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  1. I could see them doing a quad with Devon/Elena/Nate/Abby. (And I have always liked Abby's chemistry with Devon). Elena has been asking Nate about Abby and has encouraged Nate to not pursue Abby as hard. I could see Abby eventually being moved out of their orbit though, MM come back. Maybe something will happen with Devon/Abby. Though maybe she will be removed from that orbit once or by the time that MM may come back. I could see a situation where her and Nate just end things because they aren't on the same page in regards to the type of relationship they both want. Or maybe she will notice he has feelings for Elena and will end things. Maybe she will warn Devon and then be done with that group. If she does end up being removed from the group, I wonder who she may end up being paired with next. Maybe Rey.
  2. Here are some more spoilers for B&B for next week from the Zap2it website: Ridge and Brooke's marriage will hang in the balance after he accuses her of an unspeakable crime, and Liam will attempt to convince Hope that Thomas got himself in his current predicament. Ridge will express his disbelief towards Brooke's explanation and Thomas's actions. Shauna will come clean to Quinn and ask her friend to help get Flo out of prison. Ridge will become furious when he sees Liam scorn an unconscious Thomas. The Forresters, Spencers and Logans will struggle with whether or not Thomas will survive his injuries. Detective Sanchez will question Ridge and Brooke hard about Thomas's fall. Vincent Irizarry should also be be showing up soon. It looks like his character Dr. Jordan Armstrong may be Thomas's doctor, who will tend to him after his fall.
  3. I have a theory on what could happen with the Devon/Katharine's will storyline that could lead Elena closer to Nate. I think that Devon could try and fight hard whatever happens regarding the discrepancies in the will. And maybe this will actually turn off Elena, who might think he cares too much about wealth. Elena did give Devon a really hard time when he paid off her student loans, she was acting a bit like Lola there for a moment. Maybe that type of attitude will resurface should Devon really dig in and try and fight whatever will happen with Katharine's will. Maybe this will cause Elena to get even closer to Nate, who she may feel is more down to earth. I've seen some people mention that Tucker is his father and he could go to him and get money if he loses wealth due to the stuff with the will. I'm not sure they will even mention Tucker in this story. Or maybe they will have Devon briefly mention Tucker but have him decide to go against asking him for money. And just decide to fight whatever is going on with the will. I also wonder if this is just some type of "scare" that will be used to usher Chance back onto the canvas. It was reported by Rey not too long ago that Chance had gotten involved in some shady stuff including money laundering. This surprised Nick who mentioned that Chance had his own trust. Maybe something is going on with the will that might play into Chance doing shady/stuff. And this stuff with Devon will help usher him back on canvas. And regarding Mariah, a lot of her fans don;'t want her to like men as well. They've never flat out said she was gay, and when Summer first came back last year, it was hinted that Mariah still liked men as well. Her fans get up in arms every time it's mentioned she might could be with a man. Even though her and Tessa IMO, have gotten a decent amount of storyline as a couple. They are going to be so upset if the show ever puts her with a man again. Though I do think she is stuck with Tessa for the time being,. Maybe a long time, much like Kyle will probably be stuck with Lola for a long time. I could see both Tessa/Mariah and Kyle/Lola (especially Kyle/Lola) being like Lane. Where they are together for a really long time. But they won't have things like infidelity plague them the way it did Lane. Nor will they have family members who aren't crazy about the pairings. Everyone in Kyle's family supports Kyle/Lola. And people in Mariah's family are fine with Mariah/Tessa. (In spite of the blackmailing stuff) I think these two pairings will be like Lane with less problems and less interesting stories.
