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  1. Adam's personal!ity has greatly changed since he got his memory back. I liked him better when he had amnesia. I think right now he's being written a bit too hard. He went from asking Nick's permission to see Christian to demanding to get custody of Christian, and finding Chelsea/Connor. He also wants 500 million dollars. That's a big shift in personality. I think he needs to be more layered and have a mixture of different traits. Including the softer, warmer traits he displayed when he had amnesia. I believe the actor could pull that off. Also, I continue not to like the way that Ana is being written right.now. In a way it seems like the writing is poking fun of her character, by making her make bad suggestions to Tessa. Like when she tried to get Tessa to wear that silly looking outfit today. (They even played comical music, poking fun at Ana's suggestion when Tessa came down in it)She keeps trying to change Tessa into something that she's not. I don't like the way that Ana is being written and I think she's mainly being written like this to provide angst for Tessa/Mariah. I think she is being written as an obstacle for them to overcome. Without really getting to have her own perspective focused on. The way she's acting doesn't really make sense. She didn't act that way with Fen and he was less experienced and even ruder with Ana (at first than Tessa was.) I do wonder if the will say Ana is acting this way to prove herself, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Given she's been in the industry for a while and how she handled Fen.
  2. I saw some spoilers posted elsewhere about Neil's will from someone who got SOD early. They said that his will be read and that the people attending the reading will be Devon, Lily, Nate, Ana, Cane, Ashely, Nikki, Jack and Victor. It sounds like Neil mentions all of these people in his will. And it looks in this week's SOD, we will be getting Summer Previews. I saw a couple of people post that the Summer Previews said that Adam will want custody of Christian and will do anything to find Chelsea and Connor. Rey will also be hired to investigate Adam and look into his past away from Genoa City. This will complicate things with Rey and Sharon. And I also saw someone post on another site that SID is reporting that Elizabeth Hendrickson will return as Chloe. And there is a spoiler from next week from the Courier Journal that says that Devon will be haunted by his dreams. I think that will continue to dream about Hilary. I am interested in seeing what other spoilers are mentioned in the Summer Preview.
  3. I think it would have made more sense if Thomas had ended up reconnecting with Sally, and posed a threat to Sally and Wyatt's relationship. Instead of having him act creepy and go after Hope. Wyatt could have been concerned about Sally and Thomas's growing closeness and could have a gotten closer to Flo. Then we could have had a believable/non incestuous/non overplayed quad. I don't like how they are having Thomas acting creepy and basically preying on Hope who is his actual step-sister. That is wrong in more ways than one, IMO. They still could have had the element of Hope being drawn to Douglass and trying to comfort him. And that could have had an impact on her and Liam's marriage. But I don't think they should have had Thomas want her romantically. And actually try and outright steal her from Liam, even going so far to use his son to do it.
  4. I am continue to really enjoy the New Adam. He is sexy and has a strong, natural presence. I liked his scenes with Victoria and BIlly today. Including when he first "met" her and tried to get closer to her, but Billy put a stop to him getting closer. And I wonder if him and Abby will bond, since once again Abby feels like an outsider of the family. They really should have told her about Adam being alive. She should have been at the family meeting at Nick's house, instead of being excluded. She is his sister as well and him returning does have an impact on her. Rey is starting to feel a bit more like a stray character. (With Mia and Arturo kind of facing off against him and Mia wanting to put distance between them even if Rey is the father of the baby. And Sharon starting to spend more and more time with Adam.) Though I do believe he will continued to be featured. And I think that: And Nate is sexy and appealing. I'm fine with him and Abby being paired romantically, but I would like to see the show do more with his character overall.
  5. I just read a spoiler from SOD that says that Arturo is the father of Mia's baby. And that they decide to leave GC together and go back to Miami. It sounds like they may get a bit of a happy ending. If so, I do wonder what may bring Celeste to town.
  6. Here are some upcoming spoilers from SOD: Phyllis will make a bold move, Victor and Billy clash, Sharon gets a reality check and Nate charms Abby. Nick and Victoria will join forces to protect their family, Victor keeps a secret, Adam looks into his past, Victoria strikes a deal and Cane makes a tough decision. Arturo is the father of Mia's baby and they decide to leave GC and go back to Miami. I wonder what type of secret is Victor keeping. Maybe he knows where Chelsea is. I also think that the tough decision that Cane may make, may be deciding to really go through with divorcing Lily. Also, here is some more information regarding Adam getting shot. Adam plans to leave GC after getting into an argument with Victor. But he will be shot by an unknown person. Thanks to Sharon he will get to the hospital and get emergency surgery. Victor will be relieved that Adam will make a complete recovery and is at his bedside. When Adam wakes up he will be a bit disoriented, but he will recognize Victor as his father and Victor will be thrilled. Victor will realize he has a second chance to repair his relationship with Adam and will take the opportunity seriously. It also sounds like Chloe will be coming back. A spokesperson from the show says that Chloe is known for making epic surprise visits and to stay tuned. Maybe Chloe is the one who shot Adam.
  7. It's interesting that Mama Rosales shows up now, instead of when Lola was in the coma. She could/should have been there for her daughter then and could also have been tested as a possible donor match. I do wonder what will bring her to town. I do believe that Mia's baby will end up being Arturo and I think they may leave town together. According to spoilers for this week, Paul will drop the charges against Mia and Arturo/Mia will apologize to the family. I could see them learning Arturo is the father of her baby, them realizing the love each other and leaving town. (Or at least making plans to leave town together).
