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  1. The Eric/Carter/Quinn story is bad enough, but having a lot of other characters meddle in it does make the story even worse. But I do think that some of the stuff that Ridge has been saying is funny. The way he told Quinn that she gets to sleep with Carter, and act like it's a sacrifice while Eric sits at home with two martinis waiting for her to show up made me laugh. Also when he told Carter that if he had learned about the ED sooner him and Carter could have helped Eric. It's just some of the stuff he says about this situation and the way he says it. Though, is being overbearing and meddlesome and this story is a mess lol. I continue to love Paris/Thomas. Their chemistry is good and continues to get even better IMO. Thomas really does seem like he's into her and I'm digging this "act right" version of him. He's so much better & sexier when he's not acting crazed/obsessed over Hope. He definitely seems to have feelings a romantic interest in Paris/but he is also being respectful and is being a good friend to her. I'm looking forward to watching more of their story/ romance. That and Deacon/Shelia and believe it or not Deacon/Hope (their father/daughter chemistry is good) trying to bond are the best parts of the show for me right now.
  2. It does seem like they being a pretty light on drama after this return for whatever reasons. Maybe it's because they know they aren't going to go back to all of the couples that were originally involved. It does seem like they've moved on a least from the Jarly part of this equation. Jason seemed happy to get Britt's call today and I think they have been dropping signs they are going back to JaBritt. They may at least tease do something more with Sonny/Nina with Carly being irritated by it.
  3. Trina was definitely worried about Spencer all throughout today's episode. I would have liked to have seen them interact more at the prison, but Esme was around and trying to control things. Chase definitely seems to be suspicious of Esme and I thought that the scenes of him questioning her were interesting. Also, it doesn't seem like Scott is going to help Spencer, because he laughed at Esme when she called him to talk about that situation. That may be because he's has professional loyalty to Ava. Speaking of Ava, I do believe that her visiting Spencer is going to make things worse. Especially since Nikolas hasn't shown up yet. Spencer really seemed happy at the thought of Nikolas visiting him, but Nik is still not there. I could see Ava poking at/arguing with Spencer cause him to lash out even more. Ava was also stirring things up when she was trying to push Nina to try and fight for Sonny. Nina was right when she said that Ava was trying to use that situation to her advantage. Possibly regarding her custody arrangement with Avery that she wants to revisit with Sonny/Carly now that she's sticking around. I also though that Jason telling Sonny the truth about his feelings for Carly was interesting. That was the most part of today's show for me. Sonny respected the honesty but was still upset about it. I wonder how he may approach things with Carly and how that might drive upcoming interactions he has with Nina.
  4. I am loving Thomas and Paris and their chemistry. The way that Thomas looks at her is very romantic and I like this more mature/acting right version of him. He's been extra sexy lately (yes IMO with the man bun factored in lol), with the way he's been looking and flashing his dimpled smile at her. He is smitten and I am looking forward to seeing more of them together. I also liked how him and Zende were matching in their black suits today and their interaction together. They both looked cute lol and I liked Paris's outfit today as well. Hope is actually interesting with Deacon and I continue to like their father daughter/chemistry and Shelia/Deacon.
  5. I enjoyed Sonny and Nina's scenes today. Sonny has warmed up to her/is liking her as himself. He wasn't the least bit threatening to her and she wasn't threatened by him. Their banter was fun and IMO a bit flirty. Plus, Nina tends to have an effect on him and has him thinking more about his emotions. She had him doing that at the cemetery when she brought up the good he had in him as "Mike" and she did it today, when she gave him his watch back. He indicated to her today that he might be able to forgive her at some point. I am interested in seeing what the show does with them. I liked them as "Mike"/Nina but they are interesting as "Sonny"/Nina too.
