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  1. Thanks! I'd completely forgotten that. And the fact there was another Tad. And thank goodness Marland didn't feel forced to turn every villain into a romantic lead. They'd get laid, but they were always skunks.
  2. He fell into wet cement and became entombed in a building foundation. Is that him with Sierra in one of those gifs?
  3. Yep. I think with a stronger actor playing Bryant, the Craig/Bryant dynamic could have played out over years.
  4. I'm too lazy to go back through the thread, but that doesn't even count Paul Leyden and Peyton List ---dated Lesli Kay and Keith Coularis --- married and divorced Cady McClain and Hunt Block --dated Cady McClain and Jon Lindstrom---married Maura West and Scott DeFrietas----married What freaked me out was finding out Kathryn Hays had briefly been married to Glenn Ford.
  5. Hogan Sheffer literally spent back to back summers having characters marooned on the same deserted island. The first summer, Lily and Simon were stranded there (while Rose took over Lily's life and no one realized the real Lily was missing) and the next, Katie went there. (I forget why, exactly...) Sheffer had a knack for recycling his own material. And considering he only lasted five years, is kind of pathetic. And didn't Passanante have rep for killing off legacy children? She killed off Bryant from ATWT, and Morgan from GH. Marland had a real knack for writing teen heroines. There was Laura from GH, Morgan from GL and Lily from ATWT. (And on ATWT, he loved writing the poor little rich girl who found "realness" living on a farm....)
  6. LOL...there aren't any "real" stories on GH. 🤣
  7. Bobbie fainted one day, leading to her diabetes diagnosis. After getting brushed off by Ava, and a pep talk from Franco (about finding love), Scotty (who knew about Bobbie's diagnosis) impulsively asked her to marry him. She turned him down (after he compared her/their relationship to an "old shoe") but seems open to at least dating him again.
  8. James Stenbeck----malice and evil personified. Roger Thorpe---how has he not been mentioned until now? Yes, he was cold and calculating, but there was always this anger bubbling under the surface, ready to snap at any moment. Stephanie Forrester Sheila Carter Vanessa Prentice Lucille Wexler Lilith McKechnie
  9. Obviously, no one's going to agree on a ranking, but to bring out classics like TEON, RH and GL....but include Dark Shadows and Santa Barbara and not have ATWT ? ATWT redefined the genre.
  10. I did too. I thought the entire last week struck just the right balance of nostalgia and reassurance that life goes on.
  11. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but she and Henry did have a big breakup. She pretended to be pregnant to get Henry back, and was screwing Casey on the side. Katie realized it and agreed to keep her mouth shut because she hated Barbara, but narc'd Vienna out shortly before she and Henry got married. Maybe her last scene was with Chris, but there'd been a fair amount of drama with Henry and Babs, as I recall. (I know Babs was making her wedding dress, a trope ATWT seemed to love to repeat with Carly.)
  12. I wouldn't doubt he was burning out---he'd been in the job 7+ years, and was famous for having his hand in it from the first script to the last. Not to mention, he was working a YEAR ahead in terms of outlines. IIRC, while he'd been continously writing since his acting days---ATWT was the longest he'd ever stuck at one show. And I'll throw it out there---could his "darker" tone have been influenced by the AIDS crisis? As a gay man in the entertainment industry, he had to have friends affected by it.
  13. Kathryn Hays Marie Masters Chris Bernau And I kinda doubt Eileen Fulton or Don Hastings were either. I was kind of surprised to find out that this was only Jon LIndstrom's second nomination.
