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  1. soapfan770

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    So I'm catching up on Days and well Rex Brady also slept with Noelle Curtis? Love the history being dug up there but what a stretch for KL to still be a ladies man lol.
  2. soapfan770

    Another World

    I never understood why AW had such a penchant for killing off viable characters in the '80s. Sally Frame was one of them, but there was also the gruesome inexplicable murder of Julia Matthews Shearer as well.
  3. soapfan770

    "Unsolved Mysteries" to be rebooted on Netflix

    They already tried some lousy soft reboot of the show once before with the late Dennia Farina as well that failed to catch on.
  4. soapfan770

    DAYS Renewed

    Always glad to hear Jeff Zuckerberg is still proven wrong 12 years later lol.
  5. soapfan770

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    Hey @YRfan23 want to know the most ironic thing about SOD choosing Y&R as Most Disappointing Show for 1990? By 2005/2006ish when SoapNet was running AW reruns from 1990, SOD at the time in praised the quality of the show and even stated "AW was only second in quality behind Y&R in 1990 as far as soaps go at the time." I remember us at the ancient WOST discussing that SOD bit quite thoroughly at the time @SFK . I do agree ATWT was obviously the best soap of 1990, with Y&R and GL being right up with it. That being said, it's always fascinates me when contemporary reviews in soaps just absolutely fail to hold up to the test of time. SOD for some reasoned loved Courtney on ATWT in the early '90s I have noticed, yet proved to be very insignificant in the long run as she left in 1994 was never mentioned again after her exit.
  6. soapfan770

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I see Thudley has attempted to pull off another Emmy grab over another dead baby for Amber and Rick I mean well given the spoilers of: GMFAB
  7. Some of the most prominent ones off the top of my head are: Y&R: Sharon's kleptomania, three way "Who's the Daddy?", and subsequent marriage to Adam pretty much permanently destroyed and ruined Sharon for good on Y&R. There were some good moments early on, I guess the early popularity let MAB/Hamner/Sheffer feel to let Sharon on the loose. Never understood the popularity of Shadam though. Ho boy, I could add a big list of "popular" stories that destroyed favorite characters on Y&R in the last 20 years, with Spermgate being a definite big one as well; however even Bell himself let Scotty Grainger and Nathan Hastings go out as villains. ATWT: Barbara's descent, fascinating in the beginning turned out to be appalling in the long run as by late 2004 she had become a complete loon and the show stopped writing for her outside of a supporting role for a few years there until 2009 because she had bottomed out. I know there were some great iconic scenes but it was hard to swallow her becoming a complete nutcase by the time she was gaslighting people in 2005. Not a favorite character, but Julia Lindsay was destroyed so much by her descent that I never wanted to see here again after her constant coming and going in 2002. AW: Paulina getting married to Joe derailed the character for the rest of the series. GL: As much as I loved Reva she definitely owns this lol I though I wouldn't necessarily call all her early 2000's stories coming to my mind popular. Someone mentioned above Alex in the Nick and Mindy story and I completely agree! Also ruining Alex later on was it turning out that she was in fact Reva's stalker, with no logical or rational explanation provided at all as to why.
  8. soapfan770

    Closeted (gay) actors formerly on the soaps

    Christian LeBlanc aside, I know Biredz mentioned him, Terry Lester, and Michael Corbett was Y&R's trio of gay actors in the late '80s. I know Lester died of AIDS, but other what Biredz mentioned hadn't ever heard anything official on Corbett, although Walton did post this picture of her and him on TPIR set two years ago:
  9. soapfan770

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Thudley didn't dwell on holiday episodes for a few years in the early '00's. However after he had acclaimed success and was successful in writing some fantastic Christmas eps in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, he's been trying to recapture that same success. It's just that his talent has gone missing and the last few years he's missed the boat on what those eps magical in the first place.
  10. soapfan770

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I’m actually surprised that Hope decided not to just go ahead and name her daughter Brooke lol.
  11. soapfan770

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    LOL I see now! I had just pushed B&B to the back of my mind when the I saw that spoiler. I think it is such a bizarre twist to take and really out of left field, but Thudley has done it before. I mean, do Brooke and Taylor ever even bring up their son Jack? Or did the show erase him altogether?
  12. soapfan770

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Rick and Maya's off-screen separation is about as bad as Thomas deciding to remain in NYC again with Caroline even reuniting with Sally after learning the truth about Caroline's faux illness. Oh, the lines about Steffy adopting another baby for herself? I guess that's why we call him "Thudley" @YRfan23
  13. Yes and no. Stefano had wanted to use Andre to frame Roman as the Salem Slasher and let Andre knock off random prostitutes and make sure Marlena saw him do it wearing a Roman mask but Andre had his own agenda. Hence Stefano was beyond PISSED when he realized Andre WAS the real killer and was behind Renee’s and Trista’s murders.
  14. I think the biggest character he had actually killed off was Curtis Reed, but that was about it. That and maybe Faux Rafe. Other than that, his biggest crimes where usually emotional torture(as in "let them think so and so is dead and I'll act as the grand chess master").
  15. soapfan770

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    That distinction belongs to John McCook and Lauren Koslow actually, followed by others such as Darlene Conley, Barbara Crampton, Peter Brown, Ashley Jones, Jennifer Gareis etc.