  6. Here are some more upcoming daily spoilers from OnTvTonight/Tv Guide for this week and the next couple of weeks: Wednesday October 13th, 2021 Sonny lays down the ground rules with Nina. Carly makes an unexpected choice. Austin tries to win Jason over. Brook Lynn takes things to the next level. Exasperated Britt isn’t sure what to do next. Thursday October 14th, 2021 Sonny confronts Jason. Carly and Josslyn have a heart to heart. Trina’s surprised by her feelings. Austin cautions Maxie. Britt weighs her options. Friday October 15th, 2021 Sonny and Carly talk about the future. Spencer is forced to make a choice. Esme makes an emotional appeal to Nikolas. Britt seeks help from an unexpected source. Robert unearths a shocking discovery. Monday October 18th, 2021 Curtis reveals more about his past to Portia. Spinelli confirms Jason’s suspicions. Anna and Robert make a surprising decision. Sam and Dante are thwarted. Victor dictates malicious commands. Tuesday October 19th, 2021 Anna comes to Valentin’s aid. Sam and Dante make a discovery. Curtis and Portia are surreptitiously watched by a mysterious man. Nikolas and Ava celebrate at the Savoy. Jason and Britt learn disturbing news. Wednesday October 20th, 2021 Nina seeks support from Curtis. Terry receives a surprising phone call. Finn and Liz have an awkward cross. Jason announces he’s leaving town to help Britt. Olivia meets Ned for dinner. Thursday October 21st, 2021 Sonny connects with Spencer. An idea dawns on Nina. Willow voices her concerns about Michael. Monica advises Austin to make peace. Brook Lynn feels vindicated. Friday October 22nd, 2021 Joss and Cam arrive at Spencer’s arraignment. Michael makes a bargain. Robert tries to get the truth from Victor. Anna is presented with a proposition. Jason and Britt arrive in Greece. Monday October 25th, 2021 Jax makes an admission to Michael. Ava reminds Nina of the ace up her sleeve. Anna apologizes to Valentin. Maxie shares Brook Lynn’s concerns. Sasha runs interference when Gladys ruffles feathers. Tuesday October 26, 2021-Sonny and Carly are concerned about Michael. Willow vents to Sasha. Brook Lynn confronts Gladys. Spencer ponders his prospects with Esme. Ned turns to Austin for advice. Wednesday October 27th, 2021-Ava thinks about rejecting Sonny’s offer for Charlie’s. Carly catches Sonny in a warm moment with Avery. Nikolas has news for Alexis in prison. Molly and Shawn talk about the future. Portia encounters the mysterious man. I wonder what's going on with Michael. I did read a spumor that him and Willow might have some conflict, which might have her interacting more with Chase again. Also, I hope that Sonny wants to buy Charlie and give it to Phyllis and let her run it. And I wonder what is going on with the Carly catches Sonny in a warm moment with Avery spoiler. Maybe she sees him acting in a way that is more like "Mike" than Sonny and that causes her to be concerned. She did express the other day that she's not sure if the Sonny that came back is really "her" Sonny.
  7. I was glad to see Nikolas finally act like he loved Spencer today. He really hasn't acted like that in a while. He actually seemed happy to possibly make up with Spencer and a better father to him, but Ava threw a wrinkle in things when she had Spencer arrested. She said that Spencer needed to learn consequences which for his actions. Spencer is wrong for the stalking but that is interesting to hear that coming from Ava considering the many, many, crimes she has committed including things that have resulted in the death of people. She also mentioned that Spencer needs to know he needs his father's love. That's what Spencer has been constantly saying since he's came back, that he wants and needs his father's love. I think that Spencer will lash out at Nikolas and will turn against him for the time being. I'm ready for Laura to come back and believe it or not someone like Sonny to get involved. Sonny has always loved Spencer and has been there for him throughout his life. In spite of his lifestyle, I actually think that Spencer could end up living with him and get some guidance as he eventually makes his way back to Nikolas. Spencer living in the same household with Ava is not ideal, at least not right now. He doesn't like her and he's really under no obligation to do so TBH. Though, maybe down the line they can learn to be more civil towards each other and co-exist in that manner. Though, that may be a while since she had him arrested. I liked seeing Phyllis again. I can't say I really see the point of Carly telling Sonny her and Jason wanted a real marriage. They are both acting like they are happy things went back to the way they were and neither one of them knowingly cheated on Sonny. It might be best for her to let that go, since she says she loves/wants to be with Sonny. Though, they are going to have her tell him for drama's sake lol.