  4. I am interested in seeing how they have Elena start to have romantic feelings for Nate as well. He's very appealing, but she does have a man in Devon that is good to her. I can see it from Nate's end, they have some things in common and Abby doesn't seem to want to invest into a relationship the way he does. I think that Abby not wanting to get serious could end up causing things to end between her and Nate. I had read recaps for Monday's episode that said that Nate offers to take Elena out for dinner. (To celebrate her first day at the hospital as a resident.) It sounded like she would take him up on that offer at some point. On Monday's show they don't have the dinner because he has to go back to work. But maybe a little later they have that dinner and she doesn't tell Devon about it. Maybe that is what she "hides" from Devon. Maybe she will get closer to Nate at the dinner & she will continue to get closer to him. And try and downplay their growing closeness. Maybe this possible dinner is the start of that. Also, I really am disgusted with the way that Josh/Tony did Ana/LL. They had a story right there for her with Theo (& Summer) but they got rid of her. And now Mariah is getting that story. I do wonder what ends up happening between Mariah/Theo. Right now I don't think it's going to be anything romantic, but I don't know for sure. Some people were saying that they saw chemistry between Mariah/Theo. And some Tessa/Mariah fans got upset about that. Up until this point the show hasn't really established a clear direction for Theo. He was fun loving & then he was trying to stir the pot with Kyle/Lola, then he wanted to help Phyllis, now he's working with Mariah. He has just mainly going around stirring the pot and racking up jobs. Though when he is shown working he is good at what he does. He's shown he's very competent when he was helping Phyllis plan for the opening of the hotel. I wonder if they decided to do this story with him going to Power, because now Abby/Chelsea will own the hotel. And he won't be working with Phyllis anymore. So they decided to give him something else to do professionally.
  5. It sounds like they are basically giving the storyline they were going to give to Ana to Mariah. Mariah and Theo being hestiant to work together and then hitting it off. They could have done that with him and Ana, with some romance & a possible triangle with Summer as well. I'm not sure what they will end up fully doing with Theo/Mariah. But this sounds like something they could have done with him/Ana. It was a crock of crap that Tony/Josh claimed they couldn't think of what to write for Ana. I won't forget the way they treated her character/Loren the entire time they were in control. It was just wrong and blatant disrespect. I'm not sure what exactly will happen with Devon and the Katharine's will. I believe whatever it is may help usher Chance back on the canvas. I'm not sure how much wealth he may lose regarding the will. Or if it's just a situation where there is a threat wealth will be taken away, but things end up working out for him in regards to the situation with the will. I think that Nate/Elena have chemistry but I do think if they are going to eventually put Nate/Elena together, they need to write that in a solid way. Nate is a very sexy, and appealing man, but Elena does have a good man in Devon, who treats her very well. I wonder if they will end up having one of the reasons Elena is drawn to Nate because she may end up feeling like he has more in common with her. Plus, if they bring MM back that could help cause tension between Elena/Devon and push Elena closer to Nate.
  6. Here are some upcoming spoilers for next week from Lynda Hirsch's soap column: Theo will try and make amends with Mariah by offering that they work together. She will cautiously take him up on his offer and the two will hit it off. But after parting ways it's clear that neither person trust the other one. Abby will be excited when Adam hands her over paperwork to the Grand Phoenix hotel and tells her that it's hers. She will be thrilled by this news and her and Nate will spend the night together. Elena will grow closer to Nate after she begins her residency at the hospital. But she will keep the details of her and Nate's new friendship a secret from Devon.
  7. A sequel for the show is coming back on Disney's streaming platform Disney+. It has been created by the series original series creator Terry Minsky. HIlary Duff is revising her role as Lizzie and the show will follow a 30 year old milliennal navigating life in NYC. They will still feature an animated version of Lizzie showing what older Lizzie is thinking. https://deadline.com/2019/08/lizzie-mcguire-sequel-revival-reboot-series-hilary-duff-star-disney-plus-terri-minsky-deal-disney-channel-1202702120/
  8. I like the scenes with Gabi admitting she's fallen for Stefan. This also looks like this is the beginning of Eric searching for Holly and Nicole. It looks like Eric's relationship with Sarah may be very short-lived. And I don't really feel bad about that. Sarah has chemistry with him (and I think she has chemistry also with Rex/Xander) but I think it's clear to everyone (including Sarah) that he loves Nicole more than her. And will also love want Nicole as long as he thinks there is a real chance with her. He even wanted Nicole when Kristen pretended to be her and she kept rejecting him/treating him terribly. Sarah chose to get with a man who she knows she isn't his first choice. Even though she was married & had multiple options. And I think that she turns into a bit of a shrill harpy around Eric, especially when she is defending him from someone. IMO, She's more likable around Xander & I liked her with Rex as well (& the best).
  9. Adrienne really is rarely shown. She showed up a little over a week ago after being MIA for months. She wasn't there for Sonny at all onscreen these past few months. I like her relationship with him, but for whatever reason the show doesn't want to really show her. They seem to like Judi Evans more in the role of Bonnie.
