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  1. So I was recently re-reading GL history and I was wondering about some about the Bauer family. Who on earth were Douglas, Ellen, Doug Jr., Kathleen, Scott and David Bauer? Did any of them actually appear onscreen besides Douglas and Ellen in the late 40’s and early 50’s?
  2. Back in 2012 when MAB & Co. were fired I thought Noel Maxam should have been the one to takeover as EP for Y&R instead of bringing in JFP. Shucks there was a time in late 2009 and early 2010 when Days’ quality under Tomlint/Whitesell/Maxam was looking superior to the colossal disaster occurring under MAB/Sheffer/Hamner/Rauch at the time. Anthony Morina as EP doesn’t bother me at all really other than the fact he’s rubber stamps all of Griffith’s garbage.
  3. All great ideas! As for Goddard, I've heard he's not even appearing again for a second consecutive month. That's pretty much it for him I would have to think.
  4. We first met Mulder and Scully exactly 26 years ago today on a Friday night. 

  5. I do hope this is just a Cristal Jennings recast and not a whole new Cristal again altogether; that would be overkill. I do remember Alonso being that god-awful Pilar recast on ATWT in 2004; hopefully like her predecessor Roselyn Sanchez (of Without a Trace and Devious Maids fame) she has achieved acting ability. The third season premiere has already been spoiled here at the link below lol, apparently the big secrect the show is holding back on at the moment is on who the new Alexis is. Hopefully S3 will be be better than S2, the Ada story was just very strange and detrimental to the show. https://www.tvshowsace.com/2019/08/09/dynasty-who-is-returning-to-cw-show-for-season-3/
  6. That's good question. Interestingly enough during the Corrington era of SFT CBS had actually flirted with the idea of expanding SFT to an hour as the show was rejuvenated at the time and Bell was very against the notion Y&R going to an hour length. The Y&R and SFT relationship was interesting in this time period; SFT benefited from Y&R as a lead-in in many markets, yet Y&R benefited being sandwiched between SFT and ATWT in many other markets as since CBS didn't program the 1:00ET/12:00CT/PT time slot, many markets who wanted a Noon newscast just simply delayed Y&R for that slot. I've never been able to pinpoint who was to blame for SFT's cancellation at CBS. P&G blamed CBS and said that SFT lost ratings and fairing badly in the 2:30 slot but reality of the numbers says different. CBS blamed P&G saying P&G only wanted to SFT in the 12:30PM ET slot. Bell actually had another soap in the works as early as 1976; it was mentioned as a Y&R spinoff but whether or not this was his RAGS soap is not clear. The only winner in the situation was Bill Bell himself, mainly because Jon Conboy was now off his soap right after Conboy had threatened to fire Bell from his own soap. That makes it a lot clearer, there were a LOT of proposed soaps for CBS in the early '80's that never panned out.
  7. Actually glad to see Angelica McDaniel go the way of her predecessors Barbara Bloom and Lucy Johnson. Even better yet, like Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin(remember the MADD one?) at P&G her position is pretty much eliminated altogether. Micromanaging meddlesome exec's, whether it was Johnson or McDaniel at CBS, MADD with P&G, John Rohrbeck, Susan Lee, and Sheraton Kalouria at NBC, or Angela Shapiro and Brian Frons at ABC are all that helped kill the daytime soaps with their very short-sighted and self-fulfilling agendas. McDaniel's support has always been suspect; championing the work of MAB, Pratt, and then pushing the Rosales family in to replace the Winters were all horrible. She will not be missed. ABC and NBC haven't had any specific daytime exec for years; the CBS daytime lineup, while ailing, will be fine without one. Sad to say, unless their are extremely drastic changes I just don't see the current CBS Daytime lineup existing in its current form beyond 2021. Unlike GL which is the only soap I considered that really did die of natural causes as opposed to the typical shocking cancellation, Y&R and B&B still have a lot of life left in them but it would actually take a lot of drastic change, focus, talent, energy and even perhaps a change in format & delivery to save them, something I just don't see happening either unfortunately.
  8. LOL, I find it hilarious that Goddard didn't appear in August at all and apparently from what I read on another site won't been seen in September either. This has to be it for Goddard, might as well give him a quiet off-screen exit with Jill dropping a line saying Cane has decided to go back to Australia and help Phillip III out on the ranch.
  9. The GL-GH rivalry of that era is well documented and remembered, even to a point when an episode of "Roseanne" made reference to it. It was later successes of GL and ATWT in the '90s that went highly ignored by the soap press. I mean ATWT was the 5th most watched soap 1993-1995 and later the 3rd most watched for much of 2002-2003 while GL had success in the late's 90s. Marland had the touch of versatility later writers lacked.
  10. Aside from the whole hokey caper about Dana being a Beth impostor under duress from a jailbird Alan, she did make a decent pairing with Frank from what I remember seeing but it ultimately too short lived. The character burnt through a lot of story-line in a relatively short time.
  11. That was pretty much it for Weaver as Gina as I believe once her relationship with Neil Fenmore was over she just simply faded as more of a background player except for her very memorable emotional reunion with Rex on Christmas Eve 1987, the Clint Radison story and later in the '90s as a talk to character for Danny. Weaver was put on contract again by the early '00s as she appeared again in the opening credits 2003-2005ish but after that went on recurring again. I don't know if it was Weaver's choice to go recurring or not, but it was weird given she had been a favorite on Bell's over Days playing Trish Clayton Banning for almost nine years before joining Y&R as Gina.
  12. Princi is 12 years younger than Hastings, while both Sward and Gray are both 16 years younger. I think I bought some of it mainly because Hastings maintained a bit of a baby face into the 80s. The other issue the show had a natch for was actresses in their early '30's to have their character's saddled with adult children. Anne Sward's Lyla being the mother of Margo, Cricket, and Craig?? Ridiculous! They should have had Mary Linda Rapeleye play Lyla instead if that was going to be the case.
  13. Sheesh he had a thing for older wealthy woman!
  14. Thanks for your hard work as always @YRfan23!!!!! I have much to catch up on myself! By that point if I recall right Eric had started a singing/music career and left town. He never found out that he was indeed the father of Julia's daughter Jamie. Julia's new husband Charles adopted her, I think only Victor knew the real truth. By Julia's 2002 Charles had passed away, Jamie was in college and there was no mention of Garrison at all.
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