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  1. Facts of life Reboot

    I read somewhere that Charlotte Rae wanted a reduced schedule hence the reduced presence in the 7th season, and I will say when she did appear.. she was put to good use (going back to college episode, etc).
  2. Sexuality on Daytime Soaps

    Yeah, I dont truer modern day soap writers to write it well. Look at Maya on bold and the beautiful...it was a great twist, but everyone was accepting, etc. I recall my mom said while she thought the actress playing Maya was talented and did a good job, she wondered why the show didnt have a transgendered performer playing the part. She also said she found the story preachy and not organic especially with how accepting Rick was since she didnt ever recall Rick being so easy going. An asexual character sadly wouldn't make it on soaps...but there are a lot of avenues a show could go with an asexual character. A Male asexual has more discrimination than a female asexual...but there would be interesting avenues to explore with either gender as asexual...or even demisexual (where a character had to be intellectual and emotionally into a person to be sexually into them).
  3. Another World

    I remember Lucas and Felicia...and I felt sorry for Iris playing second fiddle because I think she truly cared for Lucas. And I liked that the show remembered iris and Lucas dating when Iris arranged for his former girls to come to the wake. When watching the soap, I always observed the show seemed happier to write for Vicki than for Marley...which is a shame since Marley had a lot of potential from a psychological point of view. Unlike Vicki, Marley grew up around Donna..but believed she was her sister and not her mother. Donna had to hold herself back from being a mother to Marley, so I could have seen Donna being motherly to Vicki, but unable to truly be close to Marley in that way...causing resentment from Marley. They always played up Vicki's resentment at not being raised by donna..but I always thought Marley had it worse. If Harding lemay had been rehired in the mid 80s...I think he would have explored all that...instead of doing the good twin/bad twin thing.
  4. Facts of life Reboot

    I do agree that cloris leachman wasnt needed. I would have ended the show with Mrs. G marrying and leaving...or had the 4 girls sharing the house and getting into more adult stuff...living and learning the facts of life without their rock Mrs. G around. And I think had the show spun blair/jo off after the left Eastland..we would have been robbed of the Edna's edible era..and there were some great episodes during that era.
  5. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    Dixie Carter had a dry wit..she could say something dead pan and it would be hilarious and when Julia got dramatic even funnier. I recall coming back from a week long vacation where I had no access to outside news and my mom telling me of dixie's death..and I was in shock. My mom was even more in shock since she had been a fan of hers dating back to her edge of night days. No way anyone could fill her shoes. A one of a kind.
  6. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I always wonder about if the show would have survived once Mary Stuart passed away since the original premise of the soap was the adventures of Jo Gardner. The show expanded its canvas and focus, but Jo was always an element that was kept even the focus continued falling away from her in the early 80s.
  7. The Doctors

    Paul Summers is the connector character.. connecting previous characters/plots that were previously islanded together. Stacy/Rico weren't working as a couple despite the Pollocks and Cenedella trying their hardest to make them a rootable couple and Penny as the spoiler. Depriest recognized Stacy/Rico had no chemistry and broke them up than spinning Stacy off into Paul Summers orbit.. and briefly tested Rico/Penny but wisely is going the Penny/Jerry route.. despite testing him with Wendy Conrad. And finally there is some movement with the Conrad story. Cenedella was writing Scott/Althea as a couple even though it clearly wasn't working.. and trying his hardest to make Eleanor unbalanced to try to drum up sympathy for Scott/Althea. Depriest wisely changed the whole dynamic of the story by having Nick come back to save Althea's life.. and showing them finally get a chance to be together six years after they officially broke up/divorced.. and now it appears as if both are remembering the bad along with the good in their previous marriages. And Depriest is writing Scott as gaslighting Eleanor so he can be rid of her and to get back with Althea... and writing him as pathetic/crazy (sort of how the actor was portraying the character even when he started playing the role). I can buy the Ann Larimer switch.. The pollocks were slanting a character change in their last months as head-writers with the illness she suffered, putting her practice on hold to recover, relocating with Nick to warmer climates to recover, becoming restless that Nick was working and she was always by herself, returning once she gets a clean bill of health and broken up with Nick, bitter over the break up, leaning on Steve.. with Althea/Matt/Maggie noticing the closeness and alerting Carolee.. who becomes green with jealousy. Ann having nightmares over being frigid, and than finally the heart to heart between Carolee/Ann where Carolee was accusing Ann of being a sexy distraction to Steve with Ann remarking that everyone else was telling her she was being frigid (you saw the light bulb go off)... and than Cenedella took over and Ann is put in backburner central where she's shown only as a talk to until the last few weeks of his stint where Steve starts to lean on Ann and pursue her.. and than Ann gives in and goes crazy with the first hints of passion/love and is determined to keep it thus losing all sense of reality. So to me, it fits.
  8. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    I thought Carlene was how Charlene was when she first left popular bluff. We have to remember when DW started, Charlene had lived several years outside of Popular Bluff so she had become more refined though still naive and trusting. Carlene was more like a fish out of water, yet was insightful in an odd way (she didnt tell those popular bluff stories ad much as charlene). I think the reason whuh people said Delta leaving affected the show more than Jean smart was because it was harder to replace Suzanne. Allison was obnoxious and not charming, while BJ was more like a conservative Julia than she was like Suzanne. I dont recall Dixie Carter singing all that much..maybe 4 or 5 times on her own. My fav singing performance of hers was Sweet Georgia Brown at her sons wedding and she's drunk....while charlene/mary jo/Suzanne are bewildered and amused.
  9. The View

