanne was only a half-hour... and even more bummed that the Middle wasn't on last night after it... and it was some new show starring the dude from Scrubs. Upside is that the Middle kept more of Roseanne's lead in when it follows it. Any theory on why the other three sitcoms following Roseanne barely rate about 5 million viewers? With that said, I would have held off Bev coming back till next week so that more time could be devoted to David (since he's only on for one episode this season). Also, I'm glad the show was smart to know that David/Darlene shouldn't have ever been end game.
  8. The Doctors

    To be honest, Cenedella's stint is almost a complete 180 from the Pollocks... which is both good and bad. The Pollocks also axed a few characters they didn't want either when they first took over (Anna, in particular who announced one day that she got a job in New York.. had a two day goodbye ceremony and was off the show). With that said, Andy was dead weight and that Joe character didn't really fit in either. The good of Cenedella: More character driven scenes, which the Pollock's seemed incapable of writing especially in their last months as writers. He quickly bought back Mona and involving her in the Steve/Carolee/Karen custody battle.... he quickly moved Ann out of Steve/Carolees house (plot driven move by the Pollocks imho given Carolee's jealousy issues and no woman in her right mind would allow her husbands ex wife to move in even if they didn't have feelings for one another)... he is writing MJ and Penny with more depth and made Stacy less of a trainwreck of a character. The bad of Cenedella: The Pollock's were heavy on plot and action.. and light on character driven scenes.... Cenedella is the complete opposite. Other then the Steve/Carolee/Karen custody batte.. which is getting some movement/action... there aren't any other plots going on... just a lot of scenes of characters talking. Since the previous writers/producer drove the actress playing Lauri off the show, he did at least provide a reason as to why she isn't on the show (and to be honest.. it fit the character though it would have been nice to see on line).. and I get why Mike had to leave.. but it didn't fit how he was written off. It has caused the Toni/Alan characters to stall... had the Pollocks not killed Margo off, it wouldn't have been a problem. With that said, I'm not sure about the Scott/Althea coupling... it does answer for me which writer created his character and Eleanor/Wendy. So while I like the more character driven stuff, I do think some plot lines/actions would have been nice as well. I can see why Depriest was hired, tbh.
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The 1983 episode was interesting... but I could see why long time viewers tuned out because there were a bunch of characters nobody cared about on the show. I assume the lady talking to Bob as they drank a glass of wine was the recast Lisa? She seems decent and if Eileen had never returned, I could have been alright with this actress playing Lisa long term. She and Bob had the friendship chemistry... though I wonder who thought Bob/Miranda would have worked as a couple... a fling yes.. but as a married couple? Thank gosh Bledsoe Horgan had the wisdom to reunite Bob and Kim.. and bringing back Chris/Nancy full time. Did Nancy ever meet/interact with Miranda? The actress playing Frannie was cute and all american, but my favorite of the Frannie's wasn't her nor Julianne Moore.. but the final Frannie.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    My mom used to tell me that Nikki was a model for Jabot.. but I never saw any proof of that... this episode proved she was at least a part time model.. and Victor is trying to dictate Nikki's life even back then. I know that Nikki/Victor were a popular couple back then, but I often think once Nikki married Victor.. she was basically isolated to the ranch with little to no interaction outside the ranch. Perhaps her staying as a model at Jabot would have kept her from being isolated so much. Ashley finding out that Brett was her father started the mental instability of the character. Before that, Ashley was fairly confident... but finding out she isn't an Abbott threw her for a loop. I now understand why the show resorted to Ashley having nervous breakdowns because Eileen could play a melt down like no one else. Brenda and Shari (when they played Ashley) were too strong willed and I couldn't see them playing Ashley having a mental breakdown. I didn't realize Jill/John were still married at this point... when does John find out about the affair between Jill/Jack? Traci... she struggled in the early years... who knew she'd be the one to hold the family together in the later years (she's one of the few characters that never backed down to Victor).
  11. OWN picks up Jamey Giddens scripted show!

    What's the story with Jamey? I don't know much about Jamey, but wasn't he the one to help Victoria Rowell out with the Rich and the Ruthless? Maybe Jamey could show Tyler Perry how to write a soap.
  12. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    I loved Small Wonder as a kid.. and it's actually a cute show. Not every show has to be deep or high quality.
  13. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Mal Young is the british version of Charles Pratt Jr/ Dena Higley that goes for plot and shock value over any sort of character driven story telling. He helmed a daytime version of Knots Landing in the UK called Brookside.. turning it from a realistic depiction of families living on a cul da sac and focused more on shock, plot twists, etc... and at first, the show had great ratings.. but it eventually drove away viewers and follow up show runners couldn't revive it. When I read he was joining, I knew exactly what CBS/Sony were looking for... and Sussman wasn't able to deliver (due to grief, not keeping up with the times, etc)... so she was out and Mal was in.
  14. LOGO Sitcom Reruns

    Punky Brewster
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I remember an interview where Zimmer said it was a combination of menopause, quitting smoking, and stress over the show that caused her weight to balloon. The sad part was that the show dressed her quite badly when for years, Reva had been known for being a clothes horse. Even though she was still heavy when she was on OLTL, the show dressed her in blazers and professional outfits that made her look less heavy then the crap GL put her in.