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  1. Actually if I recall right Stephen Gregory chose to leave Y&R to quit acting altogether, and only later appeared on SVU as a recurring character as a favor to a long lost friend who had called him up. Ryan was a replacement for Chase, I suspect if Gregory had stayed around we'd just end up a Chase/Victoria pairing in 1991 instead.
  2. Thanks to Hartley, the show was able to savage the dark corner Adam had been put into and made Adam a viable character again for the first time since Engen was in the role. I do like Mark Grossman so far and was very interested in the initial introduction story but the writing has gotten so bad and illogical that its failing to make any sense and has caused characters to regress severely.
  3. Stafford is horrible! She is failing at all levels and whispering too much. Who thought to bring her back again? I wish the show could properly utilize Paul and Christine so much better. Everything about Adam and Chelsea so far has been incompletely illogical, and the storyline is failing. Nick needs to die. In other words, Josh Griffin ain't [!@#$%^&*] as head writer for the umpteenth time. If we're in any luck, Griffin doesn't last long, his stints on Y&R in 2008 and 2012-13 went awry and let's not speak of his Days' 2015 stint.
  4. I also fully expect Thudley will write how poor confused Hope crosses Liam and Flo by sleeping with Wyatt by year's end.
  5. There is a rumor out there that says Thomas You'd think Hogan Sheffer is ghostwriting or something. You guys nailed! Everything since the start of 2018 has been an ongoing colossal failure. I use to think 2007-2010 was this show's nadir, but it has sunk to even lower depths of hell this year with this clusterfuck [!@#$%^&*]!
  6. Nah she'd probably end up getting played by either Tamara Braun or Lindsay Hartley or something.
  7. Is it just me or does Stafford seem to be very uncomfortable coming back to the role? She comes off as being lost and not interesting at all, and what’s with the whispering? Chelsea’s husband kicked the bucket already? This story would be far more interesting if this is all just a ploy for a massive con that Adam and Chelsea are planning to pull off, but I don’t think JG is that smart enough or has the guts to do it. Otherwise the story doesn’t make sense at all, Chelsea the great con artist suddenly afraid of Adam and throwing herself in Nick’s arms. Ugh.
  8. Was that when a recast actor temporarily took over the role? It was pretty abrupt as Brent/Marion kidnapped Lucy on NYE and then coming back after the holiday they had hired some temp actor who was indeed creepy themselves.
  9. Maybe he should’t have abandoned his post then when he had that breakdown back in 2013. His whole Summer paternity flip-flop-flip was abhorrent enough.
  10. At least a return visit does somewhat soothe Avery’s horrific exit back in 2015 which was downright bizarre, distasteful and insulting. I don’t think she is needed full time, and yes her baking show killed the character’s momentum. I fully expect a Dylan recast now with this news as well and now waiting for Chance to return. It seems that JG wants to go back in time with all of this, for better or for worse.
  11. So let me get this straight, Thudley brings back a totally useless character who hasn’t appeared in months for a couple days only to kill her off and have everyone talking about how close they were to her? GMAFB. Not a waste or a loss though, Emma was pathetic. As for Thomas, well he did try to blow up Rick years ago. However that whole scene implied he was indirectly responsible, the same old tired trick that was successfully used on Sheila, Michael Baldwin, and Phyllis back in the 90’s.
  12. Erm, the only regret I ever heard was Bell said was him killing off Phillip III; by the time 1995 had rolled around JC was calling the show "The Young and the Rest of Us" and I'm sure it bothered Bell but he was having success with Y&R's third generation; otherwise he kept the right characters. I know late '96 and early '97 the show had really stagnated but Bell did turn the show around right before he officially retired and in perfect shape for Alden to take over. Nikki scored herself a "younger" man; we never got the Ryan/Jill one night stand the show really wanted to do and almost headed that way. I had heard something Ryan and Jill were suppose to sleep together, Victor find out and then blackmail Jill, leading to Jill being prime suspect in Victor's shooting, but I guess the show decided to play it safe and go some other absurd route in having Jill being prime suspect in Victor's shooting in addition to Brad. Ashley Abbott was a character Bell loved and knew how vital she was to the show. Otherwise she wouldn't have been recast for Shari Shattuck, which did prove to be a determent to the whole Audrey North story that went south. Otherwise the show was just fine, and Nick & Sharon were a lot more dynamic back. Network pressure, massive backstage politics, and in-fighting is what destroyed Y&R's later end of the third generation and decimated its fourth generation.
  13. After re-watching 1994, 1995, parts of 1996(ho boy did this show go off the rails, even by today's standards!) and 1997, any recommendations of what ATWT year I should re-watch next? I was thinking skipping ahead to 2000, but also wanted to revisit the glory days.
  14. Y&R: C Days: C- B&B: Z- for Thudley of course!
  15. I'm going to miss Gina Tognoni as Phyllis when she leaves...Da Stafford© is going to be downright unacceptable in the role.
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