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  1. Per SOD Summer tells Kyle she's going to Philadelphia to surprise Billy. Summer tells Kyle her plan to seduce Billy Kyle questions Summer about her feelings for Billy. Summer is upset when Kyle asks if she's doing this because she's angry with Phyllis. Kyle warns her .. doing this could ruin her relationship with Phyllis. Kyle tells Phyllis what Summer is up to. Little does Kyle know .. telling Phyllis has made things worse. Jack tries to persuade Nick to buy the leasing company that Jabot is using for Jaboutiques. Nick's not interested & says that's something Victor would do. Jack tells him it would give him leverage over Billy. Unbeknownst to Jack .. Nick has already acquired the leasing company. At the GCAC .. Nick tells Billy he'd like to bury the hatchet. Billy's caught off guard. Nick shocks Billy .. when he tells him he now owns the leasing company & will be raising the rent. Mal Young says: In the fall .. Billy & Nick's rivalry will spin out of control & everything will come crashing down.
  2. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yes he did, quite a few times, the day of or after he broke up with one, he proposed to the other. Ridge wasn't a cheater but bounce from one to the other he did
  3. Mal writing to get folks to care? U got jokes lol I heard JV screentested with SC and AH!
  4. LOL, love the promo I don't think Summer is going anywhere, she just got added to the openings and a bumper with Phick, she makes a confession the week after, I presume to her Grandpa lol
  5. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    OMG "Bobbi Kristina" LMAO!
  6. JV says Rey is a good guy with many layers, his 1st scenes r with Niktor and Nick I gotta feeling Summers video set up will lead to nxt wks spoiler bout Summer making a shocking discovery ?
  7. Most Vicious Fandom Wars

    Jovan vs Jolie was bad, but the Evangeline 3 way battle was vicious, and add A LOT of racism all around!
  8. Throw ALL the newbies at SC, uh besides SB or SPF, who? LOL at JM not liking Shick, no duh!
  9. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Loved these past couple of shows, great to see all of Phyllis's mens fightin for and over her, imma enjoy it while it lasts
  10. ᗪᴀᴠᴇ ᗷ. ??‏ @_DaveBedford Follow Follow @_DaveBedford More "Spoilers" for DOWN the road: Crystal is returning to the show, and Jordi is playing Rey, a Arturo’s older brother, and a cop that’s helping Tessa and Crystal. Jordi was hired as a potential love interest for Sharon Case because Joshua refuses to do #Shick again. #YR
  11. Ooooh, more Phick