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  1. I agree. What is Jamey guilty of that a lot of other soaps fans haven't been guilty of? The only difference is he had a podcast/website. A lot of soaps fan criticize the soaps. Some of them including right now wish that the soaps would be cancelled. I'm seen people say they wish Days and Y&R would get cancelled. Did Jamey ever go that far and say he wish that the Prospect Park soaps would get cancelled? Even if he did he isn't any worse than people that wish some if not all of the remaining soaps would get cancelled. Even some of the people that loved the Prospect Parks soaps, probably at least at some point, heavily criticized the original recipe versions of AMC and OLTL. I remember those shows, (especially some of the writers from them) getting heavily bashed during their last years, before the reboots.
  2. I do think that some that are mad at Jamie have criticized/spoken just as poorly, if not even more poorly of the soaps than he has. Some of the people that are mad at him have said stuff like they wish that some if not all of the remaining soaps would get cancelled. It seems like people are mad at him for doing the same stuff a lot of soaps fans have done and will continue to do. Even with soaps they no longer really watch and haven't watched consistently in a while. A difference between them and Jamie being that he had more of a platform to share his opinion. But he really didn't have any power to have the Prospect Park soaps, cancelled and whatever else it is that people are mad about regarding him.
  3. I think it may have fared fine with that demographic. Jamie said it was #1 in black households for their timeslot across broadcasting and cable.
  4. Here are the previews for next week: From B&B: It looks like Sally is sick. I saw some people speculating that she may be the beloved character that dies. If so that is unfortunate, I really like her/Courtney Hope. I want her to stay around. From Y&R:
  5. I thought that there was a variety of well-written story lines on this show. I thought he did a good enough job of showcasing several of the characters and creating different story lines for them. Robin's character may have felt a bit more pronounced then some of the others. But I don't think that she was eating up the show and definitely not to the point, to where viewers couldn't recognize or enjoy other story lines. Especially as the show progressed. There was other storylines for people like Amara, Titus, Rondell, Greg, Bella, etc... This show has several different storylines to include Amara and Titus being stalked/terriorized by Damian , Senior being killed and Rondell/Evan Jr, dealing with that plus their greedy cousin, Greg dealing with his crazy cousin & his affair with Stefanie. Plus, Titus dealing with Purifoy Pharmaceuticals and Hunter and trying to take them down, Bella getting a love interest & trying to build her company. And a whole bunch of other stuff was going on. Some involved Stefanie but IMO, she didn't overshadow the show. And I thought that the stuff that she was involved in was interesting. Plus, it was being set up for other story lines to take place next and in future seasons, including the Brother of Bella's love interest being cast.
  6. I agree with these statements. Especially the parts in bold. I think he could do well with Y&R and would utilize the characters better than what the current writing regime is doing. Unfortunately, though Black writers don't really get much of a shot with Daytime soaps, so I don't really think he would get the opportunity to really do anything there. I do wonder if he will try and see if someone else will pick up this show. I could see it being on BET. I remember when Underground another show got cancelled a couple of years ago it was shipped around. Other networks turned it down, but I do believe that cost played a big role in that. I actually remember Oprah who was one person that they tried to ship the show to, said it was too expensive to produce. Maybe someone else might consider showing Ambitions, if it's not too expensive to produce. I believe some people from other networks have seen it. Perhaps they like it and are willing to give it a place. There have been other shows that have moved to various networks, so maybe that is a possibility for Jamey and the show.
  7. xtr


    They just cut in today on Y&R for the trial about 30 minutes after it began, here in NC. I was actually enjoying today's show and wish the rest of it would have played.
  8. Here are some upcoming spoilers from SOD: Victor will teach a valuable lesson, Kyle and Lola will have a difference of opinion, Amanda settles unfinished business and receives unsettling news. Amanda will rethink her relationship with Billy and decide to end it. Billy will no longer feel like he has a friend that accepts him as he is. Summer will impulsively kiss Kyle during their business trip. This will be after Kyle feels unsettled that he have left things tense with Lola, regarding her relationship with Theo. Kyle will make tell Summer after the kiss that he values her as a friend, but makes it clear he will work things out with Lola. Kyle will end up telling Lola that he kissed Summer and Lola will be furious about that. Also, Billy will make a bold move, Rey will look to Paul for help, Phyllis will manage her priorities, Abby and Chance will make time for romance. Mariah will also struggle with her new normal, Nikki will deliver bad news, and Victor will put Billy on notice.
  9. xtr


    That's interesting. I have some Days episodes taped that I haven't watched yet. I wonder if those are full episodes or if they will be preempted.
  10. I don't know that Jamie would ever try and apply for a HW job for a Daytime soap. But I will say that Ambitions storylines were WAY better than anything that Y&R has put out in years. Definitely these past couple of years. I wouldn't have a problem with their writers writing for any of the Daytime soaps. I would welcome it. But I could see them moving on to other primetime gigs.
  11. I do think that a lot of people on Social media enjoyed the show. It was fun tweeting with them and the actors. A lot of the actors on the show were really nice and good with interacting with fans when the show was going on. Especially people like Essence Atkins and Brian White. I interacted with them both multiple times. I do hope that a lot people connected to this show might some nice landing spots. Including the writers. One of the things I really enjoyed about this show is that it didn't have a shortage of stories and potential stories. They had several interesting stories going on and more stories they could have told, especially with different people's family members. I would like to see some of the writers land elsewhere and use that creativity. Goodness knows Daytime soaps could use a big dose of creativity. Because a lot of the stuff they show especially on the CBS soaps, is very boring, stale, and repetitive.
  12. xtr


    You've been able to watch it live or see a full recorded version of it that aired during it's regular time? If so, maybe it's playing in your area. I do remember one time during the impeachment hearings one of the days one of the soaps wasn't preempted where I live. I think it was Days. I think they did show Days that day but may have preempted Y&R/B&B. Maybe Days is deciding to air it some places. I do think that being preempted every day for like at least two weeks could definitely have a big and hard impact on the soaps and viewership.
  13. I know early on it had the "The Haves and The Haves Not" as a lead in. And then it was previous episodes of Ambitions, that were leading up the new episode. I'm not sure what happened. Jamie said it did well with black viewers, but I guessed it didn't catch on as well as a whole. Though, like Y&RbiggestFan mentioned "David Makes Man" had less viewers (but is critically acclaimed) and OWN renewed multiple reality shows. I wish it would have been renewed. I was looking forward to seeing what happened after that cliffhanger. I wanted to see what happened after Hunter showed up the party shooting and wonder if maybe like Y&RbiggestFan suggested he was the one that hit Titus with the car. I hadn't originally thought of him as a suspect for hitting Titus. But him being guilty of that makes sense. I also wondered if Titus ended up surviving after he flat lined. I think he did.
  14. xtr


    Today in NC, Y&R was shown for about 35 minutes until it was preempted for the Impeachment Trial.
  15. Unforunately, this show wasn't renewed for Season 2. From Jamie and Robin Givens Social media accounts: That's a shame. This was a good show IMO. And like some posters already mentioned in this thread, the season finale was very good. I thought that the cast overall was a good cast, especially the actor that plays Titus. I hope that the cast/writers land on their feet elsewhere.
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