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  1. Regarding Santana... one of the few things Pam Long did right in her 10 month stint was break up Santana/CC....have Santana regain her senses..and leave town to start over. Rosa had a good scene where she told CC to let her go, let her start anew. And the last scene is Santana on the plane looking out the window after a handsome guy flirts with her...feeling joyful at the possibilities of the future. I am curious why when Santana came back in mid 1991...the Dobson's didn't try to revisit her and Cruz? Why they put him with new character Suzanne (good actress..doomed by an instan
  2. I do recall one of the reasons his stint at GH didn't last was because of issues with Finola Hughes. Did hj is GL leading lady Harley say anything about him?
  3. I've watched GH..and his sets look like they're fall over if it's windy. His sets look basic and cheap...devoid of personality. It saddens me that the hideous Snyder kitchen remained till the end. Ugliest set ever..and also a pointless family that was unneeded on the show.
  4. Alan is what most soap viewers are like...liking the surface without remembering the history. His job was PR..making crap look good.
  5. You should check out Mindy Cohn's podcast...she had Nancy on a few months ago..and it was a fun interview. Also, she and Tracy Bergman were friends since the 70s..and she's close to Deirdre Hall. Some nice interviews...doubt Alan Locher would be that indepth. Bette Davis wanting Melanie's autograph makes sense....Melanie had the tortured vibe..perfect for film noir. I'll be a table of one...but I like Mary Ellen as Frannie better than Julianne Moore.
  6. I always felt Lisa B was more method, more reserved. She came to work to work..and not socialize. So I could see how some people might read that as rude/cold/mean. Martha..not sure I would deem her as mean...just maybe a tad dramatic. The Carolyn/Kristen interview proved people that didn't work together can still interview well. Also both of them were talkative and wouldn't let Alan sidetrack them either.
  7. Quite frankly it was about time Kelly had to suffer consequences for her mouth. Crystal dresses well, but has lousy taste in handbags. And she, along with the other women, live in a bubble. I'm curious if Eboni and Ramona are still on good terms..because next week preview showed both of them speaking without listening to one another.
  8. I think Heather's reactions during the bachelorette stripper event in season 8 was memorable...plus the Lydia vs Heather magazine cover clash at the season 8 reunion were honorable mentions.
  9. I'd welcome Tamra back as a friend. Apparently, they're interviewing 4 potentials with 2 being Asian Americans. OC and education don't go...I want parties and drinking please.
  10. Gina brings the single mom angle to the show. Emily can stir the pot, while her hubby makes dead pan comments. I love this.
  11. Rhony Leah is too thirsty Eboni could be a fun person if she would stop lecturing everyone. Heather is smart to flee Sonja can be reasonable, yet delusional. Luann is still bitter Ramona is..well...Ramona
  12. Wow...and also Jen from SLC wants all charges against her dropped because of the methods investigators used to question her
  13. I often wonder how the show would have gone if Dana was selected vs Brandi. Dana drunk in season 3 with Taylor was memorable...and it was one of the rare times Taylor had her stuff together lol
  14. Seems like Kobe was more the problem in 1983/4. Watching 1983 and early 1984, Long had a fairly well balanced canvas. She wrote quite a bit for Amanda, Hope, and Hilary before Kobe's vindictive side resulted in all 3 being fired. Long had a good idea on how to write, she just needed a strong EP (which she got with Calhoun in her 2nd stint).
  15. I thought Cullen opted to leave the show and that was why Amanda was written off. I know Pam Long said she couldn't imagine anyone but Cullen playing Amanda. And didn't Amanda go into business with Josh as well? And I remember JC best from Friday the 13th part VI...she had more personality in that movie than she did as Morgan.
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