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  1. I wish Henry Joseph Samiri would have been nominated and won the best younger actor award. I really enjoy him as Douglass on B&B and think he is very talented. Especially at his young age. But since he wasn't nominated I do think Olivia Rose Keegan was the best choice of the nominees. I thought she did nice work as Claire this past year when she was losing it over Tripp. Congrats to Bryton and Jason Thompson. I didn't really like the storyline for Billy but Jason definitely tries and did what he could with it. He has a lovely family.
  2. I saw today that Governor Roy Cooper of my state of NC mandated that masks be worn in public starting Friday at 5pm. A couple of months ago, I got a new job working for the federal government/military. Many of the departments/facilities associated with them are requiring people to wear masks and started doing that before I started working. So I've been wearing a mask for at least 42.5 hours a week for work and more than that (including when I wear it to public places like grocery stores). So in total, I probably a mask like at least 45 hours a week in total. I've seen a lot of people in support of the masks and several oppose them. Based off of my experience of having to wear masks for a long period of time these past couple of months, I had wanted to add my perspective about this. I want to highlight what I think the good, the bad and even some of the dangers of wearing masks/face coverings. (Especially for long periods of time). I'll start with the good. I do believe that masks can go a good way of helping limiting the exposure people have when other people are doing things like coughing/sneezing. I do feel better having a mask on when this is happening at work. And the new job I have deals with a lot of people (largely military personel). And people do cough/sneeze quite a bit. I tend to notice that even more now during the pandemic. I do think that masks can offer at least some protection to those types of things, to what degree, I'm not sure. Now here is some of the bad and even dangerous things that can happen regarding masks/facial coverings. (Especially for those of us who have to wear them for extended periods of time). I have noticed several people coughing/sneezing even more since they have worn masks. There have been people who have been working at my job longer than me , who state that they have been sneezing coughing/quite a bit more since they've had to wear the masks. For some people the masks actually cause them to exhibit even more bodily fluids than they normally would without them. Also, there are people that will actually sneeze/cough through the masks without coughing into their elbows. I believe that masks/facial coverings do give some people an overstated sense of security and they feel free to just sneeze/cough right through them. I've seen several people do this without even attempting to sneeze/cough into their elbow. (which is what I think they should do regardless of whether they are wearing a mask or not. You can still feel/get droplets even with masks.) Some people also halfway wear them, because many of them are uncomfortable with them. I've seen many people especially lately wear them incorrectly. They can cause people to have runny noses and sweat more/shedding even more bodily fluids. They can also contribute to bad breath and adult acne. I've been around multiple people who have dealt with these things. They can also make people feel very tired/fatigued.. They can have an negative impact on people's respiratory systems. I'm healthy and I have felt the negative impact on them, because at times they have caused me to feel more tired, and have an impact on the respiratory system. People who have to wear them for longer periods of time, (like for work) have to learn to breathe in them for longer periods of time, and that can take a toll on people. Some people can't even do this for 30 minutes let alone several hours a week. I have gotten more used to wearing them now, but I can definitely understand people who say they are difficult to breathe in/uncomfortable. They can also cause people (especially those with health issues/weaker systems to pass out.) An elderly man at work came up to me a few weeks ago, asking for water, saying he couldn't breathe in his mask. By the time, I had reached him with some cold water, he had fell out. But thankfully, he ended up being okay, but there is the danger of this happening for some people who wear masks. They can help mitigate the spread, but there are downsides to wearing them. I do think if most people just wear them incidentally like going to the grocery store, doing errands they would be okay. But there could be some negative effects for at least some people who have to wear them longer term. I'm interested in seeing how many people obey the governor's orders, especially since it looks like he might fine people for going against them. I think that a lot more people will be wearing them in places like grocery stores, and I do believe places like stores will enforce his orders.
  3. I really enjoyed today's classic episode. This was the Bold and Beautiful I enjoyed watching when I was younger. I enjoyed seeing Macy/Bobbie Eakes again. I've always loved Macy/Bobbie Eakes. I also enjoyed seeing Sally and Darla. Sally was fun. I think that Jack during his appearance did fit in with Brooke, Eric/Ridge. Also, Hunter Tylo really was a stunning woman. I wish they would show more episodes like this and less from only a few years ago that still focused way too much on characters like Liam.
