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  1. This is very sad. My heart goes out to Eva, his lovely daughter Kaya (especially since she's still young) and his family, friends, former co-workers and fans. He really did seem like a nice guy and I really liked Edmund on All My Children. Especially with Brooke. I enjoyed them together and wish they would have gotten a happier ending as a couple on the show. It seemed like John touched a lot of people's lives and I definitely hope they can get through this difficult time of losing him.
  2. I liked seeing him get denied here in this video (while everyone is cheering he got denied, lol): Now is definitely not the time for the type of stunt he was trying to pull.
  3. I think that today's scenes with Ashley/Jack and Traci are good. They are touching. I like seeing them reading Dina's thoughts and like supportive and loving they are towards each other. Especially the way that Jack/Ashley are comforting Traci. Dina mentioned how she felt like she let Traci down the most and how she regretted she wasn't around her and how she didn't go to Colleen's funeral. Those were emotional scenes and it was nice seeing Jack/Ashley put their arms around Traci literally and figuratively to comfort her. This is going to be hard on all of them, but Traci was the youngest when Dina left and that definitely has it's own impact on her dealing with this situation. Traci usually is the one that tries to hold the family together and often times she acts like she's the big sister. It's nice seeing Jack/Ashley acting like comforting, protective big siblings to her.
  4. Thomas Massey trying to hold up the voting on the stimulus bill is wrong, selfish and could put several of the members of Congress health at risk. (Especially the older ones) He's insisting on doing a roll call vote and many of them may have scramble to travel back to Washington to vote. And he knows it's going to pass, regardless of what he's doing right now. There are some people that always have to be that one person, causing trouble and it's Massey today with the bill. You know he's doing wrong when both Trump and John Kerry are agreeing with each other's posts about him on Twitter. And most people, including democrats and republicans are calling him out for this selfish stunt.
  5. You're welcome. I definitely want try to help people who have questions regarding these checks. I know that most people need/could use this money, especially right now. Also, I just read some more positive information regarding people who owe student loans and usually get their tax refunds taken. The Department of Education has instructed the IRS, not to take away refunds right now from these people right now. So people who haven't filed their 2019 Tax Return yet and maybe were afraid to do, because of this, you can file it now without worrying about it. The IRS is not taking your refund due to defaulted student loans. So you can get a stimulus payment and your refund. And for anyone who already filed their returns this year, if your refund was in the process of being withheld on March 13, (When the national emergency was declared), that refund will actually be refunded back to you. Betsy DeVos has instructed the Department of Treasury to refund 1.8 Billion dollars to 830,000 borrowers. This is going to make a lot of people happy, lol. Also, right now wage garnishments and social security garnishments due to federal owed student loans have also been halted. This is the first time I've read this news, I had just heard of people not having to pay on their loans right now. But people not actually getting their refunds taken now due to student loans/ and refunds being refunded to them is definitely some more good news. https://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/secretary-devos-directs-fsa-stop-wage-garnishment-collections-actions-student-loan-borrowers-will-refund-more-18-billion-students-families
  6. I saw that people on places like Twitter had a lot of questions/concerns regarding who would and wouldn't possibly be getting these stimulus checks. A recent New York times article did a really nice job of answering some of these questions. Though, there are still some questions out there, that I will try and find/research ask about at work. Including seeing how this could affect veterans and people who owe money to the IRS. One big question that a NYY article answered was regarding whether people who owed money for federal student loans, would not get a check, because they have been having their refunds taken for that debt. The answer is No. If someone has had their refunds taken as a result of federal student loan debt, they will still get a stimulus payment. I'm not sure about people who get their refunds taken by the IRS for other reasons such as child support. Or people who have been failing to report/pay money from previous/current years that they owe to the IRS. But I will try and find out the answers to those questions. We've already had clients at work start asking about who is eligible for these checks, and they have different situations. I would like/need to get the answers for them as well. But this article from the NYT here is very informative and does answer several questions for people: https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-stimulus-package-questions-answers.html I've also seen concerns from people about how they may get this money distributed to them. One question I saw was people being concerned about having given the IRS banking information to a closed account. If the account is closed, the stimulus check should act like a refund check, would in that situation, in that it would probably be sent back and the person would receive a paper check in the mail. If someone has given the wrong banking account number or your address has changed, your best bet would probably be to call the IRS. Though, they are really busy right now and really aren't answering the phones much. So you would just have to keep trying to see if you can get your contact information updated. People need to get that information updated ASAP. You don't want someone else getting your check, or having your money be deposited into someone else's account. I saw that some people are upset about the IRS taking longer to mail checks, than they do direct deposits but that's the way it's been for a long time now. Whenever refunds are issued, it almost always takes longer to get a check (usually 6-8 weeks) than it does a direct deposit (which is usually around like 3 weeks, maybe longer if you have certain credits on your return.) I know that some people don't have bank accounts for various reasons, but if you can do direct deposit do it. It's quicker, more efficient and safer. I could see people trying to steal some of these checks, especially if many of them are delivered around the same time. There's already been stories of how people would go out and still checks, (and often times use things/employees from places like the Postal service to do it). DD is usually the best method to go, for those who are able to do it.