  10. Kyle has become so dull around Lola and has lost a lot of the personality he had when he first came back. Today he did a move with Lola with his towel, which was something similar he did in the past with Summer. His scene with Summer was more fun and sexy. The differences in his personality/energy in these two scenes IMO is definitely noticeable. Scene with Lola Scene with Summer: I miss the fun Kyle from the second scene that isn't weighed down by a boring, judgmental love interest.
  11. According to the day ahead recap on tomorrow's show, Michael will end up having Chloe arrested. Kevin will punch Michael in the face for betraying him. And that's really like the only thing from tomorrow's show that sounds even a little interesting, lol. Arturo also appears tomorrow and spends some time with Rey/Celeste. He makes amends with Rey before he goes back to Miami. I didn't know that he would be on for another episode. And according to someone from soapcentral who also did a recap next week's previews show Devon reading a letter to Elena in the penthouse. He reads that there were some discrepancies that recently came to light regarding Katherine's will.
  12. Besides Brady, maybe Xander is indeed a possibility, though he seems to only want Sarah for now. I do wonder though if they will have Sarah end up having feelings for him. I think that her and Eric won't last long because he still loves Nicole. And I saw elsewhere someone post a spoiler that says Eric will go look for Nicole and Holly. I think that Sarah is wasting her time with him. I think that Sarah had chemistry with Xander, Eric and Rex but my favorite pairing with her is actually Rex. I think he should have stayed around and made more of an attempt to save his marriage. I do wonder how and why Stefan may exit. That may play into things down the line. And him and Gabi love each other. I can't see him just up and leaving if they admit that to each other. I wonder if Vivian returning may play into his exit. I hope they don't kill him off, or have people think he's dead. Does anyone know when he leaves? I'm not sure when he does.
  13. I've seen some people hint/show concern it may be Eli. I actually think they may let Eli/Lani have a real wedding and let them be together for a bit. With all of the couples that were engaged in the past few months, they were one of the few ones not to rush into marriage right away. I think they will plan their wedding and have a nice wedding. I wonder about Brady and Gabi. I thought they were kind of interesting at first when they both teamed up to take down Stefan. Though, I still like Gabi with Stefan the best. Hopefully he will come back and she will have an interesting storyline in the meantime. I wonder how Stefan ends up exiting. I hope they don't try and say he's dead/presumed dead.
  14. Sometimes I wonder if it may be best to just take a gamble on a character/pairing. Like if the show sensed that Gabi/Stefan had something interesting going on, maybe they should have just elected for him to stay around. With them taping so far ahead, it's not like they can really take fan feedback into consideration right away anyways, regardless of what they do. I wonder what Gabi will do now. Especially since her and Stefan love each other. (Though I don't think they've specifically admitted that yet.) I heard rumors she will be paired with someone else that people don't like. I've heard speculation she may end up with Brady or back with Eli. I've even seen a couple of people speculate she will get with Jack, lol. (Though, I don't see that happening.)
  15. I like that this show isn't too dark. Some nighttime soaps there is always a lot of really dark stuff going on. Like on Empire people are getting killed off/beat up all the time. On this show that doesn't happen. I'm glad this show is a bit lighter than that. Stephanie makes me laugh sometimes. I laughed at the conversation she had with Lori, after she told Lori she had set her up.I also like her and Greg Peters together. (Though I liked his chemistry with him and Rondell as well.) I think that Amara/Titus will make their way back together. I was wondering when we would get a backstory on why she cheated on Titus. IMO, he is very sexy and more appealing than Damian, who I think comes across as creepy. It sounds like she felt neglected because he was working all of the time but she is an attorney too and probably worked a lot as well. I wonder if there is more to the story of why she cheated or if that is it.
  16. I had heard the rumors about Casey/JJ and Thia/Hayley. but I haven't anything officially confirmed yet. I wonder if they are leaving how they may exit. I don't care much for Haley. Though, I think she actually fits better with Tripp than with JJ. IMO, it feels like JJ has tried a bit too hard to try and be with her/please her during the course of their relationship. I wish Lucas the best. I liked Tripp and his chemistry with Ciara. I thought they did the character wrong when they prematurely ended his relationship with Ciara and had her go fawn over Ben. They could have been a solid young couple. I could do without Chad and Abby. I would rather they have kept Brandon's Stefan who has good chemistry with Gabi. I think that Stefan/Gabi are one of the most interesting/entertaining couples on the show right now. And I wonder how Eve may exit.
