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  1. It sounds like Tessa is the blackmailer according to soaps.com day ahead recap. On tomorrow's episode, Tessa will confess to Mariah that she got all the cash she's been stashing from Nikki and that her secret involves Blackmail and also Sharon. She will also show Mariah her laptop that contains information regarding how she did her blackmailing.
  2. xtr

    Days: Promo

    There was a part of the promo that was cut off after Brody/Chloe was shown. Days now has the full promo up with some other scenes shown after the Brody/Chloe one: The full promo is here: These clips look entertaining. And it looks like the new girl is for JJ.
  3. xtr

    Days: Promo

    I really like this promo. Days has been doing better promos the last several weeks. I was glad to see Chloe/Brady share a moment. Maybe they will finally try and put Chloe with EM"s Brady. I wonder how much she might interact with Kyle's Lowder's version of Rex as well. Even though I have a problem with Ben's past, he does have chemistry with Ciara. However, I do not think that Claire and Tripp have chemistry. And I am glad that Sonny finds out the truth about what Kate did. It was wrong what she did to him, especially since she claims to care about him. Soaps.com just revelead that Greg Rikkart will be back as Leo on starting November 28. Victor is supposed to cause trouble for Sonny/Will after Paul leaves and I wonder if he somehow brings back Leo. Soaps.com is also reporting that Nicole and Xander will be back in 2019. Also lol at the scene with Julie and Gabi. Julie really can't stand Gabi.
  4. xtr

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    I'm happy to hear that.
  5. I wonder how much her and Nate will interact and if they will actually end up becoming a couple. He's introduced to her by Jack, but they don't really talk a whole lot. It sounds like she's going to be dating Jack for at least a bit. He asks her to the Jabotiques launch party and then Thanksgiving Dinner. The spoilers had mentioned love was on the horizon for Jack and I think that could be with Kerry. I haven't seen many spoilers about Nate, other than him offering to support Victoria and her turning him down. If they changed Kerry's storyline/love interest, I do wonder what that will mean for Nate. Maybe they will test him with Rey's estranged wife Mia. I think them making that character mid 20's gives her several different potential love interests. Maybe she will interact with Nate (and/or maybe Devon). I also thought that Nate had chemistry with Abby in the brief scenes they interacted with each other.
  6. I would have liked Jack with a woman closer to his age, but I also do like Jack/Kerry and actually think they fit each other. I think that the show may have originally wanted to pair her with Nate or Devon, but they may have changed direction because she comes across as older/very mature. I think that she comes across as someone who is at least in their mid 30s and people have mistaken her for being around 40. Granted, that is still significantly younger than Jack but I think they have nice chemistry together. I believe she would be mismatched with someone like Devon. (I don't think they would match up well looks/personality wise) Not sure how she would match up with Nate, I want to see how her and Nate/ look, interact with each other once they are introduced. For now though, I like her with Jack. Also, I could see Fen being paired with Ana. They could make a nice young couple.
  7. It also sounds like Fen may have been recast by an actor named Zach Tinker. There hasn't been official confirmation from sources like SOD. But here are some pictures that were posted on Twitter, of what looks like the new Fin, Michael and Lauren celebrating the Holidays. It looks like Fen may be the unexpected person that is coming back into Lauren's life. Over at soaps.com, they say these pictures originally came from Tracey's Instagram. (It doesn't look like they are posted up there anymore).
  8. Here are some more spoilers from soaps.com and SOD: Rey is going to question Nick regarding JT's disappearance. Nick is going to be upset with Sharon for giving Rey information about him. Rey and Sharon are going to be awkward around each other after admitting their feelings. They will end up kissing. Rey's wife is going to come to town and sense that something is going on between Sharon/Rey. Nick will also notice and be upset about their closeness. The Rosales family is going to spend time Thanksgiving with Sharon at Crimson Lights at an event she holds for the homeless. Kerry is going to spend Thanksgiving with the Abbotts and Jack is going to receive unexpected news at Thanksgiving Dinner. I am glad that Jack/Kerry will be spending more time together and I wonder what is the unexpected news he receives at Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures from upcoming scenes:
  9. Thanks for bringing this video over. I enjoyed watching some of the cast reminisce about Peggy and her impact on their lives. I also enjoyed the clips showed of her at the end and how the cast were reacting watching it. This was a sweet tribute to her.
  10. According to soaps.com on their day ahead recap tomorrow, Jack is going to end up asking Kerry to the Jabotiques Launch and after party with him. He will also introduce her to Nate, who he ends up spending some time/catching up with. Nate is going to take a job at Memorial hospital in GC. Nate will also end up spending some time with Victoria tomorrow, and will offer his support to her, as she's dealing with JT's murder investigation. She will decline it. Also Mariah and Tessa will move in together, and it will be revealed that Tessa is hiding a big pile of cash. And Sharon will quit her job with Rey at the police station and will cite it's because they are getting to close with each other. Rey and Sharon will admit they have feelings for each other but Rey will say he wants to honor his wife. According to soaps.com Rey's wife is going to arrive in GC in Monday's episode. I think that Jack and Kerry could be interesting together. I think their interactions are good. I am also interested in seeing how her and Nate interact and if there will be any chemistry between them. I wonder if Tessa is the blackmailer or if her hiding cash is a red herring. And I want to see what will end up happening between Rey/Sharon. SID Spoilers say that Sharon will actually go to the Jabotiques Launch Party with Billy who invites her. Nick and Phyllis will be there together. Mal hints that Billy/Sharon will form an alliance and will be spending more time together. They will enjoy being a thorn in Phyllis's/Nick's side. He hints that something romantic maybe could happen between them. If so, I wonder where that leaves Rey and how that affects his storylines.
  11. xtr

