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  1. I really like Zach Tinker/his Fen. But Fen didn't do much/wasn't on much. I had wondered why Michael Mealor didn't get a nod for Younger actor. He has done a very nice job as Kyle and has made the role his own. But I think he may be a little too old to qualify. I think he's 26. Congrats to Bryton, Mishael and Peter Bergman on their nominations.
  2. Yes, they are. The final nominations are going to be announced on The Talk today.
  3. I wonder if Josh will try and fix Lola. She is very immature and I think largely because of that, you really can't put her with just anybody. She really treated Kyle poorly, and I wonder if we will see an adjustment in her attitude, now that Kyle has married Summer. Or if she will act the way she's been acting, where she constantly puts Kyle down, doesn't really accept him. I understand things will be different now that he's married, but I wonder if she will attempt to fight for Kyle or mostly blame him/Summer for the marriage. I agree it's a shame that Fen has disappeared. I really liked his chemistry with Ana and their friendship that could have turned into more. He hasn't been taping in a while and Zach Tinker's hair has grown some, since he last taped, lol. I wish they would bring him back.
  4. I think it's going to be a very touching tribute. I definitely hope it does Kristoff justice.
  5. Someone posted a video of some scenes from next week's episodes. Paul's back. I wonder what Rey will do now for a living now that Paul is firing him. Also, Arturo comes clean with Abby and it looks like Abby may end up beating somebody's care with a hammer, I don't know if it's Arturo's or Mia's car.
  6. The writings credits are now saying being written by Josh Griffin and Mal Young. I think on today's show and yesterday as well, you could see Josh' s influence in the writing. I believe he may have decided to make the decision to have Mia really sleep with Arturo instead of him just walking away like originally happened. Arturo really is a big hypocrite. He bashed/threatened Kyle for kissing Summer after Lola broke up with him, but Arturo cheated on Abby when they were together, with his brother's wife again. I wonder what will end up happening with this storyline involving the introduction of Ana's dad. It still seems like Ana isn't telling the whole truth for some reason. Jet doesn't seem like he's really being deceptive, but I do wonder if there is more to this storyline. Elena is very cute and I could see her and romance eventually happening between her and Devon. Also, I wonder what type of complications Summer has from her surgery. I do think this may force Kyle to tell more people that she's the donor and I also think it may make him realize he cares for Summer more than he realizes.
  7. I'm glad Victoria Rowell, and Mishael Morgan will participate in the special tribute to Kristoff. That's how it should be, especially Victoria participating in it. You can't really fully talk about Neil's life without mentioning Dru. I'm glad she will be featured. I also am glad that Shemar is coming back for a few episodes.
  8. A lot of us Kyle fans are actually enjoying Summer/Kyle together this time around.(Though, I've also noticed there is quite a bit of Kyle/Lola fans as well and there has been some verbal sparring going on among these two fanbases, lol). Myself and a lot of the Kyle fans I've interacted with think that Summer is being written much better this time around. (Definitely better than when she was trying to throw herself at Billy and trying to hurt Phyllis.) Kyle seems like he can relax more and be himself around Summer. I like how husbandly he is acting towards her. Plus, a lot of us don't like Lola, and don't want Kyle with her. IMO the love scene was nice and romantic and I think overall his dynamic with Summer is better than the one he has with Lola. I wonder where Josh will go with this triangle this time around. I think he is actually writing things favorably for Summer though, Kyle is still claiming Lola as the love of his life for now. I do believe that Kyle has stronger feelings than he lets on for Summer and that will come to the surface, especially now that it looks like she may have some complications from her surgery. Michael Mealor posted this pic and asked fans which woman they prefer him with. I do like the picture and am glad that the show is writing for the young people on it, even if I don't like all the characters involved. In the past it has felt like the show does not feature the young people enough, so I'm glad they are getting storylines now.
  9. Right now it looks like Elena is Ana's cousin. Maybe she's the biological child of one of his siblings. The only other way I believe she could be his niece is through marriage. But it doesn't look like he's married. If she's his biological niece and Ana is his biological daughter then that means Devon might get romantically involved with his sister's cousin. Which is kind of uhh.... But soaps do stuff like that. Also, I wonder if Jeff may end up being paired with Abby. I could see her and Arturo breaking up now it's been revealed he really did sleep with Mia during the snowstorm.
  10. From what I've seen there wasn't any casting call for an older black male. Brandon was the one who was listed as being casted as a recurring musician character for four episodes. He is described as having a rock and roll aura and having a killer smile. Brandon is supposed to be in his mid to late 30's. Jeff is supposed to be a sexy black driven male in his late 20s to early 30s. Jeff was the one that people thought was either replacing Nate or maybe even a recast Nate. I believe Brandon, Jeff, and Jet are all three different characters. I wonder if the addition of Jet was added in there after Kristoff passed away. I wonder if there is more to this story. It seems like Devon thinks there is. I don't understand Ana's attitude towards Devon and it doesn't make sense that she would keep this from Devon. He would help her and her father. They are family. This secret doesn't justify her sneaking around in the manner she was. I do believe her secret was changed and I originally think it did involve someone else in the music industry (like maybe the guy she claimed sold her music). On the bright side, Elena is very cute. I could see something eventually developing between her and Devon. Or maybe Nate if he stays around.
