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  1. I always thought it a shame she and Lemay couldn't work well together because I think she could have helped him adjust to late 80s daytime.. and he could have helped her with connecting the dots idea wise. I do think Lorna/Felicia being mother/daughter was great idea (though I sometimes wonder if Lisa Grady was meant to be her long lost daughter, but the actress quitting made the show abandon that idea).
  2. I agree with that... she had good chemistry with Liz Keifer and Maureen Garrett when they placed her in their orbit... and she could have been the voice of reason in the nutty Norris/Thorpe realm.
  3. I like Sally in 1989...hated how the show turned her into.a cartoon and wanting the Forrester's respect.
  4. Harding Lemay also was taught the elements of daytime by Irna Phillips when he was hired.. where he was quoted as saying he learned what not to write. It doesn't sound like CJ was given a lesson on the elements of soap writing... or paired with an experienced soap writer like Michael Malone was in the early 90s.
  5. Emily represents what Shannon used to.be...imho Fire Kelly
  6. I think Carolyn Culliton should have stayed his co-headwriter... once she was replaced by Passante as co-head writer... the quality of the soap changed. Hogan needed a strong co head writer to keep his tendencies in check... someone rooted in soap opera structure... sort of how Griffith was for Malone in their 90s heyday. Was he the one to do the EJ/Sami 'rape' thing on DAYS?
  7. Watching the Amy Silence channel.... I was curious why Storm/Margo wasn't pursued as a couple since the actors had chemistry... it felt in character for Storm to be invested in the Clarke/Kristen/Margo mess outside of being a lawyer (his dislike of Clarke started because Kristen married him, and deepended because Clarke refused to have anything to do with the baby Margo was carrying... and it bought up abandonment issues Storm had). I do wonder why the shift in the story because he is written off.. and Mick (Kristen's ex from NY) is bought in eventually (I think in spring 1989... and was the first guy Macy was interested in before she met Thorne).
  8. So I watched Dallas and still confused why LeeAnne is a fan fav. She needs psych lockdown pronto. Now it makes sense why Dandria's mom gave her the company..she had already ruined it as payback to her daughter. Dand4ia needs to cut both her and Leanne out of her life. Kary seems fun thus far.
  9. Sorel could play Vivian as over the top yet still be scary. StrasseR isn't able to do so. I wish Ron wouldn't insist on hiring his friends..he's a male JFP's. Eve and now Vivian are played by good actresses that don't fit the parts.
  10. Kyle will always be second rate..hence who BH has been cheapened the more she took control of the show.
  11. Maybe teddi could be a friend of..that way we don't have to see her all the time.
  12. Don't forget Macy is being sacrificed for Brooke/Thorne Bl
  13. I could see Jill making a cameo..like past housewives have done..since she still talks to most of the cast. Joyce was too good to be a housewife...Andy thought she talked too much..but I think he had trouble with big words..imho
  14. Bethenny on a spin off or on a talk show proved she isn't the star she thinks of she is. I knew her going back to housewives would be horrible and she controlled everything. It's why it's a horrible idea for a housewife to come back once she leaves.... nene is another example of a housewife that should have been banned from returning ever.
  15. This is So Notorious..perhaps if the ads alluded to tha factt..people would have been more receptive.
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