  4. I agree this is a decent list of episodes. Especially the 90's ones. I'm going to try and record them next week. Also here is a preview showing highlights from these episodes for next week's theme:
  5. I am definitely sorry for what happened to George Floyd. It was horrible and that office deserved to be arrested and given a very stiff punishment. The other officers involved deserved to be punished as well, (beyond being fired.) I can understand a lot of the pain and anguish people are feeling right now especially in the black community. And I am sorry Soapsuds, that you are dealing with losing him as well, especially since you knew him. I do think that people during these protests need to be careful. Try not to do anything to get arrested and stay as clear as possible of violence/people causing trouble. Especially people a lot of these outsiders who are at these rallies with ulterior motives and are making things harder on people. (Like it's being rumored that there are some white people at these rallies with these types of motives). People need to be smart and stay safe, even more so, because we are in the middle of a pandemic. Unfortunately, these riots are getting worse and worse and are becoming increasingly more violent. People have already been beaten, shot at and a couple have even died as a result of these riots. I wish that things could get a bit more under control but we may be a ways off from that, especially if people feel like justice isn't going to be really be served for what happened to George. She did voice displeasure about some of the stuff the protesters were doing (like looting). But instead of explaining herself in a more reasonable way, she's been going off and blocking people who are pointing out why the protesters are upset. Camila Banus has gotten really annoying in the past few months. (Maybe she's been like this for a while, I don't know.) But I've noticed she's been acting extra annoying ever since people voiced displeasure over being uncomfortable with Lani having to get on her knees and beg Gabi to save Julie's life. Some black fans and other fans were uncomfortable with that and Camila basically said she didn't care how people felt about that, and that she was an actor and was fine with those scenes. She got even more annoying around the time the whole Days Cast was "let go" from their contracts and people were reporting that the show might be cancelled. And now she's been annoying with this whole situation involving the protesters being upset about George Floyd's death. I think that one of the reasons she's been acting like this is because she has some black fans, especially black women who love/stan her/empower her to act like this. They do. I remember some of them dismissing other black fans concerns when we were talking being uncomfortable with Lani begging Gabi on her knees and about the writing that Lani received to the writing that Gabi was getting. (IMO, Lani being written to be weak, while it seems like Ron really likes Gabi, has her dominating people, etc...)
  6. I enjoyed today's classic episode. I really have been enjoying these classics lately especially the ones from the 80's/early 90's. My favorite part of the show was actually Dru's conversation with John. It was nice seeing how warm/and supportive he was towards her. I like he was amused by her plan about making up a boyfriend to try and win over Nathan. I really enjoyed the Neil/Dru meeting each other scene as well. I thought that today's show overall was interesting too including Brock, Gina/Clint, Katharine being worried and Brad/Cassandra.
  7. It's nice to see Cole again. I always liked J Eddie Peck in this role. He's looking good in this episode and so is Heather Tom. I like her/Victoria's hair color during this time.
  8. I'm looking forward to watching this episode. I am definitely going to make sure I record it to watch it later tomorrow evening.
  9. Thanks for posting this episode. I enjoyed it. I felt bad for Nathan. Not only does he have to deal with Amy accusing him of setting her up to be hounded/almost raped by that group of men, but he also has to reveal to her he can't read in a very tense and embarrassing moment for him. Nathan Purdee did good work in these scenes. Also, I enjoyed seeing the Traci/John and Traci/Danny scenes. It was sweet seeing both men try to reassure her she would be fine, after deciding to end up her marriage to Danny. It was also nice seeing Lauren Koslow from her time on the show.
  10. I hate to say it, but I've also seen too many women not wash their hands in the restrooms. And some of them will come out of a stall and give a look like "Yeah, I'm not going to wash my hands." It's really unfortunate. A lot of them may just not like to be sanitary but I do wonder if some of them are not really washing their hands because they think they are conserving water/helping the environment. There are people out there that don't really wash themselves, including taking showers/baths that often, because they want to conserve water/think they are helping the environment. I've seen women on the internet say this/even knew a women that have said stuff like this. And it's just umm...... I mean come on. They need to worry more about preventing disease and contamination, especially during these times right now. As far as age goes, I have seen women of various ages, not wash their hands in the restrooms. Including some middle aged women. The people that I noticed that don't like to cover their mouths when they sneeze/cough and sneeze/cough unnecessarily forcefully tend to be younger people. I have noticed that younger people in their 20s like to do these things. Granted there are some older people that do this too, but I've really noticed this in younger people. And it's unsanitary and obnoxious. And very unsafe especially during times like these. People really need to change their behavior when it comes to stuff like this. Hopefully, they are becoming more mindful and making adjustments to be more sanitary. It's safer for everyone if they do.
  11. Some people have gotten their stimulus checks are already. People can be on the lookout for it to hit your banks accounts soon. A lot of checks will be direct deposited between now and Wednesday/next week. Some banks (llke Navy Federal) have been getting the deposits early. The IRS has also just launched a link to help people who are non filer put in information to file a simple return to get the stimulus payments. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here And later on this month will be doing another portal for people who have filed already but need to update their direct deposit information. (So they can get their payments earlier and not have to wait on a paper check). Paper Check won't start be distributed until early May and it's being reported that five million checks will be sent out weekly. Hopefully it does. And hopefully more people are becoming more aware of how bad their hygiene has been. There are people out there that were not washing their hands the way they were supposed to. I've always been big on handwashing/sanitation. Unfortunately a lot of people have not been. I've seen too many instances in public restrooms, where people barely wash/don't wash their hands after they've used the bathrooms. It was really ridiculous. Hopefully, they've learned better now and are doing stuff like washing their hands more. People need to also be more mindful about covering their coughs/sneezes. There are too many people out there that are still not doing this. It doesn't help that some of them sneeze and cough in forceful, unnecessary, exaggerated manners.
