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  1. Phyllis versus Abby over Chance is such a downgrade for MS. Not near as WTF as Abby versus Sharon (Scottie) but still feels out of place. They aren't even contemporaries. This might be worth while if it was centered on the Nina and Phyllis history. But Abby just isn't the cog to make this go. While I like MO and her Abby, it's so daytime to be able to find story after story for her yet can't see any future for Loren or her Ana when she and her character could run several circles around MO/Abby in every department, including being interesting onscreen.
  2. Well...lol Do you think Adam and Chelsea have chemistry? I don't think the show wants Amanda in Nate's orbit. I mean, they did at first but the story has turned on a dime away from that. It appears they want to use her to give the characters they really care about story, i.e Billy. And they have Devon obsessed over her where she's not even aware of his existence half the time. Theo shouldn't have been so easily accepted by Abbots. It seems there's more story available if he's not. I saw a clip of Abby and chance. I didn't hate it. But it still wasn't much. Seems like from what I read, Abby and chance are together so Phyllis and chance can get together.
  3. Awe...I miss discussions here too. I came on today to see what you all thought of the show.
  4. I haven't watched the show in so long. But I do read recaps and see the pictures and occasional clip. Chelsea never gets any flack. Whoever said that her having to answer for choices would be better soap is correct. They clearly took what was to be Nate's story with Amanda and gave it to Billy. JT just isn't good in this role. I regret that mishael is stuck with him at the moment.
  5. Wasn't she still producing Y&R recently? I recall seeing the name.
  6. "What is past is prologue" Amanda = Hilary Nate = Devon Elena = Lily Devon = Cane Trident (Billy) = Neil who will get with Amanda while Nate pines then fights for her All the while Elena and Devon will be self righteous a$$ hats who play angst for the story. Mostly Elena the same way Lily did despite the fact that Elena doesn't have near the reason to hate Amanda that Lily did Hilary. Nor does she have that deep of a relationship with Nate to justify harassing him over who he chooses to dates unless she wants him herself...which takes us to the added bonus, Elena isn't related to Nate so the show can go there. Mind you, this time around it won't have near the same results. That was the perfect unintentional storm, so to speak. The show found some of its greatest success in years with the black cast telling that Hevon story. They will surely try to repeat it. But with Nate as leading instead of Devon because for whatever reason, TPTB doesn't want Bryton as a lead alongside Mishael.
  7. That's true. He would have definitely posted it. I'm surprised Bryton didn't put something together.
  8. They didn't even attempt to play the same boring stories they've played over and over for those other characters with devon. At least on Devon it might seem fresh and new. Why not give him the mentally ill stalking woman that Jack usually gets. Why not??!!
  9. Nope! But then Jack is no longer the lead he once was. He's a secondary character used to serve story Kyle. That might be why. I doubt Devon gets that money back without his fans lodging a big campaign. It seems several writers have wanted him poor. Striving.
  10. I doubt they have sex and I'm sure it's his alter lol
  11. If anything happens with Billy and Amanda, it'll be his alter Trident involved. It won't be real for him. I fear they'll fall back on old ways and use Mishael as a lighting rod to jump off stories and characters they truly care about with Amanda as the villain. Though, I guess it's a trade off. At least she will get the story avd airtime. Something Elena has surely been denied.
  12. I recall vividly. That was during the Carmen Mesta drama. I also read a spoiler that Elena and Nate wish for a Christmas miracle. Makes me think Devon's life is on the line somehow.
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