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    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think we need to get Rinna some acting jobs, when she was briefly doing Days and other guest spots the previous season, her focus was on that plus her kids... which left her less time to focus on her one track minded obsession with Vanderpump. If Vanderpump does opt to leave, Rinna always moves on to a new one track obsession.
  2. Given the faster pace of filming, loads of memorization, taking direction, and learning cues/blocking... this could be the training our gorl has been needing since she hit the scene in the 90s. Usually people learn these things when they start out before branching out, but I guess better late than never?
  3. Soaplovers

    Best US Soap Scenes

    The first two or three years of B & B showcased a soap that had a lot of promise, but like Santa Barbara, eventually put all of their eggs into one or two baskets (i.e. Stephanie, Brooke/Ridge). Seeing Bill Bell write off most of the Logans in 1989/90, and not nurturing the Spectra's after the mid 90s really caused an imbalance on the show. The only reason B & B became popular in the US (it was always popular outside of the US) was because of Sheila. and we saw how Bradley Bell spit on her when he officially took over as head-writer from his dad. Same as with Stephanie, turning her into a one note shrew and Brooke into a sex addict. The first few years showed Brooke and Stephanie as more well rounded characters. Here is my favorite scenes from 1990 with Brooke/Stephanie: And I had forgotten this little nugget from the early months of B & B.. back when the show wrote Stephanie as more than a shrew. Lastly, here is my favorite scene of Alex and Sherry Stringfield's Blake. They're evenly matched like in a chess game, and I couldn't imagine Keifer or Dusay playing this scene.
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    Y&R: Old Articles

    Victoria's best rival (when Heather Tom played the character) was Nina... they worked as friends, rivals, and frenemies. It's telling that during the years when Nina was appearing when Victoria was recast.. they had little to no interaction.. which always confused me because Victoria/Nina had such an interesting and complex history in the 90s.
  5. Soaplovers

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Speak for yourself, I thought Meg Ryan had more talent than people and Hollywood assumed. She was quite effective in 'When a Man Loves a Woman', 'Courage Under Fire', and I thought 'In the Cut' was very interesting avante garde choice for the actress. What did her in wasn't the fact that people were sick of romcoms starring Meg Ryan... but she got roasted due to her affair with Russell Crowe while still married to Dennis Q. She does seem like a happier a person nowadays. I was wondering why they didn't team Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks more often than just three times
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    Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Plus, it was hard to buy Eric going for Stephanie when he had an attractive/glamorous girlfriend already except for the money aspect (since I think Stephanie came from money.. and Eric was more middle to upper middle class). Plus, the first Beth was warm, confident, and still sexy even with the show's attempt at dressing her in casual clothes with her hair up all the time. Though this Beth vs Stephanie would have been interesting... and it would have explained later plot developments when Brooke/Eric got together since the first Beth and Brooke looked like they could be mother/daughter.
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    Best US Soap Scenes

    I thought V had potential, but the writers were writing her as being too strident and sarcastic instead of letting the character progress organically. Charisa Chamorro.. wasted actress on OLTL... I though Sophia/Joey would have been more interesting than Joey/Kelly part 3000th. I think her almost year long stint on Guiding Light as Tory was a better showcase for the actress.imho.
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    AMC Tribute Thread

    I disagree, I actually liked the story... the problem was the casting of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the part. It threw off the timeline quite a bit.
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    The Doctors

    I always marvel at the stupidity of people.. and this is a prime example. Putting a link in RetroTv's facebook is like revealing a secret about someone to that certain someone.
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    AMC Reunion

    It's nice to see reunions, but I'm also one of those people that believes that you have to move on. Shows come and go, and I think the time has passed for a revival. I enjoyed the 2.0 and was sad that it didn't work out long term. Perhaps a 2 hour mini series/movie for both AMC and OLTL would be nice.. to tie up the loose ends left by the abrupt ending of the 2.0 shows. With that said, everyone looked great
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    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Robin Strasser didn't do the super over-acting bit until she was on Passions (and you had to over-act on that show). and than when she returned in 2003. I had seen her in a few roles outside soaps where she was more subtle, she played against type in the tv movie Baby M where she was subdued and low key.. and wished she would have played more roles like that to show the public her range.
  12. Soaplovers

