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  1. I agree victoria foxton (for some reason I am unable to quote your post) that both girls are interesting and have layers to them. I think that Jeanette in particular is very interesting and I am really enjoying the young actress's portrayal of her. I also wonder what role Jeanette plays into things. I don't think she orchestrated Kate's disappearance. I do wonder if maybe she noticed that Kate was getting closer to Martin the principal and maybe didn't reveal that information to other people including the police. I think that Kate/Martin ended up developing some type of relationship. I wonder
  2. I wish the actress well but I will not miss her character. I wonder if they will end up recasting. Either way I hope Carter continues to get some air time.
  3. I decided to put this over here, because I think it's on Hulu too. But I watched the first two episodes this morning. I think this is a pretty good show and I wanted to create a discussion thread for anyone else that is watching it/will watch it. https://www.freeform.com/shows/cruel-summer/video/most-recent/vdka22652032 Here is a link to watch the first two episodes free if you'd like. Feel free after watching it to discuss you thoughts and speculations here about the mystery on this show: https://www.freeform.com/shows/cruel-summer Here a
  4. I'm glad he was found guilty and is headed to prison where he belongs.
  5. I'm telling you. He needs to be convicted even if it's on one of the lesser charges. Though I definitely hopes he gets the maximum punishment. If not, yikes. It will be worse than it was the first time around after people saw him kill George. Businesses will burn, people will probably get hurt, maybe even die. We don't need that, Derek Chauvin needs to go to prison.
  6. It's still Walnut Grove. Moses had mentioned he will be attending there. I wonder if they will start adding more kids to the teen set. I am really enjoying Moses and his interactions with Devon, Nate, and Faith. Also, with Amanda too. I would like to see him in scenes with Lily, though I'm not sure when that will happen. She is supposed to interact with Devon next week so maybe she will see Moses then.
  7. It looks like we got a new school set: On tomorrow's US episode, Moses will defend Faith against a bully at school: ☆ on Twitter: "I'm glad #YR has a school set now. Moses is so protective of Faith. Love that. New teen ship on the rise? https://t.co/yaFsNxxd0H" / Twitter sharon champagne on Twitter: "Moses to the rescue #yr https://t.co/Co9iQjFq0s" / Twitter
  8. I am really enjoying the new Moses. He is delightful and very cute. He definitely comes across as a real and good teenage boy. He has good chemistry with Devon and Nate. I enjoy seeing him bond with them, especially Devon. It was nice to see him and Devon bond more about Neil and Devon trying to help him learn more about Neil, by telling him more about his love for Jazz music on today's episode. I am also enjoying him with Faith. I am looking forward to seeing him interact with Lily and I hope that is soon. I could see them being close and her being protective, mama-ish towards her baby brothe
  9. Here's a picture from Monday's US episode of Amanda and Hilary's dad. Seeing this picture causes Amanda to be emotional: Soaps Spoilers on Twitter: "Y&R Day Ahead recap (Monday April 12th episode) - Chelsea speaks again, Rey arrives at the lake house, Amanda sees her father, and Faith goes home. https://t.co/kVvC6HRVi6 #YR #youngandrestless #chadam #shadam #shey #demanda" / Twitter He was a nice looking man. I'm glad we're learning more about Amanda and Hilary's family. I am interested in seeing where this story goes.
  10. Here are some scenes/pics of Moses interacting with Devon/Nate tomorrow. He showed up today and interacted with Faith and Nate some. (Edited because of request by that particular Twitter poster about shared tweets of day ahead clips from their account. But you can search Devon/Moses scenes on Twitter to find it). Sharon & Rey on Twitter: "These Moses, Devon and Nate scenes were great. #YR #WintersFamily https://t.co/dkfwVTELeW" / Twitter Sharon & Rey on Twitter: "That look between Devon and Nate. #YR https://t.co/mIQUyRtEfv" / Twitter
  11. If you want a good laugh look at this (if you haven't already). Shannon Watts on Twitter: "Montana: Where our meth is homegrown and always has less than 30 percent purity. " / Twitter Wow, lol. This is reminiscent of the slogan that South Dakota had about it, that had some of us cracking up in this thread a while back.
  12. I'm glad to hear that you are getting your vaccination Taoboi. I'm glad to hear your mom is getting vaccinated as well. Make sure you drink plenty of liquid like water and maybe some sports drink (like Body Armour) before getting your shot. And definitely do that after getting your second shot. I hope things will go well for you. I'm also glad to hear you got your vaccine as well Soapsuds and didn't have any serious side effects. My dad also got his second Moderna shot almost a couple of weeks ago and thankfully didn't have any serious side effects.
  13. The actor is cute . I think that he looks like he could be both Neil and Sophia's son. I'm glad Moses is back.
  14. My heart definitely goes out to the victims and their family/friends of this attack and what they are going through. It is shameful that this keeps happening in America and at the very high rate that it does. Dave Chappelle said it best when he mentioned how COVID19 was keeping murderous mass shooting scums at bay. It's a shame people have to trade starting to get COVID under control into going back to being fearful of being involved in a mass shooting. Sickening. Be careful everyone when you go out and in general, becuase the mass shooters are starting to come back out again.
  15. I know some people at other sites earlier were guessing Phillip but I felt it wasn't him. Henry has spoken warmly of him warmly (even before the interview) when he said that him, Meghan, the Queen and Archie all do zoom together. And now he came out quickly today to say it wasn't him or the Queen. It's something that Harry hasn't absolved anyone else from these comments. I wonder if multiple people made comments, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Charles for all of his faults did seem genuinely happy at the wedding for Henry/Meghan so maybe it wasn't him. While there have always
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