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  1. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    And I feel that Katie will be eyeing Thorne by February, so the pairing and story are already DOA.
  2. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    Wow did she? I don't even remember that now but it sounds like I saw it lol. The secret, the paring, etc. are extremely mediocre and obviously forgettable.
  3. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    The show isn't bad per se, and definitely isn't on the offensive level of Latham, MAB, and Pratt. However the show isn't very good overall, and the biggest problem is the pacing at the moment. There are some things I like, but there are some bizarre on-goings on the show right now that just don't settle right: Jack telling Hilary that he now calls the shots for the Hilary Hour? JT returning to town being a non-event with JT being like he's Ronan Malloy? Faith seeing Scott and Abby kiss was good; Mariah telling Scott she won't tell Sharon is incomprehensible Kevin's back in town? Nikki embezzling funds from Victor? Cane and Lily reunion hinted but these potential nannies are in the way?
  4. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    Nope, as far as I know neither Bill or Quinn know about Wyatt and Katie. If Quinn does know I must have missed it or Bradley has done a MAJOR continuity error because even at Thanksgiving Wyatt and Katie were still hiding it. Then again, there is something very badly amiss about the show's continuity as of late...I mean a character can disappear for almost an entire month and then suddenly pop back up. Come to think about it, I don't think any of the Spectras have yet to appear this month.
  5. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    Same here, but around 2005 or so some of their choices started to become as rotten and strange as some of Michael Logan's oddball picks.
  6. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    It's quite funny the show has spent the better part of the last two years pushing Bill and Brooke as endgame with Ridge as in interloper and now suddenly it's been all dropped for new Thorne while Bill now swoons over Steffy. Ick. I already know I'm going to hate the reaction to the news of Bill and Steffy, with Wyatt probably whaling and whining(maybe he jumps out of Bill's office window?) and a hypocritical Katie and Brooke shaming Steffy.
  7. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Michael hasn't had a storyline for a few years now, not since the cancer debacle. I remember that Pratt contemplated on killing Michael off in the Newman Tower fire but didn't. At least we had a glimpse of old Michael scheming with Phyllis to throw Victor's trial but it didn't last. The show should have never tried to make Michael and Lauren heroes. I too seriously thought this was going to be about Doug Davidson as well.
  8. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    Yes B&B was the worst show of the year, but yes Sheila's return was pleasing considering it appeared we were set up to have crazy Quinn vs. crazy Katie over Eric. The show finally acknowledging it's Spectra history was good and we finally saw James and Sheila interact again! But overall, the show has just been a joke this year, the Avant PSA family feud story that aired in June was a DISASTER, Brooke still getting 1994 era storylines, Bill and his penis skyscraper, Wyatt and Katie pairing, and wasting Rick, Maya, Thomas, Caroline and more recently Bill/Steffy the show has really devolved into Bradley's worst tendencies gone haywire.
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    For some reason in 1997 when Lucinda encountered the newly resurrected James he brought up Bianca just to taunt her and I believe that was the last time I recall she was ever mentioned. You're right though, bringing back Bianca in the '00s would have meant banging Craig, Dusty, and Holden before being killed off by Katie or Lily in self-defense.
  10. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Why wasn't the Alex/Vanessa rivalry more utilized? Speaking of which, Alex and Tangie? Actually I found this to be highly entertaining when I first saw it aired. I believe Dusay if I recall right was nominated for an Emmy from some of this material. Also gotta love the wave being used as Tangie is hauled out of the courtroom:
  11. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    Quinn and Ridge as best secret? Wyatt and Katie as best new couple? B&B as the best show? Bradley must have rigged the results @YRfan23
  12. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Of course not, not with Sheila now being an aspiring and up and coming restaurateur who is currently as of this month LA's new busybody, going around gossiping as if she was Mary Williams, Lisa, or Aunt Liz. They may not like Sheila, but they still visit her restaurant The next Y&R/B&B crossover will probably be Lauren, Phyllis, and Hilary giving Sheila positive tips on how to get Eric away from Quinn.
  13. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    It's really bad. The sophomoric writing with Ridge and Thorne reminds me of MAB's attempt to write a brother rivalry between Chance and Ronan on Y&R several years ago that didn't work. The Thorne/Sheila scenes were utterly ridiculous. And yes, why would Quinn even go down to that same restaurant too? And new Thorne isn't cutting it at all, no chemistry with KKL and his talk of missing Macy and Darla just felt so fake. At this point the Spectras returns story would have been made a whole lot more viable if Macy and Darla showed up alive and Brad Bell just wrote his wax body trick with Massimo being the one behind it.
  14. B&B December 2017 Discussion

    Not surprised this wasn't even a topic yet! B&B has definitely been the worst soap of 2017. I thought Sheila was pretty much done after the portrait reveal but then I see on Wednesday's episode she's back now acting as the town busybody and interacting/spying with faux Thorne.
  15. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Gossip Girl vibe? Like someone is narrating the show as a blog?