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  1. Can I bump this topic to throw in Ben Platt lol?
  2. Typical Thudley. I'm also won't be surprised if the Hope mannequin returns possessed by an evil spirit and shows up at Steffy's beach house and starts haunting Steffy and Liam for what they did to poor Hope.
  3. First up, Y&R: Billy is arrested and incarcerated for the attempted murder of Chance! Lily and Jill devise a scheme to prove Billy's innocence when it is suspected that Victor is the one to set up and frame Billy! Adam and Chelsea plans to leave Genoa City are quashed when the face a new challenge when Chelsea receives a shocking medical diagnosis! Meanwhile Nikki tries to keep the peace, but she loses patience with the havoc Adam is creating! Jack and Theo face off as the Abbott family grapples with the ripple effect Theo's lawsuit has the entire family!
  4. Tricia Quick on B&B was definitely meant to be a Taylor replacement after Tylo left the show in 2002, I think Tricia lasted all but six months on the show. I remember SOD was highly critical of the whole thing. To chime in on others comments Tucker on Y&R was indeed developed as a Victor replacement during whole EB leaving back in 2009 while Genevieve was an attempt to replace both Nikki & Jill at the same time.
  5. Liam and Steffy already kissing at the end of Monday’s show....GEE who didn’t see that coming...
  6. AW: “Why I hate these 90-minute episodes!” ATWT: “This show is so stale!” Days: “Massacre on the set! 14 actors fired!” GL: “Ed and Holly or Ed and Rita?” And “Do you think Roger is still alive?” Y&R: “What happened to Bond Gideon as Jill?”
  7. LOVED seeing Jill & Nina on my TV screen today, the classic clips as well as Abby’s flashbacks were fantastic too. I wish Justin Gaston was permanently cast as Chance lol so much better than Boaz.
  8. Poor Shannon in 1990, Marland had a pre-JER moment with that one. A few more for that era: ATWT: “Why Tom & Margo will never have a kid...blame Eileen Fulton!” AW: “Where’s Sandy & Cecile at?” B&B: “This Karen story is so stupid!” Days: “Marlena, Hope, Patch they keep killing off my favorites!” GL: “Josh & Harley...yuck!!” Y&R: “Whatever happened to the Brooks and Williams family members?”
  9. Yeah it was rather odd when I went through the reactions of viewers seeing Victor & Jill hookup, there was a lot of ageist comments directed at both Victor and Jill yet later on one of those outspoken ageist posters was all for Victor and Hope when I caught up to reading Usenet 1993 posts, go figure of course!" Despite the speculation Bell wrote it as sure that Billy was Jill & John's son, the same way he wrote Nick as being the son Victor & Nikki when there was a chance he might be Jack's son but Bell didn't allow for ambiguity except when it came down to Cole & Vi
  10. LOL I remember the heavy criticism Usenet gave of Victor & Jill sleeping together in 1992 and them calling it gross, it wasn't pretty, yet a bit hypocritical since some posters still wanted Victor with Ashley & Nikki because Jill was too old(!) 20 years ago when Comedy Central use to run SNL reruns I saw the episode Lucci hosted which would've been around the same time Lucci was on Dallas. Lord I remember a major plot point in the HBO movie the Second Civil War starring Phil Hartman was that Susan Lucci's final episode of AMC was going to in conflict with the p
  11. Oh geez, I can only imagine: AW: "Harding Lemay needs to return!" ATWT: "Susan Stewart is a Homewrecker!" B&B: "What was that Angela story about again?" GL: "GL will survive without Reva!" Days: "I don't like the Shane & Kayla pairing...." Loving: "Why doesn't my ABC station air this show?!!?" Y&R: "CRICKET IS ANNOYING!!!" "Who else misses SFT?" "Linda Fairgate's murder really bothered me...." "90210: SCOTT!"
  12. Over the air they are about a week behind but online 10play streams same day US shows.
  13. At the very least special DVD releases should have been seriously considered. The only short run soap I could even seen succeeding in a syndication would be Sunset Beach but that has longgggg past it’s time. I remember Sci-Fi tried to rerun Passions but it flopped badly.
  14. Apparently from what I have read the mannequin story is causing B&B to tank in Australia as well along with negative backlash, I wonder how much longer this story will last.
  15. After Dark Shadows got its own PlutoTV channel, why not Y&R? Doesn’t need to be every episode but maybe something more like a memorable moments channel.
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