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  1. B&B Actress Out

    Oh lol my post randomly posted without me typing anything in but I had heard about Winsor's day drinking fiasco; perhaps if he was on B&B still it wouldn't have happened? Lol or not. Either way, Brad is going to neglect the Thorne character like he was been since at least 2003, no matter who plays in the role.
  2. B&B Actress Out

    ***Edit see the next post
  3. B&B Actress Out

    Hopefully that will be a good thing! If HWTGAM on ABC gets renewed looks like the actor who plays Zende will be able broaden his horizons far beyond anything B&B or any daytime soap could offer. Ingo Rademacher has been D.O.A. since Day One. There was nothing he added he to the mix, and then Bradley even FORGOT about Thorne for the entire month of January. Rademacher seems like a capable actor and would have fared far much better as a new character; Winsor Harmon could have easily done all of the work that Rademacher has done since November even with the scenes with Katie. I wonder if Brad Bell ate a brain tumor for breakfast the day decided to bring back Thorne and and recast him at the same time.
  4. B&B Actress Out

    The sad thing is Courtney Hope turned out to be good actually pulled it off the whole duration. The fact he couldn't even write a decent continuing story for her and her character yet dredges up old same old crap for other overexposed characters on canvas is really telling that Bradley should step away from the HW position.
  5. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Given how many hearts that Devon has broken (Roxy-twice, Esmeralda, Gwen) it would be easy to see Devon potentially cheat on Hilary or have another vice that pushes Hilary away. Sheesh Nikki and Victor pretty much an entire decade of having close calls, occasional co-habitation, loving each other from afar before they finally reunited all because Nikki was on her deathbed, and once she lived we Nikki and Victor were all happy in love the shoe dropped that their marriage wasn't valid and they both still had unresolved feelings for others. It always made for some compelling drama at least til got extremely stale by their 2007 separation.
  6. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    I actually had forgot about Encore Encore it was one of many flops on NBC that season along with Al Franken's LateLine. The second sitcom had Lane basically playing himself as a gay Congressman and ended up being unfunny and dull in spite of some controversial hype attached to it.
  7. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    Madeline Kahn had a quite few unsuccessful attempts of leading her own TV show. She eventually was successful with the '96 Cosby show but unfortunately she passed away during that show's third season and the show went into decline after her passing. I remember Alicia Silverstone had some TV show that ended up D.O.A in the early 2000's, I can't recall the name of it at this point for the life of me. I remember Dolly Parton's 1987 TV show and her album released that year were both considered a a disaster in the press at the time, I believe it fell hand and hand. The cancellation of Evening Shade by CBS in 1994 was just bizarre to me as it was one of CBS' highest rated sitcoms but I think they blamed it on Burt Reyonlds' salary. Was that the awful Charlie Lawrence one? I remember watching the premiere episode and it was dreadul, I think CBS ended up burning the rest of the episodes off during that summer.
  8. B&B actress returns again

    I have to wonder if Brad might just be in full panic/desperation mode if he’s trying to revive a story he dropped himself and let go all the actors in.
  9. Linsey Godfrey as Caroline is due to return this week with a “score to settle”: http://soaps.sheknows.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/comings-and-goings/1754/linsey-godfrey-returns-as-bbs-caroline-despite-previous-statement
  10. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    That's interesting, never knew that. Unfortunately I still have the memory of Bonnie Lockhart serving up very spicy chili to Julie and Richard Voigts' Mickey and the two getting diarrhea as a result forever etched into my brain. I guess JER forget he wasn’t writing for Beth(who crapped her pants during a confrontation with Sheridan around the same time) and her mother(who peed on Beth’s wedding dress) on Passions when he had Voigt’s Mickey Horton crap himself. At least John Ingle brought some humor and balance to the proceedings. I had hoped Kevin Dobson would have worked out, at least he restored some freshness that I felt Mickey and Maggie had lost in the 90s and early '00s.
  11. Stars unable to have lightening strike twice

    Harry Anderson, Markie Post, their CBS sitcoms did last a couple years but never even touched achieved the success of Night Court. Tracy Scoggins. I love her but she never was able to stick around permanently to any show after The Colby's and Dynasty. Sally Struthers Valerie Harper Julia Duffy Luke Perry Benjamin Bratt
  12. Y&R actor returns

    Actually, I am glad to see KSJ back to work and I really hope things are going much, much better for KSJ. As for Neil, he's at the point he can be the patriarch of the Winters family and dispense out wise advice while keeping everyone in line. I think Neil still remains one of Y&R's more noble leading men in spite of Pratt's destruction of the character, the show made huge mistakes of always trying to still push Neil as #1, whether it was Neil/Karen, Neil/Tyra, Neil/Sophia, Neil/Hilary, Neil/Gwen etc. The show had something with Neil/Leslie but of course they show wasted it, and Neil/Ashley and Neil/Nikki were mere teases. However Neil definitely needs more to do than just be anti-Devon & Hilary, and that's where I see SOARSing Moses an asset as well or at least being a more fatherly figure to Charlie and Mattie than Cane. In fact Neil should be being constantly chewing out and remain critical of Cane, but TPTB's lips are so glued and puckered on Goddard's ass we don't get to see that happen.
  13. Guiding Light discussion thread