  8. Today's show was interesting. I liked the Sprina scenes today. Spencer did seem genuinely sorry when he was apologizing to Trina while they were alone today. Trina was hurt by his actions and involvement in the stalking but did hear him out. Things ended a bit rocky and I am interested in seeing how they make their way back to each other. Also for those who were saying months ago, they wanted Ava to bring her claws out more, it seems like she did that today. Her confronting Spencer and having him arrested at the end was a bit of a surprise. I had thought that Nikolas would be the one that would have him arrested, but it was her. I think there has been a shift in feelings towards Spencer and attitude towards him. She was more sympathetic towards him earlier, even when she originally thought he could be the stalker. But after Esme arrive and her car got torched and the truth finally came out she's taking off the gloves when it comes to him. I do think that the show is doing this to continue Spencer's battle with her and Nik to some degree. I do wonder how Nikolas will react as well as others like Trina, and other members of Spencer's family like Alexis, Sonny and Laura when she comes back. It's going to be interesting to see where everyone falls in this battle, especially now that Spencer could be raising jail time. It's going to be interested to see their opinions on stuff, especially considering all the mistakes and crimes Ava has made herself and could/have should have had lengthy jail terms for. I also find it an interesting choice that Ava is not having Esme arrested. I don't think she will do that, at least not right now. I think she may believe that Spencer was the ringleader of everything and may choose to let Esme go free. That could prove to be a mistake and end up putting Ava in danger. Also, I liked Alexis talk with Nikolas today and I do think she was getting through to him. If Ava hadn't had Spencer arrested maybe they could have taken a step closer to reconciliation. And I liked the Sonny/Brando scenes which were warm and felt genuine. Joss/Cam/Esme were fine and I think it's interesting how Esme gave Joss a veiled threat at the end. Cam really seems to buy that Esme/Spencer are into each other, while Joss doesn't buy her act at all. I believe that Esme will definitely try and stir up problems for them.
  9. Hopefully, we end up getting Sprina with this set of actors. Nick and Sydney are still promoting them and they do have that Zoom event coming up. Those are good signs for the couple and it does seem like the show is starting to have more movement with them again. Even with factoring in the shift with Spencer/Esme. I do think that the show has been a bit disappointing with the way they've handled Sprina the past seven weeks,(Ever since the Turret scenes/Esme's official introduction.) They haven't given them much alone time after Esme showed up interrupting them on the Turret. They've had like one alone scene since then (right after the stalker reveal).That's pretty much been it, until the scene we will get on Monday's show. I would have liked to have seen them get more time to interact/bond in spite of Esme introduction. I think that would have been better and given even more weight to them and the stalker reveal. And I think they should have also done a better job of developing Esme/explaining Spencer's motivations for being with her. She's been on too much to not have any more development than she's had. We really don't anything about her outside of the fact that she's Spencer's girlfriend and she's adopted. They should have done a better job of explaining her motives/who she's really/after what she really wants. I don't like how they are dragging out/being vague about her backstory.
  10. My mistake, I should have said when her contract was originally supposed to be up. It is true that she was just taken off of contract, but I have seen people indicate elsewhere that she might leave sooner than later. There are people that still think she might leave some time next year. There are people on Daytime Dish that said she did an interview a bit back that indicated this. (Though that may have been before Sprina really took off) They have people over there who seem to have insider information. They have been correct regarding information that they have posted months in advance about spoilers and some show departures. Hopefully Sydney sticks around for a while, And people like Nick Chavez are still promoting Sprina which is a nice sign. But you never know. Regardless though I think that there has definitely been a bit of shift with the portrayal of Spencer/Esme's relationship lately.
  11. Esme/Spencer really don't have chemistry. But I definitely think there has been a shift in the way they have been portrayed as couple recently. I do think that the show has made them more touch feely lately as a couple and trying to sell them as more of a "real couple" for whatever reasons. Spencer went from not really being interested in Esme and being shocked/uncomfortable when she first kissed him to being more affectionate/boyfriendly towards her. When he found out that Sonny was alive, he was being affectionate with her, by grabbing her hands and celebrating a bit with her. He's also been shown snuggling up with her recently on the couch/cuddling with her. He's been shown defending her both publicly and privately lately and now they have revealed they are sleeping together, which seems a bit deliberate on the show's part. I am definitely interested in seeing why there seems to be shift with them. I wonder if it's because they may really like the actress AP that plays Esme. Maybe they want her to stick around longer term and this might be why they are indicating there might be genuine feelings between her and Spencer. Plus Sydney is now recurring. Granted she could still be shown a nice amount like WL/Cameron has been shown. But I did hear someone say that Sydney indicated she might leave when her contract was originally supposed to be up, I believe next spring. If that is the case maybe that's another reason why they seem to have shifted with Esme/Spencer. Plus, they are dragging out Esme's backstory, and being deliberately being vague about it. Maybe's that another indication they want to keep her around longer. Drew who is on once or twice every two weeks situation has been explained better than Esme's had. We still don't know much of anything about Esme's background, motivation, etc.. Esme/Spencer still don't really have chemistry but I do think that the show has been trying to paint them more like a genuine couple lately and I wonder why that is.