  7. From what I have read it's not something you have to sign up for. You just have had to file either a 2019 or 2018 Tax Return. They will look at the 2019 return first and if that hasn't been filed they will go off of your 2018 return. People definitely need to get one or both of those returns filed if they haven't ready. I also.saw.they will be sending out some paper checks. But also saw like Alphanguy74 mentioned some/maybe a lot people might get it electronically if they provided the IRS with their banking information when they filed their returns electronically.
  8. I agree. It didn't make sense that lower income people would less like $600 in one of the earlier proposals. I'm glad that lower income people will get the full amount. This will help most working people. Now.granted some people that have been unemployed for a while and have things like SSI benefits are upset because they aren't getting anything. As well as people who were claimed as dependents on tax returns (like grown college students). It would have been nice if they would have gotten something as well. But I am at least glad working lower income people will get the full payment.
  9. An agreement on the stimulus bill was made early this morning. It will be a one time payment of $1,200 to anyone who has an income up to $75,000. Lower income people who don't make much will also get the full $1,200.
  10. I was reading up on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat's recent proposal for a stimulus bill. I also read up a bit more on Mitch McConell's bill. It is more generous than what Mitch McConnell was trying to do, but there are some similarities as well. I could see the Republicans/Democrats doing some type of fusion of both bills. Nothing has passed yet, but here is some important information to know and what I think people may need to be on the lookout for should a bill pass. Both sides want to give money to taxpayers. Both Bills are saying they want these funds to go to taxpayers. Which is definitely good. Though, taking that into consideration it doesn't look like any people who were unemployed for the past couple of years or are disabled are going to get any payments. (Unless they change things). Both Bills are saying they will be looking at either the 2018 or 2019 Tax Returns to help determine who to make payments too. Mitch's bill said they would also look at 2019 Social Security records, for people who haven't filed Tax Returns for either years. So if you haven't already, definitely get your tax returns for those years filed. Even if you made only a little bit money, you may still be eligible to get a payment. The way the Democrat's bill is looking, if you just worked and filed a return you could get stimulus money. Mitch wants to start giving money to people who made at least $2,500. But either way if you worked at least a little bit you could probably get some sort of payment. I also want to note that if you were a dependent on someone's return during these years, it's looking like as of right now you wouldn't be eligible to get a payment. Say you were like 17, 18 both of these tax years and were claimed by your parents. And now you're 19, and now out of the house, it's looking as of now you aren't going to get a payment. Likewise if you were a full time college student (and under 24), who worked a little during these years and were claimed by your parents, it's looking like those people aren't getting payments either. Even if you were like 21 and 22 during these years and were working a little. The Democrats proposal was talking about giving each taxpayer $1,500, plus $1,500 per child. That is more helpful to individuals and definitely families. The income people have to make in order to possibly get this payment phases out a little higher than the Republicans plan. Both of these current proposed bills could have the money being paid out recalculated on people's 2020 Tax Return. The Republicans want it to act and be recalculated as an advanced payment of a credit that will be computed again on the 2020 Return. Some people could end up having to pay some of the money back, and I think that the types of people who are more likely to do this are people who have higher income (But I will definitely ask/research more about that, including at work, once a bill is finalized, and that's included in there). The Democrats also wants to use it as a credit on the 2020 Tax Return. People will get a credit on that return and it will be compared against the Advance Credit you got for the payment. If it's greater, you'll get to reduce your tax liability, if it's more it will be recognized as income and people will have to pay at least a portion of it back. Here is an article from Forbes talking about the differences in these plans and the implications it could have on people's tax returns. https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonynitti/2020/03/23/house-senate-coronavirus-relief-bills-offer-drastically-different-cash-payouts-to-individuals/#66f295447110
