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  1. I don't think it would've mattered who played Tonio---I think Marland purposely kept the character one-dimensional to facilitate story. He's really like a short-term character (like Philip Lombard, say) who just kept weaseling his way around town.
  2. Nope, not me. As a square white girl---I'd have to look that up in an urban dictionary. Re: LIz....I could understand if she had been exasperated with Marland writing her as the heavy, while Lily made her jump through hoops for her love after discovering the down-to-earth, poor and noble Snyders. Admittedly, I didn't listen to her comments, but the almost obsessive way Marland wrote the town of Oakdale worshipping Lily, might have grated Liz to no end. Not to mention some others.
  3. Ugh...Kirk and Ellie were a disaster. I never got it---and I doubt they would've been paired up if Scott Bryce had stuck around. Kirk was the only guy who was inherently interested in Iva from the jump. With every other guy she always seemed to be a second choice. I loved Kirk and Iva. I practically wore out a vcr replaying their scenes. Him following her into the Mona Lisa ladies room was hilarious.
  4. They haven't known to do with Julian since he nearly slit Alexis' throat. So, I wouldn't be surprised. But Rylan seems to be on the verge of story. Curious timing. I could easily think of about 10 characters who could go before her.
  5. I'm sorry----I wouldn't have hired Gaskill to play a dogcatcher in a bad Disney movie after seeing him as either Katie's stalker or Dylan Lewis. I understand the frustration with stunt casting, but that doesn't make the actors "flops"---they did the temp job they were hired to do. It's even hard to fault the parade actors B&B has gone through over the decades, when you already know Bell will lose interest in them after six weeks, no matter WHO they are. Michael Easton---Silas Clay/Ham Finn GH I do not understand GH's obsession with this dude. He's so low energy he makes pai
  6. I think the problem is that everyone has different definitions of what constitutes a significant or popular character is. By the time GL brought on Michael Burke (whose name I never would have recalled...) Mike Bauer had been absent for probably close to 15 years. And GL was already semi-recycling the name with Alan-Michael. I would agree that better writers will deliberately stay away from truly iconic show names. ATWT was never going to have another major character named Lisa (unless it was a granddaughter). But those that are truly iconic are few and far between.
  7. Early Reva/Josh felt a lot like Brick and Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
  8. I seem to recall ED saying that by this time, HW would tire easily and could struggle with her lines. I just saw it was one of those "quiet" moments we can have around the holidays, remembering the past and those who aren't there.
  9. Obviously, most of the viewers are never going to understand the pressures HW's face in terms of volume and balancing a multitude of characters with issues that are beyond their control. Or even trying to walk the line between growth and keeping characters capable of stirring pots and creating the requisite drama. But Pissy seems particularly lacking in character progression, even if a story seems to be entirely created to showcase such. A character can still be a screwup, after making a mature decision . My biggest story beef with Pissy was Carly's tumor. Carly was legitimately
  10. I get your point, but Bob and Kim weren't a couple when she got pregnant. While Kim had at least one successful pairing with Dan (we could argue about Nick), Bob went through a string of not-so interesting women, or so I heard. Their friendship grew, granted, all through that time. But they really weren't what I would call a couple until like....'83? I do wish Carly and Jack would've "co-existed" more. Although I wouldn't really have ever wanted to see them stable or happy with anyone else.
  11. Well, notice I said CarJack rocked----not always the writing for them. It often felt to me like TPTB knew they could yank strings and have their fans root for them. And you're right----the story was mostly "Carly bad, Jack good....wash, rinse, repeat". I think CBS's emphasis on female-driven story devolved into this trope where the man was always right, and in some ways undercut their leading men. Both Josh and Jack got to the point where they looked like Puritans who ignored their mistakes and focused on correcting their woman. (Ironic when Josh started out as a horndog chasing anything in
  12. So...poor little Pissy "had her hands tied", and that's why her stories were repetitive and unmotivated? Really? Yes, Gwen and Will may have had to be front burner---but there was nothing to write for them other than becoming baby-obsessed at 20? It was important for Brad to come back younger than Jack---even though that completely contradicted what we'd seen play out on screen, and vastly changed Jack's backstory (if one thought about it....which of course, the show wouldn't have wanted us to do....)? Making it make a little sense is a low threshold, and Pissy rarely even made
  13. Considering ATWT's long history, I'm surprised I can't think of more examples. Josh impregnated both Iva and Meg, who are adoptive sisters.
  14. Reva also had a child with Josh and Billy's father H.B., though she lost that.
  15. If Diamont was still playing Brad, I'd have put him on my list.
  16. Somehow, I doubt it. I'm positive if you could dig up viewers' opinions from the 60's, you'd find the same kinds of complaints. The real difference is social media allowing fans to connect with each other, vs them sending their complaints directly to the studio or actor via fan mail.
  17. Well, in Paul's defense, I'm old enough to remember the young, slightly shady, disappointment to his father Paul. The one who was Victor's paid henchman, keeping an eye on his prisoner in the basement (Victor's first wife Julia'a lover---Nick the photographer, IIRC) and going undercover to clear his father of allegations of being a dirty cop (I think, it was a long time ago). I'd never claim that DD was in the echelon of the likes of Michael Zaslow et al....but he's better than the vacant hair models stereotypes. As for Scott Holmes, crc.....is he bland....or just bad? *
  18. God, Frank on GL owns this thread. Frank Dicopolous---hell of a nice guy, but was only briefly a leading man because he hit the lottery and Melina Kanakaredes was cast as Eleni. Otherwise, he would've forever been a footnote as Harley's brother. John McCook I'm wracking my brain for more, but it's really hard to separate poor acting leading men (like Josh Morrow, Steve Burton, Shawn Christian) from the merely bland.
  19. Personally, I don't think Y&R, B&B, or CBS in general value any former CBS/P&G actors, period. And even Y&R isn't interested in giving Jack (or any older character) a story with an age appropriate actor. They'd do round ten of Jack/Nikki because of "history" or Jack/Phyllis round 1089.... but if he goes chasing new vajayjay---it's going to be young.
  20. I think Sierra and Craig went back to her father's estate to try and find out more information about her mother. Because, of course, why not venture into a civil war on a random weekend?
  21. The big one I recall is Grant Aleksander returning to GL after John Bolger took over the role. Bolger didn't leave much of an impression on me---and every once in a while I catch old GL episodes with him in it, and he's just not Phillip. I guess GL pretty much agreed, I don't think they ever recast the role again when GA left.
  22. I think there's a fine line---Rattray was better suited for the version of Lily that she portrayed. I can't imagine Byrne pulling off that cold, controlling, Lucinda-like vibe Lily had when she first returned. And part of my problem with Byrne is I never felt she grew as an actress. Now, whether that was because Lily was forced to circle back to Holden time and time again, or simply because Byrne only has so much in her wheelhouse, I don't know. It's personal preference. Just like Scott Bryce will always be my Craig, or Melanie Smith the superior Emily. Re: the Spa. T
  23. Emma was sort of the flip side of Lisa. Lisa took in "bad" girls. Emma took in the "good" girls/runaways. Seriously, if there was one trope Marland ran into the ground, it was the "rich girl who finds herself" at the farm.
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