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  1. NJ Tre had to apologize to a Young woman for calling her Mom a prostitution whore in front of her, I'm Team Jackie
  2. He said he was given his taping schedule not scripts, and he didn't say they had been fired but they will be fired, just clarifying
  3. Yes His last scenes already aired in Canada on Friday
  4. Friday nite, he sent out a FB post asking for recommendations on someone to help him make audition tapes, Soap Twitter was just waiting for confirmation lol
  5. Jack hasn't been paired with Nikki for over a decade I think, when he was in a wheelchair. His last pairing was with Phyllis (MS & GT), starting in 2013 til 2016, and then the Young AA a few years ago!
  6. Wrong husband, it was Joe not Clint!
  7. Does anyone know the dates or episodes # for og Bridges weddings in the vault if available? Thanks, and thanks to all for the vault, it's great
  8. JW also was living with his GF too lol KT was HORRIBLE as Mary, I liked Carney! I thought it was always known Jill was adopted
  9. Lily cheated on Cane with Leslie's brother!
  10. That Kipling story involved, Cassie, Rob, Joy, Dan, and random chick I don't member lol, and Jon Hensley I don't recall Brad and Delilah ever dating or having sex, just good friends!
  11. I would add Deborah Goodrich (Silver) too!
  12. I agree, Karen could be right bout Gizelle and still be a big hypocrite at the same time! And Karen reminded all the girls during the 1st season ALL THE TIME of her title re Potomac, and used it to bash the other woman, so go ahead Wendy with your 4 degrees!
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