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  1. It's a little more common than you'd have thought. I know both Anthony Herrera and Jordan Clarke played two different characters on ATWT and GL, respectively.
  2. Yeah---defined relationships weren't their strong suit. Sort of like how Jack started out as Holden's second cousin---then quickly got an upgrade to first. I was surprised that they made Carly and Molly cousins. I'm not sure Molly would've been salvageable if Carly hadn't returned to town. Molly had crossed a line trying to kill Lily, and seemed destined to get the bum's rush.
  3. And Betsy was about the only connection left to the Stewarts at the time. Without Betsy as a direct tie to Emily, Em's reintroduction to Oakdale would've felt flat. Frost could've handled more and better story than she got. If there was a character who truly fell through the cracks under Marland, it was Betsy.
  4. Specifically, in the case of Steve and Betsy, not being "as iconic" as Luke and Laura is because of the short time they were together. Ryan left the role shortly after Steve and Betsy got married (and Jimmy wasn't quite accurate---yes, Betsy got amnesia, but she was also burned, requiring surgery, grew about five inches and emerged as Lindsay Frost) and then Runyeon left in '85, '86. They just weren't together as long. They didn't come back either. Now...if someone wanted to debate Reva & Josh vs Luke & Laura.... and I would totally agree, after with Luke&Laura and Y&R's emergence, there was a west coast bias, at least in the press. I always considered the west coast soaps more the "hair modelish" vs the real actors of the east coast. But I'm a CBS raised person, and my heart lies with the P&G soaps, for better or worse.
  5. No, he said he was dating another actress on the show. I'm guessing it didn't end so well, as he didn't name her. It's nice to see stories like that----I either didn't know or had forgotten that "he and Betsy wrote the song" on the show. I don't quite think he takes enough credit for the song itself---it's a beautiful ballad all on it's own. Yeah, I'm sure the timing of it made it a little bigger or a little more memorable, but it would've been a hit either way. And yes, Steve and Betsy were that popular. I don't think that under similar circumstances, they would have ever been as iconic as Luke and Laura. But they are arguably, ATWT's most iconic couple.
  6. No, what happened was he got stuck raising Lily's kids.
  7. Thanks! I'd completely forgotten that. And the fact there was another Tad. And thank goodness Marland didn't feel forced to turn every villain into a romantic lead. They'd get laid, but they were always skunks.
  8. He fell into wet cement and became entombed in a building foundation. Is that him with Sierra in one of those gifs?
  9. Yep. I think with a stronger actor playing Bryant, the Craig/Bryant dynamic could have played out over years.
  10. I'm too lazy to go back through the thread, but that doesn't even count Paul Leyden and Peyton List ---dated Lesli Kay and Keith Coularis --- married and divorced Cady McClain and Hunt Block --dated Cady McClain and Jon Lindstrom---married Maura West and Scott DeFrietas----married What freaked me out was finding out Kathryn Hays had briefly been married to Glenn Ford.
  11. Hogan Sheffer literally spent back to back summers having characters marooned on the same deserted island. The first summer, Lily and Simon were stranded there (while Rose took over Lily's life and no one realized the real Lily was missing) and the next, Katie went there. (I forget why, exactly...) Sheffer had a knack for recycling his own material. And considering he only lasted five years, is kind of pathetic. And didn't Passanante have rep for killing off legacy children? She killed off Bryant from ATWT, and Morgan from GH. Marland had a real knack for writing teen heroines. There was Laura from GH, Morgan from GL and Lily from ATWT. (And on ATWT, he loved writing the poor little rich girl who found "realness" living on a farm....)
  12. LOL...there aren't any "real" stories on GH. 🤣
  13. Bobbie fainted one day, leading to her diabetes diagnosis. After getting brushed off by Ava, and a pep talk from Franco (about finding love), Scotty (who knew about Bobbie's diagnosis) impulsively asked her to marry him. She turned him down (after he compared her/their relationship to an "old shoe") but seems open to at least dating him again.
  14. James Stenbeck----malice and evil personified. Roger Thorpe---how has he not been mentioned until now? Yes, he was cold and calculating, but there was always this anger bubbling under the surface, ready to snap at any moment. Stephanie Forrester Sheila Carter Vanessa Prentice Lucille Wexler Lilith McKechnie
  15. Obviously, no one's going to agree on a ranking, but to bring out classics like TEON, RH and GL....but include Dark Shadows and Santa Barbara and not have ATWT ? ATWT redefined the genre.
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