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  1. Here are some more spoilers for this week from Lynda Hirsch's soap column. Phyllis will be angry at Billy for taking Jabot's corporate jet without her permission. Billy will tell her the reason why he took the jet and tell her about his problems with Victoria. Phyllis will surprise him by offering insight to Victoria and tell him that he needs to stand up and fight for the relationship that he wants. Victoria will end up leaning on Sharon who will tell her that she needs to focus on discovering her self-worth, especially since she's still harboring pain from JT's abuse. Rey will ask Arturo to be his best man for the wedding ceremony, which Arturo will agree to. Arturo will decide not to tell Rey about Mia's behavior because he doesn't want to ruin his brother's happiness. Mia will rub her and Rey's vow renewal in Sharon's face. Sharon will act outwardly happy, but she will be hurting inside regarding this news.
  2. According to soaps.com day ahead recap on Monday's episode, Cane will tell Mattie that he needs to visit Lily tonight. Mattie will wonder why he wants to do that and Cane will say he's just wants to be spontaneous. Mattie will want to know the truth and Cane will admit something happened and he wants to make things right with Lily. Mattie will offer to go with him, but he will tell her he has to see Lily by himself. Billy will be at the prison to see Lily. She will hug him and wonder why he took the corporate Jet to come see her. Billy will tell her something happened and then tell her about Victor getting arrested. Lily will ask if there are any scandals and rumors going on in GC. Billy will tell her that Fen is a pop star and she will want him to be honest about why he came. He will tell her something happened with Cane since the last time he visited. He will tell her caught Cane kissing Victoria on the couch. Lily will mention how Cane and Victoria hate each other and Billy will tell her they were sober and it wasn't the first time that they kissed. Lily will feel sick and Billy will regret coming to tell her. Lily will say she has a right to know and will say that she will survive prison by any means necessary. Later Cane will arrive at the prison and will be told no more visitors are allowed for the night. He will learn that Billy visited Lily. Also Rey and Arturo will make amends for each other. They will both say they are in a good place with each other and the women in their lives. Arturo will tell Rey he was more like a father to him than their father was, and the brothers will hug. Abby/Mia however will clash with each other at Crimson Lights. And Mia/Arturo will also have some confrontations with each other. Mia will mock Arturo and tell him that Abby doesn't know how bad he has it for Mia. Arturo will tell Mia that Abby is the only woman in his future. Mia will tell him he's kidding himself. Later he will leave Crimson Lights and her and Abby will clash (Mia will end up holding flowers that Arturo gave Abby) and she will tell Abby that Arturo settled for her. Later Abby will confront Arturo about Mia's claims. Arturo will tell her that Mia is just stirring up trouble and to ignore her. Arturo will end up going to Rey's apartment and confront Mia about upsetting Abby. Mia will say she's trying to save Arturo from her and that Arturo showed up at the apartment to test things between him and Mia. Arturo will threaten to tell Rey about how Mia is acting. Mia will say Rey won't forgive him this time. Rey shows up and Arturo says he has to tell him something and then Mia interjects and says she loves Rey and wants to renew their vows. Rey agrees. Also Phyllis will try and convince Sharon to form an alliance with her and they will wonder if they can trust Victoria/Nikki. Sharon says she wants to wait and see before she makes a decision, but that she trusts Phyllis even less than she trusts Victor. Also, here is the promo for next week:
  3. I don't know how long Summer is back for ,but I do believe she is largely back to cause trouble for Kyle/Lola. I could see Kyle giving in to temptation, sleeping with her, that causing problems for him and Lola and then Summer leaving town again. Rey and Mia are going to renew their wedding vows and Arturo is going to propose to Abby during them. I think both of these couples are not going to make it. Arturo and Mia still seem to have strong feelings for each other. I think they will either cheat/and or realize they love each other and want to be together. I feel bad for Abby, this will yet another failed relationship for her. I could see her maybe deciding to swear off love, but then slowly getting closer to Devon as they work together as partners in helping run Lola's restaurant. Rey I think will move on to Sharon. I also think that Ana probably has a bad guy out there somewhere that is going to show up. I wonder if Devon finds out that Ana is the songwriter, (maybe Michael will discover she set up the LLC) and that is what the spoiler about him "pushing her into the spotlight" is about. Maybe he discovers she's the songwriter and then has her come forward publicly. Or maybe he pushes her into the spotlight because of her production talent. I wonder if her being in the spotlight helps facilitate the bad guy coming to town. I could see him coming to town and trying to cause problems for Ana and maybe Hamilton-Winters. I think that Fen and Devon/Neil will end up helping her deal with him/trying to protect her from him.
