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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Seeing the kyle/summer/lola story makes me wish Diane Jenkins wasnt killed off. Imagine phyllis/diane working together to keep kyle/summer apart...but also having Diana cconflicted due to how badly lola mistreats kyle..and having Diane recall allowing herself to be a doormat for men in the past..and also how she threw away a good guy like Andy. And advising both Kyle and Lola of her history as a way to deter them from repeating her mistakes, etc. Oh well
  2. So that's who Gretchen was... that was Katherine Kelly Lang first soap role I believe. She was a friend of Patty at the start of the whole Patty/Danny/Jack story...hmmm. I guess Nikki/Victor didn't end up meeting till October 1981 I assume?
  3. Andy Cohen needs to be removed..he no longer knows what works and doesnt wo4k anymore.
  4. What's ironic was that the writing for GL improved quite a bit in the last year or so of the show.. but whatever viewers they hoped to regain/attract were for naught with the lackluster production values. I understand the point was to be more realistic like a UK soap.. but I wondered if Wheeler and those at P & G actually watched a UK soap.. because while the soaps were more realistic, they still had decent production values... as in decent lighting and sets.
  5. I still prefer Brenda as Ashley...she was softer, prettier...yet she wasnt a pushover. She always stood up to Victor and didnt hesitate to leave him. When she played Ashley..I saw Brad as her end game....when Eileen plays Ashley..I saw her end game being Victor.
  6. I liked carrie genzel in the part...and thought she played the tortured daddies girl better than Robin Christopher...imho.
  7. The kyle and Portia seen with the Vanderhaul and not being able to properly grocery shop, Rinna with her mother/daughters, Erika acting like Erika launching her tool, Denise working out with hubby, and LVP with the kitchen renovation makes me wish the show would devote just one episode to not having the women together in a contrived gathering.. nor talk about LVP/dog gate/etc... and just be with their own families. To give viewers a break from the pointless petty drama. With that said, I loved how Rinna said she hasn't thought of Kim... yeah.. keep telling yourself that dear. Both Rinna and Kyle have used Kim for storyline for years... and when Kim left... they both latched onto LVP.
  8. I have to say I preferred Brenda in the role of Ashley over Eileen... and I wished the powers that be had lured Brenda back to play the part of Ashley.. since some fans remember her fondly (in fact, I shared a few youtube clips of Brenda as Ashley with viewers who didn't know of her.. and they actually said they would have liked her better if they saw her in the role originally)... and I bet Brenda wouldn't be as expensive as Eileen is. And I think the reason I liked Nixon was because she provided a good balance between character interaction and story bubbles... and the show used the restaurants and parties/balls to great effect to mix up the character interactions. Bell would have a ball.. and the characters still were situated in their own story bubble (which makes sense because people usually will stay interacting with people they know well.. and maybe do a polite greeting to those they might not know as well)... and I'm sorry.. I didn't like ATWT because everyone was in one another's business even when it didn't make sense.
  9. What if the Snyders not been created on ATWT? It was a heavenly show before that family was shoehorned in. Or just introduce Iva..since her character had way more connections with the canvas than the rest of the Synder. What if Lily was Lucinda's biological daughter? What if Buzz Cooper had been killed off in either 1995 or 1998? thus sparing Nadine and/or Jenna? What if Donna and Matt not broken up on AW?
  10. I liked that style of storytelling...some characters organically wouldn't know one another. Victor encouraged Nina to pursue Ryan so he and Victoria didnt interact...I recall that. Nikki and Nina had one scene in the late 90s after Victoria's baby Eve died where Nina expressed sympathy..and Nikki eyed nina leaving and asked Victoria if Nina was causing trouble..and Victoria said not at all. And I do recall before Nina left in early 2000...her and Sharon interacted a lot since their kids went to Walnut Grove..and Nina was a supportive big sister to both Mackenzie and Megan Dennison. Had nina stayed, she probably would have interacted with others. She also was tested with Ashley's step brother Rafael and advised Cole on how to handle the Victoria/Ashley situation. Agnes Nixon did that to a certain extent on AMC...but not as blatant as Bill Bell did. Marland overdid the character interactions..some of which didnt make sense...and I did notice got better with that in the later years of his tenure in ATWT.
  11. I read some shows had continuity editors to make sure there wasnt errors like these. I guess that got eliminated with all the budget cuts. Soaps used to be better written till the late 90s...and have rarely been consistent since. AMC in the last few months of its ABC run was the last time I enjoyed a soap...a mix of drama, humor and history being respected. I think Flo being Storms daughter is a good move..but the show will focus on the Hope angle..not on the irony of Storm vowing to be a good dad and not be like his dad..and letting his anger at his dad ruin his life....and the huge irony of having a child he never knew about. Would have been a great angle to have explored..imho
  12. Making alexis comic relief was ill advised considering that NS could play cold and throw shade with the best of them. And I wish the show could have recalled that NS in essence played a Fallon Carrington esque character on KL with great success. Of course, our show runners probably only recall shows made after 2000.
  13. Boring...enough with fighting and doing take downs...all it shows is that these women have no lives and are bored so they manufacture drama. Money not only doesnt buy you class, it also doesnt buy you a life.
  14. JG is good at character moments and structure..but he doesnt have good ideas. He needs a strong co head writer with vision to team up with. I'm wondering if hes only back short term as a transition writer?
  15. Bethenny is ignorant...especially when asked about what she would do if she were on RHOA. She would so be threatened by Kandi
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