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  1. Thank you Taoboi. I hope that your sister ends up being okay. I wish her and your family the best and I'm glad your mom has recovered. It's unfortunate that there are those of us who have to deal with this. These people that won't wear masks in public places that (especially ones that have signs saying informing them to do so) are so jerky. You can tell a lot of them they don't have a job where they are required to wear a mask. They are probably fortunate enough to work from home, or maybe they aren't working at all. Regardless though they are selfish. All they have
  2. That poor child. We really do to do a better job of taking care of each other and ourselves, so that more children and people don't have to go through situations like this. I haven't really posted much in this thread in a while. I've been busy at work, where there is a lot of exposure and unfortunately some people have come down with severe cases of COVID. Someone from work missed work for months due to COVID and had a long stay at the hospital. His wife also caught COVID and was hospitalized as well. And he ended up having a heart attack on top of that. We weren't sure if he was
  3. Here in NC our state of Board of Elections Director said that votes here won't be finally tallied up until like either November 12th or 13th. In addition to the presidental race being too close to call here, so is the Senate race between Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham (which I think that Cal could have won in an easier manner were it not for his cheating scandal.) Right now Thom is slightly ahead of Cal (and he's actually declared victory over him), but there are still 117,000 mail in ballots that need to be counted here: https://myfox8.com/news/nc-vote-totals-unlikely-to-change-un
  4. It's really close here in NC. At one point it looked like both Trump and Biden had almost the exact percentage. I do wonder which one win it. Our Democratic governor Roy Cooper was re-elected tonight. Maybe that will bode well for Biden.
  5. Thanks taoboi. I'm glad they didn't have to stand in the line for too long. It can help that early voting goes on for a bit. I believe it went to like October 31st here in NC.
  6. Did they have to wait in a long lines?. One of the reasons that I didn't early vote this year (and my dad didn't either) Is because the early voting place in our town is usually pretty packed. It's more packed than a lot of the polling places here. Including the old polling place, I usually vote at. I live in NC and read there were long lines at lot of early voting places here. I don't want any parts of a long line lol (if they can be avoided).
  7. Thank you. DRW50. I learned my lesson lol., I'm doing mail in voting in the future at least for the time being. Especially with COVID being a big problem right now. And I'm going to make sure my elderly dad does the same. He voted today do in person and I definitely think it's safer for him if he does mail in ballots as well. I don't like my new polling place it's the type of place where there really are long lines. A lot of people in that area vote and even if you show up early it's still a long line. The polls at NC were open at 6:30 this morning. I got there a little after 7am and that
  8. One thing I've decided today after voting in person is that I will be doing mail in voting for the foreseeable future. I am someone who normally likes to go the polls and vote, but after today, I'm going to do mail in ballots. It took me two and half hours to vote today, and I had to go to two different polling places. I moved to a new place back in August and I wasn't sure where exactly I needed to vote. I did some research online and saw that if I lived at in my new place for more than 60 days, I would have to vote at the new poll place. And I have received voting information and
  9. May Kelly rest in peace. I don't think that hardly anyone outside of her family/close friends knew that she was dealing with breast cancer. She seemed like a lovely person, and her and John did have one of the longer marriages in Hollywood. I liked her in the movies I saw her in and she definitely had a warm and familiar presence about her. My condolences goes out to their family especially John and their children. They have a 20 year old daughter Ella and also a young 9 year old son Benjamin. I hope they will be able to get through this difficult time. My condolences
  10. I wish Henry Joseph Samiri would have been nominated and won the best younger actor award. I really enjoy him as Douglass on B&B and think he is very talented. Especially at his young age. But since he wasn't nominated I do think Olivia Rose Keegan was the best choice of the nominees. I thought she did nice work as Claire this past year when she was losing it over Tripp. Congrats to Bryton and Jason Thompson. I didn't really like the storyline for Billy but Jason definitely tries and did what he could with it. He has a lovely family.
  11. I saw today that Governor Roy Cooper of my state of NC mandated that masks be worn in public starting Friday at 5pm. A couple of months ago, I got a new job working for the federal government/military. Many of the departments/facilities associated with them are requiring people to wear masks and started doing that before I started working. So I've been wearing a mask for at least 42.5 hours a week for work and more than that (including when I wear it to public places like grocery stores). So in total, I probably a mask like at least 45 hours a week in total. I've seen a lot of peop
  12. I really enjoyed today's classic episode. This was the Bold and Beautiful I enjoyed watching when I was younger. I enjoyed seeing Macy/Bobbie Eakes again. I've always loved Macy/Bobbie Eakes. I also enjoyed seeing Sally and Darla. Sally was fun. I think that Jack during his appearance did fit in with Brooke, Eric/Ridge. Also, Hunter Tylo really was a stunning woman. I wish they would show more episodes like this and less from only a few years ago that still focused way too much on characters like Liam.
  13. I agree this is a decent list of episodes. Especially the 90's ones. I'm going to try and record them next week. Also here is a preview showing highlights from these episodes for next week's theme:
  14. I am definitely sorry for what happened to George Floyd. It was horrible and that office deserved to be arrested and given a very stiff punishment. The other officers involved deserved to be punished as well, (beyond being fired.) I can understand a lot of the pain and anguish people are feeling right now especially in the black community. And I am sorry Soapsuds, that you are dealing with losing him as well, especially since you knew him. I do think that people during these protests need to be careful. Try not to do anything to get arrested and stay as clear as possible of violenc
  15. I enjoyed today's classic episode. I really have been enjoying these classics lately especially the ones from the 80's/early 90's. My favorite part of the show was actually Dru's conversation with John. It was nice seeing how warm/and supportive he was towards her. I like he was amused by her plan about making up a boyfriend to try and win over Nathan. I really enjoyed the Neil/Dru meeting each other scene as well. I thought that today's show overall was interesting too including Brock, Gina/Clint, Katharine being worried and Brad/Cassandra.
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