  14. I didn't believe it either. I thought she was fine in the scenes I saw her in. The reason I remember her is because she had a scene with Maura. But she calls it a firing. https://michaelfairmantv.com/dear-johns-amanda-seyfried-talks-about-her-firing-from-atwt/2010/02/03/
  15. Those dates for Seyfried are wrong. She had a handful of episodes around Christmas 2000 before she was fired. List debuted in December, 2001, IIRC, because it was Lucy's appearance that ended any chance of Craig going with Carly to Paris (when MW's maternity leave kicked off the Spa Storyline). Glendening's tenure is technically correct, but only because she made a handful of appearances late in '10. Otherwise, Lucy had left sometime in '09. Not that i guess it matters----but ATWT didn't really have a direction for Lucy, which is sad, given that she was a legacy child. The casting is all over the place. While a lot of ATWT's recasting the last decade were a menagerie of WTF----two long term recasts have always stumped me. KMH as Emily and Scott Holmes as Tom. I don't care that both were by far the longest tenured actors to play the characters, I still don't get it. KMH lacked any genuine warmth that Melanie Smith had in the role. And after back to back good recasts of Tom in the '80's, Holmes was a return to the sort of old-before-his-time fuddy duddy Tom of the '70's. At times he seemed older than his father Bob.
  16. And before someone points out they could've recast if Loring was persona non grata----there's also the possibility that CBS didn't want two characters named "Cricket" on at the same time. By '85 or so, "Cricket Blair" was becoming a major character over on Y&R. From what I can tell, Cricket was gone by '83. Marland comes on in '85 and refocuses the show back to core families like the Hughes and Stewarts...while adding the Snyders, granted....I'm not sure why he's catching heat for not bringing back a minor character he didn't write for and was gone long before he got there. Vixens/troublemakers like Karen and Diana---at least I get why and how they could've furthered story.
  17. I think CBS didn't want to be associated with Loring the more notorious her life got. And honestly, Cricket wasn't a vital piece of ATWT history. Marland also liked using the idea of "out of town relatives" to cover vacations or maternity leaves.
  18. That's old school DRAMA for you, baby.
  19. No. I don't think either slept with Eddie. I think Katie tried and may have planted a condom to convince Georgia they had, and I think Eddie kissed Margo (and then Emily managed to convince Tom they slept together and Margo had gotten pregnant by him) but neither did. They made a HUGE deal of Katie being a Virgin when she slept with Simon (which was long after Eddie had left town). I don't think Lily and Sierra ever slept with the same guy. Although God knows ATWT came awfully close to Craig/Lily at the end. Unless Sierra slept with McCouch's Dusty, which I'm a little vague on. Carly and Gwen, ATWT. (And props to Jack for never dipping into Carly's gene pool. That's a rarity. Though he and Molly did once seriously dry hump once.)
  20. For quite a while, ATWT always celebrated Lily's August birthday (the entire town nearly shut down...RME) and Bob and Kim usually mentioned Frannie and Sabrina's Christmas Eve birthday. They were fairly consistent about Parker's NYE birth (even if it wasn't celebrated in later years much.)
  21. While I agree there's a squick factor, my objection was more based on the fact Jonathan only initially screwed Tammy to humiliate and ridicule her and punish Reva and Cassie (and I think at one point, Cassie even nearly screwed him herself for some reason). That gave it a "rapemance" vibe, where Tammy was continually excusing his behavior and rages because she "wuved" him so. And the cherry on the sundae was Jon then taking off with his and Lizzie's daughter, with the excuse that "those Spauldings" were going to raise his daughter "wrong". RME. Jon was a rageaholic [!@#$%^&*].
  22. Basically, Katie decided to make Mike jealous because he'd turned his attention to Jennifer (while TC was on maternity leave. ) Katie planned a wedding, hoping Mike would stop it. When he didnt, Henry's sincere vows to her convinced her to give him a chance. It didn't last long, as Jen was pregnant with Craig's child and Katie was determined to break them up. Speaking of Katie and relationships that shouldn't have happened....Jack and Katie. Jack acted like Katie was a friggin' saint, not a two timing whore who stabbed her friend Carly in the back out of pure jealousy.
  23. There are a plethora of couples I hated, but "the just shouldn't go there" award has to go to Ridge and Bridget, B&B. FCOL, he thought he was her FATHER for the first 7 years of her life.
  24. To be fair, I thought the short pixie she rocked every now and then flattered her best.
  25. Julie Poll's book doesn't list anyone other than Drew and Bruder playing Ellen.
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