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  1. Whoever mentioned Phyllis is being used as comic relief is absolutely correct. Those Phyllis/Lauren scenes talking about Sally’s search results on the Abbotts felt like something off an old ABC TGIF sitcom or a Nickelodeon show. The one shoulder dresses being used on Phyllis & Lauren are silly as well.
  2. Wyatt has been married to both Hope and Steffy but the show doesn’t even acknowledge that ever happened anymore. Same thing happened to Thomas and Sally, nothing. Ugh.
  3. Oh lord that was Kimberly’s DID story that went off the rails right? Then he was wasted with the recast Ariana Chase. I had completely blocked that out lol.
  4. I always wished the show had added a couple more Hughes characters via John and Marian Hughes. Always been fascinated what the story was with them but there is such little info! I think someone here early mentioned Edie would also returned for a couple holidays in addition to the 1963 return.
  5. I found it odd the show didn’t pick up where it left off with Friday’s Sami episode. This is as bad as Y&R not following up on the cliffhangers.
  6. Not a bad choice to cast but I hope they don’t squander Burgi’s potential and talent. I loved him on Desperate Housewives and he’s aged very well since his One West Waikiki days(as well as his AW days). But I’m not going to get my hopes up.
  7. Where is the Z- grades for Y&R and B&B?
  8. Agree with everything you said. Flo and Wyatt haven’t been given anything to do at all since the show returned aside from that Shauna/Quinn hissy fit and the dumb Y&R crossover. I almost felt that Thudley forgot that the pair even existed and they were on the way out lol. But yeah I am still hoping that Finn knocks out Liam just like Devon did with Nate lol. That would be fun for Ashley & Traci to mix it up with Sally. Unfortunately that would take a miracle for JG’s writing to occur. BTW that Sharon spoiler is disgusting.
  9. From SoapDirt, first up is Y&R: Below is B&B:
  10. Does anyone remember this storyline? I know 1987-89 is messy: Played by Camilla More (Gillian, and later Grace, left) and Carey More (Grace, right) - Real life twin sisters. Gillian had Grace come to town New Years Eve, 1986 to pretend to be Gillian, while Gillian killed Emma Marshall. Gillian framed Kim for the murder, so she could have Shane. Gillian was caught when Shane noticed she was acting quite strange. On a trip to London, Shane found Grace and brought her to Salem to help him catch Gillian. Once Gillian was taken to jail, Camilla More began to play the role of Grace,
  11. Days. I enjoyed the show for almost twenty years even through the hell of Langan, Reilly 2.0, and “Touch the skies” but it was the 2011 reboot that killed my interest in Days overall. I think it was EJ and Sami having sex while mourning their briefly presumed dead son for the sake of shock value and what not along with the other ridiculous stories that reboot brought. I tuned again in 2014 for Sami’s exit but nothing else interested me on the show. Watched in 2015 for the 50th anniversary and up through Stefano’s death but then deaths of Will & Bo left me feeling cold. The final
  12. Never got too much into the main ABC soaps of AMC, OLTL, and GH. I really appreciate the shows and have read about them and watched various clips out of interest however when I tried to get into them they came off as just so romcom/dramedy to me. I think I enjoyed Loving the most when I watched it at the time the most probably because of the 30 minute timeslot. Didn’t bother with PC(not to mention it always aired late at night where I lived). I watched Ryan’s Hope on SoapNet the early years were amazing but I felt the show lost steam as it went on. I would have stuck with j
  13. That’s totally random. I remember it being one of JER’s stupid stuff plots at the time, didn’t it start in the show’s 10,000th episode? Kudos to both Sweeney and Wells for pulling it off to actually be entertaining without it becoming a Passions-reject story. Not sure what Wells has been up to lately. Last I remember him he was in one of those Fox/MyNet telenovelas playing some super spy bodyguard going against villains played by Casper Van Dien and Amanda from Dynasty. It was mess of a show lol.
  14. A tribute to Michael Morrison as 2/18 marked the 28th anniversary of his death: https://soaps.sheknows.com/soaps/news/591645/as-the-world-turns-michael-david-morrison-death-anniversary-tribute/
  15. It’s funny back during 2007-2010 I just didn’t care for Bryton or the character of Devon at all but grew to love and appreciate him since then. I blame all of it on idiotic writing. Rey has been basically a Dylan replacement this whole time. With the news about Sasha Calle and the fact both Calle & Vilasuso’s contracts are up this year means it’s the end of the Rosales clan. We’ll probably end up with Dylan returning again as soon as Rey leaves to cause conflict for Adam & Sharon.
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