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  1. Peggy was going through reconstruction and was probably on pain medication so we probably didnt get the real peggy.
  2. I recall before the Brook sister team up against Jill...lorie went to see Leslie..saw Leslie come out of the shower proving she was further along in her pregnancy and realizing Lance was the father.
  3. Was the July 5 1988 episode during the writer strike? If so, that could explain why Vicki wasn't in the action as much... and I'd forgotten that Sarah/Cord briefly dated. Mari Lynn was technically a Riley? I had no idea.
  4. Ingenures exist but they're written as goody two shoes with no brains, backbone or personality. Tara on AMC always knew Erica was up to no good..and didn't fall for her tales. If they were featured today...Tara would believe anything Erica said without question. I think Caroline on BB in the late 80s was an ingenue..but had a backbone, career and a personality...even Taylor did as well in the early 90s.
  5. I read an archive article where Dorie laughed at Cathy being known as a feminist..listing her living with her parents, degrading herself over a man, having sex and getting pregnant...etc. I'm sure the show probably did fire her and waited till they found an actress to replace her. After all, the show did that when they hired Erika Slezak so I'm sure it happened in this case as well.
  6. I was reading up on the history of Cathy Craig.. and hearing that was the first role that Robin Strasser had been offered... long before Dorian was a reality for her. Based on what I've read, she didn't want the actress playing the part to be fired.. which made me wonder why the show was trying to fire the actress playing the role of Cathy at the time. I know @vetsoapfanwas a viewer at the time.. any idea why the show wanted the actress (named Dorrie K.. I think) to be fired? Was she not well liked in the part, or was she a difficult actress behind the scenes?
  7. Wasn't Ellie the black sheep of the family? It made sense she never came home much.... she was always driven and career minded. She was the only Snyder that was likable
  8. I do recall Holly and Claire interacting once or twice... once to compare notes about Fletcher.. and another time when Claire and Holly were clashing about Michelle.
  9. I'd forgotten about Amy... she was a fully fleshed out character.. and it's a shame that the show traded her out for Grace. The real Ashley (Brenda E)... how I enjoyed her Ashley much more than Eileen or Shari's take on Ashley. Hope/Victor was always an odd match.. but it was interesting seeing how Victor's attempts at control didn't work on Hope like it did on Nikki/Ashley. Phyllis.. back when Stafford wasn't super campy.
  10. I'm noticing in these write-ups for 1981 that while the focus wasn't 100 percent on the hospital like in the early years.. there was still an equal focus on the staff of the hospital, plus all the non-hospital related stories/characters.
  11. Didn't Jensen basically play a Marley esque character on OLTL? It could explain why she was a better Marley than Vicky.... the only problem was that she fell into the same trap that Wheeler/Heche did when they first started playing dual roles... by putting all the personality and fire into Vicky with leaving nothing left for Marley. Of the three, Heche was the only one that eventually gave equal time/focus on playing Vicky/Marley as more than just a good twin/bad twin. Her Marley was more reserved with an air of elegance (being raised by the Love's).. while her Vicky was softened.. but still an emotional hot wire with none of the elegance in speech that Marley had.
  12. Both Stringfield and LK were funny when playing Blake..but in different ways. Stringfield had a dry sense of humor (like Maureen Garrett ) while LK had a more whimsical sense of humor (which the show used to full effect. Sometimes too much). I did love the brief times the show remembered Blake and Frank as friends.
  13. Kelly needs to calm down. Kelly, Leeanne, and Brandi are the reason why people should continue to exclude people... I would exclude all three because they're toxic messes. Danielle pulling Margaret's hair was worse than Margaret throwing a drink in Danielle's face. Best to turn and walk away instead of resorting to physical violence. Something Porsha should have done years ago instead of being commended for using her fists not her mind.
  14. Sadly, this type of writing will never come again because the writers with psychological depth won't write for soaps.. so we're stuck with the plot driven head-writers.
  15. I remember Victoria's frigid period... didn't it turn out that it started because she had witnessed Nina/Ryan sleeping with one another.. and she internalized her hurt/pain at finding out her boyfriend and new friend were hooking up?
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