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  1. So, let me get this straight: instead of trying to move forward with a happy marriage with Liam and shoot even try for another child down the line, Hope is giving it all up for an unhappy life with Thomas all to raise Douglas, all in the hopes that Liam and Steffy get back together, even though Steffy doesn't want Liam back? Thudley's story doesn't make any sense whatsoever, I guess this is the end result of his screwup with Thomas and Caroline a few years back.
  2. Thanks for the updates xtr! I imagine Adam is probably on the phone with Chelsea intending to pull the greatest con of all time. Which is a shame, I was hoping for something more deeper for Adam as I always hate when like five minutes after a new character’s first scene, they’re on the phone calling somebody, saying “Yeah, everything’s working perfectly, they don’t suspect a thing.” Enough with this. New Adam seems alright so far, just some big shoes to fill after Justin Hartley had made the character actually viable again.
  3. Like Dynasty, this show has disintegrated into a complete mess. The cast has talent, but it feels like the show is recycling Pretty Little Liars stories and doesn't represent the spirit of the comics anymore. It's sister show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix is interesting but tries so hard that something about it rings false.
  4. Meg Ryan hasn't been relevant since 2001 her trash talk is now completely irrelevant. An interesting case was Brian Bloom, who in 2004 completely trashed his time at ATWT. As a response, it actually increased Grayson McCouch's acceptance in the role, as a McCouch was an actor who left moderate Hollywood and primetime success to return back to soaps. Bloom hasn't been re-interviewed again since and his career these days in vocal acting on cartoons and video games Susan Ward was the lead heroine and star of Sunset Beach but ultimately trashed her entire time on the soap. Aside from the movie Shallow Hal, her career never panned out and she hasn't acted now since 2012. I wonder if she trashed Malibu Shores as well? Conversely, Monica Potter does agree she was right to be let go as the first Sharon on Y&R as she said herself she was terrible. Did she mellow out over time though? I recall SOD had caught up with her at and she said she wanted to go back but said success of The Princess Bride just made it impossible to return.
  5. Not surprised if it was about him; I remember a lot of cast anonymously burned Latham after she left it is probably Young's turn and the truth behind his firing.
  6. OMG I forgot about that mess! The chili cookoff that gave Mickey and Julie the shits. That was when the obese yet forgettable Richard Voigts was playing Mickey right before Inman took over. Thanks! The last mention in recaps I could get of him was in October 2016. Langan's Days was horrible and downright bad. The show kept trying to milk the JER days for all of its worth and not for the better either. We had the memorable Last Blast dances 2000-2002 and had Lexie as a villainess but everything was shockingly bad. Remember when Days' ripped off Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre?
  7. It was strange we where trying to figure out when Stitch was written out in 2016 on Y&R, and I was reading daily recaps from the fall of 2016 when I stumbled across that. Maybe @YRfan23 knows more about it lol.
  8. Great thread! I've been laughing over remembering all the crap we had seen on Days in this century's first decade thanks to this. I'll add a few for each of my soaps that I don't think have been mentioned or just been touched upon. ATWT: -Kirk and Sam just mysteriously disappear after James Stenbeck orders a hit to be placed on them. This is never resolved or solved as Lucinda and Georgia in time just forget about searching for Sam. -Lisa marries Martin Chedwyn and gets kidnapped by Hong Kong smugglers or some schlock and John and Barbara have to rescue her like they're Duncan and Shannon. -Speaking of which, Duncan and Shannon going off to the jungles looking for Scott after he stole Aztec jewelry or something like that. -Damian turns out to be alive and well following a plane crash at the hands of Diego Santana(don't even go there!), but is happy being a monk at the monastery that has been nursing him back to health. -The Z Twins come to town; Apparently they are estranged disinherited Grimaldi heirs hoping to put Luke and Damian on ice. They are defeated, and then Damian comes to get rid of Holden once and for all. B&B: -Amber finds out she has a twin named April, and April goes to perform on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. -Stephanie Beacham and Christopher Cazenove are hired as as the official spokespeople for Jackie M's line at Spectra. -Bridget has feelings for Ridge; ICK Days: -In summer 2001 during the whole Temptation Island teen story, the teens had the STRANGEST fantasy. Shawn and Belle fantasized themselves