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  1. When they dropped the local editions and listings in 2006 that was end for me.
  2. When was the last time soaps were covered like this by TVG? Was it Passions in 2001?
  3. Thank you. This shows how low energy Y&R back in April with these storylines. I know SC will deliver beyond our wildest expectations but overall it’s pretty clumsily thrown together much like Nikki’s MS story JG did back in 2013. Adam’s story is the same old dreck about Adam vs Victor and trying to put each other in jail. It’s already bad enough MAB & Sheffer’s era suggested Cliff was a bad negligent father to Adam (shades of what Hogan did to Mike Horton on Days), but to retcon and twist up Cliff’s 1996 death even more so is not feasible at all. I’m waiting for an umpteenth forged diary to come out that Victor and Adam try to use against each other. Lame.
  4. The Jill flashback was the best part of the recap ep, ughh again why not to a time jump and start fresh?
  5. B&B is probably the KING of this topic lol. That said here’s a couple others: ATWT’s Bob has daughters Frannie & Sabrina with sisters Kim & Jennifer. Later on John both fathered a son with Kim and then later with her niece Barbara, although their son died not long afterward. GL’s Beth had children by both Alan and Phillip. Other than Sharon’s pregnancy & miscarriage with Dylan I can’t think of anything for Y&R off the top of my head.
  6. The same person who dressed the mannequin/blow up doll obviously 😅
  7. Another mention of the specter of Cane 🤢🤢 https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-young-and-the-restless/news/573623/young-restless-when-are-new-episodes-soon-airdate/
  8. Oddly enough Lisa Mansfield was in the opening credits as was both David and then Mari Jo later on. I think Sheila deserved a spot too lol. The 1999-03 opening credits had some glaring omissions as well, even when they first rolled it out.
  9. Oh good lord I really hope not although a spoiler I read mentioned “ghost of Cane” so I have no idea what that means at all. Hopefully it’s just metaphorical. Honestly the show should have done a time jump and started out with a blank slate to start fresh instead of picking right back up. I wonder what the ratings for Y&R will be though.
  10. Agreed 100%. The new Spectras brought a spark to the show and had potential for sure. But Thudley can not sustain anything new for the life of him. Look how many other characters have shamelessly been burnt through this past decade-Rick, Caroline, Maya, Zende, Nicole, Sasha, Oliver, Aly etc. Instead they all got tossed aside for Hope to return for an umpteenth round with Liam and Steffy. The bad thing about losing Sally is she one of very few characters not related in some way to any of the other characters at the moment. Shauna and Flo could have easily and feasibly been outsiders as well so it was a stretch to tie Flo in Storm Logan’s daughter. Same here. And wasn’t Wyatt even understanding when he found out Caroline was faking being sick/dying too?
  11. Here are the Y&R Returns spoilers from Soapdom & SoapDirt:
  12. That’s possible. I was just saying in the spoiler form I figured that if Thomas is indeed taking a break from Hope he’s most likely headed into a triangle with Wyatt and Flo. Nailed it too! Shades of Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle from 2014. This is bad we know Thudley’s MO all too well 🙈
  13. Nailed it! I wouldn’t be surprised if Hope ends up either kissing or sleeping with Liberty Biberty as well. Or Bill, now that Steffy’s slept with all the Spencers its Hope’s turn lol.
  14. Thudley will bring on someone like Patrick Muldoon or Brian Krause on as the new new Thorne for Brooke & Katie to fight over before pairing any of them with Carter.
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