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  1. Y&R promo week of Feb 19 2018

    OMG, the irony of Sharon in a oma as Phyllis learns and will reveal another paternity issue is divine. Nick will learn bout Christian n two weeks
  2. Y&R: Actor Out

    Bye Noah, hello Summer!
  3. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Uh, no, you made this bout fan base wars or whatever ur Ill informed reply bout my sig was about, I was originally talking bout storylines present and possibly future! Peace out Punk!
  4. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Yup, poked! FWIW, I will edit my sig when he presently says the same bout Sharon Case
  5. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Per usual another personal bash cause I said something against Sharon Soapsuds likes anyone with Will except Sonny, but again that's for the Days thread
  6. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    I give two ish whether peeps here like the couples/triangles I like, never have I haven't discarded Chelsea, see my post pages back, loving Chick and Phick but she is leaving Its embarrassing u presume to think I liked any pairing Nick had sans Sharon (and so what if I did, this aint a Sharon FF MB) and don't know said pairings I mentioned, Bish please lol Stay poked
  7. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Hmm, hypocrite given ur everyone but Sonny, oqoops wrong thread! I love how I one post gets de Sharon FF all mad , too funny!
  8. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Hence y ur reply was ill equipped !
  9. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Awe, my Avi changed months ago and love my sig thanks, wasn't a Navery or Niane fan; come correct next time k
  10. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Being Bipolar doesn't mean U R NOT in your right state of mind legally, both Phyllis AND Sharon knew right from wrong when committing their crimes and losing their kids, only one has taken TWO of Nicks "kids" from him lol
  11. And YES Abby has an Alter! Any guesses to the Alters name, kinda obvious?
  12. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Nah, Nick will be busy probably fighting Victor for custody, (no BabyNappers plse) and nuSummer, who is a miniPhyllis
  13. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    I am just so pleased at Sharon's (aka Gina Roma) lack of presence in this story that technically she should be driving given its outcome, but it looks like Phyllis will ONCE AGAIN solve another Nick "paternity" issue. She is 3 for 4!
  14. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Damn Sharon really? I think she did that on purpose lol!