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  1. Good Morning, today i uploaded episodes 1307 and 1308. So we can see Lane Davies as Ridge. I am going to re record episode 1306 and will upload it later again
  2. Episode 1301 is uploaded in the 1992 Folder....but accidently i uploaded episode 1302 into the main folder "The Bold and the Beautiful". Maybe someone of you can put it in the right folder On thursday we will meet Lane Davies as Ridge Forrester in Episode 1307
  3. So for now, we are same day in the vault from videoland. I uploaded episodes 1287-1296.
  4. Its getting better, i uploaded episodes 1248-1257 many days ago. But because of work and co i didnt manage to find time to record the following episodes. For now, i am 34 episodes behind, because videoland is at episode 1290
  5. No worrries, i will upload more 1992 soon when i have enough time
  6. Hey everybody.....im so sorry for letting you wait for 1992-episodes so long. But i will do my best, to upload a bunch of episodes this week. There are many episodes to come
  7. And episodes 1237-1240 are uploaded. i mentioned too, that in the last episodes, there is only a really short closing, not often cast and crew credits. But soon, we will get the new closings with location footage
  8. Hey guys, i managed to record and upload episodes 1226 until 1236 now. So that means, we now are on the same day uploads again
  9. Thanks to all of you for your lovely wishes I managed to record and upload episodes 1221-1225 now. I hope everything will be fine, in the next few weeks.
  10. Hey everybody, i wanted to tell you, that i haven't forgotten the episodes last week. I have been on vacation......plus im going through a difficult private time.... I will record and upload the ten episodes 1221-1230 from last week and the episodes 1231-1240 that will air this week, in the next few days. So please be patient for a little bit i think i will start tomorrow Im sending love to all of you
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