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  1. LMAO 😎 Pretty sure this is Sharon dreaming, but JG is writing Sharon the same he did b4, obsessed with Adam (b4 he made her wacky for Nick
  2. Next week Adam tells Nick and Vicki he will leave town peacefully if he gets Christian, they find Chelsea and Connor, and give him a going away present of 500mil Also on 5/30, Adam searches for Chloe
  3. Per SID Nikki and Victor will unite like never before to deal with a major challenge Devon tries to deal with the loss of his Dad and Wife, Elena is a source of comfort, will Hiliarys spirit trap Devon in the past or propel him forward Lilys presence will be seen in a new way, as people question their relationship, is there fire where there's smoke for Cane and Traci Lauren and Michael will be tested by her growing attachment to Jack, and his dormant dark side emerging as he dea lol s with a precarious situation Adams return will complicate Rey and Sharon in a major way. Rey gets the upper hand when he is hired to dig into Adams Vegas past and hits pay dirt Ashley and Jack reunite to take on an outside force that threatens their Dad's legacy re Jabot Kyle and Lola continue their love story, despite rough patches as the cohabitate, and from Summer, who finds new romance with Theo, but is it desire or to make Kyle jealous On a business note, Phyllis will rattle cages and in a position of power as she finds herself forming a new business alliance
  4. Eva and red haired Michelle are on set 😎
  5. Also GT says Phyllis and Adam will have a lot to discuss in the next few weeks! While I can kinda agree, let's not not forget Adam kidnapped his brothers child and accidently killed his daughters step daughter, and framed Newmans for murder, much like Sharon can selectively STILL call out Phyllis for adultery 15 years after the fact, Nick and Vicki can STILL have legitimate issues with Adam sans Daddy
  6. The Mustache has spoken 😎. I take it she is on set!
  7. Tomorrow is Mia and Arturro's last day
  8. What happened to his jaw/cheeks, he WAS a good looking gur?
  9. Betcha she will mix it up with Jack! Love LaRue No doubt she wouldn't have been cast if Moonves was still in charge
  10. Well damn, the days of Nrils death playing out onscreen, are the lowest dats ratings wise of the week
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