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  1. Yes Yes it was me. Im uploading the 2 new episodes everyday after recording it. But sometimes i forget to post it here.... and i dont want to spam this thread
  2. So i uploaded episodes 1195 and 1196 in the morning. now we are in 1992. I hope for hundreds of episodes to come. The next episodes im missing in my language are 1390 and 1393
  3. I uploaded episodes 1191-1194. In episode 1194 we can see, that someone copied the Forrester-Formula. But.....that means, tommorrow we will get the last episode of 1991 and start with 1992!!! Im soooo excited
  4. I uploaded until Episode 1184, that means,we now see the freshly introducted Karen Spencer......as Faith Roberts
  5. Episodes until 1180 are now online. That means, we have 15 episodes to go to have a full year 1991 and turn directly into season 6! So everyone knows, that 1992 will be a fantastic year: We will get new characters: Sly,Jack Hamilton, Zach Hamilton, Sheila Carter and Ridge is played by Lane Davies for episodes 1309 until around episode 1330.
  6. i uploaded episodes 1165-1170. so now we are at the newest point
  7. Joanna Johnsons first appearance as Faith Roberts / Karen Spencer is at the end of episode 1182
  8. Here i have got german episodes 4075-4124 from 2003 for you. its a hidden playlist where i uploaded it:
  9. Episodes 1151 and 1152 are uplaoded in the vault
  10. Episodes 1141 - 1144 are uploaded. I will see, how i can give you more classic episodes in german.
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