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  1. Again, never said it did, and already agreed with you on the underlined!
  2. Listen to the podcast, maintain my stance on the timeline MM being a hardcore MS Stan was lovely to hear, and the gushing too 😎 ETA. She seemed pretty final bout Hiliary, don't get the impression Amanda leads to Hiliary...…...for now lol
  3. Next week: Nick plans to prove Adam killed Victor by giving him too much medication.
  4. A character like Hiliary is never CONFINED to one story, and I don't think Amanda will be, she's a Lawyer!
  5. That Twitter account (formerly CBSRocks) does not hive out accurate spoilers, just obvious ones that if don't happen, can be explained away with a plans changed lol. And yes Spoiled Spoiler Gal tweeted Hiliary is Amanda!
  6. Wait, so 4 months ago MM was overheard by a Bystander that she was returning on contract, LMAO ok! Peeps are saying the wig is cuz she is Hilisry!
  7. Yeah, we know that cuz she came back as a ghost. I'm referring to when serious contract negotiations started which wasn't in May, more like June or July when the news broke she was coming back on contract. I agree with the rest tho funny, looks like she will be prolly be In a story with Phyllis, Adam, and Jill😎
  8. Wait wut, GT/MS was spoiled on Twitter in April I think, your timeline is off, just saying MM is playing Amanda who reps Chance in the lawsuit bout Kays will!
  9. Imma guess Victor or Phyllis, who prolly has the goods re Victor, on him!
  10. Looks like there's a new set based off of MGs IG story pic of him and the boy that plays Connor. Could be the GP Penthouse!
  11. Also next week Sharon leans on Rey Billy gains new perspectives Wk of 9/30 Jill sets the record straight Adam meets his match Nick shares shocking news Devons world is shattered!
  12. I didn't say she caved, and it's Sony that hands out the $$$! She's back, without nary a hoopla of promotion, here's hoping that changes next week Not a fan of TVSource, but they are the ones who broke the news that MM was returning on contract!
  13. Again? IMHO, even with the WOTY, it's always gonna be a Triangle!
  14. 9/23 Michael confesses to Lauren Nikki's world is rocked Victoria is caught in the crossfire 9/24 Sharon defends Adam 9/25 Adam makes a bold move 9/26 Kyle sees a new side to Summer 9/27 Nick and Chelsea are on the receiving end of shocking news! Also Jack wants to write a book bout his life!
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