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  1. Oddly, I think Alden did a lot of repair of the Nina character after the whole Ryan situation.. and actually turned Tricia into a fascinating psycho that you couldn't help.. but feel sorry for. However, she lost points with the whole Diane/Ashley/Nikki sperm storyline.... Alden's hard on for Victor was obvious.. and it caused damage to the show in terms of focus that it has never recovered from (she started the focus going away from Jill..imho)
  2. To be honest, it seems as if this show and THATHN's have slightly different audiences... and the writing/acting is a few notches above that particular show..imho. I do think Givens has settled into the role now that there are some layers being added to her character... and Rondell/Vondell is the break out character... her vs. Givens is more interesting than Amaya vs Givens..imho.
  3. I love when new blood enters a housewife show!
  4. Marland was the worst...his stint was so boring. So I'm surprised replacement writers couldn't improve it.
  5. I saw episodes when Sally first took over...and she played MJ as spirited and fiesty..but she had a passive vibe that the other actress didnt..so the writers wrote to that...too much..imho
  6. I loved that show..plus she was on the syndicated show 9 to 5 as a female boss from hell lol
  7. Thorne shot ridge in episode 375. Logans seemed a happier family than the Forresters.
  8. I can't wait till the Ashley character comes on.. she dominated 1980 especially with the crazy therapist.
  9. They did a few cartoon tv movies in the 90s with pebbles and bam bam as a married couple. Whatever happened to a TV movie?
  10. I do know from watching the Foundations Interview with Debbie that she was excited about Maggie (Tomei) because she said that when she was in college, there were some white students at the college.. and she said she wanted to show the racism and struggles her character would have encountered... but sadly, that was veteoed by people outside of Allen. Do you guys think had Maggie stayed on would Freddie have been created... or was Freddie created to fill a void left by the Maggie character not being there?
  11. 20 years ago...the last new daytime drama debut
  12. TNN was an 80s/90s version of CMT..and it aired Dallas reruns for years to great success...maybe CMT could air reruns.
  13. I wouldn't mind a reunion movie for Cooper or Family Matters.
  14. Even the actress playing Steffy has said over the years she would have loved if Steffy was paired with Carter... since her character did date his adopted brother... it would continue the B & B tradition of siblings sharing significant others.
  15. I love a show that changes their cast...change is a good thing.
  16. Her last cohesive album for me was Confessions. I do like her new cd..but would it have hurt her to put a party song or 2 on it?
  17. Find him a strong co-head-writer... why any show would employ him as a sole head-writer baffles me. If anything, I still think he's a place-holder (i.e. a transition writer). Why he's trying to revive 2013 Y & R... I'll never understand.
  18. Sandra Nelson had a sinister undertone when playing Phyllis.. where I could buy her running down Christine/Paul and hiring goons to beat up Michael Baldwin (back when they were involved romantically). She had a quiet intensity that I thought worked for the character of Phyllis in the late 90s... She was less needy and neurotic.. and more ruthless/evil. Plus, her Phyllis had loads of chemistry with Jack... that I never saw between Michelle Stafford's Phyllis. GT's Phyllis was an even combination of both Stafford's Phyllis and Nelson's Phyllis. She was more controlled with rage seething underneath like Nelson's Phyllis.. but could do the quirky stuff that Stafford's Phyllis had.
  19. When Passions officially celebrates 20 years...it will also be 20 years since a new soap has debuted thus truly starting the decline of soaps.
  20. I thought givens was more subtle than usual...and I'll be interested in seeing how her character develops.
  21. How is Kathleen Turner as Nola so far?
  22. Sheila helped bold and the beautiful climb to #2 when she joined....her exposure in 1995 was epic. I do agree she should be on this list only. Amber shouldn't be on the list at all.
  23. Marland struck gold with the Reardons...and i always felt Long had a better handle on the Reardon's than the Bauers. The Coopers were great in the early years..till Buzz came in..and Nadine was short changed.
  24. Tinsley should have been a one and done...
  25. When rewatching the early years, i liked the contrast between the haves (forrester's) and the have nots (logan)....when the logan's were phased out...the Spectra crew served as a have not due to lacking respect from the fashion world. I think the show is missing the have not component..imho...and a good head writer.
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