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  1. I'm don't know why either one of them passes out. But during this week Theo did reveal to Summer that his dad died of a heart attack when he was fifteen years old. I wonder if maybe heart disease or some sort of heart condition runs in the family and that's why he passes out. Or maybe he's just goofing around and pretending to pass out to mess with Lola.
  2. Here is the promo for next week:
  3. According to tomorrow's show Elena will be curious about Devon's meeting with the will. Devon will tell her that Chance is behind it. Elena will think it's a ploy to rattle him. Devon will read from the will and say it sounds like Katharine. Elena will be surprised that Devon inherited as much money as he did. Nate will end up arriving to the penthouse and Elena will ask him how he's doing that Victor is gone. Nate will tell him that he's still processing things. Devon will tell Jill about Amanda being a Hilary look alike. Jill will tell Devon that she thinks that Chance isn't involved and will honor Katharine's will. Amanda will end up telling Devon that Chance doesn't want to take legal action. Devon will ask who sent her and what's she after. He will tell her to stay away from his family and friends. Amanda will tell her that she doesn't take orders from him and he'll learn that soon enough. Devon tells her he can hire dozens of lawyers, and Amanda will say he wont' have that money for long. She will grab him by the tie and leave an angry message for someone.' Lauren will also tell Michael that she got Fen settled into rehab. And that Fen is mad at himself for messing up and doesn't want to face Michael right now. Victor will also show up alive. I do think it's interesting and actually like that Devon is telling Amanda to stay away from him and his friends. It's an interesting turn not to have him obsessed/too shaken by her that he can't really function that well. He truly believes she is not Hilary and is running some type of scam. I think that's is a more interesting and better direction to take his character than to have him try and convince himself that she's Hilary. It looks like they will start out clashing for the time being. I also wonder how Amanda's interaction with Nate will go.
  4. Here are some upcoming spoilers from next week from the Zap2it website: Nikki's plan will backfire, Devon will demand answers from Amanda Sinclair, Mariah meets Amanda Sinclair, Sharon leans on Rey, Nick confesses to Chelsea & Adam gives Phyllis an unexpected gift. #YR.
  5. According to the day ahead recap from soaps.com on tomorrow's show: Amanda will tell Devon that Chance learned from David Sherman that Tucker paid him to alter the will. David has passed away but made this confession on his deathbed. Devon will be in disbelief and insist that the claim isn't real. He will ask Amanda where did Chance find her and mention her resemblance to Hilary. She will tell him she's sorry for his loss and give him her card. She will be staying at the Grand Phoenix Hotel. Also Paul and Rey will question Kelly Coffield's character about the drugs that Victor took. They will tell her that the prescription was only from the pharmacy where she works. They will press her to come clean and issues warnings. She will think about her options and ask for immunity in return for her giving them information. Rey will call Michael who will agree to the immunity. Kelly's character will admit that she upped the dosage and state that she forged the label for Victoria. Victoria will end up telling Rey/Paul at her home that the pharmacist is lying. She will tell them to search her apartment and that she has nothing to hide. Michael will call Adam and tell him that Paul called like he predicted and that he granted the woman immunity. At Newman Victor's pill bottle is found along with Nate's tablet in Victoria's desk. And Nick and Chelsea will say I love you to each other and Theo will tell Summer a little about his father. Theo will tell Summer that his father passed away of a heart attack when he was 15 years old. He will tell her this when he is trying to comfort her about losing Victor. Kyle will also comfort and hug Summer when they talk about her losing Victor at Jabot.
  6. Kelly Coffield Park is back on tomorrow's episode. Someone on Twitter who is currently watching the Canadian Show posted a screen clip of her. It looks like Paul and Rey are questioning about the drugs that ended up in Victor's system. Also, on tomorrow's show Mishael's character confirms that her name is Amanda Sinclair and that her client is Chance. She also states that another draft of Katherine's will doesn't bequeath the majority of the estate to Devon.
