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  1. Y&R: July Spoilers

    And nothing materialized...but whatever. Mal Young is a hack is my ENTIRE point. Not some fan war over Shick or Phick...Shick +Phick - Philly * Villy = Mal Young is a hack! He's an inept writer that's incapable of telling a cohesive story that flows and builds. His jerky starts and stops and inserting characters to have them driving story that shouldnt even include them is off putting (i.e. phyllis centered and driving Chelsea's exit). You can insist that whatever happening with Phick next week is great story if you want but nothing on this show is cause Mal Young is a hack! And him having phick have sex doesn't change that!
  2. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Make up your mind. Was there build up or not? You say there was but then turn around and say it wasn't cause it's not needed. Which is it? Sudden hook up is random. It's like Nikki and jack having sex in two weeks cause they have history.
  3. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    He will show up last minute for a epsode or two AFTER being largely absent in her orbit for her last month. At this point, I'm just ready to cut all ties with this show so hurry it up.
  4. Y&R: July Spoilers

    I guess I must be the only one who sees how mal has sidelined Devon in Hilary last month as an injustice! @rlj I don't give a darn about Philly or Shick. My point is that seems kinda random. But again, I haven't been watching as I should have.
  5. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Where is Devon? This is truly absurd! I saw all of that. I got nothing to push it to sex between the two. Maybe something happens end of this week cause last time I watched there was no sexual tension.
  6. Y&R: July Spoilers

    Granted, I haven't bedb watching but has there even been build up to Nick and Phyllis. Yeah, they were cool around Chelsea's exit but nothing that would justify this writing. Makes me think it's a one time thing.
  7. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I take that back, it'll be centered around Nate while Devon is absent. This show can't tell a decent story to save itself. Once TPTB decides a character or actor will star, they twist and flip every story to make that so.
  8. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Y&R steadily puts her in terrible spots.
  9. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Mal didn't really write her an exit story. It's like he didn't believe she was actually leaving or something. Lily and cane will feature in that exit story. It'll turn into a story about them and their family. Wait for that. Devon has barely been on in weeks. I expect that you continue. That would have at least made Nick in a mask worthwhile.
  10. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    @Antoyne @GMac I'm fairly certain Mishael's last airdate is this week. If not this week then the next.
  11. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Or Noah. I mean, it's not like adult Noah matters. I don't condone killing legacy characters. but if he was killed, it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't be some great loss
  12. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I could buy nick turning to the dark side if the story was well plotted and made sense. Nothing victor has done recently is enough for Nick to change. He's done far worse prior and Nick didnt. Give me a legit reason now.
  13. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    If it was Adam, I'd let it slide. After his antics with Ashley, it'd at least be in character.