  11. I definitely hope that you and your family end up being okay. I saw you said you in another post that you don't have any symptoms. Hopefully, you don't have it, or if you do, you're asymptomatic and you'll end up being okay. It seems like a lot of people who have contracted this disease so far have been asymptomatic, and will be okay. Also, I did see a figure from a twitter account that is tracking recoveries of this disease, saying like 100,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus so far. I believe it's true because I also saw an article from Newsweek mentioning that. Hopefully, that figure can people some comfort knowing that a lot people have recovered from this. I wish more testing would become available so that people who have been exposed to someone/have severe symptoms can get tested. Those are the top two types of people who really need to be able to get testing right now, especially with the tests being limited. I hope they are working on getting more tests available for people and I did see somewhere where some places were starting to get the drive through testing sites. I hope you end up getting access to a test.
  12. Thanks. I just wanted some of that type of perspective to this thread. And maybe help try and calm people's fears a bit. We really do need more information about this virus, so we can best figure out how to deal with it. And I don't think we should be making long term decisions about things like the economy right now, until we have more information. I'm fine with taking it a little bit at time. Some things are closed down now for a couple/few weeks, I think that things can be re-evaluated after those periods are up. And maybe something will happen between now and then to help make decisions easier to make. And going back to the virus, I was looking at this chart and seeing how it's affecting the different states in the US, including my home state in NC. In NC, we have at least 300 cases (and I saw one chart that said 400) (And at least 8438 tests have been completed) but zero deaths so far. I believe the governor today said he was grateful there haven't been any death so far. Which I am also very grateful for. Last time I checked we had like three cases in my entire county. And at least one of those cases I believe was a young marine who had recently come back from Italy, and was in quarantine for like ten days already before it was even announced he had been quarantined. What's interesting about my area in NC., is that we are one of the youngest areas in the US. (Largely due to us having a lot of military bases in this part of NC.) The average age of people where I live is 24 years old. And that actually went up from a couple of years ago, lol. With a lot of people talking (and also IMHO doing too much) blaming of young people for helping spreading this illness, I have to wonder what might be reflected among the really young population here. I hope not too much. Right now I'm glad we don't have many cases or deaths. This chart is showing how many cases/deaths are in each state. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ I have noticed is how several states in the South, including NC, Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia all have zero deaths so far. I've also noticed that some of the states in the Northeast like Maine, Delaware, Rhode Island, even less populated states like Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana, and states that are further away from the other states Alaska, and Hawaii all have zero deaths, thus far. Now some of these states, one good guess for why they haven't been hit as hard as other states is because they aren't as populated and/or visited as much. And I find the news so far about some of the southern states optimistic (at least for now) and interesting. Especially since people often like to crap on the South and our ways of doing things. I wonder how things will change with the states. I hope it doesn't get much worse for them, especially the ones that have been hit the hardest. But if some states end up having a much slower spread of this illness and significantly less deaths, and it's for other reasons than a state isn't as largely populated, maybe people can learn from that. And possibly study/implement some of the habits of these states.
