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  1. The way he tended to repeat his own stories. The first summer, Lily and Simon were stuck on an island. The next summer, it was Katie and Henry on the same island. (And I swear the summer after that, there was another "island" story...) Bringing back old characters with new personalities like Craig, Rosanna, Dusty (I'd add Brad, but that was Pissy). Writing every teen like an idiot. Giving stories that just weren't working a farce-like ending (Billy, Bonnie, Issac and Lisa (I think) spent like a month in Scotland in some bizarre excuse for a wrap up that included a dwarf and one of the Monkees, as I recall...) At the time, I remember there was a lot of bitching on various boards about Craig eating the f'in show. We counted---he was on 40 straight episodes at one point.
  2. Jack had a teenage crush on Molly, but it was not mutual, she only had eyes for Holden. "Previously unknown relatives" always get some kind of retcon. As time went on (and continuity was a thing of the past), Jack would sometimes go on about knowing teen Lily, when his intro to the show revolved around Lily (who was in jail at the time) not recognizing him.
  3. I don't blame Colleen for appreciating the opportunity to drive story. Barbara got stuck in a rut for at least five years before Hogan came aboard. Getting knocked up by 'ol Johnny Dixon wasn't exactly a barnburner. It's not even that I hated Sheffer's stuff. (How could I, when I got some awesome CarJack from him?) I just grew more and more frustrated by his choices.
  4. No, but even Martha is entitled to her rose-colored glasses. I think what Martha meant was that Hogan was behind the decision to make Rose a twin. (Stupid as that was-----RME...) Not that he created the entire story. I thought I heard that "honor" went to Goutman, who wanted a way to "utilize" Martha's "sense of humor"...… IMO, the only good moment in the entire story was Holden's reaction to Rose's true, nasal Jersey accent. I think Sheffer was more valuable as an attention getter. At least he tried breaking the image that ATWT was "your granny's soap." I don't think he really had any "new approach" to the craft. I always admired the scriptwriters more (with some exceptions...ugh, the name Lynn Martin still makes me cringe...) with keeping the characters unique and somewhat consistent.
  5. And God Bless Tom Casiello for his grateful attitude and shedding some light on HS's kindnesses----but I don't agree with a lot of his assessment of the writing in that period. His version of Craig Montgomery was an abomination.
  6. Feeling more than a little nostalgic for ATWT today. And at least with Holden I had a starting point. I wouldn't have a clue about searching out the others. Other than I doubt Luke got anywhere near a motorcycle on the show. Re: David Harbour/Shanks....he might have started as early as '97. They still had a fair amount of extras running around then.
  7. I thought maybe it was Holden's '97 return, which was on a motorcycle, but a quick scan of the 1-16-97 episode only has an "Entering Oakdale" sign. Maybe the first or last Alan-Michael? It sounds like something Carl T Evans might have done, or something Ellen Wheeler would have done in Peapack.
  8. Maybe two or three years? I know he was there in 2001 for Julia I's going crazy---not sure he was there in 2002 when Julia kidnapped and raped Jack.
  9. I don't think it's a bad concept, but given GH's usual half-assedness, it's impossible to care about it. The "memory flash drive" plot has always been a poorly executed and laughable afterthought. However, the entire "Franco mourns a child that isn't really his" story could have been a lot more poignant if they'd connect it to his feelings for Kiki. Instead, it felt like Franco was completely frozen out of that story, only to be thrown into "mourning" a kid no one really cared about. I don't care about Kim, and don't particularly even like TB's style---but the show also did her no favors handing her a dead kid story after Maura West just did one.
  10. One of the least necessary recasts in the history of soaps. I partially blame Goutman's obsession with the character of Rose. For all of Sheffer's talk about the male's lack of dicks....his version of Paul had none thanks to Rose.
  11. I guess I understand why it never happened while the shows were positioned better---the shows actually cared about continuity, the scheduling, and PITA-ness of it all....and the "crossover event" wasn't a thing yet. But YEAH, it would've been LIT to have any sort of interaction between the shows.
