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  1. rlj

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Phyl was at Mia's when the fire started, she was with Nick and Billy when Nikki found those clothes in her bed Phyl is tryin to keep Nikki calm, not sure the poker and putting JTs clothes in her bed does that, btw the cops don't even know bout those 2 things so it can't even be applied to framing Victor Kinda obvious who it is lol
  2. rlj

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Seems weird Berjer played Patricia Bruders Mom!
  3. Given the firing of Moonves, wouldn't be surprised if true lol
  4. I stand corrected, just saw DGs tweet with JT, there is def a V ane/Villy thang on the way And CK taped these past couple of weeks as well
  5. There is no Vane coming!
  6. Christmas spoilers: - Nikki's family & friends pray for a holiday miracle as her life hangs in the balance. - Sharon keeps the Christmas spirit alive when she throws a holiday party. Billy and Victoria Newman explore their chemistry by creating the perfect family Christmas. - A mystery figure visits Genoa City and it’s not Santa Claus!
  7. So when YOU mention something, than YOU care a whole lot, good to know. He was asked a question and answered lol Interesting, he didn't end the unblock spree to receive the likes of Nicks repairing with Sharon 😎
  8. I read the NYT, piece, wonder if Morrow met with the Head of Sony too. Damn Morrow must really hate working with Case, an admitted die hard Shick fan😎 . Jillian‏ @jillianbowe Following Following @jillianbowe More Jillian Retweeted Elie Talk about what? I saw in the actual article and not this bad hit job. He didn't "GET" anything. The answer is right in front of viewers faces if they REALLY thought about it. #GotThat? 🎄‏ @SourceRyan Following Following @SourceRyan More Incredibly reckless to imply Joshua Morrow was a beneficiary of special treatment re: this latest NYT Les Moonves exposé. Showbiz 411 saying he was “at best a supporting player” on Y&R before this summer is false and done as a weak talking point to this scandal. 🎄‏ @SourceRyan Following Following @SourceRyan More Joshua Morrow has been front and center numerous times, with stories that have resulted in new sets on numerous occasions. That paragraph was blatant and transparent. Completely ignoring new writers wanting a new take for a 2 decade long character. #YR ryan. 🎄‏ @SourceRyan Following Following @SourceRyan More Nick Newman is a whole ass trashbox, a literal slut from the 90s, but that doesn’t means it’s okay to try to smear Joshua Morrow to fit an agenda for hits. I hope y’all get sued tbh. #YR
  9. I am pretty sure, he and TPTB knew there would be major backslash when in a matter of weeks they imploded two big fanbases, Morrow had said as much in Oct.. lol Like Morrow stated in a recent interview, he don't care bout the hate on social media or from the fans, hd is having a great time in his new story 😎
  10. rlj

    Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    LVP is on the Talk right now, says she is in most of s9 and she ain't sure she is returning for s10
  11. Uh 😎 I'm scared and woke lol
  12. 11/5 spoilers Jack makes a bold move Rey makes a shocking announcement Billy commiserates with Sharon Nick reconnects with Phyllis
  13. Some early Nov Sweeps spoilers from SOD Jack gets a new LI Likey gets a story with a 3rd party Sharon and Billy bonding and more Sharon and Rey coming Phyllis and Nick come together a la Mr and Mrs Smith Someone is after Jabot