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  1. Every story given to Paulina 1991 to 1999 should have been Nancy's stories. She had ties to Vicky, Jake, Marley, etc.
  2. Nancy could have still been used beyond 1987....even with Amanda being soased since Amanda was a late teen while Nancy was a young adult.
  3. Zero Covid will never be a thing. It will eventually become like the flu once effective treatments are developed and appoved..along with vaccinations. Before 2020, flu season hit us every winter...and according to some research, this is the long term results of the 1918 flu pandemic. An interesting article I came across does make me think natural immunity plus vaccine will provide ample protection. Not sure if 100 % true...but worth a thought. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/did-pfizer-vaccine-may-more-113312779.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  4. In the soap world, she was popular. She had a popular role on Guiding light playing Annabelle. She had just left GL when she joined SB. So I think she had been hired for her name at the time. And she had signed a 1 year contract when she joined. Plus, with her and Mason being popular at the time, the powers that be were afraid she would want more money so they opted not to renew her contract. Soaps in the 80s were popular so performers had more power to hop to new soaps with the promise of perks, etc.
  5. She was on the Locher room..and she explained she had signed a one year contract..and the production company didn't want to pay her more..so they let her go.
  6. I know that Mary was killed off due to the actress being too expensive, but I wonder if a Mary/Julia/Mason was in the plans...and it was eventually changed to Tori/Julia/Mason?
  7. The main critique fans had when Gillian first came on was that her accent was heavy so they couldn't understand her. Gillian was a character that seemed tailor made for All My Children... unique and full of passion/excitement. So it wasn't a surprise that viewers grew to love her, once they understood what she was all about.
  8. Only thing I didn't agree with was her dislike of Roger Thorpe as Adam Malik. It was a good story and it fit with the character. They seem earnest and are talented...but they needed someone with energy and quirkiness to balance them out. It was she and Pam Long were good as co head writers...and why having Jim Reilly with them helped.
  9. I watched Berengers when it was on YouTube...too many characters and plots to follow. I recall one of the final episodes Donna Dixon (of Bosom Buddies fame) popped up randomly as a new character with a new plot.
  10. @TaoboiIf that cast proves true... then it makes sense why ditzy Kam wasn't shown the door. The three rumored newbies look fierce, so they'll make mince meat of Kam. Eboni is the very picture of my former boss in terms of personality and demeanor. Talked a good game, but if anyone threatened her turf.. she'd knife them in the back. I witnessed that happen numerous times in departments amongst women.. especially against a competent female that they viewed as a threat. Bershan better pay heed.. and keep that armor on especially over her back... to protect against the knife Eboni will try to stab her with.
  11. I think Marland putting Lily and Holden back together in 1990/1 was kind of mistake since the actors didn't have chemistry. However, it made their break up in late 1992 work because their lack of chemistry worked in that case. I do wonder had Rattray stayed even another year..where the story would have gone. Doubt Damian would have been created
  12. I liked the BJ story, but would have preferred if they'd stayed platonic. Warren had chemistry with Angela...but she had chemistry with almost every guy..imho. I think when the Dobson's were writing that Warren/Angela were meant as end game with Cassandra as spoiler. When Pam Long took over, Cassandra was shipped to a mental hospital while Angela/Warren were broken up so he could pursue B.J. Personally, I was intrigued with the BJ story...she was disguised as a boy...with only Sawyer knowing who she was. And I was wondering if Long was trying to connect BJ's disguise as a way to shield herself from being violated. Alas, this was abandoned and a whodunit was done instead.
  13. Gwyneth's being the killer made sense, and it tied back to when she and Trisha first came on the show. Their relationship was always strained..and remember she would interfere in her kids lives. I think Trisha's 'death' started her mental breakdown. She had a fling with Buck, miscarried, was lost and listless. I recall her trying new jobs like bartending in order to find purpose. She also was motherly to Janie and later Steffy. The final straw was Trisha being found alive and rejecting her. I believe that happened in spring 1995. And the killings started a bit afterwards.
  14. Midwest.has wealthy pockets in it...and didn't they always reference Chicago and the North shore as well? People dressed up in the 80s/early 90s. I had relatives that lived around Peoria IL...smaller towns. And they dressed nicely in blazers, hair done, and jewelry. Either to go out or just in their day to day life. 2000s is when that trend changed (probably because of inflation and flat salaries...so less money for clothes and accessories..more to basic living Regarding Lily, I do recall reading in Marland's story bible that he viewed Lily as spoiled and that Holden would bring her back down to earth. I do recall a few 1985 episodes before Marland joined where she was moody with Dusty...and she would talk to Sierra and Shannon about him. And I think both of them would clue Lily in on her being unfair with Dusty.
  15. I agree NY and Atlanta are having issues with just five housewives. Only NJ and OC have ever been able to have good seasons with just five housewives.