  13. North Carolina today ordered some more businesses to be shut down, including personal care and grooming busineses, entertainment businesses that don't have any dining, etc. Some of these businesses include gyms, nail and hair salons, movie theatres, martial arts facilities, bowling alleys, and yoga studios. So many people are going to be put out of work, until I don't know when. I feel so bad for all of these people. This is really going to hurt our local economy. He did at least give them until Wednesday at 5pm to close, so maybe they can pick up some extra business between now and then. I was supposed to get my hair done on Friday, but I'm texting with my stylist and I'm going to see if I can get it done by the deadline to put some money in her pocket, before her shop has to close down. She has another job which she's not working at right now, and I'm not sure she's going to get paid at that job either. I'm going to give her a good sized tip to try and help. Maybe some of the other people who she normally styles on Fridays can come in and get their services done early, before the shops have to close. Also schools have been shut down until May 15th here. This isn't the first time schools in my area have shut down here in NC for a while. A couple of years ago after Hurricane Florence happened schools were shut down here for at least a month. Maybe longer. Kids were going to school well into the Summer time. During that time, I felt it wasn't necessary to keep kids out of school that long. In our particular area, it wasn't that bad, and other areas with worse damage, sent their kids back to school earlier than our area did. I could see kids now going back to school well into the summer like they did then. And speaking of Hurricane Florence, we still have people in the state waiting on aid from that in areas, that suffered a bigger impact from the storm. Here's hoping that the coronavirus aid comes much faster than the aid for the Hurricane has.
  14. Amen. I also think that we need as much transparency as possible, about what is going on regarding this virus. It's just mostly a lot of panic mixed up with various numbers and the full story (or more of the story) is nowhere near being told. How many people of the case being diagnosed are asymptomatic (It seems like a lot). And of that number how many of them live with/closely associate with high risk people? How many of them have around higher risk people that have died from this or contacted this illness so far? What is the real trajectory for people that may die from this disease? I see a lot of stuff being thrown around and it seems misguide/often exaggerated to say the least. Also transmission, I would like to hear more stories about how people contacted/or at least think they contacted the illness. Were they around any sick people, did some one cough on them or what. It seems like people are acting like you can just be in the same room/less than six feet from someone with corona and get it. Even if they aren't showing symptoms or doing any sort of coughing, etc... Was it the likelyhood of contact the illness this way. There are a lot of questions that needs to be answered and it's all being pushed aside, and overrun by people panicking. And that's not really doing anybody any good. I know people are worried and scared, but the "He's going to kill us all" stuff is not going to happen. It's not. We're not all going to die from this. Most of us are not going to die from this. More people have died and will die from other things than coronavirus. Even taken into consideration that it's more contagious than other illnesses. There are things right now killing more people and will kill more people this year and in the future than coronavirus. People being concerned and scared is very understandable, but I do believe that most people in this country will survive in spite of this illness being around. And I do believe that a lot of people curbing their behaviors will help prevent more people getting it/death and a lot of people getting it are healthy and will be fine. We need to do what we can to help the high risk and those that are suffering with this illness, but all these people being afraid they are going to die (especially those that aren't high risk, have knowingly been exposed to anyone and don't have symptoms) is actually doing harm in some cases. And could also be contributing to some of the shortages of important resources (like people doing things like hoarding medical masks, sanitizers, going to emergency rooms when they really don't need to etc...)
  15. I do really bad for homeless people in a time like this. They are already at serious risk for various dangers as it is. And now they are even more at risk with this situation regarding this virus. Some of them not being able to keep up with their personal hygiene because the gyms are closing is just the tip of their problems. I did read about what Newsome was doing and I wish more could/would be done to help them all over this country. I did see somewhere that some of them were actually taking over houses in places like California that were owned by the state and living in them. Now granted, that also presents it's sets of problems. But I can understand that they are scared and vulnerable and how more than ever, they really don't want and need to be on the streets right now. I also saw some one post a statistic, that there are actually more homes than homeless people. (I think it's like a 6:1 ratio or something like that.) That is shameful and more needs to be done to help them during and after this pandemic.
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