    This is such a strange article that was recently pointed out to me regarding William Bell Sullivan, who played Blake's nefarious lover Gary Swanson from 1989-1990. I believe Sullivan quit acting no later than 1992: William Bell Sullivan fondly recalls villain role MAKING GOOD OF BEING BAD June 03, 1991|By Henry Scarupa Sometimes bad guys have more fun. At least that's what Baltimore-born actor William Bell Sullivan learned after playing the villainous Gary Swanson in the CBS daytime serial, "The Guiding Light." "The role is a blast, a lot of fun," says Mr. Sullivan, who was in town this weekend to take part in a benefit for his alma mater, Grace and St. Peter's School. "Gary Swanson is one of those characters whose popularity I've never really understood because he's so bad. But I think I've added such a strong element of humanity and love to his villainy that people understand his character. They like him that way and they support him -- 'Yeh, go get 'em, Gary.' "I've gotten an incredible amount of fan mail, and I'm still getting letters." Fans still dote on the character even though Mr. Sullivan left the show six months ago, when the story line had the conniving Swanson thrown into the slammer for his misdeeds. In reality, the change was made to give the writing staff time to feel their way into the story, perhaps to change direction. For Mr. Sullivan, who had been on the show for 18 months, this afforded a breather from a demanding five-days-a-week schedule, often stretching out to 15 hours a day, and a chance to evaluate other career possibilities. "It was done amicably," he says of the separation, "and the door was left open for me to come back if the fans support that." Mr. Sullivan is relaxing in the living room of the Riderwood home of his grandmother, Evelyn Stevens, as he discusses the ins and outs of show business. He routinely makes the trip from his home in New York to Baltimore to visit friends and relatives, and returned here Friday and Saturday to be the featured guest at a fund-raiser for Grace and St. Peter's, the church-affiliated Episcopal day school he had attended through the sixth grade before he and his family moved to Michigan. He declines to give his age for professional reasons, saying the mystery enables him to play the roles of men between 25 and 35 years of age. On this day, he is wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt over a 6-foot-1 athletic frame, kept trim by jogging and working out. His good looks partly explain the thousand or more fan letters Mr. Sullivan receives each month, often accompanied by mementos from admirers, from snapshots to uplifting books to panties. Women occasionally propose marriage, and at least two young mothers have named their sons after the soap opera star. He conscientiously answers each of the many letters with a brief note. The task eventually became so daunting that his mother, who lives in West Bloomfield, Mich., volunteered to organize the William Bell Sullivan Fan Club and serves as president. Dues are $19 a year, of which $5 goes to a charity designated by the fan. Members receive a newsletter four times a year, along with a signed autograph and a personal birthday card from Mr. Sullivan. Members are also eligible for a monthly drawing for a phone call from the bachelor actor. While all this requires a lot of time and effort, Mr. Sullivan feels it's little enough to give back for his success. "I believe in my fans," he declares. "Without them, I'd be absolutely nothing as an actor." Since Mr. Sullivan first stood on stage at Grace and St. Peter's as a preteen, portraying a cherry tree in a school musical, he's played a variety of parts. Over the years he's been everything from romantic lead to loony to manipulative liar. This versatility has earned him roles in such movies as "The Hunt for Red October," along with appearances on leading TV shows, such as "Designing Women" and "Another World." He last appeared on stage off-Broadway in New York in "The Runner Stumbles." From his earliest days, Mr. Sullivan wanted to be an actor. While studying theater and psychology at Northern Michigan University, he won $10,000 in the lottery, dropped out of school and headed for Los Angeles to pursue his destiny. "It was my calling, my purpose, my vehicle to do what I needed to do," he says of acting. "I never questioned it, never planned it, never calculated. Of course, it didn't happen by itself. I had to work at it, and I still do, fine-tuning it." He feels the years he spent as a pupil at Grace and St. Peter's helped to provide him with the values and determination needed to realize his dream. "When I think who I am and what I've become, I have to credit not only my family but Grace and St. Peter's," he says. "The school set a firm foundation for me on a social, religious and academic level." That moral sensibility prompted even a TV bad guy to recoil from causing harm. Once on "Guiding Light," the script called for Gary Swanson to beat up a woman. Mr. Sullivan felt the violence was gratuitous and unwarranted by the story. He vigorously protested the part and the script was changed. "I didn't want to act as an advocate of abuse," he says. "That's a social disservice I would never promote."
  14. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    It's just sad that the Newman's I fell in love with in the 90's have become so pitiful to what they were twenty years ago. Victor will always be Victor turning him into the Godfather was offensive. I'd love to see more Nikki scheming with Victor instead of always being the besieged heroine. Victoria would have never let Billy, Travis, or JT ever act like a jerk or try to one up her; she would steam roll right over them! She would also ask Cane if he ate a brain tumor for breakfast. Nick of course should be doing his own thing with a nice family with Sharon while keeping it in his pants, Adam should be a complicated but endearing soul while maintaining a marriage to Heather Stevens, and of course Abby is Ashley's daughter but also Victor's spoiled princess while Cassie should be a smart, successful young career driven woman who with Victor's blessing is eager to take own Newman as her own one day yet also is the voice of reason and sanity for the entire Newman family and a good go talk to character for the Newmans. Alas the past regimes of the last 15 years have really done a number on the Newman family. Y&R might have done a favor by gutting the Brooks and Foster families off as we savor the memories of them; Y&R has done no favors towards the Newmans. Instead of evolving them over the years, we are left with blighted, degenerated shambles of what was once Y&R's prominent leading family.