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  1. This Is Us: Discussion Thread

    Sterling K. Brown just won Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama Series for "This is Us". I am very happy for him. He does a wonderful job in this role, and I think this Emmy is well deserved. I am looking forward to Season 2 of this show.
  2. The Politics Thread

    I am glad that the citizens of Charlottesville chased away Jason Kessler. He is an evil racist coward, who can't take getting his comeuppance for the damage he has helped caused. Jason, Richard Spencer and others from this racist group need to be held accountable for the destruction they have caused. I hope they get chased all the way out of town.Their views and actions are disgusting and so is them infiltrating Charlottesville. Unite the Right thought they could try and take over in that smaller community but I am glad they are learning otherwise.
  3. Disney's: Raven's Home

    I wonder if this could partly be due to the show trying to figure out how to do a mixture of humor that works well with kids and adults .I think the way they have been juxtaposing jokes with Raven/Chelsea and then the kids is making some of the jokes fall a little flat. I think this show does a have a large adult audience. Who knows maybe more adults are watching this show than kids, lol. Hopefully, they will develop a nice groove in how they showcase humor with both the kids and adults. I also wish they would bring Devon back full time. I think he is needed on this show in that capacity. I think he has nice father-daughter chemistry with Nia and I liked seeing him interact with Raven. I wish they would have let him and Raven stay married. I think they could have worked as a married couple and would have worked better as a married couple than a divorced couple.
  4. Disney's: Raven's Home

    I enjoyed tonight’s premiere. I liked learning a little bit about what has happened with Raven/Chelsea over the last 10 years. I think it’s interesting to learn that Chelsea’s ex-husband is in prison for tax fraud. It sounds like he wasn’t really a good person and that people including Raven never really liked/trusted him. I wonder if he will show up once he gets out of prison and how Chelsea/Raven will deal with him.I look forward to seeing Devon next week. I want to learn why him and Raven divorced. I think it’s interesting that Raven feels more protective over Booker than Nia, and this is without knowing about his psychic abilities. I also think it’s interesting that the twins don’t know that Raven is psychic I am looking forward to when they find out about that and she finds out about Booker’s abilities. I also wonder if Devon knows about Raven’s abilities. I like the twins but I am really enjoying Chelsea’s son Levi. I am enjoying his chemistry/interactions with everyone on the show. And I think it’s cute and seems natural when he calls Raven “Auntie Raven”. He may end up becoming my favorite kid on this show.
  5. Victoria Rowell's Rich and the Ruthless

    lol at this preview. I think that show is supposed to be deliberately OTT. It is about a soap within a soap. I think that some of the parts in the preview that are OTT/cheesy/cheeky could be scenes from the "fake soap" in the show. Plus, I think that a lot of the characters playing the soap actors on the fake soap, are purposefully being written and played OTT. The characters acting corny, cheesy, diva-ish, etc... may very well be intentional. This might actually be okay once it's shown in full episodes. I might check it out if I can find it online.
  6. Underground

    Yeah $5 million is very expensive. I wonder how they may attempt to cut costs to save this show. They may have to change the way they tell stories on this show in order to bring the costs down some. Here is a suggestion I have regarding their storytelling that could help with the cost of the location shoots/re-creating locations: I think they need to have Rosalee/Noah reunited under one roof. They can put an end to Rosalee/Noah constantly being captured/set free/ and recaptured. It is probably very costly to shoot scenes with them constantly being taken/ spread around in various places. They should free Rosalee quickly from Cato so she can be with her family. I think it's time to have Rosalee/Noah "settle down". They can have Rosalee/Noah assisting Georgia or someone else in helping protect and hide runaway slaves. Or have them go up North to help/welcome slaves who have escaped. I think they need to be in a central location (like a safe house on the Underground Railroad or up North) where they can raise their son/James but still help/welcome runaways. They can be shown raising their family and listening to the stories/plights of runaways who have escaped plantations. They can even use flashbacks from certain runaways telling their stories about being on a plantation. They can use the same plantation site(just alter some things to make it look different for each story) to help tell these backstories, so they aren't using a lot of different locations sites. They can still show other main characters Cato/Elizabeth/Ernestine doing different things (though they should find ways to cut costs using their stories as well). But at least put Noah/Rosalee together in one central location. This could help them save money on costs. Also, I do believe that some people will stop watching WGN because of this. I saw people on Twitter say they weren't going to be watching the channel anymore. I really only watched it for Underground and a times a Chicago Bulls game.
  7. Disney's: Raven's Home

