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  1. At this point, I'd rather see Cane murdered in a whodunit that gets Devon blamed then we find out it was Billy's alter at the end if a trial than to have Cane just leave town with Devon's money. I can see the second scenario happening since this show is obsessed with black folks being poor and trying to claw their way to the top, which was Hilary's through line despite being married to a billionaire. She was written to take nothing in the divorce ensure she remained poor.
  2. This is so bittsweet. Sweet because we are finally free of him. Bitter because the Winters family is so reduced, which precipitated his departure. That picture he posted tells the story. No Neil, no Lily, no Charlie and Matilda, not even Devon.
  3. +1 The whole show is a big nothing burger. Not showing Nate's hearing was the biggest indication to me that the whole things being half done. I would say budget reasons but they hired a named actor for this Chelsea story. So my guts says they just didn't want to spend the money on those particular characters. Speaking of Lauren and Michael, can someone please explain to me why they aren't allowed to have story?
  4. No,that's not being played and it's to the detriment of these characters. Moreso, Nate than Devon since Devon is established already. That was my earlier complaint....maybe I didn't explain myself well enough. They seem to find money for the hospital when they want to put victor or Lola in the bed. Lol If the show us going to have full time characters as doctors, they need to have consistent medical drama to accompany that. Much like they manage to have constant crime when they have someone they care about working in the police station.
  5. Yes, I recall Nate and cane having words all the while Nate and Devon not talking about it themselves. Lol If this is working for you, good. But you don't have to try to convince me that everything is just fine. JG is half assing this. Much like he's half assing Phyllis and MS's return. She seems like such a pointless character but that's another conversation. Me pointing it out is certainly not because I don't like Devon, Elena, Amanda, or Nate.
  6. I'm one of them who just wanted Mishael back. However, I understand that most viewers aren't me and may not feel that way. Which is why I'm critiquing the character and looking at things from the eyes of someone who may not be a super fan. I want this to work and her to have the best chance to succeed. Regardless of what's being said, Devon and Nate are not close and the show hasn't tried to even create a closeness. I had hopes that the show would use Neil and Malcolm as a model, sans the woman sharing, for their relationship. But so far, very little effort has been put into it. On every survey that the show had requested feedback, I've asked for Nate and Devon as younger generation bearers of the Barber/Winters family. It seems the show heard me but have no idea how to go about it. Do you really expect JG to deliver interesting? After watching the last year, you expect writing to buoy Amanda? I didn't say that Elena took Devon's place. She can't take something that never existed. The show never tried to create a relationship with Devon and Nate. Nate was brought on to be Mishael's character's leading man. After Hilary's death and even a recast, we are exactly where the show wanted Nate Hastings. They don't care about Devon and Nate's relationship.
  7. Why do viewers care about Amanda's past? We've got to care about her to care about her past. Amanda and Nate have the same problem for me that Rey/Mia/Arturo had. New characters with no ties (Nate does but...) in story together. I wish they'd bring on Olivia for an arc to help build Nate. I agree that I don't need all 4 POC in story together. But i think you missed my point. Devon and Nate are related. They should be interacting on some level. Instead the show keeps them apart in favor of playing Elena and Nate. That's sorta odd to me. There is no conflict because neither character is built up enough for it. They are trying to use Elena which doesn't make any sense at all unless she wants Nate herself but that isn't being played. Like I said, I like the chemistry and the look onscreen but there needs to be more than that for investment.
  8. Chemistry. Pretty. Could be a fantastic couple. Love what little I saw. But people need a reason to care about them and right now I don't see one. They are already in need of something to do besides each other. They have no connections to anyone in town except Nate's to Devon... which Nate and Devon don't interact. Elena interacts with Nate and Devon but they don't with each other. Seems weird but whatever.
  9. He's thinking everyone shares his views so it's all good. He clearly lives in a solo.
  10. So will Y&R really have Devon either not on or standing around while Chambo (name I saw on Twitter for Chance) gets the story about solving the will drama? I just do not understand this show's issues concerning it's black cast. I never will. And it would rather go off air than change. We are at an impasse. *Sighs*
  11. He's RT the Y&R account to push his political views. No matter what these vieews are, I think everyone knows to keep politics away from their job.
  12. This guy is kinda unprofessional with his behavior.
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