  16. Actually Maura West was offered Cassie..and she turned it down. I don't get why LW thought she had pull...she was on the lowest rated soap. And she wasn't the main attraction for the soap. This is when soaps started decline because performers like LW didn't know deserve any perks.
  17. I always thought it was interesting that Kelly fell for Joe, who came from a middle class family. And you saw in the first months of the show how close she became to the Perkins family. It seemed early Kelly was more of a Tori Spelling type (wanted to carve her own identity outside her family). I do agree that had this been more explored, it would have helped develop Kelly's character. Mason was the prodigal son, Eden the favored daughter, and Ted was the baby of the family so everyone loved and nurtured him. Kelly wasn't the favored daughter, and seemed aimless...trying to find security and somewhere to belong. It's why she was close to the Perkins family, and even tried to make peace with Pamela..Jeffrey's mom.
  18. I did think Tess vs Sydney had potential, but the show didn't focus on that..nor give much focus on her odd couple friendship with Jacob..with Angie barely tolerating her. Tess seemed to fit more on The city then she did on Loving. Her most challenging role was playing dual roles on Capitol...imho
  19. Gina (with Linda G playing her) vs Eden was pretty good...both of them handing one another some hard truths. Not too long after Robin Mattson takes over as Gina..does Gina vs Eden lose steam. I think Mattson struggled in her early months because she was playing a story arc that started with her predecessor...and the story no longer fit once Mattson took over. Once Keith comes on in mid 1986 and paired with Gina is when Mattson starts shining in the role. I was watching Gina G's first episodes as Santana..and she wasn't so whiny and desperate. I think the writing changed for her character once Mattson took over as Gina..imho.
  20. If it's a choice between Ramona and Eboni to stay, I'm picking Ramona. She is RHONY....and Eboni/Leah either need to accept it or leave.
  21. Carly on ATWT would have been made Delia like imho if Labine had helmed the show...like she did with Blake on GL.
  22. I know Robin Wright auditioned originally for Jade...and I think she could have done the early stuff that Jade did (i.e. wanting to be an actress, etc). Plus, she would have relished being let go instead of being held hostage to the show. Melissa Reeves would have made a better Laken. She had a better rapport in scenes of her with Augusta, Lionel, and Warren...then Julie Ronnie did. I don't see chemistry with Todd Mcgee... but it would have worked better if she'd been Laken. Heck..Jennifer on DAYS was Laken 2.0 imho. It seemed like the Dobson's and who ever did casting recognized talent...just not how good at correctly casting the actor to the right role.
  23. What I don't understand is why the show introduced Brenda's mom shortly before her year long extension was ending? Was it to usher her off the show? If so, big mistake because it was an interesting story and it helped show the audience who she was.
  24. I'll be honest...I thought 1985 was a pretty good year for SB. Cruz/Eden at the start when both were individuals and not boxed into the super couple realm. And their conflicts in 1985 felt authentic. Mason/Mary were starting and were a nice opposites attract couple with her being from a working class family and helping less fortunate..while Mason came from a wealthy family with a chip on his shoulder. Christie rape trial really helped focus the show...and let's face it..issues with the wealthy having a different set of rules shows up here well. Brick/Amy were the couple with the most focus. The odd New Strainland story is so bizarre that having the 2 down to earth characters involved helped ground it. And they got the huge November sweeps wedding as well. Kelly was all over the place..but she just lost her 1st love just when they got back together so she was lost...and Nick was steady and grounded...so made sense why she went for him at first. Augusta/Lional were fun and dramatic..plus with Sophia being back..we could have had a triangle brewing. And having Julia come in as Augusta's conscience was a nice touch. Julia in 1985 had the benefit of not being in a super couple so she floated in and out of stories. She had a good rapport with Amy/Brick..even a nice rapport with Jack (sadly cut short because of Joel Crothers illness and death), and she helped bring some calmness to the Lockridge family. And original Gina was fascinating...could hate her, yet feel for her. Santana/Gina/Brandon had a lot of mileage even with the recasting of both women. 1985 set up a lot of good stories to carry them for years...yet in 1986 most were abandoned or ended too quickly.
  25. In one of Christie's last episodes before she left, she and Mary have a sister heart to heart. Mary confesses her feelings for Mason, that she sees good in him and believes in true love while Christie clues Mary in on real life. Mary even asks if Christie believes in happiness and love while Christie basically says no. It was a good character study of both of them...and it's a shame that Christie was written out. She had a lot of potential and would have been interesting to see how she dealt with life post the rape trial. I think the Duvall's should have remained as a counterpart to the Capwells..since the Perkins were phased out by this point. And Ted seemed to never have his peers stay on. Jade/laken/danny were gone by 1986...and then Hayley/Jake with Laken briefly in 1986 to January 1988...and then Eva larue's character before he left in 1989.
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