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  1. I was watching the newest episode uploaded on Amy Silence's channel 536... and after seeing Thorne/Brooke together plus Caroline remarking how perfect they would be together... I don't get why the show didn't try to pursue Thorne/Brooke at this time instead of having Brooke go for Eric. Maybe when this Thorne left, the plans changed?
  2. The show had to eat crow and rehire Ana-Alicia as another character.. and actually they were paying her for two salaries since I think when they killed off Melissa they still had to pay her for the rest of her contract... so it actually cost the show more than if they'd kept her.. and had a Pilar vs Melissa feud.
  3. Wasn't she previously engaged to Matthew Morrison of Glee fame...wonder what happened there.
  4. I'm actually liking pre-Thorne Macy a lot... she has an edge that the show sadly softened later on. One thing I will say I like about Bill Bell and the early years of Bold... is that he probably had intentions of pairing certain characters together.. but didn't telegraph it too much to the audience so when the characters did finally meet.. it made perfect sense. He did that with Brooke/Ridge in the early episodes (they don't meet till episode 60.. but hints were dropped of her interest in his/Caroline's engagement.. but from an eager bystander pov).. and he does that with Macy/Thorne as well. Developing Macy as a character first.. and getting Thorne to a point where it would make sense for the two to meet. And I do like in the early season 3 episodes where Donna is in limbo with school, life, love.. and than she meets Macy.. thus starting her character's eventually next orbit (Spectra.. I think)
  5. Edmund... what a joke.. played by someone that made Kim Zimmer seem subtle. He should have been a brief stint villain and than killed off.
  6. Jennifer on NJ is funny..but so deluded and sheltered. And I bet she was a mena girl. Jackie on NJ has a lot of issues from he child hood..just like Jennifer. Odd the two can't be friends.
  7. I'd take vicki over Gina or Kellyyy. Kelly shouldn't be allowed on the show nor have access to her kid.
  8. Episode 522 uploaded today... Macy's debut... I get a Mildred Pierce vibe between Sally and Macy in this episode. I think I'm going to enjoy watching Macy pre-Thorne (I think they don't even meet till she's been on a few months). I also liked Sally in this era... she wasn't campy at all like she became in the later years.
  9. No..AW in late 80s and ATWT in late 80s were too different to compare. GL in late 80s was better than both of them:)
  10. Problem was that the Dobsons tried to erase the years they weren't in charge... and it made viewers frustrated... much like Arena Bell did on Y & R.. trying to undo things instead of just moving forward.
  11. Other than Vanessa Williams (Willheima Slater), what other actress could play Stephanie and not be a cartoon? Other than VW, who else is there?
  12. The role should be played by a Vanessa Williams type (wilhelmina Slater was one note..but became the co lead cause of Williams'..imho)
  13. I actually liked when the show was briefly revisiting Lily/Daniel when Cane 'died'... but rapid fanbases have caused a dilution of quality that soaps were once known for. In regards to Michael/Lauren... anywhere I've ever seen.. people have been wanting Lauren to break free of Michael so when she and Carmaine were paired.. some peeps were cool with it. Till the day my mom passed away, she held out hope that Paul/Lauren would reunite... and viewed Michael as a place holder LOL
  14. Another world had too much energy and flash (a good thing)..Marland would have deluted it. Like @chrismlmentioned Swajeski had good ideas..but had trouble with pacing...but her individual episodes were top notch.. Marland could pace his shows with flair..but his individual episodes sucked (unrealistic dialogue..no one I knew ever talked that way). Shame Marland was a micro manager..cause he and Swajeski could have been a good pairing. Also, pat left too soon. Her visit in 1989 showed she had a lot to offer especially her exchange with her niece Olivia when she noted her interest in the much married Sam.
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