  4. I think Summer. According to spoilers she is supposed to be back on 1/29. She is coming back much sooner than I thought she would. I think she will come back and stir up trouble for Kyle/Lola, especially since Kyle continues to be frustrated. I had thought in the past that maybe he would mess around with Mia, but it looks like she will have her hands full with Rey and Arturo. Also here are some more upcoming spoilers from SOD for the next couple of weeks: Cane and Billy will end up coming to blows. Cane and Victoria will reach common ground and Billy will lean on Phyllis. Mia and Rey are going to renew their wedding vows and Arturo is going to ask Abby to marry him at the ceremony. Also, Cane is going to defend himself to Devon and Neil. Devon will push Ana into the spotlight, Billy will ask for a second chance, Fen will push Kyle's buttons and Victor will make a shocking discovery. Here are some upcoming spoiler pics:
  5. I had looked at tomorrow's episode (it's posted online) and I thought that the Cane/Devon scenes were the best part of the show. Devon is pretty angry with Cane and comes across as being protective of Lily. Initially he offers to let Cane use the corporate Jet, but once he finds out that Cane cheated, he gets upset with him. He tells Cane that he only wants to visit Lily to make himself feel better. He tells him to go home and that he doesn't believe that Lily should ever know about Cane kissing Victoria. He says that he believes that Lily can get through her prison sentence better if she believes that Cane is faithful. And I did laugh a little at how Cane was acting (like a nervous wreck) in some of those scenes and Devon's reaction when he asked Cane why he would kiss Victoria, because Devon thought they hated each other. He even tells Cane at one point, that he's not going to let him leave the penthouse and to stay away from Lily, when Cane insists he needs to see her and tell her about the cheating. If Devon is this upset with Cane, I can imagine how Neil will react. I do think that Neil may have the opposite opinion and think that Cane should tell Lily about the cheating. Though, maybe he might feel it's best to tell her after she gets out of prison. It does look like she will find out soon enough, because Billy shows up at the prison tomorrow to talk with her. I think that Billy should have went home and really thought about how he would handle things before he made a decision to go to the prison to tell Lily. I think it would have been better if he let Cane do that. Even if he had to issue an ultimatum to Cane. (Something like "Either you tell Lily or I will.") I think it's best and less hurtful if it comes from Cane himself. Lily is going to be hurt either way but at least she wouldn't feel like Cane didn't want to be honest with her. Also when I typed in that name for the star, it replaced it with symbols. I had to separate it. But it's their couple name, a combination of Kyle+Lola, even though SON did recognize it as another person whose name we can't type here.
  6. According to soaps.com day ahead recap on tomorrow's episode, Victor will be revealed to be the one that Nikki was shooting at. He will tell her that Michael got his bail hearing moved up and show her his ankle monitor. She will admit to him that she told Nick that she killed JT. Victor isn't upset with Nikki that she let him get wrongly accused, he just wants to figure out a way to keep her safe. Also, Nick will arrive at the ranch and him and Victor will agree to work together to keep Nikki safe. Victoria will also arrive later on and be caught up to speed on what is going on. Billy will catch Cane and Victoria kissing on the couch. He will assume that Cane is taking advantage of Victoria and tell Cane that he is being a lousy husband to Lily. Victoria will tell Billy that she kissed Cane and has done it more than once. Billy will think that Victoria acted out because of what Phyllis said and will tell her he's done worse and won't judge her. She will tell Billy they aren't dating, she doesn't owe him anything. Billy will say he only wants a future with her. Victoria will ask him would he be with Phyllis right now had Phyllis agreed to take him back. Billy will say that is a hypothetical situation. Victoria will not like that answer, will tell Billy she has kissed Cane before and will ask Billy to leave. Later she will talk with Nikki at the ranch about what happened with Billy/Phyllis and will tell Nikki she isn't sure of what she wants. Cane will go over to Devon's penthouse and be frantic. He will tell Devon that he needs to use Devon's jet to go see Lily and "Save their marriage". Devon will be worried about his emotional state and will inquire more about what is going on. Cane will talk about how he hasn't been able to be with Lily and that their is growing distance between them. He will then confess to Devon that he kissed Victoria after her and Billy argued about Phyllis. Devon will snap and say "What?!. and then Cane will hate himself and says he doesn't know what is wrong with him. He tells Devon he wants to be honest with Lily and pleads with Devon to help him. Devon will say that he thinks that Cane wants to make himself feel better and tells Cane to go home and figure out how to deal with things so that Lily can get through her sentence. Also, Billy will end up arriving at the prison to see Lily. Also, Kyle will spend a romantic evening with Lola where he will show her the North Star and Constellations through his telescope. He will tell her that he '"bought" a star for her and named it K o l a. and that it cost $19.99. He will have paperwork for it. He will also continue to be frustrated that he isn't sleeping with her.