    I dont mind that meghan is a conservative...its just her attitude that turns me off. She is the type of person that should be barred from any sort of manager role since shed be a queen bee.
  10. The View

    They didn't need a 2nd conservative.. they needed a moderate/centrist.. one that can look at both sides of an issue objectively... which Sara Haines did.
  11. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    She has no business being a mother, but than Jason has no business being a father. Perhaps her grandparents could raise her?
  12. Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    The Abbott siblings when played by Peter Bergman, Brenda Epperson, and Beth Maitland.
  13. The Doctors

    Nola Dancy officially debuted in today's episodes of The Doctor. She's very rough around the edges, tough, and instantly you know she wants to be better than the humble background with which she is raised. Instant tension between Jerry and Nola.. with Jerry resentful that he's been left to hold the bag in regards to watching over their comatose sister and worrying over their mother. I will be intrigued to see the journey Nola travels to go from the rough around the edges character we saw in her first episode to her later episodes.
  14. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    It works, I've seen the actress in other things
  15. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    Maybe it could involve one of Julia Sugarbakers grand kids perhaps? The show has been off the air for 25 years so it could be possible that she had a grand-daughter that inherited her late grandmother's design firm and trying to update it for the 21st century.. and there could be cameos by the surviving three women including Auntie Suzanne?
  16. Y&R: Old Articles

    In regards to the change of acting of the females/males.. we can blame Auntie Jack for that since Peter Bergman was a New York actor coming to an LA based soap where acting wasn't top notch (except for Lauren/Traci.. no one else really won emmys). Original Alex I despised Maura West being cast in such an iconic part.
  17. The last time I can recall a soap rating jumping due to a must see event was in the summer 1997 at the climax of the Annie Dutton Trial where she was exposed on the witness stand while the whole town was witnessing this, as well as, the time that Kristen/Susan story was exposed. Both of these were the summer of 1997.
  18. Best Soap Opera Opening

    I watched it when it reran on SoapNet... Too many characters... it was also focused on the modeling agency and the Harper Cosmetic family, plus the family lives of the two teen models. Too many items on the stove, not enough time to cook them to their full potential. If it were me, I would have focused on the modeling agency aspect with the two teen models, Morgan Fairchild, the aging model (Mimi Rogers), and perhaps another two models to provide a good contrast.
  19. Another World

    I don't know.. I could have bought it if she had hired a gunman to do the job for her... but we have to remember that Iris was her own worst enemy. Many a marriage of hers was ruined because of her inability to move on from Mac so I could see Rachel marrying Carl as a betrayal against Mac's memory and she snapped.
  20. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I always figured Holden/Meg were the youngest since the two were closest.. and that Holden was Emma's favorite because he was her youngest son... and that Caleb/Ellie were the middle children and the ones least accustomed to farm living. I know that Iva took off when either Meg was very young, or before Meg was born.. because when Meg came on in January 1986.. Iva was happy to see Meg while Meg remarked that she didn't know her but had heard a lot about her.
  21. The Doctors

    I do agree the show is missing something, perhaps an emotional depth that we havent seen on the show since the 1967 to 1969 episodes. With that said, I find that the script qriters have been good..some better than others (one of the script writers lee zlotoff created Macgyver in the 80s).. when I watch an episode and like how the episode is written/structured..I find that the script writer for the day is always Lainie Bertram (who was a script writer for oltl in the 80s). Script writers can make a show better...but Cenedella used script qriters during his 6 month stint and I found his 6 month stint almost a chore to watch.
  22. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Jill as a friend of would be perfect. Jill in small doses is good PR for her. Her brief visit gave the show some attention especially shedding light on on and off again friendship with Ramona.
  23. The Doctors

    I read she came on in early july followed by her siblings a month or so later. And I agree Ann isnt crazy, she was sick and tired of being a doormat and decided to fight for something because being noble wasnt working for her.
  24. Why are soap fans so averse to online streaming?

    I know Ken Corday was starting an online web presence.. and I think the Ladies of the Lake was the first content from that... so I'm wondering if he's getting all the kinks worked out so that if NBC does decide to drop Days.. it can go on airing online on his platform? I also think Walmart is smart to appeal to Middle America since Netflix has totally shifted from a more diverse content that populated their channel in the early years (though I'm tempted to add Netflix again if the Dolly Parton deal does happen). I have antenna only, but I don't get CBS.. but that is just as well since I don't like anything that airs on that channel anyway (their daytime schedule is the pits and all of their comedies/dramas are skewed for old people.. and are procedurals.. boring lol)
  25. I will agree with this... I recall in the late 80s, Jennifer had ambition and career aspirations. She wanted to be a journalist/writer.. and Jack told her that she had potential, but had a lot to learn before she'd be taken seriously as a journalist.. even dismissing her as being a rich girl with a hobby. The Jennifer of than became bound and determined to prove Jack and others wrong.. and that was one of the elements that made the character popular.. her career aspirations, her ambition, and not being the typical good girl that weeps at every turn. Eve vs Jennifer was so memorable back than because Eve also had ambition, but of a different variety. I don't see the youthful females of today on DAYS having that ambition.. I often wonder if that is due to not feeling they have anything to prove?