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  1. According to the numbers in the vault , Lawrence Saint-Victor posted, that #8496 is his. Number 8496 is right. When 8426 Part 2 really is 8427 , then the numbers go on and Lawrence is listed in the credits. In the then listed episode 8496. If it stays like 8426 Pt1 and 8426 Pt2 then his episode would be the 8495. But according to his Script its 8496. Is there anything who can confirm the episodenumbers from the vault?
  2. Does somebody have the episodes 7926 until today andcan upload it to the vault? Its so great to see the 90s again. I love Darlene Conley !
  3. It must be from the beginning of Junge 1982. Some episodes later is the death of Carrie
  4. For those who are interested: On this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQypKVSe77Mdj4ARdFVD8Tg are Guiding Light Episodes from 1982 to 1989. Im closing the gap of episodes in 1983 right now, so that we will have nearly complete years 1983-1989. There is a low amount of episodes missing. I think its about 30 missing episodes out of 1500 You need to click on "Playlists" to see all available episodes. All episodes are german dubbed, but maybe its interesting for some of you. Im on, uploading the rest of 1983 and 1986 has still 50 episodes to
  5. Hey @ChickenNuggetz92, yes i have i can upload it. I believe that somebody has reported my youtube account back in time.....which has made me really sad because i am really sorry for that. Im so calmed, that this hasnt happend to my guiding light channel. I have a big collection and mostly complete from mid 1982 until end 1989 of guiding light in german
  6. Do you have the exact date of this episode @ChickenNuggetz92
  7. I just added episode 3732 from February 11th 2002. Amber asks Brooke if she is pregnant. Brooke tells Deacon, that he is the father of the child. This is short before Stephanie exposed Brooks pregancy at the pressconference.
  8. November 13 is 25-11-93 #1679 November 14 is 26-11-93 #1680 November 15 is 29-11-93 #1681 I hope for more coming, these episodes are the only one i miss....episodes 1679-1800 am I Searching for. The rest i have
  9. This is Grant Aleksanders first episode on Guiding Light. This is dubbed in German, called Springfield Story. I uploaded episodes from 1982 beginning with Episode 801 of the german broadcast. It begins in June 1982. The scene with Phillip starts at 2:30 when he enters Justins House
  10. Hey everone, i began to upload classic Guiding Light Episodes , starting with June 1982 episodes. I have the following years of nearly complete consecutive episodes until 1992. The only thing is, that those episodes are in German. But maybe its interesting for one of you. Im planning to upload everything i have until 1989. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoRPyxHABjpeVfO1c9vlJP9BRQ_IAmE7h It will take time, so have fun with episodes around Nola, Quinton, Jackie, Ross and so on.... It also includes Jackie Marlers death. The episode
  11. I have uploaded some german episodes from may 1991 until may 1992 some years ago on MEGA. The Files are still there. 1991: https://mega.nz/folder/QIxX0SrY#KDYk1EliY7p96FLVwd0OHQ 1992: https://mega.nz/folder/hUwDCY4T#ganKUwtlge-ct2jKulsygg
  12. I have episode 1-1678 and 1801-5992 in german. there are some missing between 1801 and 2177. But from episode 2178 to episode 5992 its everything complete in german. And from Episode 5993 on my episodes are in english because german network ZDF stopped airings in 2011.
  13. I have from episode 2178 - 7922 complete. 2178-5992 in german. The rest is in english
  14. Could you maybe delete the subfolder 02 [968-985]? its in the Folder 1991 German. Because the upload has broken and the files arent complete i need to do it again. I was uploading while you was sorting it new. And all the 18 files too please.
  15. I made a subfolder in 1991 and titled this as german. Then i will upload month for month as folder Im beginning with 1991 and then go on as far as possible. I am for it, there should be the date in form YEAR-MONTH-DAY. And optional the episodenumber behind
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