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  1. Her Dinah was an ingenure. The original Dinah (Jennifer G) was tall and more rough around the edges. Gina T's Dinah was closer in regards to being rough around the edges to the original Dinah. My mom used to say it was jarring going from wendy M's Dinah..who was more feminine and resembled Maeve Kinkaid...to Gina's Dinah..who wasn't.
  2. The original Blake was more tragic, but there were hints of sarcasm. Her Blake had more chemistry with Philip...imho
  3. I always thought Strasser's stint as Hecuba on Passions made her realize OTT was the way of the future. She is capable of subtle work (watch her in the 80s mini series Baby M where she played against type)... and her 80s turn as Dorian. More subtle and played Dorian more close to the vest. And regarding Michelle on GL.... I liked Miner the best, followed by Joie Lenz, than Budig and didn't like St Alban at all.
  4. If St Elsewhere can be streamed on Hulu....Sisters isn't out of the question
  5. I think Brenda agreed to stay an extra year to finish this part of the story off. It's interesting that she had a breakdown, yet also kept herself together. She played the breakdown differently than I imagine Eileen would have played it...imho
  6. This is a smaller study, but it does add weight to natural immunity and being vaccinated providing optimal protection. https://www.wgbh.org/news/national-news/2021/09/07/new-studies-find-evidence-of-superhuman-immunity-to-covid-19-in-some-individuals Now they're starting to look into the immunity and antibody situation in those that got vaxxed and has a breakthrough case. Lastly, I think booster shots are a little premature for the general public.
  7. Oh given her Days work in the mid to late 80s..I can believe it.
  8. Not sure about Anne being Frankie. I do know that Matt/Josie was going to happen. Nadine S's Josie and Matt had chemistry while gary wasn't meant to return. Amanda vs David/Cindy in a business story. Those were the two stories I recall being the next focus before being canceled
  9. They did interact some Macy's mom and Taylor's dad were engaged. One particular scene was where Macy said she was no longer drinking while a concerned Taylor noted Macy was looking at alcohol on the table wanting to drink it...but otherwise..no other scenes. Did Sheila and Macy ever interact?
  10. Julia's 1st episode hinted that she was overweight, had an over bite and was awkward. So she probably was told by her parents she'd never had amount to anything. Even though she lost the weight and fixed her overbite...the scars were there. She focused on her career at the expense of her personal life. The first 18 months of her time wasn't with Mason...and you saw how she fumbled with men.
  11. I'm sure more spoilers will come out as the days roll on. I'm hearing rumors of October 6th as the day it starts to air. Real housewives all star season 2 With Tamra joining...my dream face off is coming true....Brandi and Tamra
  12. My mom would occasionally turn in the late 90s and 2000s...and she would wonder where Brooke or Erica stood with one another. And on occasion, if Brooke was mentioned to Erica...Erica would have a great put down...and when Erica was mentioned to Brooke...Brooke would sigh and make a passive aggressive dig at Erica. Happened all the way till the end of the show..and ironically, the two started out being co schemers till Tom entered the picture
  13. Erica taking Maria's baby Maddie was the wrong move..and I don't know what the logic was in doing that. I thought the scenes of Erica returning the baby to Maria were good, her being arrested, Mateo telling Erica she was no longer welcome in his restaurant, people throwing rocks through her window, being sent to jail, Maria's mom coming to Erica's parole hearing, a scene where Liza pointed out to Erica that people weren't going to support her early release to see Bianca when she kept a baby away from their mom. I think the 1999 face scar story is when the show stopped writing Erica as a 3D character and turned her into a cartoon. And she seemed to regress in maturity as well. Look at Erica running Tempo in the 80s and later Enchantment in the 90s. She acted mature, decisive and like an adult. Flashforward to the 2000s..and she was acting like a teenager.
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