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  1. The big one I recall is Grant Aleksander returning to GL after John Bolger took over the role. Bolger didn't leave much of an impression on me---and every once in a while I catch old GL episodes with him in it, and he's just not Phillip. I guess GL pretty much agreed, I don't think they ever recast the role again when GA left.
  2. I think there's a fine line---Rattray was better suited for the version of Lily that she portrayed. I can't imagine Byrne pulling off that cold, controlling, Lucinda-like vibe Lily had when she first returned. And part of my problem with Byrne is I never felt she grew as an actress. Now, whether that was because Lily was forced to circle back to Holden time and time again, or simply because Byrne only has so much in her wheelhouse, I don't know. It's personal preference. Just like Scott Bryce will always be my Craig, or Melanie Smith the superior Emily. Re: the Spa. The actual "Spa" part, with the blue drinks and Larkin Malloy---yeah, not so much. But I get why Martha, Kelley and Maura enjoyed it. They got to step outside their characters a bit, and for Kelley and Maura, it was easier to lounge around in white fluffy robes while preggers. And afterwards, at least for a while, they got to play the friendship out. Neither Emily or Carly really had women friends on the show (outside of family). Lily neither, although Rose had Mitzi.
  3. Emma was sort of the flip side of Lisa. Lisa took in "bad" girls. Emma took in the "good" girls/runaways. Seriously, if there was one trope Marland ran into the ground, it was the "rich girl who finds herself" at the farm.
  4. Michael on GH. He needs a serious reset as well. "Quiet and methodical" just doesn't work for a Q by blood/Mob by upbringing Mover and Shaker.
  5. LOL...at one point, I could recite who found out about Aaron in order, and how much of the truth they actually got at the time. And I only remember the Aaron/Lucy angle here because it ended up impacting Carly/Jack. One wonders why Holden would've been surprised about Caleb having "anger issues". He always had them.
  6. That's not the way I remember it. Aaron ran away because he and Caleb had been butting heads. Then there was something about him having had an affair with a married woman (which Craig ambushed Lucy with to try and torpedo the relationship).
  7. I like Watros, but Nina isn't needed. So many male characters should be positioned to challenge (or check) Sonny, but of course....can't.....RME.
  8. And how much story/airtime they suck up. (and that's not even counting the sacred cows---this show is top heavy in deadweight...) Yep.
  9. Not lying---pee'd my pants a little.... LOL. And while I adore CarJack----what's sweeter is that Maura and Michael truly adore and support each other.
  10. Those are the Carmen Miranda of earrings. My guess is that's a little bit of Lisa leaking through Iva's normally subdued wardrobe.
  11. I thought the Lorraine Broderick era was better than advertised as well. Kathryn Hays got a moving anniversary episode, the church fire/Teague saga, etc. Some great casting--Danny Markel/David, Mikey Park, Peter Parros, Lauren B Martin---all great. There were also flaws, but they seem trivial in light of what passes for daytime now. There were some revolving personalities/characters (firing Danny Markel for Keith Coulouris? The Brad parade, Andy being so desperate over Denise, the frustrating, constant flux of the terms of Carly's trust), but Broderick knew how to build to a climax, and move characters towards growth. Sheffer simply kept his characters in vicious circles. Re Carly and Molly caring about each other----they did, but a lot of time early on, they simply intersected to catch each other up on their respective schemes. Each would offer the other sound advice, but they'd usually ignore it to further their own established agenda. They had each other's backs---it just wasn't always in a positive way. At least until they grew a little and got involved with good men.
  12. Yeah, it was infamous. Marland had a habit of "layering" a new character in. (It's annoying and brilliant all at the same time...) Darryl was a new client of Lucinda's, who happened to go to high school with Margo, and happened to randomly impregnate Barb while she and Hal were "on a break" and fell for Barb's half sister Frannie after his wife was murdered. The murder of Carolyn was drawn out because of a writer's strike, centered on four newbie characters and was one of the few times Marland switched horses mid-story, backtracking on Darryl as the murderer.
  13. It's been so long since I've watched an episode from that long ago---the scenes seem to stretch out forever! LOL. WTF? BabyEmily had the hots for Steve? And Iva lived off the Snyder Reservation?
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