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  1. Anything to get Adam naked. The show is definitely committed to the character.
  2. So, Devon still doesn't get a story, eh? He and Elena won't get a chance to actually take off as a couple? It seems to me that Devon and Lily should be fighting an outside force who threatens their fathers legacy, HWG. Someone decides since Neil passed, the company is ripe for pickings. But no, give that story to Jack and Ashley for the 20th time. It won't be stale *sarcasm*.
  3. +1. I've realized that even if they give them the airtime, they'll still never allow them to compete because the story will be written in such a way to turn fans off.
  4. Wait for it... Jason Thompson! 😂
  5. That's already the rumor. He's on the way back once his contract is up. She gives out spoilers and pics from the mags every week. It's just a known thing that what she's posting is from mags.
  6. I think they are from the mags.
  7. No money for popular black actresses. So neither one of them. I'm certain it's Billy Miller back to Y&R
  8. Definitely think it had something to do with Mexicans being politically polarizing.
  9. Lola isn't going anywhere. And I wouldn't be surprised if when Daddy Rosales comes and plays out a reunion, Mia and Rey return for drama with the newborn baby. After the crap storm twitter gave Angelica yesterday over hiring another Rosales, this was her response. Lol
  10. The Rosales family is here to stay. Even if she does leave, there will be another to replace her. Look for the father to appear in 6 months or less v
  11. Rumor was he dies by Mia's hands some way
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