  12. Deacon and Shelia have good chemistry and I enjoyed their scenes today. I liked how the meshed from this initially trading insults to them realizing they had wanting to have relationships with their children in common. I liked her laugh at the end and the way that Deacon was looking when she said they would both see their children. They are interesting together. I'm also really enjoying Deacon and Hope's interaction. AN's doe eyed version of Hope actually plays well against Deacon trying to better himself as a man. I believe them as a father and daughter, wanting to have a relationship. And I wish that Liam and especially Brooke/Ridge would have backed off at least some.
  13. Today's show was loaded. It was pretty good. Spencer is really getting it handled to him left and right... Nikolas cuts his off his credit cards again, Carly doesn't want him to stay at the Metro Court and got on his case, after he tried to get Britt to pay for a room for him/Esme for a night. (While they figured things out) Also, lol at him wanting to be roommates with Britt. Britt told him no quickly on that lol. And Portia really doesn't seem to like him now that Trina told her the truth about getting her to lie about his identity and him being the stalker and drenching her with blood. Portia is definitely going to be against any type of relationship he has with Trina, whether that's a friendship or a romance. She did tell Trina she's a young woman now, but she also Nikolas that him and Spencer better not hurt Trina again. And if Spencer knows what's good for him, he will stay away from Trina. She will definitely disapprove of them and I think that when the parternity secret comes out that will cause even more tension with those three. As Trina will be hurt by that and I could see that drawing her closer to Spencer, who has also lied to her. Trina told ava today that she would never trust Spencer again, but I believe she will. They've got Esme and Spencer acting closer and more and more like a couple. They indicated today they are sleeping together, with showing Esme in the hotel bed with nothing but a sheet wrapped around her. Esme does have a hold on Spencer and it's going to be interesting to see how that shakes out. She seems like she might end up manipulating Cam a bit, with him defending her today, saying that the Spencer was also responsible for the plan & him listening to her, when she plead with him to help Spencer. Joss isn't buying her act but Cam is and I could see that causing problems for Cam/Joss as well as the other teens. I am interested in seeing how things work out including learning more about Esme's background/the phone call on Monday and well as seeing Sprina get an alone scene on Monday. I do think that Trina will not really believe the stuff that spencer is telling her and will want to keep him at a distance, until she ends up getting closer to him. Joss and Nina's scenes were also interesting today, when Joss became very emotional when she was talking about the gift that Nina gave her. She tore the pages out when she mentioned the things she wrote about while the family was grieving Sonny. She also told Nina she never wanted to see her again. Heck, maybe Nina/Spencer can talk to each other, since they both have made a lot of people mad lol. And I was happy to see Phyllis visit Sonny. I liked their interaction and how she told him she wanted to meet him as Sonny. Their interaction was warm and lovely and they seemed as close as they were when she thought he was Mike. I'm glad he offered to look out for her and I hope she ends up sticking around in Port Charles. Also, a couple of people said on Twitter, that Sydney is now recurring and has been taken off of contract. That may just be because she's in college. Will Lipton is also recurring and we still see Cam a nice amount.
  14. That is the truth Faulkner. Every time you turn around they are in somebody's business, scolding people and trying to tell them what to do. Though, lol at this scene from earlier this week when they were in Eric/Quinn's business: "All over your woman..." lol. I enjoyed seeing Deacon again. Him and Hope have nice father/daughter chemistry. Maybe he has changed, at least somewhat. I also continue to enjoy Thomas/Paris together. I think she fits this current, more mature, trying to keep his life straighter version of Thomas. Man bun and all, lol. Zende does seem happy with her, but it looks like this will definitely be at least a triangle.
  15. I am enjoying Paris/Thomas. He's falling for her already, but that's how they do on this show, lol. Plus, it actually fits with him as he falls quickly and did with women like Dayzee. I like the way he's trying to deal with his attraction/feelings for her. He's being mature about it & trying to be respectful, but it seems like he wants Paris. I wonder how things will play out especially since Zende is also in the picture.
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