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Lots of good scenes in the early 90s on Y and R. And who could forget this scene (shame not the full scene).
  13. Soaplovers

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The other thing I noticed about Marland's final year or two was his old tendency to drag out a story longer than it should instead of quickly trying to resolve it, plus trying to recreate situations that worked in the early part of his regime again for the early 90s. We had the whole Dusty/Lily/Holden/Meg story that worked in the early part of his run as writer.. but when he attempted to recreate a similar situation with Hutch/Rosanna/Debbie/Evan.. it didn't seem to work quite as well (though it does prove that Sharon Case did use to have really nice thick hair once upon a time). Would the outcome have differed if he hadn't died in the middle of that situation? Whose to say. We also had the whole Carolyn Crawford mystery that dragged on for over a year and half featuring the death of a character that had only been on for a few months. I heard a rumor (not sure if true or not) where the original killer was to be her hubby, but that Marland changed it.... not sure if that's true or not. Based on the early part of the story, it did look as if he was going to be the killer given Frannie's sudden love for him and his sudden rush to marry. Personally, the story would have worked better if he had been the killer and Frannie saved herself... while having Barbara/Frannie having tension due to Jennifer being Darryl's, etc. @DramatistDreamer I do agree with your theory that perhaps he was suffering from health problems long before his sudden death because the tone of the last few years was dark, somber, and focused more on death, illness, and sadness.. than his first 2 1/2 years.
  14. Soaplovers

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Rinna seems to have a one track mind with things. When she first joined, her and Kim were in a good place until Kim's strange behavior in the limo. I admit being on Rinna's side at first, but she was like a dog with a chew toy. Even though Kim has a lot of negative traits, I also felt bad for her because Rinna was relentless on her. And Kim was correct by saying that without her, where is her story. We saw last season, Rinna was more low key and doing things in her day to day life.. regaining some of the favor that she'd lost.. but it looks like any favor regained is being lost quickly. We also know that Vanderpump can be shady and passive aggressive.. but isn't that the main traits of being a full time housewife for more than a season? I do hope if Vanderpump does leave that Rinna goes after Kyle cause that witch needs to be raked over the coals.
  15. Soaplovers

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I liked it better in previous seasons on all the shows where all the housewives weren't at events.. sometimes that spurs organic conflict (i.e. when Heather didn't invite Ramona to London during season 5 of RHONY). If these are 'reality shows', shouldn't they be doing things that logical and normal people would do. So if LVP isn't going somewhere because of not getting along with the other women, or handling personal family business.. than that's.... gasp... like real life! It's one of the reasons I didn't mind Shannon doing a freeze out of Vicki during most of season 11 because they weren't speaking.. and it was organic reasoning...with Heather Dubrow trying to reason with Shannon.. and Breanna trying to reason with Vicki. Plus, Meghan was dead pan asking Tamra if telling her to f off was called for even though Tamra was in distress after the Atv accident. Organic things like that are why I used to love the housewives.
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    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    What I noticed about Marland's writing was that it was more energetic/fun in his first two years or so (fall 1985 until early 1988).. partly because he was carrying on the tone established by the previous headwriter (Bledsoe Horgan) and writing the story threads started by her, including characters created by her (Shannon O'hara.. at least early Shannon is an exact copy of Bledsoe Horgan.. quirky/life coach/whimsical). However, I noticed after the writers strike that his tone of writing started to get more somber/serious/darker.. even fun characters like Shannon got watered down. I often wondered if he was going with the trend of soaps at that time to be less over the top/flashy and more somber/serious? It's why when I rewatch his era.. I liked the first two years because there is an energy and sense of fun that is missing by the late 80s/early 90s (though I do admit I liked his one comical creation Dana.. who was the surrogate for Darryl/Carolyn.. and her attempts at doing Margo's hair and also her being more of a hindrance to a hitman that took her hostage). I mentioned before I liked Noelle Beck/Heather Rattray better than Martha Bryne as Lily... so I'll also say I liked Mary Ellen Stuart better than Julianne Moore as Frannie.
  17. Frankie Frame and Ryan Harrison on Another World... both were detectives that had a detective agency.. and they would give one another advice on their love lives.. though Vicky and Cass were jealous of the friendship.
  18. Soaplovers

