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  1. Josh Griffith says - "There will be profound emotional ramifications across the canvas. This will have a huge ramification for Mariah. It will also pull Nick in and create a surprising bond between him and Rey sort of an inter-family friendship will develop between the two of them as they’re helping Sharon deal with this. And it will branch out into her work world, into the Newmans. Nikki will be involved. As the news gets out, the shockwaves and then the support will be to the point of even changing the way Sharon’s arch-nemesis, Phyllis, views and thinks about her.” Nick gives his friendship, love & support for Sharon & their children. There will not be any issues between Nick & Rey. Nick & Rey will work together to help Sharon. Josh Griffith says - Sharon cancer storyline will unfold in "real time" & Sharon will still be fighting it in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  2. Bad girl becoming Perils of Paulina happened with Rachel, Erica, Nola, Lisa and Nikki/Lauren in the 80s
  3. Sharon was not a good girl, she got raped but like Karen from OLTL and Nikki who got raped, not a good girl. She poked a hole in a condom to get preggers, just sayin!
  4. I highly doubt anyone is staying home in 2020, given what happened Ines in 5018 and the last 3 special elections that Trump campaigned for (don't let the Dems Impeach me) in Trump Districts and lost, just sayin!
  5. rlj

    Married to Medicine

    Contessa aint goin nowhere, forgot she is the architect of the LA version, and I like her too lol
  6. I see Soapdom took liberties with the actual 2020 previews lol!
  7. I was literally team Vicki, until part 3 and now I hope she never returns! Byeeeeeee!
  8. If true, Peeps must not remember how JG wrote Sharon's last health story, clearly TPTB don't know what to do with Sharon Case as she is hardly on screen, js! I hearing on the DC podcast it was reported that Griffith aint going nowhere! Kent is atanding with JG, so those supposed interviews might be for a CO HW!
  9. JG is writing MSs Phyllis the same way they wrote GTs Phyllis in her last months before she got fired I prefer this Phyllis than the boring way he wrote her the last time. Morina/Griffith never said they had big plans or wanted to do something different with MS/Phyllis, just that they wanted the OG back. I don't want Phyllis to be the center of the, too much Phyllis not good IMHO. Could she be written better, yes, but so could a majority of the characters on the show! ETA 19 yrs ago, Phyllis returned, single and ready to mingle, then got thrown into the GBJ kids storyline, didn't find romance until almost a year into her return.
  10. MS is a single Mom of 2, I'm sure as long as she is getting paid de big bucks, she good, where is SC, AH, or MMs clout as JG clearly doesn't know what to do with them either!
  11. You forgot Pats relationship with the Buchanan Bros respectively, and her crazy twin sister Maggie! Also for a short time Dorian and Pat were rivals over Clint!
  12. You can rest assure if there was a goodbye party, DG would've posted, he is still posting Lane stuff , and messages from Laners on IG lol
  13. Say what now 😮. TWICE , he publically snubbed TPTB and tanked two expected pairings and with great arrogance, thought he would continue onward, bridges already burned. He quietly sat by and watched his mobilized Laners bash BM Kinds explains why we so far aint heard ish from his co stars or seen pics of a goodbye party!
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