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  1. Apparently it goes back to her very first apprences and she stated on the talk that there are some clips that haven’t been shown since they aired, also heard there are some with JC AND KSJ.
  2. there are some clips of MTS episode tomorrow.... and wow. The nostalgia, the MUSIC! I read on Twitter they used over 30 classic scores. Ready to see this episode
  3. Many older cues used again in scenes tomorrow. Also a small tribute to KSJ. Hopefully he gets a bigger tribute in the future
  4. I hearing that Anthony Morina is liste as EP tomorrow and josh co EP
  5. Kristoffs last airdate is tomorrow and a tribute episode on Friday. I’m tearing up already
  6. Brad Hatfield gaye tolen Hatfield Rick krizman gary kuo
  7. Same here when I heard it. There is so much about the show that needs fixing. It even hearing old cues I felt it made everything seem so much better. I do think this will be on going because I noticed new composers in the closing credits today
  8. Nice hearing the older cues coming back
  9. Exactly she was close with the twins, and if my memory serves me correct didn't she have a storyline where so got too attached to them. And another thing how don't they know each if BOTH of their moms works at the same damn place. Ugh, i love this show to death but some [!@#$%^&*] with the writing your just can't ignore
  10. I have to give it to Bryton he did a pretty good job with his scenes with Neil yesterday. They need to just wrap this story along with others up ASAP. On a SN: can Somone tell me some of the sweep stories Billl bell wrote and what a typical sweep month was like. I was a little to young to remember.
  11. Yeah true at this point lets just get through this story as quick as possible. It is seriously time for HW change and I cannot get any worse than this. I guess it would a "twist" of some sort of sage is on all this. Maybe she wants revenge because correct me if I'm wrong didn't he real Gabriel's father commit Suicide because of victor taking his business. Since she was in love with have maybe she looked at him as father too and with family Gabriel dying because of saving Adam she wants revenge how she can get it.
  12. Question for you guys since we know the baby switch is gonna happen what you do to the story to actually make it good?
  13. In my Opinion today's show was the best out of all this mess. Thank you Paul for growing balls when it came to Chris. Also you know it's something to be said when I felt JM's acting over KS, that woman just does not do it for me. I mean it's supposed to be a sad occasion but she didn't reel me in at all. Nice touch on history with eve. And it is so obvious where this baby story is going my only question is why is this doctor doing all this
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