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  1. It was nice to finally have a good ATWT reunion
  2. Jill and Katherine feud lasted too long...from reading past history.it seemed like Bell semi ended it in 1980 with the two going separate ways..with occasionally interactions between 1980 and 1984. It became pointless by the 90s..imho
  3. I said the same thing about Crampton. In her last few months as Mindy, she had finally felt like Mindy once she and Nick broke up. In fact, she was the only Mindy who had chemistry with Rick.
  4. Oddly I liked the last Frannie better than Julianne Moore.
  5. Till the day my mom passed, she was a Marlena/Don fan... moreso than a Marlena/John or Marlena/Roman fan. She spoke of Tracey Bregman as Donna.. and it's nice to see just one scene of her as Donna.. and understand just a little bit the appeal of Don and Donna. Plus, seeing Marlena in therapist mode in 1979 explains why the audience took to her back in the day.
  6. Of the P & G soaps, GL seemed the most energetic and less stuffy of their soaps in the 80s and early 90s.
  7. I remember back when Nina and Philip were about to marry that Cricket had suggested inviting Nina's mom..and Nina vetoed that saying her.mom.kicked her out probably due to a man her mom was dating not liking Nina, etc. Bam 2 years later we met her mom. I liked that about Bell..he would drop a mention of something and follow up on it years later
  8. I had thought maybe Taylor was an oncologist but a counselor to help patients and loved ones cope with cancer, etc. I had no idea she was actually originally an oncologist
  9. 1975 was a huge year for soaps with Jennifer falling into the glass, Dobson's taking over GL, Depriest making LOL sound interesting to view, Ryan's Hope debuts, Philip dies on y & r, etc.
  10. The reason the Paul Rauch stuff worked at first was because he had Peggy o'shea and another writer (can't recall his name) handle those duties through most of the 80s. By 1990, those writers were gone..and the new writers didn't have the ability to make his odd stuff work.
  11. Simms' Mindy I wouldn't have bought being part of the original 4 mouseketeer at all. It was interesting seeing her first few months on the show finishing out the stories started by Krista's Mindy. She and rusty didn't have chemistry nor did you buy her and Will together. She played Mindy more like how Melanie Smith played Emily on ATWT. Serious, sultry and tortured with a temper. Krista's Mindy was the spoiled princess with a youthful spirit. You both loved her, yet also wanted to slap her. I don't recall much of Ann Hamilton's Mindy except she was neither spoiled/playful like Krista nor sultry like Simms. Barbara's Mindy was hindered by the fact the show kept pushing her with Nick when they didn't click. The last few months she was there..it seemed like she found her niche as Mindy...and sadly she was the only Mindy that chemistry with Michael O'Leary's Rick...
  12. Jill's 1st months pre Chancellor's always interested me..and it's interesting seeing Jill had a life and purpose. You wouldn't see that nowadays.
  13. And don't forget Ellen saying Margo was basically a bitch by the end of the show as well lol
  14. I will say that Lorraine was the only one that sold me on why Ryan and Greenlee were a couple (we all know a mandate from Frons). She wrote it that both of them lost the great loves of their lives hence they were drawn together because each knew what the other lost. However, as we saw during those final weeks...if Leo and Gilliam returned..you know Ryan and Greenlee would have reunited with them in a heartbeat
  15. The Kimberlin Brown and Tracy Bregman one yesterday was outstanding
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