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  1. Andy just confirmed the RHOA reunion will be done virtually!
  2. They actually brought it up on screen Adam is the only person Nick forever holds a grudge against, he forgives everyone else seeing as in the past few years, the other two women he reunited with had previously kidnapped his Kids!
  3. About a month or more ago, Andy stated on RA that the Housewives franchise is the only franchise on Bravo that he overseas and produces!
  4. Basically, people tuned out cuz of Trump airing in place of YR lol! But congrats to BB!
  5. I always said Nene is a bully and got bashed by the same who are now calling her a bully, BTW, Kenya is a bully! And GMAB with fanfic bout LVP, who is no better than Rinna, Vile, or Yolanda, cept LVP did a Adrienne and punked out, and please don't go with "she lost a loved one", pretty sure Rinna and Davidson got raked by her during a reunion after they lost loved ones. LVP, who holds a grudge like nobody, has never liked to be called out for her bts ish, and even when she could've called out Dorit, she bowed out cuz she knew she effed up!
  6. Meanwhile, the last couple of days, DG has been posting Lane scenes on his IG story...….STILL!
  7. SID Billy and Lily go into business together "Billy and Lily both see an opportunity to run chancellor Communications as a fresh Start"-Josh Griffith Billy and Lily talks about their different working styles and also them trying to not let personal drama get in the way of them running Chancellor Industries. SOD Billy and Lilly Clash Billy and Lily try melding their different versions for their new company
  8. So what was Mac doin? I was under the impression Mac came on after Steve died, and Iris followed him to BC! What was the order of Mac and Iris's arrival and why?
  9. rlj

    Soap Vet Dies

    Awe damn, so sad! Loved him as Joe Novak and Robert Bar!
  10. I think NJ can survive without Tre, like all the other franchises survived without their stalwarts, Tre knows this, hence y shes intimidated by Margaret! Anyway
  11. 😎I am liking the show, JG seems to be unburdened since Anjelica got fired. Interesting how YR & BB are always deemed boring, repetitive, and unwatchable, yet the latter can go months without a new discussion thread by the same supposed non watchers, just sayin! No shade against the of of this thread!
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