    Here a couple more sneak peaks of upcoming scenes. I am liking what I am seeing of the kids. They are cute, fun and they seem to have good chemistry with each other and Raven/Chelsea. Sneak Peak #1: Sneak Peak #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGLdWwMFt8o
  8. Actress Fired From 'Kevin Can Wait'

    I think this is interesting, though unfortunate for the actress. I am a big King of Queens fan and have always enjoyed Kevin/Leah Remini's chemistry on screen. I haven't seen much of "Kevin Can Wait." But from what I have seen I didn't think that him and his wife on the show had much chemistry. I've seen a lot of other people say that as well. Though it does look like this did well in the ratings for a new show so there may be many people that will also be upset by this news. I wonder how they will get rid of the character and if they might actually have her die. It looks like her and Kevin's character were happy so they may not go the route of sudden divorce. I remember how they ended "How I met your mother" and how that really upset a lot of people. I wonder if they will also take a sadden turn with this character's exit. But regardless, I wish the actress the best, it does stink to be dumped after a year on show. Maybe she will land on her feet somewhere.
  9. Disney's: Raven's Home

    That would be nice if you got to see a taping of it. Also, I just read some articles where they mentioned that Devon one of Raven's ex-boyfriend is her ex husband/father of the twins. I would have rather it had been a different man altogether. I think that's more interesting and realistic, one reason because most people don't usually end up marrying a childhood boyfriend/(or best friend). But I will take it being him over Eddie. (Eddie and Raven always seemed more like brother and sister to me.) I never thought he was the cutest/most appealing of the guys that Raven crushed on/dated. But I saw a recent of pic of him and I think he's aged well. He looks like he slimmed down some as he's gotten older and I think that the shorter hair cut/facial hair suits him. I think he looks cute now. I also read that Chelsea is indeed a single mother as well and will be moving in with Raven and her children. They also said that the daughter has inherited her psychic powers, but in the previews it is the son that is shown having visions. I hope it's him instead of the daughter (and not both of them) I think it's more interesting if only one of them has psychic powers. The other twin can keep the one with the powers grounded and help calm them down if they get overly excited about a vision. https://moviepilot.com/p/ravens-home-father-devon-carter/4276963 https://moviepilot.com/p/raven-kids-nia-booker-thats-so-raven-reboot/4146603
  10. Disney's: Raven's Home

    lol. I read this show premieres on July 21. I had read that Raven is a single divorced mother. I wonder if Chelsea is divorced as well and even if her and Raven are living all under one roof with their kids. I didn't see Chelsea with a man in the previews. I think it would have been interesting if maybe Raven was divorced but Chelsea was happily married. I think that could create an interesting dynamic. I also wonder how much Eddie will factor into the show and their lives. I hope he's not Raven's ex/the twin's father or that he and Raven are together romantically in present day. That was one friendship that I never wanted to see turn romantic. I rather see Raven with someone else. I am interested in seeing what Raven (and maybe Chelsea's) exes look and act like, lol.
  11. Disney's: Raven's Home

    I just saw a trailer for Raven's Home, the spinoff of That' so Raven and I actually like what I see so far. It looks cute. When I first heard that they were going to make a spinoff and give Raven preteen kids, I was wondering how that was going to work out. I always thought the way that they handled Raven's age on the original show was kind of interesting. She was like 16/17 when she first started playing Raven Baxter but they had her starting out as a middle schooler. I always thought at times that was jarring especially considering that I thought she looked her real age. Then when I heard about this spinoff and her having the pre-teen kids, I was concerned she may not be that believable as a mom of kids that age. (Though she is technically old enough to be their mother.) But I think that the previews look good and this could work. The kids are cute especially the daughter. I think it's interesting that they are twins and it looks like only one (her son) inherited her psychic abilities. Also, nice to see Chelsea back (with a straight laced kid of her own). I wonder how often we may see other original cast members like Cory and Raven's parents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZvRZPJYeGg
  12. Underground

    Yeah, I just saw that. It looks like they are saying that they passed on it because it's too expensive to produce. If BET/OWN feel like it's too expensive to produce then I guess a network like TV One would be out as well. Some other suggestions I have seen in addition to people suggesting Netflix/OWN/ BET, are channels like Lifetime, USA, HBO, STARZ. Somebody even suggested the History Channel. I don't know which one of those networks might have the budget to take this show on, but I hope one does.
  13. Underground