  12. Babyface has revealed he and his entire family tested postive for the Coronavirus but are now negative. ' Also, I don't know if it was mentioned in this thread (I apologize if it was, I haven't been posting in this thread lately) but Jordi Vilauso also mentioned his entire family getting it, including his children. People need to be safe and as careful as they can. There are some instances when this has killed a lot of people in a family, like the mother and some of her children in New Jersey. It's extra alarming that little children are now being reported to get it like Jordi's kids. For the most part, this thankfully hasn't affected many children. I know it's harder for someone to really distance themselves from a spouse, but everyone definitely needs to be careful. And look out for your children too.
  13. Thanks for sharing about your situation in Sweden. I do think that at some point more nations will move towards what you guys are doing. But that may be a while. We're tightening down in places here including in my home state of North Carolina. Some recent changes that have been made are that starting Monday the governor has issued an executive order that only so many people can be in a store at a time. Some stores have already been doing that like Walmart and Family Dollar. I went to Walmart today to do some shopping and they were only letting so many people in and they made sure that everyone was given a sanitized basket. I actually like the way they handled things. I don't go to Walmart very often and don't really like going there, (Even though the prices are cheap and I like the products) because it can be so crowded. Even before the coronavirus. Family Dollar is also making people carry something in their hands, that alerts employees in the store to how many people are in there at a time. My dad went there today and said they aren't letting more than like 15 people in the store and they have to carry something in their hands to alert people when they are in a store. Also, the military bases here have gotten more strict with their rules. Single marines can't really go anywhere on base. (Except for places like the Chow Hall, I believe they may have prohibited from really traveling off base too). The commissary will no longer allow visitors into it, you have to have a military ID card or dependent ID card to get in there. Also anyone who wants to go into the commissary or place like the exchange (including shoppers and employees) must now all wear a face covering. They aren't letting anyone in there without some sort of face covering. The CDC has recommended face masks, but these are the first stores here in NC that I know of that have made it mandatory that everyone that shops in them has one. I think that will definitely keep some people out, one big reason because a lot of people don't have access to masks right now. They are so hard to find here, and if you order on places like Amazon you'll be waiting weeks for one. I was glad I did grocery shopping today. Next week a lot of people will get the stimulus checks starting on Wednesday and the places here (especially the grocery stores) will stay busy. They already can't keep certain items on the shelves like toilet paper and wipes. I haven't seen toilet paper/wipes/sanitizer in most stores for weeks now. Thankfully one of my dad's friend has a small discount store which usually keeps toilet paper, or else I wouldn't be able to get any. People here keep hoarding and keeping supplies low. And I believe it's a lot of the same people that keep doing it. My dad told me he went to a Dollar General a few days ago and the employees had to prevent this woman who lives alone for hoarding toilet paper. She had already bought multiple large packs of toilet paper the day, before and was trying to hoard even more. (Like six large packs in total). They made her stop and she left. People like that are causing shortages and also are creating extra foot traffic in the stories, because people who don't have the resources and/or time to hoard have to go several places to try and find toilet paper. With the way people are shopping, hoarding. even with the new rules in place coming Monday about how many shoppers can be in stores, I still don't really want to be in stores when the stimulus checks first hit. I still won't be able to find a lot of stuff anyhow.
  14. I'm looking forward to watching this classic Y&R episode from 1993. Especially seeing Neil and Dru on their honeymoon and John/Jill. It will be nice to see Brad again too. Soaps.com has the full recap for what will air on tomorrow's classic episode. https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-young-and-the-restless/recaps/563146/flashback-yr-recap-jill-stuns-john-pregnancy-news-after-vasectomy/
  15. Here is some more information regarding the stimulus checks. The first round of checks are expected to be distributed around the week of April 13th, for people who have filed either their 2018 or 2019 Tax Returns and used direct deposit information. Lower income people will get their checks first. Paper checks will start to be mailed out around early May. The government intends to send out five million checks a week and it could take up to 20 weeks for some people to get their payments (if they are getting a check). The IRS will also be creating a portal either late this month or early May so people can enter their direct deposit information: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/02...-13-162041 https://thehill.com/policy/finance/49085...ratic-memo' I'm also glad that Seniors on Social Security do not have to file a simple tax return. Yesterday, I was talking to a sweet old lady who had called into the office, who was so happy she didn't have to file a return. She lives alone and was willing to come out and file and pay somebody to do it for her. I'm glad that she and other seniors who's only income is Social Security don't have to risk coming out, dealing with exposure and possibly having to pay someone to file unnecessary returns for them. They can just get it direct deposited to their accounts like they do their SS income.
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