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  1. I wish I had seen the moment Kim and Lisa met. I think in general, Kim balanced Lisa's flightiness. And they had been friends long before Kim married Bob, otherwise, lord knows they probably wouldn't have been friends. Lisa and Barbara's friendship was just as unlikely, given that Barbara had dated and dumped Tom. It was pretty solid, other than when Barb lied about bedding Tom.
  2. ATWT... Kim and Lisa Lisa and Barbara Penny and Ellen (although this was before my time) GL Maureen and Vanessa Bridget and Kat Y&R Nikki and Katherine
  3. I must be the only person on the planet who is unimpressed by Lipton's acting. (the occasional singing he does it cute in a Shaun Cassidy/TeenBeat kind of way..) Every time he smiles, I cringe....and then I want to slap some connection to the material into him.
  4. Well, the short explanation is neither JJ or Daniel could've been Craig's secret son. I agree---it's assinine that Daniel never even had a personality beyond years of sleeping on people's shoulders in scenes. Parker, Faith, Hope and Daniel would've been an excellent teen quad, each one connected to core Oakdale families and miraculously unrelated to each other. (well, aside from marriages, and it took me a minute to think through whether or not Hope and Daniel were....lol) And miraculously born on screen within a year of each other.
  5. My sister got married 7/8 that year, and between helping with the wedding and work, I had zero time to be online. When I found out BH had died, I was floored. Agree with everyone that JF was good, but hardly irreplaceable. I guess McCouch was seen as a hot commodity at the time, but it's not like they couldn't have taken the time to find a good recast. I only remember Onsach and Ferrin as adult Jens...it's not like this isn't the show that had about 13 Toms through the years. ATWT didn't do a good job developing younger generations for probably the last 20 years of the
  6. Hal and Jennifer died the same year, 2006. Ben's last scenes dealt with Jennifer's death and funeral. Not that that makes it any less cruel.
  7. This may be the first time I've read of anyone praising Van Hansis' acting. Straight or gay, I doubt Lily's child would have been interesting (a problem that plagued many soap children of iconic characters---all of Reva's children were dull as dishwater)...and no doubt the vanilla writing played a part, but to me, Hansis lacked depth. (and I thought a lot of Luke stories were about his victimhood. He was kidnapped by those weird twins to impregnate the girl with the Grimaldi heir, or whatever; Noah's father was going to kill him; Lucinda's closeted husband; Damian trying to send him to a "ther
  8. I don't think it would've mattered who played Tonio---I think Marland purposely kept the character one-dimensional to facilitate story. He's really like a short-term character (like Philip Lombard, say) who just kept weaseling his way around town.
  9. Nope, not me. As a square white girl---I'd have to look that up in an urban dictionary. Re: LIz....I could understand if she had been exasperated with Marland writing her as the heavy, while Lily made her jump through hoops for her love after discovering the down-to-earth, poor and noble Snyders. Admittedly, I didn't listen to her comments, but the almost obsessive way Marland wrote the town of Oakdale worshipping Lily, might have grated Liz to no end. Not to mention some others.
  10. Ugh...Kirk and Ellie were a disaster. I never got it---and I doubt they would've been paired up if Scott Bryce had stuck around. Kirk was the only guy who was inherently interested in Iva from the jump. With every other guy she always seemed to be a second choice. I loved Kirk and Iva. I practically wore out a vcr replaying their scenes. Him following her into the Mona Lisa ladies room was hilarious.
  11. They haven't known to do with Julian since he nearly slit Alexis' throat. So, I wouldn't be surprised. But Rylan seems to be on the verge of story. Curious timing. I could easily think of about 10 characters who could go before her.
  12. I'm sorry----I wouldn't have hired Gaskill to play a dogcatcher in a bad Disney movie after seeing him as either Katie's stalker or Dylan Lewis. I understand the frustration with stunt casting, but that doesn't make the actors "flops"---they did the temp job they were hired to do. It's even hard to fault the parade actors B&B has gone through over the decades, when you already know Bell will lose interest in them after six weeks, no matter WHO they are. Michael Easton---Silas Clay/Ham Finn GH I do not understand GH's obsession with this dude. He's so low energy he makes pai
  13. I think the problem is that everyone has different definitions of what constitutes a significant or popular character is. By the time GL brought on Michael Burke (whose name I never would have recalled...) Mike Bauer had been absent for probably close to 15 years. And GL was already semi-recycling the name with Alan-Michael. I would agree that better writers will deliberately stay away from truly iconic show names. ATWT was never going to have another major character named Lisa (unless it was a granddaughter). But those that are truly iconic are few and far between.
  14. Early Reva/Josh felt a lot like Brick and Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
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