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  1. Twin Peaks

    So I read the final dossier and I think I'm satisfied with the show even if it doesn't come back again. The questions I had from the original shows finale were answered (a shame a season 3 didn't happen back in the early 90s to see the hayward/horne fallout as described in the final dossier...but so sad about Annie though it makes sense).
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I'm sorry... still like Shannon...shes fascinating to watch. She's an interesting case study and has interesting quirks. She is almost too real..if that makes sense. At the same time, Lydia is fascinating in a different way. I actually think she and Shannon are more alike..hence the discord. Both are from money, isolated from real-life, and are k8nd of entitled. But I like both of them...and at least Lydia is saying all this to Shannons face as opposed to behind her back.
  3. Days actress returns

    I'd be cool if she was a hybrid between original recipe Theresa and a Mary Sue....someone that is a good person, but will grab you by the throat if you push her too far. Shame the original Eve never came back because I could JL and CR as sisters especially their mannerisms.
  4. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm glad Jennifer is getting some good material..any signs of her and Eric reuniting? I'm glad Jennifer is getting some good material..any signs of her and Eric reuniting?
  5. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Juliet could have been a good candidate for that. The hands down best gradual shifting a character into crazy land was Tricia Dennison...Kay Alden was a master at taking Bell created character with no purpose and spending 2.5 years making her go mad.
  6. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    I did check out an episode recently...its a little better then it was with Passante on staff...but I think a stronger co head writer with Altman might have helped more.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Yeah, Marland wasn't great with consistently writing quirky humor... even his character Nola and Quint on GL had a gothic undertone.. and they became more comical/slapstick when Pam Long wrote them. On ATWT, I do think he did the talky talk and gossip moreso here then on his previous shows. It just fit better on ATWT then it did on other shows that he wrote, and I'm sure he recognized that.. hence why his GL was more light and not as dark as his ATWT was (thought the first year or two wasn't so dark.. but probably due more to the tone set forth by SBH... who if you've ever seen in interviews reminds me so much of early Shannon O'hara in terms of quirkiness.).
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    At least Nikki was consistent with being a bored housewife....she was bored when married to Greg Foster...and how she would con Los foster into doing her housework for her...and Chris Brooks trying to explain to Nikki how she could be a good wife lol In a weird way, I think tying Nikki to Victor limited her character in the long run.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Andrea Evans wasn't bad as Patty... but the shooting of Jack, etc.. lost some impact with Lilibeth departing right before the climax. Interesting change to Jill's character with Deborah Adair leaving and BD returning as Jill. I had no idea the Williams family were so prominent in the early 80s.. and that Mary Williams could get involved in a fight.
  10. Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

    I always knew AH could play a cunning, cold bitch on wheels..but the show chose not to write Victoria like that except on a few occasions. I give Mal Young props for recognizing that. Do you guys think Juliet dying was what SSM had in mind, or was that Mal young? I think having Juliet stay alive would have generated some natural conflict for lily/cane..and I thought SSM slow pace worked on the lily/cane marriages issues and pending divorce especially their counseling sessions where Lily called out cane on his past mistakes and her always expecting to forgive him, yet he had trouble forgiving her for cheating one time. Dina better not be written out...british soaps usually treat their veterans characters especially older actresses better then the US...coronation street with all their flaws have a handful of older actresses featured quite a bit...but Dina should be written as a shark in the boardroom and trying to deny she's getting older..and all three of her kids still resentful of her leaving them yet trying to forgive in their own ways. Chelsea tied to jordan...hmmmm interesting. SSM didn't end chelsea/Nick but she didn't really feature them either so it's not a plus nor a minus in her performance as headwriter.
  11. Antenna TV Thread

    It's a Living... ah.. I'd love for that to return on a schedule. 80s primetime schedule... I'll be a happy camper come January though sad no Newhart
  12. Family (1976-1980)

    I never sympthasize with someone that cheats on a spouse..no matter how neurotic the spouse is. What was the actual reason for the change in the actress that played Nancy? It was like the character changed 100 percent with the change in actresses
  13. The Doctors

    Don't forget James Lipton was also writing with the Pollacks during the Morrison thing. I kind of noticed a tone adjustment once Lipton was removed from the credits.
  14. Y&R: Old Articles

    I wouldn't have killed Philip.. I would have done a runaway groom situation where Nina is left at the altar with Jill/Katherine gloating. I think having Nina inherit all the money kind of hindered her character.. she no longer had drive that she had in the first few years of her stint.
  15. The Doctors

    I've actually liked some of the Pollack's work on the Doctors... they could write a climax and fall out quite well.. though they sometimes lacked the character moment touch that Rita Lakin had. Though I doubt Rita would have stayed more then 2 years.. she seemed like she was burnt out and the show sold her a bill of goods. Seeing her take on creating the Rookies, Flamingo Road, and Nightingales.. the same things happened.. so I'm wondering if maybe she was at fault just as much as the other person. A shame that the 1988 writers strike basically ended her writing career because she was too pricey even though she had the talent. I actually was disappointed on the resolution of the 'murder mystery'... I think it would have been better if Penny did accidently shoot and kill John Morrison. Even if the police ruled it an accident, she still would have felt guilt over killing a man even if it was in self-defense. Plus, the Pollack's were masters of fall out (i.e. Penny's crush on Mike and the effects of that are still shown in the November 1974 episodes). I'm actually interested to see how Depriest and Marland fare when head-writing.. since this type of show isn't one that would be a good fit for either of them.