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  1. Dallas: If I were advising Brandi on how to interact with Tiffany...I would talk about her children since both of them have daughters. Maybe set up a playdate with her twins and her youngest daughter. And just ask her questions about her life....you know...show an active interest. So Kary's month long b day celebration reminds me of Leeanne 's multi day wedding adventure. 2 peas in a pod
  2. She was more entertaining in her closet than Jen shah was all season. Less is more
  3. I always loved the Nancy/Lisa vibe...my favorite scenes was after Eduardo died..and there was broken glass all over her apartment. Nancy came over, cleaned up the mess and wouldn't leave like anyone else...and the two had a heart to heart about grief. I don't think the bond was shown much at all after Sheffer came in..imho
  4. I've love to see the Claudette character...at least when she came back in 1977...to see her mixing it up as a vixen up
  5. The two loves of Greg's life. But had Laura not passed, I don't think he would have looked in Paige's direction...and I think Paige knew that deep down. And it made sense she finally left him at the start of the reunion movie because of this and other reasons.
  6. Punky Brewster was also scheduled on Sunday nights.. usually against the popular CBS shows. In fact, anytime baseball and/or any sports would run over... the show would air a 10 to 15 minute episode so that the younger viewers wouldnt be deprived of a new episode.. nor come in mid-way through it. The revivial was way better than the new Saved by the Bell. It was cute, charming, and finally resolved the one plot thread from the original. It was a good final episode of the season (and I'm hoping to see more follow up on this if there is a season 2.).
  7. I'd read a rumor that Marjorie would have been killed off..and her sister would have come with an axe against the Herpers..with help from Wesley and Racine.
  8. I think Nina could have carried on as a character separate from Cliff. Anytime I watched her in scenes in 1986 to 1989 with others..she was so likable and contributed a lot. Plus, with all the dramas with the Corlandt's in the 90s..she would have had a reason to visit more often. Vintage AMC has been good with uploading episodes from the late 80s...and by 1987..the cast was pretty bloated..yet it fit with the show because AMC was always about community.
  9. Has Nia Long talked about her GL days much? Only time I saw her speak of it, she said she enjoyed the work..but wondered how she was supposed to leave in the city with the lower pay she got from doing the show.
  10. I would have had Margaret in over Melissa. Salt Lake City Meredith Marks seems almost too logical to be a housewife. She should host over Andy.
  11. Depriest did some things that carried over for years afterward. Jack/Erica (after 1.5 years of him doing nothing..and after she had that Steven con person story) Tad/Dixie (had hilary not left...he and Hilary would have done the tortured love thing and he was stuck with Barbara before Depriest took over) Cliff/Nina/Angie ( shame it didn't last...both women were likable and neither went crazy to make the other look good). Cecily/Nico had some good stuff. Emily Ann/Donna stuff started up during this era. I do question breaki
  12. Problem is that the franchise is so rehearsed, so devoid of actual reality. It's why some viewers got a kick out of Meredith Marks because she acted like a rational person. Disengaging when conversations became unproductive, walking away, and even trying to be peacemaker at the reunion between Heather and Lisa. I think Meredith should moderate a reunion...she can't be any worse than Andy lol
  13. 1980 seemed a year of transition for the show...and it was a pretty interesting year as you saw the transition. I do think Marland dropped the ball a bit with the Philip paternity story with writing off Elizabeth and killing off Jackie during his tenure. Oddly I think Pam Long's take worked because she shifted the pov from the parents to Philip. He explaining to Mindy about those years..and his confusion over how they acted. How Elizabeth leaving hurt, how he missed Jackie, how he didn't get along with Justin and how Alan seemed almost obsessive. I do rec
  14. Stephanie without Brandi would be interesting to see. So let's see how she does on her own. Dallas needs a better villainess than Kary. Or how about this...no villainess?
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