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  1. Thanks! I don't think I've watched a full episode of Y&R since Dru fell off the cliff lol
  2. I didn't know Dennehy thought Pam Long didn't like her. I always thought she was recast because Long wanted to redefine Blake after they turned her into Christina. Also, she was in Philip and Rick's age group and Chrissy was born about 5 yrs after Rick, so I thought they wanted to de-age her a bit. SOD said the show was taking Blake in a new direction. I swear Dennehy, in her exit interview with SOD, said she wouldn't do another soap. I don't remember context so I'm not sure if it was a knock against the show, daytime, or not a knock at all. I do remember when Larkin Malloy left as Kyle, he did say he would never do GL again because the writers kept keeping Kyle and Reva apart lol
  3. I liked Gatti. I thought her being rough made sense being a part of a traveling circus or carnival. Paige's Dinah bored me. I think they were going for the good girl with the bad boy (Alan Michael) and it just didn't work for me. I loved Wendy and Gina, but the show messed the character up by going psycho over Hart. They more than rose above the bad writing handed to them
  4. I don't remember her Blake as sarcastic. I think when they turned her into Christina they might've redeveloped her into who they wanted the daughter of Roger and Holly to be. When they announced her firing, they said it was to take Blake in a new direction so that's the Blake Stringfield played. I actually loved Dennehy as Blake and hated them firing her, but Stringfield intrigued me immediately, especially how she used her deep voice to her advantage, especially when being sarcastic, just like Mama Holly.
  5. I'm happily shocked seeing this pic, especially with little Christina! Thanks for posting it!
  6. When Blake was revealed to be Christina and they announced they were bringing Roger back, Long told SOD she created Blake on paper and wanted her to have a secret from her past, but the strike happened before she could figure out what she wanted it to be, and scab writers introduced her. After the strike when Christoper Bernau became too sick to work, they asked Zaslow back as an Alan recast, but he and Nancy Curlee pushed to bring Roger back. When they decided to bring him back, the decision was made to turn Blake into Christina
  7. Gavin saw Nicole leaving the scene, and then he saw Nora's body.
  8. These summaries give me life, especially The Guiding Light and The Edge Of Night. Thanks!!!!!
  9. I was about 8 or 9 when Dee/John happened. Don't know if I'm remembering right, but I feel like there was a scene afterwards where Dee looked disheveled and David asked her if John forced her and she said yes. I was completely confused at the trial when she seemed to say he didn't. I didn't understand much except thinking John did something bad to her, he was going to be punished, but then she said he didn't do it. Till this day I still don't understand what happened. Does anyone know if a scene was played showing exactly what happened?
  10. Wow, I never knew Barbara had a sister other than Frannie. I searched around because the name sounds familiar, I think Munker played the forgettable Christine Valere(?) during a very forgettable period on Guiding Light in the mid/late 80's I vaguely remember her husband(?) Paul Valere getting murdered, which launched a very forgettable mystery.
  11. I agree that having Maureen ask Roger to help her get away would have been too out of character. I do believe NC decided not to say certain things in this interview. An interview she gave after the show's cancelation was announced I read somewhere on this board. I remember her saying that killing Maureen was Jill's decision, and the writers had no say in it. She also says in Alan's interview that she was allowed to do what she wanted near the end, but in the past interview she said the interference burnt her out, Stephen didn't like the way tptb (sounded like a number of suits) treated her and it was a big reason why they left. The show became too uneven for there not to be interference, so i think she just didn't want to go there this time. Would've been nice had he asked what she planned to do story wise had she stayed, and asked Stephen what the hell happened in 1994 and what he thought about his firing later that year. Great interview though
  12. I loved hearing from Mart (my favorite Ed) and Fran. Disappointed that Alan brought up Mart working with 2 Leslie's (Adams and Rodell) but left out Kathryn Hays, the 2nd Leslie, and who had been at ATWT for about 2 decades before Alan started working for P&G
  13. On As The World Turns, I believe Camille was searching for her father. She became close to John Dixon, and I thought either he was her father or a red herring, but Camille left town without an answer. And I don't think they ever attempted a story out of it, but I don't think they ever mentioned who was Cassie's father on Guiding Light.
  14. In regards to MH and his weight, I still remember 40 yrs later, when Peter Simon showed up as new Ed, there was shock and anger in my house, and the 1st thing I said was, "how are they going to let that puny, little man play Ed?" lol. With Don Stewart, I remember him doing an interview with 1 of the soap mags when he returned briefly, and he said that he did want to return, and that soaps no longer had his type of character on. So it was definitely TPTB who didn't want him back. Later when Michelle was accused of murder, I always thought Mike should've been there, which added to all the things that didn't make sense during Rauch's plot gimmicky run
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