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  1. I'm the opposite, I hope this story gets wrapped up and that scene is the end of it. It's been going almost 8 months with no action just dialogue. I think viewers are tired of it even if they can appreciate the performances.
  2. Leigh Ann Rose is a star and her Imani just pops off the screen. Y&R has struck gold. I hope they don't screw this up too.
  3. Amanda's family is very interesting. As you all stated, the casting is excellent. Imani is just as beautiful as Amanda/Hilary. They look like family. Im hoping that Imani and Amanda become very close.
  4. Yes. FB comments tell the tale. I read one that said, "I hope Lily doesn't lose Billy." Most viewers seem to have antiquated ideas.
  5. Understand that. And that's good to know. Rather that than any other alternative.
  6. Who used to do the Y&R episode counts? I noticed they haven't been posted lately. I hope the person is okay. When stuff starts to go missing, I always worry.
  7. The egg is Abby's. So she really has a surrogate and a sperm donor. Still too much for one story.
  8. I'm liking Sutton Ames so far. Keep him unapologetic and let him bow to nobody. Nobody being Victor or anyone last named Newman or Abbot.
  9. Funny how you're the only person that mentioned any Black characters except for the one person who mentioned Jessie on AMC when daytime seems to be in a perpetual struggle with it's Black characters. Instead all I'm seeing are white characters these shows had out front and center in story after story who just so happened to get a bad one. LoL With respect to Lauren, Y&R has seemed to put the entire Baldwin crew out to pasture. Everytime she gets a story, she's pushed aside or just disappears. Not sure what's happening there. I've been waiting for her pairing with Jack for about 4 years now.
  10. This. It will probably be that new white man, whose name I can't recall. The one who thinks his Kyle's son's father.
  11. The show should have done this before this story started. Now it wouldn't make sense for Amanda to get involved with Nick knowing what she knows...UNLESS she's doing so to get close to Newmans to get information about what could have happened to her father then truly falls for Nick in the process. I talked myself into it. LOL. With that said, MiM doesn't need to be around Newman's to show how good of an actress she is. It's not like AH or JM are some great thespians that MiM needs to up her game. She can show her chops working off anybody, including Emmy winner Bryton James. And quiet as it's kept, the only Newman that's truly getting loads of story is Adam. Vikki and Nick are no longer THE show. As for Black island, if Amanda paired with a white male lead is anything at all like Lily is written with Billy then I definitely don't want it. Lily's orbit is very small. She only interacts with Billy and sometimes Vikki. Barely allowed to interact with her own family. Thank the soap Gods Amanda escaped that pairing. Amanda doesn't want anything to do with Devon romantically. But her support system is small and he's the only person in town that truly gets how she feels. So she swallowed her pride. I'm assuming the writers want him to earn her forgiveness by proving his loyalty and commitment to her. Does this mean taking on Victor billionaire to billionaire for her? We shall see.
  12. I don't think that pivot is happening. Amanda's new story seems to involve her and Devon and I see an umbrella story forming with victor or Newman's responsible for Amanda's father's death. We've got lily, Amanda's friend and Devon's sister, who is seeing and works with Billy, who has Newman children. We have Devon, who was mentored by Victor and having a baby with Abby, now Amanda's support system and erstwhile boyfriend. We have Moses, Devon's brother, whom we all know will be involved with Faith. Nate, Amanda's friend and ex, also works for Billy. The show seem to have taken pains to intertwine Winters/Hamiltons with Newmans. What are the odds it wasn't for this story? I don't expect any of these beats to be played though. Writers haven't been writing like that for ar least 2 years. I can't imagine them starting now.
  13. Interesting development on today's US show Newmans are involved with Amanda's father's "accidental" death. That'll make this an umbrella story. I just hope others don't take over. Especially Billy. div widget
  14. This is the only thing I'm interested in. I can't recall the last time soaps brought on a full on new Black family. Not since the 90's, I'd say.
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