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  1. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I thought that Jill's return and her scenes with Jack were the best part of today's show. I thought that Jess/Peter did a nice job in those scenes.
  2. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Here is the pic of Nick revealing that he was impersonating JT: Mal had hinted in an article form this week's SOD that it was someone like NIck possibly doing this. According to SOD /soaps.com spoilers Nick is going dark. This will worry Sharon, who is going to question if she knows who he is anymore. There is also a spoiler about Nick spending time with Phyllis playing video games. I wonder if these Nick/Phyllis will draw close again, especially given that Phyllis will be finding out about Billy's gambling addiction on Monday's episode. I do believe that Billy's gambling will continue to spiral out of control.
  3. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Here are some spoilers from Monday's episode from soaps.com (Reworded) including some big ones: It is going to be revealed that Nick has been impersonating JT. He will reveal this to Victor by taking off a mask. He will also reveal he is the one who leaked the documents and he has set other things in motion. He will say he did this to get revenge against Victor for taking Christian. Nick will also come clean with Sharon. It will also be revealed that Jack is not a Chancellor. The DNA results will say that he is not a match for Phillip.
  4. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I would have liked to have seen them get back together and have some happiness. Neither one of them have a had a decent love interest in a while.
  5. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Here are some spoiler pics from upcoming shows:
  6. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Here are some more spoilers from SOD. It looks like something is going to to happen to HIlary and/or the baby. Lily and Hilary are going to get into another confrontation on July 18. There are pictures from the magazine that show Lily, Hilary and it looks like Nate in a car. Lily/Hilary are in the front (Lily's driving and Nate is in the backseat.)There is also a spoiler pic of Neil shown comforting Devon. Lily and Cane are with them looking on and Neil looks sad. It looks like they are in a hospital. I wonder if while Lily/Hilary are arguing they get in a car accident and something happens to Hilary and/or the baby. There is also a spoiler about Devon keeping a promise. Also, Phyllis will discover Billy's secret, ,Cane will defend the Chancellor legacy, Mariah will lose her cool, and Nick will begin a new chapter. I didn't see any specific spoilers about Kyle sleeping with Brittany or anyone. But there is a spoiler that says that a naughty tryst will be exposed. I'm not sure who that is about. Neil is also going to tell Ashley he wants to take things slow, and Mal says in an article that there will be a twist to this JT storyline that the audience will not expect.
  7. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I agree they do have good chemistry.Though, I don't really see anything becoming of it anytime soon. Which is unfortunate, because I think he's the person she has the most chemistry with. I also thought that that her "woe is me, why can't. I get anybody to want me" scenes with Summer (and also Kyle) was something. I did find her scenes with Summer mostly amusing and thought that Summer actually gave her some good advice. Also, I enjoyed Neil/Ashley today. I think they make a nice, mature and attractive pair. I wish ED were sticking around.
  8. Y&R: July Spoilers

    I think that Nate has good chemistry with his family members and I would like to see him interact more with them. I think that him spending time with them and treating Victor was/is enough to help introduce him back to the canvas. (Without even adding in his interactions with Hilary). Here are spoilers from tomorrow's episode form soaps.com (reworded) about him and the Hamilton- Winters family. Hilary and Devon will be spending time together at Hamilton Winters. Devon will want her go to home and rest but she will want to stay and canoodle with him. Nate will arrive and talk with Lily. Devon will tell Hilary that he invited Nate there and that he will be attending a recording session with Devon. Devon/Lily will disagree about using the information that Neil gave them. Devon will feel it's not the right thing to do because it's insider information, whereas Lily feels it's okay to use it . (And will point out that Victor would do it if he were in their shoes.) Hilary will agree with Devon while Nate will agree with Lily on this issue. Lily and Hilary will spar with each other over the issue and Hilary's role in Devon's life. Devon will put an end to the discussion after things get heated. Jill's also back tomorrow and will be confronting Jack and Kyle on their actions. She will also be talking with Nikki and Jill will get the DNA results that Jack ordered and shocked by them. The Jack/Jill/Nikki stuff sounds interesting. And Victor will be meeting JT in an alley against his family wishes.
  9. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don't want these two to become a couple. They seem mismatched, IMO. But I could see Billy drawing closer to Summer as he gets more in over his head with his gambling addiction. I could see him losing his job at Jabot, Phyllis possibly dumping him and him turning to Summer as a result.
