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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Well, I did know I knew her...now, if she'd said Big Ben, I coulda cut that in half.
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I actually watched about half the episode, mostly to figure out where I knew her from. Took me a good ten minutes, but I think I was distracted by her hair.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Yeah, that was another entire level of complication...Ariel was James' sister. They were both Greta's children. Ariel did figure out that Dusty was Gunnar's son, but I believe she did love Burke. Dusty didn't like her though. Burke collapsed at their ceremony, and there was some debate about if the marriage was legal. Since Dusty didn't want her as his stepmother, Burke didn't go through with a second ceremony, and made Karen Dusty's guardian. At some point it was decided the first ceremony was legal and Ariel tried, I think, to gain control of the fortune. But either way, Burke died soon there after. James grew up with a brother named Lars (who would've been Gunnar's brother) but he had died previously. I'm not sure he was ever on screen. But his widow blamed James for his death and hatched a revenge plot.
  4. Soap Hoppers

    When Ava was at the Russian clinic.
  5. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    It helps having lived it. And having the bible for some of the finer points. LOL over Parker. While BH was alive, they were very conscious of Parker's last name being Munson and Jack respecting Hal's status as dad. Parker didn't even start calling Jack "dad" until after he came back from the dead. But the last few years, the lines totally blurred, and occasionally was referred to as Parker Snyder. Parker's family tree was legit half the town at one point, and as confusing as Lily's. As for an teen, dark-haired Parker....he'd already been a red-head (Hal) a blonde (Carly)....so all three of his parents were covered.
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I was going to order the James DVD as an Xmas present to myself. Damn it. Dusty is Gunnar's biological son. Dusty is John's "stepson" via his marriage to Karen ( who had married and divorced James, making her briefly Paul's stepmother as well), who was Dusty's legal guardian after Burke Donovan (the man who raised Dusty) died. Dusty's mother Nicole had died before he and Burke came to town. Dusty was the only true heir to the Stenbeck fortune, which was why James wanted him dead. It is one of ATWT's more complicated explanations...lol. (A lot of short term characters who either died or left town involved) Otherwise you were correct. James wasn't a biological Steinbeck. Gunnar was, but died before Dusty knew Gunnar was his father.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I think at the time, the rumor was Kathleen semi-retired. Holy crap, just googled her and found out she was married to actor Richard Jordan.
  8. Don't recall those scenes specifically, but Lord, did JH serve up a LOT of cheese early in his career. Who can forget the scene in a thunderstorm where he rips off his shirt and yells as lightening dramatically arcs behind him...?
  9. Overrated Vets

    COOP? Jesus, take the wheel, I'm glad I've forgotten whatever that fuckery was about.... I'd say a "vet" has ten years on a show or fifteen in the business. Its more than a four year standard contract, its someone pretty regularly employed for a number of years.
  10. Overrated Vets

    GLs Beth (as portrayed by Beth Chamberlain). She never had the chemistry with Grant Aleksandr that Judi Evans did, and had zero chemistry with most of her male costars. Then GL went off a cliff and made her their version of Sharon Newman, slutting around between breakdowns. Pairing her with Alan? ?
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Well, I wouldn't have put Parker, Jen, Aaron or Connor/Evan on the list. Paternity questions aren't the same as "lost" children. (the Connor/Evan thing baffles me, meeting new people qualifies as "lost"?) But it was hilarious that John kept meeting adults that he'd fathered throughout the 80's. And Jack was about the only adult male who never had a kid pop up on his doorstep---although I guess there was that baby WhackaJulia tried passing off as his. And I think that thing about Caleb and Ellie is completely off. I seem to remember that there was always talk about Emma's two kids who were off the farm and in Chicago.
  12. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Sigh....days gone by. Extras! Family members showing up! David! And those HUGE earrings the women are wearing!
  13. Yeah, I'm sure on paper, it sounded great. But part of the reason it doesn't work for me is just the fact Iva never looked like she could defend herself, let alone someone else. Maybe if she had simply flew at him, hitting him while his back was to her, then she'd have to explain to Lily why she'd attacked him like that---maybe that would've worked better for me.
  14. ATWT, Iva/Lily/Josh when Iva revealed Lily's parentage while threatening Josh with a pitchfork. It was soapy overkill, and not in the best of ways.
  15. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Sorry---I'm never going to believe that's all there is to the story re: Jake. (Although I don't recall spec that he was homophobic, and any spec like that about a 14 yr old is out of line. I do recall peeps thinking that at 14, he wasnt mature enough to handle the role, and given what we know about how that blew up, I'm glad he didnt have to deal with all that attention) That aside, I'm glad he's gone on and done well. I honestly wouldn't have even recognized him in Animal Kingdom if I hadn't seen his name in the credits. Re: Reid/ESS, yeah he was great. But all the Sturm and Drang over killing off a nine-month character was insulting. Personally, its not the way I would've done things, but plenty of shows ended killing off characters. GL had just ended with Alan's death. If someone had to die, I'd have had a few other nominees (oh, to put an end to Katie, Janet, Craig or Tom. JOY). And honestly, if it was between one of LuRe, I'd have picked the other half.