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  1. And if ANYONE has that epic Ashly and Jill scene when she finds out about blade and rick
  2. I noticed the set too. Wonder if it will be used again soon, and by whom
  3. He said the writer almost knew verbatim what he would say, I honestly find most of the dialogue more their words than scripted. All in all watching all them show that real raw emotion just tore my heart up. Shemar BROUGHT it,
  4. Yes I’m glad he is at peace but these episodes will be tough. And you can tell even though they are “acting” this is real raw emotion we see seeing.
  5. Wow just wow. After loosing both of my parents this hits me a different way. And plus KJS was just everything and you can tell by the emotion. With the Actors. These episodes will be tough
  6. So I have been reading on Twitter that the Newman office is returning and also some other missing sets. Anyone heard this?
  7. Apparently it goes back to her very first apprences and she stated on the talk that there are some clips that haven’t been shown since they aired, also heard there are some with JC AND KSJ.
  8. there are some clips of MTS episode tomorrow.... and wow. The nostalgia, the MUSIC! I read on Twitter they used over 30 classic scores. Ready to see this episode
  9. Many older cues used again in scenes tomorrow. Also a small tribute to KSJ. Hopefully he gets a bigger tribute in the future
  10. I hearing that Anthony Morina is liste as EP tomorrow and josh co EP
  11. Kristoffs last airdate is tomorrow and a tribute episode on Friday. I’m tearing up already
  12. Brad Hatfield gaye tolen Hatfield Rick krizman gary kuo
  13. Same here when I heard it. There is so much about the show that needs fixing. It even hearing old cues I felt it made everything seem so much better. I do think this will be on going because I noticed new composers in the closing credits today
  14. Nice hearing the older cues coming back
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