as "Barbie and Ken". Chloe as a some new girl who could fly, and Mimi as an evil mermaid named Mermi. Mimi proceeded to rip off Chloe's hair, and we got a lovely shot a BALD Nadia Bjorn! The dialogue for this fantasy was also DREADFUL. Definitely the lowest point in the Tom Langan era, if not one of the lowest points in the entire series. -The whole Rex and Cassie as aliens story on Days was just weird. As was Billie running around with a blonde wig on. -Between 2003 and 2006, Jack was ALWAYS dying. Every time he showed up back alive, he'd either get "killed off" again or find out he was terminally ill. GL: -Gilly about to get hot and heavy with Griffin when Vivian rushes in to reveal that Griffin is her father. Not only was it illogical and demeaning, but it also destroyed the entire Grant family. -Reva's stalker is not Olivia, not Annie, not Johnathan(as originally intended) but.....Alex?!!? Not to mention Alex is now a drug lord. -Maryanne Carraruthers. How nice of Conboy & Weston to destroy 67 years of canon with a single silly story ripped off from another story etched in GL's history. It's no wonder so many of us GL fans were happy to hear of Dinah Marler returning because we were desperate for something pre-WesCon. Passions: -Beth's mother PEEING on Beth's wedding dress to destroy it. Why couldn't she had just spilled coffee on it if she wanted to sabotage it? It was a plot point that had characters talking about pee for a whole month. -For Thanksgiving 2004, Tabitha was hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house and had a giant turkey piñata much like the one "Cassie's butchered body" was in at the Thanksgiving carnival on Days the previous year. The piñata appeared to be dripping blood much to everyone's horror. It fell down and red gloop splattered all over the place. What had thought to have been blood turned out to be cranberry sauce! Y&R: Ho boy, might have to come back for this one. For now, let's go with: -The Audrey North story involving John, Dina, and Constance Towers as John's longtime but never seen or mentioned before "loyal" secretary Audrey. It quickly went south. -Anything that occurred during Latham's 2006-2008 tenure. -Skye Lockhart's death by volcano -Max the evil child, but ends up with a brain tumor to exonerate him. However Max then suffers a major setback and when Stitch tells Abby Max has incontinence from ongoing seizures, that seems to be the final straw and deal breaker. We never hear from Stitch or Max again.
  9. Lol I'm playing catch up and thought I was replying to the Worst Producer thread. Ashley has historically since 1982 been the show's #2 heroine/leading lady. Granted during Brenda's later years Ashley was #4 or #5 and during the Shattuck years probably dead last after Megan Dennison but the character of Ashley Abbott is so unique, iconic, and vital to Y&R that to lose her is a good way to know that the person in charge is indeed an idiot in charge.
  10. Anytime a Y&R EP lets Ashley go they always get fired right afterward. Latham, MAB, and Mal all learned this the hard way. Anyways, to break down in my opinion the worst EP for each show I've watched over the years: ATWT: Goutman and Valente AW: Charlotte Savitz B&B: Thudley Bell Days: Ken Corday GL: Jon Conboy Y&R: MAB, Pratt, and Mal all could be in the running for this one, but quite honestly this one still goes to Latham.
  11. Oh lord this is about the hokiest thing I’ve ever seen done, but some how Gillies actually pulled it off.
  12. Does anyone else remember I think it was either 1996 or 1997 or so when SOD did a USA Map for pointing out where all the soap towns were? Most of them were pretty accurate in regards to each show, such as Llanview, Pine Valley, and Corinth being close together outside of Philly, Genoa City being placed in southern WI around the real Genoa City while Oakdale smack dab in the middle of Illinois. The two most interesting items on the map was placing GL's Springfield on Lake Michigan right on the Indiana/Michigan border, while Days' Salem was placed in Northern California(?).
  13. It's funny to finally get a chance to breathe from real life work and success to realize how much has changed in my beloved soap world soap in 2019....if I hadn't said it already, RIP Carmen Duncan, hell no to Da Stafford© or Rikarrt coming back to Y&R, wondering what the hell is up on Dynasty 2.0 on the CW, wishing ATWT was still on the air as I rewatch 1994, and how Thudley Bell still has a job in 2019. 

  14. DA Stafford© is returning to Y&R? Oh lord guess this must be the Easter ham delivered early. Will miss Gina for sure, highly under appreciated for her work.
  15. Thanks for sharing! It's interesting aside from Days and AW that NBC Daytime always seemed destined to fail to sustain itself. Although not listed, even Edge's nine year run on ABC beats out both NBC's #4 and #5 while CBS's TSS 20 year run just barely eclipses The Doctors even.
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