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  1. All of My Favorite Characters!! Thanks for posting these pics!
  2. Guiding Light is my favorite show of all time & I miss it everyday. I started watching in 1979 during the awesome Bridget & Jerome Dobson Period, then came the Outstanding Douglas Marland Era. I watched GL all the way to the end in 2009. I HATED what Ellen Wheeler, John Conboy, Ellen Weston,P & G etc did to GL, but I still watched because it was my show. I also miss ATWT and Another World.
  3. Guiding Light! Christmas In Bert Bauer's Living Room, 1981 and 1982. Dr Sara Mcintyre would play piano and Mike Bauer would sing. At the end of the 1982 Xmas Show, Bert, Mike and Ed Looked in the camera and wished the audience "Merry Christmas". Great Stuff! Years Later, My favorite thing each year was GL's X-mas Credits Crawl at the end of the Xmas Show, with Ross (Jerry ver Dorn) wishing the audience Happy Holidays and the cast behind him singing . There was one Xmas Show where Reva,Olivia and Edmund were stuck in an elevator Together. All 3 hated each other, but Reva told a story that HB had told her,which made the 3 of them be civil to each other while in the the elevator etc Of course the Christmas shows with Phillp and Beth and their sidewalk Santa(Nick) From when they had ran away to NYC, Nick would pop up in Springfield like santa claus and give advice I mIss Guiding Light, the real Guiding Light, before Ellen Weston,John Conboy,Ellen Wheeler etc destroyed the show!
  4. Thanks CarlD2 and Paul Raven for posting These Guiding Light Magazine Articles. I enjoy reading them. Bringing back alot of Memories....
  5. Silas Killed Mrs Renfields Husband Archibald, he may have Killed a Professor Taylor, Kidnapped Nola Twice--tried to kill her by sticking on ledge of a Volcano, Shot & Killed Quints Asst. Jamie Loomis. Silas was a great Villian,sexy as hell...
  6. Anabelle's father Eli Sims pushed Bill Bauer out the window
  7. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Great Flick, can't wait for it to come out on DVD
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