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  1. And when “Never Say Never” premieres I can sooo see a scene with AP Austin & Carrie tell each at how well they enjoyed Patrick Muldoon & Andrea Barber played them while Roman & Kate marvel how their favorite “Dynasty”actors Wayne Northrop & Deborah Adair were lured out of retirement to play them specifically Doug & Julie were MIA for the entire original possession right? I just remember Shawn being attacked by the swarm of bees and Caroline praying all the time when she wasn’t being a self righteous hypocrite towards Sami lol. Alice was too busy with her Gina puzzle but she was there at Marlena’s funeral. I am not sure why JER didn’t utilize Mickey & Maggie at all during his first run other than Mickey being the worst defense lawyer ever despite everyone singing his high praises. It be fun to see Marsha Clark’s recurring character return lol she was the original Melinda Trask for years. Same here. Bill did a fantastic job although I was a bit disappointed by Hall’s simple jaw drop lol. As for Johnny I’m surprised he didn’t already know….LOL it gave me a flashback during the Gemini Twins story to when John, Marlena, Bo and Hope told the Last Blast kids there no such thing as the paranormal
  2. Morina, Griffith, and Steve Kent are still trying to recreate lost ABC soaps. Thudley is trying to recreate lost NBC soaps, specifically Passions and Sunset Beach. All cancelled. CBS Daytime is gutter trash
  3. Haha I just remember in my earliest SON days just how many vibrant Days fans there on this board…however when Days nosedived in the fall of 2007 (remember when Days fell dead last behind GL lol?) and the other shoe dropping with the Jarlena firing they almost all disappeared, even if Days did experience a creative and ratings upswing by the fall of 2009 some just didn’t ever come back.
  4. Haha let’s not even start with B&B lol. The really tragic thing about Y&R is all it would take is one semi-decent writer to at make the show worthwhile. I know AW, GL, ATWT had it rough there final years as they imploded and inspired indignation, but what’s happening at Y&R at the moment feels far worse tbh.
  5. Given there does indeed seem to be age discrepancy, I also wonder if Ashland is actually going to turn out be Theo’s actual dad, just faked his death and came up with a new identity? Sounds ridiculous but this is Josh Griffith’s Y&R in 2021 so of course something dumb/off would occur like that.
  6. I wonder if oldtime SON user Kennylicious still watches the show….he would have a loved a possession revisit story.
  7. That would have been way more interesting as well. I wonder if the show has reached out to JLB at all? That would make the story much more impactful. Then have Eric McCook guest on Y&R as Lance
  8. Just after watching today’s episode I do wonder if Ashland is suppose to be Brooks Prentiss?
  9. Wow they all look so stunning. Did Cheryl Lynn Brown ever act as an adult?
  10. Maybe we’re all wrong and it is Julie herself who gets possessed?? With Stefano coming back from the dead in a rejuvenated form and new actor (Idk who, Armand Assante?) hiding in their new armoire telling Julie she was always his original Queen of the Night when they first met in 1982. And just like that, Doug leaves the bedroom because he thinks it’s too cold and we see Julie levitating above their bed while a picture frame of Tom & Alice on the night stand randomly shatters.
  11. I thought about Nicole. Haha maybe EJ wants her as his Queen of the Night? LOL. Had Sami stuck around I could easily it happen to her following an attempt for EJ to gaslight her into being faithful to him. So true about Jarlena. I had to cringe a bit with Steve-ano stuff and then the Orpheus stuff last year. I did think their material on Beyond Salem was fun but also John(and Shane for that matter lol) still as ISA agents trying to save the world is downright silly even if it’s staying true to Days. It’s a double edged sword. Personally, if I had to revisit a storyline from the height of the 90’s it would have definitely been either a return to Aremid or a return to the tunnels of Paris just refreshened. The lady in white could be Gwen’s mother, Jake sets up his own death and frames Chad, Tripp becomes the parrotman etc. Heck Ron could have had a field day in Aremid bringing back Renee, Stefan, Benjy, Megan Hathaway, heck Stefano himself lol as all alive in Aremid. Or maybe he’s saving that for next year.
  12. This! I enjoyed the earlier parts of the possession a lot more when it was pretty gothic and spooky before it descended into bad costumes and special effects. Remember demonic Isabella lol? . The possession story hadn’t taken over the whole show like it later would in its final months either as at the time I recall Sami “Bobbitizing” Alan actually briefly generated more press than MarDevil. That said, Marlena’s possession was briefly revisited by JER himself in 2004 during the SSK story, it doesn’t need to be done again. Does anyone really want to see 70-something Marlena floating above her bed? If possession had to be done, I’d rather see it occur to someone else. Maybe Chloe?
  13. Epperson, Walton, and Barton were definitely the highlight of the story’s climax as they gave all out performances. Epperson’s above really highlighted some raw emotion there over the betrayal. I don’t recall anyone else besides Ashley, Jill and Mari Jo knew about the Blade/Rick reveal though. Rick slithered out of town after receiving death threats from Mari Jo and Jill. Ashley left right before Christmas as the above occurred in early December. And when Shattuck’s Ashley returned a few months later in March ‘96 she barely mentioned Blade but was still apprehensive about Mari Jo. Which is a shame because Dru was indeed so disgusted with what Malcolm did she considered abortion but chose not to over her personal health risks. The later romantic stuff between Malcolm & Dru in 2000 didn’t feel right either.
  14. Donna tripping and spilling honey sounds definitely sounds like it is coming around the corner with Donna starting today “My Honeybear could never get enough of me.” Liam & Wyatt bonding over talking about Eric & Quinn? And course Eric’s speech to Carter & Quinn
  15. The whole week really felt like classic Days tbh it was wonderful and actually daring. Rikaart actually having fun opposed to his dreariness over on Y&R. The only thing I think was missing was a Lucas & Sami plot which would have made it perfect.
  16. LOL at the ridiculous Ben Platt finally getting called out: 


