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  1. The problem with Marlena is that she's saddled with John. Her being a therapist alone would open lots of story potential. Alas, fans and Ron C lack vision. I've always wondered on B & B what the original plan was for the Logans long term back in 1987/8. Were they always meant to be phased out starting in the fall of 1988... or were they meant to be a long term family (yes, I'm aware the Logans returned in 2000s.. but they were pretty much off the canvas from the 1991 till like the mid 2000s).
  2. I'd rather Lauralee Bell was a headwriter over her hack of a brother. Her video shorts she had written/created were more fresh and interesting.. than anything her brother ever could do.
  3. Why wasn't erika or dorit downgraded instead? New blood is needed. Denise better get a raise
  4. Apparently Shannon and Kelly on OC are on decent terms again??
  5. Wow... I guess people sampled it.. didn't like it and didn't return for week 2.
  6. Rinna is acting.. she views RHOBH as another acting role. I forgot what season it was.. but she had guest roles on the Middle, a return stint to Days, etc... going while the season was filming... and that was the season she wasn't leading the charge to bully someone. I think if these women have actual stuff going on in their day to day life, they are less likely to create drama in group settings because they have something they're bringing to the table. RHOC last season.. Shannon and Kelly were the only two that contributed anything to the narrative in both their day to day lives.. and in group settings (and I look forward to seeing them spar next season.. since both have positive changes in their personal lives... and with Tamra/Vicki gone.. maybe the two might mend fences?). And I agree it's time for Melissa to be demoted to a friend of.... she doesn't really add anything to the show. Delores' day to day is more interesting to me with her close friendship with her ex (and I get why she'll never take him back.. and she should hold firm to that), her relationship with her kids, etc.
  7. I do like the fact that even though both Rachel and Iris had issues with one another.. they didn't let that affect their sons being best friends... even in the late 80s/early 90s... Iris was always warm and nice to Jamie.. while Rachel was the same way with Dennis. Oddly, I think the one thing that Swajeski did right about Rachel/Iris was make the two become strong frienimies after Mac's death... they learned to get along, even like one another at times, but there would always have instances where the two would still clash (i.e. Paulina's paternity, Spencer, Carl, etc).
  8. I wonder if it ever enters Jennifer 's mind that her daughter gets excluded in school by girls that ae like Jennifer? Probably not...she shouldn't be rewarded for her behavior..but I guess if Teresa gets rewarded than why not Jennifer
  9. I did see Deakins in a movie called The Great Outdoors as a jaded townie teen ...so I agree with your assessment.
  10. Morgan vs Taylor could have lasted years...having her lose the baby killed story...course Brad Bell has never been talented as a writer.
  11. I always wonder had Deakins stayed in the role when marland took over.. what he would have done with the character of Lily... because Deakins' Lily wasn't quite the spoiled brat that Bryne's Lily was.
  12. Michelle Stafford was a cast member in the last few weeks of it.
  13. They did dip into soaps with a brief soap called Tribes..but lack of network clearance killed it.
  14. That November 1984 episode was pretty strong.. and I think it really showcased a community feel. While it isn't Marland esque, I think it holds up pretty well. I'm also guessing Lindsay Frost was fairly new as Betsy.. with the haircut to mimic Meg Ryan's.. plus her being more perky (which you could tell wasn't a fit cause Frost played Betsy more serious and intense than Meg Ryan ever did).
  15. So should there be a slight shake up in the cast for next season on Jersey? I think adding a newbie with no ties would be interesting..an outsider view.
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