  11. I am glad that she is not tied up with the Rosales either. Also, regarding the casting calls, Jeff is supposed to be a sexy, successful, driven black man in his late 20's to early 30s. Brandon is another character that is supposed to be a musician in his mid to late 30s. He is supposed to be handsome and it is mentioned he could be of any ethnicity. He is supposed to be popular on the club circuit. Brandon is supposed to be a recurring character that is on for at least four episodes. Here is a bit more information about Jet that is mentioned on scenes from tomorrow's show. Devon mentions that Jet was a very popular R&B singer from 98-2004. Ana decided to look for Jet about a year ago and with Harmony's help found him. Jet had no idea that he had a daughter, he mentioned Harmony never said anything to him. Him and Ana are happy to have found each other and have gotten very close. Devon wants to know why Ana kept Jet a secret from him. Ana says she doesn't want to get into why she didn't tell Devon about Jet in the motel room. Jet says he doesn't want to cause any trouble between Ana/Devon. Devon mentions how relationships can be complex, and Ana says Jet hasn't asked her for anything. She then tells Devon she didn't tell him about her father, because they didn't want handouts from Devon. She gets a bit of an attitude towards Devon and Devon asks why they are resentful towards him wanting to help them. Jet then tells Devon/Ana to stop and ends up seeming a bit upset and weary. Elena then asks Devon/Ana to leave so Jet can rest.
  12. People who have seen tomorrow's show, (including someone who helps does recap on soapcentral) says that Mal's name is still in the credits. I do believe that Josh is having some influence, and is tweaking things. I think he may have rewritten Mia/Arturo sleeping together the night of the snowstorm. He is also responsible for getting Eileen/Ashley to come back later this month and he is the one who will be finishing up this JT storyline. I wouldn't be surprised if he has his hand in this storyline regarding Ana's dad. I wonder if he changed her secret or altered it in some way. There also wasn't any casting news spoiled or hinted at all about her dad being cast. I didn't see any casting calls for a middle age gentleman fitting the description of Ana's father. His appearance was a surprise. I wonder if they decided to bring him on to eventually have him act as a Patriarch of the Hamilton-Winters family, with Neil's character departing.
  13. Here are some more spoilers from soaps.com day ahead recap for tomorrow: Abby will ask Kyle if Summer blackmailed him into marriage. Kyle will deny that she blackmailed him and said that him and Lola had too many differences. Arturo will arrive and tell Kyle he would respect him if he married Summer to save Lola. Kyle will deny this and Arturo will snarl and say that Kyle never deserved Lola. Kyle says he will leave as soon as he gets news about Lola. Rey will join them and Nate will tell them things went smoothly. Kyle will later learn that Lola's transplant surgery went well but that Summer's didn't go as well. Kerry and Jack will be watching Johnny and Katie. Jack will say he wants to make things as happy for the kids as he can while their mother is away. Kerry will take a phone call from Phyllis and reassure Jack that she is on his side and that business is cutthroat. Jack will be taken aback by her comments but will let things pass and decides to take the kids to the park. At Crimson Lights Mariah will tell Tessa that she is interested in doing a segment telling Nikki's/Victoria's and Sharon's stories in order to have a rally for them. Tessa will agree to help her. They will end up telling Jack about their plans after he comes in to get the kids hot chocolate. The women will will really question if JT is alive and will worry he could hurt Billy/Nick. Billy will share that JT shared his song with Katie. Sharon will talk with Rey and he will say he wants to make things right and they look forward to talking again soon. Nick/Billy will have a listening device and they will call Rey and tell him they are taking the women to Dark Horse's wearhouse. Back at the cabin, Nikki wants Sharon/Victoria to enjoy the cabin while they can. At the end of the episode JT will appear out of breath in a cop's uniform looking in the window at them.
  14. According to soaps.com Ana-s secret is she has been paying for treatments for her father an ex R&B singer. Jet Slade who is sickly. Ana/Jet will explain to Devon how much they mean to each other. Devon will find out Elena is his nurse and niece. Ana didn't tell Devon because her and her father didn't want him giving her father handouts. Here is a picture of Ana's dad
  15. I am glad they are using the classic music cues again. Also, it looks like Monday is the first day we really start to see Josh's influence in the writing.
  16. I agree that Camila usually looks very good. She was looking great in a white dress she was wearing on the show a couple of weeks ago. Vanessa Williams always looked good too. I think that Nadia often looks very nice as well. I also like the way Mary Beth Evans dresses.