  7. I also think that this is a nice picture that Mishael posted today of her and Christel on Mishael's instagram page. I wonder if Lily factors into this stuff with the will/Amanda showing up. (They haven't officially confirmed Mishael is the lawyer Amanda Sinclair, but I will that is who she will be playing.) I also wonder when Chance may show up. I haven't read anything about him being cast yet, but I think he may be involved with the will. Maybe he will just show up like Jett did (just showed up without his appearance being spoiled) or kind of like Papa Rosales did (mentioned that he might show up, but no officially air date was given before he did).
  8. Someone posted a screencap of MM showing up at Devon's door on Twitter, her hair is a bit different.
  9. Chad and Abby in Paris Chapter 2 debuts on Thursday on the Dool App. They will have some new characters joining including Mr. Shin's son, Li Shin played by actor Remmington Hoffman: Another newcomer named Sylvie is also going to be on this latest episodes. She will be played by actress Shawna Della-Ricca. Juliet who was in the first batch of episodes will also be returning and a surprise person from Salem will be showing up as well. There will be eight episodes in this next Chapter. I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Shin's son appearing on regular Days. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2019/09/17/chapter-two-of-dool-app-series-chad-abby-in-paris-to-debut-this-thursday
  10. Mal had his faults including that super long boring, JT storyline. But IMO, he wrote the young people (with an exception being Summer) way better than Josh is doing. Underneath Mal of the young people were actually interesting and viable, including the young men. Josh is writing this young set very poorly. Lola actually got even worse underneath Josh and the young men are not written well.
  11. I think this may not end too well for Theo. I don't know if they will make a him a bad guy or just have him do a bunch of random stuff. Until they ultimately write him off. They really should have just kept Ana and had him do the mentor storyline with her. Instead of throwing him in this storyline with Tessa/Mariah that's going to probably be lopsided in their favor. I think that Theo had potential and they should have written him differently. But they used him for boring Kyle/Lola angst. And now they are throwing him into a storyline with Mariah/Tessa, when they IMO, they should have just kept Ana for him to interact with. I would have rather watched an Ana/Theo storyline and/or an Ana/Theo/Summer triangle than this stuff with Mariah/Tessa. They are wasting yet another young man on this story.
  12. Yeah, I actually thought that Tessa jumped to conclusion a little by suggesting he was hitting on her, after he complimented her. Now granted he did say he was attacted to her/mentioned he was hitting on her. However, his initial comment about her being beautiful and talented was not inappropriate. And I don't think he would have even mentioned or confirmed hitting on her had she not brought it up. I think he's trying to undermine Mariah and maybe trying to use Tessa in whatever plan he has for Mariah regarding Power Communications. He already broached the subject of Tessa's career a few days ago with Mariah, when he asked about it. And Mariah mentioned she was exclusively managing Tessa's career. I think that Theo mainly wants to try and remove Mariah from running Power and take over. That's why he's interacting with Tessa, trying to get a role in managing her career.
  13. It was not bad as that tweet is suggesting. Theo told Tessa she was talented and beautiful after he brought up that she should be athe main act on a tour. Tessa then jumped the the conclusion he was hitting on her and said she was gay. Theo then said he didn't believe in label, admitted that he was hitting on her. And flirted with her. Theo was being flirty more than anything and may have been trying to butter up her to one up Mariah. He did not say he wanted to change her. The show seems to be all over the place when it comes to Theo and his motivations for doing things. I'm not sure what exactly he's trying to do with Tessa/Mariah, but I believe he may be trying to undermine/get over on Mariah to take her position in Powers Communications. I'm not even sure he really wants Tessa like that. He' has never hit on her or shown romantic interest in her prior to today's show. He's actually been all about Summer (romantically) in spite of his antics. I don't like the writing for him right now and once again the show is messing up the writing for a male character in that mid 20's to early 30's set. This show needs more viable male characters in that group, but for some reason they keep messing over men in that group. (Noah, Fen, Theo). Theo should not have been used mostly as angst for Lola and now doing whatever they are trying to do with him Tessa/Mariah. Which will probably not end up amounting to much. This could also be an attempt to give Tessa/Mariah another story but IMO, it will fall flat. Just like the story with Ana did.
  14. Here is the preview for next week:
  15. Here are some spoilers for next week from the Zap2it website. Michael will end up pointing the finger at Adam. Jill and Devon will work to protect Katharine's legacy, Phyllis will issue a warning and Chelsea will keep Adam in line.
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