    It has just come out that it is officially cancelled by WGN. I hope it finds another home. I could see it doing well on OWN too. I also think like Mo The Great mentioned it could fit on AMC as well. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-entertainment-news-updates-may-wgn-america-cancels-underground-but-1496182723-htmlstory.html I wonder how long show's creators may have known/suspected that WGN was going to be going in another direction. If they had been notified of this earlier maybe they could have written a more fitting season 2 finale. They could have just had Noah reunite with Rosalee and their baby and ride off into the night with Harriet helping them and trying to lead them to freedom. Cato could have went on with his plan to use fake Patty without Rosalee. Him taking her was just wrong and uneccessary. They could have written the Ernestine and Elizabeth scenes differently, or even left their endings the same. I don't think the endings we got for them were the worst endings. Ernestine was at least determine to change her ways and Elizabeth was still fighting the cause. Noah/Rosalee were the ones that really got an unsatisfying ending. I wish they would have gotten a happier ending. Even if they went back to experiencing a lot of difficulties if the show got picked up by another network.
  14. Empire: Discussion Thread

    I think that most of the scenes involving Cookie and Lucious would have been fitting in a series finale, except for scenes like Andre still scheming behind their backs and the very last scene. Maybe in the very last season they will be able to finally "be happy" together and walk off into the sunset together. I am looking forward to seeing more of the Dubois family too and seeing the Lyons vs the DuBois. At first I wasn't thrilled that Mrs. Dubois was behind Bella being kidnapped, but I think that going forward the rivarly between these two families could end up being very interesting and soapy. It looks like they may not have intended to even keep Bella for that long considering how quickly Anika showed up to get her. I do wonder how long Anika knew they had her, and I hope the Lyons eventually find out about her involvement with the Dubois. I like how they haven't done anything super dark and seem to be more sophisticated/slick with their scheming. I like that they probably aren't going to go so far as to make plans to kill anybody but they do want some sort of payback. I wonder what they want Hakeem to do for them in the future. I am interested in what happens with the male twin Dubois as well. I enjoyed listening to him singing, I would rather hear him sing than a lot of other artists at Empire, lol. I thought it was amusing how he was critical of his performance because I thought he sounded good. I also noticed that at open mike night that he was announced with a different last name. I wonder if he lied about his name, or goes by a different last name than Dubois. Maybe his mother was Angelo's father's sister and he has his father's last name. I think that him and his twin sister may be Angelo's cousins. Also, on a side note I noticed after looking at the open mike scene again, that Becky was with that former military guy she met at the Casino. Good for her. I think he's cute.
  15. Empire: Discussion Thread

    I thought that last night’s episode was really good. It almost seemed more like a series finale than a season finale. I thought that a lot of interesting things were going on and that there are a lot of things to look forward to for next season. Anika has shown once again that she can’t be completely trusted. I wonder how long Anika knew about Bella being with the Dubois. Maybe she set it up for them to take her to get her away from the Lyons. I could see her doing that, especially after Lucious/Cookie threatened her and used her to get Tariq off their backs. I don’t feel sorry for her even though Grandma Lyon is framing her for Tariq’s murder. I also wonder what the Dubois are going to have Hakeem do for them in exchange in letting him reunite with Bella. I think that them being more incorporated in the show is going to be interesting and I wonder how many plans of revenge they are going to enact against the Lyons. I think that the male twin Dubois is interesting and that he has a nice voice. I liked how Cookie and Lucious reunited and I thought the way he treated her was sweet. It was nice that Jamal was in on making sure that the “When Cookie met Lucious” album would be the one that was going to be released first and showcased at the Casino. I think he has always secretly and even openly at times supported his parents being together. Also, I thought that Cookie’s childhood boyfriend Barry showing up was a really nice moment. It brought things full circle for Cookie and Lucious. I was glad to see that Barry had done well for himself and had a nice family. I liked how his situation inspired Lucious and Cookie to decide to reunite and travel together. I also liked the way Lucious/Cookie finally gave Andre his due. Unfortunately, Andre couldn’t stop his plan from going through in time, but at least he knows that they really do love and value him. I also liked how the show didn’t leave us completely hanging at the end and flash forwarded three months. I wonder how long Lucious will be dealing with his memory loss and what changes will occur in this time. Maybe his whole personality will change.