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  1. Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    Wow and I thought Joe Willmore had a bad temperament as EP at GL in the late ‘80s(Willmore allegedly threw a chair across the studio in 1989). That’s pretty disgusting. I can’t imagine Lucy Johnson getting away with her “they aren’t hunky enough!” firings of Scott DeFreitas and Craig Lawlor over at ATWT. Same goes for Tom Langan’s firing of Louise Sorel in 2000 and or even the Corday/JER firing of SSH in ‘93.
  2. Y&R 1980s Character returns

    Good question as Parucha returned in 2003. However I think the consensus was Parucha was never a strong actor and with Matt being a weak character, it all just withered away, mainly becoming a trivia question for Y&R viewers to ask each other every few years. I’m actually surprised they cast a no name actor as opposed to some “name” actor play him.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Would make sense! I count Brown in with group of historically NYC soap actors that later found massive success with West Coast soaps.
  4. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    2018's version of Cricket Blair. Not as bad as Mariah, Chloe, and Natalie all swooning over Kevin a few years ago, but still pretty lame.
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    @YRfan23 I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you for sharing!
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Wow never seen Brown in the role of Adelaide before! I've only seen Beverly Penberthy scenes which was such a treat. Given Brown's daytime fame, I wonder if ATWT had originally planned to keep her a lot longer but by that point I'd assume Brown lived on the west coast?
  7. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    Actually, I think your right. The slap was in 2016. I do recall now they went back last summer but it was just a very short trip regarding Steffy vs. Sally with crappy Thomas and Carolina drama but most of it was indoors.
  8. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    I don't think the show has done any remotes since Australia for the 30th anniversary, and the very narrow scope of which characters get used doesn't really necessitate one. Unless Brad gets the idea to send Hope/Liam/Steffy off to a Parisian fashow show just so Hope can be horrified when she sees Liam and Steffy kiss on a bridge with a full view of the Effiel Tower in the background. Y&R did exactly that with Nick/Sharon/Phyllis years ago. I was disappointed by the Monte Carlo one back in 2016 other than the slap heard across Monte Carlo it was pointless!
  9. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    Oh lord, I forgot that drama queen was in politics now.
  10. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    I had felt sorry for the guy, but obviously given his other issues I've been made aware of he's lost his marbles! I love her enough that I can agree to strongly disagree; besides she'll be back just in time for February sweeps!
  11. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    Lol I hadn't even noticed I had posted in the August thread yesterday. I'm curious, does anyone actually care about Xander and Emma? No knock to the young "actors" but I am surprised they are still on.
  12. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I'd hate to see Y&R turn into AW-style musical chairs that would damage the show. However I don't think they're are really any credible writers left in daytime. My problem with the TPTB of the show is Mal's vision and desires for the show. But if Sony enjoys the self-destruction so they wash their hands of the show, then who are we? Sony should just sell out their shares to the Bells.
  13. Could Sally Sussman have worked with a co-HW?

    Possibly but her vision, while well intentioned didn't always translate to screen to well. Plus the show had its chance to revive it's some magic with Sussman/Alden in the mix and show downright rejected it, erasing any success the show had under Sussman. Even though the show was overall mediocre from 2012-2014, at least it had its success and aside from Sharon plots was never offensively bad like Latham, MAB, Pratt, and now Young were/are. Actually, I can't name one success so far under Mal's solo tenure so far.
  14. Twists You Hated

    Hmmm, where to begin? I'd go with: ATWT: -Carly sleeping with Simon -Noah's father being a nefarious super-villain -Damian being first a monk, and then later a nefarious super-villain -Shannon's shrunken head B&B: Too many to count, but: -Amber has a twin -Macy dies again -Beth's drowning -Myron Days: -Too many to count, but E.J. and Sami having grief sex and Chase the rapist are the kickers for me. GL: -Alex being Reva's stalker -Ben Reade being the Garden of Eden killer. -Maryann Carrathuers -Anytime Carmen Santos popped up alive. Y&R: -Any plot twist involving Sharon's sanity since 2009. -Shadam -Death by volcano -Chloe being insane with her "Chesnut" crap. -Neil holding Hilary hostage
  15. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Remember when Phelps was fired over the Chancellor mansion getting painted a hideous shade of blue? Maybe deep-sixing Victor Newman's office will be Mal's downfall.