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  1. From those that watched the show...was this an actual soap...or a more intense Eight is Enough/Family show?
  2. I would love if Generations was rerun again...it was run on BET back in the day so why not run it again?
  3. Y & R and Days have most of their episodes in tact...something we should talk to Sony about maybe?
  4. My problem with Alan is his timing with interjecting when someone is in the middle of a story. A good host knows when to interject and when to let the conversation flow. I find when it's about a show he has no connection with, he doesn't say much. I think he let Susie Pratt go off about GL cause it was before his time..same with Sharon G about AW and Holly G about OLTL. And in his SFT one..Marcia and Michael spoke and in some cases had more knowledge of soaps than Alan did.
  5. I agree it reminds me of Eight is Enough...and this was a prime time soap?
  6. Leviathan story had that one episode where Liz laid into her no good hubby Paul in his hotel room. The show had some good scenes, but not a lot of follow through during that era.
  7. I liked that Opal got another chance to be a mom after reforming..and Petey turned out fairly well.
  8. RHOP: Karen isn't all that. She shouldn't shade Robyn on how she looks without looking in a mirror herself. Candice and Monique should both be dropped, or downgraded. Wendy can stay another season..she says so many stupid things that it's funny seeing others poke fun at her. RHOC: Shannon seems sad still, but man Brownie's son is a prick (just like his parents). And is anyone surprised Sophie opted for Texas for college..anyone? Emily is 2 faced...but this is the same woman that's friends with Gretchen, Lizzie and Tamra.
  9. If that doesn't convince Kelly, nothing will
  10. So much potential for Camille...I loved the John/Camille connection. He was her mentor and she was an eager student that wouldn't be pushed around...and I loved her friendship with Margo.
  11. I get early OC vibes with SLC...with the women in scenes in their day to day lives...plus some fun friend scenes. Jen: I don't like her. Money doesn't help with lonliness... and I'm not surprised hubby and kids are not around. Heather: baby shower idea was fun, and I like that she's struggling with how she was raised and how she can raise her daughters. Her hubby did her wrong. Lisa: I like the family scenes with her and her sons..plus the subtle shade she throws at Whitney. Meredith: her son was right...Jen was being inappropriate. She seem
  12. It sounds like 1978 was another transition year of sorts for the show. I had never seen heard of the Larkins before...but I also had no idea Andy had an ex wife when he was dating Jill in 1981/82..who was being tested with Lucas. Bill Bell seemed to introduce characters and gradually worked them into the show. If they clicked, they became leads...if they didn't.. they faded back into the woodwork.
  13. I think given the current climate..maybe the women should be dressing more casual instead of over the top. I heard either this week or next..we might get some Dallas news. Andy cohen is excited about season 5...but he is currently singing Leah and Brownie's praises so I don't trust his judgement. RHOC: Kelly says stupid things. Shannon doesn't let things go. Brownie is draining and her hubby is creepy. Gina is funny...and at least she owns her own house. Emily...well...Shane is a saint to put up with her.
  14. Kelly and saying something stupid go hand in hand. Brownies son seems sweet... so unlike his parents. Not a bad debut, but I think the dark haired wig would look better with his skin tone. I was hoping he would have chosen that wig. Shannon's daughter Sophie was the one that David gave the wedding ring to when he wanted to end things years ago. So makes sense she has the perspective she does. And she's right about her mother.
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