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  1. also thought he looked like Trent Dawson who is far more attractive than this guy. The casting director has a type, I see.
  2. Chelsea and Nick are clearly only together to prolong and give angst to her reunion with Adam. Just too quick with nick. That the show forgot about Abby and Nate tells us that they arent and won't be anything special. I still say he's in s holding pattern until Mishael shows up to pop off that quad.
  3. DG is playing to his base. In his mind, all these other characters have come back so Why can't CK or, at least. Lily be recast. He has a point. I still dont like it.
  4. I also think the comments are about Tracy's looks and folks thinking she isn't attractive enough for Cane after his being with Lily. And here I am hating it cause I dont think for a second Tracy would want this lame con man, her relationship with social climbing Brad aside. I hate shes being reduced to Cane. Get rid of him. He's outlived his use. I want so badly for Tracy to be paired with Jett. He's a 90's R&B heartthrob. I find it hard to believe that neither Tracy, Ashley, Phyllis, Nikki, Lauren, Victoria too, haven't tried to flirt with him or ask for an introduction. This show is forever missing the mark.
  5. Agree that she will be fine. It's good for her to have her own life no matter how it's written. I prefer her being rivals to summer versus Mariah and tessa. They dont feel the need to prop Summer.
  6. If you were writing it, what would you do? That's possible. Very possible. Though I'd much rather see Ana with the legacy, Chance, or Noah, than this random. But itd be right up the show's alley to pair her with Theo. Even more so than to pair her with marginal character Fen, who at least has a family we know and love. Either way, I stand by my position that any triangle will serve to endear Summer to the audience.
  7. Dont mistake me. I have no doubt that Ana will be used to push Summer and Theo if this triangle happens. I doubt it'll be fair or will end well for Ana. She seems to be written much like Hilary with the way Devon treats her. Loren, to her credit, doesn't play things deviously the way Mishael did. I'm expecting a repeat of Mariah/Devon/Hilary type writing if that triangle happens.
  8. @xtr Nate telling Ana to make time for a personal life kinda speaks to her about to embark on one. The show seems to be telegraphing it with Summer bringing up ana and theo. I saw Elena and Nate spoke about her future career options. That's also good. The show is at least thinking about it.
  9. Read the recaps and saw some clips, I'm liking what they are now doing with Ana. Though, like you all, I dont like the optics of Devon questioning everything she does but allowing Mariah to do anything she wants. Saying Ans is inexperienced but pumping up Mariah who knows she's inexperienced. I dont think show realizes that this contrast in Devon's behavior is so huge.
  10. Well, we know why LL isn't pushed. But CG is quite surprising.
  11. The show made Mariah gay to sideline the character and keep from pairing her with their young (white) Male leads. It boggles the mind cause the show seems to value CG.
  12. Saw the episode counts for June. Way too much Adam. Are the ratings even decent with his heavy focus?
  13. Daniel Hoddard's Cane is pointless! Get rid of him. Then, once he's gone for a year, recast lily and never mention him again
  14. I saw Hilary and phyllis as more Nikki and Katherine. Not peers but still friends
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