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  1. Here are more spoilers for next week from Lynda Hirsch's soap column: Phyllis will agree to work with Abby on the lounge for the new hotel and will enlist Theo's help as well. Summer will tell Theo that she feels uncomfortable about the new partnership, but he will be too interested in it and will not want to back out of it. Abby and Nate will celebrate her new deal with a group of friends, and will toast their recent accomplishments. Abby/Nate will grow closer after the dinner. Also Jack and Ashley will return from Paris and announce they have called a truce. Traci will be very happy to hear this news but Billy will refuse to trust Ashley again. Chelsea and Sharon will finally come face to face and each one will blame the other for Adam's recent turn to the dark side. Chelsea will end up dropping her anger and want Sharon to get Adam to see the light.
  2. Here is the promo for next week: The situation with Kyle and Theo looks intense. It seems like Kyle is angry that he probably had to tell Lola about whatever "secrets" he has from his past. And that is why he is telling Theo he will pay. Maybe Lola wants to postpone the wedding, now that she knows more about Kyle's past. (Even though they will more than likely go through with it.)
  3. I'm honestly enjoying this show right now. It is the best of the four soaps, right now IMO. I am catching up on some episodes now and are finding them entertaining. I am looking forward to fully catching up and seeing some of the scenes play out that I've seen clips of. Like the Sonny/Will/Susan scenes, by themselves and with Xander and Brady. Days is a fun show to catch up on/do some binge watching.
  4. This almost seems like a promo that should be airing during Halloween or something lol. I will say that I do think that Sarah has chemistry with all three men that want her (Rex, Xander, Eric). I think that I actually like her best with Rex, believe it or not. I am liking Kyle Lowder in this role and I think that he looks good. I do wonder who she will end up with since Rex/KL is leaving. And I wonder what will cause his exit.
  5. I have to say I do love seeing all the different generations and bonds on soaps, that happen when couples have several children. And they branch out and have their own families and ties. Like on Days when you see all of the generations interact. There is something special about that. Like when several generations gathered for Caroline's funeral and seeing several of the Hortons interact. Especially at family events/special occasions. Though on the other hand there are some characters who keep getting saddled with kids and really shouldn't have any more. Like Sonny on GH. Sonny should have stopped having kids like 10 years ago, lol. IMO, they should have definitely stopped giving him kids after Dante. (Heck, the argument could be made they shouldn't have even made Dante his son. I know I was one that didn't like them giving him another child with Dante at first.) IMO, Sharon on Y&R doesn't need any more kids. And neither does Nick in any form or fashion.
  6. I wanted to mention how it's interesting how Jack is like 65 years old and doesn't have any grandchildren. It is interesting how he doesn't have any and only a couple of kids, and that Christine has none, and Ashley and Traci only had one. It's not very often you see a character be on the show for a long time with hardly any kids/let alone no kids. I can understand why a writer might wait to give a character a child. But I do think that having children/multiple children can help provide storylines for characters, especially when they get older. I wonder how much more possible storyline could Jack have if he had a teenage/grown grandchild. Or even a young one where there was some drama involved. Right now Jack isn't doing much of anything. I think of what he could be doing right now if he were in a storyline with say a teenage granddaughter. Who needed his guidance/help in some way. Victor Newman has a whole slew of them and there is a lot of potential storyline there. If/when the show decides to include him in a storyline with them.
  7. Here are some spoilers from SID and also soaps.com from the day ahead recap for Monday's episode. Sharon will agree to help Adam out by being Christian's legal guardian while the judge decides between Nick/Adam. Rey will not like this and this will drive a wedge between Sharon and Rey. Rey will feel that Sharon shouldn't get involved in this situation. The magazine says that Rey is starting to see a crack in their relationship and that the Sharon getting involved in the custody battle may be the last straw for Sharon/Rey's relationship. Rey doesn't want a repeat of his situation with Mia. Also on Monday's episode, Joseph C. Hall appears as the judge in this custody case. And Adam will show the video of Nick impersonating JT. Michael will also stop being Nick's lawyer and after Adam forces him to do so. I wonder if the video Nick impersonating JT convinces the judge that neither man should have custody right now. And he needs to think more about who would be better suited to raise Christian. Hence Sharon stepping in and helping. I do wonder what will happen with Sharon/Rey and Sharon/Adam. Rey hasn't been shown much lately and when he is shown he's mostly investigating for Nick/worry about Sharon's connection with Adam. If they break up, I wonder what the show will end up doing with Rey.
  8. Yeah, something along those lines or some other criminal behavior. Other than stuff like that I'm not concerned about his past. Especially since he's changed and is not doing the same stuff anymore. It sounded like he was mostly immature than anything. I don't think that Lola should be trying to dig in his past (let alone behind his back) like this. And being that she gets upset of every little thing, including positive things, she will wish she hadn't. And he will be the one who will have to suffer as she berates him again, this time for stuff he's done in the past.
