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  1. Eduardo died the day they were married, if memory serves. But she did love him very much. Unlike Whit, when she stopped using McCall before his body was even cool. If the Earl Mitchell Center had still been being mentioned, maybe she would've returned to using that.
  2. I think so. Especially since Damian popped in and out of town that last decade. Somewhere along the way they dropped McCloskey as Nancy's last name though.
  3. I could understand Susan retaining Stewart---it was her professional name, and the era in which she divorced, women commonly kept their husband's surname. I know I wouldn't have known who "Susan Burke" was prior to her eighties return. And while it's a trifle odd that the show used Stewart for Alison, in essence, she was entitled to it, as Emily was her biological mother. Kim certainly never went back to Sullivan after her myriad of divorces and widowhoods.
  4. I've never even heard of anyone who described Bob as "unfeeling male obstinacy" walking. Although, this was the 60/70s, and I know around the same time he didn't want his wife Jennifer to resume her career.
  5. I won't disagree that Lily could've put more into her relationships with her own family---but other than Lucinda, her family wasn't stable. She found out about Sierra as a teen, and then she was off and married and spent long periods presumed dead. There was a while when Lucinda and John were married where they had Andy, Duke and Bianca in the house as well, but that dissolved with the marriage. I can't even recall her and Andy ever being very chummy, tbh. Lily was an attention vaccuum. She had the Snyders, Cal, Josh, whoever her boyfriend/lover was at the time, and eventually Rose. She was borderline narcissistic. But so was Lucinda.
  6. Yeah, as annoying as Lily was, I wouldn't go as far as saying she was "poverty touring" the Snyders. She was a spoiled, bratty but lonely child. She gravitated to them because of their family life, her attraction to Holden, and no doubt (at least at first) because it irritated her mother. And she did offer to help them financially. All of their rich friends did, at one time or another. Emma would time and time again refuse. I still recall, SMH, how Jarrod and Cal vied for Emma's affection by buying her new appliances. Which were returned, or eventually disappeared, and the older versions returned. Lily was an annoying twit, and if she were being written now, her breakdowns would've been treated a little more seriously.
  7. I believe she was Ariana Chase when she appeared on the show. I don't recall that much about Melinda, other than she was a trouble maker and died after falling off a boat into a lake and getting hit in the head by said boat. She just died and was rarely ever mentioned again.
  8. I don't recall her appearing after Holden and Lily's 1999 wedding, where the Snyders all tricked Molly and stuffed her in the closet. I don't recall her ever having a scene with Agim Kaba. I do remember Graham Winton coming back a time or two, but I thought they explained Julie's absence by saying she had cancer.
  9. I remember talk about them---but who is this supposed to be?
  10. I just can't see Ava/Nik working with TC in the role. I never saw TC as an engaging leading man. I have seen even the most wooden actors up their game with her (*coughMarkColliercough*)....but I can't see his Nik becoming emotionally connected to Ava. I do wonder where Ava's story would've gone if the Nik story hadn't fallen through. Would she have still drugged Morgan because she was over-involved in Kiki's life? Or would she have come back all about Nik? If there's no drugging, there's no fire, there's no Griffin (oh, if only....) and possibly no Ryan.
  11. I think the only preference of Maura's that comes through is her hair. Ava's style has gone through a couple of phases. At least they've switched it up from the all-black/black and white after Kiki died to include colors again. They've thankfully veered away from the animal print obsession they had. But mostly I think it's about budget constraints. A basic black fitted skirt is easy to dress up or dress down with a few different belts or different blouses and the occasional jacket.
  12. And in the end, what's the difference between setting scenes at a baby shower, at a restaurant or at the hospital? The fact that people would have to specifically interact with each other? Give me ten females throwing barbs, pissy looks, and trying to keep the cake from being destroyed over a bomb anyday.
  13. Because they don't expect Jason to take orders from a woman, especially one with zero mob cred. Her filling in while he's on the run is one thing. But with Jason in the picture, they expect divided loyalties from inside the organization. Like with the driver who sold out to the Novaks. In football, there's a saying---if you have two starting quarterbacks, you really have no starting quarterback. Everyone needs to know who's in charge and who they answer to.
  14. Honestly, I don't think I even realized Meg Ryan had "sneered" about her soap time until I started reading message boards, which was around the time Ryan was fading into the background of Hollywood. And I agree about her work. I've liked some of her movies, but not many, and she's basically used the same "quirky" energy she had on the show.
  15. Because the fans feel a personal connection to soap actors. However rightly or wrongly, you feel you "know" them. Intellectually, you may know that they're on Infotainment shows to promote their latest movie/book/show, but you want to make the "hey, yeah, I knew you when..." moment. We don't even know the names of the executives who make the decisions or denigrate us.
  16. They must have, Nikki was briefly recast with that Molly look-alike. I'm glad Jordana has fond memories of ATWT and specifically mentioned BH. The anniversary of his death is right around the corner.
  17. I had never really thought about Phillp and Lily's similarities. I wonder if Marland wrote both their parentage reveals?
  18. Fixated...or just simply the actress he wrote for the longest? Every show in the '80's had that teen ingenue---the one no boy could resist, who's parentage was a fucked up tangle, and seemed to eat the show. YR's Cricket, GL's Beth, DAYS Hope/Jennifer, and before Lily, on ATWT it was Betsy. And as Titan said, you can draw a straight line from GH's Laura, to GL's Morgan, to ATWT's Lily. Although Marland certainly didn't create the sweet ingenue trope, he certainly fine-tuned it. Not to say the focus wasn't suffocating, and certainly would've benefitted from a lot of come to Jesus moments (I don't think Iva ever even criticized her daughter), Marland certainly was writing for his audience. Philip could and did cross the line between right and wrong regularly. Maybe because he was a man, it was more acceptable to the audience.
  19. That is always what I've heard as well. It's not hard to believe that as meticulous as Marland was, he was already forming Carly in his head to be the foil to Rosanna.
  20. The Kim Delaney nod is ridiculous. She's barely been on, and has all the presence of a cardboard cutout of Demi Moore.
  21. One, I hadn't realized Costner was still alive, or had written a previous book. Hopefully Locher can get some good stories from him. But FCOL, couldn't he get the name of his ATWT character straight? It's Eduardo Grimaldi. Attention to detail counts.
  22. I wish I had seen the moment Kim and Lisa met. I think in general, Kim balanced Lisa's flightiness. And they had been friends long before Kim married Bob, otherwise, lord knows they probably wouldn't have been friends. Lisa and Barbara's friendship was just as unlikely, given that Barbara had dated and dumped Tom. It was pretty solid, other than when Barb lied about bedding Tom.
  23. ATWT... Kim and Lisa Lisa and Barbara Penny and Ellen (although this was before my time) GL Maureen and Vanessa Bridget and Kat Y&R Nikki and Katherine
  24. I must be the only person on the planet who is unimpressed by Lipton's acting. (the occasional singing he does it cute in a Shaun Cassidy/TeenBeat kind of way..) Every time he smiles, I cringe....and then I want to slap some connection to the material into him.
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