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  1. I was glad to see Ted King today appear as Finn's dad. Interesting that Finn says he's adopted. I wonder what the real story behind his birth parents are. We actually heard his father thinking today and he was asking himself "Why tell them?" after Finn told Steffy he was adopted. I wonder if Finn's dad really his birth dad, but the situation surrounding is birth is really messy and he is witholding the truth from Finn for some reason. He does look like he could be Finn's bio dad. Someone posted this pic of them on Twitter side by side, they look alike IMO. I hope Ted King gets to stick around. I enjoy him as an actor and he recently talked about how he's happy to be on B&B and wanted to still be on soaps acting. He deserves to stick around and have a good story. Though, you can never really trust this show. Also, on today's show Quinn mentioned that she couldn't give Carter children, when she was talking about them possibly being together. Carter said what he wanted was her. I wonder if she might end up with a surprise pregnancy with Carter's baby. I also think it's odd that he's Eric's attorney and how Eric, Ridge, and Brooke don't see a problem with that. Or wonder if he still might want to be with Quinn, especially when he was getting a text from her at Forrester and seemed distracted. They are way more mad at Quinn than they are Carter, and it's like they (especially Brooke) think that Quinn drove Carter into temptation. Though, it really was mutual between them.
  2. Yeah, Spencer didn't seem to originally want to party with Joss and Spencer, lol. Though, Trina tried to spin it that way. It seemed like he wanted to have a date with Trina by himself. Looking forward to them spending more time together and hope they won't often be interrupted by Joss. Also, regarding Brook Lynn's wardrobe, I wonder if it's because Amanda gave birth within the last year and maybe they wanted her in some clothes that are a bit more comfortable for her. I'm not sure. I agree with the "big boxy" description of her blazers. Those outfits are heavy and matronly looking. I did really enjoy her scenes with Chase. He's a good guy and he deserves a woman that will totally be into him and not sneak around behind his back, with a man they have less chemistry with than him.
  3. I enjoyed Spencer and Trina's scenes today. I loved seeing them act flirty with each other again. He's definitely into her and was trying to impress her. It sounded like he wanted to spend time with her alone at Wyndemere, but she ended up spinning what he said into him possibly throwing a party. I was glad to see them get to spend some time together before Cam/Joss showed up and tried to warn Trina away from him. I look forward to more of their scenes including seeing what may happen at his party. I also thought that Spencer's scenes with Ava were interesting. He will definitely try and manipulate her. We'll see if she falls for any of it. I could see her continue to be suspicious of him. The Brook Lynn, Chase and Louise/Bailey were nice. They should do more with Brook Lynn and Chase. He shouldn't have to be a third wheel to Michael/Willow.
  4. A lot of times I don't really like Carly. That being said I have always thought she had good chemistry with Shawn and I thought their scenes at the pool were nice today. I also thought her scenes with Spencer/Joss were solid. NuSpencer continues to have a nice rapport with different characters on the canvas. I liked that him and Trina met up again, though it was very brief and Joss was also there. It's interesting we already have Joss warning Trina away from him and telling him that Trina is too good for him and out of his league. I think that could be foreshadowing that him and Trina will want to be together though other people like Joss will disapprove. Also, Liz and Finn are now running around and telling/hinting towards people they care about that they are involved in Peter's disappearance. Pretty soon half the town might be involved in this secret too, lol. I did like Jason/Liz's scenes on Friday. And I believe that Trina will end up overhearing Curtis/Portia talking about their past and get upset about that. She didn't seem too keen on them being together, though she pretended like she was. And Aunt Stella is continuing to meddle by intercepting those signed divorce papers. That will help extend the Jordan/Curtis/Portia triangle.
  5. I like the diving competitions too. I've always thought that the announcers do a really good job of calling the competition/analyzing the dives. I think that the first week of the Olympics is usually the best week, with a lot of the swimming, gymnastic and dining events. The second week of Olympic sports isn't as good IMO.
