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  1. Thought the same. I bet money the character is black. Lol
  2. I'm expecting them all to ride off into the sunset after neil's funeral. Lily and the kids to leave with Malcolm. Cane to disappear or to finally be used like Brad as a Romeo for all the white female leads.
  3. According to the official FB page it's Jett! That's right, two "t's".
  4. This Billy doesn't really work with this Victoria. The show needs to part ways with JT. Sony knows it. Hence that survey way back when. I feel Mal was keeping him around. And Angelica. But she's got her hands full trying to keep the Rosales afloat.
  5. Typical. Good looking charismatic actors can play axe murderers and the character have a huge fan following. I haven't seen the scenes but chemistry can change perception of a character. Folks are drawn to it. If Skyle have that kind of heat, the show might finally inadvertently make their young Newman/Abbot pairing that they chased for years AFTER they've given up on them. It's it ironic?!
  6. Ghost Dru could have been shown onscreen but I can't quibble when I'm surprised that VR is even being allowed to speak in the tribute episode. I was hoping for Olivia as well
  7. https://ew.com/tv/2019/03/19/kristoff-st-john-tribute-young-and-the-restless/amp/?utm_content=link&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew&utm_medium=social&utm_term=2694DD4E-4A5C-11E9-A560-3BCC4744363C&utm_source=twitter.com&__twitter_impression=true
  8. Basically. It took the show a year to get him a love scene.
  9. Well, let them pair elena with her other alternative, Nate. They are both in medicine. I'd be more than fine with them bringing on someone else for Devon. I've seen the scenes and thought that Devon and Elena looked good but Brytni/Elena will get the inevitable unfair comparisons to Mishael/Hilary with Bryton/Devon and I fear she won't fair well.
  10. I was hoping he's her fake uncle. Her father is his best friend or something. I just don't want any blood ties between Devon and Elena. None. Wonder if jet is running a scam? Crazy as it is, I'd prefer that to elena related to ana by blood. It'd be sad if Jeff is for Abby. That means Ana is without a romance.
  11. Elena was cast 3 or 4 days after KSJs death and these scenes were filmed a few days later. Its too soon to be related to his death. These scenes we're written at least 2 months ahead of time. But I agree that the story was changed. Also heard that Elena was getting a brother. So I'm assuming that he's the Jeff character. My burning question is how is Jet Elena's uncle and is it in a way that makes her related to Ana? Or will we find out that Jet isn't her father so no blood relation. I ask cause if the brother isn't too give Ana a romance, what's his point? I'm fairly certain than Elena is going to be paired with Devon. The show isn't subtle. He's the first scene she had. And the last. Lol
  12. I distinctly remember an older AA male cause I was wondering his purpose. But maybe I'm confusing it with Brandon. Did his casting list 4 episodes? I've already seen the scenes with Devon, Ana, Elena, and Jet. And I can honestly say, Ana is sickening. Constantly lying to Devon but treating him like sh!t for not believing it and getting to the truth. She's becoming quite unlikable. She had no reason to lie to Devon about her father and money. None. She's living scot free and got an job from nepotism but hollering about a hand out. She's as stupid as Lola
  13. Glad Elena ain't a Rosales relative. I definitely think that Ana's secret was changed Also, there was a casting call for a Jeff, I think. An AA male in late late 30s early 40s to play a musician for 4 episodes. He was cast before KSJs death. ETA: writing "KSJs death" felt surreal....and felt painful.
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