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  1. It would be realistic to say Kate had both Billie and Austin when she was underage/barely legal and then of course had Lucas in her 20’s. As for Vivian I’m not sure, it probably would have been more realistic for Vivian to dig up some Alamain related niece or something in league with her to act as surrogate since that was Ivan and Vivian’s guise for the embryo theft and say it was a mix of Victor and Vivian. After all that’s what happened years later with Belle/Shawn-D and Mimi/Phillip(whatever happened to Tyler aka “Pocket” Kiriakis anyways? What shitty writing to say the DiMera feud got so bad they just him in foster care for safety. Really?!!?)
  2. I can assume Vivian was in her late 40’s like Kate was, and even if Sorel was in her early 50’s she looked fantastic and vibrant letting her hair grow long during that entire embryo story.
  3. You’re right! She does look like Muelleriele(what a zany character she was and I remember she was doing a sitcom with Bonnie Hunt at the same time too!) . I was going to ask you who she was on Passions but I saw this: I didn’t bother with the show at that point so thanks for the info!! On the flip side I had no idea Judith McConnell ever appeared on Passions either as Bad Witch #1 lol looking back at those 2007 stats I found too.
  4. Wow I almost forgot how I did like Toni and Etta Mae on AW in its final years along with Chris, Tyrone and the last Dana. I remember liking from what I saw of Zach and Julie Ann from the SoapNet reruns but found it odd the show had them as brother & sister given what I thought was chemistry LOL. Zach(played by a younger James Pickens!) was brought on for Quinn as her last love interest before she was murdered. I wonder whatever happened to the actress who played Julie Ann. Early 80’s AW always sounds like an interesting as far as having a diverse set of characters like Quinn, Thomasina, the Todd Brothers, Roy, Henrietta, Abel & Leo etc. I wonder how much front burner airtime they actually did get. Lemay & Rauch had Linda Metcafe last as a supporting for almost a decade and was even given a love interest on screen in a cop who if I remember right died in a fire(?)
  5. RIP! I do remember her as that malevolent teacher on Desperate Housewives. I don’t recall her earlier appearances but I don’t recall that episode in the last season where after Mike’s death MJ stepped attacked her and then Susan accidentally injured her further ending her teaching career all over the teacher being so callous.
  6. I don’t remember if they did or not but I did catch Lauren giving the side eye to Gina! Brad & Colleen were sweet, I don’t recall Colleen ever interacting too much with Victor at all until after Brad died and she got his board seat and Victor humiliated her. Ugh.
  7. Thanks so much @will81!!!! That letter about Tanner on Days reminds me of how much the show tried to push Brian & Ginger, Molly & Tanner, and Molly’s half brother Hawk Hawkins and ended up tanking the show.
  8. Y&R Sept 2001-I recall this was right at Scott’s tenure as EP was ending, with Nikki gone due to 11th hour contract negotiations as Christopher Douglas replaced as Sean by the actor in this episode due to Alden & Scott feuding. That said another gorgeous ep and I was glad at the time that Lauren was back on Y&R again. Cassie was such a wonderful kid to watch.
  9. Kevin & Chloe? A dreadful couple that should have been killed off a long time ago!
  10. The last mention of DJ Craig, was that in 2006 when Marlena had gotten her memory back? I recall her briefly mentioning his death but she didn’t mention Don by name, I wonder who wrote that script.
  11. What Maggie/Dylan/Jessica and Michael didn’t set the show on fire that summer? Just kidding!! I recall being interested in Ivana’s murder mystery but then we had that unfortunate scene of Anthony shooting Sally on her way to canasta night. Now Lisa from Saved by the Bell’s elevator plunge was kind of funny though.
  12. It was one of those storylines I think Belk & Co. instantly regretted as they swept it under the rug real quick and I think it was originally intended for all purposes that Lily was indeed Neil’s daughter. But it was a rape and stated on screen as such. I do remember a lot early online folks later would see Malcolm as a massive hypocrite when fighting with Neil. I don’t remember it being a big deal in the soap press it was probably overshadowed in coverage by all the sexual misdeeds that went on with Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie over on Days. The cold medication regrets didn’t stop the show later from Nick having sex drunk with Grace thinking it was Sharon. In fact Thudley over at B&B even gave Ridge & Brooke an even more trashier cold medication sex story in 2006.
  13. Sward did a really great job with it, although I think what helped was too was she wasn’t much older in real life than those playing her kids (Patricia Bruder much lol?) and don’t know how old any of them were maybe they all stayed in that ageless vortex Tom Hughes was in LOL. I’ll assume Lyla was her in late 40’s while all the kids were in their late 20’s; although going back to Lyla’s earlier days I think the was mentioned her sister Maggie was suppose to be much younger since Maggie had a relationship with Tom. Sheesh! Interestingly a few years later the show would go down the surrogate route with Emily for Larry and Susan to have Allison as Susan was indeed post-menopause by that point.
  14. It really was. Megan McTavish did a horrific number on GL in 1996 it was one of many trashy abhorrent storylines that aired that summer until her firing.
  15. Hadn’t seen it talked about yet, but Brown was so gorgeous as a tortured Sheila holding the Forresters hostage in today’s 1995 episode that aired. Unlike Y&R last week so nice to see something from Sheila’s glory days not to mention it was a change for direction for Sheila away from the Forresters. Interesting to see Sally and Gladys mingle for the first time apparently.
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