  7. There is speculation that Kerry could be a transgender person. I've also seen speculation she is taking fertility treatments to try and get pregnant. I'm not sure what's really going on, I haven't seen specific spoilers confirming what she's up to. It does sound like it will be something big.
  8. xtr

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I do think that Ana may be in some serious trouble. Maybe she owes that guy who sold her work some money because he's blackmailing her with something serious. Devon even asked her today, if her songwriting "friend" was in trouble. She denied it. She told Fen she didn't want to reveal her reasons because they are "personal". Before when she told Fen about keeping anonymous about her identity she didn't mention wanting to get paid, but now she "needs" money even though as Fen pointed out she's living rent free/no student loan debt/Devon would help her if she asked. I wonder if the guy recently contacted her and is demanding money from her. I do believe Fen will continue to dig until he finds the truth. He may even have to tell Devon himself that she's the songwriter, to help her get out of trouble/help protect her.
  9. xtr

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed today's episode. I am glad that Neil is back. I liked seeing him interact with Ana, Devon and Fen. . I think he will definitely be involved in this storyline about Ana keeping the secret about being a songwriter and the impact that will have on Hamilton-Winters. I also think he will be getting on Cane once he finds out that Cane has cheated with Victoria. I thought it was funny when Fen picked up Devon to hug him and looked like he might have wanted to do the same to Neil. But Neil kind of stopped that, though still congratulated Fen. I like the way that Fen is interacting/fitting in with the Hamilton/Winters family. His excitement about his song was cute. Speaking of his song, I wonder if Ana is possibly being blackmailed or something. Maybe that is why she wants to get paid for her song up front, without getting any royalties over it. Maybe she's getting blackmailed but doesn't want to tell Devon about it and that is why she's getting the money early to handle this situation on her own. I wonder if it was the guy who stole her work and if she was also romantically involved with the guy who sold her work. Her facial expressions gets kind of stoic/unhappy looking when Fen brings up why she's keeping the secret. I think that this guy could have really hurt her in more ways than one. I do think that keeping this secret could have some costly ramifications for all the people involved including Fen and Devon. I could see Devon company being impacted negatively by this lie and I could see Fen ultimately losing his record deal because of it and being dropped from the label like Tessa was. I hope those things don't happen, but they could. Also, I thought that Phyllis got what she deserved after she threw it in Victoria's face that Billy just tried to get back together with her when Billy/Victoria were on a date together. Phyllis is really petty even more so, because she's with Nick right now. Billy is right, she is jealous and I liked that he said that he hurt Jack for nothing. I think it did hurt her when Billy told her that getting with her was a mistake and that he thinks that Victoria is the love of his life. I could see Billy fighting to be with Victoria, even should he catch her kissing Cane. And speaking of Cane he wasn't being subtle with his attraction/interest in Victoria today. He seemed like he just wanted to have an excuse to follow her home. And I thought that the twins arguing over Cane's visit to Lily was realistic and showed how upset they were about her absence. I think that they will be even more upset once they learn that Cane has cheated with Victoria.
  10. Here are some more spoilers from SID: Jack is going to demand answers from Kerry on 1/25. This will be labeled a "must watch" episode. It sounds like what secret Kerry is keeping it's big. Also Nick will find out a secret that Sharon has worked to keep under wraps, and Phyllis will have a plan. Also when Billy catches Cane and Victoria kissing he will think that Cane took advantage of Victoria. Victoria will tell Cane to leave her home so she can sort things out with Billy. Cane will run to Devon and ask to use his corporate jet so he can fly to the prison and confess to Lily. Devon will deny him use of the jet. Billy will end up using Jabot's corporate jet to fly to the prison. Cane drives at record speed so he can get to the prison, but when he gets there Lily already has a visitor. (It sounds like Billy beats him to it.)
