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  1. Lol. What I noticed more than anything was a lot of accusations of them accusing people of chumming it up with other people on the shows. Okay, lol. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to really suck up to people and wanting to get something based off of merit. But if people are nice to/befriend people, they might get some good opportunities. That happens in a lot of workplaces. Maybe he could have tried to make more connections with people in the industry and could have gotten more opportunities.
  2. According to soaps.com Y&R is looking to cast white twins or triplets for a new born that is approximiately four months old. I wonder which character(s) the baby is for? Also according to SOD Tristian Thompson is returning in the role of Colin for two days starting November 20.
  3. I agree with this 100%. And I've seen some of those real life pics on Twitter, (Especially since some of them constantly attack him his looks.) And they do not need to be talking about anybody's looks. What's extra strange is that some of them are heavier than he is, and you would think they wouldn't be attacking another person's weight. But for whatever reason they want to eat their own. I can understand there are people that don't like his acting, but there's no need to constantly slam him based off his looks/weight. Some of the same people doing this were upset when people were doing this to Beth Maitland on Y&R. (Which I undersatnd and she didn't deserve to be treated like that). But don't have a problem treating Freddie like that. Nobody should be treated like that, IMO. Plus, I noticed whenever he's thinner, some of these people don't be saying anything about him good or bad. But once he starts gaining weight again, They are back to attacking him. A lot of the criticism aimed at him is very shallow IMO, and a lot of people largely hate on him because they don't find him attractive. (Even if a lot of people also criticize his acting skills as well).
  4. Regarding what may have happened to Adrienne, I don't think that Sonny is responsible for her death. I believe that Will killed her, like it was stated on today's show. And there is a spoiler from SOD that says that:
  5. Yeah. I've seen people make fun his weight on places like Twitter, who are bigger than he is. And more unattractive than he is too. (Though, I like his look and don't find him unattractive). That includes both men and women that constantly attack him for his looks/weight.
  6. Evan is a cutie. He seems nice too: Also, I wonder how Adrienne and Haley died. I think that whatever happened to Adrienne was an accident, I'm not sure if what happened to Haley.
  7. It looks like Chance will be in Abby's orbit right now. On tomorrow's show he does interact with Amanda, but it's about the stuff regarding the will. According to soaps.com day ahead recap on tomorrow's show he will flirt/talk with Abby and ask her out for a drink. She will accept his drink invitation. Maybe something romantic may develop between him and Abby. Some scenes of him interacting tomorrow with Abby:
  8. I hope this show doesn't get cancelled. While I don't like stuff like what they are doing with this Gabi/Lani storyline, I do feel like Days is the best of the four remaining soaps.
  9. Here are more upcoming spoilers from SOD: Sonny will open up to Evan, Kayla and her new man will reminisce about how they came together, Marlena's return will throw a monkey wrench into Gina's plan. Ciara will snoop around Xander's house, and Sonny will open up to Chad about Will. Jennifer will receive devastating news from the last year, Eric will inform Roman of his big plans for the future and he will also have a surprise for Nicole, Ben will run into Clyde in prison and Eve will summon Abigail. Also, Chad will reveal his new agenda to Abigail, Hope will work on a portrait, JJ will try and work through his issues and Kristen will provide comfort. And Nicole will make a startling admission to Eric, Abigail tangles with Eli, and Marlena will receive a surprise on Thanksgiving. Victor has replaced Brady with Xander as CEO of Titan, Nicole and Sarah will feel guilty about keeping the secret regarding baby Mickey from Eric, Brady will talk about the past year being very hard and Justin will visit Eve in jail. And there was also a preview in the mag of other things to come including during the Winter: Xander and Sarah will grow closer over her baby, Brady and Kristen's relationship will take a shocking turn, Kate will make a surprising career change. Chad will also try to wrestle DiMera away from Gabi, while Abigail investigates what happened to Jennifer.
  10. Here are some upcoming spoilers from SOD: Phyllis will fish for intel and Nate's career will be in jeopardy, Nick will issue a threat, Cane will be backed into a corner and Chloe and Abby do damage control. Also, Nick and Chelsea will struggle with their new reality and Theo invades Kyle's terriority. Also, Jill and Colin will reunite. Jill will wonder if Katherine's new will is the real deal, She will start to weaken as Colin spins his story, and Chelsea will move in with Adam after Connor starts having stomach's pain. Also, Jack will take a stroll down memory Lane, Adam turns to Sharon for help and Victor and Nikki's Thanksgiving Dinner will take an unexpected turn. Nate and Amanda will grab a bite to eat at Society and Adam will comfort Connor. I hope that Jack taking a stroll down memory lane means that we will get some flashbacks of him to celebrate Peter Bergman's 30th anniversary with the show. That would be nice.
  11. That's unfortunate. I was just looking at a video yesterday that they had posted. It was from 1998 and had Olivia, Callie,Neil dating Victoria plus Katharine vs Jill in court. It's was some pretty good content. I had wanted to check out some of the other videos he had posted.
  12. I looked at the promo again and in the very beginning I heard Will's voice saying he's sorry for what he did. And Ben also says "Now you know what it's like to take a life." Maybe Will did indeed kill Adrienne and him and Ben talk about that. Maybe he accidentally killed her, and will serve some time for that. Also, I'm not sure what they plan to do regarding Stefano. Maybe people will think he's alive but it turns out it's not really him.
  13. Yeah and I definitely have some questions, like where is Will? In the promo it shows that Ben definitely goes to prison. And that Clyde shows up there. I think that Ben will go to prison because people think he killed Jordan. There was a spoiler that says that he has a surprising confidante, I had thought that might be Will, but maybe it's actually Clyde. I wonder if Will went to prison like the rumors stated or if maybe he's might be presumed dead again. Also, Eve is in prison. I think she ends up there because people believed that she pushed Jennifer. There is a spoiler that says that Jennifer will be informed that the person who pushed her is in prison, though it looks like Princess Gina is free. I think that Eve is wrongfully accused of killing Jennifer and ends up in prison, because people believe she would do that due to her hatred of Jennifer. I also wonder where Lani is and if the spoiler about her having a mental breakdown is true. And here are some screencaps that someone posted on Twitter from the promo: Sonny, Evan and the new sorased Arianna: And a devastated looking Justin. Maybe they will kill Adrienne off. If so IMO, that's unfortunate. I like her and her relationships with Justin/Sonny.
  14. Here is the Winter Promo that previews what happens after the time jump. Also, the Day of Days Event is happening today, where some of the cast met with fans and there was a Q&A that happened. Several fans are posting pics and information about this event on Twitter. And so are soap accounts like soapcentral.
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