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  1. I vote a sweet girl from the neighboring farm that he grew up with. Someone who would come to town and be appalled at what he's become. The show needs to let Chelsea and Adam go.
  2. I'm not following. Her not being involved in the MS and GT switch signifies what? I agree on the survey though. I'm still trying to figure out why we still have JT as Billy after that Sony survey. And why Michael and Lauren still didn't have a story after Sony came out and said that they didn't realize how much fans loved them.
  3. Glad to know they haven't just slapped him and this new character together. If it was Hilary, that'd be different. But she's not so they can't do that. Besides, making her someone else is obvious to me that the show does not want Mishael's character with Devon. I'd be willing to bet a paycheck that they'll do anything and everything to make her work with Nate. That's where they were headed before mishael left anyway. The show just never seemed to get behind Hevon no matter how fans wanted it.
  4. Amanda is probably played by Mishael Morgan. I wouldn't be surprised. But it's the least dramatic entrance and story they could have created.
  5. Everyone hated Adam long before he killed Delia. That was one is his later despicable act. It started with the gaslighting of Ashley.
  6. Elena probably is pregnant. I can't imagine anything else. Lacking in drama once again. If they are going to have her pregnant at least make it a WTD with Nate.
  7. Richard is puppet. I don't believe his polls at all. Whatever couple the show wants to push ends up on the poll.
  8. It's clearly chance and Adam scheming together.
  9. Devon and Elena aren't that popular either. Lord knows I wish they were for Bryton's sake but I just don't see it for them. They've got a few organized stans and most folks aren't bothered by them but they are nowhere near having the buzz that Hevon had. The show won't keep Kyle in that pairing with Lola. They see him as the younger generation lead. TPTB will eventually look for bigger for him. I wish they had kept Loren Lott and given her an opportunity alongside Mealer.
  10. Yeah, DG not even getting episodes is different for him. Even without story, they'd have him on. I wonder if he's been dropped to recurring?
  11. No, neither Lola nor Rey's pairings are that popular. Though I do believe that Lola's is better recieved than Shey. Shey was just Sharon fans doing what they do and latching onto anyone that's nice to her. I know this place wasn't fond of Billy and Vikki but I tend to use them as bench marks for popularity because fans went crazy over them. Lola's pairing with Kyle doesn't come close. They were better recieved when Summer was involved.
  12. I recall when Y&R made this turn. It started feeling like OLTL with folks just going around town bouncing off each other. They don't even have a reason to interact most of the time. So it's just "oops, I bumped into Sharon at the coffee house. How fortuitous. I guess I'll flirt". JG wasn't this bad on his last run. He told actually stories. When I did watch, I didn't know what the story was half the time. It just seems like a bunch of events happening just so characters can argue and fight.
  13. It's an Adam story. Yet, another one. Contesting the will is yet another Adam story it seems. Why else is Devon telling nick any of this?
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