  11. Neil is back on tomorrow's episode. IMO, tomorrow's episode is much better than today's was. According to soaps.com day ahead recap (and other spoilers) on tomorrow's show Cane will tell the twins that his visit with Lily went good. He will also tell that she didn't read Mattie's essay. Mattie will think that's strange. She will think there is something that Cane isn't telling them. Cane will say somethings are personal between him and Lily. The twins will end up getting into an argument and yelling at each other, because Mattie wants to know more about Cane's visit with Lily and Charlie will tell her to leave Cane alone. Cane will them to stop. At Victoria's home Billy will remind her it's been three years since Delia's hit and run. They will talk about how they reunited after Delia appeared to Billy. Victoria will wonder if that is why Billy is there. He tells he's been thinking about their family and understand she needs time. Victoria will agree to a lunch date with him. Fen will hear his song playing at the coffeehouse and will be excited about it. Sharon will tell him it's on the playlist and says she hopes his career goes better than Tessa's did. She will tell him that Tessa got dropped from the label and Fen will realize that's a reality check. At the penthouse Neil will greet and hug Ana. She will tell him that she is eager to see Lily. Devon will update him on Fen's single and tell Neil that the songwriter wants to be remain anonymous. Neil tells Devon that could be a problem. Neil will ask Ana how she knows the songwriter, she will tell him she knew him through college and they used to listen to music together at clubs. Devon thinks they should proceed without a contract, and Neil will say for "now". Devon will tell Neil he's getting his life back on track and Neil will Devon that he will be spending time between Lakewood and Genoa City. Later Fen will arrive and Devon will tell him that he can stop waiting tables because his numbers for his singles are better than they hoped. He will tell Fen/Ana that his single is trending in some places. Fen will be excited, and will pick Devon up off the ground and hug him, hug Ana and kiss her on the cheek and shake hands/gets a pat on the shoulder from Neil. Fen and Ana will get some champagne and Neil will continue to be concerned about the mysterious songwriter. He will remind Devon about Tessa stealing her lyrics. Devon will reassure Neil and tell him that he wants the songwriter to write Fen's whole album. Ana will suggest that Devon give the songwriter an advance, Devon will want to buy the song outright and have the writer forfeit future profits. Ana will agree and Fen will blurt out that is not a good idea for Ana's friend to do. Devon will decide to have Michael see if he can find the songwriter of Fen's song through his LLC. Later at Crimson Lights Fen will press Ana again about why she won't reveal she's the songwriter and she will tell him, she will in due time. Cane will end up telling Neil about his visit with Lily at GCAC and Neil will tell him he needs to support whatever person Lily has become since she's been in prison. Victoria will end up showing up with Billy which will be distracting to Cane. Victoria and Billy will toast to new beginnings at their table and Phyllis will show up and tell Victoria that Billy asked her to get back together with him right before Christmas. Victoria will be upset and will leave. Billy will confront Phyllis and tell her he made a mistake getting with her, and that Victoria is the love of his life. Cane will end up following Victoria back to her house because he left a scarf there. She will tell him what happened with Billy and Phyllis and he will say he's not in a position to judge. He will say he's feels alone without Lily. Cane/Victoria will start kissing each other. Also Nikki will tell Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon earlier on in the episode that she confessed what she did to Nick. She was also end up pulling a gun on someone when she hears a noise at the ranch and sees a shadow.
  12. Here is a recap for today's show from soaps.com: Cane will visit Lily in prison who will tell him that she was chosen to teach a GED class for women. He will tell her that he misses her, updates her about the kids, and tells her he wants to take a trip to Paris once she gets out of jail. Lily will say that she doesn't want to talk about the future, because thinking about it hurts. Cane will ask Lily if he's given her enough support. He will ask her if he's listening to her enough. Lily will end up saying she feels they aren't on the same side, and will want to leave to teach the GED class. Cane will want her to get someone to cover for her, but Lily will not want to do that. She will hug Cane and tells him she needs his support, and Cane will tell her he's not the one who's walking away. Mia and Rey will make love and say they are good for each other. But later after Rey leaves, Mia will invite Arturo over. Mia will tell Arturo that nothing happened between Sharon and Rey, and that Rey is fine with him fixing the furnace. She will also tell him that she can't stop thinking about the other night between him and her. Arturo will be frustrated by this and tells her that things are done and nothing like that will happen between them again. And Nick will tell Rey that he believes that his father is innocent and that he thinks whoever set fire to the Newman ranch is framing Victor. Later Rey will tell Sharon that Mia knows nothing happened between them in the motel room. He will say he is glad that Mia has faith in him again. Sharon will tell him he seems happy that he's not pursuing other romantic options. Rey will say he didn't realize what he stood to lose regarding Mia and won't be like his father was. Also, Nick will tell Phyllis he has a change of heart regarding Victor's guilt. Phyllis will wonder why all of a sudden he believes that Victor is innocent. Nick will say he thinks Victor is being framed and almost lets it slip that he knows that Nikki is JT's real killer. Phyllis will end up embracing him and telling him that she wants to help Nikki and supports Nick.
