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  1. I thought that the final Karen had a little more edge then the 2nd Karen. And I agree that when Sarah Brown played Carly...you could buy the chip on her shoulder plus the bitterness and hurt lurking underneath. Laura Wright has the harsh undertone, but she's more like an adult head cheer leader then a chip on her shoulder. Tamera's Carly didn't have the bitterness or chip on her shoulder...her Carly was more like a snake..sweet and charming t9 your face but would strike if crossed.
  2. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I think she could have made R eva work in the late 90s...and I know she wouldn't have ever thought of bringing in the mob or creating that stupid island. The reason Pam Long didn't work on OLTL wad because that show was about a more urban area, class differences, etc. Santa Barbara was quirky and more avant garde then what Pam Long wrote. She seemed strongest on family stories..rather in the country or smaller towns. She even created a drama in the 90s for ABC that was decent (but in a bad time slot). She helped steer the show correctly in 1983/1984...and came back in the 2nd half of 1987 and helped fix the show then....so I could have seen her doing that again in 1998/99... I could have seen her keeping the momentum if rick/Abby as the next tent pole couple...and helped focus the drew/michelle/bill/drew stuff. I just think she is better at turnaround and not steering the ship long term...but picking the correct course.
  3. Eve on Days of our Lives... Charlotte Ross' Eve and Kassie D's Eve are like two totally different characters.
  4. Guiding Light discussion thread

    It is a shame the show never thought to bring back Pam Long especially since she did help correct/right the ship in the late 80s leading to Curlee's early 90s golden period.
  5. DAYS: Actor Cast in New Role

    Id rather the money spent to.hire him.had been put toward the sets, wardrobe, etc.
  6. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I'm loving the episodes from summer of 1984...there is a lot of Bert, Hilary, Ed, Rick, and Mike being featured strongly in their own stories plus being support in others. It's a shame the momentum loses steam by that fall. I liked Mike being featured fairly early in the Susan piper story....still think it's a waste Nola didn't play some part in that wtory...cpuld you have imagined scenes of Susan piper and No la? Or even scenes of Reva and No la? I did happen to see the scenes where Hilary is killed..and faintly remember watching it with my mom when I was very little and my mom being surprised at Hilary being killed. A shame since she was a great character and would have been fairly active as a b auer, a young anti heroine, and a nurse at cedars...plus when holly/roger/Blake came on in the late 80s....she would have been used effectively. A shame.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Caroline and jacqulrine...hell no. New blood please!! Kim D did look like the crypt keeper at the reunion lol
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I could see why from just watching those two episodes from 1984 why the show dethroned GH from the #1 spot that summer... balance.. a mix of the veterans and the newbies.
  9. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I was too young to remember 1984...but who did Mike click with better...alexandra or Lillian? I'll say I recall 1985 as a very small child..and liked beth/Lujack...and India. I even liked the infinity story though I recall my mom thinking it was kind of stupid until the conclusion resulted in Lujacks death...with Alexandra heartbroken over losing her new found son (I think that explained why she was so clingy with Nick...a second chance coupled with not wanting him to be with the woman who broke up her marriage...a good Pam long/Nancy Cutler twist).
  10. The Doctors

    Based on what I've read...marland was not a good fit for the Doctors..with beefing up the aldriches and Darcy family..with few, if any, ties with hope memorial. The show is called The Doctors. Oddly his tinkering with GH worked...but it doesn't seem to have worked with the Doctors.
  11. The Doctors

    I like that now we are getting dates with writers taking over. According to Rita lakin...she wad the only writer hence why she had a writing partner for a year before she bailed. I'm guessing cenderella is helping with script writing as well as story outlines.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I so admit I liked Jill even in her more messy final days. It was interrsting how to the other women and to bobby/allie that she was top dog....but when she had scenes with her and sister...she let them take the lead...especially her sister. I'd like her to visit again..even if just in scenes with just dorinda and/or Luann. Dorit seems to have issues with time and how to tell time. Teddi seems too nice and sensitive for this show...thus far. Camille and TH's are a match made in heaven....camille will make mince meat of dorit. Rinna Rinna... her daughters arent gigi and bella, ahe hasnt done any acting mich (except a guest slot on the middle where she was charming..and days of our lives..ehivh I hope means we get some scenes of Rinna there).. So I guess being the truth boomb is her only.hope to keep a diamond.
  13. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I am curious the factors that determine who gets to be a housewife and who gets to be supporting? Is it the same on all the franchise's, or does it vary based on the show? For instance, I've always believed if you couldn't film all aspects of your life (by choice, or due to an ex)..that should automatically make you a friend of..no matter how much drama you bring. So t amra on OC and Brandi on BH shouldn't habe been full time housewives for that reason..especially Brandi (who never brought anything to the table except conflict...and Rinna kind of does that well in a more frustrating way lol). Cynthia keeps her peach because every show needs a 'boring' one...and she brings it fashion and hair wise. With that said, Kim should have done what Sheree did during her driend of season...been the Greek chorus and not make too many waves...cause she got her peach back the next season. Jim had to be careful..her spinoff won't last forever...and if she pissed off Nene, Kandi, and kenya...good luck getting that peach back.
  14. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Do you think Doug d. Would be happier if the show tried to put him back with Lauren? Granted, the ship has sailed on that..and I like the occasional scene of the two as friends (though my late mom held out hope they would reunite)...but just having the two maybe get carried away remembering the good old days...would be nice...maybe make Michael jealous. Of course, MY would mess it up.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    When Bethenny visited BH...did she and Camille interact? That would have been interesting to see because Camille usually keeps her cool and can shade with backhanded ability like no one else...and make Bethenny look like a lunatic. Yet Bethenny can jab throw a mile a second.