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  1. Lol I was going into this thinking it was about a major star but no, from what I can discern out of his babble his is simply a bitter, jealous waiter who’s acting aspirations never panned out, is mad that his BF and other “friends” found somewhat more substantial work as day-players. With an attitude like that, it’s no wonder he “struggled” while others fared better.
  2. Days has been dead to me since that disastrous unnecessary 2011 reboot gone awry. I never gave up on GL or ATWT, but that reboot was so bad I quit watching Days after 20+years. That said, it’s pretty tragic to hear Days is really on its final legs. I haven’t been this spooked since GL was cancelled on April Fool’s Day 2009. Or in Days’ case when Jeff Zucker proclaimed Days would be dead by 2009. (2009 turned out to be a an unexpectedly strong year for Days).
  3. OMG remember when Passions did that in 2003 and NBC promoted as “Musical Event of the Summer!”?!
  4. The strange thing is CBS has CBSN now but they don’t seem to utilize it well at all.
  5. Lol it’s a nickname I started using for HW/EP Bradley Bell because after some moderate success earlier this decade just about everything since 2015 has fallen apart and keeps crashing with a thud.
  6. Nah next year this time I assume Thudley will borrow a page from his sister in law we’ll see Shauna, Flo, or Zoe fall into a volcano. Then again, I can totally see Thudley casting Sandra Ferguson/Robinson as “the real Brooke Logan” or imposter complete with random 1997 flashbacks mixed in.
  7. Lol I had completely forgotten they had recast Maddie and that the Nadia actress was the 2nd Maddie last night. I remember they wrote in Maddie for a pop up visit for the holidays for Christmas 2008 and New Years before she abruptly left town again. Then in late summer Alexandra Chando returned as Maddie for a while. Not even sure what Chando has been up to after her Chuck Pratt series on ABC Family was cancelled.
  8. Great point. Sally Spectra was one of his greatest creations, and a character very unique to B&B as unlike other early B&B characters there was no Y&R counterpart at all. It's interesting Bell had originally planned for Leanna to be dark and creepy but while writing the Lisa Mansfield story at the same time he decided to have Leanna go crazy the opposite direction. I believe Bell made the same decision with Sally who was also initially involved in the strange Deveney Dixon story. Smart move.
  9. Absolute classics: I think it is a true testament to Darlene Conley's talent and acting ability that she go from the terrifying and menacing Rose DeVille to the larger than life Sally Spectra. I wonder if Bell had originally intended for Sally to more of a formidable foe but dropped it as Sally was a lot more sympathetic.
  10. You're welcome @kalbir no worries! A lot of NBC stations aired Days in a 3PM or 4PM slot as well in the 90s, and I remember a lot of NBC stations would offer up a second repeat airing of Sunset Beach in a late night slot or later in the evening slot. I recall one NBC station aired Sunset Beach in the usually syndicated 7PM EST slot to some interesting success.
  11. Refer back to my post on Page 2 on strange CBS 2006 listings , but from what I gathered in the late '90s there was a lot more of late afternoon airings of Y&R at either 3PM or 4PM.
  12. Thudley must have been watching his old Days VHS tapes from 1990 and said "Aha!" Seriously it's been long rumored Brad and Ken are drinking buddies lol.
  13. "Death" by vat of acid......what soap and year does Thudley think he's writing for at the moment, Days 1990 lol?
  14. You mean the infamous [S.W.S.N.B.N.]? Well, I guess not! 😉😄
  15. Lol! What an odd situation. I think what made it weird was who on earth would go out of there way to pretend to be a one time Soap writer from the late '80s, which is why many folks fell for his fraud. The other major drama that went down if I recall right was a poster, Geoffrey?, who was a B&B staffer who had a major diva style feud with TV Guide's Daniel R. Coleridge and couldn't stand Susan Flannery. Apparently Coleridge found out about the poster's "wonderfully bitchy remarks" about Flannery on the WOST forum second-hand and reported to the B&B higher-ups and got said poster out of a job right before the forums closed up shop.
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