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  1. I am all for taking down LVP, her passive aggressive is tiring, just call out Dorit, and that was bs with Erica, but how is Dorit the victim?
  2. Kin Shriner Genie Francis Robin Mattson Hillary Bailey Smith Daniel Cosgrove Andrea Evans Stephen Nicholls Beverlee McKinsey Kim Zimmer Mark Pinter Ric Hesrst Marcy Walker Amelia Marshal John Bolger
  3. Nadia Theme was also used in 2011 when Phyllis lost her baby and 2015 when Christian was born Also noticed on todays eppy, the music in the Phyllis and Nick scenes is the same music they used for them 12 years ago
  4. Damn, LVP got demoted in the opening lol, ❤her tagline tho!
  5. SOD During a passionate moment with Rey, Mia calls out Arturo's name Rey is pissed off, He grabs his clothes and storms out Rey goes straight to Sharon's house Rey informs Sharon that his marriage is over and he wants a life with her Rey & Sharon have a long talk and say "I love you " to each other Sharon is doing her taxes so she has bills all over the place Rey has even to move some papers off the couch so he can sit down Rey sees her cell phone bill Rey notices a call Sharon made to 911 on the night J.T disappeared Rey's stomach drops and he asks Sharon why she made that call
  6. Sigh, from what I am hearing, no Chelsea on the horizon, so its imaginable. Mia not long for this world 😎
  7. I knew that screentest was for Adam and no plans for a Chelsea return Nelson Branco‏Verified account @nelliebranco Following Following @nelliebranco More Not sure why everyone is giving credit to Josh Griffith for bringing back Adam on YR. That was Mal’s next big story. However, nuances will be redacted from this tweet.
  8. Nah, it's Adam, I said what I said 😎
  9. This is a basic JG script for Adam and Sharon 😎
  10. Per SOD Summer returns and teams up with Fen to break up Kyle and Lola Ana has a big secret soon to come out As the mystery person continues their mission to destroy the Newmans, Nick will have an issue with his Ex Wives when their part in JTs murder is revealed Phyllis and Nick will have to deal with her hatred for Victor while maintaining their relationship Mia is torn between the Ro was ales bros, a new person comes between Abby and Arturro Cane will fight for his marriage
  11. Phyl was at Mia's when the fire started, she was with Nick and Billy when Nikki found those clothes in her bed Phyl is tryin to keep Nikki calm, not sure the poker and putting JTs clothes in her bed does that, btw the cops don't even know bout those 2 things so it can't even be applied to framing Victor Kinda obvious who it is lol
  12. Seems weird Berjer played Patricia Bruders Mom!
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