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  1. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Passions alone could dominate this topic. For instance, when Fancy first debuted.. it was said she and Pretty had been traveling the world partying it up like the Hilton sisters.. and Fancy had to return to Harmony while Pretty continued partying. Then a year or two later, it was retconned that Pretty and Fancy had never liked one another... and that Fancy caused Pretty to be deformed.
  2. The Doctors

    The problem is that it seemed to have been nicely resolved in September 1975 with Toni declaring she was choosing herself. Mike then left for Brazil.. while Alan/Toni dealt with lingering feelings at first. She then focused on balancing motherhood and her career.. while he gradually moved on with MJ. I even liked the scene where MJ told Toni that she and Alan were starting to date.. and Toni gently telling her that she doesn't own Alan and even wishing them luck. I did think it would have been interesting to see how Mike would have reacted to the changes that had gone for the last three months he was gone.. but oddly, it seems like we are back at square 1.. instead of continuing the organic progression that had been nicely set up the last three months where both Alan/Toni had moved on.. and seeing how Mike would have adjusted to the fact that he hadn't moved on. Instead we aren't seeing that. The current head-writer supposedly is set to leave in the next month or so.. but I'm starting to see why he was replaced.
  3. The most tragic of stories involved the soap actor Don Briscoe... who was first on Days (I think as an illfated suitor of marie Horton).. and Dark Shadows (playing a handful of characters). He was considered a pin up/ heart throb back in the late 60s. He quit acting in 1970 after suffering a mental break down and being deemed by a medical professional as being unable to work due to his mental state.... and sadly died an almost recluse in 2004.
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    You didn't see the article where Kelly went on a podcast and said that Vicki is not to be trusted LOL
  5. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    When Heather Locklear set the bar at a high level playing Sammy Jo... the modern day version would pale in comparison.. and boy, he does. Oddly, Nicolette has been quite good blending Paige and Edie into Alexis. She's cold like Paige, yet sarcastic and a great shade thrower like Edie... just wish she dressed more like Paige then Edie as Alexis LOL
  6. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    Opposite attracts is why we end up with people like Tim/Jill on Home Improvement, etc... that is what causes the constant arguments. For me, I watch shows for family interactions and friendships.. the relationship aspect is the least interesting part for me (i.e. Friends I liked the six as friends.. but stopped liking the show when they started dating).
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I had heard two or three were filming (one was Kelly's friend, the other two were Tamra's friends).. so I'm curious to see if any of them made the cut... or if they're friends of.. that cause all the conflict/trouble.. while the main four kind of get along. I'll be intrigued to see if any announcements of a 5th or 6th house in the coming days.
  8. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The problem I've found with trying to undo a retcon is that sometimes you make it worse then if you just left it alone (i.e making Jill and Katherine mother/daughter.. then undoing it by making Jill.. Lauren's half sister. Also making Philip and Cane switched at birth.. then it turns out Cane was a con artist and that Philip was really Jill's son.. but he faked his death because he was gay when trying to undo Philip's death from the late 80s, etc). Sometimes I think a new writer should just leave a retcon alone and try to make the retcon work as much as possible or just downplay it as much as possible. A truly talented writer can make a retcon work to the best of their ability.
  9. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I thought it turned out that Katie was lying about Lyla being a neglectful mother.. when Lyla came back for Christmas one year and Margo/Craig alerted to her to what Katie had been telling them... and all three confronted Katie.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    I had to wait a 10+page paper as one of my requirements to get my bachelors in psychology/sociology.. and I wrote it on The Baby... talking about child abuse, sexual abuse, male ego, and feminist fears gone wild ( saying that this movie showcased the fears men had of feminists in the same way The Stepford Wives showcased the deep ceded fears feminists had of male dominance.).
  11. The Middle: Discussion Thread

    I think it was a mistake to even do Sue/Sean since the whole basis of Sue was being a one woman show and always succeeding on her own without a man.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Is anyone really surprised by Andy and his about face? He's as deep as a puddle... actually that's being mean to puddles because sometimes puddles have hidden depths and Andy doesn't have that. Ever since he wrote about Joyce and exclaiming she talked too much (i.e. she was logical and basically broke the 4th wall left and right about season 4 by exposing the takedown attempt on LVP happening at the start of the season).. I knew his likes were toward vile people and/or train wrecks with a sad side (Shannon). I'm actually surprised he has expressed liking Teddi since she is usually the complete opposite of what he prefers in a housewife. And I love that Meghan McCain keeps saying Teddi is boring, talks about her father too much, etc... then says that Teddi won't engage her (probably because Teddi has an actual job, husband, and kids). If Teddi does come back for a second season.. I'd love an individual segment of Teddi and her hubby/kids visiting John Mellancamp and Meg Ryan.. even if it is left in the secrets revealed pile. @Cat delayed reply to your RHONY thoughts.. but I do think Carole is not a meek little bird (she worked in broadcasting as a producer.. one can not be meek and work in news). I'm not sure if it was you, or someone else, that said that Carole usually has a bull dog attack those she is after. I tend to agree with that.. but the problem is that Carole keeps downgrading the bull dog (Heather was a legit bull dog that was ride or die for Carole, Bethenny was also a legit bull dog but wanted a piece of Luann herself, and now Tinsley.. the vacant void that can barely put a sentence together without effort? Carole would have been better off getting Ramona as her bull dog lol)
  13. Y&R: Old Articles