  9. lol. He was so much better and more interesting before Lola. And he still had a caring side as well. I thought that was evident in his support/friendship with Mariah. Lola has dragged him down and continues to make him feel bad about who he is and now was in the past. I don't think that she should be digging his past the way that she is. Unless she suspects it's something criminal (which she doesn't), is being threatened by someone (she isn't) or suspects he will do it again. (which I actually think she doesn't). She is just looking for something to be upset with him about and berate him for. And she is already acting squeamish at the thought of him being immature/partying/dating lots of women. Which is regular behavior and not anything criminal or super terrible. But she can't handle who Kyle was as a young single man in NY. Even though that is before he met her and he's changed since then. And has not acted that way at all since they have begin together. I'm not sure what exactly his secrets are from New York, but I don't think they are bad enough to warrant this type of interrogation/questioning from Lola. She is so immature and I really believe she should be single until she matures more.
  10. I really did not like the way that Lola acted on today's show towards Theo and Kyle. She was very rude and smug with Theo when she grilled him about Kyle's past. She told him that she didn't know if she could find him trustworthy and was smug with the way she treated him. Theo has always treated Lola nicely and he is Kyle's friend after all. There was no need for her to talk to him in the manner that she did. Plus she is the one that sought him out to ask questions about Kyle's past instead behind his back. And then at the end of today's show she gave Kyle an attitude when she asked him about his past. And when she told him that she needed to know who he really is before she married him. Once again, she is looking for something to berate him for and act judgmental and like she is too good for him. Lola is insufferable. I don't really think she should be digging in his past like this unless she suspects he was involved in criminal behavior, or did something really bad. And/or she suspects he is or will do the same stuff again. Other than that I think she needs to let his past go, especially since it seems like he was mostly just immature and a bit wild. Kyle has changed and doesn't act the way he used to before he met Lola. I Think she needs to accept him as he is or let him be free to be with someone who will. Also I felt bad for Phyllis today during her conversation with Summer. Once again the show is having Summer lash out at Phyllis and mistreat her. And while I'm not a fan of Phyllis and Phyllis has definitely done her share of bad things, I do think that a lot of the animosity that Summer is aiming at her is unwarranted. I don't like seeing Summer be at odds with her mother again. (Like she was with GT's Phyllis underneath Mal) And I thought that everyone looked nice at the Newman dinner today. I did think it was kind of amusing when Adam showed up and everyone told him to leave that even Nate said something. Nate kind of gave his own version of "get to stepping" when the people at the table were telling Adam to leave. lol. Nate looked good and I do like him and Abby.
  11. Here are some more spoilers from next week from the Zap2it website for next week: Lauren will give Kevin the third degree, Adam and Nick face off in court, Summer will see a new side to Theo, and Jack will return home with surprising news. Lola will lose patience with Celeste, Victoria steps up for her family, Michael makes good on a threat, and Phyllis receives an intriguing proposition. I wonder what type of side Summer will see to Theo. I think it will either be a darker side (because it looks like the show may be painting him as some sort of bad boy) or a more professional side. Like if she witnesses him working with Ana. I also wonder what type of proposition Phyllis receives and what type of threat that Michael makes good on. ( I do think his threat will be aimed at Adam).
  12. I'm not sure what his exact air date is, but he will be on next week. Someone posted a clips previewing scenes for next week and he is in one of them. I'm not sure how long he will stick around for. But maybe he will be around for at least a couple of episodes. It looks like he will be involved with the custody case involving Nick/Adam/Christian.
  13. Here are some more characters with several children: Eric Forrester on Bold and Beautiful has eight kids including if you include Ridge who is technically Massimo's but was raised by Eric/considers him his father. And Marcus who he adopted. Stefanie Forrester has five and Brooke Logan has five, (without factoring in any of her miscarriages). Joe Martin on All My Children has five.
  14. This is an interesting thread, lol. I guess we are counting all types of children, including birth and adopted & even deceased. Here are some other characters who may not hold the record for most kids, but who still had a lot: Viki on One Life to Live had five kids: Meghan, Joey, Kevin, Natalie, Jessica. Caroline Brady had six including two adoptive children, Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, Bo, Frankie, and Max. And if you wanted to do grandchildren some characters have a bunch of them. Victoria Newman on Y&R has: Noah, Cassie, Summer, Reed, Faith, Johnnie, Katie, Connor and Christian. Tom and Alice have a bunch, I looked at who's who at Soapcentral, and it had them listed with ten grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren and five great great grandchildren. And I wonder when that list may have been last updated, lol.
  15. I think it's pretty apparent that Beth really liked this pairing too. And now she might not hardly any screen time now that it's ended. And they did have fans. They recently made it to the SID list of top 10 couples. I am concerned they may not do much of anything with Traci now. If Jett were still around they could do Jett/Traci, but who knows when or if he might be back. Plus no one in his family is getting much screen time development. Elena isn't really developed shown a ton And Ana isn't getting hardly any screen time either lately. She's not on tomorrow's episode and hasn't been shown for almost two weeks. Jett's family member's onscreen are being given hardly any airtime so I doubt they bring him back. But that was another pairing that some people were interested in for Traci. I've also seen some people say they want her and Paul (though he's happy with Christine now). But DD probably would probably love the extra airtime and story if they did something with Traci/Paul/Chris. I also wonder who they may try Cane with next. I could see them maybe doing something with him and Phyllis. Maybe. But he would be better off being more accepting of potential pairings. Because the last time a potential pairing for him ended (Cane/Victoria) he was only shown one episode a month for a couple of months. After he had a good amount of episodes with AH/Victoria. He may go back to hardly being shown again for a bit, until they think of something to do with him. Especially since all the Ashby's are gone/not seen. And he rarely interacts with the Winters family anymore.
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