  12. Well, I meant the years both shows were taping in Manhattan ("later" being after the Mike Bauer GL/AW crossover in the '60's).
  13. And the P&G soaps had a long history of referencing the others---at least obliquely. For instance, road signs or travel destinations might have been "Bay City", "Oakdale" and "Springfield". (With occasional nods to Love of Life with Rosehill, Search for Tomorrow with Henderson or Edge of Night with Monticello...) I was always puzzled why ATWT and GL never in later years did any kind of crossover---especially when they were still taping in the same building. RE: the Y&R/ATWT crossover---wasn't there some kind of "see content online" hook to that story? I seem to recall something about that---I don't think Amber went over well on YR and they were trying to seem edgy with the story about Amber & Ali and how they met doing porn or something.
  14. Rick Hearst as Alan-Michael Spaulding. Carl T. Evans was a favorite of mine at the time, and I thought perfectly embodied the kind of angsty rebelliousness of someone sort of cast aside by his father and in the shadow of the favored son, Phillip. But Rick Hearst brought a fire to the role that elevated and defined A-M in the Spaulding family.
  15. It's a little more common than you'd have thought. I know both Anthony Herrera and Jordan Clarke played two different characters on ATWT and GL, respectively.
  16. Yeah---defined relationships weren't their strong suit. Sort of like how Jack started out as Holden's second cousin---then quickly got an upgrade to first. I was surprised that they made Carly and Molly cousins. I'm not sure Molly would've been salvageable if Carly hadn't returned to town. Molly had crossed a line trying to kill Lily, and seemed destined to get the bum's rush.
  17. And Betsy was about the only connection left to the Stewarts at the time. Without Betsy as a direct tie to Emily, Em's reintroduction to Oakdale would've felt flat. Frost could've handled more and better story than she got. If there was a character who truly fell through the cracks under Marland, it was Betsy.
  18. Specifically, in the case of Steve and Betsy, not being "as iconic" as Luke and Laura is because of the short time they were together. Ryan left the role shortly after Steve and Betsy got married (and Jimmy wasn't quite accurate---yes, Betsy got amnesia, but she was also burned, requiring surgery, grew about five inches and emerged as Lindsay Frost) and then Runyeon left in '85, '86. They just weren't together as long. They didn't come back either. Now...if someone wanted to debate Reva & Josh vs Luke & Laura.... and I would totally agree, after with Luke&Laura and Y&R's emergence, there was a west coast bias, at least in the press. I always considered the west coast soaps more the "hair modelish" vs the real actors of the east coast. But I'm a CBS raised person, and my heart lies with the P&G soaps, for better or worse.
  19. No, he said he was dating another actress on the show. I'm guessing it didn't end so well, as he didn't name her. It's nice to see stories like that----I either didn't know or had forgotten that "he and Betsy wrote the song" on the show. I don't quite think he takes enough credit for the song itself---it's a beautiful ballad all on it's own. Yeah, I'm sure the timing of it made it a little bigger or a little more memorable, but it would've been a hit either way. And yes, Steve and Betsy were that popular. I don't think that under similar circumstances, they would have ever been as iconic as Luke and Laura. But they are arguably, ATWT's most iconic couple.
  20. No, what happened was he got stuck raising Lily's kids.
  21. Thanks! I'd completely forgotten that. And the fact there was another Tad. And thank goodness Marland didn't feel forced to turn every villain into a romantic lead. They'd get laid, but they were always skunks.
  22. He fell into wet cement and became entombed in a building foundation. Is that him with Sierra in one of those gifs?
  23. Yep. I think with a stronger actor playing Bryant, the Craig/Bryant dynamic could have played out over years.
  24. I'm too lazy to go back through the thread, but that doesn't even count Paul Leyden and Peyton List ---dated Lesli Kay and Keith Coularis --- married and divorced Cady McClain and Hunt Block --dated Cady McClain and Jon Lindstrom---married Maura West and Scott DeFrietas----married What freaked me out was finding out Kathryn Hays had briefly been married to Glenn Ford.
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