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  1. In regards to Moonlighting... I think Glenn Gordon Caron was the main trouble maker.. and I think he pitted Cybill and Bruce against one another. That was my impression anyway. Oddly, I think she didn't have any issues on the Jennifer Love Hewitt show... it was JLH vs the network because of her wanting to have her baby daddy play a bigger part..imho.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    That's cause Rinna had actual stuff going on in her life. with her family/daughters... and her two acting gigs on The Middle/Days (she was good on the Middle.. so warm and charming... proves she does know how to act
  3. My mom loved that show... the one thing she always remembered was that Loni's character would always lug around her Cello no matter where they were going. And both actresses were big names, so it made sense they both would demand perks, etc. If it were two men trying to one up each other.. everyone would joke about it... but with two women.. its a cat fight.
  4. Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker

    When SATC first debuted, I admit I was more intrigued to see Kristen Davis on the show since I'd remembered her as the hot mess train wreck Brooke Davis on Melrose Place and was blown away by how different she was as Charlotte vs when she was Brooke. In fact, the only character a lot of women my age (teens/early 20s) and a decade older loved was Charlotte not Carrie nor Samantha (though they several loved KC from Mannequin). When I saw the first episode and saw SJP with her voice over.. it reminded me of her character in Miami Rhapsody (a Miami version of SATC where you could imagine Carrie Bradshaw.. but her support was her family vs 3 female best friends).
  5. Ah yes.... Lana on Three's Company. She was quite funny and the camping episode was one of the funniest episodes I saw post The Ropers. It's a shame the show didn't think to keep Lana on longer... it would have helped during the shaky fifth season when Suzanne was getting fired and Jennilee (I felt bad for her) was expected to perform miracles by replacing Suzanne Somers. And speaking of which... Cindy on Three's Company didn't get a proper exit either.... she appeared during terri's first season.. and then she stopped appearing without an explanation (granted her character was living at UCLA.. but still). She and John Ritter were a perfect physical comedy team with her being the set up and he delivering the physical comedy punch line.
  6. In one of those emmy interviews... Rue said when she tried out for Mama's Family... the character of Fran had more of a backbone and was a smart aleck.. but between her audition/getting cast and filming... the show watered Aunt Fran down and made Naomi the foil for Thelma harper (yet the show made Naomi ditzy in the syndicated version). I actually like the syndicated version better... Bubba was eye candy.. and Beverly Archer was funny as the quirky Iona with the pink dresses/hats and strange crafts. Then seeing her do a complete 180 as Gunny on Major Dad proved how talented/versatile the actress was.
  7. Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker

    I loved Mannequin... it's cute and charming... made before people got so cynical And SJP was cute in supporting roles in the 80s/90s.
  8. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    If true, this would be rooted in character since she hasn't exactly been dealing with a full deck even when Kate was playing her.
  9. Y&R: Actor Out

    He was my fav Noah... He so looked like he could be Sharon's son. Plus, isn't Noah supposed to technically be younger then Mariah? He could pull off looking younger then mariah..imho.
  10. Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker

    Here is what I'm taking from all this... KC was pretty specific when she said that she viewed them as co workers instead of friends... and that I think she always kept that to herself for the betterment of the fans. I think she opting not to do the 3rd movie for whatever her personal reasons were.. should have been enough.. but then the whole cast and crew came out trying to shame and guilt her.. and so KC did the sitdown with Piers explaining her side. All she said was that SJP could have been nicer.. didn't say anything worse then that. I think SJP is probably blindsided because she thinks she's America's Sweetheart.. and couldn't believe that anyone would not want to be besties with her. That's the impression I've gotten when seeing her in interviews. I think maybe she lets emotion and work merge together while KC was more practical.. and kept the two separate.
  11. ER on HULU

