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  1. So I watched Dallas and still confused why LeeAnne is a fan fav. She needs psych lockdown pronto. Now it makes sense why Dandria's mom gave her the company..she had already ruined it as payback to her daughter. Dand4ia needs to cut both her and Leanne out of her life. Kary seems fun thus far.
  2. Sorel could play Vivian as over the top yet still be scary. StrasseR isn't able to do so. I wish Ron wouldn't insist on hiring his friends..he's a male JFP's. Eve and now Vivian are played by good actresses that don't fit the parts.
  3. Kyle will always be second rate..hence who BH has been cheapened the more she took control of the show.
  4. Maybe teddi could be a friend of..that way we don't have to see her all the time.
  5. Don't forget Macy is being sacrificed for Brooke/Thorne Bl
  6. I could see Jill making a cameo..like past housewives have done..since she still talks to most of the cast. Joyce was too good to be a housewife...Andy thought she talked too much..but I think he had trouble with big words..imho
  7. Bethenny on a spin off or on a talk show proved she isn't the star she thinks of she is. I knew her going back to housewives would be horrible and she controlled everything. It's why it's a horrible idea for a housewife to come back once she leaves.... nene is another example of a housewife that should have been banned from returning ever.
  8. This is So Notorious..perhaps if the ads alluded to tha factt..people would have been more receptive.
  9. At the 412 episode mark..I can see why Katie was phased out..her arc since #1 was concluding with her having confidence and a guy asking her out. Plus her character was removed from her the business aspect. Brooke was dating a Forrester, Donna was modeling, and Storm was an attorney...so they had ties. Shame the show didn't pursue Margo and Storm.
  10. Finally..Ny will be free to become an ensemble again! I just wish these ladies would share moe about their lives and not hang out so much with one another. The show needs new blood..but these women are more viperish to newbies than other cities are..so It becomes stagnant
  11. If true....hmmmm.. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/bethenny-frankel-exit-real-housewives-221528191.html
  12. These reunion looks in general are tacky and over the top. Whatever happened to just wearing a simple black or red dress? Beverlyy Hill needs a cast shake up...and if Andy were smart..he'd look at how OC reinvented itself in season 9 with the addition of Shannon ( if the show gets a season 15, they need to ax Gina..no one likes her..but I do love karma being a bitch to her after the way she went after Shannon in season 13..did she not see what happened to Heather after she did the same thing to her in season 9?)
  13. Oddly in the 1st half of season 13...Val was actually written in character dealing with being a newlywed, helping a waitress learn to read, an arguing with Gary over his obsession with the Tidal Wave project (shades of season 3 all over again).
  14. OC isn't like NY or Atlanta...in that you have to have a strong personal story going on. Vicki might have stirred up drama..but she doesn't have the family element anymore since Briana lives out of state and doesn't want to film..and Michael isn't keen on that either. I think she pulled a Gretchen and got engaged just to secure a place. With that said, why wasn't Gina demoted or fired? She's divorcing, I guess her kids can't appear much anymore, has no job, etc. She offers nothing herself. Emily would have been a natural in the earlier seasons...marriage shaky, career, colorful relatives, and a laid back personality. Kelly needs to pull a Tammy knickerbocker and leave the show. He daughter Joie looks miserable and doesn't want to be filmed/featured. You can see her saying this to Kelly...and Kelly blaming Vicki when she is also to blame. Her and Tamra are so alike. Shannon and her daughters...I'd so watch a spinoff special especially with Archie featured. They are the bright spot. New girl Bronte...7 kids..husband that is kind of hot..and a Betsy Johnson lookalike mom...lots of story there
  15. Is there anything you do like? Lol I liked it, but I can see why others wouldn't
  16. I liked this...I look at this like an alternate reality like the movie Sliding Doors.
  17. I am glad NY is done for the season...Dorinda and Bethenny are too toxic for me. I miss when the show was about their lives..and they didn't have contrived gatherings. To me, NY is all pretty surface and nothing more. OC, on the other hand, has always had the family element...though I wish they cast housewives with teen and young adult kids like in the early years. And I relate to the whole Maga/anti Maga situation. It happens in real life and this is a reality show. I'd rather they share than be like Bethenny and Ramona..who hide most of their lives from the camera. Still...I like that the housewife shows have their own identity and format so it appeals to different audiences.
  18. I would have dumped Gina and kept Emily. Vicki will play a big part in he show...but OC, like NJ, has always been more family oriented...and Briana isn't on anymore and Mike doesn't want to be on...so I could see why she was demoted. I like seeing the kids to reinforce my choice of not pro creating is a smart one lol
  19. Tamra vs Kelly on Twitter, Gina looking washed out with that hair color, and vicki demoted. Season 14 is off to an eventful start
  20. I do love the families are still in the intro...same with Jersey. I love that Archie is included in Shannon's intro card
  21. Was there anyone Frost's Betsy had chemistry with?
  22. So tori spelling is hurt that she's not been asked to be a housewife on Beverly Hills..yet Jennie Garth was asked 2 years ago..and turned them down...hmmm
  23. Katie found out about Rocco liking her sister Donna instead of her. Oddly, Donna tried to downplay Katie being upset..and how tortured Rocco was. Some things never change...Katie was dumped on just as much in 1988 as she is now in 2019. .
  24. I figured betsy and Steve benefited from not making up.and breaking up all the time...like what happened to Josh/Reva and Luke/Laura. They broke up and never got back together...so they were more a tragic super couple..imho
  25. Were the Marshall's estranged as a family?
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