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  1. My mom said with Baldwin..she couldn't imagine Eric looking Stephanie's way. She was tall, busty and confident. She was stern, yet loving to her kids...and she had a sad wistful look when thinking of the past. Burnett had more of a gentle passive vibe, but was a warm person. And you could buy her Beth being run over by everyone. Original Donna..not sure who she was like in the Bell domain.
  2. Just seeing Brooke in these early episodes, you saw a hard working college student. She loved her mom, brother and sisters...and helped out while dating a nice guy. I always viewed Theresa on Passions to be like Brooke without the more complex writing of the early years
  3. Was Zane more of a fun character when with Felicia? My mom liked them together in the 80s. And when V. Tibbley was playing Alice..she was tested with Mitch and had chemistry.
  4. Candiace is a walking meme especially with the tissue in hand.
  5. The one thing I've noticed about these early episodes is that there is more depth in the scenes, more balance in airtime, and a good haves and have nots balance. The Logans may lack wealth and glamour, but they seem close knit and warm toward one another. The Forrester's may have wealth and glamour, but there is tension and competition in the family. Both families are wealthy in different ways. The Spectras also were a have not family later on, but it was in terms of respect..not money. And it was a close knit crew with Sally, Saul, Darla and Macy. Only thing I felt was missing was I think Sally should have also had a son (besides CJ) in the early episodes..and been competitive with Macy..and also given Ridge a run for his money with Brooke, etc.
  6. Speaking of Kim...I actually think both of them would make a good tag team on Rinna. Garcelle can call someone out, but Kim will go low...and let's not forget that Kim is the only one that has managed to push rinna's buttons.
  7. I think on SFT, it seemed like Mary viewed it as her show...and she felt protective of it. And I'd always figured LP used Vivian Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor as models when molding both Ava and Lila..so I was glad she confirmed it. And I liked that both women had a lot to say so Alan didn't rail road them either with his pointless babbling. It seems like SFT was not a show he knew much about...and that's a good thing. And Maree's tale about Irna Phillips was funny.
  8. Speaking of Knots Landing, I was a Val and Ben fan...and thought Val and Gary were too toxic with one another. On Dallas, I preferred Bobby and Pam broken up. He and Jenna were good together and I was hoping Pam would have finally gone toe to toe with Jr. On Dynasty, both Krystle and Alexis were too good for Blake.
  9. I remember the final.season jumped around and I was so confused as a kid. My mom explained it was showing how all the characters coped with civilian life after the trauma of being in Vietnam
  10. Gizelle is beautiful but doesn't know how to dress.
  11. Since I'm in one of those previously infected and vaxxed camps...I'll probably not be getting the booster for awhile..if articles like this are true. https://www.foxbusiness.com/healthcare/fully-vaccinated-and-had-covid-19-no-rush-for-a-booster-shot-experts-say
  12. Originally Giselle was set for season 1 of the girls trip, but with covid...the producers went a different direction. Giselle vs Kenya would have been hilarious..plus she doesn't like Ramona. Sigh. And Dina from NJ was smart to turn down season 2...best to keep her ready to go if there is a season 3
  13. Not sure how reliable this is, but according to a non peer reviewed study, the suggestion is to do a vaccine of the original version SARS virus instead of doing RNA adaptations of the current vaccine. Apparently the theory is that this will be more effective against variants. And it was stupid of scientists not to assume covid would mutate. It's a virus and a virus always can mutate especially with all the social distancing, mask wearing, and spreading it has been doing for 18+ months. It adapted itself so it could work around some of the safety measures, and also being in so many people..it learned how to infect quicker. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/vaccination-gives-hybrid-immunity-to-recovered-covid-19-patients#Future-pandemic-threats
  14. Apparently Pfizer claims they have the ability to adjust the RNA within 100 days..but I think the fact that it wasn't fully approved till recently is why they couldn't formulate the vaccine like the flu shot.
  15. It's not even that the editors hate Kyle..it's just that she isn't memorable. If it were Kim (who should do one of these in the future), there would be more catch phrases to choose from. As Camille would say 'sorry Kyle, you lose'.
  16. Why was it Aunt Liz there instead of Mary? I do recall Ada would try to explain to Rachel that she needed to move on. And she was always sweet and warm to Alice. Which is why in 1985, it seemed odd that Ada was blaming Alice for upsetting Rachel by telling her she stole Steve from her. The 1989 visit by Alice seemed much better and more in keeping with history. They had warm things to say, but there was an underlying tension between the two
  17. I remember when Sandra Ferguson (Amanda AW) was a temp Brooke...and it looked as if she would take over as Brooke since KKL went on maternity leave and had considered not coming back. I recall the show seemed more invested in Brooke/Grant as a coupling...and I wonder had she taken over permanently..if Ridge and Brooke were going to be a thing of the past?
  18. Merck submitting for EUA for the pill form treatment. This will hopefully keep people at high risk out of the hospital. Vaccines are only 1 tool, not the only one. Two of my relatives got Moderna, still got bad cases (they had transplants and had to take immune suppression medications). So hopefully this Merck pill can help people that didn't get protections from the vaccine. Also, Fauci should not speaking on all this...the unvaxxed despise him..and he is shady. https://www.yahoo.com/news/merck-asks-us-fda-authorize-100229068.html
  19. Sad that the most effective of the vaccines is out of reach...when had the lower income countries been vaccinated...the pandemic might have made some headway to being over.
  20. For me, it was only good the first ten years...mostly before nepotism creeped in.
  21. The original show (season 1 to 5) was balanced...serious with comedic moments. I always thought a sitcom was supposed to make you laugh...silly me
  22. I know Denise Pence (Katie GL) claimed she was offered a chance to go to ATWT when the Dobson's moved there, but she turned the opportunity down to stay at GL
  23. Soaps take up to 2 years to get going, which NBC never seemed to understand. And the fact that it was placed in a time slot that damaged two previous soaps (The doctors and SFT) was boneheaded. I wonder if Dorothy Lyman should have been cast to play Laura instead of Rebecca? I know she was doing Mama's Family when the soap started, but I think she should have been recast to play Laura. She and Ruth could have gone at it. From watching, it seemed like the writers had a firm grasp at writing strong AA characters with Doreen, Ruth, Henry, Adam, Chantal, etc. It also seemed like the show was hitting its stride when it got canceled with a cliffhanger to boot.
  24. Only time Lemay admitted he was wrong without admitting it. Thankfully, there is footage of most of her stint on OLTL, her 1 year return to AW, and her 2 1989 visits to prove she had a natural, low key acting style. Lemay seemed to want a more dramatic theater style of acting..while JC had a more subtle style. The few scenes of her 1970s work on AW showed she had ability, just not in the manner that Lemay wanted. And the one 1964 episode showed a more free spirited Alice...talking about boys, and seemed more Rachel esque to me...imho
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