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  1. But alas if you killed Lily off..where would that leave Holden? Holden could have gotten a new lease on life had that happened
  2. They should have listened to old school radio shows to see what the format was..since podcasts are a lot like radio of yesteryear
  3. I remember back in 1998 when Lorraine Broderick was hired that she had a 6 month story projection that got her the job..but that once she was hired..all her ideas were rejected and she tried to make their edicts work as best as she could. Her stint was one of the last times Lisa had any sort of story, etc.
  4. My mom was excited when Diane came back in 1996 and wondered if Patty would return (didn't happen at the time). She even accepted Susan Walter's as a recast cause she had the look and essence of Diane (though she had more a desperate quality that the show wanted to play up that Donnelly couldn't play). However, she was not happy about Maura West playing Diane...was too young, didn't look like the other actresses, nor had the essence of Diane either. Plus, Susan Walter's had come back for a visit months earlier so people were less willing to accept MW. I'm also hoping the real Diane is out there somewhere..but alas no.
  5. My problem was the make up and break up of CarJack. I would have preferred if they broke up, co existed as parents while both found couplings that had decent development. It would have made their reconciliation even more powerful..imho. Look at Bob and Kim..spent years apart..both had decent pairings..but by 1985, reconciled and the impact was felt in positive ways.
  6. AMC: Brooke's arrival..and Erica before she became Erica AW: Had Jacqueline Courtney not been fired..the equal focus of Rachel and Alice would have continued well beyond this point. GL: I like the dual purpose of Rita being a double obstacle with Pam/Tim and Ed/Holly....and the debut of Ben Mcfarren. Leslie was given huge focus by the Dobson's...had Lynn Adam's not quit..who knows how long Leslie would have been focused on. Y & R- it seems like Chris was the peacemaker of the Brook sisters. It's odd lorie felt inferior of Leslie..given how full of life she is
  7. Let's face it, had Marland lived past 1993..he would have most likely resigned from Atwt eventually. Curlee,Long, Dobson's left the genre..and Nixon was kept out of the writing room at AMC. Sheffer needed a strong EP to keep him in line...while Ron on Days needs a co head writer to balance him out.
  8. GL brought back some favorites in the last weeks of its run..so I'm sure with Atwt it wasn't just money. Sheffer was nowhere near Marland's level..and Tom/jean putting him on his level said all that needed to be said. Victoria Rowell was right to rave about Susan Dansby years ago on Twitter. She seemed intelligent and more vocal about what was wrong with soaps. I wish the 4th panelist Charlotte was given more time to speak.
  9. Watch his oltl one from yesterday...the tea was spilling He didn't have much to do with AW...so I can see some tea spilled.
  10. I'm surprised Alan was quiet during most of the interview especially with tea being spilled by all 3 actors.
  11. In regards to the crime story of 1982/3...I recall the climax involved Mary Williams kicking butt in a barn or something. Am I remembering right?
  12. They kind of touched on the Michelle/holly relationship again when Budig played Michelle in 1998. They had some scenes where Michelle was confiding in Holly about Drew's interest in Jesse..plus Michelle's reluctance to help Holly with Ken due to him.shooting Ed many years before. And when Joie Lenz played Michelle..she went to see Holly at Christmas 1998..and was woried about Holly's mental state. Shame because Holly could have been on Michelle's side against Carman
  13. From watching episodes of SG's Melinda...the character could have worked had the character been bought back when Dorian was on the show. Melinda and Dorian had a complex relationship...different than Dorian's relationship with Addie.
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