    Y&R Casting New Female

    It is now being reported by SOD that the role of Ana Devon's sister has been recast with American Idol contestant Loren Lott. Ana will first appear on November 28. It looks like "Mandy" was really "Ana" after all. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/yrs-ana-coming-back/ Here are some more pics of Lauren:
  12. I remember some years ago, when Soapnet aired like the first two or four episodes ( I can't remember exactly how many ) of Days. I believe they aired those shows to celebrate Days' 40th anniversary. It was interesting and fun to watch and see what type of "drama" they had back then. The most drama I can remember watching from those episodes was a teenage Julie shoplifting and being upset that she didn't get enough attention from her parents. It's interesting to see how the show has changed since then. I am glad that this episode has been put on youtube. I wish we had more older episodes available online.
  13. xtr

    GH: Special Anniversary Episode

    This sounds like it might be interesting. I do wonder if he ends up having the same amount/same love interests and kids in this alternate universe.
  14. She was snippy to them and has been snippy since she's been on the show. I definitely think she comes across as no- nonsense. She does seem very loyal to Phyllis, which is something considering she just met her.She was really pushing for Jack today to rally the Abbotts around Phyllis. I wonder if it's mostly about "female empowerment" or if she may have some sort of agenda. Kyle had a funny look on his face when Phyllis told him about Kerry being in the lab "hours ago" and he had met with Kerry earlier at the athletic club. I wonder if she's up to something. I also wonder how Phyllis may react if her and Jack become romantically involved with each other, which I could see happening.
  15. Phyllis and Nick are so swarmy together and apart. I don't think they really have any chemistry together either. They are hard to watch. Summer is also still annoying. Also, I think that the show may end up pairing Jack and Kerry together romantically. And I think it might work, especially if it's taken slow and they develop a mutual respect for each other. It already seems like they are building respect/a good rapport with each other. I actually think she might suit Jack better than say Nate or Devon, (two people I thought she might possibly be paired/tested with). I think she comes across as really mature/and older than them, (especially Devon) and I could see her with an older man. Kerry is kind of snippy right now, but I could see her softening more around Jack. I do believe he genuinely seems to like/respect her. I don't like how pro-Phyllis she is, but I do wonder if she may have an agenda of her own. Phyllis told Kyle today that Kerry had been in the lab hours ago, and he seemed surprised by that, (as she was meeting with him earlier.) I wonder if she was really in the lab or if she lied to Phyllis.