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  1. Y&R: June Spoilers

    I heard the spoilers for the upcoming week are going to pointing clues that J.T. is about resurface alive....
  2. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    It's about that time of year again that we see major TPTB changes again, so it may just well happen. It's sad though that 2010's Y&R has become as bad as 1980s AW with the amount of writing turnover.
  3. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    Seriously Mal is now at the point where MAB and Sussman were fired, so they must be struggingly to find a replacement or Sony is going to pull a P&G and just let Mal ride it out like Goutman at ATWT. (Safe choices would be installing Noel Maxam as EP and promoting a Esser/Slater combo; however all three have been through the wringer already with the Sony(Maxam at Days, Esser and Slater being fired by Latham).
  4. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lol @ Christel Khalil getting the Patricia Bruder treatment. It is how ever utterly ridiculous and this whole story already stinks to high heaven.
  5. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    You and me both! This show is becoming MAB 2009 and Pratt 2015 all over again!
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    A lot of the photos I've seen always look like a fun and colorful cast! Not to mention I know Dan and Kim's courtship there in 1975-1976 helped kept the show running fine. However it didn't help though that Soderberg & Sommer were the Cryptkeepers of daytime at that point.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Makes sense especially how stagnant the show had become by that point. I've heard a lot of good things about Reilly's Dan although Reilly sounds almost too sexy for 1970's ATWT.
  8. B&B Casting News

    Xander Avant's secret wife?
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Was there any particular reason why Dan Stewart was killed off? I know it at least let Ellen de-age a good bit as she then only had her much younger daughters to deal with.
  10. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    The ballerina was Dana, and from the 1979 episode on the ATWT DVD's I agree Carl she was boring lol. I read that Dana's ex-husband later died of a heart attack while having sex with Dee Stewart! The actress was married to AW's Rick Porter after playing one of the Holloways. The Holloways on AW were so pointless, the show already had the Cory's yet added an alleged "billionaire" family that served no purpose. Karen was a high priced con artist played by Leslie Denniston that Bob got mixed up with. Denniston of course would later marry Hastings in real life and later come back to ATWT to play Carolyn Crawford. I've only read a few snippets about it from the old 1978 ATWT synopses that SOD had posted on their website in the late '90s, I don't know if there is anything on Youtube about the story or not.
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I always found something likable about Elaine Princi but unfortunately she was only used as a rent-a-diva for the 80s there for roles that weren't very good. I noticed there was a trend in the late '70s and early '80s for Bob to get paired up someone on the "wild" side i.e. Valerie, Karen Peters, so perhaps this was a continuation of that.
  12. B&B: June Discussion Thread

    Sally and her gun....we already had that fakeout back in January already!!! Anyways, nice as it is to see Sally back I hate the writing for her already. It's pretty obvious now that she is back for Wynot. Thomas and Caroline back together? That just sounds utterly ridiculous and won't last, especially since didn't Godfrey land another soap role?(Or am I imagining that?)
  13. Days actor leaving?

    Lumi was great at their peak and was probably the best on-going story during JER 2.0 IMO, even if became silly at times as well(Stan lol). The pairing was fun and was a nice twist for two old friends turned mortal enemies to find their love again. I really did like Sami with EJ and the chemistry was fantastic, but the whole rape thing really put a damper on it, thus I found it better for Sami to be with Lucas(and yes later on with Rafe) during 2007-2008 and hated that the pair just went their separate ways.
  14. Days actor leaving?

    Pretty much. Like Bjorn and AZ(who is returning again!) Dattilo has been pretty much on and off really since as far back as 2001. The only difference here is Lucas has been reduced to supporting and pretty much been irrelevant this past decade with not much in the way of story-line between dating Adrienne and his annual falling off the wagon event.
  15. Days actor leaving?

    Been leaving each year since 2008...