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  1. No. Sheila actually wanted to push Brooke (being pregnant - possibly with Eric) from balcony at Brooke's apartment and fix this problem with Brooke once and for all. Sheila calculated this very well. She would even sacrifise herself and raise this horrible brat (Rick) she hated so much with Eric together (at least for a while, until she'll come up with something), just to kick Brooke and her unborn child out of the picture. Sheila knew that Brooke's pregnancy could cause some serious problems in her future life with Eric, there was also a very important money aspect as well, so Sheila didn't want to let this to happened. (Un-)fortunatelly someone showed up (I believe it was Eric) and Sheila immediately dropped this idea at the very last moment. Hopefully we will see this scene soon. And I just want to remind all of you that Sheila attempted to hurt Brooke and Brooke's unborn baby once again at the Forrester lab after Brooke collapsed by injecting her with something. We all know what could've that been... She was pure evil!
  2. Thank you very much for this bunch of episodes! The Brooke's nightmare will come true very soon, also 1992 will end up as one of her worst years ever. Also in a couple of days there will be one of the most important apperances in B&B history - Sheila will show up in LA! I believe it will be episode #1293, so hopefully I will see one of my favorite Sheila's intentional (uncommited) crimes, which is very rare and unavailable - pushing Brooke from the balcony. I really can't wait to see all of those crimes again! These few years were mostly exciting for me because of Sheila's presence and I loved it.
  3. I agree with not oversharing the link. I remember what happened to all the other vaults which have been overshared, then got removed and never came back. I believe that everyone interested will finally find our vault or some of us will share the link with some confided friends loving B&B and being hungry for all classic episodes as we are or maybe some of us know some poeple having missing episodes. Sharing is okay, but we need to know how to do that. Promoting this on youtube or some public facebook groups would be not a very good idea. Hopefully some people will be able to contribute, but I believe that now the full episodes from Nederland are the most valueable, as they are in pretty good quality, in opposite to most of the old VHS records, which usually are in different languages, incomplete or in very poor quality. It's way much better than the B&B official Youtube chanell which is really laughable in 2021 - uploading with 360p or 480p quality, sometimes incomplete, very messy, without cutting off the useless parts and also with a very bad aspect ratio... I can see that since weeks there was noone able to upload any episodes from 1992. Unfortunately I don't have any VPN working, but if there's any way to help please just let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  4. I knew that they didn't record those interview scenes before, but that wig was way too big and it made me a little laugh, because she looked really ridicilous. Caroline even spoken in a little different way than she used to speak. I believe there are almost 30 episodes to put in the vault and there will be Sheila showing up very soon, so I can't wait for the next episodes. I hope someone will be able to put in at least few more ones soon.
  5. @Sasha66 1987-1991: 4/5 There was a pretty long and also good introduction, but there was not too much dynamic in this period. The storylines were much more magical and significant than ever, but also interesting and we wanted to see much more. 1992-1996: 5/5 The show became more dynamic and much more interesting - more storylines put together at the same time and those storylines were great with so many different directions and much more unanswered questions than ever - Sheila & Lauren, BeLieF battle, Taylor's death and comeback, so many new characters and also many catfights made it really enjoyable to watch. 1997-2002: 4.5/5 The show became dynamic as hell and still very interesting, also much more shocking but everything became less significant and we could start felling that everything goes a little too quickly without the full expend or develop, which could have been done there (children growth or mariages/relationships duration). But anyway there were still great characters and very good storylines. The only thing is that something more dark and scary was missing (better executed in the previous period) and also some of the characters were going through some changes (for example I believe they screwed-up Brooke's character then, but on the other hand she became even more fun to watch, so that's not bad I think), still we could see most of the original cast and that was great. 2003-2007: 4/5 This is not bad period at all but the show became too funny at some point in 2003. Most of the storylines were still good, but not that great executed. Even the fashion shows became very poor with less audience. There were some really great points and the whole story which kept us watching but also there were some questionable recasts, the storylines went a little flat and overally that was a little bit less interesting period of time compared to the previous two. And I have to admit that I didn't like the new opening, as I loved those old/new pictures from the original one. 2008-: 2/5 Personally I stopped watching in 2008/2009 - still checking from time to time what's going on, but I couldn't care less. After Hope/Liam/Steffy or Jackie/Owen/Bridget triangles I've said "Enough!". There was nothing interesting for me at all and everything was on one note, also became very flat. Even Stephanie's death, Quinn's introduction or Sheila's comeback couldn't help it. Almost everything what I loved in this show was gone and I stopped being curious, as there was no storyline which I liked and wanted to follow. Also we missed the original Ridge (the new one is a great actor, but he's not Ridge), also Thorne is missing (Winsor Harmon was ready to play and they just dumped him) and much more... I'm not really suprised why some actors left the show for good. @BoldKara Trying to sign in, cancelling registration, waiting for like few hours (till my username and email will become available again) and signing up again worked for me and I received the confirmation email in few minutes. But please note that it will probably be in spam folder.
  6. Donna could've been lying, but the main issue is how supposed she hide it from Katie, Brooke, Storm and especially from her mother for so many months that she's pregnant? Also there were some scenes mentioned above with Mark and with Brooke about the pregnancy/sex/virginity, so it seemed that she was a virgin at that time. But there are much more things like this. Personally I just hate what writers did to Katie Logan. She was always so kind, warm, silent, patient, very helpful - always helping her parents or helping Brooke with the children (remember how she still was in 2001?). After a recast with Heather Tom she became loud, hysterical, unstable, very rude and most important - bitchy, which she never was and it never should have happened with her character. Btw. hello everyone, as my registration is taking almost a year and still nothing happens (tried few times), but I just discovered that I can post here anyway (or maybe only write but still cannot post anything) but I tried it for the last time and voila! I'm here! So thank you for all your efford and for this community that it's still alive with so many active members and interesting conversation. Thanks to you again that I can set in order all of my old B&B clips which usually are in horrible quality and there are thousands of them from everywhere. FYI: I discovered that some of the full episodes uploaded in the vault (for example E956) have no music - no instruments, no theme sounds or any music during the dialogues or at the end of the scenes etc. - there's only the opening music. I'm not sure if this is RTL Lounge's fault/choice but the music originally was there.
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