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  1. That was such a stupid story just so Pratt could write a wicked evil child story, only to take it back right after with some brain tumor retcon. Worse later Stitch revealed to Abby that Max had a set back and needed to wear diapers again or something so Stitch and Abby separated, and Stitch was phased out with no resolution whatsoever.
  2. Ho boy, this show is so bland and uninteresting! -Always a delight to see Jill! -I really don't even get it the Kyla/Lola/Theo/Summer story, it feels like a complete third-rate DAYS story that the show would give to Jack and Jennifer or something where the male half of a couple going to pull the blinders off the female half, and stop her from being duped by obviously shifty men. -The Abby/Chance/Phyllis stuff is so juvenile.
  3. Was that when Jeff Trachta had his swansong when Thorne had affairs with the two Cortez sisters? No wonder fans protested over Trachta's dismissal lol. Just as fast as Thorne slept slept with the Cortez sisters and his marriage with Macy over we had Winsor Harmon's Thorne introduced saving a drunk Taylor from a fire. TBH they should had retired the Eric character a long time ago right after Stephanie left. Really we should have Rick with Maya behind him 100% being the one to grapple with Thomas but Thudley can't write [!@#$%^&*] so in Rick's place we have this causing problems for BRidge and now Eric and Quinn.
  4. Boy B&B feels like a completely different show the past 2-3 days when taking a break from the nonstop Liam/Hope/Thomas mess. Probably some of the best scenes on B&B since the slap heard around Monte Carlo in 2016.
  5. Justin Chambers is officially OUT: https://www.bustle.com/p/justin-chambers-has-left-greys-anatomy-his-final-episode-has-already-aired-19784673
  6. Oh lol the show has been renewed for a fourth season!!! https://www.tvshowsace.com/2020/01/09/dynasty-season-4-how-did-cws-lowest-rated-show-get-renewed/
  7. Anyone else noticed that Stafford is using waaaayyyy to much spray tan?
  8. Oh gosh are we going see Days be the first soap to go under a 1.0 that actually does count?
  9. That would be have be fun!! The show did good nabbing Miriam Colon for the role of the twisted matriarch, although I did hate what went down with Selena’s exit. Thank god the lost Santos brother never resurfaced as planned. About the only story from 2001 I remember liking was the Billy/Holly/Buzz triangle which was rather fun when they were actually on and Alan dumping Claire for Olivia.
  10. Lol really? I just can’t figure out why they keep replying to messages I posted 10+ years ago.
  11. Oh gosh 2001 was such a mess of a year for GL. 48% of it was awful Santos family melee, 48% of it was horrific San Cristobel drivel, and the other 2% was focused on hogwash such as Rick/Harley/Phillip and Romeo Jones. What was so funny is Rauch touted Gold as “not hack who has been on 18 different shows” even though Gold had previously actually worked with Rauch on both AW and OLTL.
  12. Given how many months B&B went without a new monthly thread this past year, maybe we should just do one thread for the whole year lol? As for Taylor, I do believe Tylo is done with the show for good, maybe it’s time to recast? Anyways it is possible the show may refocus a bit soon: 😴 😴 😴 We’ll just have to wait to see what happens on screen.
  13. LOL @ B&B being stuck in the rinse, lather, and repeat mode permanently. These sound like spoilers from six months ago!
  14. LMAO I noticed the same thing! Not to mention the show brought back Emma for a week after months of being unseen just to kill her off, so it also means someone off canvas a la Caroline. 🙄
  15. For some reason B&B has not done catchup eps like Y&R did i.e. air new eps on the holidays when B&B aired encore eps or. not at all. I think Y&R is 2 days behind atm. Interestingly enough
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