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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. To be fair, I thought the short pixie she rocked every now and then flattered her best.
  2. Julie Poll's book doesn't list anyone other than Drew and Bruder playing Ellen.
  3. Yes. There was a brief period where Em was softened (with Hal), but otherwise she ran the gamut from evil to just abrasive with psychotic tendencies (at least while KMH played her. Meanie Smith's Emily was a troublemaker who repeatedly picked the wrong man. )
  4. Happy Anniversary. I miss ATWT so much....
  5. Today is Don Hastings birthday! Kinda awesome having an April Fool's b-day.
  6. It makes me a lot sad...along with the fact GH passed it in episodes last year, and DOOL will next.
  7. I know we analyze Marland to death, and that's a lot easier to do years after his tenure and when we know how it's played out....but at the time, when you're caught up in the story, yes, his ATWT was addicting.
  8. In Bob's defense, adult Chris was a maroon and written like an idiot who couldn't keep it in his pants. I do think Bob was clearly the tougher parent with Chris, but there were times Chris was irresponsible. And Kim did coddle him.
  9. Generally, I doubt they're speaking about his years as Tom. It's his years as GL's Buzz that wore on me.
  10. I believe Nancy's 80th birthday was in August of 98, when David sank the Valetta during his and Molly's wedding, faking his death.
  11. Five. Maura has one from her first marriage, and they have four together. Terri Columbino and Austin Peck Paul Leyden and Peyton List (dated while on ATWT) Mark Derwin and Beth Ehlers Beth Ehlers and RPG Grant Aleksander and his wife Sherri
  12. Lesli Kay Roger Howarth Marie Wilson Cady McClain Shawn Christian Christian LeBlanc Wally Kurth Jennifer Landon Brian Gaskill William deVry Kim Zimmer Colleen Dion
  13. Back to Meg Ryan....most actors on general have a shelf life. She had a few blockbusters, a few solid commercial success, and a LOT of poorly chosen and forgettable movies. Lord, that child was lucky anyone gave her another role after Armed and Dangerous. I don't blame her for feeling burned out by the end of her relationship with Quaid, but by then her career was already in a death spiral.
  14. My guess is that Broderick (with her AMC ties) was writing her version of young Erica Kane. And totally wrote Julia as the Mary Sue foil. I think by the end, they were setting up a sextet with Reid/Julia/Jack/Carly/Brad/Molly, but Kokotais left them in the lurch. They seemed to think Loprieno was a coup and retooled the character for some head-scratching reason. To Broderick's credit though, she was turning Carly around before she was fired. I was sad Kathleen didn't get to come back for the finale. I've never heard anything, but maybe she just didn't want to.
  15. I don't think Broderick "got" the vets and just "rebooted" them as she saw fit. '98 is really kind of a lost year, where nothing really worked, and most of what happened was just swept under the rug and rarely ever referred to again. JHC, it was thanks to her Carly married three men in fourteen months while lusting for Jack. Not to mention, the ever changing terms of that 50 million dollar trust. Eddie, Georgia, Alec Wallace, Brad and Delores....pretty much clunkers. Denise was offensive, and initially a '70's era stereotype. The Lucinda/James previous relationship made zero sense. Don't even get me started on "running from a Prince in a hat and glasses disguise" drip Julia Lindsey.
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