  17. I think that beards often help shape/frame many men's facial features nicely. A lot of men look better with beards. (Heck most men may even look better with facial hair.) Here is a couple of recent pics of Freddie with a beard. I think he looks better with this look than the clean shaven look he has on the show:
  18. Here are some spoilers from the day ahead recaps and also of some previews that were shown for next week: Apparently, Arturo actually cheated on Abby with Mia the night of the snowstorm. Daily recaps say there will be a flashback shown of them having slept together that night. Mia will tell Arturo that if he doesn't get Rey to take her back, she will tell Abby he cheated on her. Arturo is a big hypocrite. He was all in Kyle's face accusing him of "cheating" on Lola by kissing Summer. Even though Kyle had not cheated and they were broken u when that happened. Yet he actually cheated on Abby with Mia again and also betrayed Rey again. I wonder if this is something that Josh decided to do. If so, I wonder why they didn't really make Mia pregnant and use this to help create a WTD storyline. Also, Kyle will promise Summer he will be there for her during the surgery. (though he will try and sneak out of the room, when he wakes up after making love to her. Summer will say she thinks that their marriage is real and is optimistic about their future. Summer will arrive at the hospital disguised and says she just wants to get the surgery over with Lola will continue to ask about Kyle and Arturo will try and change the subject. Billy/Nick will feel Rey in on their theory about JT and he will agree to help him. Phyllis will thank Nick for coming together for Summer's wedding but Nick will still be angry with her. Billy/Nick will arrange to help the women escape from prison with some help of some officers. Also, the previews for next week, will show Devon talking to Elena, telling her he thinks Ana gave the money to her. And Nate will tell Billy that Summer's surgery didn't go as well as Lola's. I wonder if Summer's life being in potentially peril, may help Kyle realize he has stronger feelings for her than he has been willing to admit.
  19. I like seeing Ridge interact more with Taylor on today's show. When she first came back after he was recast they really didn't interact much. Not even when she got into the fight with Brooke at Liam's/Hope's wedding. But it's nice to see they have interacted a bit more since, then including on today's show when they were comforting each other. Also, I had thought it was going to be revealed that Caroline had an accident and that is what caused her death. I am little surprised that they said it was a blood clot. Also, I wonder if they may have New Thomas gravitate towards Hope, especially since it looks like Hope will be comforting Douglass during this time.
  20. I thought's today's love scenes with Kyle and Summer after they got married were well done and pretty romantic. They got the rose petals on the bed and the romantic soapy music going on. And he picked her up and carried her. It was nice to see Kyle finally get a love scene and he really wanted to make love her. I do believe he does care for Summer, and he has been supportive, and gentle with her ever since he agreed to marry her. With them consummating their marriage, it is now a legitimate marriage. I do wonder where the show will end up going with this triangle this time around.
  21. Regarding when Freddie's weight loss will be evident on screen it will be some time in the summer. When he first started losing a significant amount of weight he was taping summer shows. Also as a Freddie/Sonny fan I do wish he would sport a beard as I think he looks better and actually younger with one. He actually looks older clean shaven, especially when they style his hair certain ways. They have been styling him in a way that makes him look closer to middle age. I think in IRL he prefers the beard but whenever he has to go and tape after some days off he will often say something like "tomorrow the beard will be gone", which indicates he has to shave it. I don't know if that is his choice, for some reason or maybe someone at the show suggests he does that. I don't know but he's better off with facial hair IMHO.
  22. Here are a few more tidbits regarding Devon, Ana/Elena from SOD. After Devon knocks on Elena's door she will say she's alone. But Devon will tell her that he saw Ana go into her room. Ana will then appear from behind and will be angry with Devon for following her. Bryton says that Devon will want Ana to explain things. Also, according to SOD, Elena is a doctor and her first scenes are with Ana and Devon. She will first air on March 19th. Also according to soaps.com day ahead episode, tomorrow is the day that Summer/Kyle get married and make love to each other. Nick and Phyllis will walk her down the aisle and her and Kyle will exchange touching vows. Summer will then tell Kyle she's got a room for them upstairs. They will go to the room and Summer will tell Kyle about her hopes and fears for the surgery. Including being afraid she won't make it though the surgery. She will also worry she can't tell her family about it due to wanting to keep it a secret. Kyle will hug her and tell her he's her family now. They will kiss and then proceed to make love to each other. This will happen when Lola is trying to call Kyle and will end up looking at her phone when this happens. Some people who have seen this episode already says these scenes come across as romantic. I believe they will. IMO Kyle really does seem to care for Summer (he always has) and he has been gentle/loving towards her, even though this is supposed to be a loveless marriage on his end of things. It sounds like Kyle genuinely wanted to sleep with Summer. Here are some screenshots of some of these scenes that someone posted on Twitter:
  23. I think he's look older in this photo (and more like he could play a character who would do shady things, lol) Though, most of the pictures I have seen of him look like the first younger looking pic. I wonder if he really could be the new Adam?
  24. I don't think he's another new Fen. Zach Tinker is still being referred to by cast members on the show as Fen.(Though it looks like he hasn't taped in a while.) Maybe he's the Jeremy character or someone else.
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