  13. xtr

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    It looks like they may a bigger reason why Ana doesn't want to reveal to Devon that she is the songwriter. I wonder what it is. On today's show she got snippy with Fen, after he told he didn't believe her story and wanted to discuss what her real reason was for not wanting to tell Devon. Her attitude had a big shift to it when he tried to find out why she really didn't want to tell the truth. I didn't care for the way she ended up acting towards Fen. But maybe she is some type of trouble and revealing she is the songwriter will add to it. I wonder what will end up happening in this storyline. I could see Fen continue to dig deeper until he finds out what the truth, largely because he cares about her. Maybe he will end up telling Devon and Ana will be upset with him. Also, I thought Fen was looking pretty cute today. (He looked good in the shirt he was wearing). I enjoyed his scenes with Michael/Lauren. I look forward to seeing them interact together more. And I wonder what Kerry is hiding. I think that she has always come across like she could have some other agenda going on and I wonder what she is up to. I like her and Jack together and their chemistry and I wonder how her secret will affect them as a couple. I also think it's definitely time to bring this JT storyline to an end. This storyline has been going on too long and has too many unnecessary twists added to it. At this point, I would be okay with it being revealed that JT is alive and he is the one scaring the women this time around. This storyline needs to be wrapped up.
  14. According to soaps.com day ahead recap (and other spoilers) for tomorrow's episode Devon will tell Ana that he's releasing her version of Fen's song as his single. Ana will be happy about this. Michael and Lauren spend some time with Fen. He will play his song for them at the club and they will talk about this early taste of success for him and will let him know they are proud. Fen will be touched by their reaction. Later Michael will express his concern to Lauren that Fen's career is not a stable one. Also, Nick will show up at prison and tell Victor that he believes he is innocent and that he will be getting together a legal team for Victor. He brings in Michael and . Nick will tell Victor he hired Michael for Nikki's sake and Victor will tell Nick he will get out of this situation and he's proud of Nick. Kerry will send Jack mixed signals. She will make out with him and then present him with a new bottle of fragrance that she named after him: "Jack of Hearts". Jack will go upstairs for a moment to freshen up and when he comes down Kerry will be leaving without telling him. She will say she has to work/doesn't want to upset Dina, but Jack will convince her to stay. She will send him upstairs to wait for her and then take out the fragrance and look at it again.And someone will be watching Nikki/Victoria on a surveillance camera. Victoria will also be upset that Nikki told Nick the truth about JT. And Ana will get snippy with Fen when he wants to discuss why she won't reveal she's the songwriter. She will tell him to stop talking about the issue and even ask him to leave the penthouse. She will also warn him that things may not end well for his career if he reveals she's the songwriter. I looked at tomorrow's episode, and I didn't care for the way that Ana was acting towards Fen. The writers ruined Lola for me in a few episodes, I hope they don't go down a similar path with Ana. Granted, the way she was acting wasn't as bad as Lola/the purse, but IMO, it was concerning. Mal has been writing a lot of the women on this show as acting unlikeable/unbearable, don't want to see that happen with Ana. I think she may have a bigger secret regarding why she won't tell she's the songwriter. Maybe she's scared or something and there is a good reason why she won't tell the truth. I don't know. There is also that spoiler about Neil being worried about her, maybe she ends up acting in a way that concerns him.
  15. I could see her kissing Cane after the scenes at the dinner play out. I do wonder what leads Cane to go over to her house again. Also, I heard rumors/reports that Billy will end up telling Lily and Reed that Victoria is cheating with Cane. (Though I haven't seen any credible source specifically confirming that yet.) If so, that is low on Billy's end. It's one thing to tell Lily, as he cares about her, it's another thing to tell Reed, who is already reeling from learning bad stuff about his father. That will further hurt Reed, who is already upset because one of his parents turned out to be worse than what he thought. He's already devastated by learning what JT did, he's going to be even more hurt if he learns his mother is cheating with Cane. I think that if Billy tells Reed about Cane/Victoria that is unnecessary and not the best move for him to make. If their relationship progresses even further Reed will find out eventually.