  8. They do. (Unless they do a rewrite.) They also share the same father, but he left the family and Rey stepped up as the man of the house. And acted like a father figure to Arturo/Lola.
  9. I could see her with Jack. And I also think she could possibly pair up well with some of the 40 something men on the show.
  10. I like Eva LaRue, but ehhh… to another Rosales being cast. (Even if two of them are going away.) They are trying so hard to make this family happen, even though most of them don't work, except, for IMO Rey. (And some people don't even think he works.) When the Rosales family first showed up I was fine with a mother or Aunt being cast. I thought she could interact and mingle with some of the older men on this show. And that could very well end up being the cast with Eva's character Celeste. But I just don't care for this family as whole. Here's to hoping since her character is going to be on the show, that Celeste is likeable unlike most of her family members. Also, she looks a bit young to be Rey's mother. Though I could buy her as Lola's mother.
  11. I was going to mention earlier how no one told Abby about Adam being alive. They really didn't seem to care to inform her about it. When Nikki had the meeting at Nick's house, she should have invited Abby. Summer and even Phyllis and Michael learned about Adam being alive before Abby did. Abby seems to be treated less like of a Newman than the other children. She does seem like more of a spare child/afterthought to them often. I think she definitely seems more like an Abbott and gets a lot more support from that side of her family. It wasn't until recently when she got engaged to Arturo and then dumped him, that Victoria and Nick seemed to warm up to her a bit more. They both wished her well at her engagement party at the Abbott mansion and Nick was acting brotherly towards her after Arturo cheated on her. But prior to that, for the most part she didn't really seem very close to her siblings.
  12. According to soaps.com day ahead recap on tomorrow's show, Nate will ask Abby to have drinks with him. Abby will turn him down and say she's sworn off men. Nate will end up telling her later that he's not giving up. Also, Abby will be upset to learn that Adam is alive and no one told her/she's the last to know. And Adam will meet with Victoria/Billy and learn that he killed Delia. He will be upset about this and also upset that Victor didn't tell him about that and prepare him for meeting with them. They will all talk about Victor and how manipulative he can be. Adam will vow not to let Victor use him again. Victoria will tell Abby afterwards that she is sorry that no one told her that Adam was alive. And Abby will remark that she thinks that Victor doesn't love all of his children equally. Adam will end up confronting Victor about not telling him about Delia. Victor will urge him to learn more about himself, but Adam will be hesitant to do so. He will also go and knock on Sharon's door while she's kissing Rey. He will want to talk with her. Rey will let them talk and he will tell Sharon about what happened. Sharon will tell him that the Adam she knew wanted to be a better person and will urge him to try and be that person. And Paul will end up dropping the charges against Mia, so she can be free. I am interested in seeing how Mark portrays Adam finding out that he killed Delia. I would like to see what type of layers he displays while showcasing emotion from learning that news.
  13. lol. I think it could be interesting and actually good for both of them. I could see Cane unexpectedly falling for Traci, and I think that could be interesting. I also think that the reactions of their family members could be amusing/entertaining.
  14. It looks like Traci is developing feelings for Cane. It looks like her character in her novel also has feelings for him. I am interested in seeing where this goes. I like them together, Traci is sweet and lovely and I would like to see her have a love interest. Also, it wasn't surprising at all that Lola didn't want to live in the Abbott mansion. She always has to have her things her way. I was annoyed at the way she talked about the Abbotts, and listed their names as if she didn't like them. Even though some of them have been very helpful towards her and the others one barely interact with her/don't bother her. I can understand someone wanting a place of their own, but Lola often says/expresses things in annoying ways, that cast a shadow over any valid point she may make. And I liked Summer's scenes with Jack. I like that Jack is valuing her as an employee and is taking her seriously. She made very good points about Kyle and his lack of effort/interest in trying to really launch Jabot's new line. He would be better suited doing something else, that will give him more freedom to run home and hang around boring Lola. Now she may have a trick up her sleeve, but I am glad that she is putting some distance between him and her professionally. She is better off working more closely with Theo. I also believe that Jack will end up falling for Lauren while she is trying play matchmaker for him.
  15. It looks like Traci will be developing feelings for Cane. According to soaps.com day ahead recap on tomorrow's show she will be eating with Lauren at Society. She will tell Lauren about her new novel and Lauren will remark that she's glowing and seems like she's in love. Cane will also tell Traci that Lily wrote him a letter, but Traci will warn him not to get his hopes up. Later he will arrive at the Abbott mansion and suggest to Traci that instead of having Flynn be hired by Iris for infidelity, that he be hired to find a lost object like a locket. Traci will love this idea and think that the locket resembles a broken heart. She will also appear in her novel as a Flynn's secretary who warns Flynn that chasing after Iris will lead to heartache. And while Cane is talking to Traci at the mansion she will imagine him shirtless. She will become flustered and will try and pass that off as just loving his idea. I like Cane and Traci's scenes together. I am interested in seeing where this storyline goes with them. I think it could be interesting and could work. Especially if they continue to have mutual respect for one another and get closer. Also, Michael will not like that Lauren wants to play matchmaker for Jack. And Lola will agree to move in with Kyle. She will not want to live at the Abbott mansion, she will want them to have their own place. Kyle will balk at the idea of them taking over Arturo's place but will ultimately decide that he wants to live with her no matter where it is. Phyllis will also find out that Kyle is alive. Summer will tell her after she confronts Summer for telling Jack about her plans. And DNA tests will be done to determine who is the father of Mia's baby.
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