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  1. In regards to MH and his weight, I still remember 40 yrs later, when Peter Simon showed up as new Ed, there was shock and anger in my house, and the 1st thing I said was, "how are they going to let that puny, little man play Ed?" lol. With Don Stewart, I remember him doing an interview with 1 of the soap mags when he returned briefly, and he said that he did want to return, and that soaps no longer had his type of character on. So it was definitely TPTB who didn't want him back. Later when Michelle was accused of murder, I always thought Mike should've been there, which added to all
  2. At some point when they confirmed Roger was coming back, Pam Long told Digest that Blake was supposed to be a brand new character, & she wanted her to have a big secret from her past. But the strike hit before she knew what she wanted the secret to be, and the scabs introduced her. After the strike, Chris Bernau became too sick to work and Michael Zaslow was approached as a recast Alan. He suggested they bring Roger back instead, but tptb told him Roger was dead and no one would believe he survived the fall from the cliff. Nancy Curlee later said Long didn't know who Roger was (pretty unbe
  3. The Edge Of Night- Nicole Cavanaugh Guiding Light- Jackie Marler. I will never understand why Jackie was killed off and Elizabeth left Springfield BEFORE Philip found out Jackie and Justin were his biological parents. Some of us waited for what seemed like an eternity, and they both ended up mostly forgotten by TPTB
  4. SOD did report that the show was recasting Rick, and his next story would be about his undying love for Beth, coming off them pretending to be together while trying to prove Philip innocent of killing Neil. But then Grant Aleksander quit, so they sent Philip and Beth on their "happy ending," and scrapped plans to recast Rick. Had Aleksander stayed i don't know what would've happened because Pam Long left around the same time and I don't know what Curlee/Demorest/Reilly would've done with them.
  5. SOD, when announcing her departure mentioned that one, plus Long's plan to lure back Kim Zimmer to appear in a Christmas dream of Marah's. I also remember either in 89 or 90, SOD did an article about recycled plots and the need for shows to come up with new ideas. Long stated she wanted to do a story about people with problems being preyed on by others, causing them to join a cult, but tptb told her that they didn't tell those types of stories at GL. She gave up fighting to tell the story because they would've interfered with it, turning the story into something else. I'm sure there's a lot of
  6. I remember when Pam Long was let go, I think SOW said it was ratings, however SOD said that she clashed with tptb over stories and they sqashed some of her stories. A poster or 2 on this site also say she and then exec producer Robert Calhoun didn't get along. It may have been a combination of all that. She did have that show clicking on all cylinders when she left.
  7. Wow I never knew this! Thanks for the clarification. Since joining this site a few months ago and reading current posts and archives, I've learned so much backstage info about this show I've treasured since childhood! Thanks!
  8. I was no longer an everyday viewer when Beth/Coop got together, I do remember Blake trying to get with him, just not sure if he was with Ashley or secretly seeing Beth at this point.
  9. I don't know what year Long and Hammer divorced, but she did return to the show in 1987 as Pamela K. Long instead of Pamela Long-Hammer, which I think she may have still been credited as when she left in 86. I also vaguely remember a digest pic of Jay and Beverley, in I think 85, and it mentioned that he and Pam were expecting a child, so again, I'm not sure when they divorced.
  10. I believe she agreed to run off with Philip as he planned to kidnap all his kids plus the son Rick had with Harley, which I think caused Rick to be angry with her. That put an end to their bonding after Philip's death. Their affair came much later and out of no where as I think they were barely seen together until the reveal at the end of a Wednesday episode. I'm almost sure of this-2005 seems many years ago now as bad as the show became later.
  11. Hey Y&RWorldTurner, thanks for posting the Zas/Garrett video! I've never seen this one. I find it interesting that they really wanted Roger & Holly back together. I was one who thought their relationship was too toxic for them to be fully back together, and that she might try, but could never stay with him because of the rape. But hearing them talk about what could be explored and how the writers could handle it makes me wish the writers would've gone ahead with it. Oh the missed opportunities!
  12. Sorry for the double post. Btw, as much as I hated the Wheeler/Kreizman era (I gave up in 2008 after watching since the late 70's) they did find ways to use their recurring vets at time, unlike some other shows. And I was happy that Holly and Vanessa got the endings I always wanted for them (with Ed and Billy-never liked Van with Matt either). I guess I could never say enough about Maureen Garrett. She and Michael Zaslow will always be my favorite daytime actors, and Roger and Holly, perhaps my favorite tv characters of all time! Flawed characters with real wants and needs. I hope they come o
  13. I just googled it just to be sure, SOD named GL best show of 1985 lol. The last I remember seeing of Louie was after he helped Maeve keep Ben from Kyle (I think she lied and told Kyle she had a miscarriage), but I don't remember an actual exit. I did see the 70th anniversary episode and thought it was quite good (wished they would've used old clips though). They did try to tie Tammy's death into the ep. In the end, Irna responded to killing off a then popular character (I think the one she killed off before.handing the show over to Agnes Nixon) and Jonathan mourned over Tammy over Irna's voice
  14. Beth/Lorelei was one of Lloyd Gold's first stories. I'm not sure if it was right away or sometime in, but Christopher Dunn was his co headwriter before Taggart came in. I remember SOD saying she was brought in to help focus the writing, before she became co headwriter. The diary did come up under Taggart, and because Beth was only gone for a few weeks before Lorelei showed up, either it wasn't in Gold's original story plans, or we were supposed to suspend disbelief regarding time frame.
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