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  1. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOA season 11 will suck for sure... Porsha and Marlo were allowed to return? Dumb and Trashy have no business being on the show.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I was happy Martha was fired, I actually never liked her playing Lily whatsoever. The only times I liked Lily was when anyone other than Martha was playing the character. Anytime when Martha was playing the character, I was rooting for Lucinda to disown the little brat so she'd be free of her.. and than Princess Lily could go live with those hideous Snyders at the farm. Speaking of propping characters, did anyone think that even Marland was guilty of propping characters (Lily, for instance... and rapist/pedophile Rod/Josh)?
  3. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I'd always wanted to see the original Holly in action on the show (but sadly, it appears that her stint was not preserved whatsoever). My mom, when alive, was hoping some of her stint had been saved and would be put on the DVD's.. but alas no. I guess this old episode of the Match Game from 1976 is the best thing out there for her. I can see why she played her for several years.. she has a presence that is both likable and fascinating. I couldn't see her playing the Holly that was written in the late 70s... but the Holly of the late 80s/early 90s.. for sure.
  4. The difference was he hired gay and lesbian performers that could act... and didn't parade around half-naked all the time... just on special occasions (hence the gasps when it did happen since it was something new and interesting.... I think nowadays, if a soap featured the male characters with their shirts and never without them on.. it would illicit the same gasp..imho).
  5. I think it turned out that skull she was recreating was of a murder victim.. and that the killers stole it. I think it led to the return of Laurie Kerr (Mike Kerr's daughter).
  6. Possible "The Nanny" revival in the works?

    I liked the reunion special she did years ago where the cast came over for lunch where they sat around and had fun. It was a great informal get together. I wish more casts did reunion specials like that..tbh
  7. I think Liz was created because Jody became more wooden and lacking spirit/fire once she was recast. Some of Liz's actions/stunts reminded me of stuff that Jody would have done if Loughlin had stayed in the part.
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Henry/Barbara as a fun fling made sense... but having them as endgame.. wasn't cool. And the show ruined Vienna to prop Henry/Barbara up. It never made sense Vienna would try to win Henry when she was beautiful and full of life.. that she could have had any guy she wanted. That's why I wasn't a big Henry/Barbara fan because of what was done to Vienna to make it happen. @vetsoapfan @DRW50 yup.. Goutman actually said that about Katie... in a Paley interview, to boot. It was like he was living in a bubble and refused to see reality. It didn't do the show good nor did it do any good for the character of Katie (who I thought was interesting her first year or two on the show when written as a trouble maker). The actress was better served when she went to OLTL as Aubrey where the writing wrote to her strengths.
  9. The Doctors

    I think it's actually in character for Carolee to run off... she's always been impulsive and reacts emotionally. And she was smart to leave a recording to send to Steve because if she had tried telling him all this in person.. he would have coddled her, talked down to her, tried to justify sleeping with Ann, etc... and Carolee would have swallowed her feelings as best as she could. I think it was a nicely acted scene and I'll miss her take on Carolee. And the Ann Larimer situation didn't come out of left field.. it had been building for months since spring 1975 when she was bitter over the break up with Nick.. and was having nightmares about being emotionally cold and unavailable to all her previous boyfriends. What is interesting to me is the slight change in how the Steve/Ann affair started... with Cenedella, Steve was pursuing her with Ann trying to be sensible... and with Depriest, the roles switched with Ann pursuing him. And I actually understand Ann changing because it sounded as if Ann was repressed and afraid of opening herself up to anyone.. and when Steve wore down her defenses and she got a little taste of passion.. she became instantly hooked and vowed to continue getting her fix. So to me, it isn't that she loves Steve.. but that she's addicted to him (and signs were pointing to this if you recall with Ann speaking lovingly of Steve last summer with Matt,Maggie and Althea noting it and even expressing to Steve their worries).
  10. What are you currently reading?

    The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn
  11. Personally, Jody lost all of her charm and charisma with Loughlin's departure. Jody became just a prop and was in essence just there when her replacement came in. I'm guessing maybe a few weeks? I think Lori left at the very end of 1983 and her replacement came in around January/Feb 1984
  12. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    I think it was cut down to 10 because it is essence a new show.. so they're testing the waters to see if there is any interest. Compared to what the majority of the ABC sitcoms are getting ratings wise (some barely above 5 mil), this show would have to get 3 million or less to be cancelled.
  13. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    I'd rather the show had ditched Jackie as well.. and just focused on Darlene/Becky... unless the show makes Jackie start acting like a normal human being instead of a cartoon character.
  14. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Wow... I guess true love isn't forever. I swear if we see reports of Gretchen/Slade breaking up.. than I guess being a con artist doesn't pay after all lol
  15. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    It did take The Doctors a couple of years before their episodes were digitized.. and it's being aired right now.. so I have hope that down the line we will see P & G episodes streamed. It's a shame they wiped out a lot of the early episodes, which didn't have the music issues that later episodes had.