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  1. Lol I remember when Y&R reaired that 1984 wedding ep back in on NYE 2016 it still garnered a 2.5 even though it didn’t count lol.
  2. Thanks!! I remember the WOST website had the whole week posted when that site was running but that was like 15 years ago so I know I was a little confused. I wouldn’t mind seeing a seeing a couple post 2003 episodes again but the more pre-2003 episodes the better. I’ll be slightly annoyed if Michael and Lauren’s wedding ep gets reaired for the 18th time lol.
  3. I knew you would be excited! My only concern is that the episodes will be heavily edited for current time/commercial standards. I recall when Y&R aired the Victor/Nikki wedding on NYE a few years back they cut the Jack & Patty scenes out.
  4. The most I remember about that was Michael Logan back in 2004 writing something that the deaths were to be permanent but Stefano was behind the murders using witchcraft. Remember Matt Ashford got himself a gig on OLTL or something lol? I almost feel sure by the time Marlena was revealed as the killer they had changed course, most likely after the swift backlash the show got for Maggie and Caroline’s murders or the infamous bloody piñata scene on Thanksgiving (It was made fun on Passions a year later 😂)
  5. It probably could have happened 15 years ago, but Thudley is stuck writing the same stuff over and over and over and over again lol. Actually Thudley does have some talent in him, what he lacks is consistency to keep a show feeling hot. Taking over as HW for Y&R might bring him of the rut, but expect everyone to be in endless triangles or quads by the end of his first month lol ie Sharon/Nick/Phyllis, Nikki/Victor/Ashley and the occasional jaw dropping twist ie “Chloe is a MAN!!!!”😂
  6. To answer your questions: 1. Yes the Marones were apart of that, but also the characters of Sam Kelly, Priscilla Kelly, and the Ramirez family. Priscilla was played by Linda Gray, and the show apparently went as so far to nearly (of did, I can’t remember) film an unaired cameo of Larry Hagman(as either Sam’s father or random stranger) meeting Priscilla. Thudley got scared of the backlash from interview with Michael Logan and changed course, but it was also hinted by Thudley he wanted the Lolita story with Eric and Caitlin Ramirez. 2. It would have been a nice connection to both GL history and continuity viewers already knew about as opposed to Alan having some random child out there with a nun. 3. That tidbit I remember from a Sally Sussman Morina interview she gave right after Latham had been fired in 2008 to which she aired a LOT(or too much!) of dirty laundry about Latham. Given her husband worked for the show, apparently SSM was in hot water and ending up having to ask to retract it. I wish I could know exactly to dig it up at, it was quite tawdry!
  7. Josh Griffith needs to be fired effective immediately!!!
  8. Josh Griffith needs to be fired effective immediately!!!
  9. Very true. It easily could have gone both ways with Keating; he could have pulled it off or quickly fall flat on his face in the role. I remember the other rumors there in late 2002 that Anthony Herrera and Randolph Mantooth were looked at for the role as well; both more than capable actors I have always enjoyed but I knew neither would ever capture Zaslow’s style and spirit for a a very complex role. I feel bad form Taggert, she had her momentum finally going and it was all scrubbed for nothing when Conboy fired her for Ellen Weston.
  10. Always funny about Holden & Emily, the characters were briefly married with Smith was in the role but years later Holden & Emily never interacted with each other at all even thought the actors were married in real life. Kasdorf if I recall right was living out in LA and more focused on her prime time gigs she could land by that point after leaving Santa Barbara. Years later back during the referenced Taggert era I think it Joan Collins (?) saying they were mulling about bringing Roger back as a partner for Alex, rumored to be played by Charles Keating. Not clue how that would have played out screen had it happened.
  11. I know Reilly had a series of dropped/changed plots during his second tenure lol. Thudley Bell at B&B also has numerous dropped/twisted plots over the years as well, ranging from a Lolita-type story for Eric to a introducing a bunch of characters in 2003/2004 to replace the Forresters but dropped it entirely. But more the point of this thread: Had Millie Taggert remained HW for GL, in 2003 Reva’s stalker was to be Jonathan while Gus’s mother was going to be Rita Stapleton. Had Alden and SSM not be fired in 2006 by Latham, Lisa Mansfield was planned to resurface when Victor researched into Brad’s history. Had Marland had lived, the Kasnoffs on ATWT were to be victims of abuse.
  12. The Adam/Chelsea story makes so little sense at this point, I think it’s time for them to con out some Newman funds and run off into the sunset together.
  13. Lol it did happen like 10 years ago, complete with Brooke getting pregnant over it! Then it repeated about 4 years ago with Bill having a secret bed put in his office for him and Brooke to romp on. LMAO so true! Actually as bad as it is this whole picture thing, Quinn vs. Brooke, and Sally faking her illness are all far more entertaining than all that Thomas/Hope crap we put up for months with. As much I have always been over Brooke’s dramas, KKL always shines right through!
  14. Oh good god, the two actresses who played Eleni after Kanakaredes left were dreadfully bland!! There was good reason the show gave Frank & Eleni so little so in the late 90’s lol, finally writing Eleni off after Frank was caught fooling around with Signy Coleman’s Annie. My candidate has got to be Greg Rikaart as Kevin on Y&R. Does good at being the shady/creepy material but as a leading man with 3 women in pursuit of him? Hell no! How he has lasted in the role of and on for 18 years now is beyond my comprehension.
  15. Trump is either high off something or sick, it’s very quite obvious!!!
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