    I don't think she was on long enough to be considered a failure... I think the writers hinting at a Carter/Lucy pairing is what colors people to her character. I know Kellie Martin had a family member sick, and she couldn't be on a medical show while that was going on so she asked to leave. I figured she'd die.. but I was still surprised at how it came about. In the earlier seasons, I would say Maria Bello's character D'amico (not sure if the right character name or not) was more of a failture then Kellie Martin's character.
  12. I kind of recall that Scott's younger sister showed up for an arc in a later season.. and she was affected by what happend to Scott.. and David felt brotherly toward her.. but she got a crush on him.. and Donna was jealous.
  13. She kind of vanished without any sort of explanation. I think she came back to put her life back together and was phased out shortly thereafter. Most of the female characters on that show had crappy fates.
  14. Sleepy Hollow... Season 1 was flawless.. season 2 was a little uneven.. but when Abbie was killed off... that sealed it for me.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Eva was a dud on y and r and she's a dud on RHOA. My only guess was that acting didn't work for her so why not be a reality tv star.
  16. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    I had forgotten about the character of Beverly... I forgot that the show hinted at a Rick/Amber/Beverly triangle before she vanished.
  17. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    It does look like Atlanta needs a shake up... starting with casting women that actually like each other because if the current format of contrived gatherings/vacations continues... it looks better if the women actually enjoy being with one another. Back in the day, the women didn't have to know or like each other when it was more about their day to day lives... but Atlanta needs to emulate the NY model if it hopes to succeed. BH and Dallas are more a hybrid where some of the women still like each other.. but we get glimpses into their individual lives. OC and NJ need to go back to the day to day stuff with some shade/drama thrown in.. because both shows were focused more on the family aspect then the drama. I've never seen RHOP so I don't know where they fall on the spectrum.
  18. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I know RHOC was doing some try-outs in late January/early Feb.. and rumor has it this person is a front-runner. https://www.inquisitr.com/4766953/the-real-housewives-of-orange-county-season-13-gina-kirschenheiter-reportedly-added-to-cast/
  19. With Heigl... it was two birds with one stone.
  20. Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker

    Kim is going through grief so I understand the Instagram lashing out at SJP. What is interesting to me is that Kim's response to Cynthia Nixon's public message was much warmer and she also thanked the cast/crew of SATC.. so I think her only issue is with SJP. I rewatched the interview Kim did with Piers last fall, and she basically said she turned 60.. took stock of her life and realized what she wanted to accomplish and wondered if she had the time to accomplish it. Then she got the offer and turned it down.. and maybe she had demands before doing #1 and #2.. but I think by movie #3.. she decided she had played Samantha to the finish line and she couldn't see playing the character any longer. The cast/crew were the ones to blame her.. in a weird attempt to guilt her into accepting the gig. I thought Movie #1 was fun and tied up everything in a beautiful bow. Why the need for #2.. I'll never get except its for money. I also saw a 2010 interview with the four women on the View.. and Kim seemed more in tune with Kristen/Cynthia then with SJP. And maybe Michael Patrick King is the cause of the split between the two.. playing the two against one another...
  21. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    About time NY is getting a new trip. With all the real life starting going in...please no contrived conflicts. That's what killed the franchise for me.
  22. In regards to Charlie's Angels.. didn't Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd have issues?
  23. I actually liked the first actress to play Charlie precisely because she didn't mesh with the others.. She was kind of an outsider, and tried to hang with the others with varying levels of success. Recasting her to Sheila Kelley was jarring because Charlie was not known to hang out in Georgie's kitchen gabbing.. or at Sweet Sixteen having girl time.. and she meshed better with the other sisters. For me, I think i stopped watching when the tentpole couple Georgie and her husband broke up... and the recasting of Charlie, as well.
  24. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    Didn't the show at least attempt to have a strong B and C story during the years Kay Alden head-wrote? Also, during the last writer strike when Kay wrote.. was there any difference?
  25. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    When Bradley Bell managed to create an interesting African American family that had a lot of potential and story angst to play.. yet opted to make it a short term deal before going back to the stupid same ole same ole. And lastly, getting Kimberlin Brown to come back.. and where is she again?