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      Ben Platt's executive producer dad couldn't buy any worse set of reviews

      ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ adaptation is ‘a total misfire,’ ‘one of the worst movie-musicals ever made,’ critics say


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      Critics annoy me but I did lol

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      He's on The View right now.

  17. All of this! Sharon’s become pathetic, the show looks like crap, and is also written like crap. Just crappy all around. She should have left with Hartley’s Adam and both characters lived happily ever after traveling the world or something like that. But Pratt always liked a good explosion and for God knows what reason but Pratt, Sussman, and Young all thought coma inducing “Chick” was the next biggest thing.
  18. The most unfortunate thing is both the Ashland & Victoria and Adam & Sally are pairings have spark so of course TIIC think both have to be decimated. Chelsea can stay gone lol. MCE just doesn’t work at all as the weepy tragic heroine. It’s pathetic of what a caricature Chelsea is.
  19. I don’t know how I missed this, but that tiny CBS eye logo is also silly to see. I only caught on for an ad that was playing the CBS Sunday Morning music: https://deadline.com/2021/08/cbs-news-morning-show-times-square-nate-burleson-1234824474/
  20. Yep. I know Sharon’s character is permanently trashed and long damaged but it’s still pretty damning that she would still pine for Adam despite all she would lose in the process. BTW what’s up with the Tiny CBS eye btw?
  21. In a way Sharon been back in crazy town for a while. Not batshit, kleptomaniac, bipolar baby stealing/swapping unhinged deer in the headlights psycho Sharon was from 2009-2016 and again briefly in 2018 but she is definitely unmoored at the moment….her continued friendship and obsession with Adam all the while absurdly being his therapist, her volatile marriage to Rey, ignorance of Faith etc. I hate it all it’s pretty icky.
  22. There’s been rumblings for a while that Sharon is going to devolve and go back to crazy town, this kind of indicates it as such. I had joked recently about how Ron Carlivanti would write Y&R, pretty sure Ashland would be discovered to be either Prentiss Brooks or Eric Garrison with the old women being Dina lol.
  23. It’s so nice to see Davidson just so easily step back into the roles of Mary Moira and Kristen again. Haiduk who?
  24. This is Ron’s Days lol I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out Byron Carmichael was not only back from the dead but also now impersonating Doug while Doug is a locked up by an alive and well Lee DuMonde played by Donna Mills
  25. Thank you @YRfan23!!!! Obviously the balance of the show remains terrible. Wyatt and Flo at this point could be easily written off. They have had zero story since Sally left aside from being part of that stupid crossover. Katie hasn’t had any story since the picture frame mess right lol? Geez. I do know Heather Tom has been directing Dynasty episodes and I think directed for another show as well since obviously they aren’t using Katie. Okay And Shauna is completely dead weight again. Typical to bring in a star like Denise Richards and then never utilize them. Yikes. It would be nice if either Thorne and/or Rick had been recast or if the show brought on fresh characters for others to interact with.
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