  6. Thanks for starting this thread Soapsuds. My favorite sports to watch in the Olympics are gymnastics and swimming. The Swimming races can be very exciting like the 400m Freestyle tonight. That was a good race between Katie Ledecky and Ariarne Titmus. Titmus did a good job of keeping pace with Katie Ledecky and pulled away at just the right time to get the win. And lol at her coach. He was a doing lot in this celebration lol:
  7. I liked Jason's scenes with Monica today. I liked they touched a bit on his history with Carly and how that impacted AJ. It was also nice to see them hug and say they love each other. Jason's brief scene with Britt was okay too, you can see they still have feelings for each other and don't like being apart. Though once again Austin was lurking around them intruding in other people's business. I did think it was a little amusing the way he called Jason "Cuz" and how Jason basically ignored that. Lenny is a sweet person and I am concerned the show will kill him off. He's a minor character, but I have been really enjoying him and Phyllis. The way he was talking to Nina today makes me think that the show will indeed have him die. This show has a history of killing off the kind hearted. Spencer/Trina's scenes went a bit differently than I thought they would. I had figured he wasn't going to want to help her put Nikolas and Ava back together. But him and Trina clashed a bit today and seemed a bit irritated with each other, as they fall on opposite sides regarding Nik/Ava being a couple. I thought it was something that Spencer revealed to Nik/Ava/Austin that Trina was trying to do put them back together, after the mix-up with the drinks. It was a bit hypocritical for him to do that, especially considering that Trina is keeping a secret for him. She did kind of call him out about it, but didn't reveal his secret. They still have nice chemistry. I do think we will see them clash a bit more going forward as they continue to disagree on Nik/Ava being together. Though, I also think they will end up becoming closer romantically as well. It also looks like Anna has her suspicions about Finn possibly being involved in Peter's disappearance. I wonder what she may do about that. I also wonder what Elizabeth will say to Jason after he saw her and Finn in the park talking about Peter today.
  8. I did too. Let him do something legimitate and safe for a living. He can still be friendly with Jason/Carly/Sonny and maybe help them out from time to time. I am interested in seeing how him and Trina's relationship progresses forward right now while people don't know that he's really Victor. She told Ava she's still into "Victor" and Ava told her to give him a chance. But now she's been introduced to him as "Spencer" (by Cam/Joss) and people know he's back in town. Plus Portia saw and met him as "Victor" which puts a wrinkle into things. Trina can't really date him right now as Spencer. (Cam/Joss were already getting suspicious at much Trina/Spencer were talking/spending time together after they were "introduced".) They may try and play their relationship cool in public to avoid people figuring out Spencer is "Victor". I could see them struggling with that as their relationship grows. I could also see them having close moments in private, and trying to keep their relationship/romance more of a secret for the time being.
  9. Regarding some other stories from this week, I thought that Stella was a bit tough with Shawn. But he handled things well and very respectfully. I am interested in seeing what happens now that he is out. Michael and Willow continue to be on the duller side. I do like Michael and I think that one of the best things the show did was have him embrace his Quartermaine Family and their business. But he hasn't generated much chemistry with his love interests. I do think he has more chemistry with Sasha, than he does Willow, and I did like their scenes at the hospital the other day. This storyline with Willow does feel flat. I think that Willow's really is better suited with Chase and that their chemistry is better. But they are having her pity Chase & wanting Michael over him and it's not very interesting. Hopefully Chase will get back to walking sooner than later and they can end this storyline. Chase can interact more with Brook Lynn. I like Brando okay and he actually reminds me a bit of Ryan Paevey, with the way he looks sometimes. He is handsome. It would be nice if he found something else to do besides working for Jason/Carly. (Especially since he's about to be a father). They could have made him a Corinthos member who had a legitimate job, but who still could have some sort of bond with the family and helped them get out of rough situations at times. Maybe he could have worked at the Metrocourt or something.
