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  1. Andy previewed on RA, that Kyle will be at Bravo Con, she is part of a OG HW panel he is moderating, he didn't mention LVP, not re VPR or on the list of former HWs
  2. He wont be long for this show 😎WOW, just saw that!
  3. https://tvline.com/2019/11/12/days-of-our-lives-cancelled-cast-fired-season-56/ Bye Days, no spin needed! Ignore the spoiler tag
  4. Lordy, have yall seen this dudes social media? Peeps are puting his ish on blast😎
  5. This is a spoiler thread, no need for a spoiler thing, thanks for the spoiler
  6. Yeah but the spoiler says he returns WITH unsettling news, not returns TO unsettling news, so we shall see!
  7. Y would Devon return to town with that news, Amanda is in GC
  8. The previous actor who portrayed him is John Driscoll, who is in his late 30s
  9. Bout damn time, prolly a new LI for Abby or Phyllis!
  10. Bye, Thomas! Looking forward to a "dead" Thomas haunting Hope Spoilers for week after next says Hope, gets Douglas, and she feels guilty bout what went down with Thomas Also Todd McKee is back this week and next
  11. IMO DG would be all over social media with pics of him and the cast/crew, milking his departure lol. cast members don't wait to say goodbye or send fond wishes to a departing cast member til his or her last day, specially if the actor has already mad Ed it public, just saying
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