  10. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    IMO, Liam is currently the worst person in the Hope/Liam/Steffy saga. He's mostly to blame for the situation him, and the women are in. If he could have just managed to be alone for even a week, then they wouldn't be in this situation. But he continues to be flaky, and care mostly about himself. He hastily tells Steffy he is getting annulment from her (though she kept insisting she hadn't messed with Bill again.), Then on the same day he makes that decision is sleeping, and proposing to Hope. And even brings up the idea of them giving Kelly a sibling. Then he rushes to do a quickie wedding with Hope, has it called off and then after Kelly is born is quickly proposing to Steffy again.Now that Hope's pregnant, he wants to say he's not in a position to get married to get Steffy. Though, he was willing to marry Hope when Steffy was heavily pregnant. He is to mostly to blame for this messy situation all three of them are in. He's very flaky and self-absorbed and likes to have both women wanting him. I wish some of the other characters would call him out on his behavior.
  11. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed Kyle and Jack's scenes on Monday. I am glad they are getting along better. I also think that Summer is most tolerable in her scenes with Jack. I continue to enjoy Nate. I like the way that he continues to handle Victor and not let Victor push him around. I also enjoyed him in his scenes with Hilary today. Things seemed lighter between them. I don't know how they are going to handle her exit. I do hope they don't rush to have something happen between them and that facilitates her exit. I would rather they drop a possible romance between them and go in another direction, then have them do something like cheat right before she leaves. I'm not sure how much time she has left, is she here to August? I would like to see Nate interact with more people including Victoria. I think that could be a potential interesting pairing. I do not think he's getting with Mariah and I hope he doesn't. I've seen some spoilers that indicate they are going to go in another direction with her.
  12. Latest SOD

    Here are some blind items from this latest issue that I wanted to add to this thread for discussion. Does anyone have any guesses on these? Here are the Blind Items: This show is scrambling to change a story because one of the players, who isn't under contract is leaving. Though a romantic reunion was in the works for a past couple on one soap opera the show is scrapping those plans. While fans seems split over this newish pairing, the lady in the couple is hoping the writers will stick with it, she prefers the work ethic of her current leading man to that of his predecessor. A well known soaps alum is quietly seeking opportunities at another. There was also a blind items from an issue from a couple of week that said that the vets from a soap were upset about the airtime the newbies were being given. And the vets thought that this would reflect badly in the summer ratings for the soap.
  13. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, they definitely could have had them interact in a better way. They could have done the scenario you mentioned. Or maybe they even could have done a scenario where Hilary mistakes and treats Nate like he is a model at Hamilton-Winters. He could have showed up there, they bump into each other and she assumes he's a model. He doesn't tell her who he really is and says he doesn't know about her or anything about her show. She could have been offended and told him he needs to be more than a "handsome face." And then tell him he needs to be more aware of the company he's working for and the people there. Later, on she finds out who he really is when she sees him at Neil's. She confronts him (but not too harshly) about not revealing who he was earlier and they continue to have antagonistic feelings towards each other. I think either scenario would have been better than having Hilary act so desperate and OTT towards Nate. Because she can't stand that he's not showing any hint of being attracted to her. When she really shouldn't care too much because she's in love and pregnant by Devon.
  14. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Here are some more spoilers, including from SID And soaps.com day ahead recap: Neil will be the man that will be romancing Ashley. Next Week she is going to tell him about a company that ended their business relationship with Newman. Neil will contact the company, mend the relationship and get a contract with the company. He will then invite Ashley to his penthouse for dinner to show his appreciation. It will be a romantic setting with flowers and candles. Tomorrow Ashley is going to quit Newman and go back to Jabot. She will be frustrated about the drama that Newman is going through and will be upset that Victor doesn't fully trust her. Billy will be reluctant to take her back but will after he learns that Jack, Traci and Lauren want her back. She will be hired back as COO. Also, Nikki will reveal that she has been the one that has been harassing Arturo not Victor. She will tell Abby/Arturo she did this because he didn't stay away from Abby. Sharon and Nikki will be screaming in the window tomorrow because they see a hooded figure who turns around and looks/maybe is JT. It look like it is Thad/JT in the hood. Nikki/Sharon/"JT" clip in the window: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9l67NMOVPo
  15. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I wonder what they will do with him too. I hope he sticks around. I am really enjoying him and the way he is interacting with other characters, especially his family. I also wonder what will happen with Shauna. Maybe she will move in with Lily and Cane. It seems like Lily has been acting more maternal with her lately.