  10. I believe he knows that Sonny's dead. (In addition to visiting Mike's Grave) He's always been very close to Sonny, that's one of Sonny's best relationships. He introduced Sonny to Valentin when he was younger and said that Sonny was from his "wonderful mother's" side. He's mentioned Courtney before when he was younger, but he's been mentioning her quite a bit since he met Trina. He's already talked with Trina three times about Courtney. It looks like they are bonding over issues regarding their parents. This might come into play even more if Curtis ends up being Trina's dad. I could see a storyline about her paternity happening. I agree that the New Spencer has good chemistry with a lot of people. I enjoyed his scenes with Britt the other day. They've always had a good relationship and he considered her a mother figure. It's nice to hear that they continued to keep in touch offscreen and see them bond again.
  11. I wonder where they are going with having Paris move in with Finn/Steffy. Especially right before his parents will show up. If Paris really needed a place to stay they could have had her stay at the Forrester Mansion. She's fond of Eric & the family as a whole doesn't seem to have an issue with her. And may even be "grateful" to her for helping reveal the truth about Quinn/Carter. But they are having her move in with Steffy/Finn. Hmmm...lol.
  12. They shine together and I'm going to enjoy them and their chemistry as long as I can, lol. They are the bright spot of the teen set. Speaking of the teen yet, I am seeing some complaints about how boring some people think that Cam/Joss are now that they are together. They do feel a bit flat and I wonder where the writers are going with them. Spencer/Trina do have good storyline potential him being Ava's stalker/his lying about stuff, Trina covering about his lying about stuff, lol. And also maybe if they end up having it be revealed that Curtis might be Trina's real dad instead of Taggert. I could see the show doing something there, and maybe Spencer will provide support to Trina there. Cam and Joss on the other hand, I'm not sure what they will do with them. Maybe have them happy for a bit. They really aren't doing much of anything right now. Maybe down the line they will add to this set. Emma could end up being sorased and Lila Rae is out there too.
  13. Trina has more chemistry with this older version of Spencer, than she does Cam IMO. Though, I thought her and Cam had nice chemistry. New Spencer comes across as manlier, and smoother than Cam. (The actor is a few years older and that probably helps). His conversations with Trina come across as more adult & he seems more her speed than Cam. I think that the ship has sailed on Cam/Trina. At least for now. They have Cam currently acting like he doesn't care what Trina does. He said he didn't care today that she was interested in Trina as long as Joss wasn't. He also made fun of Trina the other day and said that "Victor/Spencer" was her imaginary friend that she made up. She was upset and left, he acted remorseful for all of three seconds and then turned his attention back to Joss. Thus far Spencer/Trina have been given decent airtime and good romantic teen storyline. Though, I don't know how long it will last or if they might try & insert Joss in some way. Joss seemed interested in Spencer's interest in Trina & was making comments to reassure Cam she's not into Spencer. That could be a hint they might try something with Joss/Spencer.
  14. They're great. Their scenes didn't play out quite the way I thought. I expected it to be revealed that Spencer really was "Victor" and Cam/Joss to get on him about that. But Trina agreed to keep his secret. I'm interested in seeing what they do moving forward. Are they going to try and act like they weren't into each other, so people don't become suspicious. And/or will people notice their natural chemistry & closeness. I wonder if Spencer will try and be romantic in private to Trina, or if they'll openly flirt. Maybe even sooner than later. I want a nice romance for them. And Joss seemed mighty interested in Spencer/Trina talking today & if Spencer might be interested in her. She told Spencer not to get any romantic ideas about Trina. She wasn't as much on Cam as she could, talked about him "already being jealous" & said something about him always being the one that she wanted when they were kids. Some of this stuff she did say kind of playfully/in a more lighthearted manner, but I wonder... I hope they don't have her interested in yet another guy that Trina likes.
  15. And having him already in scenes with Jason too. And it is funny how they aren't even trying to acknowledge that he looks familiar to Franco. Not one eyebrow has been raised at his appearance, lol. I do wonder what their plans for him might end up being. I actually think they might be better off trying to make him more of a good guy this time around.
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