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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    S4....the only person that defended lvp was Joyce at the reunion. Carlton gave good advice to LVP by saying to cut them out of your life as much as possible. In other words, I think carlton advised her to quit without saying so..if that makes sense Dallas needed to add a new person for s3. Keeping the same cast season to season never works cause things ge55 stale. I vote for s14 of OC to cut vicki or tamra. Shannon is strong enough to keep the show going with the loss of either of those 2. She's the only good 5hing for s13. Divorce has done wonders for her.
  2. The Doctors

    I'm one of the few that buys Ann's change...the Pollocks started it in spring 1975...and Cendella continued it with Ann siding with Steve even when he was wrong...and when he pursued her...he awoke her repressed sexual side..and she went to desperate means to keep hold of that...and Depriest had a scene where she couldn't believe what she had to do to get Steve..and was beating herself up being unable to help Matt because of what she did. I've noticed the new scriptwriters lack fun and snappy dialogue....I dread Paul and Ann interacting because these new writers won't write their scenes as well. I wish Marland kept Depriests script writers because I liked the ene3gy and psychological tone Depriest brought. Lakin and Edelstein provided that as well as being forward thinking. GH was more. Marlands speed...it was more about harmony and community...the doctors was more emotional with conflict and more forward thinking (right to die was a hot topic, and feminism was huge in the mid 70s.).
  3. AMC Tribute Thread

    I like to 5hink they didn't end up together...2.0 didnt mention Jack only Erica...and I believe her dreams came b4 a man
  4. The Doctors

    Well when you get to late 1976, you'll going to think what you're watching now is lightening fast LOL
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    It's about time the franchise go back to non housewives getting talking heads. I think it adds dimension to the proceedings to get other peoples point of views... and Mama D needed to have her point of view expressed.. so I hope this will continue The OC still has occasional talking heads from non housewives (even Shannon's twin daughters had one or two).
  6. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    Oddly, out of all the veterans still on the show... Marlena is the only one that still resembles the Marlena of yesteryear especially when she's in therapist mode. Ironically, until the mid 90s.. John/Marlena were not even popular with viewers... John/Isabella.. and Roman/Marlena were the couples fans loved. I recall up till mid 1994 when Wayne Northrop left.. that fans wanted Marlena/Roman to get back together.. while fans were liking Kristen/John together. Mid 1995 with the demon possession story is when the writing slanted to show John/Marlena as the end game couple with Kristen as spoiler. So when I see John/Marlena together now... I hate that they're stuck together when both characters are so much more interesting when not together.
  7. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Is the new show going to have a Halloween episode? I hope so because season 10 didn't.. though they had a nice nod to that tradition with the family going through boxes full of their Halloween decor after their basement flooded.
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Jeana quitting at the start of season 5 was both a surprise and yet not a surprise. You could tell that she wasn't down with the nasty/conflict tone the show was turning into so she exited stage left. She was one of a kind in a weird way... and Shannon replaced her in terms of the relateable factor.. but not the low key/laid back style that Jeana eluded. Plus, Jeana was on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show.. what other housewife has had that honor? In regards to LVP... like I said before, if RHOBH hopes to grow and not keep stagnating... LVP needs to go.. so that we can finally get a new storyline. Brandi/Kim leaving after season 5 was kind of a game changer because the women turned against one another in season 6. However, I wonder why LVP keeps getting targeted season after season.. is there perhaps some truth that she isn't all sweetness and light? And in regards to Rinna, I saw her reality show that she did years ago with her hubby/kids... and she was warm, fun and likable. I recalled being excited she was joining RHOBH.. and the first half of the season, Rinna was still warm and likable... but than she got onto the Kim obsession wagon and never got off of it... with Kim gone, her focus has turned to LVP. If she'd stayed how she was in the first half of season 5.. I think she could have become one of the main faces of the BH...imho. I will be interested to see how Denise R will fare since she wasn't too big into conflict on her reality show. Still.. she has three kids, her dad was a positive influence, and did she recently marry? I can't recall. I think Denise Richardson would have fit in well in the earlier version of the Housewife franchise.
  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Because danielle is too crazy to make a housewife. I think lvp needs to leave rhobh, the only that show can evolve. With her gone, that means Kyle is even more useless and than she can go too
  10. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Hopefully Darlene and David never reunite, it was a mistake to marry them off when Darlene was better off without that noose around her neck. Juliette Lewis... I'm in When I was thinking of possible people to play Blue, she popped in my head LOL
  11. Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    NBC scheduled Saturday nights up till 2000. The late 90s on NBC on Saturday had a fairly strong schedule with The Pretender/Profiler getting decent buzz.. while the network could never find a strong third show to start the night off no matter how hard they tried. After 2000, NBC went to repeats.. with CBS following suit by the mid 2000s. Friday nights in the late 80s till the mid to late 90s had TGIF on ABC... it was done as CBS started losing their grip on the night.
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    Pre-porkchop Natalie.. that is
  13. AMC Tribute Thread

    Brooke was kind of a judgmental shrew.. so I loved it when Erica would always burst her bubble. With that said, Erica/Brooke consistently didn't care for one another and that was maintained up till the end of the ABC version of the show. One time when my mom tuned in (late 90s).. she noticed Brooke and Erica didn't interact at all and wondered if the two had somehow made peace until Erica said she wouldn't trust getting a final meal from Brooke if her life depended on it.. and my mom said 'well that answers my question'. Since Brooke was Erica's best female sparring partner.. let's select who would come in 2nd after Brooke? Erica vs Annie was entertaining.. Erica vs Greenlee was slanted where Erica would come out on top. I would say perhaps original recipe Natalie or Barbara would be a close 2nd to Brooke for best sparring partner for Erica.
  14. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Shannon and QVC are a natural fit. She ended up on that channel while the dubrows were on Evine lol. QVC, in its day, was the high end of the shopping channels.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Gosh the OC had a better pre season trailer and an even better mid season trailer. Still.. it could be better than it looks. #openmind