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  1. Eileen Davidson & Nicholas Walker dated Sandy & John Gabriel AMC&RH respectively Paul M. valley dated Christine Tucci, Chris Bruno dated Alicia Copola, Chris Rich married Nancy Frangione , Thomas Ian Griffith married Mary P. Keller AW Charles Flohe dated Lori Loughlin, and I think married Kim Delaney Weren't Randell Edwards and Roscoe Born married?
  2. Wonder if there gonna show Paul raping Chris, or the episode with Paul's naked butt😎
  3. Next week is being billed as Daytime Emmy Winning Performers Week
  4. http://tvmegasite.net/transcripts/yr/older/2006/yr-trans-10-13-06.shtml
  5. Oh I LOVE Ryan, and Ashley, thought it was just Coryon, now I will listen 😎
  6. Yeah, not a fan of Coryon from TVSource, Ill wait till others speak 😐
  7. Its a repsat eppy with Garcele & Doris doin commentary!
  8. Seems like s bs excuse for her to not say ANYTHING 😐
  9. Black Twitter is not happy with LVPs silence!
  10. rlj

    Vanderpump Rules

    Black Twitter is not happy with LVPs silence! Whos Max, cuz apparently he too has said racist stuff?
  11. BH I never bought the HWs were bffs last season, I just thought they had a common goal to get rid of LVP (more power to em) and then they'd turn on each other! I'm confused, why does Denise NOW care bout what her Kids see and hear from the show, basically last season all she did was talk bout her mans penis?
  12. It was a 3 way tug of war, Crave/Tangeline/Jovan, known as the Van Wars on ABC mbs
  13. Isn't Sadie worst than Mamie? Tyrone the Pimp The firing of Renee Goldsberry IMHO, the missed opportunity of Marshall/Felicia, AlanMichael/Gilly, and Trucker/Angie pairings respectively And don't get me started on the Jessica/Duncan/Shannon triangle and the bts Emmy bs!
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