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  1. My spec, Sally will turn out to be Phyllis's bio daughter!
  2. So you don't watch the Bold and the Beautiful?
  3. Thanks, loving the 1991 1100s episodes I downloaded them, but if seems when I open 1121 thru 1129 I get the below on my screen "Missing codec This item was encoded in a format that's not supported*
  4. Uh Sally arrived on canvas wanting Summers position at Fenmores. Egged on by Theo, she sought info for blackmail which led Summer to seek info to counter, hence y Lauren told them to get over it, Sally started the rivalry, helps if ya watch the show!
  5. (1) Desylva (TeamShadam)(TeamAdam) on Twitter: "#DaytimeEmmys Entertainment Tonight just revealed the nominees for two categories..... Lead Actress in a Drama series And Talk Show Host Here are the nominees https://t.co/Um7hzrx46j" / Twitter
  6. There's also been ZERO scenes between Summer and nu Faith, Faith had ZERO scenes with her sisters during her drunk driving sl. Jack and Billy haven't had scenes in mos, basically the same with Nick and Vicki, it seems there in shifting bubbles cuz of Vid19
  7. Ain't no one backing down on RHONJ, I LOVE it! I hear they are ALL back next season, which starts taping soon, and there's a new AA HW added to the cast, Akeesha Colon (spelling could be off) My apologies if this was already revealed!
  8. My bad, if its been posted already, there were 2 other Andrade kids, Gabrielle and Olivia!
  9. Maybe Sable Colby re Stephanie
  10. Well, we are getting ANOTHER stand alone eppy, and you know who it is about
  11. Where are the new episodes at, 'cause I don't see them in the vault. is there a new location?
  12. I love Phyllis, she is def a Psycho lol Phyllis has admitted and been called out for being worse than Sally when she 1st came to GC. Its Phyllis, if she perceives a real or not so real threat to her child, she's going after them, hello Amber, Luca, Deacon (yeah I know, dumpster sex lol) Chloe, Victor and Michael attempted murder, Kay killed Phillip, Adam killed Hightower, and burned a fetus, its a large elite group of Psychos
  13. (1) OMFGRealityTV on Twitter: "Whitney was on Instagram live with Heather and Jen. You can clearly see they are filming together. #RHOSLC https://t.co/ieQSXNwoAv" / Twitter
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