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  1. I don’t think I can add more to what everyone else has said but what a crappy ass plot twist way for our poor Vinny to be given. Definitely tacky as hell Thudley! Not sure what’s going on with Justin here unless he wants revenge on Thomas for Emma’s death while revenge on the Spencer’s for years of mistreatment which could be interesting but be totally rushed without playing any beats. This is the same show that rushed through Steffy’s pill addiction last fall in one month’s time. Same with Ridge & Shauna lol.
  2. Hinsey is/was actually back writing for Digest after she fell out with InTouch. But given no one reads SOD anymore she really doesn’t have an audience anymore. I read an opinion piece by her about B&B’s mannequin story last fall and it was actually a lot more low key than anything she wrote back in the 00’s. It read as more of her observations as opposed her actual opinion lol.
  3. The moment CLB won his Emmy was the moment he started acting extra hammy instead of the brilliance he gave 1997-2004ish of the sleazy scheming grey lawyer he was. BTW as for today’s episode why are Phyllis's hands are still covered in self tanner?!!?
  4. This is really random though unless it’s for a short run. If the show hasn’t been able to figure out a Chance solution yet it’s just more proof how grossly incompetent the current TPTB are. I actually didn’t mind Stitch with AH Victoria but that was a lifetime ago. I can’t even remember why they eventually broke up lol.
  5. He left the journalism originally to produce SoapCenter for Soap Net if I recall right. Last I heard he has had some producer work for various reality shows including Big Brother and worked on production for the Daytime Emmys but that’s been some years now.
  6. Nelson Branco? This isn’t 2009 anymore his name is not worth any discussion, he can go back under the rocks with all the lies his Suds Reports were lol. Back in the day I really enjoyed Jonathan Reiner’s time at the TV Guide website, though I do believe his gay witticisms paved the way for Daniel Coleridge and Nelson Branco.
  7. Kyle and Summer is such worthless pairing that has never ever worked for the last eight years no matter who was playing Kyle. At least Lachlan gets to play himself in Dynasty nowadays, which is not a bad thing at all. In fact the show had put so much stock into Kyle & Lola I think that’s why this pairing is flagging so fast. Not to mention getting rid of Theo so quick was such a massive mistake.
  8. The people who comment on SON’s Facebook page clearly and obviously don’t post on the SON boards and probably never have. 🤢

    1. beebs


      And let's hope it stays that way xx😆

    2. MichaelGL


      LOL aint that the truth!

  9. At least Tara has finally been given something interesting to do, her threatening Summer was at least something fun to watch in spite of the horrid dialogue. Abby’s story remains a dumpster fire. Not even Tricia Cast can save this mess.
  10. Big yikes if that comes to fruition. But I have not watched the two for almost two weeks now and don’t miss it at all. Don’t need to be tortured by Liam and Bill crying in jail LOL
  11. Catching up but what exactly does Paulina have planned for Horton Square? Just how terrible are her secret plans? I too always figured that Bonnie is going to turn out to be Adrienne after all this time however Justin and Bonnie are barely on so it’s hard to even care about the story.
  12. How was Gail Kobe on B&B compared to her Texas and GL tenures? I never hear it brought up but I guess she was neutered by the Bells?
  13. JFP to be interviewed again? Didn’t we have one last year? I can already the hear the spin “Ya I killed off Maureen but I didn’t realize it would be bad! I didn’t kill Frankie Frame blah blah blah oh and I think Josh Griffith and Chuck Pratt were great at Y&R!!!” 🙃

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    2. soapfan770


      On the flip side I am glad she gives interviews unlike certain others I recently mentioned (Goutman 🤢) It would at least nice if someone asked questions beyond the standard ones always asked of her; she has repeated and “justified” her answers enough she deluded herself into believing it’s the truth as make herself almost completely innocent bystander when the shows went off the rails. 

    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      Here's one "Did you really tell Jackie Zeman that no one wanted to see a woman her age have sex?" I'd love to see her wriggle out of a question like that.

    4. KMan101


      Same @slick jones


      I could never be an interviewer. I'd be way too rude and honest. LOL. 


      Especially considering Phelps is no spring chicken ... especially now over a decade+ later ... how does she feel being aged out?

  14. I forgot to mention Kate. I’m all for Kate pulling one over on Gabi anytime but this fake blindness subplot feels like a story JER would have done in 2005 or something lol. Hopefully it doesn’t get dragged out given we just had Lucas pretending to be dying.
  15. I wasn’t all that impressed by new EJ’s debut but time will tell how he fits in. James Scott was a hit right off the bat with his arrival so the shoes will be hard to fill. It’s a bit awkward we on the cusp of a Lumi reunion and doing fine without him tbh.
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