  17. Kyle and Lola continue to be boring. They were boring laying in bed today and thinking about their fantasies. Kyle's fantasy (including wanting to merge Newman with Jabot) may never play out (at least not as long as he's married to Lola) Lola will see to it that her fantasy plays out over his. I didn't like how she had them huddled up in their small apartment (even with a baby on the way) and both her & Kyle deciding to work from home. That was dull, but so is just about everything when it comes to this couple.
  18. Someone on another site got the SOD spoilers a bit earlier. Here are some spoilers from SOD including about Billy. Billy is mentally ill. He has DID. His alternate personality has been gaslighting himself this whole time. When Billy wakes up his alternate personality breaks into Adam's penthouse and steals a handkerchef that belongs to Hope. When he wakes up, he has no memory of what he did, but he finds the handkerchef in his pocket. His alternate will return when that happens. His alternate will have a showdown with Adam and a surprise guest will intervene. Also Jack will gain a new perspective, Phyllis will pick up an old habit, Adam will cover his tracks and Sharon will stand firm. Also Victor will prepare the Newmans for battle, Nick will plead his case, Chelsea will encourage Adam to do the right thing and Devon will get unsettling news about Katherine's Will. Victor will protect Summer from a dangerous situation, and Chelsea's world will be rocked. Nick will also be awarded full custody of Christian and him and Chelsea will celebrate and sleep together. I didn't expect the DID stuff with Billy, but that does help explain why he keeps doing stuff and not remembering it. And I wonder what Devon discovers in Katherine's Will. Maybe he finds out he wasn't supposed to get as much wealth as he originally did.
  19. Here is an upcoming spoiler for next week from the Courier Journal: Nick and Chelsea will turn up the heat.
  20. According to the recap for tomorrow's show from soaps.com, Michael will end up becoming the new DA. Adam will also end up proposing to Sharon. On tomorrow's show: Papa Rosales will end up flirting with Sharon at Crimson Lights.It will also be revealed that he hit on Ashley at the wedding. Rey will notice this and him and his father will get into it with each other. They will get physical with one another and Celeste will break things up between them. Rey will wonder if Adrian is trying to get a money grab because Lola has married into a rich family. It will also be revealed that Adrian is out of work. Adrian will try and get Celeste to reunite with him but she will say he's not a family man. And that he needs to accept that Phyllis and Summer will tell Michael that they voted for him to be the DA.Michael will end up becoming the new DA. Lauren will wonder what is going on between Michael and Adam and if he took the DA job to take Adam down. . Zoe will approach Summer and tell her that she follows her on social media. Summer will learn that Theo told Zoe Kyle had been worried about her. Zoe will tell Summer that she doesn't hold any grudges against Kyle and Theo. She will say that she thinks they are great, especially Theo. Theo will join them and will invite them to lunch. Zoe will tell Theo that Summer wants to spend time with Phyllis. Summer will end up telling Phyllis about the merger of Jack and Ashley's companies. Kyle and Lola will be on their honeymoon. Lola will wonder if Theo brought Zoe to the wedding to make Summer jealous. Her and Kyle will also talk about Adrian, and they will say he doesn't have anyone close to him and it's the life he chose. Phyllis will advise Adam to stop hurting people and will tell him that Abby will make her partner after he sold the hotel to her. Adam will end up calling Sharon to come to the park and will ask her to marry him.
  21. Adding to this list Kyle Lowder who played Brady Black and very recently played Rex Brady on Days.
  22. This show really hasn't been that interesting lately. I think that Kyle and Theo's secret was a letdown. When I first read some of the script for it, I thought it would be more interesting. But it is very boring, just like the show has been lately. On another note, Tracey E. Bregman changed her hairstyle, lol. And I like her new hairstyle.
  23. I liked the scenes between Hope and Flo today. I thought that Hope laying it on her for her role in the baby switch was interesting. And also when Hope slapped her. Hope also called her Uncle's b*stard and not a cousin. The whole Logan family seems to be disowning Flo, who has now been arrested. I do think they may forgive her later on if she ends up doing something like saving Beth's life.
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