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  1. Generations had a slow start after nice hype, and 12:30/11:30 for NBC.was a graveyard time slot. Also, affiliates opting not to air soaps at the designated time slots hurt. Many a soap died in the 80s.and 90s cause of affiliates
  2. Marlena came back in August 1991..and the week she came back..Days hit #2
  3. And i like that if Lisa saw Joanna in public, she wouldn't say anything. Joanna and Adriana were both too toxic imho.
  4. Y & R: lots of peggy mentions..and I like that there is some nice interaction with the 4 sisters. If I'm reading it correctly, sounds like Philip's death and not paying Lorie's Bill's motivated her to go forward with the book. An unexpected effect of his death outside of Jill/katherine. LOL: I will say that Depriest is doing a good job with carrying on Labine's plot threads. Nowadays, a new headwriter would drop everything and start with their own material. Arlene of 1975 is a far cry from the Arlene of 1980. GL: I'm liking the depth given to Holly once the Dobson's take over..although I read somewhere that the original Holly didnt like her character being softened so much once the Dobson's take over. Nice to see Leslie was getting some focus still even with the change of writers.
  5. He probably didn't know about Kristi being so eccentric since he started years after she left. He also freaked out a bit when Denise Pence mentioned Michael Zaslow being fired. This could be why he hasn't had Eileen Fulton come do these since she doesn't mince words either.
  6. I do wonder how GL in the early and mid 80s had a more modern (in those days) approach..yet ATWT didn't. Was it due to producers, sets, actors?
  7. My mom used to talk about how hot Rusty was..and seeing old clips..I agree:) Kristi is more loopy than Kim..who knew. I do like Krista admitted wishing she hadn't left GL the 1st time. If she hadn't, we probably wouldn't have gotten the whole Alex/Mindy/roger story.
  8. Another world was more a CBS soap than a NBC.soap...SB and Days seemed brighter and sunnier in the 80s than AW..which always had a more theatre vibe even as they tried to glam up in the 80s.
  9. Podcasts...a modern day radio soap opera. I hope it spurs a trend of more podcast soap operas.
  10. WSPR era was awesome circa 1989 to 1993..with Holly, Roger, Nick, Gilly, Nadine, etc. And Gilly and Hamp had a long awaited wedding 2 years in the making...didn't Roberta Flack sing at it?
  11. Painful...I was on Morgan's character's side..tbh...and that's a bad thing
  12. Sam and Amanda in the late 80s had fun promos, and I think Lisa/jamie/vicky did as well.
  13. GL: so the Dobson's started in June 1975..and it looks like they spent the first weeks closing out Cendella's stories before starting their tales. I had no idea Peggy/roger were before the Dobson's started. LOL: wow, lots of action going on. I always wondered who was writing during the July 1975 episode floating around..and I guess that was Depriest.
  14. And that episode explained the future direction of Philip's character as a control freak (since up till that point, his life was dictated by 4 adults) and always being in conflict over his identity.
  15. Julie/Jenny was probably one of the best roles for Catherine Hickland in terms of an acting challenge.. more so than Tess on Loving/The City.. and Lindsay on OLTL... imho. And Henry Slesar wrote an excellent show during his time on the show, it wasn't anything like Edge of Night at all. It had a lot of political intrigue, and lots of romantic triangles/quad's. I've heard both him and the writer before him, Peggy O'shea were the best writers on the show. It did seem like in the show's 5 year history. they had five different head-writers... so I imagine it would be hard to invest in the show since each team probably adjusted the tone of the show.
  16. I think.Y & R milked the Jill and Kay feud far too long from the mid 80s and after with no break. At least from 1980 through 1983/4..the feud was rested except for occasional encounters at social events. There was little to no break from the mid 80s and there after. I'm excited to see more of the 1975 summaries since GL is getting close to when the Dobson's first took over.
  17. I wish OC would resume filming...allow one or two camera people in each home..and film the women on Quarantine..it would be more interesting than the numerous contrived gatherings now populating the shows. I loved Garcelle with her girlfriends because it seemed authentic and no other housewife was there. It reminded me of the early years before stupid fights broke out in each episode.
  18. I love Fiona H, but she's doing the OLTL reunion so I don't get why have her do the GL reunion so soon.. when her spot on this could have been filled with Aubrey D (the only good Marina) or Jean Carol (who was way better as head of the Cooper family than Justin Deas was).
  19. I can agree with that. Long did well on SFT, Texas and GL..because those shows were more warm and earnest. SB was more west coast and quirky.
  20. I still recall the scene when Nina, blaming Cricket for Chance's death, shut the door in Cricket's. No words, no hysteria, etc..just a simple action that said more than words could have. AMC Erica/Janet (Robin Matteson version). AW Felicia/Cass Felicia/Rachel Paulina/Lorna (alicia C version) Jenna/Olivia Frankie/Ryan Iris/Josie (unexpected mentor relationship that sadly was forgotten) GL Maureen/Vanessa Bridget/David Jenna/Vanessa Holly/Nadine Holly/Ed (proves exes can be friends if enough time passes) Roger/Maureen
  21. I think the focus on the University was a good idea, and that could have been the element to separate it from the other soaps. About the going ons at the college..faculty, students (townies and out of town students), parents of the students, alumni, and financial contributors...could have been a strong soap, etc. However, the powers that be eventually went in the traditional family oriented set up..but had been done to death already.
  22. Wow Her Allison was more subdued and low key..which I bought cause life handed her some hard knocks. I don't act know if the previous Allison could have played all that...tbh.
  23. Why bother airing it? It hasn't been viable for at least a decade
  24. I've always given Pam Long slack when it came to her 10 month stint on the show. She inherited a critically ill show that had stupidly relied on just one couple at the expense of everyone else. So I think she did the best she could.
  25. My mom did the same thing when she saw Lisa Brown on ATWT and exclaimsd 'omg, Nola!'. I do wonder if one of the reasons the show let Nadine go was because they got NOLA back? It seemed like Nadine was a place holder for NOLA especially when Long stopped writing the show. Nola and Nadine would have been fun to play as sidekicks..especially against Vanessa
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