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  1. How is Kathleen Turner as Nola so far?
  2. Sheila helped bold and the beautiful climb to #2 when she joined....her exposure in 1995 was epic. I do agree she should be on this list only. Amber shouldn't be on the list at all.
  3. Marland struck gold with the Reardons...and i always felt Long had a better handle on the Reardon's than the Bauers. The Coopers were great in the early years..till Buzz came in..and Nadine was short changed.
  4. Tinsley should have been a one and done...
  5. When rewatching the early years, i liked the contrast between the haves (forrester's) and the have nots (logan)....when the logan's were phased out...the Spectra crew served as a have not due to lacking respect from the fashion world. I think the show is missing the have not component..imho...and a good head writer.
  6. I think they filmed longer because of a lack of drama/material.
  7. Jill.and Victor had a brief relationship...and she even turned down being with John cause she liked Victor..only to find out he wasn't serious about her. Bill Bell sometimes would drop interesting things like this and drag out other stories
  8. Kim is back to give kyle and rinna relevance
  9. Agree...it's why I liked her better in the role. However, she had an edge and could play sarcasm when it warranted. And one of her final scenes was a minor breakdown after the Blade story was over. She didn't overplay it like Eileen tends to do...she played it just right.
  10. I've loved the Lauren/Traci talks with them burying the hatchet...and Brad admitting she was the one that got away. I like when Traci comea back for visits...she's the one that inherited John's wisdom and calmness. I loved even Victor was intimidated by her.
  11. Oddly Ellen was dressed more youthful in the mid 80s to early 90a..than she was in the late 70s/early 80s. I did like the 1982 story where David was caught between Cynthia and Ellen...and Ellen being single with her brief fling with a doctor. Even better, David was conflicted when Karen and Annie fought over Jeff Ward. Was it ever mentiones his response when not only did his daughter Dee marry John Dixon..but so did his 'surrogate' daughter Karen? Or was the Karen/David connection ignored by than?
  12. Sunset Beach...a soap with endless promise. It oddly seemed more like a 3 year telenovela than a soap. Generations and Capital had cliffhangers..just like real life (life goes on)..but a soap is a story..and it felt unfinished.
  13. It'll be sad when Denise Richards exits...but you know she isn't a lifer.
  14. Soaplovers

    Twin Peaks

    Out of all the characters, Norma was the one character that grounded the show...a calming presence in a sea of crazy.
  15. Ah.. Ashley before her character was degraded with the whole Victor affair than abortion.. thus kick starting her obsession with him. Neither the pretty Ashley nor the harsh Ashley seemed to be able to play that pathetic thing for Victor.
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