    AMC Tribute Thread

    What's scary is that she's active, eats well, and still had this happen. A good cautionary tale to always be your own advocate and go when you feel something is wrong. Thank gosh we didn't lose her.
  19. Soaplovers

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think Emily made it look as if Eddie and Margo were hooking up.. in order to make Tom turn to her. @DRW50 I think how you described the 1987 is probably one of the reasons I wasn't a huge Marland fan,... too polite and refined. And his propping of Princess Lily was sickening. I think the only reason Meg and, to a lesser extent, Iva were so popular were due to the actresses playing them.. than to the writing. As a kid, I remember liking Meg and loving it when she would stick it to Lily. For some strange reason, even though Marland was still writing the show, I found myself liking Lily much more when Heather R played Lily... and yes.. I even liked Noelle Beck as Lily. Both of them made Lily less spoiled.. even though both were playing Lily during selfish/spoiled periods for the character... if that makes sense.
  20. Soaplovers

    Another World

    I've watched Beverly's take on Iris.. and I have to say I liked Carman's take on Iris much better.. only because I grew up watching Ms. Mckinsey as Alexandra (and she didn't want to go back to AW because it was filmed in Brooklyn). I could see the start of Iris becoming more attentive to business matters at the end of her Texas run.. and going off to New York than traveling through Europe... perhaps during some downtime (or during her brief fling with Michael Hudson).. probably learning about business matters... etc. I mean the character was off the show for several years so whose to say that she didn't pick up on learning business. The only thing I had trouble with was throwing Iris knee deep into the business stories the second she came back in late 1988. I could have seen her trying to learn more about the business after seeing how well Amanda was doing.. and perhaps thinking if she was more interested in the business.. than Mac would respect her, etc. So I wouldn't have made her the Chief.. but I could have seen her possibly hiring someone to be the Chief thus saving the company in the eleventh hour, etc. And than after Mac's death, Iris becoming involved in the business as both a way to make it up to her daddy for the Chief stunt.. and to stick it to Rachel/Amanda. With that said, it's sad to read that she's passed
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    What I thought was short-sighted was killing off of Kate's half-brother... who had an interesting rapport/chemistry with Paige. The cliffhanger showed the cop shooting at him, but the season 13 writing team killed him off. Had Ann Marcus taken over at the start of season 13.. I think she could have made the season 12 finale work long-term. The one positive of the horrible season 13 writing team (pre-Ann Marcus coming back mid season) was that they wrote Val with more respect and with an arc that actually fit her character (helping a lost misguided waitress learn to read... it was in character of Val to help those in need especially younger lost soul women and children).
  22. Soaplovers

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Sadly, it's realistic.. but how ReRon is writing it is making it a joke when it is an actual issue I've witnessed at least when I used to play on the gay sport leagues where the lone straight male player would be lusted after.. with some guys even hitting on him and trying to force themselves on them. Luckily, they were smart enough to exit after the games and not hang out with the team post-game in Boystown. He did go to a gathering I had because I was the only one not into him, etc. So it's realistic.. but since ReRon isn't known for depth.. he shouldn't even be attempting to write it.
  23. Soaplovers

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Nene only shades those she feels threatened by... at least when they aren't around. Oddly, I'll never dislike Kandi for the very reason that she makes Nene nervous and shoots her down non-stop. LVP wouldn't even have Nene in her thoughts.. if asked about these comments.
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    The Doctors

    Jonathan Frakes (Genie Francis' hubby) debuted as Dr. Tom Carroll in today's set of episodes.
  25. Soaplovers

    Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Good.. maybe the show can salvage Alexis.. because the character shouldn't be side-lined whatsoever. In fact, I think Cristal 1.0 and Cristal 2.0 are both busts.. and I think an Alexis vs. Fallon conflict is where the show should focus on.. along with the continued beefing up of Monica's role (loved the turban she was wearing in a recent episode).