    I still think of her as the ditzy blonde from 'The Girl Most likely to' that dies by doing backward gymnastics out of the 2nd floor window of her dorm and as a off balanced older sister of an overgrown baby in the movie 'The Baby'
  14. The Middle: Discussion Thread

    That's cause the parents have surrendered to being poor and don't have a care in the world (stress ages one).. while the three kids (especially Sue) are still stressing about life hence why they're aging faster then the parents
  15. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I had asked my mom about the early years of OLTL and about Vicki's relationship with her father Victor. She said she recalled that Vicki had this intense pressure to live up to her father.. that she was named after him (implying he thought he was going to have a son and ended up with a daughter), and leaned on her after his wife (her mother) passed. So to my mom, it seemed as if the two had an emotional incest type of vibe.. and that he and Vicki were always concerned about sweet Meredith as if her parents. So when i told her about the sexual abuse, the split personality, and her killing her father... my mom said it kind of made sense based on what the early shows showed. I think Dorian could have just let Victor die because of what he did to Vicki in the past... that could of worked.
  16. AMC Tribute Thread

    I guess I should confess something very unpopular.. but I never liked Brooke. I thought she was smug, arrogant and judgmental. I was always team Erica and I think Brooke was secretly jealous of Erica because she always took Erica's hand me downs. In regards to Tom, I actually liked him with Livia.. and liked that he kept friendships with both Brooke and Erica post divorce.
  17. Y&R: Old Articles

    I think Lorie (had JLB opted not to quit) would have fit in nicely on Y & R in the 80s... she had a lot of ties to the show and she had an interesting look and character that was hard to replace when she departed. Leslie and Chris were easy to replace (Patty Williams filled the fragile ingenure part quite nicely), but Lorie was a unique character... and I could have seen some good Lorie vs Jill.. or even some Lorie vs Nikki stories and scenes for years to come.' Who played Claire Laurence? She looks familiar.
  18. The Doctors

    Laurie was kind of written into a corner. The second she married Hank, the show stopped actually writing for her as anything more then a stepford wife to Hank. I think she stopped appearing when the Pollock's were still writing.. and at least the reason given by the next writers made sense since she had left him before when the chance to resume singing came up. The one thing I've noticed about soaps are that the second a female character is married off, she loses all sense of a personality.. or it is slowly drained away. It happened to Carolee, Toni, Lauri, and don't get me started on Althea during her marriages to Nick and John. I can't wait till Nola Dancy shows up.. from what I hear, she never loses her fire/spirit no matter who she is paired with.
  19. The Doctors

    I will say that the new headwriter has been good with removing the dead weight that the Pollocks created (Andy, Joe, and Tom).. but he's added more dead weight (Scott/Eleanor/Wendy) that has taken up so much airtime without any true connection to the hospital (I would have had Wendy being a student nurse and/or candy striper.. or Scott working at the hospital as their attorney, etc). The Tom dying story went too quickly.. and it is a shame that the Pollocks didn't think to test him with other characters when the Althea/Tom relationship didn't pan out. If they had, they would have seen he had great work chemistry with Martha.. and even possible chemistry with Toni. Plus, Toni could have had something to do with interacting with Tom while Mike was off screen and Alan was starting up with MJ.
  20. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Let's face it.. half of the going ons would be so much better if Jill was around. The show has spent the last decade plus thinking Victor/Jack make the show... but since Jess Walton took a reduction in working... the lack of Jill is more noticeable. Doubt the show will admit that.
  21. SORASing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Like Y & R did with Victoria.. aging her from 8 to 15.
  22. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    1996 was where I think JER went off the rails with the show, imho. Sami went from conflicted and showing shades of good/evil.. to being an outright witch to everyone even her grandmother Caroline (and back then Caroline would call out Sami on her selfishness.. and no way was she propping Sami like she did in the Higley era). During my high school years, everyone watch the show for Kristen, Marlena, Vivian, and Lexi (they thought she was beautiful and under-used). I recall most of them were pissed when Vivian was given the axe in late 1999/early 2000s just as Phillip had been aged to a teen (and he was playing Kate and Vivian off against each other.. and Vivian was restored as a human character in 1999.. during the Sussman/Broderick writing era if I recall correctly).
  23. Charmed: Reboot

    Ok.. I don't hate this... it has potential. It all depends on the chemistry between the three actresses. Hopefully, the actresses in real life aren't divas like SD, AM, and HMC were.
  24. I'm sad looking at the picture... it was when Melissa Reeves still had beautiful hair.
  25. "Roseanne" revival

    I'm thinking less reliance on p olitics might be a good idea for next season the more I think about it. While I think it is important to be realistic and reflect the real world, I also think that sometimes they crammed too much into each episode so that nothing got too much focus/development. With that said, I'm hoping for a Halloween episode (those were always the best).. and maybe a Thanksgiving episode (where the fur always flew LOL)